Once in a Lifetime

by About A Boy

Chapter 1

Warning; This story contains sexual content, and contact between young boys around the ages of 12-14, and in the cusp of puberty and exploration. A coming of age tale, if you will. If this type of subject matter offends you, or is not to your tastes, or, if it is inappropriate for you due to laws in your area, then please find something else to read. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this, and my other offerings as well.

This story, and the original storyline has been freely adapted and changed, with permission. Adapted, written, and brought to you by About A Boy.

© 2018 About a Boy All Rights Reserved

There is something quite special about being an adolescent boy. Something that perhaps we fail to recognize until later on in life, when youth, and the freedom it offers has escaped us. Each day can be a new adventure, filled with hope and wonder, and we are free to explore our boundaries unlike any other time in our lives.

Our fears and inhibitions can be shed like a dog's summer coat; and to a newly turned fourteen-year-old boy, the road ahead is filled with limitless possibilities. Each moment represents that chance, which may only come along once in a lifetime.

Zach and Eric, had been the closest of friends since they were all of seven years old. The two boys lived only three houses apart from one another, in a small and quiet suburb in north Sacramento California. This week, just at the start of the summer holidays, Eric had turned fourteen years old. His best friend Zach had celebrated his fourteenth only a month and two days previously.

The only real trouble with this minute difference in age, had been with the School District, and the enrollment cut off dates. Meaning, that unfortunately Zach had always been a year ahead of Eric in school. Worst of all, this meant that the two best friends rarely shared any classes together.

Not really a worry at the moment however, since the summer holidays had freed them from school for the next three months. In fact, the boys along with their parents were spending the first month of summer, vacationing together in the South of France.

Zach and Eric's parents had become quiet friendly over the past few years as well; and accordingly, they had pooled their vacation plans, and rented a small summer Villa for the better part of July, just outside a small French town along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

The quaint French Villa was in fact a dual residence. Two separate condo's, conjoined by a common courtyard and small swimming pool. Practically the ideal set up for two families vacationing together. It was quite nice, and the location was perfect, within easy walking distance of the local beaches, and only a short driving distance from the town of Montpellier, and just west of Cap d' Agde.

The families had traveled together, arriving and getting settled into their summer Villa only two days earlier. Today however, finally settled in, and a little more orientated, the two adventurous and recently turned fourteen-year-olds, had gotten the okay to explore some of the village, and local landscape by themselves, with the ultimate intent of heading down to, and enjoying the long stretches of beautiful beaches.

Both boys were typically confidant fourteen-year-olds, and as most boys their age, they were blessed with young, healthy bodies. Zach loved to swim, and his lean youthfully adolescent body seemed to reflect that look. He was only five feet four, and was a cute looking teen, with mid length dirty blond hair, intense hazel eyes and a thin, still very boyish face. He had that clean, all American boy look about him, and his still growing body was flawlessly smooth and virtually hairless.

His younger friend Eric was a pretty good looking boy as well. Like Zach, he was lean and athletic, with a very youthful face which certainly belied his age. He was also in the early to mid-stages of puberty; something that he had become more than a little shy about. Eric was actually half an inch taller than his friend though, and outweighed him by a pound or two.

Eric's hair was longer as well, a rich medium brown in color. His eyes were an incessant green, which always garnered him a bit of attention from teen girls; though Eric remained aloof to such fawnings.

It was around ten in the morning, as the two boys headed out fearlessly; with the usual warnings from their parents about safety and awareness, of course. Both boys were clad in light tee shirts and casual looking board shorts this morning, as well as their Nike trainers and low cut ankle socks.

It was already a typically beautiful July day along the southern coast of France, and the boys were looking forward to do a little exploring in the area, on their own. Nothing better at this age, than getting a little 'parent free' time while on vacation; and Zach could manage a small bit of French if needed to communicate, so the boys set out that morning with high expectations, and a feeling of youthful independence.

They wandered around the immediate area for a short time, even stopping to buy a few tasty pastries and a couple of plastic water bottles from a small local shop. Still, wanting to get away from the village, they walked for awhile, and eventually stumbled onto several worn footpaths which seemed to meander off in several directions.

"Shall we follow one of these?" Zach asked, peering down a remote path which seemed to run through a grassy, meadow-like woods, dotted with many random stands of trees.

"Looks good to me." Eric replied, with an accepting smile.

Together they hiked along one of the paths, which wound gently through the trees and upward to slightly higher ground. As it climbed, it looked stunningly out over the sea, and roughly seemed to parallel the beach and Mediterranean coastline. The boys stopped and looked out at the glistening water for several long minutes, until Zach spotted someone well off in the distance, further down in the meadow.

"Hello then… Look at that." Zach observed, pointing to another trail which ran through the meadow below, and eventually converged with the one that they were on.

"Is that..? Is that guy naked?" Eric questioned, pointing to the man who was walking more or less toward them, along the lower footpath. The boys stared at the man, who was indeed hiking in their direction, but still downrange at least one hundred yards or so.

"I think he is…" Zach agreed, as the boys looked at each other awkwardly.

"Yeah he is." Eric confirmed incredulously. "Looks like he's wearing a small day pack or something, but that's about it." The man seemed to be hiking, free as you please, but completely in the nude.

"What the hell…" Zach remarked, with an amused chuckle. "Seems a bit odd though doesn't it? What do you think he's up to then?" The boys looked at each other and shrugged.

"I don't know." Eric replied, feeling a bit uncomfortable that a naked man was headed in their direction. "Maybe we should get off the footpath so he doesn't notice us, and we can keep an eye on him..." Zach nodded his agreement, and the two boys moved off the path and into some of the open trees that surrounded it.

They crouched down in the small stand of trees, and watched as best they could as the man continued to walk the footpath toward them. As he drew nearer, the boys could see that the man was indeed stark naked. He was wearing only a small daypack, and a pair of beach sandals, and he was carrying a small walking stick.

"Wow... Can't believe he's just wandering around like that" Eric spoke in hushed tones.

"I know right! Is it weird, or what?" Zach questioned, smiling curiously at Eric.

"Well, we are in Europe." Eric offered thoughtfully. "The have like, nudist beaches and stuff, don't they? Maybe he's a nudist."

"Could be..." Zach nodded. The boys fell quiet as the naked man approached. The guy looked to be in his mid forties or so, and seemed to be quite comfortable just hiking along in the buff as he was.

He walked steadily past the spot where the boys were concealed in the trees, and continued on down the footpath. Zach and Eric exchanged curiously amused smiles as the man continued his carefree hike away from them.

"Wanna' follow him a ways, and see where he's going?" Zach asked quietly, as the boys returned to the trail.

"Yeah, let's." Eric conspired, and they began to follow, but at a comfortable distance. "He... He looked pretty good though. I mean... You know, he was like, all tan and everything." Zach glanced quizzically at his friend a moment.

"Would you ever do that?" Zack asked. Eric blushed and looked doubtful. He'd always been quite shy actually, when it came to his modesty. Especially now that puberty was doing some remodeling work.

In fact, Eric and Zach had rarely even seen each other naked. They were a year apart in school, so they were never in the locker rooms together. And when sleeping over at each other's house, if there had ever been reason to change clothes, Eric would discretely turn his back whenever he had to change underwear, or into his swimwear.

"Would... Would you?" Eric asked.

"Would I what?" Zach said. "Oh, you mean wander around naked, outdoors like that guy... I don't know. It's rather curious isn't it?" He pondered.

They continued to follow the naked man at a distance, trying to just keep him in sight. At one point though, they briefly lost track of him, until they came to the split in the footpath. The man had turned off onto another trail; one which headed back down to what looked like a more secluded area.

The boys could see him again now. He'd stopped in a sun washed grassy area, and had pulled what looked to be a bottled water from his daypack. The man took a long drink, then pulled a small towel from his pack and spread it out on the ground.

Zach and Eric positioned themselves just off the path among the trees, to remain unseen. They watched as the naked man lay face down on his towel, apparently sun bathing. The boys looked at each other curiously. "So, you suppose he's a nudist then?" Eric questioned again. Zach nodded and smiled curiously.

"Let me check something..." He responded. With that, Zach pulled his cell phone from his back pocket, and quickly got himself online. He Googled, 'Are there nudists in France.'

The search quickly brought a number of surprising results, including; 'France's top nudist beaches', 'Naturism', a Wikipedia entry, and, 'The Naked City of Cap D' Agde.' "Whoa, check this out..." Zach offered, showing his phone to Eric. The boys huddled together and read some of the offerings.

"Cap D' Agde? Hey, that's almost where we are." Eric said, pointing to that entry. They read the article, which described it as a 'City of Naturists Heaven'.

"Well, that's it then isn't it!" Zach commented, as he tucked his cell phone away. "That guy probably is a nudist. The boys peered down at the naked man again. He'd rolled over onto his back at this point, and even at this distance the boys could see the mans privates.

Zach shook his head with a bemused smile. "That takes balls..." He joked. "I mean, lying around naked like that, out in the open where someone could see you."

"I know." Eric agreed, still watching the naked man intently. "I'd be so embarrassed."

"Yeah, you've always been really, really shy." Zach accused.

"No I'm not..." Eric retorted, somewhat defensively.

"Shit, yeah you are. You won't even change in front of me, and I'm your best friend." The boys glanced at each other. Eric wanted to protest, but he knew it was true. He was very shy about nudity, and then of course, he had another reason as well...

The boys continued to sit quietly in the grass for some time, enjoying the sun, and compelled by curiosity to keep track of the nude man in the grassy meadow area below them. The man continued to sunbathe, and had pulled out a paperback book from his daypack, which he seemed to be leisurely reading now.

"I wonder what that's like..." Zach said suddenly, after a time.

"What?" Eric queried.

"You know... Being naked like that, outdoors.

"Well," Eric giggled, "You can always strip off and find out..." he joked.

"I could do it, I think." Zach responded thoughtfully, but Eric just shook his head a bit sarcastically, as they continued to sit there.

"Yeah, I don't think so..." Eric replied. He peered back down at the naked man, who was taking another drink from his water bottle. "Wish we still had some of our water left. It's really hot out here." He raised his empty plastic water bottle, looking for any last drops. "We could hike back to the trailhead. There was a water station there." He suggested.

"Hmm... That's like a ten or fifteen minute walk each way. What if the guy leaves? Don't you wanna' see where he's headed?" Zach wondered.

"Yeah, well... Hey, I could go back real quick and fill the bottles, and you could stay and keep an eye on the guy. We've both got our cell phones, so we can keep each other posted if he decides to move or anything."

Zach thought about it for a moment. He was really thirsty as well, hiking about in the heat all morning. But he found that he was more than curious about the naked guy, and where he'd come from. "Alright." He agreed, handing Eric his empty water bottle. "Text me when you're headed back, ok."

"Okay." Eric nodded, hopping to his feet. He headed off quickly, following the footpath back the way they had come. Zach changed his position a little, moving further away from the path, so that he could keep track of the naked man, and sit in the sun.

Several minutes passed, and wanting to take advantage of the beautiful day, Zach pulled off his tee shirt and sat back in the grassy area. The warm sun felt wonderful on his upper body, and soon he began to wonder what it might feel like to be completely naked, outdoors in the open, like the guy in the meadow below.

He glanced around, noting how secluded the area seemed to be. Other than Eric, and the nude man, they hadn't come across any other people. The area felt quite remote. Wondering, Zach slipped off his trainers and socks, and wiggled his bare toes comfortably in the warming sun.

After a minute Zach stood up and checked again to see that the nude man was still there. He looked around again, and feeling more than a little curious now, and emboldened by the remoteness of the area, he made his decision.

Zach unbuttoned his board shorts and quickly pulled them down his legs stepping out of them. Standing only in his underwear now, he looked around nervously once again. 'That's it, I'm gonna do it' he thought to himself. Without further consideration, he reached down and yanked his cotton briefs down his legs, and kicked them off his feet.

A bit nervous now, he glanced around again, and then quickly sat back down, naked on top of his tee shirt. Several minutes passed, and Zach slowly began to relax, and enjoy the feel of the sun, and the slight breeze as it washed over his youthful, fourteen year old naked body. He smiled, pleased now with his bold decision to try it.

Climbing to his feet, Zach peered back down at his fellow 'nudist', still sunbathing in the meadow below. 'This was awesome...' he thought to himself, as he stretched his arms out and up toward the sun. Then, closing his eyes, Zach raised his head high and stood spread eagle, feeling the soft breezes, and the warm sunshine on every part of his naked body.

He took a deep refreshing breath, and marveled at how free he felt. A naked boy, standing out of doors with his boy bits hanging freely. "I really like this..." He said softly, with an impish smile.

He looked just as he should. Fourteen, in wonderful shape, his smooth skin naked to the world. He noted the feel of the sun, warming his young penis and testicles. Zach wasn't circumcised, and his flaccid three inch penis hung loosely over his sac. Above it, a small, youthful patch of boyishly soft pubes barely dusted his mound. Beyond that, his sleek body was virtually hairless.

Zach heard the small chime from his cell phone, which startled him for a moment. He sat down on his shirt again, and retrieved the phone from his board shorts. It was a text from Eric, of course.

'Filled bottles, starting back now', it read. Zach quickly thumbed the keyboard, 'Cool. The guys still there, text me again when you get close'. He glanced at the time on his phone. It had taken about fifteen minutes, so Zach figured it would take at least that long for Eric to get back.

He decided to hang out naked for another ten minutes, and then he'd get dressed before Eric returned. Zach glanced down toward the naked man again; who was still lying there comfortably on his towel.

Feeling bold, and more curious than ever, Zach decided he wanted to move around a little. He glanced around again just to be sure, and then walked the few yards to the trail, where he stood looking around curiously. With a determined smile, he started walking up the path a little ways; but the further he got from his clothes, the more vulnerable he felt.

With some consideration, he decided he'd walk at least another fifty yards up the footpath, which he did. And, if someone had come along, he'd have been embarrassed as all hell, but it certainly wouldn't kill him. Finally he turned around, and wandered back down toward the grassy area, and the safety of his clothes.

Zach smiled as he stood there. He was feeling proud of himself for doing something new and a bit out of his comfort zone. He stretched out again, as if offering himself to the Sun Gods...

"What are you doing?" Came a sudden, yet familiar voice from a dozen yards behind him. It was Eric. Quickly, and keeping his back to Eric, Zach stooped and grabbed up his board shorts, almost stumbling as he stepped hurriedly back into them. He turned, somewhat embarrassed to look at his friend.

Eric had a bemused expression on his face, as he shook his head. "I might have known." he laughed. Zach just shrugged, still slightly embarrassed. It wasn't so much that Eric had seen him naked; it's just that he had startled him was all.

"So... What were you doing?" Eric prodded knowingly. Zach could only smile awkwardly as he stood there.

"Couldn't resist, could I?" he shrugged. "You know, the naked man down there well... I just started wondering what that might feel like, to be naked outdoors like that."

"And? What did you think of it?" Eric asked, honestly curious.

"Well, I kinda liked it, to be honest. It was weird at first, because I felt all vulnerable and stuff. But, it actually felt really nice." He pulled his tee shirt back on, and smiled timidly at his friend.

Eric had no judgment on his boyish face, just a curious smile. He looked back down to the meadow, to see that the naked man was standing up now, and shouldering his pack. The man began walking off in the other direction, apparently done for the afternoon.

"Well... I suppose we should be getting back as well, don't you think?" Eric suggested.

"Yeah, guess so." Zach replied, as he stepped into his trainers, one at a time.

"Not gonna' put these back on?" Eric asked with a chuckle, as he tossed Zach's underpants back at him. Zach snatched them out of the air, smiled awkwardly, and stuffed them into a pocket.

"Come on then, let's head back to the Villa; our folks may be wondering after us by now..." The boys started back up the trail the way they'd come. Eric handed his friend one of the water bottles as they walked, and grinned at him. "If it's any consolation..." Eric teased, "You looked pretty good naked like that..."

"Shut up..." Zach laughed, pushing Eric's shoulder, playfully. The boys set out, and hiked back to the little village area, and then up the hill to the Villa.

"Ah, we were just thinking about you two." Zach's dad stated, as the boys walked through the gate. The parents were all sitting out in the courtyard relaxing near the pool in the late afternoon sun.

"Everything go alright then?" Eric's mom asked. The boys glanced at each other and smiled.

"Yeah, no troubles, it's all good." Zach offered.

"We just did a little hiking, it was fun" Eric added. The boys had apparently decided to keep their little adventure to themselves.

"Wanna' take a quick swim then?" Zach asked Eric, as he glanced at the small pool there in the courtyard. Eric nodded quickly, and the two boys split up to go into their separate lodgings and change into their swimwear.

Zach ducked into his bedroom and pulled his crumpled underpants from his pocket. He smiled briefly at the recollection, and quickly peeled off the rest of his clothes. Grabbing up his swim suit, he caught sight of his own naked body in the mirror, and stood for a moment thinking about this whole nudism idea, and admiring his lean boylike physique.

He thought back to his brief stint as a nudist earlier in the day. Nodding reflectively, he decided he'd like to try it again. It had felt so awesome, if not a bit wonderfully naughty to just be naked like that outdoors. And then he wondered if Eric would be up for it as well. Knowing how shy Eric could be, he wasn't sure if the other boy would agree to do it, but... "We'll see..." He muttered.

Within minutes he was back down at the pool with Eric. The boys swam about, playing, splashing and dunking each other; simply having fun with one another, and feeling well refreshed and rejuvenated by the cool water. After a time, they huddled together at the far side of the pool, with the parents well out of earshot.

"So... You wanna' go out and see if we can spot that naked guy again tomorrow?" Zach suggested. "He probably goes there all the time?"

"Yeah." Eric replied, seeming interested. "I'm really kinda' curious to see where he came from and stuff."

"Me too. That's what we'll do then." The boys agreed, and then continued to swim about for another half hour or so, until their parents decided they should all go out to dinner in the village.

The boys quickly went in to clean up and change. It had been a good day, and they'd worked up quite the appetite hiking around the area all afternoon. Within half an hour, the six of them walked down into the village for a nice family style meal in one of the quaint, local restaurants.

After dinner, they all strolled the village for awhile, before returning to their residence for the evening. The adults continued to sit around in the courtyard drinking wine and chatting, while Zach and Eric had gone inside to watch a little local TV. They were in France though, and accordingly, most everything was broadcast in French; there was little on that the boys could really understand.

In the end, they watched an American action adventure movie, which was dubbed in French; so the boys had a blast filling in their own dialog, making up ridiculous lines that kept them both giggling frequently.

At half past eleven though, Eric decided he was tired, and saying his goodnights, he headed back over to the other condo where he and his parents were housed, and got ready for bed.

Zach did the same thing, brushing his teeth, taking a pee and then a quick shower; and then he walked back to his bedroom with his towel wrapped around his waist, ready to turn in for bed. Closing the bedroom door, he locked it, and switching off the light, he moved to his bed, and dropped the damp towel on the floor, then hopped naked on top of the bedspread.

He lay there, hands folded behind his head for a few minutes as he thought back to the days events. Zach had really enjoyed being naked outside for the first time ever. The thought of doing it again was quite intriguing, and he was hoping that he could convince his best friend Eric into sharing the experience.

Lying there in the semi darkness, he looked down at his naked torso, and his exposed boy bits. His hand slid down over his flat belly, and he played his fingers over the very small tuft of soft pubic hairs. He was still a boy and there wasn't much there, and in truth, he rather liked it that way.

Zach slid his hand further down, to encompass his flaccid penis. It was exciting to just lay there, and gently fondle his soft young flesh. He closed his eyes and savored the warm feel of his young shaft, and the rubbery pinch of thin foreskin sheathing its tip.

Slipping his fingers even lower, Zach cupped the loose pouch of his scrotum as he gently rolled his testicles with his fingers. "Mmm..." he sighed, as he felt his young member begin to swell. The boy took hold of his rubbery tube again and squeezed it affectionately a number of times, as it swelled to its full potential.

His thin shaft was over four and a half inches now, and he manipulated it with his fingers, gently skinning himself and exposing the gentle purple knob of his glans. Licking the fingers of his other hand, he lowered the spittle and smeared it over the plump swollen bulb. "Mmm..." he sighed again.

At fourteen, Zach was an 'experienced hand' at masturbation. What kid isn't, right? With his thumb and fingertips, he began massaging his young spike. Sliding his supple foreskin on and off, over his tip, and letting his mind wander, as he enjoyed those early sensations. He began moving his hips about on the bedspread, which only added to the wonderful feelings of sexual arousal.

Oddly, he thought about the naked man for a moment, and then quickly about the feeling of naughtiness that he'd had when he'd stripped off all his clothes out in the open air... "Mmm, mmm..." he sighed again, enjoying his own ministrations.

Soon, he fantasized a little, allowing himself to imagine him and Eric, both naked in the grass. Having never even seen Eric's penis, he could only speculate at what it must look like. His thoughts weren't sexual, he'd never even thought about another boy in that way. It was simply thinking about the naughty pleasure of him and his best friend, lying naked on the grass together; perhaps even masturbating out in the open... "Ohh gaaa..." he breathed throatily as he continued to stroke himself purposefully.

The feelings quickly built within him, as he slid his other hand softly over his own inner thigh, feeling the warmth of his youthful testicles against the back of his hand. "Ohh... Oh yeah..." he breathed contentedly.

Quickening his pace, Zach felt the wondrous tingles of impending orgasm, as his boyish body began its usual gesticulations. His young toes wiggled up and down, and his legs twitched randomly. "Oh man.... Oh man..." he groaned softly as his lower regions began to clench with enjoyable intensity.

He was there! "Ohhhhh fuhhhh......" he groaned, and arched his back as his young shaft expanded and spat a forceful pulse of gooey substance onto his belly. Another... And again, as he expelled his immature warm boy spunk onto his abdomen. Intense and pleasurable, he slowed his stroke, until finally, with a last shudder, his body released him, and he slumped back onto the covers.

Zach licked his dry lips, and continued to draw in heavy breaths as he returned from his heightened sense of arousal. Touching the tip of his glans to wipe it clean, he lurched, in spite of himself; the sensitive knob rebelling against his intruding touch.

He swallowed, and moved his fingers to touch his sparse grouping of pubes, now damp with some of his spent boy juice. Rolling carefully onto his side, Zach reached down beside the bed and retrieved the damp towel he'd dropped on the floor. The boy wiped off his flat stomach, and matted pubes; and then milked his softening shaft into the towel. Finished, he tossed the white cotton towel over the side, and onto the floor.

With a contented sigh, and a weary yawn, Zach crawled under the single sheet, and spread himself out comfortably. It was only a matter of minutes before he was lost to sleep for the night.

Across the courtyard, Eric had had a very similar experience, though his fantasies were certainly different, and more intense. Finished now as well, the boy pulled his white briefs back up over his hips, and lay in the darkness wondering about tomorrow. It had all been very exciting hadn't it. Spotting the naked man, strolling through the open woods, and then, coming back to find Zach, his best friend in the nude like that as well.

He was more than curious about trying it himself. Yet he was already concerned about being naked in front of his friend. There were issues with that, weren't there..? Being naked in front of anyone, let alone his best friend Zach... Tired however, he didn't think long about it before the haze of sleep pulled him under.

The next morning dawned brightly along the French countryside. It was destined to be another glorious day of pleasant sunshine, and warm summer weather; and the boy's each had breakfast in their own condo's with their parents.

"So what's planned for today?" Eric's mom questioned.

"Thought we might try the beach today." His dad countered. "What do you think son? Up for that are you?" Eric shrugged slightly.

"I kinda wanted to go out with Zach again. Do a little more exploring, like we did yesterday. It was really kinda' fun actually." Eric replied. His mother looked at him a bit doubtfully.

"Eric, don't you want to come with us to the beach?" She said, in a motherly tone.

"Oh for heavens sake dear. The boys fourteen now. I'm sure he'd much rather spend his time with his friend instead of us." He smiled casually at Eric.

"Well... You know." Eric offered. "We just kinda' made plans is all. There's plenty of time to spend with you guys too, but... It's just fun hangin out by ourselves."

"Alright then son. Just don't stray too far. And stay together of course. You'll have your cell phones, so, touch base once and awhile will you."

"Sure dad." Eric smiled. He loved his parents very much, but of course his father was right. At fourteen, it's only natural to want ones independence. That's just the way it is.

Half an hour later, Eric knocked on the door across the courtyard, and poked his head inside. "Ready to go explore?" he called in to Zach

"Yup." Zach responded quickly. They said their goodbyes, and Zach shouldered his small red daypack and the two boys headed out for the day. They smiled knowingly at each other, looking forward to whatever they might find today.

"Whatcha' got in the daypack?" Eric questioned.

"I brought a beach towel for us, and a couple more bottled waters. Even threw in that little Nerf football, in case we wanted to toss it about."

"That's cool." Eric nodded. "You think we'll see the naked guy again?"

"I was just wondering about that myself." Zach mentioned. "Who knows? Guess we'll find out won't we." And with that, the two boys hiked out toward the open woods where they had discovered the footpaths the previous day.

They stopped at the water station and each had a nice long drink, so they could save their water bottles for later on; and then they continued on up the trail as they had done before. The morning was already quite warm, and the boys chatted happily as they hiked along the footpath.

Eventually they reached the upper bluff where they'd previously spotted the naked man on his trek. The boys decided to follow the pathway where he'd come from, and see where it led. The trail wound through a nice meadow, meandering through the trees, then seemed to start downward, perhaps toward the distant hidden beaches beyond.

They didn't encounter the naked man, which wasn't surprising really. Who knows if he did it regularly, or if it was a one off kind of thing. Anyway, Zach didn't want to head down toward the beaches just yet; instead, he was wanting to find a private place where they could lay about in the sun. He was hoping that he, (and hopefully Eric as well) could strip off their clothes, and experience being naked outside again.

There appeared to be another offshoot trail ahead, and the boys decided to try that one to see where it headed. It wound through the trees, with many open and grassy areas, and yet at the same time, it also felt quite secluded. After a ten minute hike, they found a nice area and decided it would be a nice place to stop.

Zach took off his daypack, and opening it up, he pulled out the water bottles and beach towel, spreading it there in the grasses. Both boys sat down on it to relax for a moment, and take some water. Zack looked around, and nodded. This seemed like a good spot to him, and he glanced over casually at Eric.

"So... We didn't get to see that nudist guy again did we. A bit disappointing isn't it?"

"Yeah." Eric nodded. "I was curious to see where he'd come from, you know, and why he was strolling around naked like that." They glanced at each other casually. "What did it feel like, when you tried it?" Eric wondered, as Zach glanced at him.

"It was really cool, honestly." he answered. "A little unnerving at first, you know, worrying that someone would suddenly see me, but... But it felt really awesome at the same time." They sat quietly for a moment, sipping some more water.

"Did it bother you, that I saw you from behind?" Eric wondered. Zach looked at him and shook his head.

"No. Not really. You're my best friend, you know. I mean, what's the big deal!" He smiled at Eric. "Did you... Did you wanna' try it then?" Zach asked hopefully.

Eric looked over at him and shrugged noncommittally. The truth was, he really wanted to do it. But sitting there now, it felt a bit awkward. Embarrassing even. "Do you want to do it again?" Eric questioned.

Zach looked at him and nodded. He smiled softly, knowing how shy Eric was. "I'm going to. You could give it a try with me Eric. It's just us, you know..." With that, Zach untied and slipped out of his trainers and socks, with Eric watching him.

In spite of himself, Zach looked around the open field again, assuring himself that they were quite alone, and then he glanced at Eric, who had slipped off his shoes and socks also, setting them just off the beach towel.

Zach reached back over his head, and pulled off his yellow Nike tee shirt. Instantly he felt the warmth of the sun caressing his tanned shoulders. "That's nice." He muttered softly, glancing at Eric.

Eric smiled timidly, and pulled his shirt off as well, as he glanced tentatively around the clearing. "Doing alright?" Zach asked. Eric nodded, but had a nervous look about him. Zach stood then, and unbuttoning his khaki shorts, he let them drop to the towel. He stood there now, wearing nothing but his underwear.

Eric continued to sit on the towel and he slowly undid the drawstring on his shorts, then shinnied out of them, without standing up. He looked up awkwardly at Zach, who smiled reassuringly at him.

"We could do it at the same time." Zach suggested.

"You... You go first." Eric requested softly, sounding a bit uneasy.

"It's no big deal." Zach said. He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, and in one motion, he slipped them down his legs and stepped out of them. "There..." he said, glancing at Eric.

Eric watched him, embarrassed, but with great interest. It was the first time he'd seen his friend's privates. He wanted to stare, but as Zach sat back down on the towel, he looked away.

"You're turn then." Zach suggested. "Come on, it's really a nice feeling, I promise." Looking around, Eric stood up. He stood, gathering his courage. Nothing to be shy about; this was his best friend after all. It was more than surprising they'd never really seen each other naked before this anyway, except for the briefest of glances from behind if the situation had called for a change of clothes, after swimming or such.

"Promise you won't laugh." Eric requested softly.

"Why would I laugh Eric? It's alright, just do it." Zach prompted. Eric swallowed nervously, and took a deep determined breath. 'This is it...' he thought to himself. Quickly he grasped the top of his underpants, and swept them down his legs.

The boy stood there awkwardly for a moment, as if expecting the worst. He was stark naked now, for the first time in front of his friend, and outdoors in the open to boot. Eric glanced over at Zach, who was eyeing him from head to toe.

"You look really nice..." Zach offered honestly, looking boldly at Eric's boyhood. Eric's penis was about the same three inch flaccid length as Zach's, and it may have been slightly thicker as well. "Wow, you're not circumcised either." Zach noted. "I always guessed that you were."

Eric looked at him, surprised. "Really? You've thought about that before?" Eric asked.

"Well, you know... I'm not circumcised, which isn't the most common thing in the U.S... So, yeah, I guess I just assumed mine was different from yours."

Eric sat down on the towel now, alongside his friend. This was one of the reasons he'd been rather shy. He thought he might be laughed at, for being different, with his foreskin and all. But there was another reason as well; which he didn't want to think about right now.

He glanced at Zach, sitting naked beside him on the towel. "This is kinda' nice." he offered. Feeling the sun bathe over his entire body.

"Told you." Zach touted. "Feels really different being naked outside, doesn't it?" Eric nodded in agreement.

"Wanna' get up and walk around a little." Zach wondered. Eric looked at him hesitantly.

"What if someone sees us?" he asked candidly.

"We haven't seen any one else out here in two days." Zach reminded him. "Except for that one guy; and he was naked as well, wasn't he! Besides, we're in France. It's not like we'd run into someone we know... So..."

Zach got to his feet and stretched casually in the open air. Eric eyed him closely now for the first time. He liked the way Zach's body looked. Rather tanned, and lean; his youthful body almost free of hair, but for the small dusting over his penis. Eric looked away though, not wanting to be caught staring outright.

Zach zipped open his small daypack, and reached into it to retrieve the small Nerf football that he had brought. "Come on..." he motioned. "Let's toss this around a little." And then he jogged out a dozen yards or so from where the towel was, and turned around to look back at Eric.

The other boy glanced around again, still a little unnerved, but finally he stood up and stepped off the towel into the grass. Zach tossed him the football; which he caught, and then threw it back to his friend. Zach had to leap up a bit to catch it, making his boy bits flop up and down loosely, which caused Eric to giggle quietly to himself at the sight.

The first few minutes felt a bit awkward, and Eric frequently dangled his hand in front of his privates, feeling a little shy. The boys continued to play, and for the next thirty minutes the boys tossed the football back and forth. Running, and leaping, and tumbling on the grass to make some of the catches. It really didn't take long for Eric to pretty much forget about being in the nude, and both of the boys were actually having a really fun time.

Being clothes free, running around in the sun and breeze like this was a wonderful feeling of freedom; and both boys were thoroughly enjoying it, and could now understand why the man they'd seen yesterday had been doing it.

The boys stopped for a moment to rest, and get another drink of their water. They sprawled out comfortably onto the towel; Eric on his stomach, and Zach lying on his back, and they both took pleasure at the feel of the warm sun on their bodies.

Eric glanced over casually at his friend, who had his eyes closed as he lay there relaxing. He eyed the other boy's naked body again, curiously examining his pubescent torso, and blemish free skin. He couldn't help but look at Zach's privates, as they lay loosely upon his left thigh. The rounded curve of his young testicles, resting loosely beneath the thin, hairless sheath of skin; and the gentle curve of his limp, foreskinned penis

Eric swallowed, feeling intrigued, but a bit awkward and nervous about examining his best friend's nakedness. He was totally curious, having never seen his friend like this before. Zach moved just then, and rolled over, causing him to look away quickly.

Eric finished the last of his water, and couldn't help but to glance back over at Zach, who was now lying on his stomach. Again, he couldn't resist letting his eyes stray over his friend's naked physique. The sleek boyish musculature of his adolescent back, the steep rounded curve of paler skin, that formed the two firm globes of his bum. Eric swallowed again, and forced himself to look away.

After several minuets Eric sat up, crossing legs in front of himself Indian style. His movement caused Zach to glance at him, and then he too sat up alongside him on the towel. "This is nice, isn't it?" Zach asked suddenly.

"Yeah it is." Eric answered, surprising himself. "I mean, I can't believe I'm actually doing this." The other boy smiled and put his hand softly on Eric's shoulder.

"I'm glad you did." Zach said innocently. "It's kinda silly, really. That we've been so shy around each other. You really do look nice." Zach offered, glancing at his naked friend's body.

He stood then. "Wanna' walk around a little?" he asked. Eric looked up at him, and then clamored to his feet.

"We should probably head back pretty soon." Eric suggested. "We've been out here for several hours."

"Well, we could walk back like this." Zach offered. Eric looked at him sharply.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Well, not all the way of course. Lets just walk back up to the main trail like this, and then we can put our clothes back on. What do you think?" Eric looked at him and smiled timidly.

"I guess we could try it. It is kinda' cool?" Eric consented. They gathered up their stuff, cramming the towel, shirts, and under things into the red daypack. They decided to carry their shorts, just in case they spotted someone along the way, they could quickly put them on.

Wearing nothing but their trainers, the boys walked for ten minutes back along the remote trail running through the meadow. They came to the main footpath, and looking impishly at each other, they grinned and continued on the way they had come. It was really wild, walking along, naked as you please; flopping in the breeze, as Zach put it.

They reached the other spot, where they had originally seen the naked man the previous day. That's where they decided to put their clothes back on. "No underwear though..." Zach suggested.

They pulled on their shorts, sans underwear, and hiked happily back along the footpath back toward the village. It had been an awesome day, and both boy's were totally psyched about how everything had turned out, and what they might find next.

Eric had not only tried some new things today, but it felt like he'd gotten over his total modesty around his friend Zach. He felt closer to him somehow, and he was truly happy about what they'd done. As they reached the village, the boys spotted their parents, who were walking back up from the beach.

"Well, look who we've run into." Eric's dad greeted them.

"Hey mom, hey dad..." The boys spoke in unison.

"Someone looks as though they've gotten some sun." Zach's mom commented, looking at the boys. Zach and Eric looked at each other and smiled in quiet amusement. If only their parents knew just how much of their bodies had gotten tanned...

They all went back to the Villa, and after the parents had changed and cleaned up; and the boy's had taken a nice swim in the pool, the group of them strolled back into town for a nice evening meal.

Zach and Eric said they wanted to go out exploring again the next day, but the parents quickly put the brakes on that idea. With their rental van, they had decided that everyone would drive into Montpellier tomorrow, and spend the day in the city.

Disappointed, the boys arranged to go off by themselves the following day. There was so much more to explore. This nudity thing was just getting good, and the boys had some other new things they were about to discover.

That night both boys slept naked, each in his own bed, both of them enjoying this new found freedom. And each boy on his own, also enjoying another bit of self boy play. Unknown to one another, each boy had also found some newly formed images to masturbate to. Eric smiled softly, as he thought about his friend Zach. Yes, things were certainly changing, and this new found nudity thing was just the start of it......

Hope you are enjoying this seven chapter coming of age tale. It is a Boy's duty, to explore, experiment, and enjoy with curious wonder, this precious time of adolescent change. Where every experience is new, and nothing is off the table. Enjoy it boys....

Also, stay tuned for more new stories from About A Boy

Comments are always welcome at my email (ians.daydream@gmail.com); I really appreciate your reading my stories, and offering up your comments... I truly hope that you continue to enjoy them, and just maybe, find something of your own similar boyhood memories mixed into my story... Childhood was a wonderfully innocent time, wasn't it...........

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