The First Son - Arc Two

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 2.1 Not intended for redistribution, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting young boys. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: To the young ones. Jamie, Karla, Adam, Harry, Setras.

PART ONE: New Beginning, The Judge, Chaos:

It had been a crazy couple days since my angel had moved in for real. I'd told him once we were twins, it had mostly been to help him, make him relax and feel comfortable. But we really were becoming like brothers in a way, but also much more than that. Mornings especially were strange, when both of us had to get ready for school.

It could sound like this:

"Where's my ruler? I can't find it!"

"Don't ask ME! I don't have it!"

"You had it the day before yesterday! I NEED it, we're having geometry today."

"I put it back in your schoolbag when I was done, it's not my fault if you lost it!"

"Well, it's not here now, so YOU must have lost it!"


"Hey! That's MY blue sweater!"

"But you said I could have it."

"Not have it like FOREVER! I didn't give it to you!"

"But it's my favorite. Please?"

"It's my favorite too. Give it to me!"

"Stop! Don't pull at it like that, you'll ruin it!"

"Then leggo of it man!"

To anyone else it would sound like we were fighting just like siblings do with each other, but then we'd both just stop all of a sudden. Simultaneously. We'd look each other in the eyes, smiling. Knowing our "fight" had all been an act, friendly play. And then we'd embrace and start kissing in a most unbrotherly manner...!

"I love you!", he'd tell me, his eyes showing how much he meant it.

"I love you too, my angel!", I'd whisper in return.

Then we'd get so carried away, smooching and touching, that one of the grown-ups had to come fetch us so we wouldn't be late for school. It happened EVERY day, and it was so great I can't even describe it properly! I love my angel so much!

John or Matt always stayed the night, taking turns. Only one of them, never both; it would have been too much to ask, and I guess they wanted the comfort of their own beds too as often as they could. The US government officially rented the room they were sleeping in, and paid a fair market price for it too. Da had wanted to set the price at one tenth of a cent a month rounded down, and tried to refuse paying for the food the agents and my angel ate, but the President would have none of it. He didn't want anyone to use the arrangement as ammunition for a smearing campaign Da told me later, so he'd made sure everything was done by the numbers. I hoped at least some of it was out of a sense of ethics too, and concern over his son, but who knows? My angel had told me his father had been a really good man once. But, all those years in politics had if not corrupted him, so at least blunted him. At first it had bothered him, then he'd simply stopped caring, Raphaél said. All that seemed to matter these days was upholding the view in the eyes of the people of a president that was looking out for Joe Public, containing any possible scandal as quickly as possible and staying in power. I wondered what it would do for his popularity and job-approval rating once people found out his son was gay, but then I noticed I really didn't care. He'd manage, somehow. People like him always do...

Mom and dad had stayed until really late at that dinner, discussing all sorts of things. I know neither the President (and nor his wife I guess) was exactly thrilled to literally give away their only child, but what could they do? Like the President had said, not doing it would have meant losing him forever, I'm sure of it! Raphaél was only strong as long as I was near him, loving him. I could see how happy and relieved he was, seeing me again after every single class of the day. Almost as if he feared I'd disappear once we separated! It hurt a bit every time it happened, which was many times every single day. I kept hoping he'd come to the conclusion I really would not go up in smoke once he turned his back on me.

Both of the agents would come with us to school, riding along with us in the limo (that was unavoidable; safety reasons dictated we had to go in that monster of a car) plus two more agents who sat at the front. They would walk up to our house and ring the doorbell, then all of the agents would surround us and escort us back to the limo. After school they accompanied us back home, and after delivering us there either John or Matt left along with the limo to go and work out or attend other Secret Service training activities or briefings, while the other stayed and slept over. The driver and extra bodyguard also seemed to be the same two people every time; a man and a woman. The man's name was Deke Fahrenheit I learned, and the woman's, Monica Starling. It was sort of a running joke for men to impersonate Anthony Hopkins in his role as Hannibal Lecter whenever she was around, even though the Starling of the movie had been an FBI agent. Monica herself had of course quickly grown tired of it, but took it all with a wry grin anyway. She did have a great sense of humor, and gave as well as she took, speaking with a pronounced southern accent when playing along in the joke. John, Matt and the other two agents would often banter in a friendly manner during the drive via the intercom (the passenger compartment was separated from the front seats by a thick pane of glass), which felt a bit odd. They were so serious during the day, but it was like they all could loosen up in the car and kick back for a bit. Raphaél knew the other two agents already, if only briefly. They hadn't met much, but it was enough for him to know a little about them. Monica was a really tall woman, not much shorter than Matt, who in turn was only a little shorter than John. Deke, he was actually the smallest of the bunch! (But not exactly short either mind you.) Monica was a fairly good-looking woman, and with strong facial features, but she also had fairly long, red-tinged brown hair which increased her femininity I think. I believe she cheats by dying it, but I'm not really sure...! Deke was almost as blonde as Matt, and wasn't really what I'd consider good-looking (and often seemed to forget to shave because he'd usually show up with a light shadow of stubble on his face, like he enjoyed the 'City Cowboy' look). But he was nice, and being nice really is all that counts after all. He knew neither of us liked to ride in that limo so he'd usually sneak us a treat of some sort, like a candy bar or a pack of chewing gum that we could share or such. Yeah, he bribed us, but we didn't like him ONLY because of that! It was just an added bonus. In fact, both Deke and Monica were really kind to us, and seemed to see it as their duty to not only protect us, but make us feel safe and comfortable too.

Monday, day after the White House dinner, my angel INSISTED I wear the same outfit when we went to school together that I'd had to the arcade the previous day. I was very reluctant to begin with, I did not trust myself I suppose. But HE trusted me, and he begged, whined and demanded until I finally relented. Mom looked at me in a funny manner when we came down that morning just before leaving and with a silent look asked me if I really was going to go to school dressed like that. My angel quickly answered that question with a firm nod. She shrugged (while Da stood in the background, grinning in an amused manner) and she gave us both a quick goodbye kiss as I blushed furiously, and that was the end of it.

That day was TOTALLY crazy. We'd been if not totally, at least fairly quite discreet up until then, not because we really thought we had to, but because it just happened that way (maybe we subconsciously kind of wanted to hold back a bit). But that day, that behavior totally flew out the window. I'd never seen Raphaél like that before. He came with me wherever I went - not worrying about leeches anymore - and it was like he wouldn't let go of me at all whenever we were together. Not because he thought he had to guard me now that it felt I kind of was dressed like a freakin' rent boy, but because he just wanted to! He would stand behind me, holding his head over my shoulder so our cheeks touched and with his arms around my neck and down my chest, or with them at my sides with his hands on my tummy. Or he'd be next to me with an arm around my waist, letting his hands caress the side of my body or resting on my hip. Sometimes, he'd even force his hand down my tight back pocket and squeeze my butt just briefly! Anyone that for some reason was not aware that we were an item couldn't possibly miss it now...! I must say I kind of liked it even though I feared all the time I would pop a boner in public. That would have been totally uncool and made it really difficult for me! I could NOT touch my angel back in any way, or I'd totally lost control of myself, I'm sure of it. I think he understood though, and fortunately did not urge me to touch him. He was totally satisfied just to have me for himself I think.

Yes, it was great, not just all the attention he gave me. It was enough he simply was there with me. If I was talking to some of my new friends, he'd be right at my side instead of sitting sulking back at "his" bench. He didn't really say much of anything, he was just there enjoying himself I think, smiling at me whenever I looked at him and touching me all the time. However, I don't think either of us really would have been anywhere near as daring as we were if John and Matt hadn't been there with us to keep us safe (and I'll tell you why we felt that way in just a little bit, okay?). So we were a bit hypocritical I think too, even though we actually kind of forgot about the agents after a while.

My new friends, some of them were clearly put off by our relationship (but only a few TRULY reacted that way; I knew others did because they felt pressured to by the expectations of others. I was certain they would come around in a while). Some felt a bit embarrassed and tried to ignore it, as if me and my angel would get offended by them acknowledging the fact we two were literally hanging off of each other! People can be so silly sometimes... Then there was people like Lynn, who simply could not stop grinning happily at us! There were only a few that reacted that way, with such utter delight (and Lynn was the worst of the lot), but it was really nice all the same.

She shamelessly kissed us both (several times even throughout the day) and we just let her because neither of us had the heart to try and stop her, and it made us blush like crazy too! She was fussing over us like she was our mother and complemented us constantly on how cute we looked together (which usually was an indication she was about to kiss us again), which we both found extremely flattering in a way I suppose. I think she was letting herself have a crush on both of us now. Somehow maybe she thought it was "safe" to be so openly attracted to us since we're both gay, I don't know, but she was a really good friend too. Not only because she was FRIENDLY, but because her totally good mood was so infectious. We simply could not help ourselves smile right back at her!

First break however there was this awful ruckus, but it was also rather funny in a way...! My angel, he was totally reckless. We started out the day by sitting down on that same old bench for a little while, him with his hands under my top and everything and along comes Carl Ellis. He's like two years older than us or something, tall and gangly with a not totally disagreeable face except that it is often showing an expression that is both aloof and demeaning, and he's got this really fancy, swirly hairdo that he's always afraid of messing up (he hates it when someone tries to touch his hair, he gets really angry even if it's done just as a joke). And he smokes too, even though we're not supposed to be allowed to do it on school grounds... Carl always wears the best clothes money can buy, and he's a complete bastard. I've not been that long at my new school and it still did not take me much time at all to realize the kid's rotten to the core, but he's got oodles of dough which he happily spends while bragging about it and that supposedly gives him the right to act like a total jerk. At least to those younger and smaller than himself, I hardly ever see him pick on anyone his own size and those he does treat that way are those that are considered unpopular by others; those without friends to back them up.

"Yo! Lookie at the little butt-buddies!", he shouts out as he passes by and gives us the finger with both hands while smirking in a not too friendly a manner. His escort (the usual threesome of copycats that worship the ground Carl walks on because he's (a lot) richer than them and takes them places and pays for whatever they're having/doing; food and drink, movies etc), starts jeering too but not quite as loudly since they neither want nor dare to outshine their master. Guess that kind of behavior didn't sit well with the Leader of the Pack, and might lead to economic sanctions or such perhaps...

Well anyway, Carl was one of those that more or less regularly preyed on Raphaél before I'd gotten to know him properly, and he had gotten used to get away with it too. This time things were a bit different I guess after I kind of chewed the agents out during the weekend. I saw John and Matt quickly exchange glances, then Matt is off at a sprint. He easily catches Carl - who is caught totally unprepared. The huge agent wrenches Carl's thin arms up behind his back and drags him off to the side of the school building! Carl's henchmen scatter like sewer rats caught in a flashlight beam, I don't think I've ever seen a bunch of fifteen-year-olds disappear out of sight quite so quick! They literally seemed scared stiff seeing Matt take down their object of worship so easily and probably expected the same to happen to them.

"Hands up against the wall, punk!", Matt barks at the bewildered kid - who complies almost as if following a reflex action. "Spread 'em!", the agent then orders and kicks a bit at Carl's feet to make him stand apart. Carl is too much in shock to struggle as the agent begins to pat him down, and doing it quite forcefully too. I'm sure Matt's being harsher than he really has to, just to scare Carl a bit more. And the tactics seemed to be working out because the bastard's so frightened he doesn't dare to utter even a peep in protest (and he always has a barbed glib remark ready for every other situation)! From a pocket Matt extracts a switchblade. "Oh, what have we here then...?", he asks rhetorically as he holds up the weapon in the air.

I look at Carl, and he's like white as a ghost. "Tha-that's not mine, man! I SWEAR!"

"Don't be stupid kid, this is serious! I could arrest you for this, you know."

Poor Carl, the bastard. He's getting just what he deserves. I see his face scrunch up and then he actually starts crying. "PLEASE! I... Oh god, please don't tell my parents... I'm sorry, Jesus I'm sorry!" He's just wailing incoherently, and half the school yard has turned around to watch the spectacle, many running up fairly close to get a better view. I hear other kids talk amongst themselves in muted but excited voices. There's never been such a spectacle on show before, the agents had never done anything to attract any attention up until now!

Me and my angel is looking at the drama that is playing itself out, me with amusement but Raphaél in total horror. "No, stop!", he yells out. "Let him go!"

Matt looked questioningly at his charge - who's defiantly glaring back - as if to make certain he really heard what he thought he was hearing. "Alright you scum. Get outta here", he then says to Carl who almost collapses in a heap as the agent unmildly drags him away from the wall and suddenly releases him. I see Carl catch himself again and hurry away, not too steady on his legs and followed by the eyes of almost every kid in sight. He then disappeared inside the school, and that was almost the end of it.

"Why did you do that?!", my angel demanded of Matt as he returns.

He seems surprised. "I thought you'd understand why", he tries. He holds up the switchblade and pushes the button that makes it flip open. It was a single-edged blade, and very shiny. The handle seemed to be made of ivory I think, carved with figures or some kind of patterns. It was difficult to tell from a distance. Yes, I remember thinking it would be just like Carl to get a fancy knife to show off to his buddies or something stupid like that even though it's illegal.

"I know you planted that thing on him! Don't do it again, you hear me?"

The blonde agent shook his head firmly. "Actually, no. I didn't." My angel was really surprised by that. "Yes, he really WAS carrying a concealed weapon. That's a felony, Raphaél. He could have gone to jail for that, at least in theory that is." My angel didn't respond. He just sat there, quiet and thoughtful. I squeezed one of his hands lightly to show I was still there. Matt approached and sat down right next to my angel. "You still think we're here just for show, don't you? To create a bit of pomp and circumstance and make your daddy look good. Isn't that so?" Raphaél just shrugged. Matt read him like an open book of course. Yes, I guess he did think like that of the two agents... Matt continued. "Well, just in case you're not aware... There are some real bad guys out there, and some of them would not even blink an eye to hurt you just to get at your father. But we're not here to look after your father's interest, Raphaél! We're here to protect YOU. Do you understand?" The agent's tone was serious, but sincere. There was no doubt he meant what he said!

My angel looked down at his shiny shoes, feeling a bit embarrassed I think. I took his slightly cool hand and got him to put it around my back, and then on the bare skin of my waist to warm it, patting it to make him keep it there. He looked up at me and gave me a quick smile, then he turned to Matt. "Yeah, I understand. I'm sorry! And, thank you...!"

Matt patted him on a shoulder. "It's okay", he replied in a warm voice to show he wasn't angry. "Just let us do our job, alright? We're trained professionals after all", the big agent added with a friendly smile.

My angel smiled at him too. "Right, trained to eat three helpings of dessert you mean!", he then said with a wry grin! Matt laughed, remembering the dinner the previous evening.

During their conversation, John had been keeping silent guard in front of the bench, his face stony and serious, his eyebrows frowning deep at anyone daring to get too close.

Well, anyway... Carl made himself completely invisible for the rest of the day, and I didn't see him much for days afterwards either except once or twice in a school hallway or when he was moving to or from the cafeteria to eat. At those times he immediately headed off away from me, no matter if Raphaél and his agents were with me or not. He didn't dare to go outside the school building for very long it seemed, but when he finally realized we weren't going to report him to the administration (or the police), he decided to come out of hiding again. He stayed far away from us however, and I don't think he harassed anyone else either, his self-esteem did take an awful beating in that incident (and his standing in the eyes of others as well I might add; his usual hang-arounds were wary of being seen together with him. Either fame is fleeting in the bullying line of business, or everything would go back to normal again after a while, I'm not quite sure yet). We weren't really verbally assaulted again, word of what happened to Carl spread fast to those that didn't witness it, but I did overhear people trash-talking us behind our backs every now and then. I really didn't care, I had my angel's love, and the safety of the protective umbrella of the Secret Service. People could talk all they wanted! 'Sticks and stones...', and all that, I guess. No actually, that's a pretty darn stupid expression, but I really didn't mind the talk. That IS true.

Days afterwards, people still gave us cross-eyed looks when we walked past. Not many, but a few. We'd become the topic of the week (maybe month even), and I was wondering exactly how long it was going to take before our relationship hit the big media despite the blackout campaign waged by the White House. I suppose they were working overtime over there to suppress any news on it, but it was something that just could not be contained for very long. I also heard we were doing great in the 'cutest couple of the school' competition, and I laughed lots and lots when Daniel told me about it. He's a good friend of mine and best mate with Aaron (the guy I lashed out at on the bus the previous week; I'd apologized to him since then of course and he wasn't too upset with me once I got the chance to explain why I'd behaved the way I did). I think Daniel's gay too, but I'm not sure. I could be mistaken of course, it's just a feeling and he really hasn't said or done anything to make me certain. He's kind of rugged, the outdoors sportsman type you know. Taller than me, bigger physically. Not as big as Geoffrey though (nobody my age that I know of is!), and not really good-looking either, just ordinary. Daniel is a really great friend though! Even now, after everybody knew about me and Raphaél, he still remained just as before, he didn't treat me any differently. He even respected that Raphaél wanted to stay on the side, and didn't try to push himself on him. Before I got to know my angel I spent a lot of time with Daniel and his friends kicking around a soccer ball or taking shots at the hoops and such during breaks, and I'd even visited his house once. Therefore, it was really nice to be able to be with him again without having to risk feeling bad because of Raphaél... Now, if I wanted to play a bit with Daniel and his buddies, he'd come along. He didn't join us, but he stayed on the side and watched, smiling encouragingly at me whenever I looked at him.

Well anyway, there was a vote towards the end of every semester of who should win, and everyone who voted had to pay a dollar. All the money was collected and the prize was a dinner at some restaurant. The more people who voted, the better the restaurant naturally. The school didn't actually endorse it, but they did take care of the prize money and booked the reservation and such. Teachers had started to pool for the limousine transport too, so the competition had sort of become a tradition after all. The photography teacher (I don't know his name, but he was a pretty young guy with a small beard who seemed to be very popular with his students) would accompany the couple and snap some pictures, and those would end up in the school yearbook. It was a fairly big thing, and me and Raphaél were currently at sixth place on the unofficial ranking (of which there seemed to be several by the way depending on which people were polled in the survey, but Daniel's source said sixth), and I could hardly believe it! He said it was mainly girls who said they'd vote for us so far. I didn't ask who HE was thinking of voting for, I didn't want to embarrass him...

Anyway, Christmas break was a long way off, and much could happen until then. The actual competition wasn't taking place until early December. Oh yeah! I also got to make the acquaintance of Miss Gallows... Yes, it's really rude calling her names I agree (it's my excuse that it is Raphaél who calls her that), she's really called Miss Galway, Catherine Galway actually. She's this really old, snide-looking retired school teacher, but she's actually KIND OF pleasant once you get to know her a bit, and as long as you're polite and deferring to her. And she knows EVERYTHING, I think! She gives my angel extra tutoring twice a week since he's actually really LAZY at school and doesn't pay much attention. He always whines at me when I tell him we have to do our homework and that just makes me laugh! Miss Galway comes by evenings for one and a half or two hours to help with various subjects, whatever his teachers thinks he needs to spend more time with, and she really does seem to know everything. My angel hated it, but it was only two hours tops. And his schoolwork HAD picked up after moving in with me, Miss Galway said. She didn't comment on him living with another boy, she just commended him for working harder. Which I really don't think he did by the way: he just didn't slack off quite as much! Also, as I'm a firm believer in rewarding a job well done, I'd give him lots of nice hugs and kisses whenever he'd finished with an assignment. He wouldn't get ANYTHING from me until then though! I was adamant he had to be all done or else how would I maintain discipline, haha!

And then there was mom too. She really did quit, come that Monday morning. She couldn't leave straight away of course, she had to finish her current projects and stuff, or whatever it was she was working with. And help appoint her successor and some other things as well. But soon, she'd be home with us again, and I was thinking it was going to be just like old times...! Monday evening, she told us she'd had a long talk with Bill. She had found out he really did love her, and it had been an awful shock to her. Had she known, or even suspected, I'm sure she'd never continued her affair because she did not feel the same about him... And that's a bit sad too, in a way. But then I'd might have lost my mom, so on the whole I'm really glad she didn't love him back! Anyway, Bill had said they'd better break contact, it would be better that way. She had tried to convince him otherwise, but he was quite firm it seemed. I don't know how I feel about that, really. I think, I agree with Bill, but I guess it's only because of my own selfish desire to keep my mom for myself (and Da too, of course). But Bill is young and strong. He can find someone else, someone who isn't married and with children...

Monday evening... It was so funny! It was just before I (or rather, me and my angel) was due to go to bed, or maybe even a bit past that. I went down to the kitchen to see if I could sneak myself a glass of juice out of the fridge and I saw Da standing there with his weed baggie in one hand, looking at it with a wistful expression on his face.

"Do you two want to be alone for a while?" I said jokingly. He jerked and turned to look at me.

"Oh! Hi there, Son. No, it's okay, I was just...woolgathering, I suppose." He untied the knot holding the bag shut, then turned on the water tap and started to pour out the finely cut leaves into the sink, washing them down the drain.

I looked at what he was doing with some wonder and curiosity. "You'll probably clog up the pipes that way you know", I said to him in a slightly amused voice. "Why don't you just toss it in the garbage if you want to get rid of it?"

Da grinned at me. "I've had this recurring nightmare vision of finding you two in your room huffing away on my stuff, and I guess this is the only way to make sure that won't ever happen..." He was joking of course. Well, MOSTLY joking I guess. He knew we wouldn't do anything like that, but I guess he thought boys will always be boys and hence too curious for their own good, or something of that sort. "...Besides, with two federal agents under our roof it's not safe to keep this around anymore..."

I giggled. "They wouldn't arrest YOU!"

"Don't be so sure of that!", Da smiled back and ruffled my hair affectionately. "They ARE law enforcement officials after all, never forget that!" I remembered the incident with Carl in the morning and that sobered me up a bit. "Now go on and get whatever it was you were looking for before your mom shows up and gives us both a slap on the wrist."

I gave him a sheepish look. "Thanks Da!" I got my glass of juice. I then started thinking of what would happen to the sewer rats once that marijuana got all soaked up, would they get high? That made me giggle more, creating bubbles in the juice. Da looked at me with an inquisitive expression on his face and I got a little embarrassed. He shook his head in that way that simply meant, 'Kids...!', and I blushed some, smiling at him in a silly manner. I have no idea what he was thinking, or what he thought I was thinking. "Won't you miss it then?", I asked to distract him.

His answer was much quicker than I expected. "It's sort of lost its charm over the years I think", he said. "Not sure I've enjoyed it since some time in the mid-seventies actually. It's just as well I give it up altogether, and I won't have to put up with your mother's disapproving looks either." Then he ruffled my hair again as I finished the last of my juice. He took care of the glass, washing it out and putting it back in the cupboard after giving me a good-night kiss and a pat on my butt.

Da came up to my - our - room a while later to make sure that we had gone to bed. I wasn't quite asleep, Raphaél a bit further gone. Da tucked us both in properly and gave us a light caress on our foreheads. "Goodnight", he whispered. "Love you...!" And then he withdrew himself again and closed the door to my room...

Sorry that I'm so incoherent right now, I know it's difficult when I jump back and forth like this, but so much happened it's difficult to really sort it out! I'll try to be more precise from now on...

Friday was the second day that kind of started off with something that one might have called exciting happening. As we were being taken to school, the limo suddenly turned down a different street, and when I asked, I was told they were taking us back to the White House again! I got scared for a few seconds until I heard it was only temporary; the President and his wife just wanted to talk to their son a bit about something, the agents didn't say about what. Raphaél's mom was back from Hawaii now, and I guess she missed him a bit. I could understand that she wanted to see him, I'd wanted to do the same had I been in her place!

My angel didn't seem surprised at all, and at first didn't seem overly concerned either, even though I was (and hiding it as well as I could too). As we approached however I could see the telltale signs of discomfort on his face and the rest of his body however... His forehead got all wrinkly with uncertainty and worry, his back hunched up more and more, his shoulders slumped. I hurriedly unbuckled my seatbelt and scooted over to his side even though I knew the agents disapproved of it. I spent the rest of the journey whispering softly to him how much I loved him, and was there for him to kiss and touch. Matt got red-faced again as usual whenever we got too intimate, and he and John made a point of looking out the car windows instead. It was pretty amusing I must say, but I concentrated on keeping up the flagging strength in my angel. He WAS trying to be brave! He was trying sooo hard!

I did my best to keep him preoccupied, it wasn't very easy but the best way to distract him was I was HIS boy-toy right then, I didn't mind being reduced to little more than something for him to hug and kiss and fondle if it meant he could stop thinking of what laid ahead of him in the near future. I just clung on to him, attaching myself real tight in a leech-like manner so he'd feel me constantly, feel the warmth of my body. My knees pointed away from him as far as they'd go so I could sit in his lap and press all of my body against his.

I was back in my normal school clothes by then, not that I really minded 'dressing down' for the sake of my beloved angel, but I felt pretty out-of-place. I was the only kid looking like white trash in the entire school in my jeans shorts and top, so for that reason it felt a bit more comfortable dressed like everybody else, wearing "proper" brand-name stuff. Thus, I pulled up my expensive, thin cotton sweater and T-shirt so he could get to touch my body directly, which he did without any shame whatsoever. I closed my eyes and simply concentrated on loving him, loving my angel. He'd hold me and touch me really gently one second, only to squeeze me so tight I'd almost gasp out in pain when he suddenly realized he was getting closer and closer to THAT place with every second that passed. When that happened I intensified my efforts, I'd rub my lips and cheek against his satin-soft skin, starting down at his neck and move upwards, towards his mouth. I'd kiss him lightly on the lips the first time, not lingering. I'd experience that special sparkly, bubbly sensation I'd get from kissing a boy, the intimate action filling my brain with intense feelings of pleasure. I did my best to make him feel it too, not kissing him selfishly, but making him experience it just as much as me!

One of my hands I used to smooth out his forehead. Making the worry-wrinkles go away... Then I'd let it nestle in his hair, that deep-brown, thick and shiny luxurious hair of his. It would tickle my skin just a little, and I'd feel its rich texture with my fingers, toying with it, combing it... The other hand I kept on his neck, moving it in small circles, making the skin go all prickly with goosebumps. He'd sigh quietly, his lips straining for mine to touch them again. And I'd hold back for just a few seconds, keeping him lusting for me and still unsatisfied, before sinking back in towards him. That would make him almost shudder with pleasure. I'd feel his arms momentarily tense up even harder around me before finally relaxing... Then I'd sneak a peek at him, and found his eyes closed as well. Detaching myself from him made him come after me, homing in on my mouth with his (eyes still closed). I'd let him win of course, and my angel would not let himself be satisfied with just a plain kiss right then. His tongue invaded me, and I accepted it with deep satisfaction too. Right then I felt his right hand force its way down the back of my pants, touching both of my buttocks, the middle finger placed firmly between them. I could not stop myself from emitting a low moan as we kissed (which I suppose caused the Secret Service agents further embarrassment), it was so unexpected! His tongue probed deep into my mouth, the combined sensations made me quite light-headed; almost as if I'd hyperventilated and over-oxygenated my blood. I shivered with total delight, something he immediately picked up on.

"You like that, don't you?", he whispered to me and caressed my butt with his fingers, especially the one he held in the furrow between my buttcheeks.

"Yess...", I hissed back just as quietly, struggling hard to not make too much noise. My vocal chords clenched up tight right then as my angel intensified his stimulation of my sensitive skin. "Oh gggoodd", I gasped as quiet I could! "St... Stop! You're gonna...make me...!", I barely managed to get out. And thankfully, he did actually stop before I made an awful mess in my pants, but it was just barely in time! I sighed deep out of relief. "Jesus, that was close!", I managed to get out, my heart still racing and my blood stirred up to such a degree I was still just about to go over the edge.

Looking right at his face, I found he was grinning at me, an impish grin I didn't see on him very often. It was clear that he too was completely aware how far he'd brought me with that simple touch. "I will have to remember that one..." That was all he said, and right then we came in sight of our destination. The two agents stirred, John cleared his throat in an overly exaggerated manner to remind us where we were going (just in case we'd forgotten, which unfortunately wasn't very likely).

My mind was still kind of wild with excitement as I began to tuck my shirt back into my pants (glad mom could not see how mangled I'd let it get! Well, it was Da who did the ironing in my family anyway, but I don't think he'd mind at all. Mom was kind of lost in that regard I think - she never could get things completely smooth - and I only managed a decent job).

"You should be more careful", I said to him as he still had that look on his face. "We're not alone in here you know!" My admonishment lacked both strength and conviction, I'd been in on it as much as he had...! He gave me an even wider grin to show exactly how seriously he took my warning - in other words, not at all.

We did nothing but smile at each other, holding hands and touching a bit as the limo passed through the security checkpoint at the gates and continued up ahead. What I can only describe as a small flock of people was coming towards the car as it rolled to a slow stop in front of the White House. Something like six more agents (in addition to Monica and Deke, who were also getting out; another guy simultaneously taking the place at the driver seat), as well as two of the White House staff, clearly identifiable by their exclusive yet boring clothing. One was a woman, the other a man (both in their mid or late thirties I'd say), and they were clad in muted, earthly tones. I wondered, was it some kind of breach of etiquette to wear bright colors at that place? So much gray and black and tan and brown and white... It just looked totally boring and depressing.

John exited first as the agents took up position in a semi-circle around the side of the car. Raphaél followed with Matt close after. I came more as an afterthought as the agents closed in around my angel, cutting me out from his close proximity.

"Hello there", the man who'd come to meet us said to me. "I'm Frank Baxter." The man proceeded to tell me he worked in the communications office and some other irrelevant chit-chat too which I hardly listened to. I merely mmm'ed at appropriate places while keeping my eyes locked at where I sometimes glimpsed Raphaél within the circle of agents. Frank was of pretty average height (which meant he was considerably taller than me), and of normal build too. He had medium-blonde hair in the standard proper and uninspired fashion and looked so generic and cookie-cut that it almost felt like if I was to see him in a police lineup along with some other government suits, I'd probably not be able to pick him out at all I think. Well, maybe I'm over-exaggerating, but there were few really distinguishing features about him anyway.

I greeted him back of course, but in a severely distracted manner. I was trying to make eye contact with Raphaél but was finding it impossible; there was a dense forest of agents standing in my way, and then we all started walking towards that majestic building. I heard Frank talk to me, and I heard the woman talking to my angel. I couldn't understand what either of them was saying as I tried to listen to them both.

The flock of agents immediately steered towards the main stairs as soon as we was inside, somehow it felt as if they were the execution squad taking my angel away to be shot, rather than being assigned to protect him... It was a ridiculous thought, I know. Of course they weren't going to harm him! Yet, I could not stop myself from worrying. I'd only JUST managed to calm him down and now Frank started to lead me away in a different direction, deeper into the building which meant we would get separated. I still could not get eye contact with him and I felt panic swelling in my chest like a tidal wave. He'd get scared if I wasn't there to protect him, I knew it!

The agents had almost reached the bottom of the stairs. We were ten, maybe fifteen feet apart now and the distance increased all the time. I was almost shaking, cold sweat breaking out all over my body.


His name left my throat like a tortured, high-pitched scream that filled the marble-clad room. My voice broke over into falsetto on the second syllable, something I wasn't prepared for but didn't reflect on right then, I was too much in turmoil.

Every head in the vicinity immediately turned on me and then I was dashing up to the dense circle of agents. Frank reached for me and missed, the agents however reacted immediately. They tightened up, contracting in around their charge, their arms reaching out for me as if I was a criminal rushing in to attack! Suddenly there was a commotion within the circle. A huge black man appeared from within, pushing the outer circle apart, his colleague right beside him. Between them, a slight person. My love, my angel!

We crashed into each other, I felt such relief just by being near him again. My surging panic began to sink away as he wrapped his thin arms around me.

"I love you!", I whimpered to him and held him real tight. And I was afraid HE would get frightened. He was totally calm now, me a nervous wreck!

I felt my angel's honey-soft lips gently touch my face. My emotions were playing havoc with me; I had to squeeze my eyes shut to stop me from crying. "Love you too", he said loud enough for everybody nearby to hear, and brushed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth just a little and received his kiss. It made me lightheaded, the feelings almost too strong for me to handle. I notice, my angel really IS feeling rather calm. It wasn't my confused imagination making that up. But it wasn't a relaxed calmness; it was more of a stoic resignation. He knew what kind of demon he faced and was prepared for it, even though he did not enjoy it.

So we stay like that, holding and supporting each other and giving each other strength, long enough in fact for the agents to become a bit twitchy. They had been told to bring my angel right up, the President's time is valuable and not to be wasted. But we didn't care, and nobody found the courage to stop us either.

"Don't leave me...", I whispered. "Never leave me!"

He holds me tight, even tighter than before. Our cheeks touch, and I feel his hair next to my skin. I love him so much it hurts. I can't stand it right then, being without him even for a few minutes... "I won't", he assured me quietly. Then he noticed my reason for getting upset wasn't entirely connected to the possibility of being alone again. I also feared for HIM just as much! "It is all right, Sebastian! I'm fine!", he then told me. "You made me well, I can do this... Don't worry..." My angel looks at me, looks me right in the eyes and smiles. "Come. We'll go meet them together."

I sighed a slow breath of relief. He put one of his arms around my shoulders and gently brings me up the wide, red-carpeted stairs as all the agents accompanied us. I turn my head quickly and see Frank stand there in the middle of the room, looking a bit lost and out-of-place. He shrugs to himself, then turns around and walks off.

We go up through the big building until we reach the Presidential apartments. Everything looks really classy, old and stylish. I hardly dare to put my feet down in case I'd ruin the carpet covering the floor.

Who OWNS that place, really? The White House, I mean. The government, I guess... And who owns the government? Us, the people. In theory. But in reality? Nobody. The government owns itself. It is a separate entity, somehow, answering to nobody it feels like, not even itself in some respects. That's a bit scary, don't you think? I was a stranger in that place, in fact we all were I think... Even the President himself.

We soon came to a door and were taken inside, all of the agents remaining outside. It was a living room I guess, filled with antique furniture that again seemed too old and too precious and valuable to be used. The President wasn't there - I'd expected him to be - but the First Lady was; sitting on an antique sofa behind a low table made of walnut wood I think. She seemed about the same age as her husband, perhaps a bit older than my parents. She was shorter than mom, her face...neutral and stately, somehow. Like she was born into the role of wife to the leader of our nation. She took her position for granted it seemed to me, like it was the natural order of things and her right. She wore a business dress with a skirt that didn't quite reach her knees. She was a pretty woman I guess I should say, but I thought she looked a bit stern.

Here I made a mistake. It was only me thinking, but my thinking was faulty... I should have been more considerate to the possibility that Raphaél's family conditions weren't the same as mine. Clumsy of me! I was thinking that my angel would immediately rush up and embrace his mother since they hadn't seen each other for a week, maybe even more. It was what I would have done after all! All he did however was quietly enter the room with me at his side and look at his mother. She looked back, not rising up to come meet us.

"Hello Ralph", she said. Her voice didn't really sound as if she was talking to her son at all. I guess she greeted her secretary in much the same tone... "I suppose you know what we wanted to talk to you about?" She said WE, even though the President wasn't around. Well, affairs of state probably kept him away I guess. His only kid can't be quite as important in comparison...

He nodded. "Yeah. John and Matt told me this morning." When had they done that? Must have been while I was helping to clean off the breakfast table I suppose, he'd gone up to my room around then. "It's really out?"

She didn't say anything. Instead, the First Lady started putting newspapers on the table in front of her. Mostly Euro papers I think; English, German, Italian... Maybe others too, I kind of stopped looking after the first few, because I quickly 'got it'... Why they wanted to speak to us. Each and every single one of them had a big picture of me and my angel on the front page, taken somewhere at our school. A picture of us kissing.

We stared at the array in silence, me and Raphaél, while his mother kind of looked at him in a disapproving manner. "Was that really necessary?", she then asks in a chilly voice.

"I apologize your Honor, I guess your chances of getting nominated just flew out the window. Sorry about that."

The First Lady frowned at her son. "I wish you wouldn't call me that, you know I don't like it. I'm not judging you, I'm just asking!"

My angel scoffed back at her. "Of course you're JUDGING me!", he replied, and I could hear on his voice how hurt he was. "You're always judging me!" His mom merely shrugged in response. It seemed she thought there simply wasn't any point in arguing over it. Either because what he said was completely true, or because it was a discussion she thought they'd had far too many times already. I'm not sure which is more true.

I turned towards Raphaél. "I thought your mom was a lawyer?", I whispered to him. Maybe my question would distract him a bit, make him stop pushing his mom so hard.

"She was. Once, years and years ago."

"Oh!" Guess I don't know everything!

A few moments of uncomfortable silence passed, and I actually found myself wishing that John and Matt was there with us. Their presence would have made me feel safer. Then the First Lady spoke to her son again. She did not look at me for even one second. "I hope you understand what this will mean for me and your father. His job will become much more difficult now, do you realize he could end up politically CRIPPLED for the rest of his term?!"

I winced at her harsh and inconsiderate words. My efforts of trying to throw him off were shattered in an instant as my angel's face paled of anger. "So this is all MY fault now is it? I didn't ASK to be a fucking queer you know, or even born for that matter! YOU did that to me, learn to live with it!"

The First Lady's mouth tightened. It was clear she did not approve being spoken to in such a manner. "Ralph, that was uncalled for. You refused treatment, and look what happened! Your father is actually trying to do a very important job here and your completely irresponsible behavior is jeopardizing everything. Do you have any idea how close we got today being denounced by just about the entire Christian right-wing of our party? Or what kind of sacrifices your father had to make to avoid it from happening? Hm?" She looked at her son expectantly. "Do these thoughts even cross your mind at all when this in full public view?" She gestured at the newspapers, clearly disgusted and trying to hide it, but not succeeding very well. Probably because she didn't really want to succeed. I found myself wondering who had taken those pictures to begin with. Probably some other kid with a digital camera or something, they were kind of grainy. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?!"

Red splotches was visible on my angel's pale face when he spoke. Quietly, yet deliberately. "You can go to hell, you old witch!" I was completely shocked!

His mother frowned even deeper. She didn't let herself be unsettled too much though. "You know, Ralph... I've grown rather tired of your endless temper tantrums and I believe it's about time we did something about that." She saw Raphaél trying to speak back, but she stopped him with a sharp gesture and he fell silent. "I take my role as wife to the President of the United States very seriously. You must also start living up to your responsibility! If you do not want to do that on your own, I will just have to make you. Quite frankly I don't know what your father was thinking when he let you...move out. I certainly did not give my consent!"

I felt my heart sink. Oh no, here it was coming, the end of our honeymoon. They'd take him away from me now for sure, I knew it... Raphaél was so angry he couldn't even speak, I'd never seen him so upset before and I didn't like it. I tried to calm him down by putting my arm around him but he pulled away forcefully, so I kept away, feeling a little hurt. After all, I hadn't done anything! I only tried to help him! And to make matters worse if possible, the President walked in as well, looking none too pleased either.

"So, you started without me", he said half to his wife, half to his son. "That wasn't what I intended, but what's done is done." He paused, looking at his outraged son. "I see your mother has already discussed this with you... I really hoped something like this would not happen, in hindsight I should have cautioned you against it but I didn't and have to bear that responsibility. But you must also bear the consequences of your actions, even though I know it will be difficult for you. It's for your own good, Ralph." Again he paused. My angel was hesitant, not livid with anger anymore. He suspected something... "There is going to be some changes around here, starting right now. I have to do this, I'm sorry..." I'm not sure if the President really WAS, or if the trace of an expression shown on his face was relief instead. Yes, maybe relief.

"You're sending me away, aren't you?" His voice was small and quiet now, in stark contrast to his harsh anger of before.

The president nodded. "You know we talked about it back when..." No need to complete the sentence. "Lyndenburgh is a good clinic. They're experienced in dealing with children who's...gone through what you did..."

My angel's anger had shifted to fear so suddenly I didn't really notice it happening. Maybe it had happened at the first sight of his father and he'd just kept it hidden, I don't know. Maybe he'd been knowing where this had been heading all along. "No! I don't want to. Please don't make me!" A pained expression passed across his father's face but he didn't relent. Nor did his mother, who quite frankly showed no feelings at all. I thought my angel was going to go down on his knees and beg, he seemed totally shattered. "I can't-" He stopped and tried to swallow. "I can't... Breathe..." A small plastic object fell from his limp hand, it was his panic button thingy. He'd shown it to me of course, but I don't know exactly how it worked. He must have realized what was happening to him because the door behind the President burst open just as I saw him sway and pass out again right in front of my eyes. I guess a high-pitched scream must have come over my lips because everyone in the room jerked, turning their heads in my direction. I managed to catch my angel and then Matt was there and helped me ease him down on the floor. John came up to my side too, as well as Monica, Deke and several others.

"Call for an ambulance!", I heard Deke exclaim. I'm not sure if he'd been briefed on Raphaél's anxiety attacks or not, it seemed he hadn't.

John started to explain that would not be necessary while me and Matt took care of my angel. I looked up quick and saw the President and the First Lady stand over at the sofa, looking at the spectacle playing itself out before them. I could not read their faces, I really had no idea what they were thinking. I didn't give them much thought though, I had enough trouble as it was keeping myself from breaking out in tears. I was totally HORRIFIED at how his parents had treated my beloved Raphaél! How could they be so selfish? They only cared about themselves, not him! I was blabbering incoherently, begging Matt to take us back to the car, back home to our place. I guess everyone was looking at me strangely, the crazy kid who would not shut up.

I was beyond myself with worry. Raphaél had come to rather quickly the last time, but this time he didn't! I was worrying, maybe he'd bumped his head and got a concussion? I knew he hadn't, I'd been too fast for that to happen. But I still couldn't get the thought out of my mind!

"Back off!", I yelled at all the people surrounding us. "Give him some air, he can't breathe with all of you crowding in on him like this!" Of course, I was being irrational and silly, but I couldn't help it. I was not able to think properly, not with my angel in such a state! Some of them did actually take a step back though, and it made me just a little calmer.

Matt took Raphaél in his strong arms and lifted him up. He cast one look at the President, who nodded. I saw his wife argue silently with her husband, strongly disagreeing. He motioned to Matt however, despite his wife's objections. "Go on", he said curtly (I know he too didn't want to, but he must have felt he had no choice) and the agent started to carry my angel out of the room. I followed, worrying and upset. My angel's head lolled from side to side as Matt carried him, one arm dangling straight down. I tried to catch hold of it to hold his hand but we soon reached the stairs and I didn't want to risk tripping up Matt so I had to hold back and keep out of the way. We took a different route through the building this time, stopping at a side entrance of some kind, I didn't really pay much attention I must say. I didn't even notice that Monica and Deke had followed us until Matt carefully lowered my angel again. I hovered nearby, and then he stirred all of a sudden and quickly came to. A bit too quickly I was thinking, had he been shamming it all? No. Not completely, I was certain of that. But some of it for sure, to get away. I didn't blame him, how could I?

I was there to put my arms around him when I saw him start to cry softly. It wasn't a wild emotional outburst, more like a slow trickle. My angel sniffled until the limo came to pick us up, and we got in together. John buckled him up, and I sat down in his lap again just like when we'd arrived, staying really close. He was still almost crying when we started rolling away from the big building, not quite though, and I busied myself with removing the last traces of his sadness with my lips...

"They're AWFUL!", he said quietly and shuddered. "I hate them. I hate them both!" Tears started rolling down his face again.

I hugged him tight. "No you don't", I whispered back to him. "You're just upset, that's all."

"Yes I do! I hate them!" His face was full of anger, rage almost. And that sadness too.

I started kissing his mouth to shut him up. It worried me, the way he was speaking. I held his head with my hands, and whenever he'd try to say something I'd put my lips to his. First he got surprised, then he seemed a little annoyed. After I kept quenching his every protest however he started smiling at me instead. Just a little, but still a smile... "Cutie! Always remember that I love you...", I whispered. He fell silent and leaned back his head against the leather-clad seat, readying himself to be taken care of instead of raging on any further. I gave him a smile back now that I saw that change in him and caressed his face, smoothing away the last traces of anger shown on it as the big car continued back towards our house. Nobody had asked either me or Raphaél where to go, but Monica - who did the driving today - still steered in that direction. I started to recognize the neighborhoods, we weren't more than ten minutes away, maybe less.

I knew something was happening when two vans pulled away from the side of the road, one white and the other tan-colored. They had lots of antennas on the roof, and I snatched a glimpse of logos painted on the sides too. They were following us...!

I looked at John and Matt. I saw they too were studying the vans. "Can't we shake them?", I asked as my angel also turned and cast an eye out the rear window.

Matt grinned. "In this car? It weighs like six tons!"

My angel turned back, his face pale and worried. "I don't WANT them following us!", he said, sounding really distraught. "Why can't they just leave us alone?!"

Oh no! I was just getting him calmed down again! This was turning out to be the worst day in a whole week! I remembered of course what had happened last Friday, and I had been hoping nothing similar would ever occur again, and now the bad stuff just kept piling up on my poor angel's shoulders! I embraced him and held him tight but he still had that worried look on his face and he was too distracted to hug me back.

"Don't worry", John added "We got something planned for them..." He tapped his earphone radio, telling us he was keeping himself updated on what was going on.

The two vans stayed on our tail as the big car increased the speed a bit. I suppose we hit, and even passed the legal limit for that residential neighborhood street, but traffic was just about non-existent at that time of day anyway, most people had already left for work and wouldn't be back until late afternoon or early evening. Suddenly I saw two black sedans swerve out from a side street in an attempt to block the TV-crew vehicles. The white van (the one at the rear) got boxed in, but the other escaped after dodging aside, and was still chasing us.

"They're still there, aren't they?", Raphaél moaned when he saw the disappointed expression on the agents' faces. He didn't try to look for himself.

I gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. "They got one of them..." I kissed him longer, on his soft neck in an attempt to take his mind off what was happening around him but it was impossible. My angel was completely unresponsive to my affection and it was making me too very upset and distracted!

The limo turned in on our street, it was a scene out of a total nightmare! I saw police cars with flashing lights and Secret Service vans, more TV crew vans and other cars with reporters and photographers. Agents were trying to cordon off our house as people literally swarmed in front of it carrying all sorts of cameras filming or taking pictures, while the police were unsuccessfully attempting to remove all the reporters. I suppose a small annoyance called the first amendment made it impossible to simply round up the lot of them and haul them off to jail... Right then I wished nobody had ever heard of free speech! I too just wanted them to leave us alone.

"This is not going to work", I heard Monica say over the intercom from the front seat as she slowed down and stopped a few houses away. "What should I do?"

Neither John or Matt had time to reply as the other TV van came rushing up to the side of our limo and stopped with screeching tires right alongside us. It even turned a little as it stopped so the front right fender of the vehicle was in our path, blocking us! (That may, or may not have been unintentional, I really can't tell which is more likely.) The side door of the van slid open and two guys carrying video cameras on their shoulders hopped out. One rushed right up to the rear side window and pointed his camera lens at it while the other was running around the car to try and do the same from the other side. They probably couldn't see anything except faint outlines of people through the tinted windows, but Raphaél still screamed in panic and fear and hid his face behind his hands. I was glad the doors were locked because I worried those camera guys might actually have tried to open them!

"Go! GO, GO GO!!", John shouted to Monica. She promptly stepped on the gas pedal and the mighty engine roared as the limo thrust ahead. It barely jolted as the front corner impacted the TV-crew van with a crunching sound of sheet metal being bent out of shape. We heard plastic and glass shatter plus a ripping sound as the TV van's front bumper was torn off, and a squealing noise of paint getting scratched all along the limo's side. I think our side door handles must have been crushed as well. Tires squealed as Monica swerved the heavy vehicle from side to side to avoid other cars and people. She must have been an excellent driver to handle that heavy limo so well, but we still banged into one police cruiser (which amongst other things took off our right-hand side rear-view mirror) and a brown sedan car belonging to some news paper I think (which produced even more broken glass and plastic and additional scratches in the limo's shiny black paint). I wasn't strapped down so first I lost my balance, and at the second impact I actually fell down on the floor between the seats. Matt quickly picked me up and made certain if I was okay - which I was. Monica never bothered to honk the horn to warn people to get out of the way, she just kept accelerating. Not sure we came to mowing down anyone, but it was probably pretty darn close I think considering how many people there were on that street... I'd probably enjoyed it all under different circumstances, but right then I too was near a state of panic.

We drove away like a bat outta hell as people scrambled back to their cars in an attempt to follow them, agents and police trying to block them from doing just that. As it turned out, none of the news-vampires managed to get away. We all breathed a quiet sigh of relief I think!

"Alright", Matt said as things calmed down around us. "We sure got reason enough to clear the street now. Maybe even arrest some people."

"It's being taken care of", came Deke's voice from the front. "Kid gloves are off."

My angel's skin seemed almost paper white, his breathing fast and shallow. I quickly climbed back up into his lap, my hands touching his face and hair to reassure him and calm him down. "It's okay now", I whispered as I put my cheek next to his. "We're safe." I heard a gulping sound as he tried to say something. "Sshhh, sshhh...", I told him. "It's okay. Just relax..."

He sighed and did as I said, not attempting to speak again. I felt his hands grab me weakly, as if he was too exhausted to manage anything more than a very light grip. I snuggled in as close as I could make myself go, our cheeks touching. He was sweating a little despite the air-conditioned interior of the limo, which I could understand.

Monica continued ahead for a bit, then down a few different side streets to make sure we got far away enough from the scene of action before turning in on some total stranger's driveway and drove the car into the open garage at the end of it before turning off the engine. With the limo effectively hidden from any pursuers, she and Deke got out to inspect the damage.

John and Matt spoke on their radios, or maybe cell phones I'm not sure. I was turning all my attention towards Raphaél. I feared he was going to pass out again, he was still very pale and his breathing faster than normal. I too was scared, I was thinking, was it going to be like that EVERY day from now on? Would we be a family under siege? There was no way my angel would be allowed to live with me under such conditions no matter how much he kicked and screamed to not be sent away, it was simply far too unsafe. Even I acknowledged and accepted that!

I didn't know what to do. Could I perhaps move in with HIM instead? Somehow I felt that would not go down very well with his parents. It would probably make them look bad or something... I kept thinking thoughts like that while I was there for my angel, rubbing my face against his, gently kissing him and speaking soothing words. I did not want him to know I too was worried but I'm not sure if he understood that or not.

John's cell phone rang. He spoke for a while, answering questions with a lot of "Yes, Sir!", and "No, Sir!". He also explained what had happened back at our house, finishing with that we were all safe and unharmed. "Agent Fahrenheit", he said over his radio. "What's the address to this place?" He reported where we were at the moment. "Yes Sir. We'll stand by." Then he leaned over towards us and held out the phone. "Raphaél...", he said softly. "It's your father. Do you want to talk to him?" My angel shook his head slightly, still clearly upset. John then had to explain to his boss that his son did not want to talk to him. I'm not sure how the President took that piece of news, John's face was as stony neutral as ever and did not reveal anything but I'm sure he did not enjoy it. The big man merely told us to sit tight, there would be an escort coming by soon. Raphaél unbuckled his seatbelt and reached towards the small fridge (I had to move away so he'd reach properly) and grabbed a can of club soda, giving me a quick look asking if I wanted something as well.

"Coke please", I said, and he gave me a white-striped red can (I don't care much for the diet variety, which he already knew). It was almost ice-cold to the touch, and condensation quickly formed on the surface. We hugged each other again while sharing our soft drinks (he wanted some coke, and I sipped a bit of his club soda), waiting for that escort to arrive.

"I hope they're all gone now?", my angel asked. "I won't go out of the car unless they are!" He wasn't being petulant this time, he was just a bit scared still.

Matt patted him on his shoulder. "Don't worry. They've blocked off the street by now, no reporters will be able to get near you."

Raphaél clearly felt only little, if any relief. He didn't respond to the agent, he sat there instead looking unhappy. I didn't know what to do, really. A few minutes passed, me sitting in his lap, doing my best to keep his mind occupied. It was difficult. It got a little better when I saw a police cruiser slowly drive by on the street outside and stop just beyond the driveway. A second cruiser stopped some distance behind it, giving us enough space to safely back out to the street again. Monica and Deke got into the car, she again sitting in the driver seat. The engine started with a muted rumble and we backed out of the garage, slowly and carefully. The limo had been dinged up some, not to the point of being dented (it was armored after all), it was only superficial damage I learned as the agents talked amongst themselves. Also, all the mechanical stuff was still in fully working order. That was good, because if there would have been even the slightest itty bitty trouble with the car, we'd have to squeeze into the police cruisers. Me alone in one of them, and Raphaél and his agents in the other.

Monica let one of the cruisers take point and we all took off at a fairly slow and dignified pace. It wasn't a wild car-chase style drive through the neighborhood this time thank goodness...

We came back to my street, it was completely cleared of people and traffic. Police cars and Secret Service vehicles blocked all entrances. They moved aside to let us pass, there were no reporters where we were, they must have been chased off before we arrived. Or maybe they all waited to pounce on us at the other end of the street, I couldn't tell... Monica stopped the limo right in front of our house. John got out first and then it was me. I had to help Raphaél, he actually seemed too weak to stand on his own, still deeply bothered about what had happened just recently. My angel was truly unhappy, sad even. We stood next to the big car, me holding him as he breathed heavily. His agents came up to our side, flanking us. They each put a comforting hand on my angel's shoulders. I withdrew a little from him, and I again saw tears on his face.

"Please! Let's go inside, okay?", I said and squeezed one of his hands. "You'll feel better then." He nodded, sniffling quietly. As we approached the front door, it opened. I saw mom standing there on the other side looking worried and concerned, and when she saw the state he was in, she was quick to take my poor angel in her arms.

I guess it must have been for him like it had been for me that day after going to the arcade hall, keeping it bottled up until it could not be contained anymore. I thought it was just all the reporters that had unsettled him, but it was that entire morning too, all the media people had just been the trigger effect. My angel almost collapsed as soon as my mom touched him and she had to kneel down to support him, holding him tight to her bosom as deep shuddering sobs wracked his small body.

"She... She doesn't love me anymore...!", he wailed. "She doesn't love me!" I felt myself start crying too! I was feeling so concerned over him I couldn't stop myself.

Mom rocked him slowly, murmuring soothingly to him. "Yes I do", she said to him, meaning it only for him but I still heard.

I don't think Raphaél did however, at least not consciously. He was too distraught! "She hasn't even touched me for a year", he managed to get out. "Not since... Since I tried..." Everything after that was too incoherent to make out, but we all understood anyway what he meant.

"But I do love you", mom said in a gentle voice while she stroked him over his head and shoulders in a comforting manner.

"I'm no good and she doesn't love me!" He kept repeating it in between sniffles and sobs, his voice breaking, becoming quieter and quieter as his sadness intensified.

Mom did her best to handle the situation. Not trying to make him keep it in, but taking it on herself instead, absorbing it, lifting it off his shoulders. Raphaél was seeking sympathy much like a child that had fallen and scratched a knee, and my mother provided it. Lovingly and unconditionally, like only my mother could do (well, I guess I am a bit biased on this point...). There was also something deeper behind that immediate need for closeness and affection however, like he was a tree in a drought thirsting. A small rain shower could not possibly satisfy it. Mom knew this too.

"Yes I do! With all my heart, I do...", she said to him, and he must have heard her this time because his crying rose in intensity as the words sunk in, changing character. He was feeling relief, he was feeling her love, but not daring yet to believe it completely. He wordlessly asked for confirmation, if she was sincere or only saying it because she was trying to make him feel better. My mother recognized this as well, and thus gave him a gentle kiss first on his forehead, and then on his mouth too and that visibly made him calm down, stemming his emotional tide and reduced his crying to muted sniffles. My angel held on to her, now that he knew she accepted him... "My son, I love you", she said.

Author's Notes: I didn't expect the interest (on my part that is) for this story to keep up for as long as it has. "A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one", to quote Senator Palpatine. By the way, the ending of this part, Raphaél's homecoming, was written to be read while listening to Sibelius' 'Andante Festivo'. It is a brilliant piece of classic music, with some very impressive string arrangements. I often find that a particular melody inspires me, and this time it seemed particularly fitting. I decided it was appropriate to speak about it here so you too can enjoy it.

And of course, as usual I say: please don't forget to mail me your reactions. I value your feedback very highly indeed! Thank you in advance...

Until next time:


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