A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 8

Monday morning came around and I was with Ian waiting at the train station for our train into Birmingham.

"You ok about what we did on Friday?" He asked me, a look of concern on his face.

I told him I enjoyed it and he looked relieved. "Phew, I felt a bit guilty afterwards, like I'd taken advantage of you, I'm pleased you enjoyed it" he said with a smile, rubbing his hand over my shoulder.

He bent in to whisper in my ear, "Does that mean you'd like to do it again" .he asked, his desire all too evident.

Still, I was happy to and I nodded, whispering back "fuck yeah" and we both giggled.

The journey took around 45 minutes, stopping frequently. After the initial 10 minutes of countryside it turned into suburbia and satellite towns as we got closer to the city. As was usually the case Ian was in charge, once we got off the train he shepherded me through New Street station, through the Pallisades shopping centre and out into the streets.

"Right, we are going to get you some clothes . Every boy needs a shirt he can wear on a date, that's our first stop." He said as he strode off up the street away from the station. We went to a store I hadn't been to before called Oasis. It was obviously fashionable in a certain way but not expensive. The clientele seemed to be students from what I could see, certainly a world away from the more middle of the road shops my Mum would shop for me.

Ian was busy, picking up clothes and putting them against me, then changing his mind and picking up others. He did ask what I thought a lot of time but it was a bit of a whirlwind, I was definitely out of my depth! He'd clearly got carried away, handing me clothes to carry as he was laden down.

"We're not leaving without a shirt, a t shirt and trousers. And maybe a pair or two of these sexy things" he said smiling at me as he held up a pair of silk boxer shorts. I giggled and he winked at me, before striding off towards the changing rooms saying "follow me!".

The changing rooms were supervised by a bored looking girl who brightened up when she saw Ian.

"Hi Ian isn't it? I swear you're keeping me in a job with all the clothes you buy" she said smiling.

Ian smiled back, "Giving my little brother here a bit of a makeover!" He said with a grin ruffling my hair.

"He's cute!" She said, smiling at me and making me blush a bit. "I'm off on a break now but I know you can be trusted, changing room 6 should have enough room for both of you if you want to help him" she said handing Ian a key and heading off into the main part of the shop.

I followed Ian and he ordered me to strip once we were in the changing room. He had me try on various T-shirt's, shirts and trouser combinations before we both agreed we liked the same ones. I took the new clothes off so we could buy them and started to reach for my old clothes before Ian stopped me.

"hold on a sec Tom" he said as I stood there in my pants. He moved close to me, "shame to waste a good opportunity" he whispered and he moved down, kissing my body as he did before pulling my pants down and taking my dick in his mouth, I whimpered as quietly as I could as he sucked me gently, before I came in his mouth and he swallowed my cum down.

"That's better" he said with a grin as he pulled off my softening dick. I stroked his big hard dick through his shorts but he stopped me, "plenty of time later, we should get these paid for" he said, slightly to my disappointment. He rearranged himself to hide his erection and we left the changing room, smiling at the girl he knew who was back from her break. If only she'd known what he'd just done in there!

Ian bought my clothes and handed me the bag to carry, I felt really grown up, shopping on my own rather than with my mum. I was really grateful Ian was taking an interest in remodelling me. We got some lunch from McDonalds and Ian popped into Boots "to get supplies", I stayed outside, I'd more than hit my shopping limit. Then we were back on the train home.

Our line into Birmingham had mostly new trains but this was one of the old school ones. Doors all the way along it that opened into small separate sections with very bouncy seats and no suspension it seemed! The doors could be opened manually when the train was moving so unsurprisingly they were being phased out on safety grounds. It was quiet on the train, it was outside of rush hour after all and we only had a woman and her young daughter in our carriage, aside from that it was empty.

Ian gave me a cheeky smile as the two of them got off around 15 minutes from our stop. I thought I recognised that smile but we were on a train, surely he wasn't thinking of messing around?

"Come and sit on my lap" he said pulling his shorts down slightly to release his hard dick. I looked at him in shock, "what if someone comes?" I asked.

"Someone will. Me hopefully! I told you I liked to take risks, but think how much fun it would be being fucked on a train!"

It did sound sort of sound hot so I came and sat next to him, he put some of the lube he'd bought from Boots on his dick (so that was part of the "supplies" eh). I pulled my pants and shorts down a bit and got on to his lap, with some wiggling and jiggling he was lined up to my hole. As we went over a particularly bumpy bit he slipped in and I squealed slightly. It was fun though, the movement and bounce of the train meant it did all the work for Ian. He just held me tight as the natural rhythm of the train moved him in and out. I knew he was close when I thought I heard "tickets please" in the distance.

"Shit the...nnngppphh. ticket...nnnmmmpphhh...guy" I said urgently.

"Almost...there....fuckkkk." Ian whispered as he shot into me, pumping me full of his cum. I pulled off and he wiped us both off before I sat down just before the ticket inspector asked for our tickets. Ian showed them and we both giggled once he left. I felt sticky at the back and realised some of the cum had dribbled, oh well a small price to pay for fun! The ticket inspector did look at us slightly suspiciously, well in my mind he did, it was probably just me being paranoid!

The next few days flew by, Ian sucked and fucked me loads, but the end of the week I was more than used to it, and I'd loved every minute of it.

On the Friday before school restarted we were chatting, it was the end of an amazing two weeks but I wanted more. I wanted to keep going, to have more fun with Ian,

"It's going to be weird going back to school, I guess we'll have to keep this quiet" I said to Ian hopefully.

Ian looked at me seriously, "Sit here Tom". I came and sat next to him on his bed.

"Tom, you are amazing. I love you like a brother, and I've loved you being my lover. This has all been amazing, the best two weeks of my life. But it's a holiday romance. Back at school I've got a girlfriend, she doesn't know I like boys as well. Remember at the start I said it was two weeks. Well it has to be. No one can know. However we can still hang out. I meant it about you being like a little brother. So we'll still have fun together, just not sex. Well most of the time anyway, you never know!" He said with a giggle, throwing me a bit of a bone.

I didn't take it well though, I teared up. I knew he was right, and I had a girlfriend, a life without him too but it was hard.

He held me close and stroked my hair"There's one thing we haven't done though, Tom that we should do. Something that means you'll always remember our time together" Ian said, still stroking my hair.

"I'll always remember this" I insisted. "And we've done everything haven't we!?" I asked between my tears, looking into his eyes.

"I've done everything to you, you haven't to me" he said with a grin.

"You mean?"I asked in surprise, Ian had always been the dominant one in our sex play, and here he was suggesting that he'd let me on top.

"Yes, I want to be your first. I want you to be the first boy to have his dick in me. That way we'll always remember this couple of weeks. We will anyway but years from now you'll remember the first boy you had sex with" he said with a smile.

My tears dried up and I kissed Ian, who pulled off to get the lube. He used it on his bum and my dick, then got on his back and lifted his legs up so I could see his hole, the target my dick was aiming for. Despite what I'd done with Ian up to now, I was surprisingly nervous. I guess it was still a big thing to put your dick inside someone for the first time. My dick was rock hard, I really wanted this and from Ian's encouraging smiles I could see he did too.

It all happened very quickly, before I knew it I had pushed in and realised I'd been missing out! Ian grunted slightly as I entered him but I knew I wouldn't hurt as much for him as he did when he was in me. Every cell in my body felt like it was on fire as I thrust in and out, not bothering to hide how I was feeling, and neither did Ian. The room was full of the slap slap slap of me going in and out of him, with the sounds of moaning and grunting filling the room.

Then it was over. A wave of emotion and ecstasy swept over me as I came in him, losing my virginity to the boy I loved. Well I loved in my own way, the love of lust and of idolising someone. I'd learn there were deeper forms of love and certainly what I had with Ian was jumbled up with the sex we had. Still, it had been an amazing two weeks and I'd learned so much about myself....and sex.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with us balls deep in each other, taking advantage of the last chances we had to do it together. Once we were spent and cuddling on his bed, we promised each other that we'd always be friends, always be like brothers and always remember this time, when we were lovers.

All too soon it was over and that was it. Back to school, back to normal life but some amazing memories to hold on to.

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