Jeremy's Swimming Lessons

by Smokr

Chapter 19

I threw the car door open and jumped out. I forgot to push the seat forward so Mitch could get out of the back. I forgot everything except that Chet was being really daring and really bold and really brash! And Mitch wasn't asking to be taken home!

I knew guys joked about that stuff. My friends and I had enough. But this was different. Very different! I wasn't sure if I was making more of it than there really was.

He has to be! I kept thinking. But how can I be sure? He could just be having a good time, making jokes, that's all! Why can't I tell if he is? What if he's not? How can I possibly tell the difference?

The plans were my only hope. I knew Chet and Howie wouldn't be saying anything in the diner. We would have to wait for the drive to Carl's to find out more. And the drive would be even longer than the one from the pool to the diner. I couldn't fucking wait!

Howie pulled in just as I realized that I hadn't moved the seat for Mitch. I felt like an ass! I stood there as Mitch climbed out and Howie got out of his car. Mitch had no shirt. I didn't think the diner would care, since he had a towel draped over his shoulder, making it pretty obvious why. And it was so sexy!

As we walked into the diner, Chet and Howie leading the way, those tight trunks I was still wearing rubbed me that way. They were drying a bit, mostly because my jeans were soaking through, making them feel a bit different, but still very exciting. I got hard. I tried not stop it, but I couldn't. I was so relieved to sit down and hide it.

We ordered and talked about sports and school. Some guys Chet and Howie knew stopped by and said hi. Howie introduced us as freshmen baseball team members. They were really nice to us, asking what positions we played and our stats. They left, and others stopped by. It was sort of really nice, sitting with two senior ball players in public, and with Mitch.

I kept thinking about when I had seen them walk in the diner that day after the first swimming lessons. And how Chet had followed me and talked to me, and made me feel better and come back with him.

I'd cried on the street, in Chet's arms, realizing that I was a homosexual. He'd made me feel so much better, and feel safe. He'd changed my life.

I ended up nearly tearing up. But I was grinning really widely and felt really great. No one knew about us. And Mitch really seemed to possibly be like us. And I was going to find out soon.

I couldn't fucking wait for the ride to Carl's with Mitch and Chet, then the talk at Carl's as we played poker. I wondered how Chet and Howie were going to make out in front of us. And what Carl was going to do and say. And how Mitch was going to react.

My guts churned wildly. I ate, but wasn't really hungry. I stayed hard, and those trunks squirmed over my prick and sack with every breath. I was being sexually tortured, just sitting there. I shook a little all over, inside and out.

And Mitch was sitting right there next to me. So cute, so nice, so wonderful. I could almost touch him. His bare arm was inches from mine. His bare chest was so near. And his incredible legs were just in view below. The towel was over his shoulders, and not hiding his lap at all. And his cute little blue trunks made his package rounded and bulging.

I was talking and laughing with him, with them, and panting between the laughter and talking. And I felt as if nothing could ever go wrong again. I'd rarely ever been so happy. Or nervous.

When we were finished eating, we paid and hurried outside.

Howie said, "Come on, Mitch. Ride with me."

Mitch nodded and walked with him to his car, as if I weren't even there. I was nearly heartbroken. I'd been looking forward to talking like we had on the drive there from the pool, but now he was riding with Howie. I was so let down!

When Chet started the engine, he nudged me with his elbow. I looked at him. He was grinning really widely.

"What?" I asked.

"That was some great signs, Jer!"


They had been. No doubts. But I had so badly wanted to pick up the conversation again on the way to Carl's.

He put the car into gear and pulled out of the lot.

"I'm really shocked how much he said. I really think you're in luck!"

I smiled and nodded. I had to agree with him.

"If Mitch isn't like us, he's almost certainly willing to find out what it's like. I mean, guys don't talk like that if they're scared of us or hate us. Ever. Younger ones, kids, maybe, but not your age."

"You sure?" I asked, hope being fueled again.

"Hell yeah. He's at least interested in seeing what it's about. He sure isn't a hater."

I could have jumped out of the moving car and flown to Carl's before Chet or Howie got there!

"So, we've got to keep up that kind of fun talk. See how far he goes with it."


I hoped I could. It seemed that Mitch had bigger balls than I did.

"When we get to Carl's..."

We talked plans. They were complicated, and I paid close attention, wanting to get it right. Everything was on the line now! If we screwed up, if I screwed up, Mitch could be grossed out, and it would all come tumbling down.

We finessed the plans and considered options. By the time we pulled in at Carl's, I was almost sure that by the time we left, that I would know for sure if Mitch was like us or not. And even if he wasn't, if he was willing to just play around a bit. And even if he wasn't like us and didn't want to try anything with me, he wouldn't hate us.

My guts were shifting around inside of me as I got out of Chet's car. Howie and Mitch pulled up and parked behind us. I tried not to stare at Mitch as he walked toward us. He didn't have his towel on his shoulders now, and it wasn't in his hands in front of him, either. His hair was almost shining in the sun, and his tan was so even. His beautiful eyes seemed to sparkle. His lips were red and plump. His perfect chest was smooth and his nipples just wonderful. His hips held his cute little trunks like they were nearly painted on. The bulge in front was admirable. And his legs as he walked toward me, tanned and fit, were incredible.

I couldn't look away. I didn't want to look away.

His smile was perfect. He looked as if he was ready to laugh. Just so happy! It made me grin even wider.

I suddenly realized we were standing there alone, just looking at each other, that Chet and Howie were at the front door already. Laughing at us.

We laughed and joined them just as the door opened. Carl was there in jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Hey, guys! Come on in!"

As we walked in, Chet said, "Carl, this is Mitchell. Mitch, this is Carl. He graduated last year."

They shook hands and grinned at each other. I had a sudden twinge of jealousy. I knew what Chet had told Carl about Mitch, and I hoped that Carl knew he was mine. Or, that I wanted him to be. Or at least that he wasn't to try anything with him. I didn't want to have to fight Carl, but I knew that I couldn't be his friend if he tried anything with Mitch, or made Mitch feel uncomfortable or something. Carl was rather skinny, and I thought that I could maybe take him, even though he was taller than me.

"Hi, Mitch. Good to meet you. Any friend of these goofs is a friend of mine. Come on. The poker table is downstairs."

He led the way to the basement. As we gathered around the poker table, Carl looked at me and laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"You wet your drawers, or what?"

"We were swimming," I told him. "Got the trunks on under the jeans."

"Oh, geeze. Take 'em off and I'll put 'em in the dryer."

I looked around really quickly. Chet and Howie were looking at me, almost normal grins on their faces. Mitch was looking at me with a really wide grin, and I saw him growing redder by the second.

"Come on, you'll get the chair soaked and smelling like chlorine," Carl said, still waiting.

He had a point there. I didn't want to ruin his chair and tick him off. I looked around, but the usual wooden chairs were missing. Only the ones with the upholstered seats were there. I unfastened the jeans, kicked off my shoes, and slipped the jeans off. I handed him my jeans after taking my keys and wallet out of them. Carl stood there waiting.


"The trunks, doofus."

Of course. They would soak the smell of chlorine into the chair even more than my jeans would have. But take them off? In front of them? While I was boned? Oh, geeze! And with Mitch next to me? Oh, God! It was bad enough he could easily tell I was so hard in the trunks, but with nothing on... Oh, God! No way was I going to take them off!

"I got a robe I'll loan you. Come on, take 'em off."


I've got a boner! Mitch'll see it!

Mitch'll see it! Of course! How he reacted would probably tell me something for sure! If not me, then Chet and Howie and probably Carl!

But, can I do it? Stand up here and strip? Next to Mitch? Oh, God!

"Come on, don't be shy. We've all got one," Carl said.

"Just not one like his," Chet said, grinning.

"Well, except Mitch," Howie said, chuckling.

"Oh, yeah. You're supposedly hung well, too," Carl said, grinning at me now. "Okay, let's have a look."

Oh, God!

Mitch snickered. He was red-faced again, and grinning.

I had to do it. If just to see what Mitch's reaction was. I'd done it in front of Chet and Howie. It was just Carl and... Mitch!

Just like gym class, I tried to convince myself. He's seen it mostly hard in gym. I've seen his mostly hard there too. Nothing different.

I closed my eyes and stood up. I slipped my thumbs into the waist of the trunks and then slid them off. I opened my eyes and locked them on Carl's, which were obviously looking lower at me than I was at him. He was grinning. He looked up at my face and bounced his eyebrows.

"Nice one," he said.

I threw the trunks at him and sat down. He caught them with ease, then walked over to the dryer in the corner and put them and my jeans into it and turned it on. He turned around and waved at me to follow him. It was so embarrassing! I was totally naked in front of Chet, Howie, Carl, and Mitch!

I couldn't look at Mitch. Or even Carl or Howie. I just stared at Carl as he waited by the stairs, grinning. I swallowed hard, then stood up. I just knew, as I walked up the stairs with Carl, that the three of them were sitting there at the table watching my bare ass.

At the top of the stairs, an obvious fact came to me, and I had to ask.

"Why didn't you just tell me where the robe is, and I could have changed into it there and brought my trunks and jeans back down with me?"

"What fun would that have been?" he asked, nearly laughing. "Besides, we wouldn't have seen how Mitch looked at you then."

"Oh. I see." I did, too. "So, how did he?"

Carl grinned at me and said, "He looked. I mean, looked!"

I laughed a little, hoping that it meant what I hoped it did. I still asked, though.

"Yeah, I think so. He looked like a guy looks when he wants to. Not like a guy who doesn't want to look. He looked."

"So, you really think he is?"

"Jer, I'm almost sure of it. He wouldn't have even come if Howie and Chet said half of what they told me they were going to before they got here."

"Oh, they said plenty!" I answered him, feeling myself blush.

"Then that, and what we've been saying here, if he hasn't asked to leave, he's interested. At least!"

I hadn't felt so happy for a long time. When we got to the bathroom, Carl showed me where the robe was, then stood near the door.

He looked at me, grinning. I saw his erection in his pants. I felt my face get hotter. And why in the hell, I ask you again, do you smile when you're totally embarrassed? What's so fucking funny about it? I can see when someone else is so embarrassed, but why when it's you do you have to fucking smile? Geeze!

"You are gonna be one hung mother-fucker, Jer."

I snickered. Embarrassed as hell, and snickered. Geeze.

"Thanks. But where's this robe."

"I just had to have a good look first, is all."


"You bet your cute ass, stud!"

He leaned close and slapped my ass so quickly that I didn't even react until the sting forced my muscles to flinch. I grabbed my butt and gasped at him.

"If Mitch don't work out, let me know. I'd love to have a swing at that thing."

"Just give me the robe! Geeze!" I said loudly, laughing.

He laughed and pulled the door a bit closed to reveal the robe hanging on the back of it. I grabbed it and put it on. It was small, and barely met in front of me. And it was more than a little short. It barely went down to the middle of my thighs. But it was better than being naked. Especially sitting next to Mitch!

I headed downstairs with Carl, and was immediately met with cat-calls.

"Nice legs!"

"Cute dress!"

Mitch didn't join them, but he kind of stared at me. He glanced away more than once, but looked back, trying to be sly about it. I hoped that meant what I hoped it meant. I mean... oh hell. You know what I mean.

I sat down, being really careful that the robe stayed closed and didn't slide up too far. I couldn't look at Mitch. Not even Carl, Chet, or Howie.

Carl got sodas out of the fridge in the corner, opened them, and handed them out as he talked.

"We've played poker together since we were in junior high. Fridays are busy. Both tables have guys playing. But Saturdays, it's just a few of us. Today, it's just us and Mary Jane."

"Mary Jane? A girl?" Mitch asked, seemingly surprised.

I wasn't pleased that there would be a girl there either. The three of them laughed with each other.

"Mary Jane is marijuana," Chet said.

"You guys take that stuff?" Mitch asked, his mouth dropping open.

"Oh, hell yeah," Carl said. "Not all the time, but tonight we will, for sure."

"Jeepers," Mitch said.

He looked shocked. I put on a similar expression.

"Don't worry," Chet said to him. "We're not going to make you do it."

"Okay," Mitch said, sounding relieved.

"Would you want to give it a try, though?" Howie asked. "It's like beer, but sort of better."

"You don't go crazy on it?" Mitch asked.

"No. No one I know ever has. I think that's a bunch of bullshit," Howie said.

Carl started shuffling the cards, and said, "We don't smoke it like crazy, either. Just a little to feel good."

"What's is like?"

"Ever drink a couple of beers?"

Mitch snickered and nodded. Chet handed out the poker chips.

"Like beer, but it don't make you feel sick to your stomach. Or sick the next morning. Makes you laugh and feel happy. Sometimes paranoid. But it's a lot of fun."

"You don't do crazy stuff on it?"

"Oh, sure do!" Chet said, laughing. "First time I played with Howie's dick we had smoked one."

Mitch gasped. I gasped.

"And having sex on it is so much fun it's almost addictive!" Howie said, looking at Chet and then Mitch and me.

"With girls or guys," Carl added. "How about three-card draw, deuces wild? Ante five."

Mitch looked at Carl with wide eyes and an open mouth. I tried to look surprised as well. It was really easy to do!

They were starting the plans, and I was so excited! Not only about finding out how Mitch would react, either. Siting next to him as he sat there with no shirt on, and only those awesome small trunks, I was hard and tingly. Horny as hell.

As we tossed in our chips and took our cards, Mitch looked around at the four of us, one at a time, and kind of slyly, like he didn't want to be seen looking around at us.

"Okay, any openers?" Carl asked.

Mitch said, "Five," and threw the chip into the center of the table.

We all met the opener and Carl dealt out the cards. Mitch stayed pat.

"Oh! First hand, first game, and he's standing pat!" Carl said. "Maybe he's really lucky!"

"Oh, he's really lucky, all right," Howie laughed.

Chet joined him.

"What am I missing?" Carl asked.

"Mitch here is hung like a horse," Howie said.

"Oh?" Carl asked, looking at Mitch.

Mitch went vividly red and grinned behind his cards, trying to ignore the subject. I glanced down at his lap. His trunks didn't hide much, and his beautiful legs sticking out of them were so perfect. His smooth belly didn't have a wrinkle.

"A good six inches," Howie said.

"On a freshman?" Carl asked, stunned. "And it's his bet."

"Five," Mitch said, throwing the chip in.

"Not six?" Carl asked, throwing in a chip and grinning.

"The bet," Mitch said, almost laughing and growing redder. "And, yeah, six inches."

"Holy shit, Mitch! You fifteen?" Carl asked loudly, almost gawping.

We all matched Mitch's bet.

"Will be in a month."

"Fucking hell!" Carl said. "So, show us."

Mitch's mouth dropped open and he turned a dark red.

"Your cards," Carl said, smirking.

Mitch grinned wider, then laid down four aces. I choked. I couldn't breathe. I was laughing and choking. I knew Carl had dirty-dealt him that hand. There was no other answer, the odds were just way too high.

Howie gathered the cards and Mitch gathered his chips. I wondered if anyone was going to explain the house rules. I waited, but no one did.

I saw the glance that Howie and Chet gave Carl. And the grin that Carl gave them. I shook my head. I knew it was going to be an interesting game.

We played a few more hands, talking about pretty normal stuff, and joking around, before Chet said, "You still got that big bed in the spare bedroom?"

"Sure. Staying all night?"

"Sure. Me and Howie could use some time together."

Mitch blushed again, and grinned a little, but tried to hide it.

"You guys can use the couch in the other room," Carl said at Mitch and me.

Mitch looked like he was going to overload! He looked like he was trying to say something but didn't know what.

"It folds out," Carl said. "Unless you want to share the bed with Chet and Howie, or with me..." Mitch almost babbled. "I wouldn't mind. Might be fun to have the two of you in bed with me. We won't sleep much, I bet."

He bounced his eyebrows at us. I was probably as red as a box of Pall Mall cigarettes. Mitch was pale. Almost pure white. And looking around at us. I got worried he was about to demand to be taken home and away from the sick perverts.

"Uhhh, the couch with Jer is fine!" Then he quickly looked at me and added, "If it's okay with you!"

He looked scared to death!

"Sure, um, fine. Okay with me," I said as normally as I could.

I heard him sigh and saw him relax, or at least stop sitting up ram-rod straight. I'd never thought of staying all night at Carl's as a chance to sleep in the same bed with Mitch! The thought caused my dick to pulse and rise up. I had to try to keep from it being noticeable, but there wasn't much I could do in that robe. It started pushing up against the edges where they came together in front. I pretended to adjust my chair closer to the table and pull the robe so that it rumpled more, helping to hide it.

We played more cards. We talked about normal stuff and laughed some. Carl lit one of those cigarettes. I got excited, knowing that they were getting ready to really start talking and revealing things. I knew the Mary Jane would probably make Mitch more relaxed and talkative, and I couldn't wait to see what he was like then. Carl handed it to Chet, who inhaled and passed it to Howie. He inhaled and handed it to me. I inhaled and handed it to Mitch. He looked at it.

"Oh, sorry!" I said, feeling like an idiot.

I started to reach around him to hand it to Carl, but Mitch took it.

"Do I just smoke it like a regular cigarette?"

Howie and Carl gave him pointers. He tried it, coughed so badly I thought he was going to puke, then tried again. It went around the table quite a few times. He didn't choke so badly after more pointers. I began feeling it by the third hit from it.

We started giggling and making bad jokes.

"Hey, Carl?" Chet asked. "You still got that stag movie?"

"Sure. Think I'd get rid of that?"

Stag movie? Pornography? An actual sex movie?

"Wanna watch it later?" Chet asked.


Oh, God!

I don't even know how to describe what my dick did. A sort of dance. It moved and wiggled and seemed to almost try to crawl off of my groin. And the tingle that fired up all around down there, and the trembling in my guts... I mean, I was going fucking nuts!

We played, and we smoked that Mary Jane cigarette. And we laughed and joked, and had one hell of a good time. Even though I was nearly naked, and totally hard and tingly and maddeningly turned on, I was having a great time!

Carl announced it was time for food. I suddenly realized that I was starving. But there was no way I was going to stand up with that boner in the robe! It would poke out for sure! I didn't know what to do! Thankfully, they all stood and turned, and I walked behind them for the most part. And it was so embarrassing, that by the time we got upstairs, it was mostly gone and going softer.

Carl started the grill, and we had a barbecue. Carl was a good grill cook. He made chicken and corn on the cob and baked potatoes on the grill. They were awesome.

We sat outside and talked and laughed and had a really good time. We talked about normal stuff. Joked, told stories about hunting, and talked about stuff. When it got dark, we went inside and played music and smoked another one of those cigarettes. The music sounded great! The Mary Jane seemed to make music even better! And it made me so fucking horny! I had to sit up for the most part so that it didn't stick up through the robe.

We were having a great time! Mitch laughed so nicely. It was musical. And his smiling face was just totally adorable! It was so hard not to reach over and pull him over to me and lay a big kiss on those awesome lips!

When Mitch went to use the bathroom, I stared at his butt in those little swim trunks. His butt was so round and so full, and how his legs worked was simply poetry in motion.

"He's really hot. You guys weren't kidding at all!" Carl said softly, once Mitch was in the bathroom down the hall.

"I told you," Chet said, nodding.

"We've got to find out if he's like us before he gets taken by some girl and ends up married with kids," Howie said.

"I could go and jump him in the bathroom," Carl said, laughing. "Then we'd know for sure."

"The hell you will," I said quickly.

They looked at me, and I felt so embarrassed. I didn't know where it came from, but I surely meant it. I would tackle his ass to the floor and try to pound him to hamburger before I allowed him to jump all over Mitch.

"Oh," Carl said, as if he just now understood something. "Don't worry, Jer, I was just kidding."

I nodded at him, hoping I hadn't made him mad. He was a decent guy, and homosexual like me, but even thinking about him pawing Mitch was totally unacceptable.

"Hey, Jer," Chet said. "I've got an idea."

His grin was classic Chet-with-a-brain-child.

Oh, God.

"What?" I asked, almost cringing.

"When we go downstairs, if you're still hard-"

"Like he won't be," Howie chuckled.

"Let it stick out of the robe so he sees it."

"What?" I hissed.

"How he reacts will be a huge pointer how he feels. What he's thinking," Chet explained.

"Great idea!" Carl agreed. "Do it!"

Oh, God.

"Do it, Jer. We'll see how he reacts," Howie said.

"Maybe," I answered. I doubted I could possibly ever do such a thing. "We'll see."

"If you do, we'll see!" Chet laughed softly.


They laughed. I just wanted to pull the robe tighter and make my erection go away. But it had been so hard for so long, and I was so horny from the Mary Jane, there was no chance of that for a while, I was sure.

Mitch came back, and we continued having a great time. I kept thinking about letting my boner slip out when we went downstairs. I knew I just couldn't.

I tried not to stare at Mitch, but he was so... it was like he was the only one there! He was the only one there I really wanted to be with, for sure. I had liked being with Chet, a lot, and with Howie quite a bit, and I wondered what it would be like to be with Carl, but I simply had to be with Mitch! He was completely handsome, so very nice, funny, smart, sweet, and just so great.

I knew I was so in love with him. It felt weird to admit it when sitting with him and the other guys, but it felt go great to do so, too.

I'm in love with Mitch! I kept thinking with utter and complete joy.

I loved looking at him, hearing his voice, and laughing with him. Being near him, seeing his face, his smile, his bare chest and tummy, and his legs. And those adorable shorts. Oh, God, was he so perfect!

When Carl said, "Well, let's go play some more poker. You guys still have some chips I need to win from you," my guts twanged harshly.

They all stood up. Carl, Chet, and Howie looked at me, and then Mitch did. I hid the grin, then stood. It pushed the edges of the robe aside as if they were designed to allow an erection to poke between them and stick out in full view.

Mitch's eyes went wide, he blushed darkly, and he grinned. He did his best not to stare, and finally looked away.

"Oh, sorry," I said, then jerked the robe together and outward to hide it.

"Damn, Jer. You ever get tired of jerking that thing alone, let me know, and I'll show you how great it is when someone else does it for you," Carl said with a voice that proved he wasn't joking in any way at all.

Mitch gasped so loudly that I thought that he was about to ask to be taken home. But he glanced back toward me, still trying to hide a grin, and still blushing and so absolutely handsomely. I shrugged at him as if it had been an accident.

He held his hands in front of his little swimming trunks. I saw what he was doing. He was trying to hide what was going on in them. He turned toward the hall and the stairs to the basement, and walked quickly that way. We followed. They all gave me a thumbs-up and wide grins and nods. I couldn't hide my grin at all.

We took our seats and played cards. We talked about normal stuff. When Carl dealt, Mitch always had a winning hand. I was sure Carl was a card shark.

"I just got an idea," Chet said after a few hands. He looked around at us. "We play strip poker."

My eyes went wide. I glanced at Mitch. He went red, and looked a bit surprised, but not upset or grossed out.

"But I've only got the robe," I complained.

"And your shoes and socks and shirt. And Mitch only has his trunks and shoes," Chet said. "So what?"

"We're behind," Mitch pointed out.

"We can spot them," Carl said. "Jer, two hands for no jeans or shorts, and Mitch four hands, for no jeans, socks, or shirt."

"Good idea. But the winner gets what?" Howie asked.

"Let the winner decide," Chet said.

"What if the winner picks something the others don't want to agree to?" Carl asked.

"Then he has to pick something the others are willing to pay," Chet said.

"Okay," Carl said.

"Sure," Howie said.

"Ummm, okay," Mitch said.

"Holy shit," slipped out before I knew I was going to say anything.

They all laughed. I felt like an idiot! But the idea of playing strip poker with them, and Mitch, was awesome! And I was already half naked anyway. And Mitch wasn't asking to leave or acting upset or grossed out at all.

I saw him glancing down at my lap. The robe didn't hide my boner at all. His trunks couldn't hide his. I could see it. It was pushing against the trunks on the left side of his lap.

He just has to be!

I was so excited! And I don't mean just sexually! It was a huge turn-on, sure, but it was hugely fun, too!

And with Carl dealing every fifth hand, I knew he would make things interesting for sure!

We paid up after every hand. We would bet one piece of clothing to open, and another if it was a game when we discarded and drew more cards. If we won any of our clothes back, we could put them back on, so we rarely wagered someone else's clothes if there was a chance he would win them back. Mitch and I were spotted our first losses, but they went by quickly! Soon we were having to wager our shoes, but the other guys had already lost them and other pieces of clothing.

Time flew by!

Before long, I was taking off a sock and was down to one more sock and the robe. I had four threes. I had to win. Chet was in his underwear and one sock. Howie had his underwear and two socks. Carl still had his pants and underwear on, but nothing else. And Mitch was in his swimming trunks and one shoe. I wondered if he had underwear on under the trunks. Judging by the sight of his boner, I didn't think so. Seeing them all bare-chested, and seeing the three of them take off their pants, had me so hard it was probably making the robe damp. And those great thrills and tingles were racing all around down there and in my guts.

When Howie and Chet talked about having sex later in the guest room, Mitch grinned and laughed, and never once said anything bad. And even said he hoped they didn't make a mess on the sheets.

"They will, but I'll just have to wash them, like I always do after they stay over together."

"They do a lot?" Mitch asked.

"Most weekends. They've been together for three years now."

"You guys in love?" Mitch asked.

Carl lit another of those cigarettes.

"Yup. We fell hard. He's so adorable," Howie said.

"I got so lucky," Chet said.

Then they leaned toward each other and kissed! Mitch's mouth dropped open and he stared. He grinned a little. My heart raced!

"Wow," Mitch nearly whispered.

Carl handed him the cigarette and he inhaled from it, watching Howie and Chet kiss.

When they stopped kissing, they looked at each other in a way that made it clear they really cared about each other. As if the way they caressed each others neck and face with their hands didn't enough.

Mitch blew out his hit with the words, "That's so cool."

Oh, God! Yes!

I could have jumped up and danced around the room for joy!

Mitch grinned widely at them, and seemed to forget about the cigarette until Carl took it from him. He inhaled from it, then handed it to Chet. Chet hit from it and blew his smoke into Howie's mouth. Then Howie did the same with him, then handed it to me.

I simply had to do that with Mitch! I inhaled, then leaned toward him. His eyes went wide, then he laughed, then he leaned toward me. I gently blew the smoke at his lips and he sucked it in. I couldn't believe my lips were so close to his! I was almost shaking! And then our eyes locked. Then he took the cigarette and smiled at me, and leaned even closer toward me. He did it for me, too, our lips just an inch or so apart! Oh my God!

I could have just screamed in pure happiness!

He just has to be!

He handed it to Carl, then we finished the hand. I lost to Carl. He put his sock that he won back on. He was clearly winning. I was down to one sock and the robe. Chet was in his shirt and underwear. Howie had his underwear and a sock. Carl still had his pants, underwear, and one sock on. And Mitch was down to his trunks and one shoe again.

The next hand, Mitch had to bet his shoe to open, and when he stayed, his trunks. I had the hardest time! I was shaking like mad, and hoping that no one noticed. I had to bet my last sock to open, and was left with only my robe. If I stayed, I would have to risk it. Carl bet his pants to open. Chet bet his shirt to open, leaving him only his underwear to bet with after discard and draw, and Howie bet his sock to open, leaving him in only his underwear as well.

If we all stayed in after the discard and draw, everyone but the winner would be betting everything they had, and only the winner and Carl wouldn't be naked. If Carl won, the game would be over. We all had everyone else's clothing, one or two pieces, anyway, but we weren't willing to bet them unless we were sure to win. If anyone won any their own clothes back they could put them back on. None of us wanted that. Obviously.

The worse was that it was Carl's deal. I got three jacks. Everyone stayed. I discarded two cards. Three jacks wasn't anything great, but I had a chance at a full house or even four jacks. And I wanted Mitch's cute little blue trunks. Just to touch them, still warm from his body! Oh God! To hold them in my hands as I looked at his naked body! Oh, God!

I hoped the stuff I was leaking didn't make a long string as I opened the robe to hand it over if I lost.

We hadn't explained the four-of-a-kind rules to Mitch. I wondered if they would if I got the fourth jack. I would have picked Mitch, taken him into that other room, and told him that he didn't have to, but I wanted him to, that if he wanted, I would jack him off instead. I really wanted us to do it to each other. At the same time. Oh, God!

I got nothing to go with the jacks. I gave Carl a quick glare. He smiled just a tiny bit, but otherwise didn't react. I wondered if he'd tried, but messed up, or if he'd just done that to keep me in to lose the robe.

Howie was next to Carl, who'd dealt, so he had opened. And it was up to him to show his cards first. He laid them down and said, "Three twos!" and grinned. He'd known he was going to lose all the time. Chet grinned wider and laid down his cards, and said gleefully, "Nothing!" We all laughed. I put down my three jacks and shrugged. With only Carl and Mitch to go, I had a chance at getting Mitch's trunks. Oh, God! Mitch put down his cards and said, "Three kings!" Damn it! He wouldn't lose, and would keep his trunks on! Damn it! Then Carl laughed and laid down four aces.

Now I knew that Carl was a card shark and was dealing hot hands. But I didn't mind. Or care. We all had to hand over our last clothes. We all grinned at each other. It was hugely embarrassing! And hot! And I watched them as Chet and Howie dropped their underwear, Mitch dropped his trunks, and I took off the robe. They tossed their clothes into the center of the table. I almost couldn't take my eyes off Mitch's cute little blue trunks, and really wished I'd won them. Then I knew there were even better things to look at!

We were all boned up! Chet, blond-pubed and slightly muscled, his nice big nuts hanging awesomely below his nice, straight erection. Howie, all black-haired all over his more muscled body and above his thick, red dick that was almost pudgy looking, his balls hanging almost as low as Chet's. Mitch, so perfectly sandy-blond there and so amazingly perfectly shaped! Red on the head, soft-edged, and his balls barely hanging below it. And those amazing legs! And his incredible chest with those sweet nipples! And his smooth, flat tummy. And his adorable red-faced grin!

They all looked around at each other and me, grinning widely and nearly laughing as Carl raked in the clothes.

Mitch was standing just inches from me, totally naked, and totally hard. It was beautiful! It was so big! Six inches, just like mine. Perfectly straight. His sandy-blond pubic hair formed a soft, gentle, rounded shape above his erection. His head was dark red, and the skin was bunched up behind it. The edges of his head were soft and rounded and subtle, and his head was long, longer than mine. And the end of it was rounded off, with an open slit in the end that was red and wet. The tube beneath it was thick and prominent. And his balls were so nice! As big as mine, smaller than Howie's or Mitch's, and they hung down a small amount, like mine, nothing like Howie's or Mitch's did.

Carl held up their undershorts, one in each hand, grinning, and said, "I should keep these."

"Go ahead," Chet said.

"I can go home free-ballin'," Howie said.

Carl picked up Mitch's trunks.

Mitch said, "I have to have them back. I can't go home with nothing on!"

"Maybe you can earn them back later," Carl said, grinning.

"How?" Mitch asked worriedly.

"We can figure it out later," Carl said, grinning at him in a way that made me more than a bit jealous and almost angry.

Mitch's blush darkened and his grin widened. He sat down, but that didn't hide the view of my life. It only changed it a bit, in a nice way, too. His balls were squeezed up together between his thighs, and his dick pointed up almost right at me. My dick started doing that thing again where it sort of danced and jumped around. I sat down quickly to hide it when I saw Mitch look up at me, then quickly down at it.

We were all naked, except Carl, who sat there in just his underwear.

"Okay," Carl said, putting the cards aside. "I win. And I say..." he looked around at us. "We watch that stag movie, all of us naked."

I gasped nearly as loudly as Mitch. Chet and Howie nodded and said, "Okay."

I looked at Mitch. He was so red! And smiling so widely. And so cute! And he nodded. I did, too.

"Great!" Carl said, then stood up and took off his shorts.

His dick was so pink! Except the head, which was deeply red. And it was so rounded! Even more than Mitch's. It looked so rounded that it looked like it was formed of melted wax. It was about six inches long and skinny. His sack was scarlet-red with balls that were barely larger than mine or Mitch's. His pubic hair was redder than the hair on his head. Everything on him was reds or pinks. It was amazing. And kind of neat.

But then I looked at Mitch. There was perfection. And his grin at me was warm and perfect.

Carl said, "Come on, losers," and we followed him into the other room.

Howie and Chet were in front of us, behind Carl. They all had nice asses, but Chet's was the best by far. His was nice and full. Howie's was leaner and more muscular, and with lots of his black hair on it. Carl's was almost small and narrow, and very pale.

But the best ass there walked beside me, and I couldn't look at it. That was so unfair! And I couldn't even look at his legs as they worked to carry him toward that room. I wished that I could see his balls swaying, and his dick bobbing with his steps. Oh, God!

The thought that I was about to watch a pornographic movie with him, both of us naked, was so intense that I thought that I might actually shoot off before I even got sat down! I wanted to put my hands over my erection and hide it, and somehow make it go away. But the tingles and thrills down there made it obvious that there was no way it was going to do anything but throb and leak.

Carl got out a projector and set it up on a table behind the couch. Chet and Howie sat down next to each other on one end of the couch. Carl walked around and pulled down a screen in front of the television. His naked body was nice, but nothing like Chet's or Howie's, and nothing at all compared to Mitch's. He pointed at the end of the couch and told Mitch and me to sit there, then he walked back around the couch, his boner bouncing with every step, his balls swaying. He started the movie on the projector and then sat down between Chet and me.

It was a tight fit with all of us, and I had to scoot over a bit to make room for Carl. His side and thighs touched mine. Oh, wow, was that neat. But the touch of Mitch's skin against mine was electric! That Carl was touching me on the other side was almost insignificant! Mitch's bare hip was against mine! His bare thigh, perfect and warm, was against mine! Our shoulders touched. I could feel his breathing.

"No playing with your parts, boys. Hands on your thighs," Carl said.

We all complied with snickers.

The movie was barely in color, and kind of fuzzy at times. It began with a woman with blonde hair getting out of the shower. I glanced down at Carl's erection, keeping my head up as if I were watching the movie. I liked how red and pink it all was. But I almost stared at Mitch's lap. It was pulsing in time with his heart, bouncing upward and then dropping a bit before bouncing upward again. And it was red on the head, with a shiny hole. I knew it had leaked.

Seeing Mitch sitting naked next to me, hard, his balls lying on top of his touching, bare thighs, our skin touching at shoulders, arms, hips, and our thighs, made my whole body tense and tingly. And after a few pulses, my prick leaked. It was so embarrassing!

I looked back to the movie to see the woman brushing her hands over her body. I'd never seen a naked woman, and it was interesting enough, but nothing could have kept my eyes from going back to Mitch sitting next to me, naked, hard, and... leaking!

There was no mistaking the new wetness at the tip, his hole nearly staying open now, his head darkly red, the entire thing moving with his heart beats. And that drop of shiny wetness beginning to run down the bottom side of it.

I felt hungry. Like I had with Chet and Howie at the hotel. I was so hungry, and not for food. And that pressure was building up behind and above my prick. And I was going to leak again really soon! It was too hard and tingly not to! My whole body felt like it was one big prick, all tingly and tense and hard and hot and pulsing and ready!

When I looked back at the movie, the woman was answering the door in a robe. A man stood there in a kind of repairman outfit. She showed him her sink, and he pulled out a plunger. She grabbed the end of it and slid her hand up and down it, like a dick. The guy pushed it toward her breasts and opened her robe with it.

I looked at Mitch's lap. Then at Carl's, then back at Mitch's. I kept my head up, so that it looked like I was watching the movie. I was shaking like mad. All over. And my prick was doing that dance all the time.

The guy took the woman's robe off and pushed her against the sink. They kissed and he slid down to kiss and lick her breasts. They were big and rounded, with big nipples. After a while, she pushed his head down and he ate her pussy. It was really neat to see what a vagina looked like, but I would have given anything to put my mouth down there on Mitch right then.

I watched the movie, as if I cared about it. When I looked at the other end of the couch, Chet and Howie had their arms around each other. I almost ached to do that to Mitch. I wished I had the guts to!

When I looked at Mitch's lap again, I leaked again. By then, I was nearly panting. I couldn't have slowed my breath if my life depended on it. I tried to, but I only felt like I was going to pass out. I even got dizzy again. So I let myself breathe fast. I worried that Mitch could tell. But then I noticed that his perfect tummy was moving just as fast as mine was. I looked at Carl and Howie and Chet, and they were breathing fast, too. And not really looking at the move much either.

By then, the guy was doing it to her. She was on her back on the kitchen table, her legs around him, and he was plowing her hard. He had a long dick, really long, longer than any of ours, and it was thick, too. And his balls were huge! They looked like big acorns or walnuts, and they swung and banged against her crack.

Oh, God! I was about to shoot! My prick swelled up and tingled in that way, and my balls shrunk up, and I knew I was about to humiliate myself! That weird pressure built up and up until it almost hurt! I closed my eyes and thought about how embarrassing it would be for them to see me shoot off without even touching it, right there between Carl and Mitch, like some stupid virgin or something.

I squeezed my muscles all over my body, tightened everything up, thought about being a total putz, and how Mitch would think I was a loser, and somehow, the orgasm didn't happen. My erection even sort of softened just a little. But it still tingled and tickled and felt filled with intense thrills. In a way, it was even better than sometimes when I'd jerked it off alone. It was nearly like an actual orgasm, the way my prick felt, and my balls, and that place behind them, and the place above my dick inside.

I shivered all over. Really shivered! So badly that Mitch and Carl both looked at me. They grinned and looked down at my dick, then back up at my face and smiled even wider. Carl winked at me! Mitch leaned over really close and whispered, "Almost?"

I snickered and nodded. Carl said, "Not surprised. I shot off without touching it the first time I watched one of these things." He grinned at me and went back to watching the movie.

I could hardly watch, because my eyes kept wandering to the beauty of Mitch sitting naked next to me.

The man and woman moved to the floor, where the guy fucked her from behind. For a second I thought he was going in her ass, before the camera moved and I was sure he wasn't. He fucked her fast and hard and went in all the way, over and over. And his hand played with her pussy in front, and she played with her own boobs, moaning and squealing. It was really sexy! The orgasm that almost happened sort of threatened to happen again. I shivered all over, my prick jumped like mad, leaked like crazy, and that weird pressure above it grew again. I tensed and tightened and fought it. And soon it passed. But not after feeling a lot like an orgasm! And I leaked an amazing amount. Soon, the guy pulled out and jerked off all over her butt. He shot more than I'd ever seen before!

"What a wad!" Chet said. "Like Howie after going without for a few days!"

"Nice one, huh?" Carl said.

The movie ended and the film flapped against the projector. Carl hopped up and walked in front of me. Against the white of the screen, lit by the projector, I clearly saw how his boner jutted out in front of him and his balls swayed really nicely. I almost reached out and grabbed at him. I watched him walk by in front of Mitch, who watched him like a hawk, his eyes wide. When Carl walked around the end of the couch and behind us, Mitch looked back at me, and saw me watching him. His face got so red! And his cute, embarrassed grin was so adorable!

"Gosh," he said softly. "I thought I was going to shoot about a dozen times!"

"Me too!" I said to him.

Then he looked around me, and his eyes went wider and his jaw dropped. I turned to see Howie and Chet kissing, their hands holding each others erections. Just holding, not stroking.

"Oh, gosh," Mitch sighed.

My prick jumped and bounced and leaked again! It was so exciting to see that! Even better than the movie!

Howie and Chet stood up, still kissing and still holding each other by their erections. They stopped kissing and looked at each other for a few seconds. Then they hugged, face to face, boners pressed between them, arms around each other, and they kissed.

"Get a room, guys," Carl said, laughing.

"We got one," Chet said after they broke apart a bit.

"And we're going to go use it," Howie said, then slapped Chet on his ass.

"Fine," Carl said as he put the movie reel into a case. "I'm going to have a nice beat-off and hit the sack. So don't take too long or make too much noise."

They laughed and walked toward the door to the rest of the basement.

"Let me help you guys get this couch turned into a bed," Carl said, and walked in front of us.

The fact that he was naked, and so was Mitch and I, seemed impossible. But there we were. And Howie and Chet were going upstairs to have sex together. I suddenly realized that Mitch and I were going to be naked together, in a bed.

Now, that seemed impossible!

I was so nervous! Not just nervous, but scared, worried, and filled with jitters. I was shaking so badly!

Carl moved the coffee table toward the television. His butt looked even better like that from the side as he bent over. I looked at his bone as he stood in front of us, waiting for us to stand up and make the couch into a bed. Then I stood up and started lifting the cushions off the couch along with Mitch. We sneaked looks at each other. He wasn't grinning now. He looked sort of afraid. I knew that I was!

Carl bent down to grab the handle in the middle of the front of the couch. His butt was skinny and pale, and his cheeks spread open to reveal his hole. It was pink! And his balls hung down really nicely.

Mitch and I looked at each other, mouths open and eyes huge. Mitch's prick bounced like mad and mine joined in.

This was simply impossible! It couldn't be happening!

Carl yanked the handle and the thing unfolded. He set the locks, and then got pillows and another blanket from a cupboard, threw them onto the bed, and then headed toward the door. He turned at the doorway and said, "Good night, guys." He grinned and then waved. "If you need any help, just let me know."

Mitch gasped. I barely managed to take a shaking breath. We didn't say anything as Carl closed the door. I thought I was going to throw up!

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