by The Eggman

Chapter 4

Looney Tunes & Pop Tarts

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The mob shower was a large tile covered room, maybe 20-feet by 15 feet off to the side of the rest of the commode. Any conversation in there reverberated and was heard throughout the room and into the hall. On the entrance end of the room were two L shaped benches on adjacent walls. The far end contained 5 showerheads on each of two parallel walls. Considering the shift work that most of us do in this dorm I've been in here completely alone on more than a few occasions in the last 6 plus months. Why are there butterflies in my stomach this time?

Duh! I was just now realizing that Mark and I had stepped out of his room together wearing nothing but towels and grins. We went to my room to get my shower kit. Coming out of a double room there would be no questions asked. I started thinking up excuses for why we were together all night. Easy, I had drank too much and passed out. I did that at least one weekend a month. Why were we showering together? No workable answer came to mind. Our schedules were usually different. Sunday through Thursday I worked days, swings or midnight's in the communications vault, varying monthly. Saturday through Monday and Wednesday and Thursday nights Mark worked midnight's up in the tower. I was worrying about something that didn't happen. Forget it. It's no biggie. (Hmm, well at the moment anyway) We brushed our teeth and did a feeble weekend job of shaving. I wanted to shave him. I wanted him to shave me! There's something radically wrong with me. I've never thought about this stuff before.

Walking over to the shower we removed the towels, putting them on hooks above the benches. There's space between us. Nothing will happen. This will be fine. Mark and I took the two showers closest to the entrance across from each other (don't' take the showers furthest in the back, another unwritten rule), turned the water on and began the routine. Done washing and rinsing my hair I turned around to see Mark facing me, hands above his head rinsing out the shampoo. Have I said that I would kill or die for a torso shaped like that? Sure there might be models or porn stars better looking but over in Holly-weird. I started soaping up watching Mark soap his entire torso then work his way downward. When he reached his crotch and butt I turned back into the water of my shower. I wanted to wash him so bad. SMACKS SELF! Don't think that! Not now anyway. Save it for another time.

Neither of us heard anyone come in but some one just flushed a toilet. ACK! We jumped back away from the water bumping in to each other, which bounced each of us back under the hot water. For the first time in eight hours we realized we aren't the only two people in the dorm this weekend.

"When will someone design a shower that doesn't have the same cold water feed as the toilet? I swear if I had a dollar for every time my ass was scalded under the shower I'd be a rich man." I ranted.

"I know man. That's fucked up."

"There's gotta be something that can be done about this. I don't intend on getting my ass scalded with every shower for the next three years." I continued ranting.

"If they'd just shout a warning or something."

"Yeah. That's it! We'll make up some pages for each of the toilets and urinals that reads: Is Someone in the shower? Shout Heads up! Before flushing

"That would do it, man! Great idea! I've got a marker and some sketch paper back in the room. Let's do that."

"I'm done here, are ya ready man?"

"Yep" He said simply. Somehow the look in his eyes told me he was answering more than the question I asked.

We toweled off, organized our kits and went back to my room. While I was rummaging around looking for stuff to wear I saw a note on my dresser from my roommate.

Had a family emergency Friday
On leave for the next 2 weeks
It's not terrible so don't worry
Tell you about it when I get back


"Looks like Joe won't be around for a while." I commented to Mark

"Anything wrong?"

I pulled on a pair of cotton sport shorts answering "The note doesn't really say much. It doesn't seem to be serious but he's gone on emergency leave. One thing contradicts the other, ya know?" I pulled a T-shirt over my head and was startled to feel his hands on my waist.

"Jumpy?" Mark chuckled.

I lowered my shirt, looked in his eyes and let my fingertips trace their way up his arms resting my hands on his shoulders. "Who, me?" I answered, watching the skin on one arm react to my touch. We each took a step forward for another kiss. Have we gone more than thirty minutes at a stretch since 1AM without kissing or touching each other? I'm not sure but I think that was about our limit.

"How about we watch Bugs in here on Joe's TV?" I asked letting my hands drop from his shoulders across his chest and down to my sides.

Mark released his hold on me and turned to step away. "Sure, it's much better than my 13 inch TV, and we can stretch out more in here. And now there's no chance for distractions either. I'll go down to my room first and put some clothes on."

Before I could say a word he was out of the room. Joe 's TV is a 27 inch Sony Trinitron tabletop model. I turned the TV on, found the ABC channel and MTV and flipped back and forth a few times while contemplating the experiences of the last few hours. Being awake for some 24 hours I wondered why I wasn't sleepy. I felt great. Better than I ever have before. The sunrise was awesome. The urge to get up and go to his room was becoming over powering. For a moment I wondered why either of us had bothered putting clothes on. I stood there with the remote control flipping back and forth between channels and the nights events when Mark knocked and stepped back in to the room with his sketch pad and markers.

When we first met and started hanging around I was in his room and saw a sketch pad lying out on his bed. I figured I'd browse through the book while he changed. Damn he was a good artist. This book was filled with pictures I might have seen in a Disney collection. The first few pages were pencil sketches of faces with various cartoon expressions. The rest of the book was full body drawings in pencil and others in watercolor markers. Without looking up from the book I turned around and told him that these were really very good. He asked "What's good?" I looked up to get two eyes full of his briefs covered buns being covered by blue jeans. There's no doubt that this was the moment I first started noticing just how handsome he was.

We had both become familiar with the Saturday morning routine. I grabbed two Sunny Delights from the fridge. From the cabinet above I got a package of blueberry Pop Tarts and strawberry Pop Tarts. Meanwhile Mark pushed the two chairs out of the middle floor, placing the chair cushions and the pad & markers on the floor against the lockers. Just then the theme song for the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour started. I handed Mark a Sunny D and held up the two packages of pop tarts for him to take one.

Saturday mornings with Bugs are a religious experience, very much like church in some ways. Conversation is allowed only during commercials and RoadRunner episodes. This had become our standard Saturday morning activity. A bad breakfast, usually Pop Tarts or donuts, followed by an hour of Looney Tunes insanity; the perfect start to any Saturday.

Mark handed me the sketch pad, a Tweety and Sylvester cartoon started. The one with Mugsy and "Boss" the gangsters that just kidnapped Tweety and were hiding out while Sylvester rummages through the garbage looking for "tasty morsels". I looked at him with questioning eyes. "You're the artist, go for it." I said trying to pass the sketch pad back to him.

"You do the printing. My printing sucks."

"Ok. But what are you gonna do?"

"Oh, I've got some ideas." He said with a mischievous grin.

Once again I had the distinct impression we were not only talking about the signs anymore. I waited until the end of the first cartoon, got two signs printed up and handed them to him. "There's 4 toilets and 4 urinals. I think six of these should be enough."

"Yeah. That should do it." He said during the theme music for the next cartoon. It's Bugs! In Sherwood Forest! We looked at each other grinning like madmen, kneeled and bowed three times towards the TV and settled back to watch the show.

The Royal carrot garden. The sheriff of Nottingham. King Bugs. I knight thee, Sir Loin of Beef. WHAM! Count of Basie. WHAM! Duke of Ellington. WHAM! WHAM!...... London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down SPLAT! Too funny!

I handed two more signs to Mark during the next commercial break. He slid his pencils and markers forward across the floor a few feet. Grabbing the cushion he laid down with it under his chest, his knees bent resting his feet on the locker besides me. A Foghorn Leghorn cartoon started up. One of the ones with the chicken hawk. I spent just as much time looking at his ass and legs as I did watching the cartoon. My urge was to lay down on top of him but he was drawing.

Another commercial break, the last two signs were printed and I put them on the pile with all the rest. I sneaked a peak at what he was drawing. In a matter of maybe 7 minutes he had drawn on the left side of the page a partial shower wall, a tall, thin naked man with a heart tattoo on his ass, his arms raised shampooing under the shower. "You're amazing." I said plainly

"You like?"

I leaned forward, my face just off to the side of his shoulder. "Shit yeah, man. I would've spent two hours drawing that and still it would've sucked."

"I was thinking of drawing a different guy for each sign."

"Cool. I think this might actually work."

He looked into my eyes and I swear we were reading each other's minds, repeating to each other the same words. This might work. This will work. We will work. We'll be together. Always, no matter what. I kissed his forehead gently and leaned back to let him draw. Back to cartoons, enjoying his company, and enjoying the view. I rested my hand on his thigh during one of the commercials and squeezed lightly. He glanced over his shoulder giving me a big smile then went back to drawing. As the last cartoon of the Bugs Bunny, Road Runner Hour ended I laid down beside him and watched him draw the last picture.

After Bugs we taped up the signs we made, one in each toilet stall and two by the urinals. I spent the next hour learning the guitar parts to "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd while Mark looked on sketching. About the fifth try through the song I got it about 90% correct. I looked over at him after embarrassing the shit out of myself stumbling through the song and said "Yeah. That's almost it."

"Almost it. ALMOST IT?"

"Yeah! I missed some vibratos and a few string bends weren't timed quite right."

"You gotta be jokin'! That was perfect dude! You were really getting into it too! Haha! I felt like I was watching Gilmour on stage." With that he put down the sketch book dropped to his knees and bowed three times in front of me.

"Come on! Knock it off! It wasn't that good." I laughed lifting the Les Paul off my shoulder and reaching to turn off the amp.

"Oh yeah it was. Outstanding, really!"

As I reached my arm around him for a big thank you hug I noticed the open sketch pad on the desk. "You were drawing me?"

"Yup." He grinned and turned the page back one.

The first drawing was just my face with a really intense looking frown on. The second one was just the guitar and the upper half of me. The last two were full length views. "These are great bud."

This is part of what love's all about, isn't it? Just being your self with someone without being fake. Doing the things you would normally do but having someone there to share it with and appreciate the effort. I looked into his eyes and we pulled each other closer for a quick kiss. I tasted the orange juice and a hint of strawberry. That tasted good! We barely broke the first kiss before he kissed me again, running one hand up under my shirt to rub my back. He ground himself into me and I pushed back into him allowing my hands to grope his tight buns. I could already feel his straining hard-on against me. As we held our kiss our eyes did the communicating once again. I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining the conversation. I broke our kiss to whisper in his ear and he began to lick, nibble and suck on my ear making my heart race.

"You're turned on already?"

"Oh, yeah." He whispered and continued licking around my ear. "I've been sort of hard since you put your hand on my thigh a while ago. It took all my self control to keep from getting hard in the shower."

"Heehee I wanted to wash you, wanted to shave you too!" I said, starting to devour his ear.

"Mmmm sounds great. I would've enjoyed that."

"We'll have to make a trip somewhere and live out the fantasy then."

"An even better idea." He said licking and nibbling his way down my neck and chest. Getting down on one knee he lifted my shirt and let his mouth dance in and around my belly button. While one arm held me tightly in place, the other started pulling down my shorts. No sooner did the head of my cock appear above the waistband was he lightly licking around it, driving me absolutely wild with anticipation. My hands rested on his shoulders as he continued to lower my shorts an inch at a time. Finally my shorts fell to the floor and he swallowed me whole, just letting my cock rest in his mouth. "Omigod!" I sighed breathlessly. He started to back off of my cock and his tongue went berserk all around it once he reached the head. This was really great but if we were going to have sex again I wanted to get at him too. I started to fidget about trying to get his shirt off, or raise him up, or lower myself down to the floor with him. My every attempt at movement was met with him tightening his grip on me, grunting the negative, looking up at me with a grin on his stuffed mouth. Once I got settled with the fact that he had me trapped Mark loosened his grip slightly and started to bob and suck on me with wild abandon. For a few moments I thought I could hold back my orgasm until he was ready to let me participate in the fun. Yeah, right! As if hearing my intention to hold off he tightened his mouth's grip on my cock, sucking like a Hoover vacuum and twirling his tongue around the now ultra-sensitive glans before going down on me once again. I started to hump into his face, which only served to make him more aggressive. The hand that was holding my ass in place slipped between my cheeks and fingered my hole. "Ooo! Umm, dude. I'm gonna loose it!" Mark hummed in the affirmative and went down on me deeply twice more before I flooded his mouth. I saw little stars before my eyes, my brains turned to jelly and my knees buckled. Mark helped me control my descent as I collapsed to kneel in front of him. I draped myself o ver him while I caught my breath and regained my vision.

As consciousness returned I leaned into him with all my weight pushing him onto his ass on the floor. Sliding my hands down his back I began to rollup his shirt and helped him remove it. There was a sizable wet spot on the front of his shorts. Looking into his eyes I pressed my hand into his crotch hard making him shudder. I then unzipped and unbuttoned his shorts, letting them drop open a bit. Mark's beautiful six and a half inch circumcised cock was dripping with precum and throbbing with anticipation. I wanted to attack him but I thought that after what he just did for me, I think he needs to learn a lesson - in teasing! "Lay back, buddy" I ordered him and he promptly obeyed. I removed my shirt and moved to one side of him. Grasping the legs of his shorts I softly told him to lift his ass and the shorts were off him then tossed onto my bed. I moved back between his legs, staring into his eyes as I moved. Letting my hands reach back slightly I started at each big toe, dragging my finger tips down his feet and up his legs to his hips. I paused just long enough to make him wonder where my hands would move to next. When I saw him gulp and heard him gasp I figured it was time to move on. I slowly traced the line where his thighs met his abdomen down past his twitching cock and balls. Down to his inner thighs, down to just behind his knees when I paused again. His eyes screamed desperation. Giving him only my eyes to read for an answer he whimpered. I palmed his knees and traveled up the top of his thighs pausing at his hips for a second or two. Leaning forward my palms traced their way upward past his waist along the sides of his torso. I was leaning so far forward my mouth was only a few inches above his cock. I blew a soft breath on his cock making it throb, twitch and leak more. I remained in this position and pulled my hands up to the center of his chest then back down resting them on either side of his crotch.

I was enjoying all this as much as Mark was but watching his cock twitch told me that if I didn't speed things up he was gonna loose it before I touched him. I leaned back up right and he groaned in frustration. "Shush, bud." I said softly as I stood to turn the stereo tuner on and raised the volume a little bit so we wouldn't be heard. On the way back to him I reached in my top dresser drawer for the KY Jelly and tossed it to him.

Arranging myself over him in a 69 he started lubing my ass, occasionally passing over my virgin hole. After a few passes he slowly pressed his fingertip into me. That wasn't too bad. He pressed in further making me gasp and squeeze his thighs hard. He paused, waiting for me to relax. We went back and forth like this for a few minutes. It eventually got so that even though I would gasp in shock it wasn't really pain. I took the KY and lubed his cock. When I swung my leg over him he started to sit up. Turning around to face him I pressed his shoulders back down to the floor situating my ass over his cock. I reached behind me to guide his cock into my hole and Mark reached underneath me to assist. His initial entry was a shock; a definite burning sensation. Slowly I squatted down more and in a short while I could feel his pubic hair against my ass. We both held still for another thirty seconds or so. Mark was gently rubbing my thighs and I was rubbing his stomach and chest. I noticed my dick starting to get hard again so I raised up a little and lowered my self down with a gasp. Leaning forward I kissed his lips, softly at first then with increasing desperation. Mark tried a thrust up into me. Whoa! Now that felt pretty good. He obviously hit my prostate making me groan and shake. Then I tried to meet his next thrust and I lost my ability to focus again. While I was waiting for normal vision to return, Mark pulled over one of the chair cushions and rolled us over onto it. I raised my legs and he slid all the way in making me shiver again.

Mark exclaimed "Oh man! You feel so hot and tight dude."

The burning sensation was dissipating. Wrapping my legs around his ass and taking hold of his shoulders I told him it was okay to continue. "Mmmm it's good now."

He started grinding into me in a slow circular motion. Involuntarily my muscles loosened then tightened then loosened again and I arched my back up into him. I was just barely containing a really loud shout by gritting my teeth. I couldn't believe how good this was feeling. His cock was doing amazing things to my prostate. I was really frightened that I wouldn't be able to go through with it. But I wanted to and I wanted to only with him. Mark pulled out slowly, leaving what felt like only half of him inside me. My hands drifted down to his hips and I pulled him back in again. Once I finished shuddering, he started a nice rhythm. With my words of encouragement the pace got faster and my cock got harder. Elton John's "Your Song" came on the radio. I've heard that song hundreds of times before but the meaning escaped me - until now.

I called out his name and he called out mine over and over again. Just as the final chorus of "Your Song" started Mark's rhythm slowed and he was slamming into me. When he let loose his load inside me the heat of it was so overpowering I bucked up into him, pulling him into me with all my strength and released my own explosive orgasm. We both shook violently for what seemed like forever. "Stairway to Heaven" was playing on the radio for the zillionth time and I hadn't even noticed it started until the electric guitar part started.

Mark laid down on top of me gasping for breath and I lowered my legs. His arms slid under my shoulders and mine up us back. If heaven is anything like the feeling of having your best friend as your lover then I can't wait to see it. In the few month's we've known each other we've shared the best and worst parts of ourselves, shown our strengths and insecurities and we keep coming around for more. This morning we shared the ultimate intimacy. And I still wanted more. I wanted to give him more. Never have I felt so... complete.

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