I'll Kiss You in the Rain

by William King

Chapter 10

It was a clear dry day for the semi-final and half the school had turned out to support the team. Getting ready before the match in the changing rooms there was a definite buzz in the air, I think everyone was hyped up for this game.

The atmosphere is so different when you are playing in a real stadium and not just on a playing field. Add the supporters in the stands, the shouting, singing and all the rest of the noise, it's really special. Standing there in the line up waiting for the start you just look around and soak it all up.

The game went well as we took a quick lead and kept it right through to half time, but it was close, they were only a few points behind and it could have gone either way in the second half. Just as he had said he would, coach brought on some fresh players off the bench for the second half.

That formula and all those practices paid off and we won the match, but it wasn't easy and was touch and go right up to the final whistle.

After the usual celebrations in the changing rooms I found Matty waiting by the team entrance. He was talking to Michael and my parents were there as well, of course. Everyone was in a good mood and dad said he would drop me and Matty off on the way home. So we all piled into the car and passed the whole journey talking about the match.

"Enjoy the rest of the weekend." My dad said as Matty and I got out of the car. "See you Sunday afternoon, be good." Mum added in her inimitable style and just to round it off Michael chimed in with his own, "Yeah, be good." They drove away and Matty opened the front door and we were in. The whole house to ourselves for the best part of the weekend, his parents were not due back until 5 on Sunday.

I just had a small bag with me, I'd left my sports gear in another bag in the car for mum to wash.

"Leave your stuff here." Matty said as we stood in the hall. I dropped my bag on the floor and followed him into the lounge. "I don't know what you want to do this evening. Mum left us something to eat, I only need to heat it up. " It was funny listening to Matty play the host, I mean he was just so sweet and so damned cute.

We were both standing in the lounge and I just reached out with both arms and pulled him towards me, "I want to do this first." I hugged him tight, dropped my head to one side and kissed him full on the mouth. My tongue went between his lips and I held him in a deep kiss, tongues touching.

It was like a scene from a movie, I felt him melt in my arms, it was like every care in the world had dissolved, we had been so long building up to this moment. I kind of half pulled him down with me to sit side by side on the sofa, well he was actually half way across me as I kissed him again and then a third time before I backed off and let him sit back down, I still had my arm around his shoulders.

"Wow Alex." That was all he could manage to get out. I looked at him, brushed my hand through his hair. I thought to myself as we both fell silent, that this would be fantastic, something I would always remember, that finally I had Matty alone and all to myself. He was mine! My cock was already hard. Just thinking that thought, 'Matty was all mine,' made it even harder.

There was no rush, we had all evening and better still all night together. For the first time in my life I could spend the whole night with my lover, I could fall asleep and wake up next to him and we could have as much sex as we liked, until we were exhausted. I started to think about the sex and what we could do together.

My thoughts were interrupted when Matty spoke, "Do you want a drink Alex?"

"What do you recommend?" I replied.

"Well I was thinking some fruit juice... with just a touch of vodka to give it some punch."

"Sounds good Matty, but go easy on the vodka."

"Of course." He looked at me as he got up and smiled. "I need you with all your strength, don't I?"

He went out to the kitchen and came back with two tumblers of fruit juice with some ice cubes floating in them. He put them down on the coffee table and placed a little round coaster under each one, then went to open the drinks cabinet. He lifted out a two thirds full bottle of Smirnoff.

"I hope your dad won't notice a bit of his vodka has gone missing."

He poured a little into each tumbler. "Nah, he won't miss it, he doesn't mark lines on the bottles." He grinned at me.

Matty put the bottle of vodka back and sat down next to me on the sofa. We both reached for our glasses and touched them together. "Cheers Matty," I said.

"Cheers Alex."

Matty sat back on the sofa, he sipped his drink, looked at me and said, "Do you think you would keep that hard on if I put some of this ice on it?" He picked an ice cube out of the top of his tumbler and moved to put it down the front of my jeans.

"Careful Matty," I said. "I might have to smack you if you're going to be naughty."

"Oh yes please," he replied laughing and I started laughing along side him.

We finished rolling around on the sofa laughing and playing with ice cubes, well it's only water. Sitting up he broke out of my grip and turned to look at me, "I think we could eat Alex, you hungry?"

"Yeah, OK, we can eat in the kitchen, I'll bring the drinks." We both went into the kitchen which had one of those long breakfast bars with tall bar stools you climb onto. Matty went around the counter, opened the fridge and took out a plastic container which he put in the microwave. Then he laid out knives and forks.

A couple of minutes later and the microwave beeped, dinner was ready. Matty took two dinner plates from the cupboard and shared out the contents from the plastic box which he had removed from the microwave. He brought the two dinner plates, steaming hot, to the counter and came around to climb on the stool next to me.

"It's my mum's chicken casserole," he said.

"Smells good," I replied.

"It's hot!" He warned.

"Like you." I smiled.

"You gonna keep this up all night?"

"I hope so." Then we were both laughing again.

I carefully tasted the chicken casserole, blowing on the piece on my fork before putting it in my mouth.

"It's hot!"

"I warned you Alex."

I waved my hand from side to side to fan my half open mouth. Matty laughed again.

"It's good though... just needs to cool down."

Matty was still laughing, "Like you then... too hot."

A little while later we were finishing off the chicken casserole, when Matty, being really impish, picked up a small piece of chicken on the end of his fork and moved it slowly towards my mouth. I closed my lips around the piece and he slid the fork back, it was very sexy. Maybe the food had boasted my energy and the little bit of vodka relaxed us, we were having a good time.

We spent the whole evening doing nothing in particular just teasing and joking around. By the time it got to around 11PM I still had a raging hard on. Now I was determined to satisfy it.

"Let's go to your bedroom," I suggested.

"Yeah, OK," Matty answered.

So together we went upstairs and into his bedroom. I felt incredibly sexy, I'm sure Matty felt the same. Let's see how this plays out I thought. I turned to face Matty.

"Take your clothes off," I said and my cock bounced against my jeans in anticipation of seeing him naked. He didn't reply, but instead sat down on the chair by his bed and took off his trainers and socks. He stood up, smiled and pulled his T shirt up and off over his head, then discarded it. His hands went to the belt of his jeans, I'm sure my heart was beating fast, he undid his belt, the top button on his jeans, then pulled the zipper down. His hands gripped his jeans as he pulled them down over his hips and let them drop to the floor. It was a replay of his striping on the phone.

He stepped out of his jeans, bent down to pick them up and folded them. All the time I was watching his every move, but mostly enjoying looking at his hard on. His hands now took each side of his pants and he pulled them down over his hard cock. He picked them up and placed them with his jeans. As he turned around to do that I admired his neat little arse. I couldn't stop myself thinking I really want to push my cock inside his arse and fuck him, of course my cock was responding like mad. He turned back to face me, completely, beautifully naked, with a fantastic erection.

As I was admiring his fit young body he looked me straight in the eye, "Your turn," he said.

Now I followed him in taking off my own clothes, sweat shirt, shoes and socks, jeans and finally as I watched him watching me, my pants. I was facing him totally naked and my cock was bouncing up and down. I've got to fuck him now, I thought. I moved to stand very close, our cocks touched, I learned in to give him a long deep kiss. I nibbled his right ear lobe and I whispered in his ear.

"Turn around Matty, I want to fuck you." I was so excited. He turned around, his back to me. I stroked his back from between his shoulder blades slowly down the curve of his back to his arse and I let my palm touch one and then the other buttock. I learned forward to whisper in his ear again.

"Bend forward with your arms out on the desk." He did exactly as I said. I moved to his side to whisper again, "Spread your legs." I knew I didn't need any gel, my cock was already lubricated.

"There is a tube of gel in the bedside drawer," he said, speaking over his shoulder.

I walked over, opened the drawer and found the gel. Coming back behind him I squeezed some gel on my fingers and pushed my fingers between his arse cheeks. I found his hole with my index finger, I moved it around the outside. I was copying what Jake had done with me, I knew this was Matty's first time.

"Go easy," he said, again talking over his shoulder.

"Don't worry Matty, just try to relax." I pushed my index finger into his arse and slide it a little way inside, then started to jiggle it around a little. With my left hand I reached around and gripped his cock, he was hard as a rock.

I pulled my finger out, let go of his cock and placed my cock between his cheeks, I moved it up and down a couple of times, then I put the head right at his hole. Slowly I pushed my cock into his arse, my other hand rested on the small of his back. He moved his legs a bit further apart and I pushed my cock in further. He gasped, I stopped, waited.

"OK Matty, relax," I said. He took a breath and I pushed my cock slowly right into his arse, not completely all the way, but almost. He gasped, made a little sound, but I couldn't stop now, it was so fantastic. I started to pump my cock in and out of his arse, I pushed down with my left hand on his back to get him to stick his arse out a bit more and I fucked him. I was lost in the sex, pumping my cock in and out of his tight little arse, once or twice my balls bounced against his buttocks. I touched his hair, his back, my hands went to his hips and then to those beautiful arse cheeks.

Finally, I gripped his hips hard as I felt I was getting close and I pushed my cock in all the way, pulled it nearly out, then all the way in his arse and pumped away till my cock shot inside him once, twice, I still carried on fucking his arse but slower. I put my arms round his chest and pulled him up so he was standing. I reached around his waist and gripped his erect cock. I started to move my hand up and down his cock. I was still inside him and pushed my cock into him a few more times. I was moving my hand faster and faster going up and down his cock. I felt him shoot his load, three times his cock jerked in my hand.

I put my hands on his shoulders and turned him around to face me. I brushed my hand through his hair and I kissed him. We stood like that awhile, kissing gently and touching each others body.

"I think we should take a shower and go to bed" I said.

"Yeah," he answered.

We got in the shower together, the warm water cascaded over our bodies. I washed Matty all over my hands caressing his skin and he did the same to me. He took my cock in his hands and soaped it all over. I started to get hard again when he did that. Then he washed off the soap and kneeled down and he kissed my cock, put his tongue on the tip and licked it. Then he took my cock in his mouth and sucked. He was very good, but I didn't want to come again so soon. I lifted him up and kissed him, my hands reaching around to grip and squeeze his arse. I pulled him close to me, then stood back and took his cock in one hand and soaped his cock, my other hand cupped and gently squeezed his balls. He was starting to get hard with this attention to his cock. Then I moved my soapy hand from his cock and slide around to his arse. I pushed one soapy finger into his arse hole and his cock grew harder. I moved my finger inside his arse and squeezed his balls, his cock responded to this.

I stopped and kissed him again. "I think we should go to bed," I said. He nodded. I turned off the water and we dried each other, walked back to his room and slipped under the duvet naked together. We kissed and I held him in my arms, now I'm in love I thought and I whispered, "I love you, Matty."

He hugged me tight and I thought I saw a little tear in the corner of his eye, "I love you too, Alex, I always have." I gently wiped the little tear away and kissed him again. We fell asleep like that our bodies entwined.

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