A Different Kind of Christmas Carol

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: zustara@hotmail.com 1.2 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

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"I'd LOVE to stay!", I said, "...Cutie!", I added in a whisper, then raised a warning finger. "I better ask my folks' permission first though."

Jeff nodded. "Fair enough. Phone's over there", he said and pointed at a small round table in a corner, inlaid with patterns of what looked like silver and figures made of carved pieces of ivory. The phone was as antique-looking as the rest of the furniture, but it worked just fine anyway. I told my mom I'd stay the night. I didn't really ASK if I could, because I'd already decided I wouldn't go home no matter what she said. She became surprised of course and wondered if I'd be alright and such. I said yes. Then she sighed and said if that was what I really wanted, of course I could stay even though it was Christmas eve and a time for family celebration and such. I felt a small sting of guilt, but not a very big one (and not nearly as big as my mother tried to make me experience!). Jeff quite simply wanted me more than I wanted my family right then...

We sat down together on an antique sofa, me looking at all the paintings on the walls of the room, undoubtedly made by great masters hundreds of years ago or something, Jeff looking at me mostly. Conversation was sparse, the few guests remaining were talking about how impressed they were with the house and all the things in it, Jeff merely shrugged and didn't seem to know what to say. We couldn't WAIT for them to leave us alone, and soon they did, leaving all in a group. We said goodbye to them standing at the big front door, and then it was just me and Jeff and a house loaded with servant staff...

I suddenly got a bit insecure, not knowing what to do or how to react.

Jeff was mindful of my hesitation however, all he did was putting his arm around my shoulder and draw me in close as we stood there in the hallway. I leaned my head against his, and then both his arms were around me, holding me. I was crying a little, not really sure why I think. Mostly for Jeff's benefit I suppose, so he could feel strong and protective of me. He held me, hushing softly, patting and stroking, and I was really turned on despite being a little scared about being so turned on. I wasn't sure how to proceed, what to do, how to behave. So I wept instead, not because I was scared of Jeff or anything of course. Don't be silly! It just felt like a legitimate option.

Maybe it was because I felt like I'd come home somehow. Well, my HOME was with my parents and my brother and sisters, Jeff's house was big and impressive and all that, but it wasn't really a homely place, if you know what I mean... You couldn't lounge about in one of those antique couches snacking on cookies and having a mug of hot chocolate, because you'd get crumbs all over their silk and satin fabric surface and ruin it, or you might spill and stain the darn thing, and besides they were kinda hard and uncomfortable too! It felt like I'd found my emotional home sort of...

"Hey, Timmy darling." I looked up at him, into his lovely eyes. "Would you care for a swim or something?"

My sniffles stopped. "S-swim? You have a swimming pool?"

"'Course we do", he said naturally. Not bragging, because that wasn't in his nature at all, but merely stating a fact. Nothing more. He looked at me, holding a hand on one of my cheeks, and I leaned my head against that hand, wanting to feel him close. And, swimming with Jeff... I'd get to be even closer to him. My mind made up, I nodded, accepting his proposal even though there was a bit of a problem involved with me and water, but I didn't say anything.

Jeff went over to one of the small, discrete house intercom terminals I'd seen here and there. He pushed a button. "William?"

The reply was almost instantaneous. "Yes, Master Jeffrey?"

"We're going to go have a bath. Would you have the sauna heated up too, please?"

"Very well, Sir."

"Thank you." Jeff released the button and then turned back to me. "You better bring your jacket, cutie. The bath-house is in the garden, and it's really cold outside." He touched one of my cheeks again with his hand.

I wiped my eyes. They felt a little gritty, and my nose was clogged. I looked back and gave him a quick smile though. He seemed pleased, glad I was alright after all and that he had been of help. I was glad I'd been able to help him help me by using my tears...

This time he took me to the western wing of the huge house instead. There was a small entrance hall there of sorts in the farthest end, again made of dark wood paneling, with a much smaller staircase to the upper floors than the main one, wrought iron hooks to hang jackets and stuff, and pairs of winter boots standing in a corner. It was bigger than our hallway at home, but from what I was used to with this house, almost tiny in comparison to some of the other rooms! After a few seconds of thought, Jeff asked me to stay put, he'd be right back he said. I stood there watching him bounce off back through the corridor we'd arrived through, giddy as a schoolboy, then he returned again after only a minute or two. He carried a dark woolen overcoat over one arm, and two bundles of thick, blue terry cloth, what they were I could not figure out. Towels, perhaps?

He handed me the overcoat, and I felt it was REALLY heavy! It literally radiated quality, just the briefest of touches told you that. It was so different from anything I'd seen him wear to school... The inside of it was clad in some slick, shiny fabric (deep-green, just like Jeff likes it I supposed), and it was a bit big for me I could tell. "Try this one. It's really cold outside now!" He waved his hands at me to get on with it. "It's mine, but you can have it", he then added with a smile. "We bought it in London this autumn, but I've only ever worn it once."

"Geez, Jeff! How much did this thing cost?", I said as I took off my own simple jacket (which he nabbed and hung on a hook), and then slipped into his long, nice coat. I wasn't sure if he meant I could wear it just this once, or HAVE it for real... He said he'd worn it though, so there was no way I wasn't going to put it on... I'd wear ANYTHING he'd worn previously, just to get to feel a bit more of him... Thus, with a delighted, slightly preoccupied smile I put my arms into the sleeves and let its soft velvety weight envelop me...then I tried not to stagger when he mentioned the price.

"Oh, a steal at around nine hundred quid I think." A snorting laugh followed since my eyes must have bulged or something. "Sorry Timmy, but you just looked TOO funny right there...! Come on now, let's get going."

The wintry evening-dark garden looked like something out of a dreamscape. Cast iron lamp-posts sent out a mild glow that illuminated the path down to the bath-house, but not too far away to either side. All the white stuff covering everything did reflect a tiny bit of light in the distance though, but I could only see vague impressions of snow-covered trees and bushes out there in the darkness; it looked as if they were clad in soft and fluffy cotton. The lawn itself had a layer of white stuff almost up to my waist, and the walls on either side from where someone had laboriously shoveled away the snow were even taller.

Our destination was a freestanding building as big as a normal house deep down at the far end of the huge park-like garden, maybe even bigger in fact. It was almost completely surrounded by a hedge of cypress trees to give privacy, leaving plenty of space around it for sunbathing in the summers, and I saw an outdoors shower sticking up out of the snow too. Didn't look very inviting to me I must admit!

The pool (which I could see through the windows; it was huge - looked like it was something like 20 feet long and illuminated from below the surface. It spread a soft, bluish glow out through the windows and onto the snow), was reached through a set of dressing and shower rooms, with separate areas for men and women - as if we cared! We occupied the women's dressing room just for the heck of it!

The place seemed to have been built in the twenties or thirties or something, everything was rather old-fashioned. Wood (lighter in color than in the main building) and brass being common, the floor dark slate. Lamps in the ceiling spread a warm glow as we took off our shoes and coats.

I felt a bit shy. It would be the first time I'd be naked in front of Jeff, and I'd probably get an erection too. I didn't quite know what to do or how to behave, but Jeff did. He understood I think, because he started to undress himself without waiting for me, doing it slowly as not to stress me or intimidate me or anything. I could see he was really excited, but somehow having better control over his body than me. I was hesitant and maybe a little scared still and my dick was all calm, but Jeff, he made his stay down out of sheer willpower. I could never do that, it really has a life of its own. I sat down on a wooden bench as he started to remove his vest, simply watching him.

Jeff took pleasure from undressing in front of me, I could see it. It wasn't as if he did some kind of silly strip routine, but he made sure I saw what he was doing, and what his body looked like. For example, when he unbuttoned his shirt, he'd pull it apart slightly so I'd only get tantalizing glimpses of his well-developed chest and stomach, and then he'd deliberately uncover one of his shoulders and wink at me as he finished the last few buttons... His skin was not as pale as mine, perhaps some of his summer tan remained since I think him and his family spent their summers at expensive resorts and such. He'd been awesomely tanned when school resumed after summer and gradually paled as the months passed.

When his shirt finally came off, I knew he could no longer control himself, at least not completely. His nice, tight pants showed a bit of a bulge in his groin as my eyes swept over his nice body. He was lean, but not quite as lean as me. He had considerably more muscle on his bones compared to me of course, and a little bit more fat on him too. When I pinch myself, almost all I get is skin, but Jeff was a bit softer. I just HAD to stretch out a hand and put it on his warm stomach, and that made him smile. As I kept my hand on him feeling tense muscles under my fingers, he first pulled off each sock without hurrying and then unbuttoned his pants. They fell, leaving him standing there in just a pair of white bikini briefs. I had wondered if maybe they'd be made of silk perhaps, but it was just common fruit-of-the-loom-like cotton briefs of the exact same kind I might have worn, just a different brand that's all. Phew, I didn't know what to do had it not been, I'd felt totally out of my league I think.

With just a pair of briefs on, the bulge became much more apparent, and I adjusted my hand, spread my fingers, pressed into him more... The bulge grew, showing a well-developed male member straining under that thin fabric. My smile was gone, my mouth was almost hanging open, my eyes locked on the sight of that treasure that laid so close to me. Jeff sighed softly, gasped as I rubbed his stomach with my hand. He was approaching maximum stiffness and that made it uncomfortable for him since his dick was being pinned down by his underwear. Thus, he pulled that piece of clothing down as well...!

I must admit I felt a bit intimidated by it all. I mean, he kissed me, fine. I'd never been kissed before, well, not like THAT of course. Just parents and siblings (my bro more often than my sisters actually). When I saw his full erection bounce up like that, I just felt... Well, strange really. Here I'd gone in the span of just a few hours from having the biggest crush on a guy without realizing it myself, to discovering that love with the help of a wonderful kiss, to having the object of all my desires standing naked in front of me. I don't know if I got scared, but my body retracted in around itself, I was shaking a little by the conflicting emotions in me. I wanted Jeff, WANTED him! Wanted him so badly... But it was all so new to me, what was I to do? How was I supposed to react? What if I did something wrong, touched him in some way he didn't like and he stopped loving me because of it?

My doubts laid not in him, but in me, and Jeff (the lovely considerate person that he was), understood that.

He sat down beside me and put one of his strong arms around my shoulders, drew me in close. "Hey, Timmy...", he said in his quiet, well-mannered voice. "It's okay. Everything's okay..." I was shaking still. I wanted to believe him, to trust him, but I could not trust myself. My hand made a small motion to move over and settle on his thigh, but I stopped it, not daring. It hovered in the air not even halfway between us, quivering just a little. So he took it with his other hand and placed it on his smooth, hairless leg. "Timmy. What do you know about me? I mean... Really know?"

"I-I know you're the-the greatest guy there is...", I said, trying to hold my tears back. "And that I lo-love you..." I had to squeeze my eyes shut or I would have started bawling all over again.

Jeff stroked the hand I held on him. He didn't make me proceed beyond that point, I wasn't ready yet. "There's things you need to know", he said quietly, and he had all my attention like he always had whenever he spoke. His English was music and poetry to my ears. "It may be difficult to hear about it, more difficult than it is for me to tell you about it. I've accepted what happened and moved on, it can't hurt me anymore. So don't worry, okay? It's just something that happened once, it's all in the past now. All right?"

I nodded, making a gulping sound as I tried to swallow down a big lump in my throat.

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