Once in a Lifetime

by About A Boy

Chapter 3

The wonderful experiences of the last few days had made quite an impact on fourteen year old Eric. Still firmly in the cusp of puberty, with his young body still in flux, Eric had always been more than shy with regards to his naked body.

Even with his best friend Zach, whom he'd known since the age of seven, he had taken pains to protect his modesty, turning his back if ever a need to change clothes had arisen. But now, on this summertime trip to the South of France with both sets of parents, the boys had unwittingly discovered nudism.

With Zach taking the lead, the boys had experienced nudity first hand, having come upon a naturist, strolling and sunbathing in the meadows above the Mediterranean Sea. Zach had been the first to boldly give it a try; enjoying it so much, that the following day, he had managed to convince a reluctant Eric to join him.

The next day, the boys had sunbathed nude together, then followed one of the trails down to the beach, which to their surprise seemed to be a naturist paradise. A mile stretch of sand that was, as the sign indicated, 'Plage Nudiste', a nudist beach. Zach had taken the lead once again, garnering the courage to strip off and participate in this new found lifestyle.

With Eric fearfully at his side, the two boys set out, and spent the afternoon on the beach, in the company of many naked men, women and children. Eric still had secret fears of his own. Fearing possible arousal, interestingly enough, because of the presence of other naked boys.

But that day had proved to be an enjoyable one, with both boys gaining more and more confidence in this environment. That night, the boys spent the night in Zach's room, opting to continue their nudism experiment, by sleeping naked.

Still timid with regards to sexuality, the question of masturbation came up, and the boys, under the modest safety of their bed covers and semi darkness, masturbated together for the very first time, before both had fallen asleep for the night.

All of this, had had a surprisingly positive effect on young Eric, and he was enjoying his new found boldness, and closeness with his best friend Zach. Today could be very telling indeed.

The boys had gone down to breakfast with their parents in the village, and spent an hour and a half casually strolling the beach with them. When finally they had satisfied their parents request to spend some time with them, the boys set off on their own once more.

Their intent was to return to the nudist beach, and meet up with the two twelve year old boys, Cory and Liam, who they'd met the previous day. Today, apparently, was to be a Naturist Family Day, with many unique activities planned, and both Zach and Eric were surprisingly anxious to take part.

They followed the footpath down to the beach as they had done the day before, and at the bottom both of them quickly stripped off once again, and stuffing their shorts into Zach's red backpack, they boldly set off, naked, down the beach.

"This is so cool..." Zach beamed, as they walked among other nude beach goers.

"I know, right." Eric agreed. "Still can't believe I'm doing this... But I really like it now. Everyone's the same, and no one gives a shit about it." he smiled at his friend.

"Still afraid you might pop a boner?" Zach teased playfully, causing Eric to blush.

"Shut up..." Eric retorted. But secretly, this really was of some concern to him. The boys walked down toward the access area, where the structures were, and several large open air tents had been erected on the beach.

Already people were playing naked volleyball on the beach, and engaging in other sorts of family activities, and finally Eric spotted the two younger English boys, Liam and Cory. "Hey guys..." he greeted them happily.

"Oh hi... You made it." Cory grinned.

"Yeah. Couldn't resist could we?" Zach replied, with a warm smile.

"Wanna play some beach volleyball then?" Liam suggested. "There's like a dozen nets set up." The four boys quickly picked an empty one and began to play, dividing into teams; Liam and Eric on one side, with Zach and Cory on the other.

It was good fun, and any apprehensions Eric had about being naked and 'flopping' around, were quickly forgotten. Liam, his young teammate, also seemed to be quite chummy and easy going as well, and had taken quite a liking to Eric; smiling frequently at him, and innocently touching him on his arm and back.

Eric was a bit uneasy about the physical contact at first. He could feel himself becoming slightly aroused, just by looking at the twelve year olds beautifully tanned backside, and his loose, dangling boy bits; but fortunately, the game kept Eric too occupied to show any real physical signs of arousal.

Several other young people joined the boys after a while, and the game became quite interesting, and good fun for nearly half an hour. When they'd finished, the four boys raced to the water, taking a quick swim in the sea, to cool down and rinse off from all the strenuous activity.

Eric couldn't help but notice that Liam enjoyed staying in close proximity to him. Hanging quite closely, and jumping up on him as they played, and splashed about in the water to cool off. In truth, Eric didn't really mind the attention; but for the fear of possibly becoming aroused.

Shortly, the organizers of family day, announced that anyone who wanted to participate in traditional naturist body painting, should come up to the tents. Cory and Liam were quite keen on the idea, and the four boys quickly made their way up the beach to the tents.

There were scores and scores of small bottles filled with colored body paints, laid out on dozens of picnic tables, along with various brushes and sponges. Zach and Eric stood off to the side at first, wanting to see what all of this activity was about.

"So, how does this work?" Zach asked of the two younger boys, both of whom had already gathered brushes and sponges.

"It's fun." Cory beamed. "You just kinda pair up, and then you paint each other, you know, with whatever designs you want." He handed some of the brushes and sponges to the older boys. "Here, watch..." he offered.

Standing in front of Liam, Cory began painting a design on the other boy's naked body. Using the sponge for large areas, he painted one of Liam's arms white, and the other blue. Then he began painting a yellow sun on Liam's bare chest.

"So..." Eric offered shyly, "Want me to paint you Zach." Zach nodded eagerly.

"Paint me so it looks like I'm wearing a striped shirt." he suggested. Eric smiled, and using a brush he started the outline of a tank top, then started painting blue and white alternating stripes down his bare torso. It felt good, being this close to his naked best friend, looking at him intently as he engaged in painted him. He glanced over at the two younger boys to check their work.

Cory was starting to paint Liam's lower body now, and Eric went wide eyed, as he watched Cory actually take hold of Liam's penis, and boldly start to paint small blue stripes around it. Eric swallowed hard in disbelief, and was also somewhat stimulated by the sight of one boy grasping the other boy's penis.

Turning his attention quickly back to Zach, he finished painting the striped tank top on him, and then peeked back at Cory and Liam. Cory had painted Liam's testicles as well. One red, and one white. He couldn't believe this kind of contact was just so casual, as if it were quite normal. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to stay calm.

"Okay..." Zach said suddenly, "now paint me so it looks like I'm wearing a swimsuit or something. Maybe like a Speedo." Eric looked up at him, and swallowed.

"Um, okay..." he said, almost reluctantly. He picked up a sponge, and dipped it into the blue paint. With some trepidation, and a great deal of embarrassment, he began to paint Zach's buttocks; forming what looked like a blue Speedo swim suit. He finished the back, and sides, and now he knelt in front of Zach, feeling more than a bit awkward about finishing.

He painted Zach's waistband, and uppermost thighs, even painting over Zach's thin, small patch of soft boyish pubes; getting as close as he dared to Zach's penis and testicles, which were literally dangling right there in front of his face. He swallowed with some difficulty, nervous, and wondering what to do about painting his friend's privates.

"Well go on..." Zach told him softly. "I can't very well leave my junk hanging out... Paint me up." Eric looked up timidly.

"Are you... Are you sure you want me to do this?" Eric questioned.

"Yeah, why not." Zach replied calmly. With trembling fingers, Eric reached out, paused for a moment, and then gingerly took hold of his friends soft penis, just as he had seen Cory do. It was... Odd, weird... And strangely electric, all at the same time.

He painted around Zach's youthful boy tube, even covering his foreskin with the bright blue body paint; then with timid fingers, he touched his friend's boy pouch, and painted over his testicles. Eric was nervous; embarrassed. Not because he didn't want to do this, but because in fact, he really did want to do it... I mean, he really, really wanted to do it.

"There... All finished." Eric said timidly; and Zack looked himself over, and smiled at the finished look.

"That was kinda' nice Eric, it looks good, thanks." he said, looking his friend in the eye. Eric smiled awkwardly, and looked down a bit uncomfortably.

Just then Cory stepped up, asking if Zach would paint him, while Liam did pretty much the same with Eric. "Can I paint you?" Liam asked hopefully, smiling energetically at Eric.

"I... I guess." Eric muttered, some of his shyness returning. Liam took Eric's hand, and led him to another picnic table, with more paint jars on it. The twelve year old looked up at him timidly and smiled softly; then began painting Eric's torso with bright yellow dots. Eric watched the younger boy for a moment, his eyes wandering over the younger boy's naked, already painted body. He noticed that Liam appeared to be getting a slight erection; which just as suddenly started to get Eric aroused as well.

"I... I think I need to use the toilet." Eric stated, and turning, he quickly walked toward the restrooms, hurrying inside, and locking himself in one of the stalls. The physical contact with Zach's privates, and now the sight of Liam's semi erection had quite simply set him off.

A moment later there was a soft knock on the stall door. "Are you alright?" Liam asked quietly.

"Yeah... I'll, uh, be finished in a minute." Eric answered.

"I... I know why you're in there." Liam said quietly. "To be honest, I'm getting one as well... Can I... Can I come in there with you, please." There was a long pause, and finally Eric unlatched and opened the stall door, allowing young Liam to step inside with him.

The boys looked awkwardly at each other; Eric, embarrassed was holding his hands over his mostly stiffened boyhood, hiding it, and Liam was doing much the same thing...

"I couldn't help it..." Liam said in a small, embarrassed, and almost tearful voice.

"Me neither." Eric confessed slowly. "It's my first time doing this stuff. I was afraid something like this might happen." he sighed.

"I know, me too." Liam agreed, with an almost tearful sniffle. He looked up at Eric, and then surprised him by putting his arms around the older boy and hugging him in a comforting kind of way.

Eric held his arms up, not knowing how to react to the naked twelve year old, who was hugging him tightly, skin to naked skin. It was awkward for a moment, but the younger boy clearly needed some reassurance and understanding. Eric looked down at the youngster, still firmly in his embrace.

Slowly he lowered his arms, wrapping them around the younger boy's shoulders. The two naked boys stood quietly this way for a long moment. As odd as it felt, Eric was also taken by how pleasant this naked, human contact felt. And though initially he had lost his erection, his teen boyhood seemed to be swelling again now. After a bit, Liam glanced up at him as they moved apart slightly; and he smiled softly up at the older boy.

"What?" Eric questioned, looking at Liam.

"Do you... I mean, do you..." he stumbled timidly, "Do you like boys?" Liam finally managed. Eric's eyes widened at the question.

"No... No I... No, why would you ask that?" Eric stuttered far too quickly, feeling somewhat rattled.

"It's just, well... A feeling. I mean we both started to get hardons out there, and... And in here as well." Liam reminded him quietly. "I just thought, maybe you might be.... Like me." The boys looked at each other curiously.

"It's... It's just puberty, you know." Eric faltered, perhaps trying to convince himself.

"Yeah, maybe..." Liam returned knowingly, "But I don't think so..."

"What? Why would you think that?" Eric blushed, still feeling as though he were outed.

"I've seen you around your friend, Zach." Liam proffered. "I just thought you might be like, well, more than friends or something."

Eric looked surprised, and swallowed dryly, feeling totally awkward now. "I... Zach and I are just, friends... You know, just friends." Eric said, a bit defensively.

"If you say so." Liam conceded. Eric looked quizzically at the younger boy.

"So Liam... You said that you thought I was, like you? Does that mean, well, that you like boys?" Eric questioned. It was the younger boy who blushed this time.

"I... I guess so." he said simply. "I've kinda known for awhile, I guess. I mean, I'm only twelve, but... There's some things you just kinda figure out." The boys stood quietly for a moment, each considering what had just been said.

"There's nothing wrong with it..." Liam offered finally. "I mean, if you... If we were gay, right?!" Erik looked down at him thoughtfully.

"No. No I guess not." Eric breathed quietly, and he smiled softly at the younger boy. Liam smiled back, looking a bit relieved...

"Thanks." Liam whispered, and he stepped forward and gently hugged Eric again. Then he stepped back. "We better go back out, before they miss us." The two boys stepped out of the stall, and back out into the warm coastal sunlight.

They spotted Zach and Cory on the beach near the picnic tables. Cory was fully painted now as well; including his youthful penis. The boys all got back together, and Zach bought everyone a Soda from one of the beach vendors. Then the four of them played several rousing games of volley ball, and eventually they all took another swim in the sea, to cool down and wash the harmless body paint from their naked bodies.

Zach and Eric both enjoyed the long afternoon, spending several hours playing in the sun and surf, and then, even sharing a late snack; having a few bar-b-cued hotdogs with Cory, Liam, and their parents. Eventually it was time for them to head back down the beach toward the village.

Both boys walked fully naked all the way down the long stretch of beach, till the painted sign indicated the end of the 'Naturist' section. Almost reluctantly the boys stopped, and pulled their shorts back on, before continuing on down this second stretch of sand toward the village. Eric looked over at his friend Zach fairly often as the walked, wanting to say something to him; but he was having trouble finding the right moment, if not the right words.

At length though, the opportunity seemed to have passed, as the boys came to familiar ground, and they turned up the lane toward the rented Villa. None of their parents were there however, so the boys jumped into the pool to cool down after the long walk back.

Zach's cell phone rang some fifteen minutes later, and he crawled out of the pool to answer it. It was his mother, just calling to check up on them. She told the boys to get cleaned up, and Eric's parents would come back to the Villa in twenty minutes to get changed, and pick the boys up.

After the call, Zach dove back into the pool, and told Eric what the plan was. But, boys being boys, they continued to swim and play about in the pool, losing all track of the time. To their surprise, Eric's parents showed up in the rental vehicle, with the boys still in the pool.

"What the heck Eric." his mom scolded. "We said we were on the way, and for you two to get cleaned up and ready. Zach's parents will be waiting for us at the restaurant, and we only have about ten minutes or so to start back."

"Sorry mom..." Eric pleaded, "We just lost track of time."

"Yeah sorry." Zach echoed, apologetically.

"Well, let's get a move on." Eric's dad prompted. "Out of the pool, let's go, let's go. We need to get changed, and you two need to get showered." he shook his head in a fatherly way.

The boys hopped out of the pool, and Zach headed inside to their condo, while Eric and his parents went into the one they occupied on their side. Zach quickly stripped off his board shorts and turning on the walk in shower, he stepped inside to wash up.

It wasn't a moment later that he heard someone knocking on the bathroom door. It was Eric. "Hey, what's up?" Zach questioned as Eric walked into the bathroom.

"Ahh, my mom and dad are changing and stuff, and they needed the bathroom; so I figured it would be quicker if I grabbed up my stuff and came over here. You about done in there?"

"Not really..." Zach replied, looking out through glass shower door. Just strip off your swimsuit and join me."

"Really?" Eric wondered.

"Yeah why not. It's not like we haven't been naked together most of the last few days. Come on, there's plenty of room." Eric set his change of clothes on the counter and stripped off his board shorts; joining Zach in the walk in shower.

"Hand me the shampoo will you?" Zach requested, as they shared the large stall. Eric squirted some of the gel into his own hand, then did the same for Zach, as the boys lathered themselves up. "Hey, mind doing my back for me." Zach requested innocently. Eric shrugged, then began soaping up his best friend's back.

"You're really getting a nice tan." Eric mentioned, as he scrubbed. "Even you bum's getting golden colored now."

"Cool..." Zach responded, sounding genuinely pleased. Eric thoroughly washed Zach's upper torso, and then, almost without thought, he washed downward, lathering Zach's firmly rounded bottom.

Zach glanced over his shoulder at Eric, and smiled impishly as Eric's fingers washed over his bum and crack. "Getting a little friendly there." Zach teased.

"Oh, sorry..." Eric blushed, pulling his hand away quickly.

"Just kidding." Zach smiled, turning around to face Eric. "Felt kinda nice actually. Here, I'll do your back now." he offered. But just then there was a knock on the bathroom door. It was Eric's dad.

"You boys about done? Our reservations are in ten minutes, so get a move on will you! Zach's parents will be waiting."

"Yeah, right dad, just finishing up. Give us a minute." Eric quipped nervously. The boys quickly rinsed off the body wash, and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing up towels, they dried and got dressed quickly; taking just another minute to primp and comb their hair.

Finally they joined Eric's parents, who were waiting outside by the rental. They all piled into the van and headed on into the village. Eric's mom glanced back at the boys. "You two are really getting nice tans." She noted.

The boys looked at each other and smiled knowingly. Their parents would be more than a little surprised if they knew just how much of a tan the boys were actually getting. Head to toe, and everything in between...

They arrived at the restaurant just as Zach's parents were being seated, and they all joined together for a pleasant dinner, and an evening in the village. The following day Zach and Eric decided to spend the day with their parents, driving around and exploring some of the French countryside, and nearby towns.

Spending the entire day away from the nudist beach, and their new friends Cory and Liam, may have been disappointing, but probably quite necessary to keep their parents happy, allowing them more free time later.

That night, the boys decided to have another sleepover, of sorts. This time, Zach would spend the night in the other condo with Eric. Neither set of parents really understood why the boys wanted to be together twenty four hours a day; sleeping over, when they were literally right next door to one another, but then, when have parents ever understood their kids. It was just the thing to do. And in the summertime, especially on vacation, the rules were always a bit lax.

So, with their parents sitting out in the courtyard sharing several bottles wine, the boys turned in for the night. They lay atop the queen sized bed, wearing nothing but shorts, perusing the internet on Eric's Ipad. They played several games on the device as well, and just after eleven pm, they decided to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.

"Gonna sleep naked again?" Zach asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well yeah..." Eric agreed with a small smirk. "It's the only way to go now, isn't it?" The boys locked the bedroom door, then peeled off their shorts. Zach glanced down at Eric's naked body.

"Whoa... We really are getting all over tans aren't we! Shit Eric, look how dark your ass is." he laughed, and reaching out he playfully smacked Eric on the tush.

"Owe, hey..." Eric snorted. He quickly grabbed Zach and more or less tackled him onto the bed. The boys tousled playfully for a few moments; seeming to forget that they were totally naked.

Their brief wrestling match ended with Zach lying on his back, and Eric sitting on top, straddled across his stomach. They were both slightly winded, and laughing as they made eye contact. They looked at one another for a moment, and Eric smiled awkwardly, suddenly realizing that he was sitting naked on top of his naked friend.

Aware of it now he rolled off to the side, and lay on his back, along side Zach. The boys lay there for a long moment, before turning their heads to look at each other. Zach smiled softly at his friend.

"Weird huh... Just a few days ago, we'd never really even seen each other nude. And now look at us." he smiled. Eric nodded, with a timid smile of his own. He still wanted to talk to Zach about something, and was wondering if this might a good time to do it; but Zach spoke out suddenly.

"Hey... If you want to," he said quietly, "Well, we could do what we did last time. You know, jerk off. If you want to." Eric turned his head to look at him.

"Yeah. Yeah I guess..." he agreed. "Should we get under the covers, and turn out the light again?" Eric wondered, still rather shy about being seen with an erection.

"I'll turn the light off, but... Maybe we could lay on top of the covers this time. It'll be mostly dark, but... It'll feel more natural."

Eric nodded, and Zach reached out and turned off the bedside lamp. They lay there on top of the bed, letting their eyes adjust to the partial darkness, glancing at one another occasionally. Without fanfare, the boys each reached down to encompass their own genitals. Zach began rubbing his palm softly up and down over his penis, urging it to life.

Eric was squeezing and fondling his own soft tube with his fingers, and it didn't take long for it to bloom into his full, youthful erection. He began to stroke himself with his fingers, glancing over at Zach in the dimness of the room. As neither boy had ever really seen the other with an erection, the semi darkness afforded both of them a more secure and less awkward feeling.

Zach looked over at Eric, and the boys smiled at each other. They both looked down at each other's stroking, dimly lit silhouette, watching excitedly as they went about the business at hand.

Soon there were sounds of soft moans emanating from them, as each boy engaged in his own fantasy. Eric's thoughts brought him back to the previous, and only other time that he and Zach had masturbated together. How their feet had inadvertently touched, and the feeling of contact had only enhanced his arousal.

Glancing over at Zach, Eric intentionally moved his leg until his toes softly touched the top of Zach's bare foot, and they remained in contact there. Zach opened his eyes, and turned his head to look at Eric. A gentle smile crossed his lips, and soon the boys were mutually, and innocently rubbing their soft feet and toes together.

The gentle, boyish moans continued to resonate around them as they continued their adolescent quest for release. For several minutes the feelings grew, their bodies twitched and squirmed, and their feet strained joyfully against one another as both boys, almost simultaneously reached that most amazing physical explosion.

Youthful boy seed escaped them in dramatic pulses; spattering their naked torsos with warm spunk. Erik shuddered in the semi darkness, his genitals having provided that most amazingly euphoric rush... Along side him, Zach moaned heavily one last time, slowly opening his eyes as his body relaxed. He could still feel Eric's soft foot, pressed warmly against his own, and he smiled as he looked again at his friend in the darkness.

Eric smiled weakly in return, then he reached out slightly, innocently resting his hand on Zach's forearm. "Shit that felt pretty good huh..." he breathed.

"Uh huh." Zach nodded, as he looked over at Eric's dimly lit, naked body. "Next time, maybe we could leave the light on. I mean, we're best friends ya know. I don't really care anymore, you know, if you see me with a boner..."

"Me neither." Eric decided surprisingly. He reached out and grabbed a tee shirt off the nightstand, then used it to wipe the spunk from his tummy, and penis. Looking at Zach, he reached out innocently and started wiping off his belly and chest; but he stopped, when it felt too awkward for him to wipe off his friend's sticky penis.

As much as he may have wanted to, he wasn't sure what Zach would think, and left him to do it for himself. Eric rolled off the bed and quietly crossed to the bathroom, standing in front of the toilet trying to pee.

Momentarily Zach stepped up alongside him, and the boys glanced curiously at each other as the peed together into the porcelain bowl. Eric smiled timorously, amazed at how suddenly comfortable he felt, being, and standing naked with his best friend Zach.

After seven years of bashful friendship, and his discomfort with his own young body, he now felt closer than ever to Zach; the boy he'd grown up with. The boy he'd had disquieting feelings for.

The boys finished pissing and shook off, then washed their hands in the sink, and ran a damp washcloth over themselves to clean up a little better. They retired back to the bedroom, lying on top of the cool evening sheets once again.

"Goodnight Eric." Zach offered tiredly in the darkness.

"Night Zach. And... Thanks." Eric breathed in return. They lay quietly for several minutes in the gloom of the darkened room. Eric wanted to... Was determined to talk to his best friend. "Zach..." Eric began softly. "Zach, you still awake?" Silence was the only answer.

Zach had already slipped off to sleep. Eric rolled onto his side then, facing his friend, and in the dimness of the room, he silently gazed at the outline of Zach's prone, naked figure. Timidly, he reached out, and touched Zach gently on his back, feeling the intrinsic and human warmth of his friend's soft skin.

With a sudden irresistible yawn, Eric lay back on the bed and closed his own young eyes. He could hear the soft rhythmic breathing coming from near him, and the peacefulness of it lured him into a deep, comforting sleep of his own.

The next morning the boys awoke, still naked, and finding themselves snuggled rather closely to one another. Each may have felt slightly self conscious about it, but neither felt uncomfortable, and they lay there in no real hurry to move away.

They heard a cell phone ringing, and Zach lifted his head, glancing around the room for his iPhone. He hopped off the bed, finally retrieving it from the pocket of his shorts.

"Hello..." he answered. It was Cory, the twelve year old English boy.

"Hey Zach, it's me Cory. You guys are coming down to the beach today, I hope."

"Uh yeah I guess. We were planning to anyway. Hey if you want to meet up, why don't we meet you guys where the footpath joins the beach? Maybe we can hike up to the woods for awhile and hang out, just the four of us." Zach suggested.

"Yeah cool. Liam and me kinda thought about doing that as well. So, wanna' meet around ten-o-clock then?"

"Yup, that works. We'll see you guys there. Later dude." He hung up, and then told Eric what the plan was.

"That'll be cool." Eric agreed, stretching as he hopped out of bed. He glanced around the room looking for his discarded shorts; but urgently needing to pee, he headed into the bathroom to relieve himself, and then run a comb through his disheveled brown hair.

The boys joined the parents who were all out in the courtyard, where Zach's dad had just returned with a box of fresh pastries, coffee, and orange juice for everyone. They all sat, sharing leisurely breakfast, and conversation, as they planned out their day. The adults were intending to tour a local French vineyard, just out of town, and then try the beach later in the afternoon.

"Well, Eric and me wanted to head out and do some hiking again, then hit the beach. Is that all right." Zach asked.

"I suppose son." his dad replied. "Since you spent the day with us yesterday, we can't expect you two to grace us with your company two days in a row, now can we." His dad laughed, drawing sarcastic smirks from the boys.

With breakfast finished, they all lounged about for awhile; it was vacation time after all. The boys slowly gathered the usual things they needed, and stuffed them into Zach's daypack. Eric's dad gave the boys some euro's, for any expenses, and to buy lunch for themselves. Then, with the usual precautionary speech about staying safe, and out of trouble, the boys headed out.

They marched up the footpath, just as they had on previous days, winding their way trough the open wooded meadows. They stopped only briefly to peel off their tee shirts and top off the water bottles; then continued steadily along the trail until eventually it dropped down and they reached the beach access area.

It was a bit before ten, and Cory and Liam weren't in sight yet, so the boys quickly decided to go 'au naturel', and they wasted no time in stripping off their shorts, leaving them naked, and waiting on the beach.

About ten minutes later, the boys saw Cory and Liam walking together in their direction. Cory was shouldering a small daypack, and wearing a pair of azure blue, Nike sport shorts, but was otherwise naked; and Liam was wearing a very European, and rather skimpy white Speedo, which intrigued Eric the moment he spotted them.

"Hey guys." Cory greeted, when they got close. Both Zach and Eric warmly returned the greeting, and young Liam beamed a friendly smile at Eric.

"Um, you're a little overdressed aren't you..?" Zach teased playfully, indicating the English boy's attire. Cory just shrugged.

"We weren't sure, to be honest. Since we're hiking up the footpath to the meadow, we didn't know what to expect did we." Cory explained.

"Yeah, it's ok either way." Eric conceded. "You never know who you'll see on the footpath, so we can put our shorts on till we get up there if you want." The boys shrugged, and generally agreed to wait till they got up into the meadow; so Zach and Eric slipped back into their shorts, and after topping off the bottles again at the water station, the four of them started up the trail.

They talked freely amongst themselves, enjoying each others company; and both Zach and Eric loved the sound of both the English boy's accents. A few minutes in, they passed several other people coming down the trail; all of whom were clothed to some degree, so the boys, Eric in particular, were glad they'd decided to wear their shorts.

As open and accepting as everyone was in this part of France, it certainly wouldn't be a big deal, but still... When you're naked and others aren't, it can make you feel a bit self conscious.

Eric walked alongside Liam, and as they talked he couldn't help but take prolonged looks at Liam's small white Speedo. The twelve year old filled them out enticingly, since the tight fabric wrapped revealingly around his young boy bits.

When the four boys reached the split in the trail, they veered off into the lower meadow where Zach and Eric had sunbathed on their previous visits; it was remote, and out of the way here; offering them a modicum of privacy.

Returning to their favorite 'spot', they stopped and tossed their daypacks down. Zach dug out two beach towels from his daypack, and the boys spread them out in the lush meadow-like grass. Having been raised in a naturist family, Cory quickly stripped out of his sport shorts, and looked at Zach. "Now who's over dressed." he grinned, setting them all to laughing.

Zach was quick to follow, with Liam and Eric right behind. The boys stuffed everything into their daypacks, and the four of them sat or lay casually on the beach towels for several minutes.

Cory pulled

several bottles of sport drinks from his daypack, offering one to each of them, as the boys sat talking casually about their mutual interests. Zach and Eric were certainly interested in the subtle differences between American and English boys; as were Cory and Liam, if not the other way round.

Liam surprisingly mentioned that he was a tad bit surprised that neither Zach nor Eric were circumcised.

"I thought most Americans were cut..." he commented curiously, glancing casually again at Eric's boyhood.

"Yeah, well that's probably right, isn't it." Zach returned. "Most boys are cut, I think. But, it seems like more and more boys still have their skin. Er, not that I'm keeping track or anything." he blushed slightly, as the other boys all giggled.

"Hey, wanna' toss the Nerf football around again?" Eric suggested.

"Sure..." Everyone agreed, and soon the boys were playing American style football in the meadow, running patterns and playing catch and throw. The grass was soft and lush, quite easy to run barefoot on, and it didn't hurt if they tumbled naked to the ground.

The boys played for half an hour or so, then returned to the towels, needing a break from the late morning heat. Cory mentioned that his parents had told him there was supposed to be a small creek somewhere nearby, off of one of the footpaths, but the boys all wanted to relax a bit before possibly searching for it. Eric and Liam lay out on one of the towels, chatting quietly, while curious Cory kept asking questions of Zach, wanting to know all about California, where the American boys lived.

After a time, Eric got to his feet, thinking about searching out the creek. He asked Liam if he wanted to walk to the end of the meadow with him. "We've never really followed the path down to the end of it." he acknowledged. "It's only a hundred yards or so, wanna' check it with me?" Liam was quick to join him, and the two naked boys strolled off down the footpath.

The boys chatted casually as they walked, glancing frequently at one another, and when they got down range a ways, Eric looked at Liam. "So... Remember the other day at the beach, you know, what we talked about when we were in the toilets..."

"Yeah?" Liam glanced at him curiously.

"You... You kinda told me that, well, that you might be gay." Eric recalled.

"Uh, yeah. I guess I did..." Liam agreed almost cautiously. Eric looked at him, unsure.

"So... Like, how do you know? I mean, you're only twelve." The boys glanced at each other quietly for a moment.

"It wasn't really that hard to figure out, was it." Liam reaffirmed. "I mean, most the lads in my form at school talk about girls and stuff... But, I'm not in the least bit interested, am I. And... Well, I guess I really only think about, you know, other boys and things, when I think about that kind of stuff. That's what gets me excited, ya know... And, I could see how close you are with Zach; he makes you feel good in that way, so I just figured you're probably the same as me... "

They walked in silence for a moment, Erik deep in his own thoughts. When they neared the bottom of the meadow, the boys could faintly hear the sounds of running water just off the footpath. They walked toward the sounds, quickly coming upon the small creek that flowed mildly through it.

"Whoa, there really is a creek then." Liam noted, as they walked up to it. The small stream was only a few meters wide, and not much over ankle deep, but it was running clear, and flowing smoothly here at the lower end of the wooded meadow.

Eric tested the water with a toe, then stepped barefoot into the cool running stream, and he quickly smiled back at Liam. "It's nice and cool..." he grinned. "Feels really good actually." Liam stepped into the water as well, and the boys smiled happily at one another, as they stepped across on the small smooth stones, wading to the other side.

"Feels nice on your feet, doesn't it." Liam remarked.

"Yeah it does." Eric agreed, and the boys quickly found a small mossy log, where they could sit and keep their feet submerged in the cool refreshing water. The two boys sat quite closely together on the small log, glancing at one another with timid smiles, as Eric sought to continue their conversation.

"So," Eric began, "You and Cory... I mean, is he, you know, the same way?" Liam looked over at him with a youthful smirk.

"No. I don't think so." Liam said. "I mean, we've kind of... Well..."

"Kind of what?" Eric prodded curiously.

"You know, we've messed around a bit. Just for fun and stuff. But he's just curious is all." The boys sat quietly for another moment. "What about you; you and Zach? You fancy him don't you?" Liam suggested.

"What? No, I... I never said I was gay, did I!" Eric intoned firmly, as Liam looked at him.

"You didn't have to." Liam said softly, and Eric looked away, embarrassed now by the simplicity of what the twelve-year-old had just said.

They sat quietly for several long minutes, the cool water of the stream still running gently over their bare feet. "I've never really thought of myself as possibly being gay." Eric mumbled in low tones. Liam looked at him steadily. "I mean... I've always felt a bit different maybe, about those things, but..."

"It's okay you know. You are what you are." Liam said, smiling softly at him, showing wisdom beyond his twelve years. The boys looked directly at one another; each exposed, and vulnerable in that moment.

"I'm... I'm afraid to bring it up with Zach." Eric confided finally. "I mean, he's my best friend. What if he, you know..."

"He won't." Liam replied softly. He reached out his hand, resting it reassuringly on top of Eric's. The older boy looked down at Liam's small hand, then glanced back up at the twelve-year-olds soft, boyish features. He smiled gently, then moving his hand, Eric slipped his fingers over Liam's. The boys sat quietly, innocently holding hands in a rare moment of tenderness between two boys.

Enjoying the moment, they glanced at each other several times, smiling knowingly at one another. A sudden urge came over Eric, and he leaned toward Liam, and softly kissed him on the cheek. Liam smiled tenderly, and with little hesitation he leaned into Eric as well, kissing him wetly on the lips. It was delightful. And feeling so inclined, the boys kissed again, their lips moist and slightly parted this time.

Eric had closed his eyes, and after the kiss had ended he sat there for several seconds, almost intoxicated with the lingering taste of Liam's kiss, still buzzing on his lips. He opened his eyes, and they grinned boyishly at one another. Eric had never been kissed in any way other than by family; and this was most certainly far more satisfying. The boys sat quietly, pondering what had just transpired between them.

"So, you and Zach... You've never done anything together then?" Liam wondered.

"Hmm? No, no not really." Eric considered. "We kinda jerked off together, but... It was like, individually you know. And we turned the light off, because... Well, because I was embarrassed to let him see me with a boner. Kinda stupid, huh!" Eric laughed.

"I bet you look really nice with a stiffy..." Liam mused. He looked down at Eric's boyhood and smiled. "I like your pubies as well..." The youngster offered with a boyish smile. "You've got a lot more than I do." Liam said, looking back at himself, and he ran his finger over his own dozen or so soft little curlies.

"Yeah, well I am a bit older than you." Eric reminded him. Liam smiled then, and with innocent curiosity he reached out and casually touched Eric's soft pubic mound, fingering the small, very boyish patch of pubic hairs. Eric shivered noticeably at his touch.

"I'm sorry." Liam offered, drawing his hand back slightly. "Guess no one's touched you like that before?" Eric quietly shook his head no. Gently, Liam reached out again, and softly rubbed his fingers through Eric's delightfully soft pubes. "Feels nice." he breathed, as he continued to finger them.

Eric didn't know how to react to this surprising, and unaccustomed experience. Liam's soft fingers felt unexpectedly amazing, touching him there; but inside he could also feel himself starting to become aroused. Liam seemed to sense his insecurity, and as if to allay it; to demonstrate that it was alright, he lowered his fingers, deliberately touching Eric's soft, three inch boy tube. Eric closed his eyes at this new, and absolutely brilliant sensation.

Never before had anyone touched his young penis. And now this cute, sweet twelve-year-old was gently fingering his slowly thickening boyhood. "Oh god..." Eric sighed almost inaudibly.

He was self conscious and embarrassed, but unquestionably the other boy's touch felt totally electric in the most wonderful of ways. Eric opened his eyes to see Liam's innocent, and angelic face, smiling complacently at him. He looked down then, and discovered that the younger boy was fully aroused as well; his boyish young penis angling upward with a swollen, four inch erection of his own.

"Oh shit... That's so, awesome." Eric breathed, flushed with excitement.

"Thank you Eric." Liam smiled, and as he looked down at Eric's boyish appendage, he saw it stiffen, and become totally rigid. Swollen to just over five inches; his taut foreskin firmly jacketing the cherry shaped head beneath. "Oh man..." Liam looked up at him excitedly, "Yours looks amazing as well..."

Far off in the distance though, both boys thought they heard someone calling out. They listened intently for a moment until they heard it again. "Eric, Liam, where'd you two get off to?" the distant voice called.

"Oh shit." Eric said, standing up quickly from the log. "Guess we've been gone too long, and they've come looking for us." Liam stood up as well, and smiled thoughtfully at Eric, disappointed about the interruption.

"Guess we should go tell them we've found the stream." Liam suggested. Eric agreed, and then with soft eyes he looked squarely at Liam.

"Thanks." Eric said sincerely. "You know, for the talk and... And the other stuff." he smiled. Liam nodded his acknowledgment, and with their erections nearly gone now, almost as quickly as they'd appeared, the boys stepped back across the stream, and walked the short distance toward the footpath.

"Oye..." Liam called out loudly, when they saw the other two boys heading their direction. "We've found the stream then, haven't we..." He said, pointing. The other two boys caught up with them, and they all walked back towards the water.

"Nice." Zach said, as the four of them stepped barefoot into the shallow stream. The cool flowing water felt wonderful after walking, and playing football in the noon heat. The four naked boys splashed about for awhile, playfully kicking and splashing water at one another; and eventually they bathed together in the in the refreshing waters,

Twenty minutes later, cooled down and well refreshed, the four of them walked back to the upper end of the grassy woods, where they'd left their things. Still wet from the stream, they lay on the beach towels, slowly drying themselves with the sun. The boys finished off the last of their sport drinks, and talked about following the footpath back down to the nudist beach.

Cory mentioned that he was starving, and suggested that they should buy lunch there, and then play around in the sea for awhile. Everyone agreed and in no particular hurry, they started gathering their things.

Zach noticed the tube of sunscreen at the bottom of his daypack, and looking at the reddened shoulders of his companions, he suggested they all put some on before they burned. The tube was tossed back and forth, and each boy rubbed some of the sun screen onto themselves.

"Would you mind rubbing some on my back again?" Zach asked of Eric. Eric nodded, and he applied it liberally, including rubbing some onto Zach's bare bum, as he had done before. Cory and Liam followed their lead, and helped each other, rubbing sun screen onto each others backs as well.

"Don't forget your best boy bits..." Liam grinned at the others. He squeezed a little more into his palm, and started coating his youthful genitals with it. The other boys all did the same, and Liam smiled suggestively at Eric. "Need help with that." he whispered playfully so the others couldn't hear. Eric looked up, and grinned sheepishly at him.

"Next time perhaps..." Eric whispered back, with a meaningful wink.

The boys hiked back on the footpath, not bothering with their shorts this time; and they only ran into one other naturist, near the bottom as they reached the beach. They walked down the sandy strip to where the food stand was, and Zach bought them all cheeseburgers, fries and cold drinks with the money his dad had given him.

The hungry boys sat at a covered picnic table, and scarfed down their food, then found a spot on the beach to lay their towels out. "Anyone up for a swim?" Cory suggested after a few minutes.

"I'm in." Zach replied, hopping to his feet.

"Me too, just let me finish my soda." Liam declared. Eric stood as well, waiting for Liam, and then the four naked youths ran into the water; swimming and playing happily in the afternoon sun for a long while.

At length, it was time for Zach and Eric to think about heading back to the Villa. The boys all gathered their things and the four of them walked up to the outdoor showers together, to wash sand and sea from their sun bronzed skin.

"Thanks again, for everything." Eric said quietly, as he and Liam rinsed off side by side under the showers. Liam smiled back at him.

"Yeah, no problem mate. So... You going to have a talk with Zack then?"

"I'm gonna try. If I can find the right words, you know." Eric replied.

"You two are best mates." Liam reminded him. "Just be honest with him yeah, he'll understand. If you fancy him that way, its best just to tell him, isn't it!" The boys looked at each other quietly.

"Yeah. Thanks." Eric said again. The boys all finished showering, then stood chatting for several minutes. They had all had a nice day, and agreed that they would all get together again, either tomorrow or the day after. Zach and Eric took their leave, and with final waves, the boys headed off down the beach.

"You and Liam seemed to hit it off well." Zach commented, glancing sideways at Eric as they walked. Eric shrugged, casually.

"Yeah, I guess." Eric responded. "Their both pretty cool, I'm glad that we met them."

"Me too." Zach agreed. "I think Liam might have a little crush on you though." he smiled, and elbowed Eric, playfully.

"What? Why would you say that?" Eric asked, a little defensively.

"I dunno... He just seems to like hanging closely with you, is all. Who knows, maybe the little guy likes other boys or something." Eric glanced curiously at Zach as they walked. 'He's not the only one.' Eric thought to himself...

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