Jeremy's Swimming Lessons

by Smokr

Chapter 9

At least they didn't get dressed, and they didn't make me get dressed. Howie opened the sodas and Chet turned on the television, and then they sat on both sides of me with their arms over my shoulders. I grabbed each one by their penis and held on, though sometimes I let go long enough to play with their balls or have a sip of soda. I made sure they stayed hard, and I certainly stayed hard.

It was really exciting to sit there and play with them like that. Every time I stroked one of them, they'd tell me not to. They would only let me hold it and play with their balls. I was okay with that. It was so much fun. They watched the old monster movie, but I watched my hands and what I was playing with far more. It was enough to keep a lot of that clear fluid leaking out of it, and theirs. Chet and Howie took turns wiping it up with a finger, or wiping it around. Gawd, that felt great! I liked how smooth and soft that stuff made their's feel.

The television picked up all four of the Indianapolis stations, but when the old monster movie ended there wasn't anything else good on. Chet and Howie grinned at me. I grinned and giggled, hoping that it was time to have some fun again.

They pushed me onto my back and lay next to me, grinning at me. Chet traced his finger up and down my body, from my thigh to my neck, over and over. That made me shiver like mad. Howie started doing that too, but concentrated around my nipples and my navel. Gawd!


"Yeah, Chet?"

"What if I said I wanted to fuck you?"


"It would hurt."

"No it wouldn't."

"Yes, it would."


"It would," he said. "What if I said I wanted you to do it to me?"


He laughed once. He looked up at my face, smiling nicely.

"Do you know if you want one way more than the other?"

I thought about it, and I didn't know. I didn't think so. I shrugged.

"Think about it. Think about me sticking my dick inside of your ass. And you sticking yours inside mine. Which way seems more... more like what you want to do? Or Howie? Fuck him? Or him fuck you?"

I thought about it, both of them, and it all seemed like it would be fun. I thought that I would like it all. I wanted to do it all. Right now.

"I don't know," I said with another shrug. "I don't care."

He nodded, kept tracing his finger over my skin along with Howie. They both smiled.

"Why?" I asked. "What's it matter?"

"I'm just wondering what you'd like the most. See, some guys like doing it, being the guy, so to speak. Some guys like being the girl, if you know what I mean. Some guys like both. Some guys don't like either. I'm just trying to figure what you'd like."

"I think I'd like it all!"

I laughed. I felt weird talking about it like that. There I was, on a bed in a hotel, with two very handsome guys who were both homosexuals, and so was I. And we were all three naked, and all three hard, and we'd sort of done it already. Not really. I watched while they did it, and that had made me have an orgasm. And I'd licked their semen off of each other. And then we'd sat and watched television, naked, hard, and I'd played with their erections the whole time.

It was all so unbelievable!

And now they were asking me what I'd like to do. I wanted to do it all! All of it. Why were they even asking? Why not just do it?

"Well, Jer, take Howie here. He don't like fucking me, and I don't like being fucked. I like his finger in me, and what he does with it, even two fingers, but not really his dick."

"It's so thick," I said, reaching out to it and wrapping my fingers around it.

"Yeah, it is," Chet agreed with a short laugh. "I don't like it, but even if his was smaller, I still wouldn't. It's not what I like."

I nodded. I wanted to try it though.

"We've done that, and he's sure he don't like to do it. He'd rather I fucked him. And I like doing that. Being inside him, kissing him, holding him, that's great."

"I love it. There's something about having him in me. Feeling him in me. Being fucked by him. While he's holding me, and kissing me, and... I just really like that," Howie said.

"We both love doing things with our mouths. Like we did earlier. I think that's about our favorite thing to do."

"It feels incredible!" I blurted out.

I felt foolish for saying it, but I meant it.

"It does. Really does. There's something that feels even better, though. When he keeps sucking it and swallows it when you have your orgasm. Oh, gawd, does that feel even better!"

"Show me?" I asked, almost demanded.

"Oh, we will!" Howie said. "Don't be in such a hurry."

"Yeah, we'll get around to it. I just want to know... what you like. What you'd like to try first."

"What we were doing!"

Chet laughed. He kissed me, then my neck, then started moving down. I really hoped he kept going. Howie kissed me, and kept kissing me, and I felt Chet moving further down. Then I felt his warm, wet lips on my penis, then them slipping down it, and then that incredible, wonderful, unbelievable sensation.

There was just nothing to compare it to, no words to describe it. The closest I can describe it would be if I had a heart in my penis, just at the base of it, that was beating so powerfully, so slowly, that it caused my entire penis to swell up almost too large, then shrink, repeatedly, slowly. And a kind of tingle and tickle, well down inside of me there. And a kind of pressure between the base of my penis and my scrotum. It was... gawd! How good it was!

I groaned around Howie's kisses. I started twisting and writhing. My body couldn't hold still. Every muscle wanted to move. My stomach filled with tingles and electricity. I wrapped both arms around Howie and held on. Chet did different things, because it felt differently. I assumed he was using his tongue on it, licking it. But there was more, as if I were entering his throat. It was so warm and soft, and it hugged it and moved around it, and tickled so immensely! It was as if he were sucking it inside out.

He stopped, and I felt him kissing his way back up my body. Then Howie stopped kissing me, and Chet was. Howie slid all the way down to the very base, and it felt stronger and more intense than ever! Gawd, that was great! Then he bobbed up and down rapidly, and his hand moved up and down my shaft along with his mouth, right up to the very end and all the way to the very bottom. Fast and tight. My penis danced! Really danced in his mouth and his hand. It was the best thing I had ever felt! And I'd felt several things that were beyond what I thought my body could ever feel by then.

"Oh-my-gawd!" I almost screamed. "Awww... Gawd!"

My back convulsed, slamming my head into the mattress again and again. Every muscle was thrashing.

He stopped, and my entire body jerked and spasmed out of my control for several seconds.

"What the heck!" I didn't ask, more demanded, almost breathless.

"Incredible, huh?" Howie asked.

My penis was still dancing all on its own. That weird sensation lingered, and my body still trembled. I was even breathing a little quickly.


"He does that to me and I last maybe a minute," Howie said.

"Same thing for me. It's just..." Chet said, ending with a shrug and a big smile. Then he went back to sucking on me and Howie kissed my nipples and neck. And then Chet hummed! Oh, wow, did it freaking feel great when Chet hummed without stopping what he was doing!

"Awww, geeze!" I grunted, and then fell onto my back and squirmed.

Then I was exploding like crazy! I just held onto Chet's hair and grunted as I pumped into his mouth. His hands and Howie's tickled me all over, and Howie tongued my nipples. And it felt like I was pumping wet cement into Chet's hot, soft mouth.

I kept pumping and Chet kept sucking and swallowing and tonguing! The pumping action between my legs seemed to be increased by the suction! It was an insane level of pleasure that I could never have suspected existed. Ever! I couldn't breathe! My body was all tense and rigid and tight and quivering and... oh, gawd!

Then I couldn't stand it any longer and I pulled him off of me by his hair. I gasped and panted for a few seconds as he and Howie kissed and licked their way up my body to kiss me at the same time. It tasted like my semen, and none of us seemed to care at all.

"Oh my gosh!" I breathed heavily as soon as I had the chance.

They both laughed, then Chet asked, "Is that great or what?"

"Oh, yeah!" I agreed.

I bet my molars were showing, I was smiling so wide!

"It's not fair you got the goods," Howie complained at Chet.

Chet shrugged, then grinned weirdly. Howie grinned wider, then started kissing down my front. Chet kissed me as his hands tickled my arms and his chest was directly on mine. He moved so that he was mostly on top of me as Howie started kissing my sensitive, ticklish prick. Then Howie started licking and sucking it, and it was way too much! I wasn't very ticklish, but that was the most extremely ticklish thing I had ever felt! I just couldn't stand it!

I tried to say something to get Howie to stop, but Chet was kissing me really strongly. I tried to pull away, but he was pushing his lips into mine so hard and holding my head with both of his hands. I tried to wiggle away, but he was lying right on top of me with all of his weight. I was trapped!

And Howie's mouth was driving me absolutely insane! I'd never felt anything even close to how tickling that was! And it felt so very good, too! And his hands were playing with my balls and squeezing and rolling them and... geeze!

I struggled all I could! I laughed so hard that I got weak and just gave up. I don't know if I got used to it, or if Howie started doing something different, but it got so that I could stand it, and felt so very good.

My legs kicked all on their own, my back arched, and when Chet stopped holding my head down and kissing me so hard, my head pounded into the pillow, and I couldn't do anything about any of that. My hips swiveled and twisted and thrust and jerked. Howie's tongue touched every inch of my manhood as his lips went up and down on it. He sucked it so hard! One of his hands played with my balls while his other tickled from my thighs to my tummy, then back and along my side. My breathing became so rapid, and all I could do was laugh between those rapid gasps for air. Chet had to start kissing my face and neck because I couldn't do anything but pant and whine and laugh! Then he moved down and attacked my nipples with his lips and tongue.

All I could do was lay there and whine and grunt and wriggle and thrust and giggle and hope that I didn't split my penis in half when I finished.

I think it went on forever! Now I knew what tickle-torture really was! Howie pushed the tip of his finger against my anus, and wiggled it there. I could feel how wet it was. It felt pretty good this time. It kind of tickled. And after a while, it was slipping inside. It didn't sting this time. It was... weird. But then he touched something inside that made sparks fire up behind my balls, and all those muscles tighten up and quiver, and then I was gagging on my own breath as it felt like a billows was connected to my groin and over-inflating and then sucking it empty again and again.

And then I found out what an explosive orgasm really is. It's when you shoot so hard it almost hurts, it feels so good. It's when that space behind your sack feels like it's imploding. It's when your whole body goes rigid and tense and you can't even breathe or think or see.

The only thing that exists is your penis, and that place behind your balls as it all pumps so hard it feels like it might not ever be able to do that again. Ever.

And it feels like it won't ever end!

But it does. And your vision comes back. And your body falls into a slack and shuddering pile of goo. All your bones are dust, all your nerves are fried, and all your muscles are melted. It's just your hot penis, your aching balls, and your panting breaths.

And in this case, Howie's lips kissing up your body while Chet returns his lips to yours. And then the taste of your own semen again as all three of our mouths battled for space with each other.

And my continuing, broken giggles.

My penis felt like it was vibrating, and my balls felt like they were numb, and that space behind them felt like it was on fire.

I couldn't move a muscle or say anything while they turned upside-down to each other and sucked each other. It was a great show, but my penis felt like wasn't going to be erect again for days.

When they finished each other, they stretched out beside me, arms over me, legs over me, bodies right up against me. We didn't say anything, just looked at each other, kissed a little, and giggled some. I snaked my arms under them and wished it would be like that forever.

I kept giggling. It wasn't that something was so funny, it was just that my body felt so drained and so great. And I was enjoying all this so much. And it was so nice to be in between them like that.

Howie pulled up the blanket and we got warm and cozy and I was asleep almost right away.

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