A Different Kind of Christmas Carol

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: zustara@hotmail.com 1.2 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

Please see chapter 1 for standard disclaimer blurb and the dedication and acknowledgements section.


Jeff had taken me back to his place for me to clean myself up a little and to chill. I didn't admit to him how stressful that first meeting had been, but I didn't really need to. He knew anyway somehow. His parents usually had a drink before dinner he said, relaxing for a while and Jeff usually kept them company. Not this time, but there was nobody coming to get him anyway. Guess they accepted that small break from family tradition...

Less than five minutes in the bathroom and about fifteen on Jeff's couch in his TV room was enough to make me calm once more. Jeff told me again and again that while his parents were rather stiff and didn't show much emotion in general, they weren't mean! I let myself be convinced, it felt okay. Jeff was stroking my face and hair as I was leaning up with my back against his stomach and chest. I could feel his heartbeats through his breastbone, my hands were squeezing his thighs, and touching him like that made his body get rather excited (that was easy to feel). Jeff himself however remained calm and unaffected (well, pretty much anyway!), he knew he couldn't really do anything to/with me since we were due for dinner soon. It made me giggle, quite a lot actually! I teased him as much as I could, and he let me get away with it, without letting himself be aroused. His body was, but not HIM! I don't know how he did it, I can't even begin to understand... Somehow he managed, despite me caressing his thighs as seductively as I could.

I think it was because we weren't kissing. If we had been, I'm pretty sure he'd lost all restraint, considering how bad I was teasing away, moaning and rubbing my butt against him by wiggling my hips and squeezing his legs and such. He remained calm. He caressed my head and spoke to me in his soft-toned beautiful voice making me feel good again.

"You watch E.R., sweetie?", he asked me.

I nodded. It's one of my fave TV shows. I love drama, and there's lots of that in that show, though the blood and guts sometimes makes me more than a bit nauseous! Anyway, despite the disgusting bits, the drama really is very good, I don't think I've ever watched a boring episode. All other shows have boring episodes except this one, the script writers are amazing, I don't know how they do it! I wish I was half as good writing my plays as them! Also, the people feel so REAL, from the extras who just play miscellaneous nurses and stuff (like that Yoshi dude for example, he's SO cute! I'm sure he's gay too by the way), to the main cast; their acting is fantastic. They all feel so alive somehow. I cried SO MUCH when Dr. Greene... Well, no. I mustn't give anything away... "I love it", I responded quietly, and somehow I must have conveyed all that I feel about the show in those few words I spoke, because Jeff smiled as if he knew exactly what I meant!

"You know Dr. Carter?", he asked back just as quietly. Yes, of course I knew. The kinda shy young kid who had been fumbling and yelled at by Dr. Benton in the early days, who'd grown so much since then. His family, terribly rich, but not enjoying it himself. "I'm kinda like Dr. Carter I suppose... I'm rich, I know that and I can't change that, but I don't want to be measured by my family's money. I want to make a difference on my own terms and with my own abilities."

I snuggled in to him as close as I could. "I'd say you do a pretty good job of that...", I said seductively in a whisper into his ear.

"Well, it's actually a bit more than that", Jeff started. "You know how Dr. Carter's angry over how his ancestors made that fortune to begin with?"

I hesitated. "Yeess...?"

"Well, how would you guess my family made well over 430 million pounds, Timmy...?"

I shook my head, I didn't want to say anything. He pushed me to speak though. "It's... It's a coal fortune?", I almost whispered.

Jeff actually giggled at seeing my reluctance. "No Timmy", he said and squeezed me tight, "...However, it IS based on greed and human suffering. And I've enjoyed the benefits that money bestows on me, Timmy. I still do. Look where I live, I have my own private gym for crying out loud." He paused for a moment. "You think that makes me proud, sweetie?"

I sighed unhappily. "It ISN'T your fault your parents are rich, and that you're rich", I told him firmly. "No matter where that money comes from, it wasn't your fault, not any of it..."

He grinned at me. "This feels a bit stupid. Whining about having too much money, it's bordering on the pathetic." He was smiling, but I didn't really see it. I started worrying... It's weird, I usually never do that, but when it comes to Jeff I can't help myself. He means so much to me!

"I just wish I could kiss away all the bad in your life...", I pleaded to him while letting my hands caress his face, feeling tears pushing at the back of my eyes.

He smiled at me in such a delighted, amused manner. "What bad in my life, sweetie?", he asked, a humorous twinkle in his eyes. "What ARE you talking about, you silly boy? With you here in my arms, how could there be anything bad whatsoever to kiss away?" He sensed my confusion - which probably was plain to see on my face - and smiled even wider. "You have to understand, all the stuff I went through when I was younger... I really AM okay with that now, and you have to be too. It doesn't scare me anymore, alright?" He caressed my cheek and brushed away the lone tear which had rolled down it. "I love you", he added and kissed my mouth really softly. "Love you so much!" More kisses followed...

When I was feeling safe again he took me downstairs once more. I was dressed really proper, a nice checkered shirt, my newest blue jeans with a slim black leather belt and a small round enameled buckle with a peace symbol on it (yes, I'm a sap for people hugging and just getting along instead of fighting with each other I know!), and my golden earring and golden Mjolnir hammer hanging around my neck, and the rune thumbrings of course. I love those, they were almost the smallest size they had at the jeweler's store, the guy behind the counter was laughing at me! He joked I was the smallest Viking wannabe he'd ever seen, and both mom and Russ glared at him! It was actually really funny.

No, I wasn't offended... I know I'm a small guy. So anyway, we made our way downstairs to the dining room again. The long table had ample space for twelve people, but there were only four in the room. I don't know how the heck they managed to have family dinners and such without it feeling completely weird! Maybe they needed that much space for family occasions and such?

Jeff's mom sat at the end of the table (still dressed in that voluminous white sheet-like garb), and his father with his back to the windows on his wife's right side. Darkness had fallen again, and soft yellow light from many candles in candleholders with more arms than an octopus lit up the room, with additional glow from wall-mounted candles too. When we came in, they rose from their seats. Jeff's father leaned forwards and motioned for me to take the seat from right across him, on his wife's left. She smiled at me gently just briefly, and I felt myself smile back.

"I trust you enjoyed spending Christmas evening here?", Jeff's father asked a while later when food had arrived, him cutting his steak with precise motions.

I blushed. If only the man knew exactly how much! I blushed harder when I realized there was a distinct possibility he DID know, at least to some extent. Jeff's hand patted my left leg, the one closest to him. The coloring of my face started subsiding slowly. "Yes, it was nice...", I started. "Very nice even..." He looked at me kind of expectantly it felt like. "I-I've never been at a party like that before, it was kind of overwhelming..."

"Oh, do stop teasing the boy, Morgan", the lady in white interjected. "Can't you see he's uncomfortable?" She smiled briefly at me, and I could see the man give his wife an odd look. Probably because she'd just called him...Morgan! I turned to face Jeff, and he was smiling at me, his eyes twinkling in an amused manner. He nodded at me, but didn't speak. Was it Jeffrey Morgan Sinclair then, or maybe even Morgan Jeffrey Sinclair? I'd have to ask him later, I thought to myself!

"Uhm, yes, you're probably right, my dear", the man said in his strict, dry English. It almost felt as if I was visiting the royal family or something, considering how correct everybody sounded while speaking! The food was delicious too by the way and more elaborate than any restaurant meal I'd ever had up to that point. There was a starter and a soup and a main course and dessert also naturally, and it was all incredibly well prepared and laid out really neatly, so pretty to look at I was almost afraid to eat anything at all! Especially the dessert, a rice pudding with strawberry jelly glazing with some kind of lime-flavored custard I think rippled around the dish in intricate patterns with large dark chocolate snowflakes as additional decoration, it was like a true work of art. Jeff smiled at me and actually took hold of my left hand with his and guided the spoon and pushed it into the pudding, ruining that smooth, moist surface and scooped up some of the dessert. Then he made me get some of the custard too, messing up the nice pattern on the small plate. I giggled as he made me raise the spoon towards my lips.

"Open up", he ordered in a soft voice and I was getting a hard-on just by having him touch my hand and controlling my motions, and I was blushing a little too, hoping Jeff's parents weren't looking too closely on what we were doing! I obeyed, and the spoon deposited its contents inside my mouth. It tasted heavenly! I devoured the rest of the pudding with vigor, and Jeff let his right hand rest on my left leg during the dessert, dangerously close to my groin! He even tickled me a little by moving his fingers and it made me stay erect for the rest of the meal, thankfully it was all hidden from his parents by the tablecloth... We shared glances every now and then, me and Jeff. It was nice, it made me stay calm despite the pressure from meeting his strict parents.

There wasn't too much food in all despite all the different dishes, and the veggies were plentiful and making up a large percentage of the meal, so I didn't feel over-stuffed with fat and calories either. Even the pudding wasn't overly rich, obviously the family's cooks were masters at their work! Conversation was very light. Jeff's parents only spoke to me a little, I guess they were kind of embarrassed still the first fiancée their son brought home was another boy! Overall I don't know how well they took it, like I said they didn't speak much and they were too strict and polite to voice any direct disagreements or criticism outright. They didn't ask Jeff any parental stuff like how school was or such - presumably since we had none at the moment - just a little about what I liked to do. I told about my theatre interest and such, and they nodded in a highly approving manner and then the topic somehow moved on and they started talking over our heads about things like how the NASDAQ was doing at the moment and who they would hire to manage the latest business venture they had taken over. Their voices were muted and very cool and business-like, I could hardly believe they were man and wife! I'd never heard my parents talk to each other like that, in such neutral tones. The only real pauses was when they stopped briefly to have a bite of food or a sip of wine. Me and Jeff had black currant cordial to drink which had been made at Jeff's mother's estates in England; she was a genuine Countess by birth with rather vast lands surrounding a real castle I got to hear. Jeff's father in comparison was only a commoner, though born from a very wealthy family. Jeff told me all that while his parents were busy with other less important things concerning money. Nothing fun at all.

Soon, it totally felt as if the grownups had forgotten all about us two. They still talked above our heads as if we were invisible, and I got the sense that was how dinners in the Sinclair household usually turned out once the fundamental basics of parent/son interaction had gotten over and done with. It was as if both adults felt a bit awkward in their dealings with minors and didn't quite know how to treat us. 'Just like any person, thank you!' I wanted to tell them, but that meant raising my voice and intruding and making us all embarrassed.

Me and Jeff turned to our own conversation instead. I asked about Aspen, and what the skiing was like there, and their lodge, if it was as impressive as that huge house. He grinned, and said, in a way it was. Not as old for sure (the house dated back to the late 1800s), and certainly not anywhere as big either.

After dinner followed coffee and a brandy in the salon.

"Would you care for a taste yourself?", Mr. Sinclair offered politely as we sat in leather chairs positioned around a merrily crackling fire in a large masonry fireplace. "I could pour you a small snifter, if your parents would not mind, that is." I must have paled, I suppose! It was all I could do to shake my head stiffly yet firmly. Mr. Sinclair shrugged as if he thought maybe I was behaving slightly weird - which I probably was - but he respected my choice and did not pressure me.

Both me and Jeffrey politely declined coffee as well - the man serving us apparently expecting that anyway, only asking for the sake of it. I'd never seen Jeff drink coffee at all. Soon afterwards, William came with a pot of steaming hot amber-colored Darjeeling tea and two white, delicate porcelain cups just for us, and we smiled warmly (and I got up and gave him a nice long hug, which made him smile just briefly)!

As we all enjoyed our beverages, mostly I was forced to do some more polite smalltalk. The Sinclairs wanted to know what my parents worked with, and I told them mom's a senior network administrator at a major ISP in the area - which you'd NEVER believe looking at her - which I think is so cool! She knows more about computers than anyone else I know! She can program in more languages than I got fingers, and she troubleshoots UNIX mainframes over the phone while preparing the rest of the family's Sunday dinner (yes, that's happened more than once!). She slipped into the realm of computers on a banana peel in her youth, and since then it's become her life's work (apart from raising us four kids that is!). Dad's a journalist and he hates computers by the way. He's always bitching about how much better it was in the 70s and early 80s before newsrooms were computerized...! It's so funny, he types up his articles on an old typewriter and then the staff has to scan the pages and put the result through an OCR program to get the stuff into their desktop publishing system...! He CAN'T use computers, if he merely touches one at work, every machine on the entire floor of the building crashes! Sometimes the entire LAN goes down if he as much as looks at a computer crossways, his colleagues joke when they come over to have dinner with us... Dad kinda laughs and blushes. They exaggerate, sure, but to some extent it IS true. Dad and computers are like cats and dogs.

He's a MEAN fast typist though, almost as fast as mom, and she uses all her fingers! Dad has this weird technique where he uses just his index fingers to enter text, thumbs to tap space, left pinky for shift and the right pinky to bash the enter button or backspace those few instances he makes a mistake (it is an electrical typewriter so fortunately he can erase words). Says he's been typing for over 25 years and never developed any silly carpal tunnel syndrome! If you keep your wrist straight he says, you don't get that. Despite not using proper finger placement, he doesn't need to look at the keys. He goes purely by gut instinct, knowing by heart where all the keys are. He couldn't tell on which row the 'g' key is for example if his life depended on it (or even if it is on the left or right half of the keyboard!), yet he strikes it with (almost) unerring precision every time!

He's also madly good at one-thumbed SMS mailing. He's a field reporter and he discovered how convenient messaging is. He even uses all the cool abbreviations and such that has most of the rest of the newsroom staff stumped. Everybody were totally surprised when he picked up a cellphone and just started using it without having any difficulties at all, even with stuff like navigating the menus or the phonebook or sending messages. That was the ONE exception to when he actually got angry when someone teased him for his technical ineptness, when he in fact managed to do something right. "It's a PHONE, dammit!", he'd growled in a really pissed-off voice to mom. "Even I know how to use those!" Later she apologized, and then dad apologized for snapping at her, and after that they both kissed and made up. Then they chased me out of the kitchen for spying on them, but that's a different story!

Strange as it may seem, that seemed to be the key to the whole mystery. The phone was a phone and nothing more in his eyes, so therefore he was able to operate it, including the extra functions. It didn't matter it had a dot-matrix display and all sorts of other gadgets, he could handle that just because the thing really was nothing but a phone!

I told all that to Jeff after his parents had retreated to their private office to go over some salaries or budget stuff or something (it was a business just running that big house of theirs!). I had somehow ended up in Jeff's lap, and he chuckled merrily at my little story...

"It felt good hearing you tell that, sweet Timmy", he whispered to me when I was done. "It makes me feel as if I know your family a bit better, you know..." He held me close for a few moments. "I think my parents still scare you slightly though, don't they?"

I nodded and blushed. I mean, I could trust him, I know that! He wouldn't get mad or upset or anything, I guess I just felt a bit like a wuss or a wimp for being scared of his parents (if just a little), but Jeff merely thought it was hot and got rather turned on by getting to be there and be strong for me, which was fine by me really! I mean it, it feels so good to feel his hard-on under my butt... Thus, I snuggled in tight once more and 'hmm-ed' to him. "Yes, they do I think they're a little intimidating, sort of. And your father, how can he be so insensitive when he knows of... Of you, I mean, what you been through?" I started rambling, getting upset again.

He hushed me immediately. "Timmy!", he admonished with a giggle. "When are you ever going to stop worrying over that? I told you already, I'm FINE!" He paused, and looked gazed me sternly into my eyes. "Now LOOK, Timothy. This house is full of booze. We got a wine cellar with THOUSANDS of bottles in it. Believe me when I say, I don't WANT it. I don't NEED it. The stuff has no power over me anymore. The reason I told you I can't drink isn't because I fear I'd have a relapse, no. I'm not an alcoholic, I don't think I ever was, not really. Addicted, yes, but that's not the same. Not for me. I never believed in the AA doctrine of alcoholism being a disease, or any kind of drug abuse being a disease really. It's...more like a character flaw, I think, a weakness. I could drink beer or wine, or even spirits if I wanted to without any problems. But I don't. It reminds me of what kind of a human Felix made me into, selfish and ego-centric... Much like himself. I was only caring about me, not seeing the pain I inflicted on those who love me. I won't touch the stuff ever again."

Can you believe it, I was sniffling AGAIN! It didn't annoy me, that I seemed to be weeping a couple times every day. Not when it made me feel so good being able to do it without shame in front of Jeff. Not when he made me feel so safe as he worked his magic to stem the tide. "I... I understand", I sniffled. I understood, but I was still afraid. I was still SO scared over the thought of me almost losing him before I even knew he existed...

He'd overdosed that night when he'd been rushed to the hospital. I knew that, deep down in my heart even though I didn't want to even think about it. I had though, I had to come to terms with it or I would continue to worry about it over and over and the worrying would get worse and turn to poison in my mind. I'd become frightened and paranoid, not able to relax or let him out of my sight for fear of harm coming to him.

I had to put it all to rest, like he'd done. But I barely dared to even THINK of it! I became more scared still when thinking WHY. Had he done it on purpose? The thought sent a chill through my soul that made the very core of my being shudder. I looked at him with teary eyes. I looked into his wonderful, strange not-quite-green-but-not-blue eyes, the wells into his soul, and I knew the answer.

"Yes Timmy", he said in a near whisper, and I cried again like a baby. Jeff kissed me and I melted in his arms like always, but I cried. Oh, I cried! "It's true I did do it, but Timmy... I never meant to kill myself, I swear. I knew that's what would happen because I just didn't care anymore, but I didn't do it on purpose! Does that make any sense whatsoever?" I couldn't speak at all, I was shuddering and sobbing so bad, but I nodded my head and communicated with him that way. Jeff sighed and held me close.

My emotions subsided somewhat. "I know now how you felt", I whispered and shuddered once more. I did, I really did understand, but I felt such pain for him. Not on purpose, but knowing it was a fatal dose. A fatalistic shrug. If he died, then he died, so what. He'd only been fourteen years old! Fourteen, and not caring if he lived or died?! I felt his pain even though he no longer did. Not conquered it. He had merged with it, absorbed it. They were still there, side by side, but living in symbiosis now, not as antagonists. "Jeffrey, I love you. I always wi-will love you...", I said in a really quivery voice. He was smiling at me again.

"Now I've told you something I never told ANYONE else, except William", Jeff replied softly, and one single tear detached itself from his left eye even as he smiled. "Now you know everything. The very last secret, and still you refuse to stop loving me? Timmy, you are so wonderful!" He re-adjusted my position on himself with a firm hand on my bum. I shuddered one last time, and realization dawned on me. Jeffrey was there still, and he WAS okay, and he was STRONG, and HEALTHY and ALIVE. That realization made me okay too...

"...And you are so horny!", I replied with an ever-widening grin. It was true; his dick was SOOO stiff! He really did think it was sexy when I wept... I then surprised us both by letting my tongue zip out and absorb that lone tear of his, licking it up with great delight. It tasted salty yet sweetly somehow, and his skin had such a nice texture to it. I wiggled my tongue all the way up his cheek up to his eye (which he had to close to protect it), and I felt him breathe deeply and his dick twitch in under me. He held my butt with one hand, the other around my waist. "Take me to bed, Jeffrey my darling", I pleaded. "Make love to me, please..."

I had my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his waist. He had one arm under my bum and the other on my waist just like before as we quickly walked up the stairs to the top floor. When we reached his apartment I released my grip and hopped down to the floor, running down the hallway giggling as Jeff chased me, yelling at me sternly to stop and come back to him! I teased him as he teased me, drawing him nearer my goal, the bed where I wanted him to have me. All of me... If he'd wanted to, he could have caught me, but he let me win.

I came running and laughing like a madman and tossed myself down on his bed, almost bouncing right off it into the wall! I remembered Euro beds generally being a lot stiffer than ours after my one vacation over there years ago (just like the suspension on their cars). I giggled crazily as Jeff came rushing towards me and launched himself into a football-like tackle. I crouched up on instinct, my body thinking he'd crush me if he landed on me, but his arms and legs reached out in the last moment and he landed on all fours surrounding me with his limbs and placed a quick kiss on my face! At once I tried to start ripping his clothes off him but he seized my arms around the wrists and held me firmly yet not so that it hurt.

"Easy boy, easy", he said with a giggle of his own, and I relaxed. He stretched out my arms and laid them down, and then he started unbuttoning our clothes and painfully slowly drag them off. It was a very lustful experience, he undressed me carefully, with much caressing and tickling as each item was removed - including my feet I might add when the socks went. I yearned for us to just get it ON, I must have been at least as horny as he was! I whimpered out of unfulfilled lust and he looked back at me evilly at seeing how frustrated I was! I could see though how turned on he was by seeing me acting like that, how much I wanted him and his touches. It was great, even as it was horrible with having to wait!

Once he'd gotten me totally naked he started on his own clothes, pulling them off with swift, powerful motions showing off his wonderful, muscular body. He made me almost drool with anticipation as I saw his stiffie bob in front of him as he was leaning down over me, crawling up to kiss me. I was actually kicking with my heels against the bed in anticipation! FINALLY he lowered himself down on top of me! I sighed out of pleasure feeling his weight push down on me, crushing me kindly somehow. I slithered a little under him to find the position that made maximum skin contact possible, and both of us gasped as if with one voice! Five small kisses from him followed, three on my mouth (each longer than the previous), and then one on either cheek. It was just barely enough to quench my most immediate thirst for closeness and affection despite he ground his stiffie into me with great force even as he kissed me...!

Jeff rinsed himself off me little and looked at me with such intensity, liking what he saw. I was seeing wonder in his eyes, wonder that I was there with him, wanting to be there with him! It really was a dream coming true for him and I smiled, tilting my head down towards a shoulder cutely and batted my eyelids at him, signaling I was ready for some real action. I wanted him SO BAD. I wanted to feel him all over me, I wanted to feel him inside of me, I couldn't WAIT to feel him inside of me! He said we'd better save something for later, but I was thinking why save something nice for later when you can have it NOW?

I was doing my darndest to seduce him! To boost his sex drive to the point he just could not resist me and my beckoning-call and simply go ahead and jump my bones. I really tried! It was so frustrating when I realized it wasn't working. He kept grinning at me in a teasing manner as he crept southwards, letting his hands and fingers drag along my body making my skin prickle. I had my hands on his hands, pressing them into me as hard as I could! Then he grasped my boyhood with one of his large and strong, yet so very gentle hands, and all I could say was a deep moaning "Aahh...". I sucked in air through clenched teeth as he pulled back my foreskin and let his warm breath touch the cherry-red tip inside... His fingers smeared my pre-cum all over the glans and I thought I would scream straight out, my back arching, my arms flailing to grasp something but not finding anything. It didn't get better when his lips touched me and parted, letting me in, except, it was. Much better, SO much better... I was glad he had his own place, far far away from anyone who could hear me...!

He massaged my short but very stiff members with exquisite care using mouth and tongue, while letting his hands do their magic over the rest of my body. He left no spot he could reach untouched, and if he hadn't caressed my legs for a while, he made my whole being shudder as he touched that part of me, sneaking inside my thighs and then upwards past my groin and across my tummy and chest... He knew I was close, ready to climax and then he stopped! He detached himself from my dick with a plop again and looked straight at me. I stared back, looking down along my body and seeing my erection poke straight up into the air since he had a hand at the base of my shaft, holding it like that.

"Isn't this great?", he asked with a kinda amused smile, but full of boyish naughtiness too.

I felt a little confused, here I was having a wonderful time being loved in a very direct fashion and then he strikes up a conversation, but I couldn't help myself agreeing with him! "Yeah!", I grinned back. "You have any idea how turned-on it makes me, getting a blowjob from the football team captain?" I teased him a little, sure, but it WAS a huge turn-on! Jeff was such an admired athlete, and to think all he wanted was little silly me, it was... It was incredible!

Jeff chuckled and actually blushed a little! "Well, you have any idea how turned-on I get from being allowed to blow the dick of the cutest boy in the whole school?" My turn to blush! I felt a shiver of pure lust course down my body and I felt a small stream of pre-cum pump out of me, it was amazing! I let my head fall back down onto the mattress, and right then the warm and moist sensations returned. I pushed with my hips, feeling his strong hands on my waist gripping and squeezing at me and then I used my feet trying to find his dick. I did, my toes on my left foot brushed up against the sticky tip, and I quickly clasped it as best I could in between both my feet. It was hot, and so hard! Jeff moaned a little too, and then I lost it, the feeling of the sound he made providing the last bit of stimulation. I shot so hard Jeff almost choked, it was as if he nearly got it all down his windpipe instead of his throat since it came without any warning whatsoever really. I heard myself squealing loudly out of pure ecstasy, smiling and slithering. Just like the first time when he gave me such a royal treatment he kept sucking, if just very gently. He mostly just rubbed my dick with his tongue, which kept my sensitive organ from signaling pain instead of pleasure. The blood pressure in it lowered to maybe sixty percent of maximum, but then it quickly returned to a full hardon again! I understood that what had just happened was merely the beginning of the evening's pleasures...

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