Once in a Lifetime

by About A Boy

Chapter 2

The boys spent the next day with their parents, wandering and exploring the French city of Montpellier, also along the warm Mediterranean coast. They actually had a pretty good time there, in spite of the fact that both boys would rather have been on their own, enjoying their new found experiences with nudity.

Even so, the boys and their parents had managed to spend an hour and a half on the beaches near town, as well as roaming through the French city, and the many touristy things that it had to offer.

Today though, the boys were back in their own element. They left the Villa around ten in the morning, agreeing to be back by late afternoon, and together they set out along the now familiar footpaths leading away from the small village.

Zach had brought his daypack again, stuffing it with whatever supplies he thought they would need for the day. Beach towel, water, a few small things to snack on, and the small Nerf football, in case they wanted to play catch again, as they had the previous day. He'd also brought a small tube of Sunscreen. Both boys had noticed that they'd taken a lot of sun the last time, and didn't want to risk an 'all over' sunburn.

They hiked up the same trails once again, keeping an eye out, and hoping to spot the naked man who seemed to be a nudist; and, as a result, had inspired the boys to try the clothes free experience for themselves.

They reached the ridge and looked down into the meadow where they had originally spotted him; but pretty much as expected, the man, or anyone else for that matter, was no where to be seen.

"Wanna' head down to the secluded spot we found the other day?" Eric suggested.

"Yeah." Zach nodded. "We can lay out for awhile if you want, and maybe later we can follow that trail down to the beach and see what's going on down there."

Eric nodded his agreement, and the boys hiked down to the lower trail, turning off where the path split. Eric pulled off his tee shirt as they walked, hanging it loosely around his neck and shoulders.

Within minutes they had come to the same spot from the previous day, and they decided to settle there once again. Zach laid his daypack on the ground, and zipped it open again to retrieve the large blue beach towel. The boys carefully spread it out in the grass, and Eric sat down casually on top of it.

Still standing, Zach peeled his tee shirt off over his head and tossed it down onto the corner of the towel, and then he glanced at Eric who was still sitting there relaxing. "Well..." Zach prompted. "We going to do this, or..."

Eric looked up at him, then glanced around the meadow, still a bit nervous about just getting naked outdoors like this. It was still rather new to them, and even though it had felt great to do it, Eric was still worried about someone coming along and finding them out.

"Go ahead." Eric offered. "I'll follow along in a minute." Zach smiled down at him, and using his toe against the heal of his other shoe, he doffed one of his trainers, then switched and stepped out of the other one. With a subtle glance around the meadow, he undid his shorts and peeled them, and his underwear down his legs.

Eric watched him intently, this being only the second time he'd seen his best friend naked. Zach stretched casually as he stood there, and then sat down on the beach towel to pull his socks off, leaving him totally naked, outdoors, once again.

"Come on then..." Zach prompted easily. With one last glance around, Eric kicked off his trainers and slipped out of his ankle socks, placing them carefully just off the towel with his tee shirt. He clamored to his feet, and undoing the button of his shorts, he let them fall to the ground around his toes. It was Zach who was watching intently now, as Eric began to pull down, and completely strip off his briefs.

"Feels nice yeah?" Zach suggested. Eric nodded, as he reached round to give his bum a little scratch. The pleasant feel of the open air, and warm sun on his naked parts already making him feel happy about being there.

He lay down on his side of the towel, feet flat with his knees up, and his hands laced behind his head, almost in sit up position. "I like this..." he remarked quietly.

"Looks like we really did get some sun the other day." Zach said as he looked over his own body, and then Eric's. "Oh. Almost forgot." he sat up and grabbed his daypack, then rummaged in it till he found the tube of sunscreen. "We should put some of this on, so we don't get burned..." He suggested.

He squeezed a generous glob onto his hand, then handed the tube to Eric, and started rubbing the lotion onto his shoulders, arms, and upper torso. Eric followed his lead, rubbing it liberally over his own legs and arms, before concentrating on his body.

"I've covered all I can." Zach remarked, glancing at Eric. "You suppose you could do my back for me." he asked innocently.

"Sure, just let me finish up." Eric answered, as he finished doing his own chest and stomach. "Roll over then." he directed. Zach rolled onto his stomach, folding his hands under his cheek.

Eric, was on his knees now, and he reached out and squeezed a generous amount of sunscreen onto Zach's back. With both hands he began to massage the sunscreen over his friend's shoulders and back, all the way down to his waist. "You already get the back of your legs?" he asked.

"Yup..." Zach nodded. "But, er, would you mind getting my bum while you're at it?" he requested. Eric glanced down at Zach to see if he was kidding; but Zach's eyes were closed contentedly.

"I suppose that's alright." Eric replied. He squeezed more sunscreen into his palm, and then glancing at Zach again, he shrugged and leaned forward; carefully massaging the cool lotion over his friends firm round orbs, and the small of his back.

When he'd finished, he sat back on the towel and looked curiously at Zach's adolescent body. "Can you do the same for me?" He requested, as he lay back and rolled onto his belly. Zach sat up, and positioned himself, then squirted some lotion onto his friend's back. Kneeling closely then, he began rubbing it generously over Eric's back.

"Mmm.... That feels really good." Eric mumbled. "Thanks..." Zach smiled down at him.

"Want me to do your bum as well?" he offered.

"Yes, please..." Eric accepted. His friend obediently began to massage the lotion pleasantly over his bum.

"All done." Zach remarked, after a dozen seconds or so. He sat back on his part of the towel, and screwed the cap back onto the sunscreen. "That's everything except for.... Um, well, our privates. Is it okay to use this stuff on your dick?" he wondered aloud; and Eric glanced over at him with an impish smile.

"I don't see why not..." Zach guessed. "I mean, you don't wanna' sizzle your sausage do you..." He chuckled, but Eric just shook his head at the rather sad play on words.

Zach popped open sunscreen again, and squeezed a little into his palm. "Want me to do yours..." he offered, half teasingly. Eric looked at him, surprised and curious.

"I'm just teasing..." Zach declared. He tossed the tube to Eric, and began to apply the sunscreen to his own genitals, with Eric watching him quite intently. After a moment, Eric squeezed some of the lotion onto his own hand, and then spreading his legs, he began rubbing it generously onto his own penis and loose scrotum. This time it was Zach who was watching with great interest, as Eric rubbed it onto himself in a way that looked quite similar to masturbation.

Eric glanced over at his friend and smiled softly. "That should do it then..." he said, tossing the tube back to Zach. The boy's looked at each other for a long moment, and then they lay out on the towel to bathe in the sun.

Eric rolled over onto his tummy to start out, wanting to tan his backside, and, perhaps to hide the partial erection that had suddenly come upon him. The boys continued to sun for forty minutes or so, rolling over from time to time for that all over, 'even' tan.

After sitting up to drink some of the bottled water, Zach suggested they toss the Nerf football around for awhile. He pulled the soft foam ball from the daypack, and hopped up to his feet, stepping a few yards out into the grass.

Eric followed his lead, and soon the boys were tossing passes back and forth in the sun warmed meadow. "Here," Zach said, moving in close, "snap me the ball, and then go out for a pass." Eric obliged. He faced away and stooped over, then hiked the ball back to Zach, before running a pattern out into the field and making the catch.

After doing this a number of times, it was Eric's turn. "Ok, you go now..." he directed. "Hike me the ball, then go out ten yards and cut left. Zach nodded, and stooped over with the ball.

Eric however, moved in close, and held his hands only inches away, and slightly under Zach's bare bum. "Hike..." he barked. Zach snapped the ball into his hands, then ran his route and made a tumbling catch.

"Nice..." Eric nodded. "First down. Let's go again..." Zach stooped over with the ball once again, and this time Eric sidled in even closer. He put his hands directly under Zach's bare bum this time, the backs of his fingers lightly touching Zach's dangling scrotum. Zach flinched ever so slightly, surprised, but not alarmed by the sudden contact.

"Hike..." Eric called out. Zach did, then ran his route to make another nice catch. This became the norm now. Each time one of them was quarterback, he would slide his hands under, and in contact with the other's bottom; frequently making gentle contact with the privates. Neither boy said anything, nor made a big deal out of it. They were best friends after all, and the contact seemed innocent enough.

They kept at it for half an hour or so, and then after making one last catch, Eric turned around and hollered that he was running this one back for a touchdown. He began to run back, and Zach became the defensive player. He angled toward him, and grabbing at him, he held on and the two boys tumbled playfully to the ground, their naked bodies in firm rolling contact with one another.

They lay panting on the ground, entangled skin to skin; with Zach partially on top, his soft young genitals pressed pleasantly against one cheek of Eric's soft round bum. The boy's made eye contact, and looked at each other a little uneasily for a moment.

Eric smiled timidly, as did Zach, who then rolled off of him. They lay in the grass for another minute or so, just catching their breaths, and periodically glancing at one another.

After getting to their feet, the boys wandered back to the beach towel, and each grabbed up a water bottle to quench their thirst. The boys sat for several more minutes, and then, wanting to explore a little more, they decided they should head further down the trail; which they assumed headed down toward the beach.

"Should we get dressed then?" Erik wondered.

"I don't think I want to..." Zach replied wryly. "I really like being naked like this. Maybe we can keep our shorts in hand, and see where the footpath leads. We can always slip them on if we see someone coming."

Eric shrugged. "I suppose that'll be alright then." The boys packed everything up, the towel and their other clothes; and with shorts in hand they started hiking back up to the main trail, and turned off onto the path which was headed downward.

"This is all kinda' fun huh..." Eric offered, as they continued to walk naked together along the path. Zach glanced at him with a friendly smile, and feeling compelled by friendship, he put his hand on the other boy's shoulder.

"I'm glad we're doing this together." he smiled. "It just feels perfect somehow." They continued to walk, and wind their way along the trail. It weaved and wandered, but continued its slow decent toward the beach.

After ten minutes or so, the boys thought they heard voices ahead, and quickly slipped into their shorts. It wasn't a moment later as they rounded a turn, that they came face to face with young family of three walking toward them. A man, woman, and a young boy around eight or so. The thing is, all three of them were stark naked.

The boys looked at each other wide eyed, and then tried to act naturally as they got closer, and finally passed by them with only a nod, and a quick exchange of, "Hellos." Seconds later, Eric glanced back furtively behind them, his eyes still wide with wonder.

"What the hell" he offered, looking over at Zach, who had also turned to look back over his shoulder. "I've never seen a naked woman before..." he whispered

"Me neither. Except for my mom once by accident." Zach confessed awkwardly. They looked back once more, and continued walking. Within minutes they could hear other distant voices, and then the trail opened up just ahead of them, onto the beach. There was a wooden sign posted at the trail head, which Zack stopped to look at, as Eric continued on half a dozen steps or so, before stopping cold in his tracks.

"Umm... You should take a look at this sign." Zach directed. "It says, 'Plage Nudiste'. I'm not totally sure, but... I think it that means nudist beach."

"Well..." Eric answered. "I'm totally sure that's what it means. Come take a look at this..." Zach turned from the sign and walked over to Eric. Both boys stood wide eyed, gazing out at the open stretch of sand in front of them.

There were scores of people spread out all over, and almost all of them were totally, completely, and absolutely stark naked. Men, women, boys and girls. They were playing in the water, lying on beach towels, running about throwing Frisbees and the like; everyone just going about their lives quite normally.

Zach looked at Eric, who returned his somewhat incredulous gaze. "Holy crap Eric... This really is a nudist beach."

"Umm... Should we go back then, or..." Eric questioned, unsure how to react.

"Nuh uh." Zach replied firmly. He turned to look at Eric. "Don't you see. This is the same thing we've been doing. It's just people enjoying being naked. It's, well, perfect..." Eric looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"Are you serious? Everyone's naked. We can't just walk right out there, now can we?"

"Why not?" Zach asked sincerely.

"Well, for one thing, we're practically the only ones wearing shorts..." Eric pointed out.

"So? We could strip off if you like. We'd fit right in." Eric however, wasn't real keen on that idea, and the sour expression on his face showed that quite clearly.

They looked up and down the beach. It was pretty much the same as far as the eye could see; and down the beach quite a ways, there seemed to be several small structures, and what looked like an access area. The boys could smell food cooking from that general direction; and the other structure appeared to be toilets, or perhaps an outdoor shower area.

Zach looked at Eric and smiled. "Let's do it..." He prompted.

"I don't know Zach." Eric replied, quite clearly uncomfortable. Zach looked at him reassuringly, putting a hand up on his bare shoulder.

"Everyone's the same here." He pointed out. "No one's paying any attention to anyone else. This is what they do. Come on, we've been doing it for a couple of days up in the meadow, what's the big deal."

"Cause that was just you and me." Eric reminded him. "This is other people. Women and girls, and other boys and stuff... It's kinda' embarrassing don't you think?"

"Look, I'm a little scared about it too, but... Look at them. They're all just having fun, minding their own business. It's just skin Eric."

"Yeah, the skin of my dick..." Eric scoffed. "What if... What if I get an erection or something?"

Zack looked at him with a soft smile. "You won't dude. Come on, lets try it. We'll just walk casually down to those buildings." Eric looked at him with serious doubt. With a determined look however, Zach gathered his courage, and stripped off his own shorts. He glanced around quickly, but absolutely no one was paying him any attention.

"You coming Eric?" He said unwaveringly, then turned and started a slow, deliberate walk up the beach. Eric stood where he was shaking his head, and watching his friend walk naked away from him.

"Oh shit, I don't believe this..." Eric mumbled to himself. "This is such a bad idea... It's gonna come back and bite me square on my bare, naked, ass..." With that Eric hurriedly pulled off his Nike shorts, and quite naked, he ran quickly to catch up with his friend.

He hurried up to Zach and stood partially behind him, wanting to be as concealed as possible, as his eyes darted around fearfully; but to his relief, no one was watching them. The boys kept walking, and with each step Eric managed to calm himself down a bit. He walked side by side with Zach now, but he still tried to hang one hand inconspicuously in front of his exposed genitals.

Zach looked at him and grinned. "You doing alright?" He asked.

"So far..." Eric responded meekly.

"Come on, quit worrying about it. Its over and done. We're walking naked down the beach, just like everyone else." Eric nodded, and tried to relax a bit. Zach was right of course, at this point, the boys were just nudists amongst nudists. As embarrassing as it seemed at first, it was the norm here and absolutely no one seemed to care.

"Thanks." Eric whispered to Zach. "It... It does feel kinda nice actually. Just as long as I don't catch wood looking at some of the other boys..." Zach glanced curiously at Eric. His choice of words was most curious indeed.

They could smell burgers cooking up ahead, and saw that there was a food stand just off the beach near the structures. "Oh man... That smells awesome, and I'm starving. Let's get some food, okay?" Eric, stomach grumbling, quickly nodded his agreement.

Zach veered toward the food stand, and the boys walked amongst a larger group of naked people as they approached. They stopped just short of the food stand, and Zach took off his daypack and reached into one of the side zippered pockets, pulling out several euro notes and coins. He looked up at the small sign, then shrugged, and stepped up to the stand.

"Que voulez-vous les, garcons?" The man asked in French. Zach smiled, totally confused. He pointed at the burgers, and held up two fingers.

"Umm... Deux, merci..." (two, thanks.) Zach said; he knew that much at least. The man nodded and smiled, then began to prepare two nice thick grilled cheeseburgers for the boys.

After a minute, he had the burgers on paper trays, and pushed them forward. Zach held his Euros up. "Comb-, combi-" He tried to find the word.

"Combien?" (how much) the man finished for him with a smile. "Dix Euros." he replied. Zach gave him a ten note. "Merci..." the man said. Then he pointed to an ice chest filled with orange soda's. "Deux."

"They come with drinks?" Eric wondered aloud. "Oui, it comes with..." The man replied.

"Hey... You speak English." Eric grinned.

"Oui monsieur. You did not ask." the man laughed. The boys grabbed their sodas and burgers, and walked to a nearby bench to sit and eat. The burgers were awesome, and filled their grumbling tummies, as the boys sat watching all the other naked people while they ate.

"This is so weird..." Eric spoke up. "I never would have believed I'd ever be sitting naked, eating a burger with other people wandering around!" He shook his head. Zach smiled at him.

"Cool though, isn't it!" he stated. The boys finished their burgers and drinks, and then stepped back onto the beach. "Wanna' swim?" Zach questioned, looking at Eric.

"Yeah, that would feel nice. It's totally baking out here." The boys walked out onto the sand, and spread out their beach towel, then sat down on it for a minute. Eric looked furtively at some of the other people around them. Everyone was so relaxed, just having a grand, carefree day at the beach.

His attention turned to several naked boys, playing catch with a Frisbee a little ways in front of them. The cute boys were both around twelve or so; apparently from the United Kingdom, judging by their accents. Eric watched them with some considerable interest for a time, and after a few minutes Zach got to his feet. "Let's swim for a bit." He offered, starting for the water.

Eric hesitated, blushing slightly. He was feeling a bit, well let's say, slightly aroused from watching the two naked boys playing just in front of them. After several moments though, he got up and ran quickly after Zach, jumping headlong into the cooling waters of the Mediterranean.

"What took you so long?" Zach teased him, almost knowingly. Eric didn't answer, but tackled him playfully, dunking them both into the water. The boys laughed, and swam around a little, waist deep in the sea. It was quite fun, and soon neither of them gave another thought about being naked in public. After a few minutes, Zach got out and ran up to his daypack, where he retrieved his Nerf football.

He called out to Eric, and then threw a long pass to him out in the water. It was good fun, as the boys tossed the ball back and forth to each other for several minutes. It wasn't long before the two twelve year old boys from the beach came down to the water near them.

"Hi..." One of the boys said as he neared. "Fancy letting us play as well?" the boy asked. Zach looked at Eric, and shrugged.

"Sure, that's cool. I'm Zach, and that's Eric." He smiled warmly. The twelve year olds introduced themselves.

"That's Cory, and my name's Liam." They began tossing the Nerf around between the four of them. It was good fun, and it wasn't long before the boys paired off, Cory and Eric on one side and Zach with Liam on the other.

The four boys played makeshift football in the water, running as best they could in knee deep surf. They'd toss the ball, then pile on and tackle one another into the water. They were having an enjoyable time, as wet naked boy bodies tangled and tumbled frequently; and Eric, who had quite forgotten about being naked at this point, was having too much fun to worry, or even think about becoming aroused in any way...

After half an hour or so, the boys all clambered back up to the beach, to rest and sit on their towel in the warm sun. The two English lads came up with them, one of them kneeling, the other sitting on the sand just there in front of them.

"That was good fun." Liam said happily. "Thanks for letting us play. So... How long have you two been nudists?" he questioned. Zach glanced at Eric, and smiled.

"Truth is, this is our first time, I guess." He confessed. The two English boys smiled.

"Is that right then?" Cory asked, somewhat surprised. "We're you nervous?"

"Hell yeah..." Eric snorted. "We've kinda been practicing a little, up in the hills there," he pointed, "but, never like, in front of anybody. What about you?"

"I've been doing it for ages." Cory answered proudly. "My family comes here regularly on holiday, almost every year. Me best mate Liam there, well this is his first time here as well..."

Eric seemed quite surprised. "Really?" He touted.

"Yeah." Liam smiled timidly. "Been messing about at Cory's for awhile. You know, naked at their flat, and campin' naked in their lawn and stuff. But this week has been my first time in public as well."

"Cool." Eric smiled, eyeing the naked twelve-year-olds youthful body, and all over tan. Liam smiled back timidly.

"So, how long are you staying here?" Zach wondered.

"Been here for three days, yeah. We're staying for the rest of the week I think. You?"

"Oh, we're on vacation with our parents near here. They rented a Villa for about three weeks or so; and here we are..."

The boys continued to chat for another ten minutes or so. Cory told them about all the activities going on here at the beach this week; some of the things sponsored by the local Naturist Society. They had Family Naturist days, organized water fights, sailing, body painting days, and a huge cook out several evenings. Zach and Eric looked at each other.

"That'd be fun, don't you think?" Zach nodded.

"Maybe we could come back for some of that." Eric smiled, glancing again at Liam. The twelve year old seemed to be checking him out, idly looking at Eric's naked body. Liam quickly looked away however; embarrassed that Eric had caught him looking.

The afternoon was growing long, and Zach and Eric figured it was time they should head back for the day. The English boys suggested they should hit the beach showers, to rinse off sand and sea water; so the four boys walked up toward the toilets, and the outdoor showers there.

They set their stuff down, and waited a moment, until several of the showers freed up. Zach and Cory were the closest, so they headed for them. Momentarily another shower opened up on the other side, and both Eric and Liam took several steps toward it.

"You first then..." Liam offered with a boyish giggle.

"Thanks." Eric smiled, and he stepped up under the shower. As he rinsed himself off, he noticed Liam standing only a few feet away, watching him closely again. "There's plenty of room here if you want..." Eric offered, moving over a bit.

Liam smiled timidly, and then stepped up under the stream of water alongside Eric. They showered closely together under the cool fresh water. It was an amazing thing really. Only days ago Eric had been so shy, that even in school he would only shower reluctantly in a corner with his back toward the other boys, and then only if he had to.

Many times he would skip it altogether, quickly slipping into his street clothes before the other boys had finished. Now though... Look at him, parading around on a nudist beach.

From under the flowing water, Liam smiled up at Eric timidly, and then looked down at his sleek naked body; innocently focusing on Eric's small dusting of pubic hairs. The younger boy then looked at his own young body. He had barely a dozen little hairs of his own, and he seemed to be comparing himself to Eric.

Eric noticed this, and glanced at the younger boy's privates for a long moment, then quickly had to look away, as he could feel himself becoming aroused. Liam looked up at him suddenly, with a knowing smile, and a little embarrassed, Eric quickly stepped out of the shower.

Zach had finished as well, and the two of them toweled off quickly. The boys talked for another minute, and Cory told them they should come back tomorrow around eleven. The organizers were having a Family Naturist day, and there would be body painting, food, and many other activities.

"Yeah thanks... We'll see if we can come back then." Zach told him. The boys exchanged cell phone numbers, and then Zach and Eric headed back down the beach; with the two English boys heading back to where their parents were sitting.

When they got back to the trailhead, the boys stopped and looked back at the beach. "I can't believe we actually did this." Eric mused. Zach smiled, and punched him lightly on the shoulder.

"But you liked it didn't you?" He guessed.

"Yeah." Eric grinned sheepishly. "It was pretty cool, I have to admit."

"Well, come on then. We'd better get going, before you get another hard on..." Zach teased.

"Hey, I did not..." Eric responded irritably, as he blushed a little. "I'm in the middle of puberty, what did you expect?" he conceded grumpily. Zach laughed and started up the footpath.

"Shouldn't we put something on first?"

"Na..." Zach smirked. "Lets walk up to the upper trail first, and then we put our stuff on." He started out again, with Eric at his side.

They walked back the way they had come, almost to the trailhead, and they hadn't seen anyone else hiking along the footpath this time. Eric glanced at Zach from time to time as they walked, emboldened, and enjoying their naked walk together, as well as curiously studying his friend's adolescent nakedness.

The boys reached the main path at the top where they stopped, and decided to put their shorts, socks and trainers back on. When Eric had finished, he looked thoughtfully at Zach for a moment, and then made a decision. He put his hand casually on the other boy's shoulder.

"Zach, I... I kinda' wanted to talk to you about something." He began. Zach looked at his friend with a gentle smile as they started walking again.

"Sure. What's up Eric?" he replied, shouldering his red daypack.

"Well, this whole trip has been, well, great so far." Eric hesitated. "And, well... We've been best friends for like, ever..." Zach looked at Eric curiously, sensing his hesitancy.

"What's up Eric? You know you can tell me anything..." He put his arm around Zach's shoulders as a show of friendship.

"It's just that... Well I..." He began again; and just as suddenly they came upon three other hikers; a woman and teenage girls, who were hiking down the other trail, which had just crossed with the one the boys were on. The girls smiled and slowed, looking back as they passed.

"Bonjour..." The two girls said with quiet girlish giggles.

"Um, yeah, hi...." Zach returned politely, as he turned his head to smile back at them. The girls giggled again, and waved as they continued on down the footpath.

Zack glanced over at Eric. "So, what was it you wanted to tell me?" he questioned. Eric only shrugged. The moment had passed, and somehow now he didn't feel comfortable about continuing the conversation.

"Ah, it was nothing..." Eric said, as casually as he could. "We better hurry and get back, so our parents won't be wondering about us." He quickened his pace, leaving Zach to wonder what Eric had wanted to talk about.

When they got back to the Villa, their folks were just sitting comfortably in the courtyard, sharing wine and various cheeses. The boys told them that they'd spent the day at the beach; but left out the 'nudist' part of it of course.

It was their little secret for now. They had no way of knowing how either set of parents would react to the boys public participation with nudism. Ultimately Zach and Eric swam in the pool for quite awhile, before getting cleaned up. And later in the evening, the boys went with the adults into the village to wander around a little, and then enjoy a nice, casual dinner.

Afterwards, their parents wanted to stay out late; hang around in the village, perhaps have some drinks and even dance at one of the local establishments. The boys were a bit tired however, wanting to head back to the Villa. It was agreed the boys could head back, and just so they wouldn't feel alone, Eric's parents agreed that Eric should just spend the night with Zach, over in their condo. Plenty of room there for both boys in Zack's bedroom. And it's not as if the boys hadn't had many a sleepover at each others house.

The boys made their way back to the Villa, enjoying the sense of independence they had been having on this vacation. They decided to go for another swim in the pool, before turning in for the night, and after each had gone inside to change into their swimsuits, they met back in front by the pool.

"This is kinda' fun huh?" Eric suggested, as the boys sat on the edge of the pool, dangling their feet in the pleasantly cool water.

"No doubt." Zach agreed. "It's nice to get away from the parents for awhile." Eric nodded his head agreeably. The boys enjoyed just sitting there in darkness, the warm evening air wrapping comfortably around them; and the only light was emanating from the single light, submerged at the far side of the swimming pool.

"Wanna' swim for awhile?" Eric proposed after a time.

"Yup." Zach agreed, standing up by the edge of the pool. He looked at Eric with an impish grin, then without another word he peeled his swim shorts down his legs, and dove naked into the pool, leaving Eric to shake his head.

"What are you doing numbnuts?" Eric questioned, when Zach surfaced with a dripping smile..

"What's it look like Eric? We had fun at the beach this way right, why not here?"

"What if our parents come back?" Eric wondered.

"Shit they won't be back for hours." Zach reminded him. "Besides, who cares...." Eric smiled agreeably, then stripped off his swim trunks as well, and cannon-balled into the pool with his friend.

The boys swam about for nearly an hour, quite comfortable now with being naked together. At length, they crawled up out of the pool and stood dripping in the darkness.

"Shall we go in?" Zach suggested. Eric agreed, and they gathered up their swimsuits.

Eric started to put his on, but Zach reminded him there was no need. Together they padded naked through the darkness to one of the condos, and went inside. They rinsed off quickly in the shower, and then headed into Zach's bedroom, where they toweled themselves dry.

"Oh shit..." Eric announced suddenly. "I don't have any clothes over here. I'll have to go over to the other condo and grab my stuff."

"Um, I've got stuff here you can wear if you want." Zach reminded him. "But since we're going to bed anyway, what do you really need..." Eric looked at him oddly.

"Well... I mean, what am I going to sleep in then?" Eric asked. Zach only shrugged.

"I've been sleeping naked." he said. Eric looked at him curiously.

"Yeah, but... It's both of us. I mean, are you okay with that?" Eric wondered.

"Why not? We've been naked together almost all day today. It's not like we have something to be shy about, or anything."

Eric smiled timidly. "No... No I suppose not." he shrugged. Zach pulled back the bedspread and then crawled naked under the sheet on the left side of the queen bed. Eric stepped forward, perhaps a bit awkwardly, then slipped in under the sheet on the other side. The boys lay on their backs, both with their arms up, their hands folded under their heads.

"This feels pretty good... Sleeping naked, I mean." Zach offered sincerely. Eric smiled and nodded at the ceiling.

"Yeah. It's cool." he agreed. "Kinda nice just hanging loose down there." he laughed. The boys lay quietly for a moment, each in his own thoughts. Zach glanced over at his friend for a moment, considering.

"So... I don't want this to sound weird or anything, but... But, do you ever..." Zach started, then paused.

"Do I ever what?" Eric wondered, glancing over curiously at his friend.

"You know." Zach said suggestively, raising one hand in a fist, and pumping it. "You ever jerk off when you go to bed?" he finally managed. Eric seemed to blush, slightly embarrassed by the question.

"I uhh..." Eric hesitated, a bit uncomfortably. "Yeah I guess... You know, sometimes."

"Me too." Zach confessed, relieved. He looked over at Eric, who smiled timidly at him. They continued to lay there, staring up at the ceiling for a long minute.

"We could, you know... Do it, if you wanted to." Suggested Zach, still looking upward.

Eric glanced over at him timidly, then back up at the ceiling.

"Like... Together?" Eric asked softly, in low tones. The boys looked at each other quietly for a moment. Zach smiled and shrugged.

"I mean, shit Eric, we've been best friends for like, seven years. We've shared everything else, ya know... So, this shouldn't be any big deal or anything..." he looked at Eric again, and the other boy shrugged casually.

"You wanna..?" Eric asked. Zach nodded and smiled timidly. "Okay then. But... But turn the light off alright..." Zach smiled then quickly reached over and turned off the lamp on the bedside table. The room fell into semi darkness, giving them each a slightly more secure feeling.

With the sheet folded down to their stomachs, Zach reached under, and took hold of his youthful penis. He fondled it quietly, and glanced to his left at Eric. Eric had reached down below as well, and held his slightly tumescent boyhood in his fingers, kneading it playfully.

Within moments, each boy was stroking quietly beneath the sheet. They glanced at each other periodically in the dusky room, each of them slowly becoming more comfortable with masturbating together like this. Zach began to get into it, fantasizing about several different things, including the two girls they had seen on the footpath earlier that day.

Eric was soon deep into his own fantasies as well. His stroking became more vigorous, and he could feel the strenuous rocking motions coming from Zach, right alongside of him. Both boys had begun to moan quietly, each caught up in the joyous feelings that were slowly building within them.

Eric glanced over at Zach several times in the darkness, and their arms bumped occasionally as their excited stroking caused them to squirm about under the sheet. "Uhhh..." Zach sighed heavily...

Eric's mind was a rush of excited feelings as well. His breathing became labored as his fingers stroked rapidly up and down his five inch, engorged boy spike. His rubbery foreskin sliding relentlessly over his purple crown. "Uhhh, uhhh....." he grunted loudly. His leg twitched, his foot kicked out to the side, coming into warm contact with Zach's bare toes.

Their warm appendages rubbed together, each boy feeling the warm sensual contact, yet both so engaged in their own contortions that neither pulled away, nor cared to. "Uh fuuu...." Zach moaned loudly, climbing toward his frenzied climax.

There was human warmth radiating there under the sheet, and the occasional bumping of each other's arms only heightened the erotic feelings of masturbation. Neither boy had ever done this in the presence of another person, and this only intensified the moment.

"Ohh, ohhhh...." Eric moaned, as his body filled with the impending rush... His hips squirmed, and then lifted slightly as he arched his back... Alongside him, Zach could only respond in kind.

"Fuchhhhhh..." he groaned deep in his throat, as his body tingled and tensed. They were both there. "Uhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh...." Zach grunted, tossing the sheet downward as his orgasm came to a head and firmly pulsed in gooey wet spurts onto his stomach.

Either by coincidence, or by empathetic design, Eric ejaculated alongside him. "Unnnchhh... Uhhgggg..." he growled as his boyhood spit clearish white pulses across his stomach and pubic mound. "Ohhh, oh god...." His body contorted, and sunk back to the crumpled bed sheets beneath him.

In the dusk, both boys lay, virtually wheezing for breath. Both trembled in joyous spasms of pleasure. Eric managed to turn his head, and he looked down. It was too dark to clearly make out Zach's erection; but he could make out its shape, and he shivered just seeing it silhouetted that way.

Zach lay quietly beside him, likewise glancing breathlessly at his friend. This had been quite the rush for both of them. Was it the nudity they had experienced on the beach during the day? Was it the close proximity of another human being, during this most intimate moment of self satisfaction. Perhaps it was both. But each boy had experienced one of their most exciting climaxes that either could remember.

Zach rolled to the side, reaching for his tee shirt from the floor. In the dark, he used it to wipe the small sticky pools from his belly, and wincing, he agonizingly squeezed the last drops from his softening penis.

He reached out to the side, handing the shirt to Eric. Eric took the offering, and he could feel the sticky wetness on the cloth. He swallowed shallowly, then used it to clean off his own stomach, and wipe his small, boyish scrub of matted pubes.

Tossing the soiled tee shirt onto the floor, Eric pulled the sheet up, covering their softened genitals. Both boys felt a bit awkward, now that they'd finished. It seemed slightly embarrassing somehow now, to know they had done the pleasurable deed, together like that.

Yet, at the same time, both boys quietly enjoyed having shared this intimate moment with one another. "That was... Wicked." Eric whispered, after a time.

"It was." Zach whispered back, as they both stared upward into the darkness. Again, each boy became quietly lost in his own thoughts. Zach drifted off to sleep several minutes later, and his breathing became soft as he slumbered.

Eric glanced over at him in the darkness. He reached out timidly, and touched Zach lightly on his arm. "Goodnight Zach..." he whispered into the dusk; then laid back and quickly fell into a sound sleep of his own. Tomorrow would take some interesting turns.

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