Summer Stories 3: Sunrise

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 1.1 Not intended for redistribution, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting young boys. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

"You have to go talk to him!", my sister insists.

She's the only person in the whole world I can talk to. She knows everything about me, and I mean EVERYTHING. Jesus, we're so close she and I one could almost say it's unhealthy. You see, we lost our virginities to each other, that's how close we are. THAT I've never told anyone else, just like what I'm about to tell you now...

"What could I possibly tell HIM that would interest him?", I say with a sigh. "I mean, LOOK at him!"

"So I'm just going to stand here and watch you pine for him then?"

I don't reply and she merely smiles at me, well aware of what's going on in my head. She doesn't accuse me, that I'm drawn to another guy. We were together in bed once, and it was the expression of the deepest love you can ever imagine, but despite that there's no girl I find myself desiring. I can't love them...

You'll never find anything prettier than Dawson McRoth. At least in my opinion... He is everything I am not. Sporty, outgoing, charming, funny. His short, brown hair is constantly tousled and tufty, as if he's just stepped out of a shower. It pokes out from under the rim of his knitted cap in an irreverent, cocky manner, that small dark blue cap that he's ALWAYS wearing on the back of his head no matter how hot it is. His skin is lightly tanned (at least his face and neck and a little of his chest, just the part that is exposed by his clothes, and most of his arms. If he was to remove his shirt, he'd be mostly all pale just like me though). Dawson's face is almost always showing a roguish, confident smile whenever he's with someone. Not a bragging smile, just one announcing to the world he's enjoying himself fully. Today he's dressed in a lead-gray, loose-fitting T-shirt with a low-cut neckline which he hasn't tucked into his baggy dark blue jeans. Not the kind of baggies where the seat of the pants reaches down to his knees, just regular jeans about two sizes too big for him. Dawson's slim body is hidden inside those much too big clothes, and I can't do anything but think of the way he must look when relieved of every thread covering him...

Dawson is talking to some of his friends, most of them girls. I mean, most of those he's talking to now are girls. Mona, Sabine, Nina. Three awesome beauties in their own right together with Dawson, plus Chen and Nolan. I have no idea what they're talking about, they probably want to invite Dawson to one of their parties.

I don't LOVE him or anything! At least I don't think I do. How could I allow myself to do that when he's so far away from me? So unreachable. I'd like to, of course! But how could I? He's not in my year. Hell, he's in high school in fact and I'm not. We got no common interests, so I can't even talk to him about that..!

So I guess I'm just, uh, pining. Pining for someone to love. I know I could, you know... If I was allowed to. It's like a tap connected to the bottom of the world's biggest dam. One little twist and it would all come gushing out, billions of gallons of pure concentrated feelings...

Sis, she goes to some of those parties. She's older than me and her group of friends larger so that's only natural. I'm just fourteen. Sometimes, Dawson is there too, and now he's rolling over in our direction.

"Hi, Diana", he says in that low, husky teen voice of his. Not a man's voice, yet not a child's either. You have to listen carefully when Dawson speaks (especially in noisy environments) or you might not hear what he's saying. "How's it hanging?"

Definitely not hanging. Not for me anymore anyway... Sigh! Sis smiles to him. "Hi Dawn! I'm fine", she says. I shiver like always when I hear his name. Yes, it fits him even better than his real one...

I called him sporty, yet Dawson would have laughed had he heard me. He's the total opposite of all mainstream sports practicers I've ever met, he loathes anything that's played in teams, he hates competitions. He even despise the 'underground' skating/boarding movement, thinks it's all pretentious bullshit. Dawson is the only person I've seen who truly skates on his own terms. Always by himself, alone. Never cares about showing off to other people, to perform in front of any kind of an audience no matter how small. If he feels disturbed he just stops and fucks off somewhere else where he can be in peace.

In normal circumstances though, when he's in school like now or just chilling out somewhere, he's very open and talkative. It's only when he skates for serious he wants to be by himself.

Dawn... I can't call him that. I've tried to, but I just start to stutter and look like a fool whenever I'm with Sis and she's talking to him!

My sister's a total hottie, even I know that (actually, especially me since she's never had another lover, despite what some may claim!), and I can understand he wants to talk to her. All the guys does, but she's no easy girl. She's not letting herself be won by just anyone. However, Dawson isn't just anyone... Maybe him. I'd be happy if it was him. I could ask her all about him and she'd tell me. What he looks like naked. How he is in bed...!

Dawson slowly rolls around us where we stand at the fence and turns in a quarter-circle and positions himself in between me and my sister, separating us. He's at least three inches taller than me, standing on those skates of his... It's a really tight fit, his body brushes up against me as he squeezes himself in. He doesn't touch my sister of course, not even in passing. You don't do that to a girl. If we bump into each other however, that doesn't matter; we're just guys. It doesn't mean a thing.

...Except, I can't think of anything else except him, especially not right now! My right hand is actually pressing into the firm flesh of his butt and I guess he's assuming I'll move aside a little to give him some more room. I don't. I feel his shoulderblade briefly touch my arm as he shifts his position to lean up against the chest-high wooden fence. He puts up his right arm on it behind my sister's back, and his hips move as well as he moves. Now I can feel both buttcheeks beneath that thick denim. He's...warm... So warm. Firm...! Fantastic.

He seems totally unconcerned by our contact as he talks to my sister. I don't think he even realizes it. I barely listen, it's almost as if all I can hear is my own heart beating, a loud roar of blood coursing through the vessels in my ear... I'm painfully stiff, I have to keep my left hand in my jeans pocket, cupping my erection to keep it from showing!

After a minute or two of discussing some party or other they'd either been to or was going to or whatever (I'm not sure what, really!), Dawson backs off a little more from Sis (thus pushing me aside slightly), and turns his back to the fence. I feel almost over-stimulated as we make contact and then separate.

I barely notice when my sister says goodbye to me, giving some excuse to leave. The small part of me that's still aware of things going on around me assumes Dawson will follow her.

"Di tells me you play a lot of computer games?", he asks. It's as if his voice comes from a million miles away, I'm so far gone. He looks at me, then reaches up with a hand and waves it in front of my eyes. "Hellooo...! Houston to Sam, come in Sammy!" He grins in a friendly manner. "Computer games? You play them...?"

I almost jerk as I'm forcibly pulled back into my body from whatever realm I'd been floating around in. "Uh... Yeah, I g-guess so...", I manage, my attention suddenly attuned to maximum levels.

Dawson gives me a brilliant smile! Darn it, he knows I was out there somewhere! But it's also as if he doesn't mind. Doesn't care. Almost as if he understands. Understands why. ...But, no. That can't be it. Just me and my stupid wishful thinking. He's still so close we're almost touching though. Why doesn't he move away, doesn't our close proximity make him uncomfortable? After all, we're territorial animals, us humans... We want some space around us amongst strangers (and even close friends actually). It actually seems as if he doesn't feel bothered at all! "That's cool", he says. "You got a Gamecube too then?"

"Y-yeah..." I look at him. "How did you know?"

Still smiling. "Lucky guess", he says confidently. "No actually, I'm getting coached by your sister here. She told me to talk to you, but don't tell her I said that."

"Whaaat! She said that?!?", I ask, suddenly rather afraid. "Why did she do that?!"

He shrugs and shifts his weight from one leg over to the other. Maybe I'm imagining things, but isn't he standing a little closer still now? "I don't know", he replies. "You tell me." He looks at me with his almond-shaped maybe-green-and-maybe-brown eyes, waiting for my reply. I can't give him one. "Well...? Aren't you going to at least invite me over?", he then wonders.

I sigh. "Did my sister tell you to ask this also?"

"Uh-huh. She says she thinks you sit too much in front of that computer of yours. Said you need some company."

"Why is she asking YOU then? You're like two years older than me, you wouldn't want to hang around with a kid."

He pauses. "Just one year actually, if that much really. I turned fifteen last month."

"But you're still a year above me." He nods. "So I guess you're doing this just to make my sister indebted to you, win some favors with her?"

"If I was, would you hate me for it? I mean, she is your sister." His face was suddenly very solemn.

I could not stop myself from smiling back at him. "She's my SISTER, Dawson! Not my daughter! If you want to date her, just go ahead and DO SO. But you better prepare to get in line pal, you're not the only one competing for her favors. And besides, she changes boyfriends like she changes underwear. She may be more than even you can handle!"

He looks at me quick, then down at his shoes and I think he's actually blushing beneath his deliciously sun-tanned skin. "Yeah, well, I'm not sure I really can handle what I'm getting myself into...", he mumbles quietly.

"Oh come on. When she gets tired of her current guy I'm sure she'll come rushing after you. Don't be scared, she won't eat you or anything!" Then I see the way my words might be interpreted and go completely red in my face! He laughs, a crystal-clear laughter, so far from that husky, low voice he always speaks in. That seductive, sexy voice...

"Oh darn it, and I was SO hoping she'd do that man! Now I'm completely shattered!" He laughs more, his mirth actually infecting me as well. Then he looks me right in the eyes. "But, maybe she's not really into guys at all? I've never met a girl that didn't want to eat me...!" His words are accompanied with a wry, lopsided grin. I feel myself blushing again because I so want to just forget he said the word 'girl' in that sentence, if only he'd said 'anyone' or something like that instead, and there might have at least been SOME hope for me too... He sees my reaction, and misinterprets. "Oh man, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that about your sister! I-"

"It's okay, Dawn. It's okay", I reassure, not even aware I'm using his nickname. "I know you meant it as a joke. Anyway, it's not as if she'd be angry at you had she heard it, she has got a sense of humor you know." He seems a little reassured. I try to make him even more so. "Besides, I'm sure she does want to...", I say and try the same lopsided grin as he gave me. And she's not alone in wanting that!

He doesn't smile at me like I'd hoped. He blushes instead, for real this time. "You think so?", he says quietly. I keep my eyes on his nicely rounded forehead to not risk looking into his eyes again because if I do, he must surely see the way I feel about him... It's almost as good as staring into his eyes, looking at his forehead that is decorated by his tufty hair that sprouts in such a cocky manner from under that cap of his... I wonder what it would be like to touch it all with my hand. Caress his skin, let my hand slide up into his hair and feel it with my fingers... Smell it just before I taste his sweet lips with my mouth...

Gggaahh! Desire, why do you have to be such a vicious lady?!

Then the bell rings and we each go our separate ways.

I follow him with my eyes as he leaves and suddenly it happens. He turns and looks back at me. For just a second or two...

I spend the rest of my school day keeping out of sight, thinking of what that look might have meant - if anything. I don't leave the school building at all, I find some sparsely populated spot and hide, my mind consumed by brooding. Dawn, oh Dawn...

I'm lucky I get asked no questions in any of my remaining classes. No tests, no pop quizzes, nothing. I'm lucky, because I'm so distracted I'd screwed up anything, everything, no matter how easy the challenge. Screwed up completely...! When the school day is over, when the bell rings for the last time to let us out and the corridors swarm with students hurrying to get as far away as possible, I find myself calmly walking towards my bike. The bike that always takes me home every day. Our school's total evil, it doesn't end early even though it's the last day of the week, but now it's finally over.

Now I'm standing at my bike. I've said an absent goodbye to Sis, I saw her sitting behind Derek on his motorcycle and the two of them thundered away with a roar from the two-cylinder V-engine. Derek's a nice guy. Very macho, sure, but nice. Unlike most of Sis's male acquaintances, he doesn't see me as a funny little computer nerd of a guy. They can't make fun of me, especially not in front of her or she'll get mad at them, but they can look down on me, and most do. Calvin, one of her previous boyfriends, did make fun of me once though. She kicked him in the nuts, and people still remember it. But despite that they still see me as kind of a nerd without much of a social life apart from his goomba Nintendoid buddies and it's almost like they pat me on my head like a kid when they take my sister out and I'm there to say goodbye to her. They make me feel small and insignificant. So I like Derek, he's nice.

Like I said, I've already said goodbye to Sis, and I'm leaning down to unlock my citybike. Now, that's a strange invention... A citybike is a bike that looks like a mountainbike, except it would break if you rode it down a mountain. All I hear of him approaching is the gentle rumble of those rubber wheels against the asphalt.

"Hi Sammy", he says. "You ready?"

I look up, and there he is in his too-big, dark clothes, cap on his head. Backpack carelessly slung over one shoulder... On his skates again. He doesn't wear them every break, even though he has a quick-release system on the boots it still takes a minute or so to get them on and adjust them so they sit properly on his small, nice feet.

He's wearing them now though, and he rolls around me slowly as I fiddle with the chain, extracting it from my steering wheel and the signpost pole I've used to lock my bike to. It takes me a bit longer than it should because I keep looking at him. whenever his back is turned to me... Finally I'm done and sit up on my saddle, my book-bag clamped securely to my bike behind me.

"You're coming NOW?", I ask all of a sudden.

He rolls to a stop. "Yeah, why? Is it a bad time?" Should I lie to him? God knows what I'll say or do if I was to be alone with him! Sis won't be of any help, she spends whole afternoons and evenings with Derek these days (he's eighteen and has his own apartement), 'helping' her studying she says to mom and dad. I know they're smooching each other's faces off though because she's told me as much. I know he can see I'm hesitant. "You know, if you're busy, I understand...", he says anxiously. "After all, it was just your sister's idea... I mean... It's not as if we're buddies or anything, I... I mean, she didn't ask you did she? If it was okay, I mean." He pauses, maybe thinking I'm still uncertain. "Uh... Maybe later, k? Some other day?"

I'm not. Not anymore. "No, you can come", I say. My voice is strong now, confident. Like I'm used to hearing Dawson. For once, he's the nervous one I think. He must be thinking he has to be as nice as possible to me so he'll impress Di...

He nods slowly. I can't tell what he's thinking. "Okay... Good..." He almost seems apprehensive.

"Come on!", I tell him in a sudden burst of enthusiasm. "Let's get outta here, it's friday for crying out loud!"

He laughs, and suddenly he's off like a rocket on those skates of his! Dawson's shirt isn't long enough to cover his butt completely, and now that he's skating it's flapping about in the air. His too large pants somehow manage to accentuate his magnificient buttocks. I have to get going or he's going to get too much of a lead on me!

I got 21 gears on my bike but I still have to struggle hard to overtake him, Dawn is plain STUPID fast on his skates, and he corners like a god, with total abandon. If there was just a trace of sand or gravel on the ground he'd be nothing but a wet spot on the street, but he zooms along and I am in total awe. We whoop and yell at each other as we push each other harder and harder, going faster all the time. It's so crazy! At last I'm past him, on the straights I get the upper hand and my legs are pumping madly to extend my lead. Of course, I have to pay the price in lactic acid, and suddenly I'm swimming in the stuff...! The performance of my muscles plummets straight through the floor and then Dawson comes zooming along and he's past me! DAMMIT!

"Think 'the tortoise and the rabbit', Sam!", he yells back at me. "Slow and steady always wins!"

He spins around near the end of the block and rolls backwards while he sort of wriggles his feet to slow down. Dammit, he's so awesome!

I'm huffing and puffing like a steam locomotive when I finally reach him. "Slow my ass", I barely manage. He gives me a smile, not an arrogant one mind you. It's just soft, and friendly like he understands I'm no Ben Johnson, master of the 100-meters dash. "Do... Do you think we could like...take it easy?", I pant at him.

He smiles and twirls around once on the toes of his skates just to show off to me, something he NEVER does. "Sure!", he says with a smile. "Anyway, I have to have you show me the way or else I won't get there."

He's right, of course. So I show him, going at a fairly slow pace since I'm pretty much beat. It's uphill most of the way from where we are now and home too, along a winding road along a hillside. Trees line both sides, and we can see out across the valley over which most of the town is spread out. A hundred years ago it was almost all wineyards and farmland, now, residential neighborhoods. Things change...

Our house is a fairly new semi-detached, yellow-painted wooden structure in three floors located right on the hillside. The garden isn't very big, and neither is the house actually. Well, it's decent I suppose considering its three floors. The back yard is level with the bottom floor, front yard is level with the 'ground floor', and a small sliver of sloping land along the left side of the house connects the two. I show him inside, and he's out of his skates so quick I barely register it happening. He sweeps his eyes across what he can see of our house and I hurry to bring him upstairs to my den. Not that I really feel embarrassed about our much too bourgoise home to a stranger, it's just that I feel my parents buy stuff that's...well, too showy somehow. If we really were as well-to-do as they want to purport, shouldn't we like be living in a mansion on the east side instead of an upper middle-class neighborhood on the west?

My place though, it's a total nerd's haven. I got two movie posters of Arnold on my walls (original Terminator and Erasor), shelves with video and computer game boxes, movies, comics, my sci-fi and fantasy book collection (Raymond E. Feist's Magician books, the Death's Gate Cycle by Weis&Hickman and others), plus my computer of course. There's not much free space inbetween my narrow bed, my study desk at the window, the computer desk, my armchair and the bookshelves, TV and stereo setup and CD racks. It's my place, I like it. I don't have to share it with anyone under usual circumstances so i'm not bothered by it being a bit crowded.

First thing I do, always, when I get home is check my email. I give the keyboard a quick thwack to wake the monster up from sleep mode. I see Dawson's eyes widen as he hears the jet engine whine of six harddrives split across my dual RAID arrays spin up and initialize... I'm not really aware of Dawson at all though, I'm lost in cyberspace. I get like that around computers, especially ones with permanent net connections... My fingers starts tapping away on my keyboard as I type on a reply to the first mail, and only his muted 'ahem' brings me back to reality.

"You play Diablo, huh?", he says and points at the shelf directly above my monitor. There I have the box to the first Diablo game, the Hellfire expansion, then Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction expansion to THAT, all neatly lined up in a row.

Awakened from my reveries I almost blush. "Yeah, but I don't have any gosu itamz for my characters anymore though, I got scammed a while back and lost all my accounts. Almost made me stop playing altogether."

"Say what?" He gives me an uncomprehending smile.

"I suppose you don't speak the lingo..." I chuckle. "I meant like, 'hot stuff', okay?" I can't help myself smiling. "It ain't there anymore."

He smiles too as he stands next to me. "Aaw, that sucks. What happened?"

I sigh. "It was my own damn fault. I tried to cheat, downloaded a program that stole my account passwords and sent them back to some fourteen-year-old hacker wannabe instead of doing what I thought it would do. When I tried to log in the next day the passwords had all been changed so everything was lost to me... MONTHS of work all gone in an instant. Of COURSE it was my fault, I tried to do it the quick and easy way, but I mean, REALLY. People can be so trite sometimes, stealing things in a damn computer game! It's just a GAME! GET A LIFE!", I almost yell in frustration.

Dawson looks at me as I continue my tirade, amused that something as immaterial as characters and items in a computer game can get me so worked-up. He's not patronizing me I realize, he simply feels amused, because it's all thoughts he himself never even considered. Or at least that's how I interpret him. "Sammy...", he says slowly. "YOU'RE fourteen you know." I feel a little embarrassed. Maybe I do feel older than I really am sometimes. I don't know! Most of the people I know are so shallow, when I want to talk about the DMCA and the way the record and movie industry are cheating us out of our rights without anybody standing up to challenge them, my classmates wants to discuss sports results. When I mention the potential for social interaction across the internet, they yawn and say they know a couple free porn sites where you can get as much T&A as you want. If I try to speak about such things to my friends, all they say is how great the next Metroid or Zelda game is going to be... Funny I should mention social interaction across the net. I mean, I'm not exactly a great speaker in real life... Nobody listens to what I have to say!

"Yeah, I guess maybe I sometimes forget that...", I reply.

Dawson takes a step closer and pats me on my shoulder in a friendly manner. "Don't give yourself a hard time about it. You're not THAT weird!" We both giggle! "Anyway. Show me your cube, man!"

I almost thought he'd ask me to show me some other thing of mine, and my heart beats EXTRA hard once, sending a jolt up to my brain...! "Uh... Okay", I say and swallow. I put the computer to sleep again so it won't distract me (and that whirr of all the fans and harddrives have a way of making visitors annoyed. I barely hear it though.)

It feels like I have a slimy throat and I can't swallow that slime down, I keep gulping over and over until I realize I'm simply plain nervous. I try not to think about if Dawn is looking at my butt as I'm bending down to plonk in my Super Smash Brothers disc into the console's gaping maw and switch the surround receiver over to the Gamecube audio input. Relays inside the audio amp click as it goes over from standby mode and soon the music starts streaming out of my speakers. I pull up my armchair which I use when watching TV or playing on the cube, then realize Dawson needs somewhere to sit too! I point at the computer chair and start to scoot the armchair over to one side to make some room. It's going to be a real tight fit!

"Never mind that", he says and tries to wedge himself down in the chair right beside me! He won't fit, that much is obvious...! He sits with like one buttock on my right leg, and the other supported by thin air. He then tries to place himself on the armrest but the chair groans and almost tumbles over so he quickly has to abandon that idea!

"Crazy fool!", I yelp and giggle again as we're both almost spilled out onto the floor. "Just go sit in the other chair man!"

"Screw that!" Dawson places himself firmly on my right leg and there's nothing I can do about it! Well actually, nothing I WANT to do about it I should say.

"Dawson! Move your fat ass, you're crushing my leg!", I gasp. I hope he can't hear how fucking horny he's suddenly made me feel! He giggles, but instead of getting out of the chair he moves more to the left so his weight is supported by both my thighs. "Thanks man, now you're crushing both my legs, but doing it half as fast instead. And you're blinding me too."

"Sissy! Just turn the darn chair a couple degrees."

He's right. I do as he says, and suddenly the TV screen is revealed to me. "I'm going to sprain my neck here you know." I feel myself struggling more and more as I speak. His neck is so close. It's all exposed, that cap of his contains his hair, and besides, it's so short it wouldn't block anything anyway. I could lean forwards, stretch up a little and kiss him Right There... It would be wonderful. I strain harder not to...

"Boo-hoo!", he retorts. "Sissy!" He jabs me playfully in my stomach with an elbow, then he pauses because I'm not doing anything. Not teasing him back. "I'm not too heavy, am I?", he asks quietly, hesitantly. I've fallen completely silent. Completely still. I'm not moving, not reacting, because all I can think of is Dawn's body so close to my own. "Hello, dude. I'm not too heavy?" He sounds a little worried, as if maybe he's overstepped some personal boundary and I'm busy freaking out.

"No. Not too heavy", I almost gasp in a stiff voice. That's not all about me that's stiff. Painfully so even! Darn it, Dawn could have weighed 300 pounds and I wouldn't have complained! Uh well, maybe not 300... Or 300, as long as he looked as sexy and desireable as he does now at what, 125-ish? I'm not a good judge of such things. He really WASN'T too heavy. I ignore the fact he's sitting far enough down my legs to cut off some artery in them, because I'm slowly, slowly losing the sense in my feet. I want him there, so I say nothing, and I can't ask him to move up closer to me because he'd probably feel my hard-on against his lower back if he did!

Anyway, we turn our attention to the game, I give him a controller and he holds it slightly awkwardly as if unfamiliar with such a device. "I better practice some first I think", he says, and I guide him through the basic steps of how the controls works. It's really quite simple if all you want to do are the basics. Dawson selects Princess Peach for some totally incomprehensible reason, and I just find that enormously funny. Anyway, he gets totally whupped by the computer, I've never seen anyone play as badly as he does! He punches when he means to jump and falls down chasms, he jumps when he means to punch and gets a missile up his royal ass by Samus. The Ice Climber twins hammers him into the ground with their mallets, Fox McCloud slaps him around like a red-headed stepchild with his stick. Dammit, Dawn really STINKS at the game, yet he refuses to give up! We laugh like crazy, but I still can't forget he's SITTING ON ME!

We decide he's had enough practice after a few matches. I grab the other controller and fiddle around trying to find a way to hold it since he's sitting where I normally have my arms. Soon Dawson simply sighs and tells me to wrap my arms around his waist. My feet are almost numb now, but I'm so filled with hormones and desire my hands are literally shaking. Luckily, it doesn't show when I'm gripping the controller. I keep my arms as straight as I can, my lower arms lightly resting against his thighs...

We begin to play. He's got some sense of how the game mechanics works. I'm laying waste to him, several games in a row but every once in a while he manages to do some serious damage to me. I'm chalking it up to coincidence, similar to if given enough monkeys, paper, typewriters and time you'd end up with all the works of Shakespeare. Must be the same thing here. Then it hits me. Literally. We've just begun a new match. I'm coming at him jumping with Yoshi and he sticks an umbrella up my butt. When I back off a hail of turnips rain down on me. I toss my eggs at him and he smashes them before they hit.

It's totally crazy! Whatever I do, he counters it! He pulls a bob-omb out of the ground and blow me up with it, tosses me all over the place, sticks more umbrellas up my butt... When I try to retaliate he simply floats away, gleefully... Of course I lose. BADLY. It's TOTALLY crazy, because Peach is supposed to be a WEAK character!

"Haa-HAA! I totally roxxored your boxxors, man!", he yells triumphantly and stretches the arm he uses to hold the controller up in the air.

"You tricked me! No way you're a beginner...!", I yell back at him.

He twists around to look at me, and as he does he has a wicked gleam in his eyes. "What, you think rollerbladers can't play Nintendo as well? My brother has a cube too you know." Actually, I didn't know he has a brother...

"Rematch!", I demand to cover my surprise. "Rematch!"

He immediately agrees. We use the same characters again, Yoshi the green, long-tongued lizard versus Princess Peach. I do a lot better now that I know his skill level. We fight, attacking and counter-attacking, blocking and parrying. We're almost side-by-side, damage-wise, and as we fight, my arms pull in closer and closer to me without me really DOING it! It just happens by itself as I tear at the controls. I become aware of it when the jeans fabric of his crotch brushes against my fingers, and not just that! Something more substantial underneath as well! Something soft and yielding, yet terribly exciting as well! Dawson seems unaware though, he lets out a warcry and comes at me with an air attack. I narrowly avoid it because I'm so distracted. But then I do it AGAIN! Longer, not just a quick brush...

I feel him. I FEEL him beneath his jeans. His dick. It's completely soft, curled-up like some kind of worm in his underwear, tucked up tight against his body. But it's THERE, I feel it! It suddenly becomes twice as difficult to play! My concentration starts to slip, my health drops faster than his, and my feet are almost killing me now. They've gone completely numb, and my own dick feels like it has sucked up all the blood in my body! It's so stiff it hurts almost as bad as my feet...!

I can't touch him for real, like REALLY touch him. I have to make it seem like it's all accidental since I have to reach around him to hold my controller. He never notices, he doesn't react, doesn't care and I'm so fucking horny I think I'm about to die!

I'm slipping even faster now, but I still manage to get Dawson down to 11%, and then I do die. Painfully, to another of those darn turnips of his. I immediately straighten out my arms, because of course he'll definitely notice I'm touching his privates when the match is over, when he's no longer distracted by the heat of battle!

"AAAAWWWW NNNOOOO!", I yell, as he screams in triumph.

"Hey, good game man!", he says and turns around again to shake my hand. "It was pure luck I won there...!"

No it wasn't! But I can't very well say THAT now can I? Well, maybe in a way it was luck. Luck for HIM that I lost my concentration so bad. "Yeah...", I manage. "Good game." I then groan and try to flex my calves to try to get some sort of circulation going but NOTHING happens! "Uh... Get up. Please... Hurry", I gasp, because my feet really are aching now, and my calves too. My thighs twitch under him to make him move faster.

He understands and quickly gets up. Blood rushes down into my oxygen-starved lower limbs and that AWFUL tingly sensation starts to spread through them. I try not to move my feet because that only makes it worse, but I can't stop myself and my face contorts from that prickly, ticklish feeling.

"Jesus, why didn't you SAY something?", he asks in a concerned voice. I can only laugh softly in a resigned manner because my feet are almost murdering me. I flex my toes and waves of needlepricks rush up my lower legs. "I ASKED if I was too heavy!", he then says accusingly, but he too is laughing now.

"Sorry man!", I gasp. "Not your fault, I didn't really notice it happen until it was too late...!" It's a lie, but hey, can you blame me? I LET it happen because I wanted it... "Darn it, I need to move, get my circulation going again..." I rise up on my feet, decidedly wobbly and Dawson is there immediately and grabs hold of me even though its not REALLY neccessary.

"Steady!", he says and giggles. "You should sit down until you're all back to normal. The muscles pulling your joints together aren't working as they should, you could hurt yourself."

I scoff bravely. "I've been through worse in 'Nam!" My body immediately punishes me when I try to take my first step and my foot twists, almost sending me sprawling to the floor! Lucky me that Dawn is there, pulling me up!

"See? What did I say!", he tells me in a mother-goosely manner. I feel him, feel his body, for just a few moments before he lets go. He's not strong. Not strong at all! (Lucky me I'm such a lightweight too.) He's very slender, almost spidery in fact.

My feet are working more or less the way they should now. They set off furious pinprick sensations at every step of course, but muscle control is just about back to normal levels. "I'm... I'm getting something to drink", I say just to have something to say. "You want something?"

He's back at his usual husky voice now that we've calmed down after the game. "Actually... What I'd really like right now is an egg roll, but something to drink would be okay I guess..."

I laugh! "Egg roll! No, we don't have any of those, sorry." He smiles. "Anyway... Egg roll? I thought you were a vegetarian?" I'm taking him downstairs again, the kitchen is just to the right from the stairs, at the back of the house looking out over the gently sloping valley. We're lucky, all of us who live on this side of the street, because we have no other houses obstructing the view (at least on the two upper floors). That probably jacked up the sales price like 40%... Must have made my materialistic parents happy as hell I suppose. Now they got something to brag about.

When trying to picture our kitchen, think 'white'. Shiny white everywhere, so white that in the morning when the sun reflects off the cupboards you're almost blinded. It's hell to keep clean because the smallest speck is visible, but my parents love it.

"I am a vegetarian, there are veggie egg rolls you know. No eggs except in the name."

I nod. "Of course. Should have thought of that", I say and open the fridge and check the shelves to see what's available. "Anyway, we got cola, juice, milk, Perrier, uh...Bud..."

"If you'd said cider, I'd had one of those. But I'll have some coke then."

"Don't have Coke. Pepsi Max is the closest."

"WHAAT? Pepsi? That's not cola! That's sewage sludge man!" He's almost genuinely upset with me! "How can you DRINK that?"

Now I'm shrugging, trying to defend myself from this sudden verbal onslaught! "I... I like it. Never thought much about it, it all tastes the same to me!"

"It does NOT taste the same. You should try TASTING what you drink next time, you'll see."

"Well, uh, sorry then...", I mutter and feel my shoulders slump. I fear he's angry with me and I don't really understand why. It's just different brands of cola, right? "Didn't think it was that important..." Maybe he wants to leave now, get away from our sewage sludge-infested kitchen. I keep my eyes at the floor.

"Sam... Forgive me. I shouldn't have yelled at you..." His voice is even quieter now than under normal circumstances. It's got that combination of youth smoothness and teen roughness than in the right proportions is so awesomely sexy... He's standing so close to me I can feel his breathing on me. Feel his body heat even despite the flow of coldness coming out of the open fridge. I'm almost going hard again, it's quite erotic for me having him so close... "I get worked up about these things, I know. I'm sorry, it's not your fault." I feel his hand on my shoulder, and I look up into his green-brown-green eyes. "I'm sorry, Sam. I'm not angry at you." I suddenly find myself unable to speak, I can't say anything. It's like my throat has gone as numb as my feet just minutes earlier. "Can I have some sludge please?", Dawson then asks me with a slight smile on his boy-like lips.

"You wouldn't prefer juice then?", I ask hesitantly. "I mean, if you don't like...sludge?"

He giggles/snorts quietly at me adopting his term for Pepsi. "Naah. Too much sugar. At least the sludge is free of that."

"So you like diet stuff huh? Well, how about a Perrier then?"

"Drink water imported from FRANCE? No dude, I don't think so. If I want water I don't need stuff that's been shipped halfway around the globe. That's a total waste of natural resources! Besides, I need the caffeine to keep my concentration topped up, hit me with the sludge!"

I obliege him. Happily even, then I pour myself a glass of juice and thankfully notice there's no longer any threat of me giving myself away to him. When we got our drinks in our hands, I take him upstairs again, back to my room. When we enter, he turns and closes the door and then almost tosses himself down into my armchair.

"Uh, you wanna do something else?", I say. I feel we can't play any more now that he has staked out my chair. "Maybe check out some sites on the internet, I got a cable connection..." I pause. I hope he's not going to ask about porn. I can't handle it if Dawson turns out to be another of those shallow-minded zombies... Not sure I can handle being near Dawn much longer, period. I need to distance myself. Distance, or else sneak off into the bathroom and jack off reeeal quiet-like, I can't stand this much longer!

He shakes his head quite firmly. "Nuh-uh. I'm thinking, 'rematch'! I'm not done with you yet, buddy." He pats his legs. "C'mere. Have a seat."

"I... I can't do that to you! Your feet will fall asleep!"

"If so, it would only be fair. I did it to you, and it must have affected your concentration." Yes, but to be frank, something else affected it a lot more. I walk up to him and positions myself in front of him. I try not to imagine his eyes fixed to my posterior as I carefully bend my knees and sit down on him...even further down his legs than he did to me. "Agh!", he groans and immediately wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me up tight to himself. "You said I crushed your legs, did you intend to try to pay me back?" I struggle momentarily, attempting to get up again but the chair threatens to fall over backwards and Dawson is giggling and laughing and COMMANDING me to stay put! So I obey and relax, sitting down in his lap instead. And when I do, I can't imagine why I ever wanted to get away... My legs slide apart and go on either side of his, and I feel his firm flesh almost touching my own. His arms are still reaching around my slim waist, his stomach is right next to my butt and lower back, and somewhere down there under myself is that sleeping worm of his...

Dawson has snagged controller number one and with his face right next to me, looking over left shoulder, so close to me I feel his chin touch me. Regular, light puffs of air comes out of his nose, tickling the hairs on my neck in a wildly teasing manner as he's busy navigating the menus to start another game. Yoshi meets Daisy yet again.

I feel myself stiffen once more just by thinking about it, I know how dangerous it is, but I think it's worth risking it...

The match starts. We're attacking and counter-attacking, our bodies twisting and rubbing against each other. Dawson's legs are coming apart and I'm sort of sliding down a little inbetween them. Like me, his arms tends to bend in towards him, towards me... I feel it, and I jerk a little every time it happens. He has his chin right on my shoulder as he sits behind me, resting it there as if I'm some kind of human shelf... I'm not leaning backwards at all, HE is leaning up against me! Suddenly it happens. His wrist press into me and slides across my stiff shaft, real quick. My dick twitches, but by that time contact has already been broken. Did he notice? Could he have known what it was he felt if he did? My erection's totally held in towards my body by my underwear, and denim fabric is kind of thick and unflexible after all. Surely he can't have noticed?

The thought flashes through my mind in a second or two, during wich I still continue to fight him! I'm distracted though, but for some reason Dawn isn't busy handing me my ass. I don't think he's holding back on purpose, it doesn't feel like he is. We both play defensively, as if we're not concentrated enough to go on an all-on-out attack. I know why I'm having difficulties, but why would HE...?

We touch again. It's as sudden and unexpected as the first time and over almost just as quick. I shudder and almost gasp, but manage to stop myself from emitting any sounds. My hands stop moving for more than a second. He could have pounced on me right then and there, yet he does not. He misses his jump like a total newbie and falls down a hole, teleporting back up to the top of the screen again with a bit less energy than before. Weird.

As he floats down the screen I jump him, do an air attack and grapple as we land. It's almost like we grapple for real too and I barely notice as the muscled part of the side of his palm digs into my stiff dick - hard - and stays there for several seconds. I realize how good this contact makes me feel, even though it's just through my clothes, but I don't feel distracted now. If anything, my awareness is raised a couple notches, I become attentive of everything around me. Time slows down as I take all of it in and register it in my mind... I notice the way Dawn rests his head against my shoulder, the fact I can feel his right cheek against the side of my neck... His quickened breathing, his chest lightly touching my back... His arms, pinching in around my waist. His left hand, pressing into my dick. All that, and everything on the TV screen too. Every attack and special move I can make, every block and counter to his attacks. It's as if my consciousness expands and encompasses all aspects of my senses. Usually we're unable to focus fully on more than one input, but now I am focusing on all of them. It's amazing. As I I feel all this, I also feel myself involontarily pushing back with my hips against his hand, I tense up my butt and push just a little! It's only been a few seconds, I push and it feels so much better and suddenly the pressure's gone. On the screen, Dawn falls down the same hole AGAIN.

What's the matter with him?

And then I know. His legs open up a little more, and I feel it... The worm is stirring. Definitely. Without a doubt... My whole concentration immediately focuses in on my sense of touch. I forget to blink. I forget to breathe! I just sit there as I feel a hand still holding a controller slowly slide towards my erection and touch it just slightly. Then more firmly. The controller moves over into another hand, disappearing without a trace and I feel myself gasping as I'm grasped by that first hand. Slender fingers touching me through my jeans. Lightly at first, then switching position to reach down and cup my testicles.

I feel him too. Absolutely. Totally. He's awakened from hibernation, and his dick is pushing into one of my buttcheeks. I wriggle a bit with my hips, working myself up higher on his legs since I'd started to slide down, and I feel his erection move in his loose-fitting pants.It pokes me right up my bum like one of Princess Peach's umbrellas and I almost start giggling when that image flashes through my mind. No, this won't work, I'll hurt him if I sit down on him like this. I get up again and turn around in the chair to face him. Dawn's hands are on my back. One hand slides up to grasp me around the back of my neck.

"Can I...?"

"Do you want to...?"

It is something we HAVE to do. I want DAWN, not Dawn's dick. I want him, and so I kiss him as he kisses me. My hands are on his face as he hugs me close. Our lips meet, he is soft to my touch, yet I feel muscles in them tense as he strives to shape himself after me, to close all gaps between us. The kiss? Wonderful. We're both a bit fumbling, but oh so willing. I feel burst after burst of hormones release into my bloodstream, stirring me up even more by our contact...

The game times out, Dawn loses. Who cares?

I pull away from him, I just want to look at him. Look, with new eyes, sort of. Look at him in a way I never could do before, with a closeness that is forbidden to us in public. Look at every detail in his face, like the tiny mole he has below the outer corner of his right eye. Everything. Looking, touching. I want to feel everything with my hands, make it mine somehow... Make him mine.

And I am making him my own. Possessing him. It is not a selfish desire, at the same time I'm giving myself to him as well.

Dawn smiles at me as if he knows what I'm doing. He keeps his eyes locked on mine, never wavering. Smiling. He is so beautiful. Not just body, but in spirit too, I feel. His arms are still wrapped around me, though more relaxed now, hands on my back. His fingers are all spread out.

I keep one of my hands on his face, reaching up from his jawbone to his cheek, as I bring the other hand around his head and pull off his knitted cap. It falls to the floor, thus revealing all of his short and tufty, ill-mannered hair that seems to do whatever it wants to no matter what Dawn himself wishes. I reach into it with my hands, possessing it too as I seal my lips against his again, pushing my erection into his stomach as best I can. His breathing gets deeper, quicker and he holds me tighter again. Holds me, supports me... Both of us moaning softly.

Dawn stays with me all evening. I don't want him to leave, and he makes no moves to do so. He stays for dinner and makes a quick call home to his parents. Then he stays with me all night too. We spend it in that armchair, still dressed and facing each other. Dressed, yet I know exactly how his body feels. Thinly boned, light. Almost like a bird... Sparsly muscled, but what he's got is nice and hard. We're holding each other, kissing, caressing. Talking. Lots of talking... When we don't talk, we're tasting each other with our mouths. It is a thirst we cannot quench, no matter how hard we try!

When the sky starts to brighten again I quietly take him through the house and out on the middle balcony. It's quite large and has a railing made of large panes of thick safety glass. We sit in one of the huge deck chairs there, sinking down in the dew-covered soft mattress. My parents should have taken them indoors because they get wet during the night, but sometimes they forget and now I'm thankful of that. We lie down together and watch the sun rise above the hilltops in the far distance. Touching, always touching, and I feel I don't ever want to be separated from him again.

'Dawn', I whisper to him. 'We're fast becoming so much more than simply friends. How much more, I don't know. Can't tell, not yet.' I'm getting sleepy now, WE are getting sleepy. It's saturday now and I'm getting sleepy in the early morning. I'm on the verge of a great discovery, something great and unknown. A mystery.

It is the dawn of something really special, that I do know...

Author's Notes

All this began with a name. Which name, you can probably guess yourselves. His other name came only moments later when I tried to find the origins of that nick. He looks much like a kid I saw in reality in my local mini-market, so that is this story's second link to reality. I added the skates myself however, not to distinguish the two, but the story worked better that way, and it helped to define Dawn too. Yes, of course that's the one I'm talking about.

Having a sexual experience whilst playing video games and having another boy in your lap is something maybe only a few of us are privileged to have experienced. To those who haven't... Well, at least now you've read about it, heh heh!


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