Seeing Stars

by Will S

Chapter 10

The two boys shared the pungent smell of sweat and semen—the aroma of sex. They lay there, each of their bodies recovering from its hard work. The boys' panting eased into slow, soft breaths. Both gazed up into the sky, basking in a shared afterglow, each boy lost in his own thoughts.

After a long silence, shivers drove Wright to break the sanctity of the moment. "I'm getting cold," he sighed into the cooling night air. Shooting stars continued to flash across the sky.

"Here," Chris said, shifting himself around and opening the flap of his sleeping bag.

"Hold on." Wright twisted around, grabbed his T-shirt and gingerly wiped off Chris's torso and then with caressing strokes cleaned his oozing penis. Then he took care of himself. "We'd make a mess in your sleeping bag." He giggled softly at the naughtiness of his thought. With that, he snuggled into the warmth of Chris's body, and the dark-haired boy lowered the sleeping bag flap, covering them both.

"Want to talk?" Chris asked.

Wright was quiet. What had just happened was so incredible. It was as if he had taken his life and "copy and pasted" it into his dreams. But now, talk? What could they say? Talking meant thinking, and thinking only made him more confused. "Not sure," he said simply—and truthfully. Talking, he thought, could ruin everything.

"Confused?" Chris said, reading his mind.

"Maybe. I guess."

"I want you to understand." Chris turned to him, and reached for the flashlight, he turned it on, but nestled it in a fold of the sleeping bag so it only showed enough light to make a soft glow on their faces. "I have to say this."


Chris frowned, and ran his fingertips down Wright's smooth cheek and traced along his chin. "I've been lying to you." He trembled, and he could see the fear flow into Wright's face. "Let me explain," he added quickly, softly. He paused, swallowed, and began again. "Wright, nobody knows this. Nobody. " He was actually shaking now. "But I want you to know. You have to know…so you can understand. Kids at school, the teachers, coaches—nobody knows. I can't tell them. It would ruin me. People say I can get into any school I want when I graduate. But if they knew what I'm going to tell you, that might not be true." He studied Wright, looking for any hint of understanding. What he saw was a boy nearly as frightened as he was. "Wright…" There was no way to ease into this. He stretched over and kissed Wright again, tasting him, drawing nourishment to continue. He took a breath, closed his eyes, and then opened them, gazing deep into Wright's soul. "Wright, I'm gay."

The blond-haired boy's eyes widened. Slowly he began to shake his head. It just couldn't be. It didn't make sense. "No," Wright breathed. "It can't be." Not him, not Chris Donnelly. And yet…didn't he have all the proof he needed.

Hearing and seeing his friend's reaction wasn't what Chris had expected. "I'm so sorry," he murmured. "I thought…" He hung his head, now not knowing what to say next.

Wright reached out and lifted Chris's face so they were again gazing into each other's eyes. "When you first started running with me…no…before that. At Walgreen's…you looked at me, and I thought I was going to pass out. But I couldn't show you that. You were Chris Donnelly, the football star, the super stud that all the girls wanted. I'd listen to guys talk, and girls, too, and that was the message. You were this macho guy, and I…I…couldn't even look you in the face for fear that you'd see how much I wanted you. But I knew I could never have you. Never. But you kept coming into my life. Doing and saying things, things that constantly kept me off-balance, constantly kept me confused—and afraid."

Chris began to speak, but Wright stopped him. "'s okay. I was. I was afraid, afraid you'd see something that would tip you off that I wanted you so bad." Wright laughed a soft little laugh, and shook his head. "Because if you haven't figured it out already, you're not the only gay boy in this sleeping bag." He leaned in and kissed Chris again. It was a long, gentle kiss, more a sweet punctuation that a declaration of lust. When they finally broke away, they both settled back onto the ground and gazed up at the sky. "Pretty special night, huh." Wright whispered.

"Yeah." Chris let his hand trace down Wright's arm, and finding his hand, took it in his. Their fingers intertwined, and they lay there overwhelmed by the night. "I'm sorry I lied to you," Chris breathed. "I'm sorry I made things so confusing."

"Shhh…" Wright hushed. "It's not confusing now, but it is a secret we need to keep to ourselves. Maybe if we lived somewhere else...maybe—"

"Maybe it wouldn't have to be that way?" Chris added.

"Yeah, maybe. But we don't live somewhere else; we live here."

Chris frowned, and Wright leaned in to kiss the frown away.

"But, Chris, there is good news."


"Yeah," Wright breathed. "I know who you are, and you know who I am, and that's so, so awesome!" His thought was punctuated with another kiss, this one little more than a peck. "You should go to whatever school you choose, I'd never, ever do anything to mess that up."

When another shooting star sped across the sky and faded quickly, he spoke again. "But now we're together, and nothing else matters." He released his grip from Chris's hand, and moved his hand softly over Chris's body. "Lift," he whispered, and slid his hand under Chris's butt, running his whole hand gently over those incredible outcroppings of boy muscle. His fingers dipped into the furrow that separated those two firm globes, savoring the heat. "I love your butt," he murmured with a soft giggle.

"Not as much as I love yours," Chris said with a self-conscious grin. "Yesterday afternoon, when you got out of the shower…I was practically shaking, but when you turned around, I thought I was going come right there in my shorts." They both laughed softly at that, but then Chris had something else to say. "You, Mr. Steinbeck, are one incredible human being. I've never met anyone who even comes close to you, but the thing is, I don't think you really know how amazingly…awesome you are. You are so unbelievably cute I pretty much have to jack off every time I think of you, but you're not like…just another pretty face." He grinned one of his patented Chris Donnelly dimpled, coy grins. "I've never met anyone so…so…caring…so open to helping…so good. You, Wright, you are a good person, and you deserve only the best life has to offer."

Wright listened. Chris Donnelly was being more serious than he'd ever seen him. Wright's stomach tightened, a pressure built up inside his chest, and hot, syrupy tears spilled down from his eyes.

He leaned closer his lover, and, wrapping his arms around him, hugged him tightly. He felt Chris's arms wrap around him, and felt the strength of his grip. His eyes drifted shut. After all these years of hiding who he was, after all the fear and frustration, finally he could rest.

As they hugged, their legs entwined, which brought their penises together. Wright reached down past Chris's cock, and fondled his egg-sized balls. "Ohmygod," Wright breathed. "they're so big." He moved them delicately in his hand, and as he did so, he felt a softness press against the inside of his wrist. The soft presence moved slowly outward, and then more quickly it began to grow, becoming firmer and hotter. Wright smiled, enjoying the lengthening presence of Chris's erection, an erection he was causing.

"I want to try something," Wright whispered. He kissed Chris on the mouth, and then kissed his way downward. He toyed with each nipple caused another erection, and moved on to the south. He bathed Chris's belly button in attention, and finally, inched his way closer to his rigid manhood.

Chris finally managed to choke out a question: "What...wha...?"

Wright just looked up and smiled. "Shhhh...I've been dreaming about this—literally. And now…" He took a breath, studying the proud, throbbing boyhood that he was so close to it almost made his eyes cross as he focused on it. He licked his lips. He'd read about what he was contemplating enough times in Nifty, but now…now he wasn't sure, but he was going to do it. He was. And so, leaning in, he kissed the top of Chris's velvety smooth head. A groan escaped from Chris's mouth, and a sigh from Wright's. Lovingly, he leaned in and traced the shape of the head with the tip of his tongue. Curiously, there was little taste, perhaps a bit of saltiness. He moved his tongue around the rim of the head, and the sigh now became a moan. Opening his mouth wide, he lowered himself down, committed to making this an incredible experience for the boy he loved.

With his hands moving over Chris's body, he pressed downward, taking more of Chris's penis in his mouth until finally, it bumped up against the back of throat, and he fought a gagging sensation. His eyes watered and he told himself just to relax, using the advice he'd read again and again in Nifty stories. When the feeling passed, he resumed his movement, first pulling back, and then lowering himself down. On the "up" stroke, he'd use his tongue to explore Chris's head. At one point when he did that, he tasted a syrupy sweetness. Pre-cum, he thought, and he savored the nectar his friend, his lover, was feeding him.

Moving almost on instinct, he sucked down on the thick tool filling his mouth. Immediately it felt different as this hot, throbbing part of his friend seemed all on its own to move deeper into his mouth. If Chris's groans were any indication, Wright's alternating techniques were a success. After several tentative up and down movements, Wright found a comfortable speed , depth, and pressure. "Ohmygod, Wright," Chris moaned. "Ohmygod! I'm gonna..."

As Wright continued his efforts, he felt Chris's hands on his head, desperately urging him forward. Listening to his friend's groans of pleasure spurred Wright on; Chris's hands only added to his desire to make this something his lover would never forget.

"Ohmygod!" Chris rasped , "I'm gonna come."

Wright had thought about this moment. He dreamed about taking everything Chris could give, but now that that reality was upon them, he wasn't quite so sure. Still, he'd risked so much in this night of wonder, so he pushed himself to try one more thing. He continued, if anything daring even a bit more, and felt Chris's penis swell, the thick tube on the underside growing larger. "Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhh," Chris cried out as if trying to get his breath when he'd already depleted every last bit of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Wright felt his lover's entire body stiffen, and then one massive, hot explosion of semen splashed against the back of his mouth. He pulled back more, locking his lips around Chris's coronal ridge in time for another blast, and another. It was strong, salty, tart, and thick, the consistency perhaps of heavy cream. His eyes watered, and he felt his mouth filling. Fighting the urge to gag, he summoned all his strength and swallowed, and then he swallowed again. You are, Wright told himself, part of me now.

Whenever he'd read online stories about cocksucking, he always thought it was so cool, but there was uncertainty about the final part—the part where the balls pull up tight to the body and there's an explosion, fireworks bursts of semen, but now that he'd drawn that hot, thick substance from his lover, it just seemed so right.

"Ohmygod," Chris moaned, and summoning every bit of strength, added, "So, just you know..."

For an instant, Wright worried. It almost seemed as if Chris had been overcome and was rambling, and maybe he was, but it was because of Wright and the incredible pleasure he had given to his friend. And as if to remove all doubt, he felt Chris now pulling him upward. When their lips met, their kissing was desperate. Chris needed this as much as Wright, and as his tongue pushed in between Wright's lips, Wright knew he was tasting his own essence.

The blond-haired boy's jaws ached. But it was worth it every bit of the effort. He had wanted so very much to bring pleasure to his friend, and he had. Turning once again, he snuggled into Chris's warm body, and he felt Chris kiss him on the side of his head. "You were amazing!" Chris murmured, still spent from his ejaculation. "I love you, Wright Steinbeck."

Wright smiled, feeling a warm glow flow throughout his body. It wasn't sexual this time, it came from somewhere even deeper. It was a life force that seemed to connect him to Chris and to life itself. It was good. He listened to Chris's breathing quiet, listened again as it lengthened into long, slow, contented breaths. He knew, even without looking, that his friend was asleep, but now he did look, lovingly drinking in even the smallest feature that made Chris, Chris. When he had memorized the landscape of his friend's body, Wright gently lifted away just enough to cover both of their bodies under the sleeping bag, and then he turned, easing his head back onto the soft sleeping bag. He reached over and turned off the flashlight and gazed up and the sky. The quiet stillness of the night was interrupted only by the soothing sounds of the water lapping on the lake shore and Chris's gentle breathing.

Above him, a shooting star sped across the sky. It was brighter than all the others, and as it passed directly above them, it burst into multiple pieces like a cosmic fireworks display. A smile formed on Wright's face as he watched the pieces of meteor fall and quickly fade. He took a deep, long breath, held it for a long time, and then slowly let it out. With it, he expelled any doubt that might still linger, any sense that he was somehow sinful or wrong or broken. No, that was all gone, even the tiniest fragment. None of it remained, not here in this magical place. He inched closer to Chris, and as he did so, the dark-haired sleeping boy, moving by instinct, opened himself accept the boy he loved. Wright felt the warmth of his lover and let his eyes drift shut. His smile stretched even more. All was right with the world, he thought. At last all was right with him. He knew who he was, and after this mystical night of seeing stars, he couldn't imagine being any other way.


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