A Different Kind of Christmas Carol

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: zustara@hotmail.com 1.2 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

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I felt myself, my entire body go all flaccid on me. I'd dropped to the floor like a sack of flour if Jeff hadn't strengthened his grip on me. His kiss... It felt so...right, somehow. So RIGHT. Like that was the way it really was supposed to be, like my life was complete somehow after that kiss.

"Timmy!", he exclaimed worriedly. "Are you okay? I-I didn't...violate you, or anything?!"

I smiled happily. "Jeffrey, you did no such thing", I replied firmly. "I'm FINE. Don't worry... In fact, I'd like you to do it again... Please", I said and blushed demurely. My eyes closed as I awaited his second kiss, wondering if it would be as breathtakingly awesome as the first he'd given me... My knees grew weak once again as his lips touched mine. He was so careful with me, yet so intense... He started with a slow kiss, then he became increasingly more eager and forwards, gripping me tighter and tighter with his lips, re-acquiring that grip over and over, sucking at my lower lip, and then he was squeezing my butt too all of a sudden. I could not stop myself, I broke away so I could emit a delighted giggle of a laugh! My stiff dick was squashed in between our bodies, there was NO WAY he could not feel it...!

"Enjoying yourself, are you?", he said quietly. I looked at him, and he seemed calm, but I could see lust burning brightly in his eyes. Those flames were considerably hotter than those reflected in his eyes. He moved slightly, and then I felt the heights his level of excitement reached as well... The answer to that was hidden away inside those woolen pants of his, yet fully revealed to me as he held me close to himself...

I swallowed, then gasped. "Oh geez, Jeff... You're almost more than I can handle", I mumbled and then he grinned wide again and immediately dove in for more! My surprise was quickly quenched and I started to enjoy myself. I was getting better at it, the art of kissing. I learned what he liked, how he wanted it, and found I liked it just the same... Then my eyes widened as I saw William move up into the doorway. He must have gone to check what had become of us so that the dinner could start and he stopped out of sheer surprise. Then he nodded briefly as an acknowledgment to me and gave a brief smile and then withdrew himself politely. Jeff never noticed, he faced the fireplace still. It seemed William was not entirely surprised after all. Maybe, he'd even hoped and wished for this to happen I realized...

However, I did not let my fleeting thoughts to stop myself from fully enjoying Jeff's kiss! He had a hungering look on his face when he let go of me, knowing he wanted more, much more, but there were almost a dozen dozens of birthday guests all waiting for him so he couldn't!

"Time to get going", he said, his breath heavy. We both had to 'adjust' ourselves, and it made us giggle madly.

"Jeff... Please. One more time?", I pleaded to him and his resolve immediately cracked. He held me, actually putting both hands on my butt that time. I had a hand on a smooth cheek of his face, and the other on his upper back. We were both sighing quietly through our noses, it felt sooo goood...

"Timothy...", he said quietly, just as I gasped, "Jeffrey...", both of us so absorbed by our own feelings we didn't even realize we were speaking to each other. "I love you", we whispered, and then we kissed again. Softly, gently. Not too long. And then again almost immediately afterwards.

Everything that had been hidden to me was suddenly revealed as I understood what I'd just told him. What HE had told ME! We kissed once more, both with equal amounts of understanding. Holding each other close, arms around each other's bodies, hands touching, squeezing gently. Both of us were feeling at home, like we'd found that which we'd been looking for, hoping to find but never really expected. The kisses we shared right then were long and intense of course, but slow and relaxed also. There was no need to hurry, we had each other now... We'd have all the time in the world from now on. No matter what obstacles we'd have to circumvent, we'd make it somehow, we'd get our time together. Our kisses might be gentle, but Jeff's hold on me was firm. Firm, and very comforting! I held him too in a milder grip, yet sincere, so he'd know I was feeling good about it all.

Suddenly there was another person in the doorway out into the hall... Hannah.

I understood later, she'd decided to try to approach Jeff after all. She'd seen the unmarked seat right next to his and thought maybe she could use her female charms (as well as what her low-cut neckline revealed) to have her moved over there instead of sitting halfway down on the other side of the table. Jeff was prime rib in her book, except for the fact he associated with untouchables; NORMAL people. Yuck! However, that COULD be overlooked since his family was so stupefyingly rich, she figured. Everybody had a few flaws attached to their personality, that was just to be expected. Well, Everybody ELSE, that is. In her own eyes, Hannah was probably beyond perfect.

When she saw us like that, she stomped her foot angrily and let loose a shrill and truly annoyed 'AaauuUUGGHHH!!' of a yell. It was as if she thought we kissed just to piss her off, to spit in her face when she'd decided to eat at least a little crow and graciously accept Jeff into her fan club after all since it turned out - against her initial assessment - he actually had some qualities going for him; those qualities simply being nothing other than insanely wealthy parents. Her scream made us both stop our activities, Jeff turned to look too.

Upon seeing she had the attention of both of us, she stomped her foot again like a child having a tantrum, her eyes shooting daggers and lightning at us, and then she stormed away. Jeff turned back around so he could look at me, my face in his hands, shrugging, a wry, amused grin on his lips. He didn't care! I could not understand it, right then Hannah HAD to be busy spreading the news: we were two homos caught kissing. She would NEVER let it pass, I knew it, she was such a scheming little bitch! I felt sick to my stomach.

Love works in mysterious ways though. Jeff smiled gently at me. "Hey...", he said in his soft voice. "Calm down. Who cares about her, we have each other. ..Right?" He asked, having faith in me, but unsure of how I was to cope with this new development I guess... I didn't quite know what to do. I was upset, and Jeff could see it. He touched my face with his hands, and to my surprise I did not turn away out of revulsion... I wanted him. I wanted his touches more than I feared Hannah and her revenge (which would undoubtedly be cruel and inhumane in the extreme). Another quick kiss on my lips sealed my fate. I was his. For as long as he'd have me! No, forever.

"I... I love you, Jeffrey. But, I'm scared."

"Never fear while I'm around, little Timmy. If need be, I'll buy her off." He said it as a joke, but I guess he really WOULD do it, if it meant she'd leave us alone. "Bet she's real cheap too!"

I found myself grinning even as I thought I should be crying. "Yeah, she's a total slut", I said quietly. Jeff was caressing my cheeks and rubbing the tip of his nose against mine, fuelling my inner fire and making me smile more.

"Pure-bred trailer-trash wearing fancy clothes", Jeff said quietly. "Probably stole them too." Right then I felt started laughing!

"Exactly! Just like Winona Ryder!", I giggled crazily. It felt good to laugh, and I realize on the inside how close I'd been to actually start to cry out of the emotions stemmed up in me from the discovery of our love, and Hannah's discovery of that love. The laugh vented that pressure safely, without causing any emotional damage. "So, how much are you good for then, rich-boy?" The words popped out of me without me really thinking much about it. I suddenly became nervous, wondering how he might react. I shouldn't have!

Jeff calmed down a bit, but he was still smiling. "Ooh, let's see now... Only counting what's locked up in gold, trust funds, bonds and bank accounts and such... I guess something like four hundred thirty million...pounds. Our stock portfolios comes on top of that of course and I have no idea what they're worth these days, with the current state of the market. Not anywhere as much as they used to I can assure you! And we own houses and stuff too, don't ask because I never even bothered trying to find out what all that's worth..." I guess my face must have paled, because Jeff started laughing all over again! "All right, cute stuff", he said in a happy voice. "Time to face the music. We're late enough as it is..."

"Couldn't we just...elope, or something?" I was actually more than half-serious because I was still almost deathly afraid of Hannah, but I did say it with a smile, if a weak one.

"Not from my own birthday party!", he said confidently. "I told you, never fear anything while I'm around okay?"

I leaned my head against his shoulder. "Okay. I promise", I said quietly, and then I felt a warm hand on my bum again, and he gently nudged that part of me to make me get going. He let the hand stay there as we walked out of the library and all the way until we had almost reached the dining hall...

Upon entering, we more or less expected to be met by a wall of silence after Hannah had made her big announcement regarding us and our perverted sexuality. What actually happened came as a total shock to us both...

The big room took up the entire ground floor of the eastern wing of the building. It was abso-fricking-lutely HUGE! There were windows all around, except the wall with the entrance doors of course since that was part of the interior of the building. Straight ahead opposite the entrance doors, there were big doors out into the garden to give easy accessibility in the summers. All of the windows had thin, white silk curtains with lacy fringes to brighten the place up, with wall-mounted lamps made of brass in between. More chandeliers in the ceiling of course (which was white also, and decorated with plaster ornamentation and beveled edges and such, as well as more ornamentation around the chandeliers themselves).

The room, which had two rows of four round, white pillars of stone carrying the weight of the floors above, was packed full of round tables with white tablecloths covering them, the center of the room was occupied by one long continuing table seating the football team and Jeff's closest friends, plus some odds and ends (like Hannah). Every table was crammed full of guests, it sure was an impressive sight! And, a terribly frightening one too. What if they all hated us now?

Charles Londale (whom it was best never to call 'Charlie'), the team's running-back, rose from his seat and looked straight at us. He was as tall and physically impressive as Jeff was, and I stiffened up under the boy's serious gaze, feeling threatened. I wished Jeff could have held my hand, or at least had him hold it on my waist, or shoulder or something. But I felt as if I was on my own, and Little Timmy felt very, very little right then. Had someone stood behind me and said 'boo!' in one of my ears, I WOULD have fainted outright, I'm certain of that.

Then Charlie started clapping his hands slowly, still with that serious look on his face. More people rose up to join him and he started smiling, and the other people were also clapping, and then the room literally exploded in a storm of cheering! I felt terribly weak and confused all of a sudden, and then Jeff's arm came and steadied me, hooking around my arm in a discreet manner. I still felt confused however, were all of the other guests approving of our relationship, maybe just to spite Hannah? I found her in the crowd, she had stubbornly waited until the very last moment before getting up as well, and she did not clap her hands. Her face was a dark cloud of anger, and I could tell she had said nothing. ...Not yet, anyway.

Nobody else noticed her dour gaze however, all the eyes of the room were on us two. I saw William there too off on one side, and the servant staff of course, all of them smiling and applauding. Suddenly the butler raised his deep voice, and it was a mighty one. Soon all the rest of the room joined him as he sang...

"For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fee-EE-LLOW! And so say all of us...", they sang. And then, after finishing that song it was the traditional "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jeffrey! Happy birthday to you!" I found myself singing along, as loudly as I could manage, and Jeff looked straight at me with a delighted smile on his delicious lips...

More cheering and clapping of hands and cheering and whistles followed (and to such an extent I feared I would suffer permanent hearing damage!), it brought tears to my eyes. I started weeping of happiness! A strong arm of his wrapped itself around my shoulders and drew me in close, and then I REALLY started weeping! He had to hug me close and let me release the tension built up inside me, and that only served to make the guests intensify their appreciation of their host even more. They cheered him for being such a gracious, kind-hearted young man, and I loved him for being just that... He held me, and made me feel alright again just by his sincere and well-meaning touch.

"Thank you! Thank you, ALL of you...!", Jeff announced to his guests, while still holding an arm around my shoulders, keeping me drawn in close to himself so I'd never feel left out again! "You have blessed me with the loveliest of gifts: yourselves. THANK YOU for being here on this day. I will never forget it as long as I live." Oh, his voice was SO beautiful to listen to! I blushed just a little merely by thinking about it.

Applause again started to fill the room, but William raised his hands to call for attention. "I think I speak for everyone here when I say... Let's eat!"

A cheer rose from the crowd of kids that definitely should have deafened me permanently! I'm not sure why it didn't... Soon the staff started swarming back and forth from the kitchen with small trolleys carrying plates with food that sent out the most delicious, mouth-watering odors you could imagine into the room.

I must complement Jeff for the selection of the menu. The starter was a delicious mini-pizza with a thick, fluffy crust and lots of yummy stuff on top (of the highest quality I have to assume, and judging from the taste it HAD to be! After that followed several other dishes which all put together along with fruit and ice-cream dessert and as much birthday cake as we could eat AND a huge and totally super-yummy brownie for each of us made nobody wish for more! Of course, the veggie-tarians were taken care of with animal-free food, and given equally tasty alternative dishes, that even I could tell whom gladly enjoy a steak for dinner (even though I prefer it well done and not bloody). I had SO much fun watching Jeff playing tricks with the staff. He was served first of course, being the host and birthday-boy and everything. He immediately passed his plate to me, then the next servant came by and saw he had none! He excused the clumsiness of his colleague and gave Jeff a new plate, which the boy again passed across the table as soon as the servant had turned his back. A third servant, a third plate and a second apology. After that, they kind of caught on to his little game, but nobody scolded him for it. Instead they gave him all the plates for the big table, and then the rest of us helped each other to pass them around up and down its length, all amongst much merriment.

Of course it was me who was meant to sit next to Jeff. I spotted William discreetly removing a card from another spot a bit further down the table. Jeff had covered for every eventuality it seemed, just in case we two did NOT hit it off... Oh, it was so wonderful sitting next to him... We held hands and squeezed each other's legs under the table and gave each other goo-goo eyes and everything! I don't know if anyone noticed (apart from Hannah, whose dour looks haunted us throughout the evening!), maybe those of my friends who already suspected something fishy going on between me and Jeff... Well, I actually didn't care at that point! I was too damn happy. And yes, Jeff's thighs were AWESOME of course! He'd sit there cool as a fish conversing with his friends while I'd squeeze away at his well-muscled thigh and I could see on his face how hard he had to struggle to not let it show. Somehow he sat there and talked without even raising an eyebrow, but I sure didn't make it easy for him...!

After everybody were satisfied, all the guests were ushered back to the large reading room for some more relaxed mingling and a small cup of hot, spicy Glühwein. I wondered what some parents would think if they knew what was being served to their children! I suppose it was in nobody's interest to rat Jeff out...! Anyway, the drink was a very small one, and they had only served soft drinks for dinner (and only one glass of champagne too), so it wasn't as if anyone could become intoxicated or anything like that. Jeff passed on the spicy drink and nobody noticed, I only tasted mine pretending not to like it. Actually, that wasn't difficult to accomplish; it was really strong, and it had a very peculiar taste which I had difficulty coming to terms with. A bit like liquid gingerbread, but also not at the same time, and the alcohol fumes stung my nose and made it feel numb sort of.

Soon afterwards, people were starting to leave, or at least getting ready to do so. It was getting a bit late, and people wanted to spend some time home with their families on Christmas eve even though it seemed everybody was having a good time. Jeff again had to play the role of the good host, but this time he made certain I was ALWAYS at his side. Hannah was like the third guest to take farewell of him, and her smile was strained to the limit of breaking and she had obvious difficulties remaining civil when speaking to Jeff. Me she did not waste as much as a look on. She called home on her cellphone to be picked up and waited at the end of the hallway at the doors until she heard a car horn sound from outside, then she literally fled the field.

After another hour we were just about alone, the two of us. Only a few stragglers remained, and even they were starting to make moves to go home to their friends and families.

"Do you HAVE to leave?", Jeff asked quietly. I jerked I think, because I hadn't given it a thought at all! When I did however I thought there was no way I would go home, simply NO WAY... My eyes must have told him everything, because he gave me a thankful smile, big and beautiful.

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