I'll Kiss You in the Rain

by William King

Chapter 13

Tuesday morning passed with me still thinking about calling Jonathan, it was at lunch time I finally took the little scrap of paper with his telephone number on and made the call. I hoped he would answer because now I had made my mind up I wanted to see him straight away and not have to put it off any longer. I had way too many unresolved things in my life that needed to be dealt with.

I suppose that I was in luck, he answered. I spoke first, "Jonathan, this is Alex."

"Oh yes, hi Alex," he replied.

"Brandon gave me your number and said it would be a good idea if we talked."

"Well... I suppose it can't hurt can it?"

"Brandon said that there were some things I ought to know."

"Indeed Alex, there probably are, I think it is better discussed face to face, do you agree?"

How could I not agree and anyway he was right, it would be better to meet. "I get out of school around 4, can we meet then or not?" I asked.

"Sure, that would be fine. How about in the cafe by the roundabout, Instant Snack?" He suggested.

It was only a few stops further on the bus from me so that was good. "About 4:30 then, the time for me to get there?"

"Yes, fine. 4:30 Alex, see you later." He ended the call.

Of course I couldn't help thinking about Jonathan during the afternoon and on the bus journey home. It was just after 4:30 when I got to the cafe. I looked around inside and saw Jonathan was sitting at a table towards the back against the wall. There was only one other person in the cafe.

He saw me enter and kind of waved me over. When I was at the table he asked, "Would you like a drink?"

"Yes, thank you, can I have a coke?"

He stood up and went over to the counter, coming back a short moment later with a glass and a can of coke. I had sat down opposite to him, sliding onto the red plastic bench seat which had it's back against the wall.

"One coke." He smiled putting the can and glass down on the table.

I took the can, flipped it open and poured half into the tilted glass. I looked at Jonathan, "Thanks," I said.

"For the coke or for meeting you?" He grinned.

"Both, I guess."

"So why did you want to see me, not that I couldn't guess."

"Well... to find out about you and Jake, if you don't mind talking to me that is."

"OK, so I met Jake just after he moved here, about a year ago. It was in a gay bar, towards the end of the evening we got talking, neither of us had picked anyone up, I guess it was a quiet night." He had a cappuccino in front of him, he paused to sip the coffee. "When he told me where he lived I offered to give him a lift home, Jake doesn't have any transport. After that we just became friends who would go to clubs and bars together, but we weren't sleeping together. We got on well though and it was nice, I think, for both of us to have a gay friend, more so for Jake perhaps, being new he didn't know anyone."

Now I was contemplating the gay life style which I had never really thought about, but which these guys seemed to epitomise. Jonathan was still recounting his history with Jake. "On one of those nights when I was taking Jake home, he invited me in. Maybe he'd had a little more than usual to drink, maybe he was feeling lonely, I don't know, but we ended up in bed. I guess I always fancied him, he is attractive."

Jonathan sipped more coffee and I watched him curious to know more. "So you became boy friends?" I asked him.

"Not really Alex," he said. "We slept together one time, as I remember nothing much happened except Jake fell asleep. It was over two months later when it happened next, he invited me in again and he wanted to have sex and he wanted to tie me up."

"He told me..." I interrupted him. "He told me that was your idea and he split up with you because you were into heavy S&M stuff which wasn't for him. He said you were obsessed with him and couldn't let him go."

I got the impression that Jonathan was trying hard not to laugh, which made me feel a bit annoyed.

"Alex, it was the exact opposite of that. Jake likes a bit of..." He stopped, like he was thinking what he should say.

"He likes a bit of what?" I asked.

"He likes to mix pleasure and pain, he likes to dominate and he likes guys like you."

"So you're saying it's him and he lied to me?" I was thinking quickly here, Jake lied about Jonathan, Jake is into S&M not Jonathan, Jake likes guys like me, what does that mean?

"We all lie sometimes Alex, you, me, Jake. He's not a bad person, he wouldn't harm you or anyone else, but he's my age, that's quite a bit older than you."

I was still thinking fast, lots of things rushing through my head, Jake won't harm you, he's not bad, he's older, I know that, I like that.

"So why did you two split up, I saw you both kissing one time in the Mall?"

"Because of you, Alex, that's why we split up and me kissing Alex in the Mall was when I wanted him to drop you and be with me." He picked up his coffee cup and cradled it between both palms. "We would probably have split up anyway because there was no real relationship there, we were better off as friends, but being dumped for a young guy like you made me angry and upset, so I tried to win him back. It didn't work."

"I'm sorry," I said and I meant it. I was beginning to like Jonathan, as a person he was straightforward and honest, he didn't seem to hide, no he was being really nice and I was sorry to have been the cause of his break up with Jake.

"Alex, if it wasn't you, sooner or later there would have been someone else, like I said, if I am being honest with myself, Jake and I were never really in a relationship."

"Thanks Jonathan, thank you for being open with me, thank you for talking about this."

"Well you know Alex, it's not for me to give you advice, but I will anyway." He smiled and finished his coffee. "You would be better off with Matty, someone your own age, plus he's ever so cute and obviously likes you."

I didn't want to talk about Matty, I needed to think about Jake, yes I know Matty loves me and I love him but there's something else with Jake. " Life is complicated," I replied. I didn't know what else to say, I could neither agree nor disagree with Jonathan about being better off with Matty.

"I need to make a move," Jonathan said. Which made me look at the clock behind the counter and realise we'd been chatting a long time.

"Yeah, I have to get home too."

Jonathan stood, he held out his hand which I took to shake, then he covered my hand between both his hands and said, "You have my number, keep it, if you ever need to talk to someone, you know, someone as a friend, then call me."

"I'll keep it, no worries, thanks Jonathan".

I slid out of the bench, followed him out of the door and we parted.

That evening at home after dinner I started to replay the conversation with Jonathan in my head. It seemed any relationship with Jake might be doomed from the start, that with Jake it was sex, but he had been friends with Jonathan and he wasn't someone bad. Sex with Jake was what I liked I wanted more, I liked what he did, I liked it that he was older and if it was just sex, no relationship, then my proper relationship could be with Matty. The more I thought about it the more stupid that sounded.

Just as I was about to go to bed the phone rang and it was Jake. "Haven't heard from you Alex, he said.

"Well you know... I was going to call you," I told him.

"Can we meet up, you could come round here tomorrow? How about it?"

"Yeah, I could, but I won't be able to stay long."

"That's alright, I just want to see you babe."

"You sure that's all and stop saying babe will ya?"

"I'm just being affectionate, but if you don't like it I'll just call you Alex... Alex."

"Yeah, yeah, Jake, Jake," I replied.

"Tomorrow then around 4:30... Alex."

"Yes... Jake," using each others names was getting silly, but I wasn't about to stop until he did.

"I can't wait to see you," he said.

"Me too, tomorrow then, goodnight."

"Night." He ended the call.

I switched off the phone, got undressed and into bed. As I was falling asleep I was thinking about meeting Jake tomorrow.

Standing outside Jake's apartment I felt excited at the idea of meeting him again, touching him, but I also knew I had some questions to get answers to. He opened the door and let me in. When I entered the living room the bed was down, so I went over and sat down on it.

"You look sexy in your school uniform," Jake said as he went into the kitchen.

"You got a thing for school boys then Jake?" I asked him.

He came back from the kitchen with two beers, handed me one and sat down on the chair by the little table and smiled. "I got a thing for you Alex, in or out of your uniform." He raised his bottle of beer, "Cheers," he said.

I did the same, "Cheers," I replied and took a sip. It was bitter and cold, I still don't know if I liked beer, but I drunk it all the same. "You've got some explaining to do Jake," I continued. "I met Jonathan, he's the second cousin of a friend of mine from the rugby team."

"Oh, OK then," he lifted his bottle of beer and drank. "Fire away."

"The stuff you told me about Jonathan wasn't true, was it?"

"Not exactly, no. You see if I had told you everything about Jonathan you would never have slept with me, would you?"

"I don't know, but you lied to me."

"I lied only because I like you and I didn't want to lose you. My relationship with Jonathan was all but over, that is the sleeping together."

"Yeah, but you didn't just lie about that, there was the S&M thing as well."

"You know how it is Alex, you tell one lie and then you have to justify and explain how things happened. The lie gets bigger. Yes Jonathan and S&M wasn't true."

"More than that though, it's you who likes S&M."

"I kind of already explained that, because that part, what I said before was true. I like to play a bit but nothing heavy."

"Can I believe you, can I trust you?"

"Of course you can. What did we do when we slept together? I smacked your arse a couple of times and you liked it didn't you?"

Jake had a way of turning everything around. You ask him a question, he throws you one back. Now I was thinking yes, I liked it. As I thought about it I felt my cock getting hard. It occurred to me that I don't know myself, so much stuff was mixed up in my head.

"I'd like us to make love again," Jake said. He put his beer down and came over to sit next to me on the bed. He took my beer from me, leaned across me and stood it on the bedside table. He kissed me on the mouth, his tongue moving around mine. He leaned back and moved to nibble my earlobe, I was getting excited. He whispered in my ear, "I want to fuck you."

My cock answered as it pushed against my trousers. He took hold of my jacket and lifted it up, I let my arms slide out. Next he knelt down in front of me, undid the lasses of each shoe and took them off. "Stand up," he said and I did. His hands went to the collar of my shirt, he opened it, loosened my tie, which he pulled away from my shirt so it hang directly around my neck.

He stepped back a little, then one by one undid the buttons of my shirt and again I let him slide it off my arms. I stood there with a bare chest and my tie hanging down in front. My cock was hard as a rock, I couldn't resist Jake.

His right hand felt my hard on through the material of my school trousers and he rubbed it with the palm of his hand. All I could think was that I wanted his hand to grip it. He undid the top button pulled down the zipper and gripping my trousers and pants together pulled both down to my ankles. My cock sprang out straight, I stepped out of my trousers which he picked up and placed aside.

I was standing in front of the bed completely naked with the exception of my socks and tie. Jake took hold of my tie and pulled me towards him, his free hand found my cock and balls. He kissed me on the mouth. Then he spoke, "stand facing the table," he ordered and I obeyed. "Bend over, put your arms straight out, palms on the table, again I did as I was told. I loved the power he exerted and my cock started to bob up and down. He stood behind me and his left hand came around to touch my chest. He took hold of my tie and pulled it tight, his right hand rested on my arse.

Leaning in he whispered, "I think naughty school boys deserve to be spanked, don't you." My mind was lost now thinking he's going to spank me, my cock was responding to everything Jake did and said.

"Yes," I replied, I wanted Jake, he could spank me, he could fuck me, I wanted him so badly.

He smacked my arse cheeks with his right hand once, twice, a few times, alternating left then right. He didn't do it very hard, but hard enough to sting just a little. Then he stopped went to the cupboard and opened a drawer. Next, his two fingers were between my arse cheeks and he was rubbing some gel. He inserted one finger into my arse and moved it around the pushed it in further. Oh god, I thought, I want him to fuck me now.

Next I felt the tip of his cock replacing his finger, guided by his hand it found the spot. He pushed his cock into my arse his other hand still pulling on my tie. I gasped a bit as he pushed in, then he stopped a couple of seconds. Finally, he shoved his hard cock all the way in and it was a shock, I moved to try to take it all. I felt his balls touching my arse and the rough material of his jeans against my skin.

I felt he was eager to take me. Now both his hands rested on my hips, he pulled his cock back and then started to push it in again, rhythmically moving in and out he steadily increased the pace. When his cock was nearly out he smacked my arse with one hand then the other hand. It was electric, he continued building the speed, sometimes pushing into my arse until his balls bounced off my cheeks.

I turned my head and said to him over my shoulder, "Fuck me Jake, fuck me." I felt his cock grow as he neared his climax, then he exploded inside me, pumping his cock several times as he ejaculated. Still standing behind me his hand came between my legs and cupped my balls, I couldn't hold out any longer. I grabbed my cock and started pumping it with my hand. Jake touched and squeezed my balls his hand still between my legs. It was fantastic and very quickly my cock shot it's load in one, two huge spurts all over the table in front of me.

Afterwards Jake said I could take a shower to clean up before leaving. I called home just to say I would be bit late when I realised the time. I said I had been helping on an end of term project.

On the way home from Jake's I just kept thinking it really is great sex.

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