Time May Change Me

by William King

Chapter 1

Jake's Back

The whole weekend I'd been thinking about them. About them and about myself. Should it concern me what other people think? They can draw their own conclusions about me, but they don't know me, they don't know me at all. Everybody has a past they carry around with them, I was no exception, but something had changed when I picked up Alex.

Yes, 'picked up' that's the right term. When I threw the note to him on the bus it was like bait for a fish, he would either bite or not. And if he didn't take the bait, well, like always, I'd wait for the next time.

That was me then, but not now. Standing here today, key in hand, outside my own front door, is the new me. I could hear music coming from inside and I smiled, because that meant only one thing, it meant Alex and Matty were there.

You see it all became more complicated when Alex introduced Matty, I know you maybe don't believe it, I found Matty very attractive, but at the same time I wasn't about to dump Alex. Then there was the fact that Alex was in love with Matty, his best friend. It was kind of unique, I wanted both of them, but it wasn't just sex, I had after all told them both stuff about myself I'd never told anybody before.

Why had I done that, all this had been going through my head the whole weekend away. It was confusing because the sex was mixed with these new feelings, nothing was straightforward.

I hesitated a moment before taking the key from my pocket, inserting it in the lock and opening the front door.

We never heard Jake arrive, Matty and I had been enjoying Sunday afternoon together in the apartment. He had given us the key and we weren't about to let the opportunity pass by unused.

Turn and face the strange,
Just gonna have to be a different man.
Time may change me,
but I can't trace time.

There we both were dancing round the bed, Matty had nothing on but his underpants and I had only my jeans. Bowie was playing quite loud and we were jubilant, crazy happy, in love.

I stopped moving, shocked to see Jake standing in the doorway smiling, Matty never realised immediately.

I watch the ripples change their size,
but never leave the stream,
of warm impermanence and...

Then Matty too turned and was looking directly at Jake. If Jake had been my parents I would have died, but he wasn't. I turned to look at Matty, he was standing next to me now, he put one arm around my shoulder. Jake dropped his bag, walked a couple of steps to stand in front of us, then put one arm around each of us and pulled all three of us into a group hug.

He raised his head, brought his mouth close to mine and kissed me on the lips. Then he turned to Matty, and I turned to watch, as he kissed him.

Dropping his hold on us he stepped back, "I've missed you guys," he said.

Maybe I'd lost all my inhibitions or I was simply lost in the euphoria of this day alone with Matty, all I know is that the presence of Jake in the room sparked a feeling in me that I couldn't ignore because I responded instantly to his kiss.

I sat back down on the bed, leaning back looking up at the two of them standing there. 'Did Matty feel the same' I wondered, 'could you share what we had between three people.' I looked at Matty, he looked back and smiled, then before I had time to think anymore he pulled Jake with him down onto the bed.

I couldn't help myself, I learned over Jake who was lying between the two of us, I kissed him, a long deep kiss, my tongue touched his, I looked right in his eyes. I pulled back and saw Matty was watching us, his eyes sparkled, how I loved those eyes!

I climbed half over Jake and pulled Matty in towards me and kissed him, long, deep, my tongue now found his, my hand rested on his crotch, he was already hard and if I wasn't mistaken so was Jake.

I let go of Matty and moved off Jake to lie back down watching the two of them next to me, admiring the bulge Matty was showing off, he didn't try to hide it, I smiled, glanced at Jake. His hand went over to rest on Matty's stomach, then slowly, very slowly, inched down towards his now super hard cock.

I had a hard on of my own and I knew Jake did, it was exciting, there was definitely something new here, watching, watching was turning me on. Then Jake let go of Matty, pushed himself up on the bed and sat up.

"That's a great welcome home," he said. "I can see you two have been enjoying yourselves."

"When the cat's away," I replied with a cheeky smile.

I watched as Matty got up off the bed and went to pick up his jeans. Was that a look of disappointment I saw on his face? Maybe, just a hint. So he really did feel like I did about Jake, or was it only because he was hard again?

He had told Jake that he liked him before he left for the weekend, but he hardly knew Jake, not like me. But Jake had kissed him just now, when he got here, and well, Matty never objected. He never said anything when Jake's hand wondered across his stomach, he didn't seem embarrassed either about showing his hard on, although it would have been difficult to hide. I made up my mind to talk to Matty about things when we were alone.

"Do you want your key back... now you're home again, I mean?" Matty was putting on his jeans. Jake and I were watching him. I don't know what Jake was thinking, maybe he was admiring Matty's cute little arse like I was. Just the idea of that sent a shock wave to my cock.

"Why d'ya ask that Matty?" Jake replied.

"Oh, I dunno... I just thought... I..." Matty fell silent.

"Listen Matty," Jake was looking at him and Matty was avoiding his gaze. "I want you guys to keep the key. If you want some place to be together, I mean when I'm not here, well you got it."

Matty was shuffling his feet around and picking up his T shirt, the one that said 'Beautiful. I was made this way.'

"I don't mind if you're here," Matty looked over at us. "I just thought maybe if you was here with someone, well... you know... you don't want us barging in on you."

"There isn't anyone Matty," Jake replied.

"Oh... I thought," he slipped his T shirt on, pulling it over his head. I could see that Matty was getting into his usual thousand questions routine, but I had to admire his subtle approach. I said nothing, just laid back watching it unfold. "Well... just that, you went away to visit someone. A boyfriend maybe?"

I didn't think Jake had a boyfriend hidden away somewhere else, in another part of the country, but it seemed Matty thought that might be a possibility, or maybe he just needed to know.

"I told you I was going to visit my parents." Jake was taking this all in his stride, he wasn't getting annoyed... yet!

"Oh yeah, that's right," Matty said. "I forgot that."

Now I knew that nobody could really think Matty forgot what Jake said when he told us we could have the key because he was away for the weekend.

Matty stood there looking sheepish, like he'd been caught out. Jake jumped up off the bed grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back down on top of both of us. All of a sudden Matty was lying across Jake and I was almost face to face with him as he looked up at me, a bit surprised maybe.

"Don't be acting the innocent, naughty boy," Jake said laughing. Then he smacked his hand down on Matty's arse, playfully.

"Ouch!" Was Matty's response, as he squirmed over onto his back still lying on top of us, and he grinned up at me mischievously.

"I think that maybe..." Jake's hands went one each side of Matty and started tickling him under each arm. "Maybe, this naughty little boy is ticklish."

Matty squirmed this way and that, then I joined in, and he started giggling. We were rolling around on top of each other trying to tickle one another, giggling and screaming like lunatics, until finally Matty called a halt saying, "OK, OK, I give up," but he still couldn't stop the giggles.

Jake and I relented and he managed to get up off the bed and went to sit down on the little desk chair. He brushed his hand through his hair, looked across at Jake and me, and said, "You two are mad! Mad, mad, mad!"

"Be careful what you say young man!" I told him, wagging a finger at him.

"Or..." he teased.

"Or, I might just put you back across Jake's knee," I had a huge grin on my face, and a picture of Matty's cute little arse lying over Jake in my mind.

"Haha," he mocked. "You wouldn't dare."

"Hmm... don't be too sure," I replied.

Jake got up from the bed, I think he was really enjoying all this. "Drink guys?" He asked.

"Yes please." Matty and I replied almost in unison, which made me smile even more.

Matty then, of course, decided it was time to roll out some more questions. "So where do your parents live?"

"Up North," Jake replied.

"Is that where you're from then... up north?" Matty said the 'up north' bit at the end with a feigned northern accent.

"You're a real case," Jake replied, ignoring his question for the moment, "you know that, don't you?"

"Only if you say so Jake," Matty giggled. "So are you?"

"Am I what?" Jake looked at me and winked. I could see he was playing the game for as much as it was worth.

"You know...," Matty wasn't giving up easily, "are you from the north?"

"Well yes, I guess," he replied, "at least that's where I've just come from."

"Alright, you win... aaagain," Matty said. "I just wanted... you know... to get to know you a bit more."

"My parents moved up north when I was 14 years old, so I'm not sure what that makes me exactly." Jake gave Matty a big smile.

"It makes you one of us," I said, hoping to cut short any more of Matty's questioning.

"Yeah... one of us," Matty repeated, glancing in my direction with the expression on his face that told me, 'yes, I know you want me to shut up.' We could read each other so well it was virtually impossible not to know what the other was thinking.

We hung around at little bit longer chatting together about this and that, but nothing in particular. It was a nice way to end a Sunday afternoon, but eventually we both had to get home and tomorrow was school. I loved Friday afternoons and hated Sunday evenings, but decided not to think about it.

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