A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 7

The next day I went round to Ian's late morning, nervous that after having slept on it he'd have changed his mind. His beaming smile when he opened the door allayed those fears as did him pulling my dick out as soon as the door was shut and sucking me off in the hall. I then did him in his bedroom and we fell into a routine over the next few days of meeting up, involving lots of sucking and playing on the computer when we were recovering!!

I was loved up, well lusted up anyway and enjoying every minute of it! A little voice told me that it couldn't last and to enjoy these two weeks together while I could. I don't know if Ian felt the same way but he certainly enjoyed messing around with me. Both our hormones were kicking in and we spent a lot of time pleasuring each other!

It wasn't just sex though, I really enjoyed the time we spent just hanging out chatting and playing computer games. Ian was able to impart some of his knowledge of the world, well the world of an almost 16 year old! It felt nice to have someone to talk to, to voice my fears about my life and my sexual orientation. It helped that Ian was also firmly in the bi camp, well actually straight but with fun gay tenancies he'd call it! There was a holiday romance feel to the whole thing, the intensity of spending all your time together, of knowing that it couldn't last but you wanted to savour every moment of it, forming memories to last a lifetime.

Ian had also taken an interest in remodelling me slightly. To make me a bit cooler he said. On the Friday of our first week together, Ian announced we were going to have a shopping day in Birmingham on the Monday, the last week of the school holidays, hopefully there would still be some sales on he thought. I hated shopping so felt less than enthusiastic and tried to think of a way out of it, but then again shopping with Ian would probably be as good as it got shopping wise.

"We don't need a whole new wardrobe for you but we'll get you some new trendier clothes" he said grinning at me.

I felt a bit embarrassed but had to be honest, "Ok but I don't really have much money" I said.

"It's ok, I've got loads and I'm happy to treat you, after all you're making me very happy! These last few days of the holiday would have been shit without you. Anyway it'll fun buying you some clothes, making you even more drop dead gorgeous, the girls will love you"

I smiled gratefully at him and felt touched he'd do that. His family were well off and his house massive but even so, for him to say he'd spend some money on me meant a lot.

As well as getting some new clothes, Ian had also taken an interest in my physical form and reckoned I could fitten up a bit so he insisted we went on a long run together to see what sort of state I was in. While I was thin I guess I could be fitter!

The dynamic between us was very much that Ian was the dominant one, he'd called me his little brother a couple of times and we acted like that with him being in charge. I looked up to him and he looked after me. So I went out for the run despite my better instincts, I was gasping by the end and we were both hot and sweaty so he suggested we shower together.

"You stink, I stink, and we want to be clean for fun" he said with a wink.

"Sounds good to me, cleanliness is next to godliness after all" I replied smiling back.

"Hmm not sure God would approve of what I'm planning!". We both burst out giggling after he said that and dropped out clothes before getting into the shower.

He soaped us up, gently washing everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He sneaked a soapy finger into my bum hole which made me jump and he giggled. "Sorry, just making you squeaky clean!" He said.

Once we were clean we walked naked to his bed and he suggested he massaged my aching muscles. Ian said I was fitter than he thought I was and impressed how much I'd pushed myself on the run, that being said I think we both knew running wasn't going to be my thing. I was more of a team sports player, it did make me think I'd rejoin the old football team I used to play for. Still, a massage sounded good and I readily agreed.

He had me lie on my front and gently rubbed my shoulders which felt really good! He worked down all the way to my legs and then all the way back up to my bum. He paused, cleared his throat and stroked my bum gently , "Do you trust me Tom?" He asked.

"Of course I do, why though?" I asked in a bit of confusion.

"I want to try something with you, please do tell me to stop at any point" he said and then peeled my bum cheeks apart.

The next minute I felt something hot and wet at my hole and moaned in amazement and enjoyment as I realised he was licking my hole with his tongue.

The feeling was so intense, my nerves were on fire and I wriggled around moaning loudly. He then pulled back and gently slipped a finger into me and then another, rubbing a spot inside me with them that had me squirming. It felt so good! He pulled them out then licked me again, bathing me so it was soaking back there. He then pulled back and came close to my head, whispering a question that I wasn't expecting but I guess I should have been.

"Tom....Will you let me put my dick in you?" He asked softly.

I'd thought about it the past couple of days and I had 100% decided I definitely wasn't ready if he tried it on. Everything my sensible side was saying was NO! However lust had taken over me and I simply said "yes" quietly, I had a brief moment of clarity though and followed up with "but if it hurts too much stop".

"I'll be gentle, I'd never hurt you my little brother" he said gently.

He started to pull away from me, "Hold on, I should probably use a condom, I must have some knocking around somewhere"

"Do you need to? It's not like I've been with boys before, well not like you're suggesting." I said. My knowledge of STDs was incredibly limited (a pamphlet I'd once seen on a train that was definitely an eye opener) but I sort of assumed that I couldn't catch anything from what I'd done before.

"I guess not, I've never done it bareback, only with a condom. Do you mind if we try it without then?". I sort of guessed he really wanted to do it without a condom and I was happy to. I told him I was fine with that, I was clearly at the point of no return and was pretty nervous.

Ian rubbed some Vaseline around my already wet hole and climbed back on top of me.

"Hold on, let me just get myself lined up" he said, wigging slightly as I felt his hard dick slip between my cheeks. He pushed gently at my hole, it was pretty tightly closed though!

"Relax Tom....and push back, like you're trying to have a shit" he said softly. I did what I was told and with a bit more pushing I felt a searing stab of pain which made my eyes water and had me bite his duvet to stop me screaming out.

I was well aware his dick was now inside me. Or the head of his dick was, it felt like it had tripled in size and my hole was protesting.

He obviously knew what he was doing as he held it there, letting my insides expand. The pain lessened as well slightly and I was able to tell him I was ok.

"You can push more in, just gently though, it hurts a bit" I told him, downplaying the pain.

To be fair to Ian he was very gentle, he pushed in until I could tell he was all the way in and he held it there, before whispering "Ok for me to continue little brother?".

I nodded and hoped the pain would ease. He started to thrust in and out of me, slowly at first but speeding up as he got more confident. To my surprise the pain did lessen a bit and as weird as it felt I actually sort of enjoyed it. He'd hit that spot that felt really good and we were both making appreciative noises, mine more of a whimper, his grunting and groaning. Then with an almost primal cry out I felt my insides being coated with Ian's cum as he came in me for the first time.

I knew at that point it was unlikely to be the last time he would do that in the coming days. He was in charge after all and he'd no doubt want me. He collapsed on top of me and kissed my neck, "I love you little brother" he told me in his post cum comedown. I knew he didn't really, well he did as a friend, someone to mess around with, I guess bringing out the L word when you've just fucked someone for the first time is good manners thought.

He then followed up with more questions, excitedly asking me "how was it? Did it hurt? can we do it again?"

He rolled off me and I lay there on my front,thinking if I rolled over I'd leak cum everywhere. I held my hand to my bum and waddled to the toilet, sitting on it to let it all run out. I felt a bit embarrassed and a bit strange about what happened, I'd let someone put their dick in me, shoot their cum in me, take my cherry.

I cleaned up and went back in where Ian was smiling at me on the bed. "So...got answers for those questions?" he asked with a grin.

I smiled back at him, "not bad, a fair bit, probably".

"Phew. Now come over here and let me suck your dick" He said, I didn't need a second invitation! He did a great job and soon had me cumming in his mouth, the release all the more intense for me after what just happened. For the rest of the day we just hung out although with some wheedling and persuasion on his behalf I let Ian fuck me again before I left. It hurt again but I was sort of getting used to it. This time he did me on my side so he could wank me off as he slipped his dick in and out of me. We both came at the same time and while it had hurt again, I couldn't lie, I had enjoyed it. How much it was about the physical sensations and how much was the mental I wasn't sure, being close to Ian, letting him put his dick inside me made me feel wanted, made me feel good about myself.

I limped slightly on my way home, my mind racing, I'd been fucked. By a boy. Shit. And I'd liked it. I got home and was paranoid my mum or Clive could tell, of course they couldn't but I was anxious all evening. At dinner I barely spoke and Mum asked if I was ok.

"Just tired, did a long run with Ian today" I told her and she smiled.

"It's good he's looking after you, and pushing you. You've been a bit inactive recently and boys need their exercise" she said.

Clive smirked at me when Mum wasn't looking, "Your mum is right, I'm sure he's showing you a whole world of experiences you're missing out on"

I knew Clive didn't know, he was just being inappropriate but I still blushed before changing the subject to shopping on Monday. Mum was fine for me to go and said she'd give me some extra pocket money. "I'll give you a bit as well if you promise to model your new purchases for us" Clive said with that slightly pervy wink he had. No fucking way was I modelling for him!

That evening I lay in the bath feeling a bit confused and being honest a bit dirty and cheap. I wasn't yet 14 and mentally I was struggling to process what I'd done. I'd let Ian fuck me. Was that the right thing to do? We got on well but we'd only been hanging out for just over a week. Was I turning into a slut? Was I just eager to please and he was taking advantage of that?

I put it out of my mind and thought more about the positives, one of the most popular good looking boys in our school was treating me like his little brother and liked me enough to have sex with me,I decided that was enough for me to think about for now...

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