I'll Kiss You in the Rain

by William King

Chapter 16

Friday came and went with no time to do anything except preparation for the rugby final on Saturday. We had the usual practice, team talk and tactics from coach, we all knew it would be incredibly difficult to win.

I've said it before, but nothing beats entering a stadium packed full of supporters, singing, shouting, waving banners, the atmosphere on this Saturday afternoon was electric. I felt a real sense of pride walking out onto the field with the rest of our team and knowing that somewhere up there in the stadium watching me, as well as my family and friends, was Matty.

We gave that match everything we had right up until the dying minutes and final whistle. We clawed our way back to within a few points, but we neither had the chance nor enough time to draw even. We lost, not by much, it was still a proud team that stood on the sidelines whilst the winners celebrated their victory. We received applause and cheers from all around the stadium as we climbed up to receive our runners up medals. Next year I thought, next year we'll be stronger.

Back in the dressing room coach came to see us and he told us that he was very impressed by the team performance and we should not be too disheartened. "All I can ever ask of you boys," he said. "Is that you give you're best and don't give up. Today... that is exactly what each and everyone of you did. Well done."

With that he left us to shower and get changed. I have to say that despite coach's after match speech the guys were not very talkative and the overall sense I got was that everyone just wanted to go home. I had a few words with John boy and Brandon, but it was just to say enjoy the rest of your weekend the match is over no need to dwell on it.

As usual I hung back on taking a shower and there was practically no one left when I stripped off and walked naked into the hot steaming showers. I say practically no one left because Ryan followed me into the showers. I thought that was odd because he was usually the first in and first out. He was the last person I would have wanted to be with in the showers, he was just too beautiful and if you saw him naked, well he had a perfect body.

"You're a bit late getting off," I called to him from where I was standing, two showers down from him. I purposely didn't turn to look at him, but carried on letting the hot water caress my body raising my head towards the water streaming out of the shower head. So I didn't notice him move next to me and I was startled when he spoke.

"I guess so," he said and I looked round. He was standing right up close. At least that close I didn't see his whole beautiful body, just his face and chest. But of course I made the mistake of looking down and he saw that, how could he not. I couldn't help but see he had a fantastic hard on. Oh shit I couldn't help either my own cock starting to get hard. "You like what you see?" Ryan asked.

"Look, cut it out," I replied.

He just stood there looking at me. "Touch it, go on," he said.

"Ryan, I'm not touching your cock," I told him.

"Why not, I can see you like it, you're almost as hard as I am?" It was true what he said. My own cock would be sticking straight out any second now. I turned away from him, trying to ignore him and ridiculously hide my erection. I think that was another mistake because he moved closer, so close that his body was almost touching mine, almost, no it was, I felt his hard cock touching my thigh. He put his hand on my shoulder. "Come on Alex," he said. "Don't be a spoil sport." He pressed his body up against my back.

Oh god I thought I could have sex with this Adonis and it would be great, like a fantasy come true, all I had to do was say yes to him. I couldn't stop myself thinking those thoughts and of course like always my cock responded. Things had changed for me though, I thought about Matty and in that instant I knew what I had to do.

"Ryan," I said. "You'll have to take care of that alone." I looked at his erect cock, it was beautifully tempting. I turned away from him and walked out of the showers, grabbing my towel on the way and leaving him behind. I dried off and got changed quickly and was out of there. For the first time in my life my cock didn't rule my head, but I sure as hell felt like finding Matty and fucking him brainless.

On the way out of the stadium I saw him standing by the team entrance waiting for me. "Matty," I called out to him. I jogged up to him and put my arm around his waist and gave him a little sideways hug. "You didn't have to wait for me." Then my arm went over his shoulder, I looked around to check nobody was about, then I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth.

"Wow Alex," he said. "You're in a good mood for someone who just lost the final."

"I'm in a good mood because I've got my arm round my boyfriend" I said. "Let's go and I'll tell you about what happened after the match."

"Ah," he said looking at me and smiling. It was obvious he was happy and that made me happy too. "More intrigue?" He asked.

"No, not exactly, but when I tell you don't be angry with me, OK?" Now he gave me one of his funny inquisitive looks.

As we walked to get the bus I told him the history of Ryan in the showers, but I was very sure to tell him that I left him there to take care of his hard on alone.

"I can prove it to you, if you don't believe me," I said.

"And how can you do that. You're not gonna tell me you had a camera with you in the showers, coz I'll never believe that." He was being mischievous.

We arrived at the bus stop, there was no one else waiting for the bus so we must have just missed one. I took my arm from around Matty's shoulder then I stood real close in front of him. I undid the zipper on my jeans, took hold of his hand and bought his hand towards me leaving it resting on my crotch in front of the open zipper.

"What are you doing?" He seemed just a little nervous.

I said to him, "Feel the massive hard on I've got." He slid his hand through the open zip and it rested on my super hard cock. "There's your proof," I said. "I'd never have a hard on like that if I'd done anything with Ryan."

"I suppose not," he replied and smiled. He moved his hand away, but not before he gave my cock a little squeeze."

I zipped up my jeans just as the bus pulled up. We got on and found a seat together near the back. The doors closed and the bus pulled away.

"I'll tell you what I'd like to do with my hard on," I spoke quietly to him.

He looked at me grinning, "Oh yeah, what?"

I leant over and cupped my hand around my mouth to whisper in his ear. "What I'd like to do Matty, is to take you home, strip you naked and throw you on my bed. Then I'd take my hard on and fuck your arse until...."

I didn't finish because the bus had pulled up at a stop and two boys had come to sit down in the seat in front. I didn't want to chance that they might overhear, even if I was whispering. We sat in silence together for the next few stops.

Then the boys in front of us got off the bus and we were alone together. Matty whispered to me, "So you want to take me home and do what to me?"

"You heard," I said.

"But you didn't finish" He was grinning again.

"I'll finish when I get you alone."

"I hope you will," he said and looked at me with his cute angel eyes.

"It's our stop next," I moved to ring the bell. "You coming back to my place?" I asked as we got off the bus.

"I can't Alex, I said I'd be home after the match and it's already late."

"I hate not being able to be with you," I said.

"Me too," Matty replied. "But what can we do?"

"I don't know, but I'll have to think of something."

"OK, I really got to get back now," he said and turned to leave.

"Bye Matty, I'll call you." He turned and waved, I watched him walk down the hill in the direction of his house. I stayed watching him until he disappeared from view, then I turned in the opposite direction and headed home.

On the way I thought to myself now stuff is getting sorted between Matty and me what can I do to be with him. I didn't have the answer.

It was late on Saturday night, I was just about ready to go to bed when Matty rang. "What's up Matty," I said a little worried something might have happened.

"Oh nothing," he replied. "I was just thinking about things, everything that's happened this past week. You know about you, me, the stuff that happened with Brandon, but most of all about Jake."

"About Jake?" I was surprised. "What were you thinking about him for?"

"I was thinking that you didn't just sleep with him for nothing," he answered. "I mean I don't think you would just jump into bed with anyone. Would you?"

"No, of course not." Although actually I wasn't that sure. Maybe not now that I valued our relationship, Matty and I, but before, I didn't really know.

"That's exactly what I was thinking." I was finding it difficult to follow this conversation and where Matty was going with it.

"What do you mean?" I desperately needed some clarification here.

"I mean," he started to explain. "You told me you resisted Ryan naked in the showers."

"I did, I didn't lie about it, it happened just like I told you." I was getting a little worried that he didn't believe me. I thought, maybe I should never have told him.

"Yeah, I believe you," he said. I felt relieved to hear him say that. "It's not that. It's about Jake, he must mean something for you or you never would have slept with him, right?"

Matty's continued questioning could become difficult to deal with, especially as it was late."I suppose so." I told him.

"That's what I was thinking about." I wasn't sure any of this was making any sense, but I thought he wouldn't call if he didn't have something on his mind.

"Let me get this straight," I said. "You're saying I don't just sleep with anyone, so if I had sex with Jake, it means that he isn't just anyone and that he means something to me. Is that it, is that what you're saying?" I was tired, trying to think through all this when I just wanted to sleep.

"Yeah, that's about it." Silence, I was thinking about what I should say.

"Alright, you have a point, but that was then and now I'm with you Matty."

"I'd like to meet Jake," he said. That shocked me. Why would he want to meet Jake. I couldn't work it out, I couldn't think that through.

"You want to meet Jake?" I repeated like some kind of dummy.

"Yes Alex, I'd like to meet him."

What could I say? "OK I'll call him, but not now Matty, it's late, alright."

"Yeah it is, late... but I was thinking about it all evening."

"OK Matty, if it's important to you. Now I need to get some shut eye, I'm knackered."

"You weren't knackered on the way home after the match. Only kidding, goodnight Alex."

"Goodnight Matty." He ended the call and I switched off the phone and got into bed.

As I was falling asleep I was thinking that a lot has happened today, the match, then Ryan and now Matty wants to see Jake.

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