Once in a Lifetime

by About A Boy

Chapter 4

A short time later the boys arrived back at the Villa. It was nearly five, and both sets of parents were sitting outside around the pool simply enjoying 'cocktail hour,' laughing and sharing family stories back and forth. The boys arrived just as Eric's mother was telling a story about the time little Eric had been running around the neighborhood butt naked.

"MOM…" Eric shouted, embarrassed. "Stop telling everyone about that. Geeze, no one wants to hear about that…"

"I do." Zach offered with a huge grin, as he tossed his daypack onto a chair.

"Well," his mother continued with a chuckle, "Eric was seven, and… "I was five, for crying out loud." Eric interrupted, defensively.

"You were six then; playing outside with the garden hose. You'd accidentally sprayed yourself, and you thought you would be in trouble for getting your clothes sopping wet. Next thing I know, Eric has stripped off all his clothes, and when he saw me he took off running down the street…"

"With his little willy waggling all over the place." Eric's dad added, laughing loudly.

"DAD..." Eric admonished, now thoroughly embarrassed. Everyone, including Zach was laughing now as well. Eric could only slump in one of the pool chairs, with a scowl across his face.

"Funniest thing I ever saw…," his dad added, as Zach sat down in a chair right next to Eric.

"Parading around in the nude are you…" Zach scolded playfully, their current naturist activities notwithstanding. "I'm surprised at you Eric." Zach continued to tease his best friend.

"Oh as if…" Eric chided. "Why don't you tell them what you've been doing the last three days." He added in a whisper that only Zach could hear.

"What 'WE' have been doing." Zach reminded him with an impish grin.

The boys' parents were already off onto other stories, so Zach and Eric decided to go inside and just relax a little. "We're all going into town for dinner at the Bistro tonight," Zach's mom called after them, "So you two might want to get cleaned up a bit before we leave."

"Ok mom." Zach replied, as the boys went inside. They headed back to Zach's bedroom and sat down to relax for a moment. "So… You really run around the neighborhood naked?" Zach asked.

"It was just down the block a few houses." Eric confessed. "I was like, five, and every time my mom tells that stupid story, it gets longer and longer."

"Yeah," Zach laughed, "I can just picture you running naked down the street, your little willy wiggling around."

"Shut up you dork." Eric replied, and he whacked Zach with a pillow from the bed. "I should probably go next door and take a shower and stuff."

"Just get cleaned up here, it'll be faster." Zach suggested, as he got up off the bed. "You still have a change of clothes over here in the bathroom from the other day." Eric followed Zach to the bathroom, to grab his clothes. "If you want, we could just shower here together. It would save some time, and it's not like we have anything to hide anymore."

"What about our parents?" Eric asked.

"They're all outside drinking," Zach reminded him. "They'll be at it till we come outside." Eric shrugged, and set his clothes back on the counter. Zach had already stripped off his tank top and shorts, and he stepped into the large walk-in shower, to turn the water on.

Eric stripped off his shorts and tee; took a moment to glance at his naked, tanned body in the large mirror, and then followed his friend into the travertine tiled shower stall. Zach was already beginning to shampoo his hair, and from behind, Eric took a long, studious look at his friend's lean, naked physique.

"Hey…" Zach asked just then, "Would you mind washing my back again, and I'll do yours after?"

"Sure." Eric responded eagerly, yet trying to sound disinterested. But he secretly delighted at the chance to touch his friend's wet, boyishly smooth body once again. Pouring some shower gel into his hand, Eric stepped up behind Zach and put his hands up on his friends shoulders.

With almost loving diligence, he began to wash the other boy's back slowly, purposely enjoying every curve of muscle, and certainly the satin-like feel of Zach's bare skin beneath his soapy fingers. He closed his eyes for just a moment, lost in the beginnings of a fantasy; and perhaps the beginnings of an erection.

It wasn't lost on Zach, the care with which Eric attended him. It felt quite nice, actually, as Eric fingers played over his back and neck. And with no apparent hesitation, Eric continued downward slowly, deciding to wash Zach's rounded bottom, touching, but not intruding into his crease.

Eric lingered there for several moments, then dutifully continued down Zach's strong, boyish legs, even taking care to wash his feet. "Um… There, all finished, I guess. Unless… You'd like me to do the rest of you…" Eric suggested casually; but just as suddenly he realized he'd probably gotten a bit carried away with his task.

Zach turned around then, and smiled causally at Eric. "Thanks, I'd appreciate it if you finished me up. It feels really nice actually." He confessed, much to Eric's surprise. With that invitation, Eric poured some more shower gel into his hand and began to lather Zach's torso, his arms, and belly. He washed carefully, as before, but working his way down, he decided to skirt Zach's privates, washing slowly down his legs to his feet…

"Um, okay then. That's you, all finished." Eric said softly, glancing closely at Zach's boy parts. Having just washed his naked friend, and being in such close quarters, Eric could feel himself suddenly becoming aroused, and he tried to turn around quickly, attempting to hide that fact.

"Ok, so I'll do you now." Zach offered, grabbing up the bottle of shower gel. He'd already seen however, that Eric was quickly getting a stiffy, but said nothing; instead, he began washing Eric's back with equal care and tenderness. He washed thoroughly, slowly, down Eric's back, around his firm round bottom, and all the way down to his feet.

Eric, who was already fighting an erection, became even more aroused by his friend's soft, thorough touch; and he became fully aroused at this point, already dreading that Zach would ask him to turn round so he could finish up.

"Are you doing alright?" Zach asked, sensing Erik's predicament. "Do you like this?"

"Um, yeah it, it feels pretty good…" Eric responded tightly. What Eric didn't know though, was that Zach found himself in the same predicament. Having seen Eric's stiffy, and with all the physical contact between the two boys, Zach was already sporting an erection of his own. But the truth was, at this point, he really didn't care if Eric saw him that way, or not.

"Okay, well, go ahead and turn round then..." Zach requested.

"Yeah um, give me a moment to…"

"Eric, it's okay." Zach interrupted reassuringly. "It happens all the time. Shit, I'm pretty boned up right now as well."

"What? Really..?" Eric wondered, glancing just over his shoulder. His eyes widened as he saw that Zach was also totally erect.

"It's okay, I don't really care anymore Eric." Zach offered casually, "Shit, we've been naked together, we've jerked off in the dark together… I don't care if you see me with a hard on." Eric turned around then, and both boys took a long moment to stare unabashedly at each other's tumescent boyhood.

"Whoa…" Eric breathed. "Yours looks really… Nice."

"You too." Zach nodded. "Yours might even be a little thicker than mine, I think."

"Really? I'm not so sure." Eric said timidly. Instinctively the boys moved slightly, holding their young erections nearly side by side, boyishly comparing the two. Eric looked up at Zach and smiled timidly.

He didn't know if this would be a good time to talk to Zach about his feelings? Standing here, naked together in the shower, both of them for the first time seeing each other with a full blown erection… Eric's, because of his apparent sexuality, and standing here, naked, with his best friend.

But Zach's erection might be attributed to puberty, and the innocent stimulation of washing each other, skin to skin… What if this wasn't the right time, and talking to Zach right now, just ruined things... Eric pondered.

"I think yours may be a little thicker." Zach decided suddenly, breaking the silence.

"Oh, um, yeah maybe. But you have more pubes than I do." Eric observed, reaching out to run his fingertip over Zach's small, boyish patch. Zach looked up and smiled curiously at him.

"Would it be too weird if I wanted to… To touch yours?" Zach asked, almost reluctantly. Eric was surprised by the question, and eyed him closely.

"Not really, I guess. Did you… Did you want to?" Eric wondered hopefully. Zach shrugged noncommittally.

"Kinda, I guess. I mean, you touched my penis on the beach, when we were doing that body painting thing, so… I guess I'm just curious, you know, to know what yours feels like."

They looked at each other a moment, both silently wondering about the implications. "Well, that's only fair then isn't it." Eric replied. "I did get to touch yours like you said, so, sure go ahead, I don't mind..." Zach looked at him with another curious smile, then reached out, hesitated for a moment, then gently wrapped his fingers around Eric's engorged penis.

For Eric, the touch was an immediate, electrical jolt. It was something he had secretly fantasized about for quite some time. As for Zach, he was likewise struck by the erotic nature of the warm, firm boy spike he held in his hand. He smiled awkwardly at Eric.

"Well… What do you think?" Eric prompted, hoping that Zach might be liking it.

"It's kinda, well, feels pretty good I guess, doesn't it." Zach decided, as he gently squeezed Eric's youthful boyhood. "For sure though, yours is a little thicker than mine."

"Really, you think so?" Eric asked, and sensing an invitation, he reached out now, and wrapped his fingers comparatively around Zach's erect penis. Both boy's squeezed playfully, then mutually let go, and grabbed their own to compare.

They quickly switched back, grasping each other's warm, tumescent tube again. Eric closed his eyes for a moment, apparently enjoying the feel of Zach's soft hand on his organ. Eric, who was already over stimulated by the contact, suddenly felt his own penis twitch; Zach felt it as well.

"Whoa…" Zach muttered, looking down at Eric's penis. "Dude, yours moved…" he said, stating the obvious. Eric smiled awkwardly, and shrugged.

"Yeah… Guess I'm a little worked up." He stammered. The boys could hear someone then, Zach's dad, calling out to them from the living room of the condo.

"Let's go boys…" he called out, "You both in the bathroom then?" he wondered idly.

"Uh, yeah dad… I'm taking a dump, and, and Eric's in the shower." Zach lied.

"Well finish up, whatever you're doing; everyone's getting hungry." His dad remarked, then went back outside to the courtyard with the others.

"That was close." Eric whispered, quickly stepping out of the shower stall; but Zach only shrugged at him.

"Oh, he probably wouldn't care anyway." Zach predicted. "I remember a couple of years ago, when he gave me 'the talk.' He said then, that boys frequently mess around, and experiment together. So like I said, I doubt he'd care one way or the other."

"Yeah, well… We'd better hurry and get out there just the same." Eric suggested. The boys dried themselves off, quickly combed their wet hair, and slipped back into their clothes. As they were walking out, Eric looked casually at Zach.

"Did your dad really say that, about boys experimenting?" he wondered.

"Yeah… Hey, maybe you should spend the night here again. Maybe we can, you know…" Zach pumped his fist, "Experiment a little." Eric's eyebrows raised, and he smiled slyly. Maybe tonight, he could tell Zach about his feeling towards him. Things seemed to be moving in a favorable direction.

The boys accompanied their parents into town, to a wonderful French Bistro by the sea, which they had stumbled upon the previous day. Dinner there was quite wonderful, and the group of them lingered over several courses of fine French cuisine, as well as a unique Crème Brulee dessert that the boys truly enjoyed. For Eric though, time seemed to creep along. He was nervous, still wanting to talk with Zach about his feelings, but at the same time he was more than excited about the possibilities that may lay ahead.

During dinner, the boy's parents discussed their plans for the following day. The adults were wanting to go back into the city of Montpellier again to explore more of the city; and then perhaps do another winery tour. Zach's dad even joked about his wife wanting to try a topless beach after the wine tour.

"Awe dad..." Zach complained. "That's just gross, I don't need to see that..." he shook his head negatively, as everyone else laughed. "Besides, it was fun going into the city the first time, but, not again..."

"Yeah, we just want to hang out at the beach and stuff." Eric added.

"Well," Eric's father stated, "You boys have been quite responsible on your own these past few days. I suppose you could stay here by yourselves for the day. Perhaps you could hang out with those two English boys you've become fast friends with."

"Yeah, that would be cool..." Zach agreed quickly. It was discussed for a few minutes, among the adults, and finally it was agreed upon, that the boys would be fine on their own for the day.

Zach quickly used his cell phone to call Cory and Liam to see if they wanted to hang out tomorrow. To his surprise, Cory mentioned that he was just about to call them, and ask if Zach and Eric wanted to go with them and their parents into Cap d'Agde for the day. There was a huge waterpark there called Aqualand; which apparently was one of the largest in France.

The boys quickly discussed this with their parents, and everyone finally agreed this would be acceptable. So plans were set, and Zach and Eric became quite excited about getting to go on this little excursion with their young friends from England. So, with dinner finished, the adults suddenly decided that they wanted to stay in the village and go dancing; while the boys preferred to head back to the Villa for the rest of evening. "Don't wait up for us…" Zach's dad joked as the boys started back.

They walked up the hill to the Villa, and as they entered the courtyard, they immediately decided to take an evening skinny dip in the pool. Looking at each other with sly smiles, both boys quickly stripped off and jumped naked into the dimly lit pool.

Feeling quite comfortable being in the nude now, the boys frolicked in the water, wrestling and tousling with each other. They swam feely, climbing in and out of the pool, jumping on each other, and laughing playfully. Eric, in particular, who only days before was modestly shy concerning his burgeoning adolescence. They swam till they'd worn themselves out; and then they lay back naked on the deck chairs in the warm evening air, fully exposed and seemingly unconcerned.

"That will be so cool tomorrow." Eric predicted.

"I know right?! Going to a waterpark, with huge water slides and shit."

"And we get to hang out with Cory and Liam, it's gonna be epic." Eric said, as he reached out to bump fists with Zach.

"On the phone, Cory said they had a little surprise for us as well, but he wouldn't tell me what it was." Zach mentioned. "I wonder what that's all about?"

"Guess we'll find out tomorrow." Eric shrugged, and the boys sat quietly in the poolside chairs for a few minutes longer.

"Wanna' go in now?" Zach suggested after a time.

"Yep." Eric replied, climbing out of the deck chair. The boys scooped up their clothes and went inside, where they rinsed off quickly in the shower; then went back to Zach's room to finish drying off; and Eric started to put his underwear back on.

"Why bother…" Zach remarked casually, as he sat naked on the edge of the bed. Eric shrugged, then tossed his briefs onto the chair with the rest of his clothes. He hopped onto the middle of the bed and sat 'Indian style' with his legs crossed, facing Zach.

"I still can't believe all this." He commented idly.

"What's that?" Zach questioned.

"Zach, I used to skip showering at school, 'cause I was scared to be, you know, naked in front of the other kids. But… Here I am with you, and truthfully, it kinda' doesn't bother me at all anymore."

"I don't know why you were so shy to begin with." Zach said, looking at Eric. "I mean, your body looks perfectly normal to me. It's not like you have a tiny dick or anything."

"Yeah well… Maybe I was afraid."

"Huh? What would you be afraid of?" Zach wondered aloud. Eric looked at him thoughtfully for a moment.

"Well… You know, what if… What if I popped a boner in the locker room and stuff?"

"It happens." Zach offered. "I mean, things like that happen with all this weird puberty shit going on." They sat quietly for a moment, as Eric thought about it.

"So, what did your dad mean? You know, that boy's our age frequently experiment and mess around together?" Eric questioned. Zack looked at him and shrugged.

"I dunno. Like, maybe they practice stuff with each other, I suppose." he ventured, then crawled up onto the bed to lay back on his pillow. Eric lay back as well, but rolled onto his sided facing Zach.

"Would you ever do anything like that, with another boy?" Eric prompted, trying to steer the conversation. Zach turned his head, and smiled wryly at Eric.

"Would you?" he replied, not really wanting to be the first to answer that question. The boys looked at each other quietly for a moment.

"I... I would with you." Eric said in the softest of tones. He swallowed dryly, suddenly worried about what Zach might say. Zach stared at the ceiling for a moment, then slowly rolled onto his side facing Eric with a thoughtful look on his face.

"I guess I would with you too." Zach replied with the faintest of smiles on his face. They looked at each other for a long moment, as if considering.

Eric's eyes strayed over Zach's naked figure. He reached out timidly, softly touching Zach's upper arm, slowly drawing his fingers over the other boy's smooth taut skin. He looked Zach in the eyes, and smiled awkwardly.

A brief hesitation, and Zach's lips curled into a small, embarrassed smile. He reached out as well, gently touching Eric's bare shoulder, and their fingers continued to playfully caress one another, as their eyes met again with curious innocence.

"Your skin is really soft, and warm..." Eric whispered. Zach smiled back at him, with innocent wonder.

"Yours too." He breathed in return. He allowed his hand to stray slowly from Eric's shoulder, gently touching his chest. His eyes followed, as his fingers explored the dime sized ringlet of Eric's pubescent nipple.

"Mmm... That feels nice." Eric replied softly, enjoying the gentle touch. He let his eyes wander down Zach's body again, as his hand slid slowly down the gentle curve of Zach's side to his hip. He looked at Zach's boyhood, which still dangled loosely, though it appeared now to be a tad bit swollen now. "I... I liked what we did in the shower." Eric mused.

"Me too." Zach agreed. "Go on then, if you want.." With that permission, Eric moved his hand, gently grasping Zach's soft rubbery peg in his fingers. He closed his eyes, and swallowed as he fondled the growing, warm appendage.

Zach closed his eyes as well for several moments, shivering once, as he was caught up at the erotic feel of his best friends hand, manipulating his inflating member. Opening his eyes now, Zach reached out to grasp Eric's youthful boy prong; which swelled quickly in his grip, and he and Eric looked again into one another's eyes.

They smiled timidly at each other. This was the most intimate of exchanges between the two best friends. Founded in sexuality perhaps, but what transpired between them was more intrinsic in nature. It was, in essence, the intimate exchange of friendship; a boyishly innocent act, yet filled with intent.

Lying on their sides, facing one another, the boys fell into a syncopated rhythm. Stroking each other purposefully, trying to bring one another to climactic conclusion. Within minutes each boy began to moan, closing their eyes occasionally, and losing themselves in the erotic masturbatory grip of the other.

Neither boy had ever known the touch of another human being in a sexual way, and now, after several minutes, the feelings that coursed through their young bodies was unlike anything they would have imagined. "Mmmmm, mmm..." the boyish moans filled the bedroom, their bare feet strained in pleasurable contortions, as their young bodies charged with endorphins.

Eric winced, as his climax began to roll over him. He arched forward, breathing rapid heated breaths against Zach. "Awhhhh... Uhhhhh... Uhhhh..." he moaned as his penis exploded and discharged his youthful boy seed; squirting it messily against Zach's stomach and stoking hand.

Zach felt the hot wet nectar spatter against him, and it triggered him into joining the fray. His penis swelled, and spat his adolescent jelly onto his best friend, in multiple spasms of joyful, and relentless release. "Ohhhh, ohhhh uhhhhhh....." He groaned, squeezing his eyes tightly shut. "Mmmph..." A final sigh, as Eric stopped stroking, and gently squeezed his drooling boy tube.

The boys lay motionless, save for their labored breathing, and contented cooing. Eric first, and then Zach opened their eyes. They stared at each other, until a slow, weak smile crossed both their features.

"Holy mother of fuck...." Zach allowed hoarsely. Eric licked his dry lips and smiled broadly.

"That-was-epic," he offered in a halting whisper, "Whew..." They smiled at one another again, then both looked down to see the sticky mess they had created. "Oh man..." Eric muttered, surprised at the copious amount of semen the boys had discharged.

"We need a towel, seriously." Zach replied, rolling onto his back. Carefully he moved off the bed to retrieve one. Eric looked down at the mess on his belly, then at the sticky wetness that clung to his hand. He glanced after Zach, who had disappeared into the bathroom, and then furtively he raised that hand to his mouth and deliberately tasted the sticky seed of his best friend.

"Mmm..." he breathed quietly, sucking more of it from the webbing between his thumb and first finger. Zach came out of the bathroom a moment later, still wiping the goo from his moist, matted pubes.

"Yuck..." he said, scrunching up his nose comically. "What a mess." He laughed then, and tossed the towel to Eric, who was still lying on the bed. Eric cleaned himself off as best he could.

Zach lay down next to Eric on the bed, glancing sideways at him. "So, what do you think?" he asked. Eric smiled slowly.

"I kinda liked it..." He answered without much thought, looking back as his friend.

"Yeah... Yeah me too." Zach announced. "We'll have to try this 'experimenting' thing again." The declaration was music to Eric's ears. He most certainly wanted to do more of this with Zach. And, for the moment, he'd decided to keep his own council with regards to his probable sexuality, and the feelings he had toward his best friend.

It was getting late now anyway, and their parents would likely be coming back soon. The boys decided to turn in, excited now about the following day, and going to Cap d'Agde with their two young friends. After brushing their teeth and wiping off with a wet washcloth, the boys, still quite naked, crawled under the single sheet; and both silently contemplated what had just gone on between them.

"Night Zach." Eric said softly after a few moments.

"G-night." Zach answered, turning off the bedside light. It didn't take long for either boy to slip off, amid various dreams and fantasies...

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