Summer Stories 2: My Friend Dennis

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 1.1 Not intended for redistribution, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting young boys. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Why is it you think you know everything about someone, and one day you wake up and realize you truly HAD NO IDEA? It was like that for me once. We were buddies. Good buddies even. Not best mates, but we were pretty close anyway. Got to know each other in kindergarten when I came in as a new kid and tried to steal his frisbee just to show who was the boss and as thanks he punched me in the nose so I started bleeding. He was made to apologize to me even though it really was my fault but of course the grown-ups didn't listen. He started fighting (and with the new kid too), that had to mean it was him who was at fault. Clear-cut grownup logic, I suppose. Very black-and-white...

I became quite ashamed, and when we were left alone it was my turn to say I was sorry. Dennis - because that was his name - was quite angry at me at first, but then he came around. Well, maybe the fact that I bribed him with all my remaining M&M:s had something to do with it, I don't know...! Anyway, the incident with the frisbee was soon forgotten, and I never did establish myself as the baddest kid on the block. In fact, I soon found myself in Dennis' shadow, but I didn't mind. He kind of watched out for me through the years, and suddenly we were both a decade older almost to the day... The boy I once tried to bully because he had been smaller than me quickly outgrew me. Dennis was always just a little taller, and a little heavier, and a little stronger. Not much, I suppose (at least until he started soccer practice), but it made him the natural leader, along with his driving personality. I didn't mind following at all, it was no problem for me.

He had invited me over for yet another sleep-over one friday. He used to do that every once in a while and although I kind of liked it I didn't really understand why he did it. Like I said, we weren't best mates, and I kind of considered sleep-overs something you did with a best friend, not just anybody you knew. That particular sleep-over was rather different from another point-of-view also. You see, Dennis' mother had lent away their fold-out extra bed to one of her female friends who had broken up from her husband and didn't really have anywhere to stay. So that meant I had to sleep in Dennis' bed, which was something I'd never done before. Not with him, nor anyone else before.

We did all the things we usually do at those sessions; watched tons of movies, scarfed down potato chips and junk food until we were stuffed and our stomachs ached, drank soda and had belching-competitions, told bad and sometimes (often, actually) dirty jokes, fooled around, had fun in general. Makes me wonder why we weren't best mates, because those times really were great and we both had tremendous fun.

Then came the evening... Dennis' mom told us the news. Well, it wasn't news to one of us, that Clara Martens was sleeping in "my" bed, Dennis knew of course but he hadn't said anything for some reason I didn't understand. Maybe he thought I might get shy and wouldn't stay or something (which was a possibility at least in theory since we didn't live that far apart). I was asked if it was any big deal to me, and with a shaky voice I denied it. I was a bit nervous, because I had never shared bed with anyone else before. I didn't know what to expect, and Dennis' bed wasn't very big either so I wondered if I'd even fit at all! Dennis' mom had also considered that, and gave us a bigger bed cover to sleep under and more pillows too. Then there wasn't much else to do than retreat to his room, undress and get in there... I was almost apprehensive, but Dennis was of course total coolness like always. It was like he did this every day I thought! Not like he looked forward to it or anything, just like it was no big deal at all. So I had no bed to sleep in. I'd sleep with him. Okay, so what?

He made me get in first, closest to the wall. Said if anyone should tumble down on the floor, it should be him! I scooted in as far as I would go, and when Dennis also laid down I was glad I had, because we hardly fit side-by-side on our backs! His mattress sagged a bit in the middle where he used to sleep, and our shoulders and arms were touching. Dennis grinned at me just before he put out the bedlamp, apologizing for the cramped accomodations, and that was it. He went to sleep almost immediately.

Dennis didn't snore. I didn't either, I think. Despite only having Dennis' quiet breaths to listen to, I still found it really difficult to sleep. I'm not used to go to sleep on my back, I want to lie down on my side, but it felt like I couldn't do that. If I moved, I might wake him up, and I would need more room too I thought, I'd incur into his personal space... No, better to just lie there and try to sleep anyway. Finally I was visited by Mr. Sandman, and I fell asleep, dreaming. I dreamt, I was with someone. It was hazy, the dream, but I know I dreamt we were lying down together, me and some other person. I was lying down behind...whomever, and I was very, very excited. Only slowly did I become aware it really wasn't a dream. I was waking up and it dawned upon me that I really WAS lying down with someone. Dennis...! The room was bright, and I was on my side now and so was he, and my rock-hard erection was pressing hard into one of his buttcheeks...! I was having my right arm draped over his chest and my face snuggled up against his neck, our bodies touching all along their length. I even had my right leg and foot laid over his right leg.

I think I should have been frightened, scared, but I wasn't. I think the reason was that Dennis was still asleep, and even if he wasn't asleep he could not hold me accountable because he would think *I* was still asleep! We can't help what we do in our sleep, right?

I had never really thought of Dennis as attractive. I knew he was of course. Not pretty, really, or handsome even. Just sufficiently good-looking not to be ugly or average. But he had a neat smile, and a pleasant, easy-going temper, and people liked him. We had never 'compared ourselves', or had semi-nude wrestling matches or done any kind of 'playing around' or whatever you want to call it. I hadn't, not with anyone, and as far as I knew, neither had Dennis. But now I found myself thinking along those lines... I didn't have to pee, so my dick was hard for some other reason. It's easy to imagine why it would get hard in my sleep, but now when I was awake why did it stay that way, unless I did find Dennis attractive?

I had my arm around him, and my hand was touching his chest... He had a good body, my friend Dennis. Not godly, like his face it was good-looking but nothing extraordinary. Yet there seemed to be something about that too. I felt his left pec under my hand, touching his nipple with my fingers, and it was all stiff. I was careful not to move my hand, not caress him. Just let it rest there... I did not want to risk waking him up. But I LIKED IT, I noticed. I got even harder, and I think I actually pressed myself a bit more into his butt.

I wondered why I wasn't getting all upset by touching my friend like this. I mean, he's A GUY. You don't do such things with other guys...right?

I was liking it. Enormously so even. My friend was nice to the touch. His neck felt nice against my cheek and he smelled real good, his back against my chest stimulated me. My arm that I had wrapped around him held me in close to him, and my hand felt the slick texture of his warm skin. It was wonderful, lying there so close to my friend and let my hardness touch him, let my underwear get all wet and slimy from my excretions... I wasn't really sexually excited right then, but I was enormously emotionally stimulated and incredibly hard. I was relaxed and smiling to myself and actually allowed myself to snuggle in to him, sighing a soft 'mmmmhhh...!', hugging him a bit tighter still...

That's when he moved.


Dennis turned towards me, lying down flat on his back. I let myself roll forwards as if I was still asleep. I ended up resting partly on the right side of his body.

"Nicky?", he said quietly. I did nothing, said nothing other than cursed at myself for being careless and stupid! I hoped he would still think I was asleep. "Hey, Nicholas." He nudged me a little.

"Nnnhh...", I groaned to try to make him believe I really was asleep and didn't want to be disturbed.

"Come on, quit screwing around. I know you're awake." I still did not react. Maybe I could pull it off anyway I was thinking... "Alright Nicky, I'm gonna squeeze your nuts real hard if you don't say something RIGHT NOW!"

I was real quick to respond to avoid his threat! Curiously, he did not sound angry, but he was serious. "I'm awake. Okay, happy now?" I answered in a slightly more annoyed tone of voice than I really should I think, but I could not help it. I felt threatened! I pulled myself off him as quick as I could and made myself small against the wall.

Dennis didn't seem to mind, in fact he almost seemed to be smiling as he laid there with his head turned towards the ceiling, staring right up at it. "I felt you", he said quietly. "Was it good?"

"I was asleep, I really was! I couldn't stop it!" I paused for a few seconds. "I only woke up when you started speaking to me... Sorry", I added quietly.

My friend giggled. "That's not what I asked, if you were asleep or not!"

"What do you mean?! I was ASLEEP! I didn't feel anything!"

"It's okay to admit it you know."

"Admit what?! You think I'm some kinda weirdo or something?! Of course I didn't like it, I was asleep!"

Dennis turned to look at me. "Nicky. I don't mean to say you're gay or anything-"

"I'm NOT gay!", I said quite indignantly.

"Look, I didn't say you are! Can I finish?!" He looked at me sharply, so I nodded (though doing it reluctantly). He was the one who set the agenda whenever we were together, I guess was used to defer to him and that's probably why I obeyed... "Didn't mean to say you're gay", he repeated carefully yet firmly so I would not interrupt again. "But maybe you still thought it was nice. It's okay to tell me if you did, I wouldn't squeal on you or anything! You know what the first thing people would say if I told them I felt your dick against my butt? 'Why did you let him stick his dick up your butt? You gay or something?', that's what! You think I want that? What I do want is YOU telling ME you liked it. Because I already know you did."

"Okay OKAY! I liked it, alright? You happy now? And I'm not gay!" I was sullen and a bit resentful for him pushing me around like that. Okay, so I had liked it, but I did NOT like having to admit it to him! And I guess I didn't quite know if I could trust him anymore either despite his assurances. If I gave him this information, I'd make myself vulnerable. But now it was too late, I'd already said it. It was the authority he had over me, it had to be. Well, it's something to blame anyway...

"Well, I'm not gay either!", Dennis responded with a cheeky grin. "Doesn't mean we can't experiment a little, right?"

I got extremely confused all of a sudden. "Uh... What...?"

Suddenly his expression turned into a serious one and he looked at me real closely. "Would it totally freak you out if I said I was awake as well, and I liked it too...? It... It doesn't have to MEAN anything of course. We could just fool around a bit. Like I said, experiment, sort of. ...If it's okay with you I mean?" I didn't know what to say! Honestly! But some part of me got around that by not saying anything at all, it just pulled on muscles like the wires of a casper mannequin and my head nodded. Dennis smiled at me and suddenly I was a little scared of what I'd gotten myself into, but that excitement was back also. I grabbed on to that, focused on it because I did not like that feeling of confusion, and suddenly I felt myself start to get stiff all over again...! "Okay! Good!", Dennis said rather enthusiastically. He didn't know I was getting stiff, I was all covered up and everything, but something in him had changed, he seemed more...energetic, somehow. Like he too was totally turned on. "We'll just do it like the first time, okay? Like we're sleeping. We're not a couple of fags, so no queer stuff. Just a bit of fun, right?"

"Okay", I said quietly in an almost subdued voice. On the inside however I was a raging inferno, and I was truly starting to doubt if it really was as innocent a thing as Dennis wanted to portray. At least for me, I mean. I was as hard as I'd ever been just at the THOUGHT of being close to my friend again... Not just close, but actually TOUCHING him as well!

Dennis started to position himself just the way he'd been lying before, then he paused. "Uh... Nicky... You think, maybe, we could like... Take off our...?" He blushed a little, and when he saw I saw he was blushing he REALLY started blushing! "Uh, I mean... If... If we're going to do it, why not...?" He could not continue. Maybe he was afraid I would think he really was queer or something, I wasn't sure.

"Why not do it properly", I finished for him to put him out of his misery. "Okay." To avoid continuing to discuss the subject (I'm quite certain I did not want a discussion because I did NOT want to see myself as a possible fag, just a guy about to have some fun), I quickly slipped out of my briefs and tossed them over him and down on the floor. He gave me another of his cheeky grins. I think I also was so quick because I just wanted to GET IT ON. Not talk anymore, just get close to Dennis before he maybe changed his mind and didn't want to continue. Get close, close, close...

He too pulled his underwear down his legs (doing it modestly under the covers just like me). He had briefs as well, I'd seen them the previous night. Dark pink, tight briefs as opposed to my floppy blue-and-white-striped ones, with a wide stretchy waistband that sat real snugly on him. When his too was on the floor he laid down on his left side with his back against me and drew up his legs a little, letting his butt stick out in my direction.

"Put your arm under my head please", he told me as I slowly got closer and closer to him. He twitched noticably when my wet, exposed dickhead touched and slid across the skin of his right buttock. I heard him hiss quietly, and that spurred me on to get closer still. If it had been great the first time, it was at least five times better now. I was all naked and so was my friend, and I knew he liked it, wanted it... I got in close to him, closer than ever before in fact since I knew it was alright now. I put my arm over his chest just like the first time and gripped him tight, tight. He shivered of delight, and my dick twitched. He pushed back at me with his butt, and that just made us feel even better... A mutual sigh of pleasure followed as we both snuggled in to find the position that would let the maximum amount of skin area get in contact. I crossed my right leg over his legs, also just like the first time... We didn't say anything. No need to.

I wanted to get SO close to him, with my right hand I carefully combed aside the light-blonde hair from his cheek and tucked it in behind his ear, then put my face in next to his. Then I started moving my hips, rubbing myself against him. I had no idea what to do, it just came to me on instinct. My dick worked itself into the tight valley inbetwen his buttocks, I was making him all slick with my ample pre-cum.... Soon we got ourselves wonderfully synchronized, I moved against him as he moved against me. I touched his chest with my right hand, then moved down to his stomach which again made him hiss and quiver. Dennis wasn't truly muscled like a weight lifter, nor wimpy either. A little soft, just a little, with hard strength underneath. If you poked him with a finger you'd sink into him maybe to half your fingernail or so or a little more perhaps. Not much, but enough to make him deliciously soft and touchable, at least in my opinion! And touch him I did. His softness accentuated his innie belly-button, and I made him shiver and moan by running circles around it with my fingers, and tickling him in it. I made him shiver and moan more by simply stroking his tummy from his groin (deliberately avoiding to touch his penis) and up towards his chest. Sometimes I'd do it softly, just brushing his skin (and he'd bite his lip and hiss in air between his teeth), or more forcefully, letting my hand really touch his soft yet strong body (and then he'd tense up and sigh a long, quiet, shuddering 'aaahhh!')...

Soon, he could not stand it any more and he seized my hand in his own and put it firmly on his pulsating dick. It was of course the first time I'd ever touched another boy there and it was so weird for me, but it also felt so...special... Our mutual pleasure was raised to entirely new levels by that single action of his. It felt far more than Dennis' simple, uncomplicated assurance that all we'd do was fool around for a while and no queer stuff. He was so hard, so exquisitely hard, yet his member was covered quite loosely in a sheath of softest skin. He was uncut like me, and the foreskin covered all of him completely despite he was so totally hard. I caressed him softly, gently and he almost yelped out loud in sheer delight! Stroking him was wonderful to me, and right then I too craved more!

I took my hand off him real quick and used it to position my stiff pole right between his legs and thrust forwards in between his thighs. It was so tight, so tight, and right then it was my turn to hiss in air between clenched teeth! We were both breathing fast and ragged at that point and I felt myself almost right at the edge. My left hand from the arm that supported his head was angled right back at him, stroking his right shoulder and arm, and sometimes chest. My right hand he wanted on his dick, and I could not let go for more than a few seconds or he'd come after me and put it right back there. His left hand he used to caress my arms, one first, then the other and back again. His fingers touched me so lightly it almost tickled, all my tiny hairs on them were standing in attention as much as my stiff dick was! His right hand he had on my butt. He reached behind himself and held a firm grip on my right buttock, clamping it firmly with his fingers. He pulled me in towards himself just as I thrust into him, it was as if we knew exactly the right timing to use between each push even as we switched between a few quick ones, then one longer, harder one... But it still was not enough! Not nearly enough!

"Nnh. Nnnhh. Nnnhhhh...!", I heard Dennis whimper, and then his moist lips were touching my cheek, his hot breath right on the skin of my face. I turned towards him and our lips met. A bit awkwardly because of the odd angle, but we stretched and twisted ourselves to make it work. A muted 'mmmmmhhhhh' of satisfaction came out of us as we joined properly, both tasting another boy for the first time. We then kissed again, more firmly and securely than that first time. He accepted my tongue greedily without fighting me at all, and all I could think of was how heavenly good it felt. Me, kissing Dennis, the leader... Now I was in charge I felt, he was the pliable one. But he gave as much as he took from me, giving me satisfaction in return for what I offered him. I hugged him so hard in towards myself he hissed almost of pain, and all I could think of was a bewildered, 'like we're sleeping? What the hell?', but the thought got lost down some hidden crack in my mental framework when he whispered to me...

"Jesus, Nicholas... Do it... I want it...! Take me! Do it... Now... Now please...!" And I did it. No thinking involved, again just instinct. I pulled back a little with my hips, aiming approximately in the right direction and angle, then pushed again. I hit spot on on the first try, I could feel it. I didn't know I had to be careful with him, but I was anyway. Instinct. Slowly.

Dennis whimpered and moaned so cutely while I entered him it only served to stir me up further yet. He was so hot on the inside! So hot! I never imagined... Hot, and moist, and...wonderful... We kissed. I did not want to stop touching his lips with my lips or his body with my hands, his glorious lips especially. No. Not like we were sleeping. Not at all like sleeping...!

Reaching fully inside him, I sighed softly, then thrust deeper still, making us both sigh. Dennis' penis was incredibly slick now, so slick it was hard to get a firm grip on him, so I concentrated on rubbing his glans with my fingers and palm, and the sensitive area inside his foreskin. It made him squeal and moan just as bad as when I'd stroked him, if not more! He pushed back against me - hard! - urging me deeper still inside him. I complied, rolling him over on his stomach and using my own weight to add more force to my thrusts.

He turned his head to the right so I could continue to kiss him still, me holding my hands on his pecs under his body. He urged me on further and it felt like I entered him deeper every time I pushed into him. Dennis was so hot to my touch, I felt the round globes of his butt flex against my groin as his back arched like a cat stretching in reaction to my moves, and it was the most wonderful sensation. He tensed up his muscles, creating more friction and that increased the pleasure for us both. He literally quivered at every down-stroke and I noticed him rubbing his member against the sheet beneath him, making muted pleasure-noises all the time. I kissed his mouth, his cheek, his exposed neck. Shoulders and back. I licked him, tasting his smooth skin... He was clean and smelled fresh, a light lingering flowery fragrance of deodorant still detectable. Beneath that, his youthful semi-musky boy scent. Sexy. Jesus, Dennis was SO SEXY!

I let my head rest against his neck as I pushed into him once, harder than ever. He gasped repeatedly and suddenly his hands reached and found my butt. I tensed up, my mouth was literally ripped away from him as my back arched, I felt over-stimulated. Like I didn't know what do do with myself, where to go. It was insanely intense and I just thrust with all my might, all my weight into my friend.

Dennis tensed up and quivered worse than ever before, his butt clasping my dick in an awesome grip. He gave a long shuddering, squealing sigh as I fought not to simply cry out in extacy. I spent myself deep, deep inside him, and then slowly laid my body down on top of him without pulling out. I was still hard, but I was also exhausted and breathing heavily, my heart gradually slowing down after that awesome orgasm. My head rested on top of his, cheek to cheek, and he was warm and soft to my touch. In fact, all of him was, from head to toes...

"I wonder what my mom will think when she sees these bedsheets...", I heard Dennis mumble softly. "I've made a huge mess here..." I grinned at his words, and then I felt his hands return to my butt, caressing me softly from the top of my buns down to where they joined my thighs... I got all goosebumpy by his gentle and caring touches.

I could not quit thinking of what he'd said! It was just so funny I thought. I started laughing! I could not stop, and my laughter must have stimulated him since I was still totally stiff and inside him and everything. He started moaning all over again inbetween short snorts of laughter of his own, pushing his butt upwards towards me...

"Oh gawd, Dennis... That was some experiment!", I managed to gasp... He was gonna make me cum again if he kept it up!

"So you liked it too?" He gave me another of his cheeky grins, delivered from over his shoulder since he was still flat on his belly. "You think we can it again some time, huh? I mean, it's just for fun, right?"

For fun. Right. I moved in and gave him a long soft kiss on his mouth. He yielded totally to it, the natural leader so willing to be lead. He took my tongue inside him, wanted more than I could give. I caressed him gently and he shivered again, pushing himself up against me again just as I pushed back! My mind sparked anew and I felt already strained muscles inside me kick in again. The second orgasm was almost as awesome as the first, but painful too, it was too soon after the first! I still managed to hold on to Dennis with my mouth though, and when I withdrew myself from him I saw disappointment in his eyes. He wanted more still! "Yeah. Just for fun", I said softly, almost whispering it to him, I felt so tired...! He had just proved himself wrong on that account, but who cared about such technicalities? "We're gonna have all the fun you can handle", I told him and he gave me such a thankful, warm and happy smile it just totally made me melt.

"Thanks, Nicholas...", he said shyly, and then I kissed him again, and it was even better than the last time. He accepted me fully, totally. It was awesome.

I was kissing another boy, and it felt good. More than good even... That can't be just fun, can it? Not just an experiment? Does that mean I really am...well, NOT straight anyway...?

Dennis was happy. I was happy. We were lying on our sides again, me still inside him and my hand on his slick and rock-hard penis when his parents stuck their heads inside the room to announce breakfast was ready, wondering if we'd slept well and other such trivial things.

To them it looked like two boys innocently sharing a narrow bed, lying close out of sheer neccessity. However, we knew better...!

We kissed again as soon as they had closed the door, and it was only then I realized our respective sets of underwear had been lying there on the floor quite visible to them both when they'd looked in on us... I wondered for a few tenths of a second if they'd even noticed it, and if so, what they were thinking about it, and then I started laughing again! I did not mention it to my friend, figuring he would either think of it himself or he wouldn't, in either case it wouldn't make a difference... The matter was out of my hands anyway. Right around then, my dick softened on its own accord, and I slowly pulled out of him. He hissed a little as I did, as if it stinged or ached, maybe.

"Oh Nicky...", he gasped. "I'm really, really sore!" He giggled helplessly. "I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to the breakfast table, or at least not without waggling along like a duck!"

We laughed so much at that one we got tears in our eyes. "You could always say you got cramp during the night and pulled a muscle", I managed to say.

"You think they'll believe it?" He giggled again, almost a schoolgirly giggle actually.

"You never know until we've tried..." I gave him another sweet kiss, to which he again yielded to completely. I found it really sexy, that I was able to exert this level of authority and command over my otherwise quite determined friend. He probably thought so as well... At least it seemed that way on the way he reacted to my kisses.

I nudged him lightly and repeatedly, and he finally got the hint. Get out of bed! He was very slow, I could see his posterior pained him, but he also had a very goofy smile on his face and a certain spring in his movements despite the pain... Things that all spoke just one thing: 'newly-laid'! I thought it was very cute, and I suppose a similarly goofy smile was on my face too!

We put on underwear, socks and T-shirts, pausing a few times to touch a little, once to kiss, and then hurried off (as best we could) to have breakfast. Poor Dennis! He was having a bit of a hard time sitting down as well! I giggled just a little at seeing his hidden grimaces... Due to his prediccament we both ate hurriedly and then immediately rushed off to have a shower. We needed to wash the sex off our bodies, and rather badly too I might add. We took turns showering, I looked at him all the time, and when it was my turn I got stiff. Dennis gave me a small grin, but he didn't say anything. Maybe he was a bit impressed that he'd had all of THAT inside him... Yeah, I'm rather pleased with myself if I may say so. In that regard at least! It was the first time Dennis had seen my dick 'properly' as well, not just felt it.

The rest of the day we spent calmly and relaxed indoors. Usually we'd be out running around having fun, but I didn't feel like it, and Dennis had a hard time moving around (though he did get better during the day). We didn't kiss or touch or any other gay stuff, coz we weren't a couple fags after all. Just friends, hanging out together, friends that happened to like to 'experiment' a bit. Or, that's what I figured Dennis was thinking anyway and I did not want to upset that image he had of me. Things might have gotten weird between us, you understand what I mean?

In the afternoon it was time to say goodbye, I could not stay all weekend because my parents demanded I do my homework and various odd jobs around the house (weird people, aren't they!). We stood in his hallway looking at each other, and somehow it was like we looked at each other for the first time. I could appreciate my friend's nice-looking face and stronger yet soft and yielding body, and he seemed to find similar yet different qualities in me. We didn't speak, we just shared a really quick hug, then I said goodbye and that was it.

I kind of walked on clouds on the way home. I'd kissed someone (well, romantically, I mean!) for the first time, lost my virginity, AND it had all been GREAT! All in the same morning... Dennis was a lot closer than usual in my mind that whole weekend, I found myself thinking of him, what he was doing, everything... I kept thinking if maybe I should call him. Just to hear his voice. But I remembered we weren't queer, weren't boyfriends... Maybe he'd think I was weird or something, it had all been just for fun anyway. Oh, but what magnificient fun it had been!

I still thought lots and lots of him though, all available moments of that sunday in fact.

There was school of course the next monday. I saw him there, he said a quick 'Hi!', and then we went our separate ways. It wasn't really strange, we weren't best mates and we did not use to hang out every break together. Not strange, at least if not considering what had happened during the weekend! It felt a bit like he was ignoring me, brushing me off... Like I said, I knew we weren't boyfriends or anything, but couldn't we at least TALK a little? Talking's hardly a suspicious activity, is it?

Had he changed his mind about what had happened that saturday? Did he dislike me now, was I weird in his eyes? Wouldn't we 'experiment' again, or even see each other? I wasn't sure, and the uncertainty was very difficult to handle! It was made worse still by the fact he continued to avoid me for the next few days! I mean, REALLY avoid me. To the point of looking the other way and running off if he saw me coming! Monday, I could sort of understand, but this... It hurt me! It really did! It hurt a great big deal actually, and what's worse, I had no idea why he was treating me that way! I hadn't done anything, I hadn't acted gay or weird, I hadn't hit on him, nothing...!

It was really tough, those few days, I so wanted to be with him again, and not just because he had more than hinted at us having more sex... I wanted to BE with him...! It was so strange, I'd never thought of myself as gay, and now I was considering, maybe I was? No matter what though, I really REALLY liked Dennis! However, he didn't want to even talk to me! What should I do? I was helpless! There was nobody I could talk to, ask for advice... I could picture it, me saying to my friends I had love problems and it involved another guy, that I needed help and input... Geez. They'd throw me to the wolves! All the input I'd get would be Jarrett, Rignall and Harris giving me a thorough work-over.

I didn't even go to the cafeteria that friday, just to avoid maybe bumping into Dennis and have him run off on me again. I'd had that happen enough times on me now, and if I had to live through it one more time I feared I was going to lose it completely. I was plain miserable, I didn't want to be in school at all, I wanted to go home and feel upset and confused in peace. It was almost that I got up and ran when Dennis suddenly sank to his knees where I was sitting on a bench in a hallway. I hadn't seen nor heard him approach, but then again, I hadn't been paying much attention either.

He didn't look at me, I don't think he dared. He knew I was angry and disappointed in him, so he could not look at me in case I'd turn my back on him. Dennis held a light grip on the lower leg of my jeans, like he wanted to stop me from leaving, but it was such a weak grip I would have been able to rip myself free easily. I didn't realize it at first, but Dennis was actually crying... Light sniffles, very quietly.

"Nicky...", I heard him whisper. "I was wrong... I thought I knew... That it was so simple..." The rest of what he tried to say got lost as he started crying louder, and I found myself crouching down at his side and putting my arms around him.

"Dennis! What's wrong?", I asked, deeply concerned! I had been angry at him, now I was only worried! Deep, wracking sobs was the only response I got, and I hugged him tighter still.

"Don't laugh at me...!", he whispered. "Please, don't laugh!" Then he sobbed more.

"Why would I laugh?!"

He tried to bring himself under control. "Because...", he started, and of course, right then Julian Rignall came by, the big, cocky son of a bitch that he was, always with a nose for trouble and a knack for turning up whenever you least wanted him to! Normally, Dennis was more than man enough to handle the bastard, but not right then.

"Waazzuupp?", he said in that thorougly annoying manner of speaking he had. "So what have we here, huh? Mister Goody Twoshoes himself, crying his eyes out! Wazzamatter, darling? Come on, tell daddy!" He leaned down and tried to ruffle Dennis' hair.

I quickly slapped away his hand. "Back off! Can't you see he's hurting?!", I yelled at Julian and stood up quickly. A bit too quickly, because Dennis yelped and hugged my legs tight as if he feared I was going to leave him! I couldn't take a step without tripping!

"Back off or what?", Julian returned in a hostile voice and glared at me, angered at my interference. "Who's gonna make me, you and what army, shrimp?" He pushed me in my chest once. I swayed, but held my ground. "HUH? Come on, answer me!", he demanded even more angrily and pushed me again. I almost fell! This was decidedly ungood, I found myself thinking in a surrealy calm and analytical manner when I really should have been totally scared. I did NOT want Julian pissed at me, especially not when I was in a position where I could not even try to run away! Now it seemed he had decided I was trying to challenge him for some stupid reason (and I had never EVER tried to challenge him before!). I was pale in my face, my initial courage evaporated. Of course, I could not speak a single word. It was all just me being stupid again... "You wanna fight, huh? Is that it? Come on, what do you say?!" Julian was stabbing me with a finger in my chest, and then he gave me a REALLY hard push! I almost slammed into the wall and the back of my head impacted with a ringing jolt and actually bounced back! I collapsed down on the bench, and when I desperately tried to bring myself under control, Julian had one big fist on my collar, the other raised, ready to strike. Then he suddenly let go, and at first I could not understand why! Then I saw a towering figure walk by.

"Hmm, young master Rignall...", a dry voice said tersely, almost mockingly. "And Nicholas Hopkins." It was the headmaster, Mr. Cole, and his way of letting Julian know he was being watched. The headmaster often did the rounds around the school corridors, and woe anyone caught while up to some mischief by his watchful gaze! Julian had been written up enough times to most likely get expelled if he did something stupid again, which he often did, but he also excelled at not getting caught for it. His knack for avoiding the repercussions of his own actions saved him yet again, Mr. Cole walked on by at a slow pace without stopping.

"See you two again later...crybabies!", Julian snorted, then turned and headed off the other way.

I looked down at Dennis, and quickly kneeled at his side because I saw he was far more frightened than I'd been! When I touched him, he started weeping again.

"Oh Dennis, you're a wreck...! You can't stay here. Let's get you home."

He didn't say anything, and I pulled him up and started heading off towards the nearest exit. My bigger friend didn't argue, he leaned on me and let me steer him wherever I wanted to. We started walking (neither of us lived that far from school; it took us maybe twenty minutes by foot to get there, no more). When we reached the point were we'd each go our separate ways, he pulled me to a stop.

"Not there, mom's home...", he whispered quietly. I turned and looked at him, his face was a little puffy and his eyes red-rimmed still. "Your place."

I nodded, and steered him off to the left. He knew both my parents were working, nobody would be home for hours and hours. Within minutes we were there, Dennis still leaning on me, still very weak emotionally as well as physically. I got him inside and into my room, and sat him down at the foot of my bed (really no bigger than his actually, I noticed now).

"What's all this 'don't laugh at me' business you got so upset over?", I asked as I placed myself next to him. He looked back at me hesitantly, as if he was afraid of me maybe, or at least afraid of the closeness even though I suspected he also wanted it.

"You're going to say I'm a freak, that I disgust you", he said in a sullen voice.

I tried smiling at him. "Don't tell me what I'll say, I keep my own counsel about that thank you!" I did not get a smile back, not that I really expected one I suppose. "Come on, don't pout! Just TELL ME already! Please, I am your friend." I nudged him lightly. "I promise I won't laugh or anything...", I added softly.

"Promise?", he asked and I could see on him how insecure he felt.

I smiled again, and this time it was a natural reaction, a much warmer smile than my first one. "Yes. I PROMISE." I saw the corners of his mouth twitch, and then he looked down real quick, as if he didn't want me to see.

Dennis was quiet for a little while without saying anything. "I... I think...I might..." He stopped and looked up at me again with a deadly serious expression. "PROMISE?! No laughing?" I nodded firmly. 'But you'll hate me. You'll kick me out', I knew he wanted to say so I circumvented him and hugged him really quick. He was all tense and uncomfortable to hold so I let him go just as quick. I just wanted to show there was nothing he would say that would make me push him away! I just wanted my leader back, the leader that was so determined and self-secure out in public, and that yielded so deliciously to me while we were in bed together...

"It's alright. You can tell me."

He sighed. He could not keep it inside himself any longer. "I think I like you. No... I think I...maybe..." Another pause, and he crouched up, made himself small and insignificant, hid himself behind his hands to protect himself. "Love you...", he whispered in a strangled voice. He was shaking of fright while I felt a wild burst of exhileration tear through my body. Relief. Calmness. Relaxation. Warmth, happiness. Love in return...

"I love you too", I whispered back, as my arms encircled and held him. Dennis started crying again.

"No you don't! Why do you say that?"

"Why do YOU say that?", I asked gently.

He tried to keep his voice level but couldn't. "How can you love me? I'm ugly! I'm FAT and UGLY!"

I hugged him tighter still. "You're none of those things... You're big and strong, and soft, and nice to touch. And I do love you!"

Dennis would not listen to me. Or actually, I think he did. Or at least wanted to. He wanted to believe me, but he was so afraid of disappointment and rejection he didn't allow himself to believe me. What else could I do other than push him down flat on my bed despite his struggling to push me away, then get on top of him and start kissing him?

I think I must have kissed him six or seven times on his cheeks and forehead before he started to relax. Then at my eigth kiss all of him just switched off. He went completely limp, so I took his head in my hands and put my face real close to his and whispered, "Do you seriously think I'd kiss someone I didn't love like THIS?"

Then I kissed him on the mouth. He again yielded to me, let me inside him, it was amazing. My friend bucked under me, his back arching, and then his arms were around me, gripping me tight but not hard.

I broke free, just so I could rip off my shirt, and then I ripped off his shirt too. Dennis looked at me with anticipation, breathing hard. I saw his sexy chest rise and fall in time with his breaths. I nodded at him to tell it was OK to go ahead, then I felt his hands grip me at my waist.

"You're so... So SLIM!", he sighed yearningly and squeezed at my firm flesh. "Not like me... I don't understand it, how can you like...?"

"Isn't it enough for you that I DO like it, Dennis?" I touched him, and my hands sank into him just a little. He tensed up and frowned, an uncomfortable look on his face. I smiled encouragingly at him and caressed him, letting my fingers run down his stomach and then his eyes closed and he shuddered to the very core of his being, his back arching again. "You liked that, didn't you?", I said wickedly. He nodded vigorously without opening his eyes. I sat back on him a little, and suddenly I felt his hard dick under my butt. I slid further down, onto the floor where I proceeded to unbutton his pants and slowly pull them off him. I could see him shiver with anticipation, his dick straining against his underwear. Dennis didn't touch himself, didn't move at all, except for those waves of shivers that swept over him whenever my motions made me touch his bare skin. I reached up to pull off his briefs too when his voice stopped me.

"Socks... Socks...!", he demanded and wriggled with his feet to hurry me along. That's right, I'd forgotten that little detail! I grinned to myself. Socks went. Briefs came off, making his dick slap hard against his stomach. I was out of my own clothes faster than you could say ziplock, me too extremely anxious to get close to him... First thing I did was to put my hands on Dennis' waist this time. Put them there, spreading my fingers and enjoying his softness, but also the hard muscles underneath. Let him show I did not mind, and not just that in fact, that I wanted him, his body, just the way it was. He sighed deeply at feeling my touch... I noticed a small puddle of clear, slimy fluid forming at the tip of his dick. As I watched, another drop oozed out of him and fell like in slow-motion down on his stomach. It was an incredibly exciting thing to witness for me...!

I leaned up over him, and as my chest touched his dick I felt all of him twitch. I put my lips to his stomach. Kissed his navel, sent my tongue into it and listened to his ragged exhaling of air. I worked myself higher, and as he felt my own dick touch him in the sensitive area between his legs he again twitched and moaned softly. My breath was on his face now (eyes still closed), and I could see how anxious he was for us to begin loving for real.

Not fucking, or even making love. But actually loving. We've said it, but we'd yet to truly DO it.

It felt like I was about to lose my virginity all over again...!

Our faces touched. Not in a kiss, our lips merely brushed against each other, then we moved on, touching other places of our faces. I smiled when I felt him tonguing the thin skin behind my earlobe, the warm wetness that turned chilly when he removed himself. His hands roamed over my body. I'd sort of gotten the impression he did find me sexy somehow. I'm not sporty at all, all I got going for me in my own opinion is I'm very slim (mom says I got the appetite of a bird and fusses over me because of it). But Julian was right about one thing, I was a shrimp too, I got no real substance under my skin to show off that slimness. Dennis however, while soft, you could easily see muscle under there as well. He was an avid soccer player after all.

I ground into him when I felt one of his hands on my butt. It touched me quite lightly right inbetween where my legs joined my buttocks, and I expected to feel his fingers start probing into me. I didn't dislike the idea, I was maybe even a little curious of how it would feel. Dennis didn't touch me that way though, he just caressed my bum slowly, each time sort of doing it MORE somehow than the last time. Like he was familiarizing himself with the thought it really was okay for him to do it. The other hand he had on my back where it too kept moving back and forth, feeling the ridges of my spine and ribs.

"You're so firm...", he said in an almost surprised tone of voice!

"And you're so soft AND firm", I replied. I hoped he'd interpret it as the compliment I intended. However, it was like he didn't hear me at all.

"I love you...", he sighed, almost as if dreaming. His eyes were still closed.

I moved up a little higher. "Dennis, I love you too", I whispered right into his ear. I wanted to make sure he didn't miss it. "I love all of you..." He gave a soft whimper and sniffled, hugging me close. And then I felt it. We connected for real. I felt his love flood into me like a tsunami, and it was the most awesome of feelings. I let open my own floodgates and gave of myself in return. He sighed once more, whimpering much like a puppy when I started moving against him. It was a bit uncomfortable with my legs sticking out over the edge of the bed though (Dennis still had his feet on the floor), so I slid off him and worked myself all the way up. "Get on top", I told him, and Dennis complied. Now I could touch him much more freely, to show him how much I enjoyed him and his body... Really, he wasn't fat at all. The fact you got a little softness doesn't make you fat! He was silly for thinking that... In my opinion, that just made him even more delicious to touch, easier to touch. I felt more of him that way, could make him feel more of me. And how could he say he was ugly? I did not understand it! He was the most attractive person in the whole world to me! He was the one I loved!

Dennis was a little uncomfortable in his upper position, maybe it felt like he was pressed into an active role when he felt most easily at home in a passive, or maybe even submissive one.

"Nicholas...?", he asked hesitantly, and somehow I knew what it was about.

"Don't worry", I told him. "It'll be easier for you when I... Uh, when I get inside you." It was what we both wanted and urged for, I knew.

He looked at me, still hesitant. "You think so? Because... Well, I think I really prefer we do it like the last time." I knew he was getting nervous and uncomfortable because he started to go soft. And that can be really worrying for a guy, I know. We take such pride in having our 'stuff' in working order whenever we want to use it... Especially when around someone we care deeply for, and I saw that pained him greatly too, that he could not perform for me, the one he loved so intensely. It eroded his confidence quite badly.

"I'm sorry honey!", I said, not even surprised at how easily the word of affection came to my lips (and I saw him smile at me when I said it). "I thought you wanted to see me while we do it..."

He blushed. Quite badly too actually. "Well, I DO want to see you Nicky, but... It feels a bit weird, you know? I like having you...covering me. I feel..." He paused, suddenly a little scared. "You don't think I'm weird here or anything do you?"

"You're NOT weird! Not any weirder than ME anyway!" We giggled a little.

"So I'm not weird then?" I shook my head. "Good. Because I like it when you cover me. It makes me feel safe." And then he looked down and blushed a little again. "I thought of you all sunday...", he then said quietly. "I got scared, because I didn't really want to. But I couldn't stop. And in school... I thought, if I didn't speak to you or look at you, maybe it would go away. But it didn't. I can't stop thinking about you because I am queer, and I love you. And you're so slim and pretty..." He saw I was going to say something but he quickly intervened. "Yes, it's true! You're like a movie star or boyband singer, didn't you know? I can't understand why you'd settle for someone like me, I'm not slim, and I'm not pretty. You could have anyone you want... ANYONE! Why me?"

It was so simple to explain even I could do it. "Because you're the one I love, silly! You make me feel safe too you know. Out there. You look out for me." I saw him blush again, but he was smiling also. "So I can have anyone I want. Okay. You know what? I choose you. YOU, Dennis!" He believed me. I could see it on his face. He became calm again, calm and relaxed.

Then I did what he asked of me without asking, I took him in my arms and laid him down on his side, and we crept down under the covers together as I got in behind him. "Is this better?", I asked, and he nodded at me, making a small muted sound of pleasure as he felt me touch his penis, and as I felt it start filling up with blood again... Dennis felt safe once more. Safe, and comfortable with me, and with that the excitement returned for him. I took it really slow to begin with, to let his confidence return along with the excitement.

And thus, I made love to him. Us rubbing against each other, us kissing, our dicks getting slick from the stimulation of us touching one another. Me entering him carefully like the first time, taking my time to make it enjoyable for both of us, touching him a lot. He looked at me over his shoulder, lying on his stomach again while I thrust into him, saw my extatic face as I saw his. Dennis' hands were grabbing at my bed sheet so hard his knuckles turned white. I kissed him, and he gave me those yielding kisses in return, and in them I felt his love grow stronger and deeper.

We were safe together, me and my friend Dennis.

Author's Notes

I don't know if you noticed, but this story is "backwards" compared to all the others I've written. What I mean by that is that the steamy bits is right at the beginning, and all the rest comes later. Afterwards. It was fun writing this, and it flowed out of me pretty smoothly. Simple enjoyment, yet with some substance to it. Or that's what I wanted to accomplish anyway, please tell me if I have succeeded. My contact address is listed at the top.


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