The Box

by (and © 2004) Zustara Orur

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbojumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting youths. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

Adrian sat cross-legged on the couch in the den, lounging casually with his back and neck held straight, his arms crossed over his chest with hands pointing towards the opposite shoulder. Most people lounged by flopping back down into the couch, but that wasn't Adrian's style. He was half Thai after all, and his buddhist heritage should have rubbed off to some extent he thought.

His parents weren't religious at all (if one care to characterize buddhism as a religion and not a philosophy that is), but recently, Adrian had wanted to start to explore where he'd come from, learn more about the part of the world where the ancestors of his mother had grown up. Hence, he'd started sitting in the position he was in at that very moment, amongst other things. His disjointed studies weren't very far advanced yet, and he relly had no idea if buddhists really sat in the position he held, but that wasn't really the point either. He sat like that because he wanted to, and because quite frankly, it felt good. It was comfortable. It really was! It eased his meditative state, making it faster to attain and deeper in nature.

He'd been told by his martial arts Sensei to try meditating for maybe half an hour or so every day at home to clear his mind. Adrian was pretty good in the dojo, competent if not exactly black belt material, but he was a bit disorganised. He'd tried so many different arts and styles now he himself had almost lost count. Shotokan, kung fu, judo, karate... The list went on and on. The Sensei thought maybe through meditation, the calmness to find the right path would present itself so that the boy could move on and improve his skill instead of aimlessly meandering around, trying out new things without purpose or meaning until there was nothing else left to try.

Adrian was glad his Sensei had turned him in this direction, the meditation was working and he was feeling comfortable and more at ease with himself lately. So comfortable in fact he had his eyes closed too and was on his way to falling asleep. That's when his friend Cole came into the room quite unannounced. It wasn't like him at all, just barging into Adrian's home like that, even though they were best friends. If Adrian's parents had been home, they'd let Cole in immediately of course, but since they always worked into the evening both of them, Cole normally used the doorbell to announce his presence when he came over for a visit, even when they'd pre-arranged him coming over. Not so this time.

Cole looked terrible. Nothing was wrong with his clothes, he had the same fashionable baggy street-wear he always liked to dress in, but his face was such a mask of utter dejection and sadness.

"Jesus Cole, you scared me!", Adrian blurted as his friend suddenly plopped down in the couch. "Oh, what's happened to you?!", he asked immediately upon seeing his friend's expression.

Cole struggled for a moment, trying to speak. "Sharon... Sh-she broke up with me!", he managed in a squeaky voice, desperately trying to keep his emotions in check, but then he lost it and started crying almost violently. Adrian didn't know what else to do than hug his friend, whom unconsciously grabbed on really hard, like a man lost at sea holding on to a piece of driftwood.

 "I'm sorry", Adrian said quietly as he patted his friend's back. "I'm so sorry..." This was the fourth girl that had unceremoniously dumped Cole. He'd taken it terribly hard every time, but not as bad as this!

"What-what's wrong with me?!", Cole almost yelled out in a pain-filled voice. "Why won't they like me? I-I loved h-her so much... So much." Adrian couldn't think of anything to do other than hug his friend a little closer yet, to show he was there as Cole sobbed with his head on Adrian's shoulder.

"Well, maybe you just tried too hard, you know?", he said carefully.

"Didn't mean to, I can't help it!", Cole responded in a sad-stricken voice. "It's like... I got this box in my chest, like, where my heart is, where I put all my love. It's bottomless, no matter how much I put in it it never fills up, but at the same time it's overflowing! It's so full it's going to explode, all that love is poisoning me and now I don't have anyone to give it to. Am I such a freak, Adrian? Is that why nobody wants me and my love?" The crying resumed, if anything it intensified.

Adrian actually smiled a little. Yes, Cole was either all or nothing. Always had been, either on or off. It was that way for him in school, if he didn't enjoy a subject he tended to fail it, same with sports. He was great at skating on both ice and roads, snow-boarding and such, and not interested in much else. It followed he couldn't just like a girl, or love her A LITTLE. He either didn't feel for her at all, or went madly head-over-heels in love with her, which in fact did tend to freak them out despite Cole himself was far from one. "You know... She probably thought you were just trying to get into her pants", Adrian said comfortingly. "She didn't mean you're weird or something..."

"NO, I wasn't trying to have sex with her! That's not true!" Cole shuddered and wept more. "I just wanted to be close to her so I could give her of... Of my love."

Adrian was upset too. He'd never seen his friend this devastated before, it made his heart ache, his throat constrict. His eyes sting... Tears soon fell down his cheeks as well. "It'll be okay", he sniffled quietly and hugged and patted his friend more. "Don't worry, you'll find someone else."

Cole shook his head. "No... I can't do it again, I can't... It's like they rip out a piece of me every time they leave me, a piece I'll never be able to grow back, and it hurts so much!" They held on to each other, both crying together for a while, Cole being sad and upset, and Adrian being upset and scared for the sake of his friend, trying to think of a solution.

Adrian suddenly shuddered too as he contemplated what he was about to say. He knew he had to say it, because he really felt Cole was on the verge of doing something really stupid if he didn't say it. Yet, it wasn't a thing one just tosses out on a whim, for many reasons. The biggest reason of all being Cole himself, and his tendency to latch on so completely to an idea, if he accepted it at all. This would be all or nothing, and Adrian didn't know if he could handle either, especially nothing, because his friend would then go on to hate him forever if he didn't like the idea. But Adrian had to try. His best friend was desperate, devastated.

"Then give some to me", he whispered.

The sniffles and sobs stopped long enough for Cole to jerk as he heard what his friend was saying! "What?", he said out of surprise.

"Your love... Let me help you carry it", Adrian spoke, still quietly.

"Bu-but... Why? I mean... Uh..."

Adrian felt himself smiling. Cole wasn't pushing him away, that must mean he was at least considering it. "Why not?", he said. "After all, we ARE best friends, and I can't stand seeing you like this, you've been crying on my shoulder for like ten minutes now. I know you, and you know me. Haven't we done everything together before?"

"Um, yes, but nothing like THIS!"

"You need someone who wants your love. I'm telling you, I want it." Adrian felt a strange heat fill him as he said the words. Suddenly he felt as if a piece of HIM would get ripped out if Cole didn't give of the love he carried. Cole was his friend. His best friend, someone that probably meant more than anyone else in his life, but never had he thought of that best friend in this way before. They'd never done anything naughty together in the past; gone skinny-dipping and such, SURE, but it was just bathing. Not that either of them had considered the other sexually repulsing, no, but they were FRIENDS, and didn't think of each other in any other way. The idea just hadn't occurred to either of them, until now, they hadn't even thought it possible friends could be attracted to each other like that. Cole's silence was getting difficult to handle for Adrian; he was still holding on, but he didn't say anything. Tears were still dripping from his eyes as they looked at each other, gazed into each other in fact. "Cole. Please, give me your love", Adrian whispered, finding himself using his skills as a seducer on his best friend. "I will help you live."

A hand cupped the side of Cole's face. The hand a light brown in color, meeting pale skin that was smooth to the touch, warm and wet of tears. His friend's lips were pink, moist and as Adrian slowly leaned closer, seemed to part just a little. The hand reached for more of Cole. Reaching up behind the ear, into that veritable halo of light-brown hair that stood sort of like a mane around the boy's head, hair that had always made him look bright and cheerful, irrepressible and untameable. Just like that hair.

Warmth was blooming inside Adrian. He felt it fill him up, from head to toes, radiating out from deep inside his chest. He experienced the familiar tingles he felt when he was with a girl, and now he felt them again. Never had he expected to, because he'd always seen Cole as a friend. The nearest, dearest friend he'd ever had, sure, but no more than that. The tingles felt right however, this time, and somehow he knew Cole felt the same; Cole was yielding to the other boy's advances. Adrian's other hand encircled Cole's waist, pulling him closer. Their faces so near they felt the breath of the other on their skin.

A small sound was heard coming from Cole's hungering mouth, a quiet yelp of anticipation, of excitement, of need and of want. Cole's eyes closed as he received Adrian's experienced kiss. Calmness enveloped the boy. His best friend was kissing him. It was now or never, he had to choose, had to take a chance, see if Adrian had been sincere in what he said. There could be no half-measures; Cole knew himself too well. He knew he wasn't capable of just sharing a little, he had to give it all.

The process took maybe one, or one and a half second. Adrian didn't worry, he simply relaxed, waiting for Cole to accept what he was doing. Acceptance came in the form of a moan of deepest yearning.

Cole wanted more. Adrian gripped him with hands and lips again, wrapping him up in his strong, yet wiry-muscled arms. Tears still escaped both their eyes, but it was mostly just because they'd sort of forgotten to turn them off, until it hit them both; Cole's first dose of love. They shuddered both, and then more tears fell as they both understood how good it felt, giving, receiving. The love of a best friend.

Cole kissed back. His hands wanted to touch, feel, experience! A jolt of elation shot through him when Adrian was true to his word; he accepted Cole's love. Accepted it eagerly in fact. Cole understood. Adrian felt so good to hold, and they both kissed each other with reckless abandon for as long as the air in their lungs lasted!

The two broke apart and separated a little, looking at each other with big surprised grins on their faces. Cole suddenly blushed deeply. "Oh man", he said quietly, in a pleased manner. "You sure know how to kiss! Now I know why you're so popular with the girlies!" He paused for a second, as if he just realized something. "Uh... Aren't you and Karen...", he said nervously and fidgeted a little in Adrian's embrace.

Adrian smiled back soothingly. "Not right now. Our relationship's on hiatus since about a week... Probably a permanent one. We like each other well enough, but we're probably not right for each other." The smooth-skinned boy stated it matter-of-factly to not upset his friend. "Don't worry, she won't mind if I'm with someone else, I promise you. In fact I know she herself's been eyeing Noel already."

"Oh, okay...", Cole said and swallowed, trying to calm down, but then tears came again. "Please, Adrian... Please let me love you!", he said and whimpered softly. The other boy understood. They'd stayed separated for too long, so he quickly moved in and placed his lips gently on Cole's again, using all the well-trained skill as a making-out artist he'd acquired over the last three or so years that had passed since becoming a teenager and starting to date girls. Cole literally melted in his grasp and moaned, but somehow Adrian knew Cole still carried too much inside him.

"Poor baby", Adrian whispered to his best friend. "You're still crying...", and as he kissed Cole's neck and sucked on one of his earlobes, he pulled up Cole's shirt out of his pants. Woosh, it went over the boy's head so quickly he barely noticed. The boy's chest was pale and lean, rather little in the way of muscle, but what was there was exquisitely defined due to him being so slim. His stomach presented a faint pattern of abdominal muscle, ribs and pecs were clearly outlined. Adrian did what he liked doing to his girlfriends, touching Cole in his special ways, including teasing all around those light-brown nipples with an agile tongue, then sucking on both of them in turn. As he did, making sure Cole was moaning and distracted, he pulled up his own shirt and slipped out of it. He sent it down to the floor to join that of his best friend's.

By then, Cole was breathing hard and deep, so Adrian laid him down flat on the couch and ran his hands down the boy's torso, making Cole buck and twist. The two had wrestled outdoors together in the grass many times wearing nothing but shorts and sneakers, feeling each other's hard, sweat-slick bodies rub against one another, but there was a big difference now. When they'd touched each other then, it had just been to try and get a good grip, to pin the other. Now, it was to tease, to please and to arouse. Cole jerked as Adrian's fingers started undoing the buttons holding his fly shut. His eyes were squeezed shut, the boy moaning quietly to Adrian to hurry up, to just get it over with so they could continue loving each other again, loving each other even more than before.

Cole was much more well-grown down there than Adrian, they both knew that. When they'd just been kids the difference had been rather minor, just like their difference in height had been, but once puberty came it wasn't any kind of match who had the biggest one between the two of them. Cole shot up more quickly in height, as well as in length so that he had an advantage of a few inches on his best friend in either direction. It had never bothered Adrian, and since he started having experiences with girls, it made both him and them sure it's not REALLY the size that matters, but what you do with it. At least if you're skillful enough, and Adrian had become quite adept at using the fewer number of inches he'd been blessed with compared to Cole.

Adrian had never seen his friend erect, just as Cole had never seen him in that state, until right then that is. He'd thought about it in passing on a few occations just for curiosity's sake, in fact the two of them had even joked about it, but that was all. Neither of them had been interested in turning joke into reality. While they weren't homophobes by any stretch of the word, it had just never occurred to them friends might want to do such things with each other. Now however, Cole couldn't wait until Adrian had gotten him naked so he could touch his friend with his dick, rub it up against that firm, richly colored Asian body and really REALLY get to love him. He couldn't keep still, his head rolled from side to side as his body spasmed. He kept moaning out Adrian's name, begging him to finish the job. Adrian however drew it out on purpose, he knew it would feel even better for Cole that way. Therefore, the teen boy's trousers glided down only slowly, revealing a set of skater thighs that were hard as steel despite their smooth and almost hair-free surface. Below the knees was a light fuzz that was almost blonde in color, Adrian knew that of course having seen his friend's slender yet strong legs many times, but seeing them now made him awfully tingly on the inside, and he actually felt himself start drooling at the sight! Strange. How could something that was so familiar and normal suddenly be so exciting? He just had to reach out and touch his friend, eliciting a response of deep, rapid breathing from Cole as Adrian realized he'd let his hands slowly slide up towards the boy's groin. A groin that showed precisely how eager Cole was at that moment, all that contained him was a set of graphite boxer-briefs made out of a huggy stretch material.

Finally freed from trousers and socks, Cole was brought up to a sitting position by Adrian's firm hands. The skater boy wasn't usually this meek and submissive, oh no, far from it, but now he felt so weird, so strange. He needed to love someone first before he could regain his own will. He needed someone to hug and hold close and love for a long time, and then maybe he'd get his descisiveness back again.

Cole had Adrian almost sitting in his lap, keeping himself hovering by use of his own strong thighs, trained through many years of martial arts. "God, Adrian! Quit torturing me and just TOUCH me!", Cole complained with a smile, but behind the smile was a lustful, pain-filled expression hiding. He really NEEDED to be touched, needed it far more than ever before in his life, and so his best friend ever sank down into his lap and wrapped his arms around his body. One hand on the youth's upper back, the other slowly gliding down under the stretchy waistband, down onto Cole's hard-muscled bum. Cole gasped and breathed heavily, feeling the hand caress him, arms hugging him close.

Naked skin touched naked skin as both boys' erections rubbed, poked and prodded the other boy. Hands curiously explored familiar territory being re-discovered in a new, erotical sense as the two rolled around on the sofa and moaning softly to each other, taking turns to be the one pushing down on the other with his entire bodyweight. They gasped and moaned, feeling a level of satisfaction and contentment like never before sweep over them. Cole's love was the most powerful feeling Adrian had ever experienced, and he soon found he couldn't get enough of it! His wild, experienced kisses only enticed his friend to relax and give more of what had weighed him down for so long now.

In Adrian, Cole had found the one that understood him, that person which would unconditionally accept all of him, and it made him weep again, long and hard, yet calmly too. Adrian smiled at his friend and kissed and caressed him all over, taking great pleasure in cupping and massaging his skater friend's well-developed buttocks. Cole's skin was slick and smooth, and his butt so firm! Pure muscle with a light sprinkle of fine hairs, so different to the girls he'd been intimate with. He'd thought they had awesome butts, yet upon gently squeezing Cole's muscled buns he realized he hadn't had the first clue!

"Baby... You're hot", he gasped, hearing Cole panting deeply in his ear.

"Adrian... Don't stop!", the skater-boy returned. "Don't ever stop touching me..."

Adrian obeyed, using all his skill at petting and cuddling, and then he wrapped a strong yet gentle hand around his friend's incredibly stiff dick. The rest of Cole stiffened up too, he moaned even as he wept, hugging Adrian and kissed back, kissed his neck, carefully sucked and nibbled earlobes and lips. Adrian had only had experience of his own organ, short, yet somehow gracious and well-balanced. It wasn't thin, yet not overly wide either, with not very big balls in a tight, dark bag underneath. Also, it was uncircumcised. The half-Asian boy had never experienced penis envy; he was very satisfied with what he had, as it suited the rest of him perfectly... Cole's penis however was much much longer it felt to Adrian. In reality the difference probably wasn't that big, it just seemed that way to Adrian. To be fair, Cole was at least 50% longer and considerably thicker, and his balls were generously dimensioned and rested comfortably in a loose, pale bag. The contrast between them was intriguing to both of them; Cole being the taller and slightly heavier of the two as well as being more well-equipped, Adrian more muscled and considerably more sexually experienced. The half-Asian boy again touched Cole's stiff organ. The tip was circumcised, and unlike Adrian's deep, almost purplish color, was a lighter pinkish red. Adrian's hands had difficulties getting enough of Cole's larger erection, and it was having big effects on his counterpart too, he just loved getting his hard-on stroked by his best friend!

When Cole thought about it, that it was his BEST FRIEND touching his super-hard penis with an eagerness he himself couldn't have begun to imagine just a day previous, it simply blew his mind! He bucked hard, feeling hot and chilly waves course over him in quick succession. He was boiling even as he was freezing, the tiny hairs on his body rising up in concert. He groaned deep down in his throat, called out his friend's name in a longing, seductive voice, asking to be stroked, to be kissed, to be loved! His best friend complied.

Cole was finally loved the way he'd always dreamed of but never before experienced. Wholly, completely, unconditionally... His best friend, whom he'd always loved as a best friend, loved him just as much, and when he finally realized that, the last inhibitions of his body let go. Pleasure was released along with his white seed. He emptied himself over his friend's torso, fountaining jet after jet onto soft, warm light-brown skin as he was stroked, as he was held, as he was kissed, as he was loved.

Afterwards, they nuzzled each other gently, lips smooching like the two curious, yet madly in-loving boys they were. Cole wasn't sad anymore, even though he couldn't qute stop crying all the same. New tears would well up as soon as he realized he finally was accepted. Now his hands seeked out Adrian's smaller love-stick, and found it to be not just pleasing to the touch, but miraculously sexy to manipulate...! He rubbed the head gently with the coarser skin of his palm and was rewarded by fluttering eyelids and a sigh that sounded like it came from the other boy's toes, it made Cole giggle like a little schoolboy! A rather naughty schoolboy at that might be added...! He alternated between pleasuring the penis itself and cupping and massaging Adrian's hairless ball bag, it felt so sweet to the touch. The smaller penis reacted instantly and eagerly to every stimuli it was subjected to; jerking noticably at the smallest of touches. Even when it was just held, it pulsed with each fast beat of Adrian's heart. They started kissing again as hot skin rubbed against hot skin, Adrian whimpering and breathing funny through his nose as Cole performed his magic, the lips of both boys sealed to the other's.

"Adrian... You're beautiful!", Cole said in what was almost a loud whisper, running reverent hands over his friend's tight, sinewy-muscled body. The half-Asian boy wasn't a bodybuilder, what definition he had came entirely from his strenuous workouts in the dojo, and he was very supple and agile too, his limber form capable of bending to the limits of the human body, like an acrobat. Cole felt an awesome feeling stir down around his own dick and out through it's entire hard, throbbing length just by looking at his best friend, and even more so by touching him! He was so erect it was almost painful!

"Thanks... So are you", the other boy said in a whisper and immediately went to graze his friend's warm skin with his moist lips to give thanks for the amazing sensations he was getting from his friend through his erect penis which was still being caressed. They both realized, this was the only love they wanted from now on. From now on, and until forever. Until the end of time. The love of their very best friend... "Baby, I love you so much", Adrian squealed, and then he too experienced heaven on Earth, brought forth by the hand of his very best friend, the one he loved with all his soul. "Love you so... So much..."

Mouths seeked each other out and attached to each other, sharing wild feelings and storming emotions. "Oh Adrian, thank you", Cole moaned back, not able to control himself, being so intimate with his best friend. "You're incredible!"

The box that could not be filled was no longer overflowing. It had a safe outlet, and the two boys cried again in each other's arms, knowing they'd always have each other to rely on, now and forever. Whatever else would happen, if friends and family abandoned them, if their possessions were taken from them, even the clothes ripped off their backs, they would still have each other. They knew they'd have the unending love from the one they themselves loved back above all else.

Yes, that truly was heaven.

---**THE END**---

Author's Notes:

Not much to say about this one. I thought it up while I was out walking one evening, it was a bit cold and dark, a little snow here and there, so I guess my mind wanted a bit of warmth instead. :)

Let me know if you enjoyed it... The contact address is listed as usual, thank you!

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