A New Life

by The Eggman

Chapter 6 - Dreams and Reality

This story is a work of erotic fiction involving teenage boys. All the usual rules apply. If you shouldn't be reading this now then don't continue on.

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The summer sun glimmered off the lake where Preston and I were swimming. The water was cool but thankfully not ice cold like it can sometimes be up in the mountains. My brothers had given up trying to keep up with us as we ventured out beyond the floating platform into the middle of the lake. Prez was right by my side, only one or two strokes behind me. Feeling a sudden burst of playful competitiveness, I dove under the water and turned to my left out of his site. When I came up for air, I looked back and couldn't see him. I looked over to my right and then to my left but there was no sign of him. I began to get worried that maybe he got a cramp or something. Just as I decided to return from where we came from to find him, I was pulled underwater. I looked around under the water for my assailant but saw nothing. I rose above the surface and looked around again but still, I saw no one nearby. Suddenly I was pulled underwater by my swimming shorts! I caught a mouthful of water and, before I knew it, they were off me. I came back up to the surface and heard Prez laughing a few yards off to my left side.

Prez chuckled, "Did you lose something there, buddy?"

I started to swim over towards him and said, "You know I did, you thief!"

Prez held up his empty hands saying, "I have no idea what you mean."

"What I'm wondering is how I'm gonna get them back!"

He laughed, then started to backstroke away from me and I sped up my pursuit. The last things I saw before he dove backward under the surface were my shorts on his tight bubble butt. I quickly dove under to keep from losing him again. Under the surface, I could see his fair white skin and red hair shimmering in the diffused light. I chased after him both above and below the surface and, after a few minutes, I realized he's every bit as good a swimmer as I am. He was toying with me, leading me back to a deserted area of the lakeshore.

When we got back to more shallow, chest deep water, Prez stood up and stepped back slowly, as if daring me to expose myself with each step. I looked behind me then both ways down the shore checking for nearby vacationers. Seeing no one close by, I continued the pursuit of my kleptomaniac boyfriend and stolen shorts. When he saw that I was going to continue the pursuit, he scrambled for an escape. Prez faked to the left and dove to the right but I was right there. I grabbed two fists full of shorts before we went under water. He grabbed my hands to try and release my grip. The harder he tried to free himself, the lower the shorts traveled down his ass. My left hand was almost pried free any way so I released its grip and reached to squeeze his crotch. Under the water, I heard the burbling of Prez's yell and I cracked up.

While Prez struggled back up for air, I pulled both his and my shorts off him before rising to the surface myself.

Walking towards me, Prez said, "This is what I wanted in the first place."

I asked, "What was what you wanted?"

"To go skinny dipping... with you," he said, with that sexy gleam in his deep blue eyes. "I've never been skinny dipping before." He rested his arms on my shoulders and wrapped his hands behind my neck. This simple touch sent a shock wave around my body and my cock lengthened in the cool water.

I asked, "It feels great, don't it?"

Stepping closer, he softly said, "Not near as good as being with you."

I blushed and kissed his soft, sweet lips. I said, "I love you too, Prez." and continued fumbling with our shorts, trying to separate them. "Where'd you learn to swim so well?"

Taking the shorts from me and leading me to shallower water, Prez said, "I was on the swim team at my old school and whenever we made the trip to Lake Texoma I'd spend the entire day in the water." When we got to hip level he turned and kissed me deeply. Then he knelt down, looked up and grinned, "I also did some snorkeling. I can hold my breath for a long time."

Knock - knock.

Before I could say another word, his face was under water and the head of my cock in his mouth. I looked around nervously for anyone nearby and groaned loudly as Prez's tongue danced around my throbbing rod. I don't know what it was, the temperature of the water, the fact that we were out in the open or maybe his wonderful technique but I was losing it fast. Prez came up and took two deep breaths before swallowing my woodie to the base.

Knock - knock - knock.

"Don't stop, Prez. I'm almost there bud." I softly pleaded.

He continued ravenously sucking on my cock while one hand rubbed my balls and the other hand gripped my ass, teasing my hole. I tried to hold back both the blood curdling scream and my orgasm but it was no use. I let go with all I had. Prez swallowed, tempting another volley of jizz from my sensitive cock. My scream woke every bird around the lake and sent them flapping off.


Shaking me awake, Drew said, "Keith, wake up bro, dad's at the door."


Drew rambled on, "Dad's at the door, dude. You and Prez need to like, break it up before I let him in."

I surveyed the situation in my morning haze. Prez had his arm thrown over my chest, spooned up close behind me. All I could think about was that intense dream and the wet feeling I had in my shorts. Drew knew enough not to expect my brain to power up right away after waking so he started to wake Preston.

Drew let dad in the cabin after Prez and I separated. All four of us were still groggily waking up when dad came in laughing, "Look at this motley crew. I warned you guys not to stay up all night. Let's get a move on and get some breakfast. Your mom and I will be waiting at the restaurant across the street." John groaned and covered his head with a pillow.

My dad laughed, "Good morning to you too, John."

He had some nerve being so chipper first thing in the morning. I wondered what time it was and reached over to the night table to look at my watch. How can any one enjoy being awake at 8:05 AM? Don't get me wrong, I love my dad. He handled my coming out very well and never once treated me any differently than he had before. But this early morning cheerful attitude of his was still annoying as hell sometimes.

Drew went into the bathroom and my dad reminded us of breakfast before leaving the cabin. John was still in bed with his head hidden under the pillow. Prez leaned over to give me a good morning kiss and grope my package. When he felt my damp boxers, his eyes almost jumped out of his head and I started laughing, breaking our kiss.

"What happened?" Prez asked, and then grinned, "As if I didn't know!"

I giggled, "It was all your fault."

Prez exclaimed, "My fault?"

Drew stepped out of the bathroom and I got out of bed to clean myself up. I leaned down and kissed Prez then told him I'd explain it all later but he got out of the bed and followed me into the bathroom. I didn't tell him everything. Actually, I barely said more than he was in the dream and we were at the lake. In between jokes and gropes we managed to get cleaned up and dressed before John knocked on the bathroom door. Prez, Drew and I joked around about our nocturnal habits while waiting for John.

We finally got to the restaurant and ordered large breakfasts. My mom and dad were talking about their plans for the day. They were going shopping - again! Everywhere we went my mom had my dad shopping for antiques and knick-knacks and furniture and stuff. I'll never understand this female fascination with shopping. I mean, they could be gone for hours and they hardly ever buy anything. When I need something, I go to the store, get what I want and get the heck out of there. I asked my dad about this shopping ritual a long time ago. He simply replied that it was time he could spend with mom and every chance he could, he would want to spend time with her.

I learned something from my dad that day and now I was starting to understand what he meant. Preston was here with us because I didn't like the idea of spending the weekend away from him. If he couldn't come with us, I had already asked my dad if I could stay at home just to be with him. My dad was cool with that idea but first wanted to make sure we were being safe and using condoms and stuff. It was weird really. I never told my dad that Prez and I were fooling around. I guess the little bit I said made it obvious to him that if we hadn't already had sex, we probably soon would. I didn't admit or deny anything but promised my dad we'd be smart.

Before breakfast was served, dad asked us if we had any plans or wanted to do anything with the day. My mom suggested going to the movies or checking out the historic sites in the area with Preston. The four of us guys looked at each other, bewildered that my mom would suggest historic sites. Movies might be a good idea for tonight but swimming at the lake was the unanimous decision.

My mom looked at over at Prez and asked, "Preston do you have any sun-block? Skin like yours would get burnt pretty bad without protection."

Prez answered, "Yeah, I've got some zinc oxide and some sun-block SPF30."

Not so mysteriously, my genitals got all warm and tingly at the thought I would get to help him rub on the sun block.

Relieved, my mom said, "Good. The last thing I want is to explain a hospital visit to your mother."

Prez blushed and said, "It's okay, the SPF30 usually does a good job. I may turn pink or red but I have some Aloe Vera gel to cool off any sunburn I might get."

That's all I needed to hear! I momentarily choked on my pancakes and everyone looked my way to see if I was all right. Drew had to excuse himself to go use the men's room before he busted up laughing at me. After our jokes about jacking off and wet dreams earlier he knew I was getting hornier by the second.

Drew and I had gotten really tight back when Mike and I weren't speaking. We rarely ever argued and he felt more like a friend than a brother most times. John on the other hand was almost four years younger than I was and it seemed we had very little in common other than blood. Drew was the perfect middle brother though. He could relate to me and to John. Only in the last year or so has John actually been talking to me more like a friend than as an older brother. I know in my heart that it was Drew that helped us understand each other better.

My mom and dad got up from the table. They paid the bill and left for their shopping excursion while the four of us finished breakfast. As soon as we were done we all went back to the cabin and got ready for an afternoon at the lake. Drew and John got changed in record time, grabbed some towels, the Nerf football and Frisbee then left Prez and I alone to get changed. I took off my shirt, looked in Prez's backpack and got the sun block out. He had just removed his shorts and was standing there in navy blue briefs when I turned around with the lotion and gave him a wicked grin. I noted how great he looked - the red hair, pale white skin and blue briefs. I suddenly got the urge to salute him. One part of me was already at attention.

Prez grinned, "You want to rub that on me don't you?"

"You betcha!" I enthusiastically exclaimed. "I damn near popped a bone the minute you mentioned the lotion to my mom."

"Hmm... I still don't know what you dreamt about that's got you super horny like this."

"I dreamt about you... and me... at the lake... having a really good time."

"Yeah you said that earlier. Just what was it that we were doing at the lake that made you squirt in your shorts?"

"You'll probably think I'm weird..."

Stepping towards me, Prez chuckled, "I already know your weird."

"And perverted..."

Resting his arms on my shoulders and tickling the back of my neck, he whispered, "Yep, you're my pervert boyfriend."

I put the sun block down and wrapped my arms around his waist. "We were skinny dipping..." I said, looking quickly in his eyes then looking down at his bulging briefs.

He exclaimed, "At the lake? In public?"

"Yeah, but there was no one else around in the dream."

"Okay, and that's what made you shoot?"

I said, "Umm...not exactly" Slipping my hands under the elastic waistband of his briefs, I began pushing them off him.

"Exactly what then?"

I could tell he wasn't going to let this rest and I kissed him softly. My hands roamed freely around his bubble butt, making him moan into my mouth. I knelt down in front of him, admiring the light dusting of red hair on his legs and the reddish-brown patch of curly hairs around the base of his now hard cock. Omigod! He is so gorgeous! His erection has the slightest bend to the left. I kissed the tip and slid my tongue down its length to his family jewels then licked my way up again, taking him into my mouth. He sighed and brushed my hair back with his fingers. The feeling of his fingers running through my hair, touching my scalp made me shudder slightly and Prez giggled. That was all the encouragement I needed. Both my hands traveled up his legs stopping at his ass. I pulled him to me and all the way into my throat. My fingers kneaded his cheeks and traced the crack of his ass while I tightened my mouth around his tool then I pulled back very slowly. His knees buckled for a second.

"Whoa!" Prez said breathlessly. "Oh Keith, that was intense!"

I let his manhood out of my mouth and looked up at him smiling. While stroking his groin lovingly, I grinned, "That is what you did to me in my dream... while you were underwater too!"

Prez giggled, "Now I see why..."

Before he finished the sentence, I licked my way up his tool and swallowed him again. I ran my hands from his lower back down to his thighs and back again before settling on kneading the cheeks of his ass. It amazed me how velvety smooth his erection felt against my tongue, considering how hard he was. My skin crawled with gooseflesh while Prez brushed my hair and scalp with his fingers. I never considered the top of my head as an erogenous zone. I guess it was more that I was pleasing him and that the touches were his that sent my nervous system into overload. I was really hard too but when he made that adorable high-pitched whimper, my cock throbbed like I was gonna make another mess in my boxers.

I thought of the many things that we had done together the last few days. Each moment with him was so much fun to me. He said and did things so spontaneously that I couldn't wait for the next time we were together. Things like what he said on the beach that night leading to our first kiss. God, his lips are so sweet. The way he scooped up the sour cream from my taco and licked it seductively off his finger. Under different circumstances, at a different place, I swear I would've jumped over the table at him.

Prez started to moan, groan and whimper constantly and I knew he was getting close. I sped up my pace slightly and spread his cheeks to tease his bunghole. His muscles tightened and he held on to my shoulders tightly. He made the cutest whimper ever and shot his first load in to my mouth. His bittersweet semen splashed against the roof of my mouth with more force than I expected and I almost gagged but the swallow reflex saved the moment. I took all he had to give and continued sucking gently until he lifted me by the armpits off his sensitive penis. When I stood, he kissed me deeply then rested his head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Keith."

Holding his limp body close to mine while he kissed and licked my neck. I said, "I love you too, Preston." After a few minutes he lifted his head and smiled at me saying, "Let me take care of you, then we can get to the lake before Drew and John come looking for us."

He led me over towards the bed and sat down on one corner then removed my shorts and boxers. For me to say I had a short fuse at that moment would be a serious understatement. I don't know how I managed to hold back when he put my boner into the warm, wet confines of his mouth. He ran his hands from my ass down to my legs. Every time he brushed past the backside of my knees, I swear the room spun and flipped. He came off me with a slurp and looked up into my eyes grinning.

I begged, "Don't stop, Prez. I'm almost there bud."

Without a word he devoured me again. I couldn't bare it any longer and my muscles immediately tightened. I tried to hold back both the blood curdling scream and my orgasm but it was no use. I emptied all I had into him and I could swear that I heard laughter from outside the cabin. Prez held my dick in his mouth motionless until I was completely limp and had mostly recovered. I helped him stand and kissed him deeply. We stood there holding each other, feeling each others heart beat, hearing each other breathe.

Prez whispered, "Are you ready to hit the lake, dude?"

"Umm yeah I guess so. Are you?"

"Yeah, let's do it."

What he said and the way he said it made me chuckle. I looked him square in the eyes and said, "I think we just did it! We could do it again but let's go to the lake anyway!"

He pulled me down on to the bed laughing, "You perv! Could you have screamed any louder? I think some one outside heard you!" We wrestled around laughing, playing and tickling each other like five-year-olds until we fell off the bed exhausted. After a few moments we helped each other up and got our swim shorts on. Needless to say, dressing and putting on the sun block took far longer than it should have. I had to laugh at the way Prez looked a little like a clown with the zinc oxide on his nose. I grabbed two towels, Prez picked up his mini stereo and we left for the lake.

It was a beautiful summer day with a light breeze rustling through the trees. As we walked down the path, I asked, "Hey Prez, did you tell me you knew how to swim?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I told you I was on the swimming team at my old school. I'm pretty good but not exactly Olympic material."

I said, "Oh yeah, I remember you saying that on the phone the other night." Now I knew how that made its way into my dream.

"I've only ever swam in pools and lakes. I'm kind of anxious to go swimming in the ocean."

"So you've never swam in the ocean?"

Prez said, "Not exactly. The few trips we took to Galveston and Corpus Christie don't count for much." He stepped in front of me to let a few folks walk past us back to the cabins. His tush moved in the most outrageous way! Man, I was getting excited again just watching him walk in front of me! Waiting for me to join him, Prez said, "The Gulf of Mexico doesn't usually have the big waves I've seen on TV and in movies. I'm really looking forward to body surfing and boogie boarding."

"That's cool, bud. Later this week we'll go down to the beach and I'll show you some stuff."

Prez started chuckling and said; "You've already been showing me 'some stuff'!"

I blushed a little and laughed along. To tease him back, I asked, "By the way, you wouldn't happen to know how to snorkel, would you?"

He looked at me kind of confused and said, "No. I never tried snorkeling. Why do you ask?"

We picked a spot at the lake and laid out the towels. I grinned, "Oh, just another little something I remember from my dream."

Prez blushed the brightest shade of crimson red and said, "Let's go swimming. It's getting really hot out here!" He then turned and ran down to the water. I saw Drew and John tossing the Frisbee around as I followed Prez down to the water and dove in after him. We swam out to the floating platform and showed each other our favorite dives.

A few minutes later, I saw Drew and John swimming towards the platform. Prez and I conspired against them. When they got within a few yards of the platform, Prez cannonballed Drew and I cannonballed John. The waves we created knocked them into each other. John was not amused by this and asked if Prez and I wanted to be left alone as we climbed back up on to the platform. Prez told him, "No, it's cool," and that we were just messing with them. He seemed cool with that and got ready to make his first dive.

John jumped as high as he could and he screamed, "Ah-Ahhh- AHHHHHH!" and splashed into the lake.

Then Drew stood up, ran from the far edge of the platform, jumped high in the air screaming "Ah-Ahhh- AHHHHHH!" and splashed into the lake.

Now both my little brothers are kind of weird in their own way but this was way out of character for them, especially for Drew. I looked over at Prez who was trying to hold back his laughter. Then Prez stood up, ran from the far edge of the platform, jumped high in the air screaming "Ah-Ahhh- AHHHHHH!" and splashed into the lake. Both Drew and John were practically in tears laughing hysterically.

"Okay guys," I said as Prez climbed back on the platform, "what's the deal with all the screaming?"

Prez said, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery," and he started laughing again. I was totally confused. Prez leaned on my shoulder and said, "I think we know who was laughing outside the cabin earlier."

I shouted, "No way!" As I turned to confront my brothers they ran past me then dove into the lake, swimming for the beach as fast as they could. Prez was almost doubled over in laughter. I tapped Prez on the arm saying, "Come on. We gotta find out what they know," and I dove in the lake after them. Prez dove in after me but was still laughing and not swimming as fast as I knew he could. I gained on John and pulled him by one foot, back and under water. Drew was making a dash for the beach and Prez was still swimming after him. I grabbed John under the arm and around his thin chest and swam a few meters more before I could stand. Prez finally made it to the beach and was running right behind Drew. I stood, picked John up, tossing him over my shoulder like a bag of potatoes and I followed after Drew and Preston with John laughing and protesting his innocence.

I said, "Yeah right, John."

John laughed, kicked and screamed, "Lemme down! I didn't hear nuthin' I swear!"

"What is it you think you heard?"

"Nuthin'! Honest! Drew told me all about it!"

"Then you won't mind if I talk to Drew about it!"

John tried to squirm out of my grip. I said, "You'd better chill or you might get dropped on your head, then you won't remember your name, never mind what you heard," and noticed that Prez had Drew pinned by the shoulders up against a tree.

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