I'll Kiss You in the Rain

by William King

Chapter 7

I was glad when Monday was over, I never did like the first day of the school week and today was no exception. Walking slowly out of school and up the street to the bus stop I had to run when I saw the bus arriving. I just made it, last to get on, I showed the driver my pass as he closed the doors and the bus pulled away.

Making my way down the aisle towards the back I noticed Ryan, who called out, "Alex, you just made it!"

"Yeah...had to run." I replied.

Squeezing into the empty seat next to him, he turned to me and asked, "How was your weekend?"

"Oh, it was OK," I answered. "We had my uncle and his family visit."

"Yes, I know." He said, which kind of puzzled me, because how could he know that?

So I asked him, "How did you know, I never said?" The bus pulled in at the next stop, the doors opened and more people got on, it was filling up.

"Ah!" Exclaimed Ryan. "We have our sources." He grinned, without saying more.

"Yeah well, whatever," I replied, not really being in the mood to quiz him to find out how he knew what I'd been doing Sunday.

The doors clanked shut and the bus carried on. Couple more stops and I'd be home.

"So, what about you?" I asked him.

"What about me?" That was his reply.

"Your weekend?" I was rapidly losing interest in the conversation and just thinking about getting off the bus and being home.

Someone rang the bell for the next stop.

"It was OK." Ryan replied, without adding anything or saying more about what he did over the weekend.

I let the conversation drop. Ryan looked away gazing out the window and I was happy to continue the journey in silence, lost in my own thoughts.

I replayed events in my head, the screwed up paper note with the message from Jake, seeing him kissing someone else in the shopping mall on Saturday. Then I started thinking about Matty, I hadn't seen much of him or talked much, I should call him.

A nudge in the side from Ryan jolted me out of this revelry. "Your stop, you dreaming?"

"Oh yeah, see ya." I grabbed my bag and rushed down the bus, scooting off through the open doors, they closed behind me. I watched the bus pull away and had the image of Ryan gazing out the window in my head. He never said much, I started up the hill to home, but he'd always been like that as long as I'd known him, kind of enigmatic, but beautiful. I suppose he was someone to look at and admire for his good looks, not someone to ever have a deep conversation with.

Arriving at the front door, I fumbled for the key in my pocket, took it out, inserted it in the round metal lock, turned it and pushed open the door.

Mum was home, she called out from the kitchen, "That you Alex?"

"Yeah mum," I replied. "I'm going up to my room to change."

I heard talking and then music from the kitchen so whatever she was doing she must have had the radio on. I went straight to my bedroom, threw my bag into the corner of the room, took off my school jacket and sat down on the bed.

I kicked off my shoes and at the same time I took my phone, deciding to call Matty, but just then it rang.

"Hi Jake," I answered seeing his name appear.

"Hello Alex, everything OK with you?" I'm sure he wanted to know if I believed him about Jonathan, that I wasn't going to dump him and have nothing more to do with him, but then I thought, in that case I wouldn't even have answered.

"Alex," Jake said again. "Are you talking to me?" I suppose the silence was a bit long.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm talking to you," I said.

"You're not saying much."

"I was just... thinking, that's all."

"About what... about me?" Of course it had to be about him, what else. What did he want me to tell him?

"Of course about you." I answered.

"Oh..." He said that kind of innocently, his 'oh' was the sort of 'oh' that said, I hope you've forgiven me because it wasn't my fault and you know I'm a really nice person. Yes it was all of that in one tiny word.

"Are we good?" He continued probing.

I thought about what to say, but yes of course we were good, because despite everything that's happened he was still a real sexy guy and I was very attracted to him.

"Yes," I replied simply.

"Look Alex it would be great if we could meet... maybe one day this week, what do you think?" I knew he was going to ask to meet up, that I guess was what he wanted from day one and I have to admit so did I.

"Wednesday," I suggested. It was a good day for me because I had the last period free so could get home a bit early. "Where?" I asked.

"Well... if you wanted to you could come to my place, it's not far from you... what do you think?" I didn't really need to think about it, it was the best possible solution. If I was going to meet with Jake then in private, alone, suited me just as much as it probably did him.

"Yes OK," I replied. Adding, "Send me a text with your address."

"Will do... what time?"

"Has to be after school, so around 5, 5:30?"

"Yeah, that's great, I'll send the address"

"OK, see you Wednesday."

"Bye babe."

"Bye," I ended the call, now it was done, no going back. Well I suppose I could always just not turn up, but I knew I wouldn't do that, I think I'd made my choice the very first time I called him.

The phone sounded the little beeps for an SMS, I looked at the message, Jake's address, I knew where it was and he was right, it wasn't far from me.

I undid my tie and finished changing out of my school clothes, putting on jeans and a sweat, then flopped back on the bed and picked up the phone again. I decided to check out Clash, the game, I was just getting started on farming for my town hall upgrade. Then the phone rang again and this time it was Matty.

"Hi Matty, I was about to call you, but I got side tracked in Clash."

"You in it now?" He asked.

"No, I was, I closed it when you called."

"I'm seriously thinking of joining another clan," he said. "I found this level 5 gay clan, it's international and I thought it might be nice to be in a clan with other gay players."

"Yeah maybe," I said.

"If I leave and join it, will you come too?"

"Yes, of course Matty, where you go I go." I smiled to myself as I said this.

"OK well I'm going to check them out, it's invite only, so I'll let you know and if it's good I'll text you."

"What's the clan called?" I asked.

"GAYOK," he answered. Then added, "I'm going there now, talk later."

"OK, later." The call ended.

It was always so easy with Matty, you could chat like that, not see him for days and just pick up the conversation like it was five minutes ago. Maybe it's because we've known each other so long, maybe just because we fit well together, I don't know, but whatever the reason it's nice to be like that with someone.

Wednesday at school it was hard to pay attention during lessons because all I could think about was meeting up with Jake that evening. Until the actual day arrived I had managed not to think about it much and carry on life normally, but now I was becoming more and more anxious. It was a strange mixture of emotions, apprehension mixed with excitement, I didn't know what would happen although I had played the scene of arriving at Jake's place over and over in my head.

When the bell sounded for the last period I packed my stuff into my bag and I was out of the school gates and on my way to the bus stop in record time. I had to wait ages for the bus to arrive, which was frustrating, but, I thought, it's always like that when you have something important to do or somewhere you need to be.

By the time I arrived home it was not really much earlier than usual. Mum was there and as I closed the front door I called out to her. "Mum, I'm going out to meet up with some friends, OK?" I asked, knowing she wouldn't object.

"Just make sure you're back by 7 and don't neglect your school work," she said.

"All in hand mum and back by 7," I replied.

I went straight upstairs to my room, threw the bag in the corner and got out of my school clothes. I never usually bothered with a shower, but this evening was different. Before getting dressed I showered and put on some deodorant, I wanted to smell nice. Putting on my jeans and picking up my sweat shirt which I had discarded the night before, I smelt it before putting it on and decided it would be better to take a clean one.

I was back downstairs and about to leave the house, it was five minutes to five, OK for time I thought, no need to rush, calm down. I called out to mum, "See you later, mum." Without waiting for her reply I was on my way to Jake's.

He lived in this little courtyard of small apartment blocks, three stories high, with footpaths leading to each block and the car park. They were fairly new and the ground backed onto the park. Jake was in the second block on the ground floor, I rang the front door bell, now I was feeling nervous. The door opened and Jake was standing there, a big grin on his face. He stepped back to let me enter, he lightly took hold of my upper arm guided me along the hall, pushing the front door shut behind us.

"I'm so pleased you're here," he said. "I thought maybe you might not show up," he added.

An open door at the end of the little hall led into a small room with a sofa against the wall on my left and two windows looking out in front over a small lawn and hedge bordering the path I had arrived by.

"Sit down," he said, indicating the sofa.

I sat down and continued looking around me. Through an arch on my right was a kitchen and in front of me against the other wall a little black rectangular table and wooden chair. What particularly caught my attention was the picture on that wall. It was a modern graphic painting in bright primary colours, mostly blue, yellow and red. It showed a boy leaning over another boy, his head turned towards the boy he was leaning over and he had his tongue sticking out, his tongue was of course bright red. I liked it, it was a great painting, it was also quite gay, no very gay.

"You're not saying much," Jake spoke again. "You OK?" He asked.

"Yes... yes... sorry." I replied. "I... I'm a bit kind of nervous and I don't know, sort of don't know what to say." It was exactly true, now I was in Jake's apartment and we were alone, I was flooded with emotions that I didn't know how to deal with, because this had never happened to me before.

I guess that Jake understood something of what I was going through. He sat down on the sofa next to me, turned to me and moved his hand through my hair and gently kissed me on the cheek.

"It's all fine, Alex," he said. "No pressure, just chill." He added, "Maybe you'd like a beer?"

Jake's manner and voice was having it's effect and I was starting to feel my old self and more relaxed.

"Yes," I said. "A beer would be great, thanks." I smiled.

He stood up and went into the kitchen, coming back with two beers. I'd taken off my jacket and left it on the floor next to my side of the sofa.

"Space is a bit limited here," he said. "Take the beers, I'll hang your jacket in the hall."

When he returned he put some music on, quietly, sat down again next to me and I handed him one of the beers. We touched the bottles.

"Cheers, Alex."

"Cheers, Jake" I replied and for some reason I just couldn't help but smile.

We sat there for a while just sipping our beers in silence. Then I said, "Where's the bed Jake?"

He laughed and suddenly I realised what I had just said and how that sounded.

"You don't waste much time," he said jokingly.

"No Jake, don't make fun of me," I replied. "You know what I meant."

His laughter turned to a smile. "You're sitting on it," he told me. "It's a sofa bed."

Then he leaned towards me and placed his hand on my thigh, it felt electric, I got an instant hard on.

"Let's get rid of these beers for now," he said standing up.

I handed him my beer and he went into the kitchen and left the half finished beers on the counter top. He sat back down next to me, put his arm over my shoulder and resting the palm of his hand on the back of my head he turned his head towards me and kissed me.

I kissed him back and his tongue was inside my mouth, I'd never kissed like this before. My cock responded by pushing against my jeans. Jake's free hand once again was on the inside of my thigh, we broke off the kissing and his hand moved from my thigh to cover the huge bulge in my jeans. This time I kissed him, a long deep lingering kiss.

"Stand up Alex and help me make the bed please," Jake said.

I did as he asked and together we unfolded the bed. He took two pillows from the cupboard and placed them one each side. As I was watching him move around he went over to the windows and closed the blinds. The light in the room became dim, but not completely dark. Jake came and stood next to me, he kissed me and his hand went inside my sweat shirt. I felt his palm rubbing my bare skin.

He stopped kissing stood back and with both hands gripping my sweat shirt he started to pull it upwards. "Put your arms up, Alex," he said. Then lifted my sweat shirt over my head. He kissed me again, a short kiss on the lips, then sat down on the edge of the bed. "Come here and stand in front of me." I kicked off my shoes and stood facing him.

His hands undid the buckle of my belt, flipped open the press stud and slowly pulled down the zipper. This was so exciting, such a turn on being undressed just standing there with my cock trying to push out of my pants. He gripped each side of my jeans and pulled them down over my thighs and right to the floor. I stepped out of my jeans and kicked them aside. My cock was now sticking straight out as Jake reached for each side of my pants and pulled them down scrapping over my cock which sprung out against my stomach and bounced back straight.

He took my hand and gently pulled me towards him and I sat down on the bed pressed up next to him my skin against the roughness of his jeans. He kissed me another long deep passionate kiss, then stood up. It was his turn to undress and I couldn't take my eyes off his body, first he took off his shoes, then pulled off his T shirt revealing a light wisp of hair on his chest and under his belly button, plus a small scar. He undid his jeans and took them off so now I could see his cock was as hard as mine. Finally he removed his pants and stood there in front of me totally naked. His cock was about the same size as my own but thicker. Watching him, my cock was bouncing up and down and getting wet at the tip.

Jake sat down next to me again, this time it was skin against skin. He reached over and gripped my cock in his hand closing his palm around it. He leaned in and kissed me and with his finger started rubbing the tip of my cock, it was well lubricated. I was so excited I thought I might just cum there and then, if he started to pump my cock I was sure I would shoot my load.

As if he could read my mind he stopped kissing removed his hand from my cock and gripped my wrist. Before I knew anything he pulled me towards him and across his lap. Now my cock was resting touching his as I lay on my stomach in front of him. His hand touched the inside of my thigh, my cock jerked at the touch, he slid his palm up to my arse cheeks brushing my balls.

Nothing existed now just the two of us naked, it was intense. Jake's hand rested on my arse, then suddenly, unexpectedly, he raised the palm of his hand and smacked my left arse cheek. Not too hard, but hard enough to sting. Then the other cheek received the same treatment, it made my cock hard, I don't know why, but it did.

With both arms Jake lifted me up off of him and we stood up together. "Lie down on the bed," he said, so I did. I lay down on my back and folded my arms behind my head looking at him. He moved around to the other side of the bed, I turned my head to watch him. He opened a drawer, fumbled about a bit and took out a plastic tube which he put down on the cupboard top next to the bed. Then he joined me on the bed, lying on his side, his right hand started to explore my body.

He moved his palm over my chest and down to my belly button, then over my hip along the top of my leg, moving around to the inside of my thigh which again made my cock jump. He touched my balls, which were small and tight, his fingers followed the little crevices of my ball sacks. With one finger he touched the inside of my cock gliding up to the tip and as my cock bounced again he played touching the tip and watching my cock bounce.

He pulled me towards him and I rolled on my side to face him, our cocks touched, he kissed me. Then he licked the index finger of his right hand and his hand went over my arse, his finger went between my arse cheeks and touched my arse hole. He moved his finger around in a circular motion then pushed it into the opening still moving it around.

Now I couldn't think anymore I just knew I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to feel his cock inside me. As that idea went through my head he withdrew his finger and turned me again towards him so I lay on my stomach face down. He reached for the little plastic tube on the bedside table, that was all I could see. Then he straddled over me, one leg each side and I felt a cool gel being massaged around my hole. Then I felt the head of his penis pushed up against my hole probing it, prodding it.

"Relax Alex." Jake whispered in my ear and his hands massaged my shoulders.

I must have relaxed a little because then the head of his cock was going inside me, but it was difficult and it hurt a bit. Then in the same way that he had surprised me pulling me over his lap and smacking me, Jake grabbed the hair on the back of my head and tugged it, not too hard, but hard enough to hurt. At the same moment as I was distracted by him tugging my hair he pushed his cock into me. His hands were back massaging my shoulders and this time I was able to relax and the pain subsided.

Now as Jake felt my body tension released he pushed his cock slowly all the way in. Wow, I felt his balls against my arse. Then he withdrew almost all the way and started pumping his cock in my arse, but not too deep. The feeling was unbelievable, but my own cock was trapped beneath me. A few times his cock went right inside me and the rhythm of his cock, the movement of his hips was an overwhelming sensation.

"Fuck me Jake, fuck me," I said. Now I was pushing up off the mattress wanting him to fuck me, pushing into his thrusts and I was rubbing my own cock on the mattress. I felt Jake's cock kind of grow as he reached his climax. I felt it jerk inside me as he pumped out his juice, once, twice, three times he shot inside me.

Then a few seconds later he grabbed hold of my hips with both hands and rolling onto his back brought me with him until I rested on top of him and his cock was still inside me. His hand came around and gripped my cock which jumped. He started pumping it up and down his hand sliding up the shaft to the tip. It didn't take long before the pressure exploded and I shot spurt after spurt of creamy white cum going right over my head into my hair, on my chin.

Then we both started laughing, I rolled off him onto my side and he pulled me close into his wonderfully strong warm body. Oh God I thought, that was real sex!

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