I'll Kiss You in the Rain

by William King

Chapter 5

That evening after dinner mum sat down with Michael to watch a film or something on the TV, dad had some paperwork to do and went off to his study. I just said I wasn't really into watching television and escaped upstairs to my bedroom.

I flopped down on my bed, learned over and put some music on. Finally, a bit of time to myself, I lay back listening to the sounds, but somehow Jake still managed to pop into my head. It was disconcerting because I was angry with him from what happened today, but at the same time when I thought about him I started to get hard and then my thoughts drifted to sex.

It's probably pretty normal I suppose, at least at my age, I got hard all the time and thought about sex a lot. I think I read somewhere once that men think about sex every two minutes. I don't know if that's true or not, but sometimes I wondered if I had a brain at all or if I just followed my dick!

To turn off thinking about sex, which it seemed my body craved for, but my mind told me there was too much going on, too much stuff needed sorting out, I picked up my phone and decided to see what was happening in Clash.

I opened the game, turned off the volume, I didn't like listening to the same bits of background sounds over and over. Besides it sounded tinny on my phone, music was only good with headphones, the speakers on the phone itself were crap.

I was not long in the game when the little number 1 popped up next to the chat, so I clicked the button to open the chat to read the message. It was Matty, dark warrior, was his in game name:

you on alex

was the message.

I didn't feel too much like talking, but this was Matty, which cheered me up.


I wrote.

can u skype me

he asked.

sure give me a minute

I answered, closed the chat and exited the game.

I really was happy to hear from Matty and straightaway I clicked the Skype button and called him. It rang a couple of times, then Matty's face appeared with my own image in a little box in the bottom corner of the screen.

"So hows things?" Matty asked.

"Let's just say it's been a long day," I replied. "And you?" I asked him back.

"Me..." he replied and paused. "Me... well Alex I'm in my bedroom lying here and thinking about you and you know what?" He posed a question that needed my response.

"What, Matty." I said.

"Well I'm lying here... thinking about you... Alex... and I've got a hard on!" Wow, now that was exciting, that snapped me out of my morosity.

"Show me." I said. I don't know why I said that, maybe because I was feeling as horny as he was.

"OK, look." He grinned and the image blurred, he moved his phone and the screen came back into focus showing a view from his chest down the length of his body.

"I don't see much with your clothes on." I told him.

"Wait a minute," he said.

The image became blurred jumpy images as it looked like he was moving the phone around his bedroom. Then a large out of focus hand in front of the camera, finally the screen cleared and in focus I saw Matty lie back down on his bed. I don't know where he'd put the phone but the view point of the camera was from the foot of his bed and I could see him lying there.

He was fixing his earphone on. "This is so I can hear you and talk... can you see me?" He asked.

"Yes, all of you," I replied. "But still with your clothes on."

"I'm gonna fix that for you Alex," he replied.

Then I watched him as his hands went down to the belt buckle on his jeans. He undid the belt, then popped the top button and slowly, deliberately slowly, pulled down the zipper. I felt my cock responding to what I was seeing.

His two hands gripped each side of his jeans and he pushed them down, raising his hips, then bending forwards to take them off, first one leg, then the other. He pulled off his T shirt and laid back down, now in just his pants and socks and there was a big bulge in his pants.

I put my phone down and undid my own jeans pulling them off. I picked up the phone again to watch Matty. He stood up off his bed moving towards the camera, the image grew larger, now I had a close up from his belly button to halfway down his legs.

"This is just for you Alex," he said. "I hope you're enjoying it?"

"I'm loving it Matty, my cock is hard as a rock."

That was no exaggeration, last night I'd ignored it, but tonight I had to give it my full attention, it was begging for me to touch it. I watched the image of Matty as he pulled down his pants to display his manhood in all it's glory, sticking straight out.

My own hands reached down to remove my pants and I took my cock in my hand. I held the phone in my left hand watching as Matty touched his cock and then cupped his balls in his hand and arched his hips so his penis was pointing at the ceiling. I started moving my hand up and down the hard shaft of my cock. Nothing existed at this point in time other than Matty and me.

Matty turned to face away from the camera and I could see his beautiful little round arse. I started moving my hand quicker and quicker as I felt the tension building. Matty was really putting on a show. I could just make out his arm moving in front of him. He was moving his hips, I could imagine the frontal view with his hand gripping his cock and his hips thrusting into his hand.

I could feel the climax approaching. "Matty... oh Matty." I said as I continued to watch him. He turned back around to face the camera and I watched his hand pumping his cock just as I was doing the same here. I saw his cock jump, he moved in closer, not too close, his hand was around the base of his shaft. His cock jumped again and he shot his load in several spurts arching towards the camera. Three or four times more I pumped my own dick to it's long awaited climax.

"Matty," I said finally when I had caught my breath. "Matty, that was great."

"For me too," he replied. "I got to clean up, OK."

"OK Matty, goodnight then," I said.

"Goodnight Alex." The call ended, I put down the phone and lay back for a minute on my bed.

That, I thought to myself and smiled, that was great phone sex.

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