First Time Tales

by Smokr

Jacob's Tale, Part 2

I'd never felt so... just content. Laying there with my head on his chest felt like the perfect place. His slow breathing caused his chest to slowly rise and fall, and that was almost hypnotic. I just looked down his smooth front to his black bush and his dark-skinned prick all shiny with my spit and his cum. It wasn't totally soft, lying crookedly across his pubes, slowly moving with his breaths. I still hadn't let go of his balls. I wasn't going to. Not unless he forced my hand away. They were so warm and soft and jiggly and so much fun to just hold onto. I could have just laid there until my parents came in the morning and told me it was time to leave.

When I thought about how I was going to be gone in the morning I felt like crying a little. I really didn't want to leave him at all. I wanted to stay with him for as long as possible, even longer. It seemed unfair. So unfair. I'd finally gotten to do something with someone and it was someone I probably wouldn't ever see again. How fucking unfair is that?

But his hand started stroking through my hair, and that felt so good that I stopped thinking about leaving and just enjoyed it. It felt so great. I smiled even though he couldn't see it. And I suddenly started kissing his chest, until I found a nipple and then sort of just licked and kissed and softly sucked on it. And my hand kept playing with his nuts. God, how I loved holding them. They just felt so fucking neat! They were nicely sized, and so warm, and they moved around in his sack so smoothly. It was like just feeling them was actually sex in itself.

His hand slid down the back of my head, then down the back of my neck, and then over my shoulder. It tickled a little and felt great. Then his hand went down my arm a bit, then onto my back where it made circles and shapes and it tickled enough to make me giggle. When his hand, his fingers actually, slowly tickled down my side, I squirmed and giggled louder.

I was having such a good time, and we were just lying there! It was incredible.

We stayed there and didn't move or talk for over an hour. Probably the best hour of my life so far. Not probably, definitely.

As I looked down his smooth front, admiring his belly and legs, and his plump dick, I wondered how many times he'd done the same thing. He'd said he sometimes did it for money. I wondered how often. And what. I didn't want to ask, it seemed none of my business, but I was too curious.

"Um... you said you done this kind of stuff before?"

"Yeah. Well, sort of. I mean, I've never, did this. Just did stuff for money."

"Never did what?"

"Cuddled. Hugged after. Not much. Just quick. Not like this. At all." After a moment, he added, "I really like it."

"Me too," I said and then snickered. "Can I ask what you did?"

"Some guys just want to jerk each other off. Or get jerked off. Usually they just want to suck me off. Touch me everywhere. Just that. Thirty bucks. Forty if they want me to jerk 'em off after. Fifty if they want me to suck 'em off."

"They pay to get you off?"

"Yeah. Crazy, huh?"

"Sure is." After a few moments, I asked, "That's all you've ever done?"

"No. Once, this guy ate me out. I charged him an extra twenty for that, but, well, I would have let him do it for free if I knew how good it felt before."

He laughed a little, and I watched his dick wiggle.

"Sometimes they want to stick a finger in and work me inside. I love that anyway, but I charge another twenty for that."

"They never want to fuck you?"

"Sure. I won't though."

"Oh. What about fucking them?"

"I did a couple of times. They usually have one, but I made one guy go get a rubber first. He was pissed, but he did. "

We snickered. I thought he would be well worth the effort and cost. For sure.

"Don't you think you'd like being fucked?" I asked after working up the guts.

"Probably. I love using my dildo. But I don't want just any guy fucking me."

I thought I knew what he meant. I didn't think I would let just anyone do me, either. Sometimes I wanted some guys to do that, but not all of them. Only the ones I really liked. Most I just wanted to suck and be sucked by. Hands and mouths. Maybe some other stuff. But being fucked... I knew what he meant. It had to be someone I really wanted. Like him. And I wished I had a dildo at home. I had to use an empty beer bottle.

"I'd let you," I said, surprised that I had.

"I'd let you, too," he said softly, then hugged me a little tighter.

"It might not fit. Pretty long," I said, giggling.

"I'm not any longer than you are," he said softly.

I turned my head and saw him grinning down at me. I laughed a little and then got up on an elbow after letting go of his balls to do so. His hand slid up from my side until it cradled the back of my head, and then pulled me up until we could kiss again. I rolled so that I was almost lying on top of him, one hand on his chest, the other over his far shoulder. Both of his hands moved up and down on my back. I felt my dick growing hard between myself and his thigh. And my breath got quicker. And those delicious tingles fired up again.

He hugged me tighter and we kissed harder. I moved my leg so that it was over him, and I felt his hard dick with it. Knowing that he was getting excited again made me even more excited. I wondered for a second if I could do it three times in a row. I had a few times before, but alone. It had always been really good, almost kind of painful. I hoped I could stay hard and get off again, and I hoped he could too. I sure wanted to feel and hear him cum again. He made the neatest sounds, and how his body moved as he came was so cool. I really badly wanted to make him cum again.

I opened my eyes and looked into his awesome brown ones. They were so deep and rich. God, they were great! And his smile was so cute.

"I got a few rubbers, and some packets of lube. If you wanna."

"Oh, wow," I almost moaned. My entire body got tingles! And my dick went to fully hard and beyond in one heart beat. "Oh, yeah!"

He smiled and closed his eyes and moved in to kiss again. I was shivering and tingling all over. It was like being outside in winter without anything on. If you've ever been in a real winter, with the temperature way below freezing and the wind howling, like we get in Chicago, then you probably know how badly you can end up shivering. Wow, was I nearly doing that!

And they weren't just shivers like that. They were tingly, tickly, wiggly, wavering shivers. All over. Deep inside in my guts and in my muscle. Strong and powerful. Fucking incredible!

I'd never kissed someone until earlier in the evening, and I knew I wasn't as good as the guys he probably did stuff with for money, but I tried. I followed his example and did what he did and let him show me new things with his lips and tongue. It was so exciting and wonderful. And his hands went all over my back and sides, tickling and touching and stroking. God, was it just so fucking awesome!

We rolled around, sometimes one of us on top, sometimes both of us on our sides, and it didn't matter. We were in each others arms and that was all that mattered. Kissing, touching, stroking, rubbing. And our dicks were between us, being mashed and rubbed and squished. We both leaked, I guess. I knew I did! A lot! And between us it was a sticky, slippery, wet mess. And I loved it. The tickling, tingling, thrills were all over and inside of me, making me shiver like mad. And our hot breaths were mingling as we kissed, our wet lips working together in endless movements.

He started slinking down my front, kissing his way as he went. My nipples almost felt like they were connected to a battery as he licked and sucked them. And his hands kept roaming and tickling me everywhere. He slid further down, until he was kissing the very end of my dick and softly licking the hole. That made my dick throb and get tingly. I loved it! But he stopped. He got off the bed and picked up his pants, then pulled out something. He came back to the bed and handed me a little packet of Sani-Lube. I laughed in embarrassment. He opend his and squeezed out just a little onto his first and second finger, then grinned at me. He nodded toward the packet I was holding. I opened the corner of it and squeezed out a drop onto my finger tips. It was really slippery. Then he flipped ends and his dark, hard dick was in my face.

"Just do what I do."

He lifted one of my legs into the air, bent it at the knee, and placed my foot in front of my other knee. Then he grinned at me as he slid the two lubricated fingers between my cheeks. I giggled, put the two fingers of my own into his crack, then pushed them against his hole. I used my other hand to move his nuts a little so that I could see behind them. His hole was dark brown with a few black hairs around it. I felt his fingers pushing against my hole, and I relaxed it like he had shown me to do earlier. I put my fingers there on him, feeling how hot and soft it was there, and felt it seem to go even softer as I pushed a bit.

His fingers went into me. I grunted softly as they opened my hole and slid in. It felt so simply good! There was only a very little discomfort, and that was easily ignored. I was used to my own fingers, and his were about the same size, so I had no trouble. I wiggled my fingers into him. It was soft and tight at the same time, and hot. I felt the circle of muscle spread open as more of my fingers went into him. It was so velvety soft and smooth in there! And his fingers in me felt great!

"Now, bend your fingers forward, toward my balls, and find the hard, round thing there. Go easy, it's sensitive in there."

I did as he said, finding his prostate easily. I had found out about my own last year, and I loved toying with it. But the sensation as his fingers found mine again were far better! And finding his, and touching and rubbing it was really wild! Having mine rubbed while I rubbed his was fucking insane! We both started jerking all over and grunting right away. Fucking amazing! The heavy tingling was almost too extreme to handle! My dick was doing a dance! And his was bouncing all over the place, dripping pre-cum on his leg below it. I licked it off when it did, sort of kissing and sucking it up, and he did the same when I dripped on my thigh.

We started fucking each other with our fingers, rubbing over our prostates inside. That was fucking wild!

"Oh, shit!"

"Fucking awesome!"

"I know! Oh, fuck!"

I watched his face sometimes, his hole gripping my fingers at other times. Sometimes I watched his dick dance and drip. Or his balls as he squirmed around. There was so much to look at! I loved his dick. It was so smooth and awesome! It was about the same as mine, really, but darker-skinned. It had an almost peach color on the head, but was light brown all along its length. Straight and smooth. With soft edges and rounded tip. My edges weren't as soft and rounded off. And his hole was more on top than at the very end like mine. And right then, the hole was sort of open, reddish-edged, and dripping.

"Another finger," he said, then added a bit of lube to his third finger without removing the two inside of me.

I did the same. Then we began working our third fingers in with the other two still in.

"Oh, wow! Ugh!"

"Fucking great!" he grunted, just as I got my finger in him.

I dropped my head onto his warm, soft thigh and shivered all over. God, I loved it! We started fucking each other with our fingers, rubbing that spot inside each time we went in. We both started leaking almost constantly. The tingling was so fucking awesome! It filled my guts and made my dick feel like it was overinflated and about to burst like a balloon! And my nuts were hot and tingling like mad! The urge to slam my legs together was almost unbearable! I had to fight to keep them apart so he could keep doing that to me. The way his legs shook, I was sure he was having the same problem.

I was amazed at the sight of my fingers in his hole. The soft, tight skin around his hole was clinging to my fingers, moving as they moved, gripping them, changing shape as my fingers slid in and out of it. It was so fucking cool!

And... oh, God! I was going to cum!

"I'm gonna!" I almost yelled.

He stopped moving his fingers and touching my walnut. I held still, trying to hold off the orgasm. I shivered and groaned, and my dick jerked all over. But it passed. I'd come so close! There was a long string of pre-cum hanging from my dick. He licked it up and then licked his lips and grinned at me.

"Close, huh?" he asked.

"Fucking A!" I panted.

The heavy tingling and pulses diminished. My hole stopped clenching down on his fingers. Then he slid them out really slowly. I started taking mine out, but he said, "No, keep going."

I did, and he scooted up closer and put his face between my legs. And then I felt his tongue on my hole. Oh, fuck! So warm, wet, and.... slinky? Wiggly and tickly! Oh, fuck! I started squirming around and giggling like mad!

"Like it?" he asked.

"Oh, hell yeah!" I answered, panting between giggles.

It felt great! Better than great! Fucking awesome!

"Can I do you?" I asked.

He nodded, still using his tongue. I pulled my fingers out and scooted closer. I stared at his cute hole, then stuck my tongue against it. It didn't taste like shit, which I expected it to. Skin and lube. And faintly of shit, but easily ignored. And how I wanted my tongue in there! I managed to work it in a little. He groaned and wiggled. I did too! It was really awesome! We were going at it like we were starving and each others holes were the only food on the planet. I was amazed that I could actually get my tongue inside of him! And that it was gross and disgusting. It was awesome! I could feel his circle of muscle squeezing on my tongue, and I could worm it through and into it. And he was doing that to me, and it was fucking fantastic!

Then his fingers were back, and going in. I backed my mouth off and inserted my fingers into him. So warm and soft, and silky inside. And easier to get in this time. And for him to get his in me. After a few moments, we both had the entire lengths of all three fingers deep into each other, rubbing that magic spot and making each other grunt and groan and squirm. Fucking A!

Way too soon, he pulled his fingers out and rolled away as soon as I removed mine from him. He sat up and grinned at me. I sat up, grinning, almost laughing. He was so cute! A little sweat had made the front fringe of his hair damp and wet and it was clinging to his forehead a little. His lips seemed darker against his tanned reddish-brown complexion, and his deep brown eyes were almost glowing.

"Fucking awesome," he breathed. "Like it?"

"Loved it," I said enthusiastically, nodding.

"So, you wanna, um, fuck me first? Or me you?"

"I don't care!" I said, grinning.

And I didn't! Just so long as we did. In either order. But I suddenly wanted him in me so badly.

"You do me first," I said quickly.

"Okay. Um... from behind, or-"

I fell onto my back and lifted my legs until my knees were against my chest. He laughed and picked up the little packet of lube. He applied some to his dick, then got into position above me. We giggled. He scooted closer, until I felt the tip of his dick at my hole. Then he got up on his knees a bit, leaned down over me with his hands on either side of my chest, then wiggled his dick against my hole. He kept pushing and wiggling, not using his hand to guide it. And amazingly, he got it started. And I could have fucking screamed as his head pushed into my hole and opened it up.

"Oh, fuck," came out of me without thinking.

"Tell me if it hurts or anything."

"I will. It don't. Go. Go!"

I wanted it in me. No, I needed it in me! Bad!

And it started going in. Slowly. The soft, smooth skin pushed against my hole, spreading it open so slowly. Then the harder inside of his dick was pushing against me, opening me up even more. I concentrated on relaxing myself, to let it in. He pushed, so slowly and gently, and I felt the edges of his head go through. That was so awesome! Then his hard but soft, smooth but rough dick was sliding into me. Way longer than the neck on a beer bottle! Not so hard and unyielding, either. Softer, easier, hotter, way fucking better!

And so much longer! It just kept going into me! Longer and longer. It seemed to be a foot long! Then I felt the tickle of his pubes against the inside of my cheeks, then his hot skin against my ass. Then his weight as he finally put the last inch in. He pushed. Gently but firmly.

"Oh, fucking, shit!"

"I'm in."

"I fucking know! Oh, fuck!"

"Like it?"

"Oh, fuck yeah! Fuckin'... oh, God!"

It was like all the best things all wrapped up together. I never suspected that having a real dick in me would be so amazing! And it got even better when he leaned down, pressing my thighs against my chest with his chest, and kissed me through my legs. It was hard to breathe, but it was so worth it! Then it got even better! He pulled it back. It seemed to slide outward forever! Then it came out with an almost pop. It felt amazing! And then it got even better! He pushed it back in! Oh, fuck! His head opened me up again, and his shaft slid into me forever! Deeper and deeper and deeper. Again. Then he stayed there and pushed a little. Fucking amazing! Then he pulled it back, nearly out. I could feel the head in the circle of my hole. He wiggled it there. Fucking... oh, God!

He grunted as his head worked inside my circle of muscle. His face was so... adorable! His eyes were closed and he was smiling a small, tight, cute smile around his open mouth. I wrapped both arms around him and pulled him tighter to me. It was harder to breathe, but I didn't care.

Then he fucked me. I mean, he pulled it out, then nearly shoved it back in.


"Hurt?" he asked, his eyes opening and looking into mine with real worry.

"Hell no! Fucking awesome!"

He pulled it all the way out, then waited, then slowly pushed it all the way in, as far as it could go. Fucking hell! Then he pulled it back and pushed it in, slowly, over and over. He stopped to put his weight onto his elbows and his hands behind my head, kissed me over and over as he fucked me. Every thrust was like being fucked for the first time all over again! Every time he pulled it all the way out, I grunted from deep inside and gasped as he pushed it back into me. He started sweating as much as I was.

"Got to stop," he said softly, then pulled out of me.

He fell onto his back and grabbed my dick with one hand and pulled me by it until I was straddling his face on my knees. He licked the pre-cum from the end of it with slow, soft strokes of his soft, warm tongue. It tickled like nothing had ever before in my life! He barely sucked only the very tip, which was so exquisitely delicate that it almost drove me out of my mind! He grabbed the packet of lube and applied to my dick. It tickled like mad! He pushed me onto my back and straddled me. I watched as he got into position, then guided me toward his hole. I watched my dick disappear behind his balls. I loved how they hung, but they were in the way. I moved them to the side, liking that I could hold them anyway, so that I could see myself against his hole. He slowly dropped onto me. I felt his weight on the end of my dick. It jerked and tingled as more of his weight pushed against it. Then the tight, smooth warmth moved over my head, squeezing it. It tickled and felt so great. Then it moved past the edges and I sort of popped into him. Then I felt his warm, tight, silkiness sliding down my shaft. Oh, fuck!

Then his ass came to rest on my lap. I was all the way inside of him! Fucking awesome! It was so hot and tight. Silky smooth and clingy inside. Just fucking perfect! I let go of his balls and they fell onto my skin, tickling. I put my hands on his smooth, warm thighs. I looked at his face. He was smiling at me, and he looked like he was having the time of his life! He put his hands on my chest, then lifted, slowly pulling off of me until my head was in his circle of muscle. He wiggled there. Oh, fucking wow!

It was like when I had used some lube and made a circle of my finger and thumb and jerked off by moving that circle only around the edges of my head until I blew a wad that almost hurt. But this was even better. I wasn't in control of the movements and had no idea what was going to happen next. And what happened next was amazing!

He lifted just a tad, so that my head was trying to pop out of him, then almost fell down onto me, impaling himself on my dick. His tight hold slid quickly down my entire length!

"Oh! Fuck!"

I jerked from head to toe! My dick swelled up and threatened to go off! He stayed there, giggling, not moving. Then he slowly raised up until my head was almost ready to pop out of him again. He stayed there, giggling, then dropped again.

"Oh fuck!" I laughed.

Then he leaned forward some more, until we could kiss. He put both hands behind my head, and I wrapped both arms around his hot, sweaty body and held him tightly to mine. Then he scooted back and forth, pulling me out and pushing me back in. His balls dragging across my skin. OH, my, God!

"I'm gonna really soon!" I said suddenly around our kisses.

"No you're not," he said, giggling, then scooted down until I was all the way in him.

He held still there as we kissed and kissed. I had to feel it, so I moved until my hands could explore where my hardness entered his softness. It was amazing. My hot, hard dick was inside his soft, hot hole. I could feel where they joined. I felt there, everywhere, amazed at the situation.

He began fucking himself on me again. Slow and easy. Oh, man! The tingling was beyond amazing! I kept one hand where we were joined, feeling his hole sliding up and down on my dick.

"I'm just not gonna last long," I told him between kisses.

"That's okay. Grab mine and stroke it. Slow."

I did. His dick was amazingly hot! And the lube made it slippery. He gave me instructions, and I followed them. His dick was so hot! And it was leaking enough that it mixed with the lube and kept slippery and slick. And I loved how the soft, rounded edges of his head felt with all that lubrication!

"Oh, man! Not gonna be long. You?" he asked breathlessly.

"Hell no!" I grunted.

I really wasn't! That heavy tingling between my balls and my hole was growing and getting incredibly strong. And with one hand stroking his hot pole, and the other feeling myself sliding into his hot hole, I just couldn't last long at all!

"Oh, man, I'm gonna so soon! You?"

"I'm gonna! So gonna!"

The heavy tingling was at the usual point where I blew, but I knew it was still building. I was going to blow like a bomb!

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!"

A sort of wave rolled through his dick, and his hole clenched down on my pole, and I felt his body go rigid over me. My hand where I was inside of him could feel his hole moving, clamping down on my cock. Then his breathing stopped and he crushed me in his arms, his mouth locked to mine. And then his dick swelled up in my fist and I felt it blow. I could feel the cum rising up through his tube with my hand. Then I felt it hitting my stomach. Hot cum splashed onto my skin. His hot cum. Oh, God!

And I was off! I mean, fucking, off! I'd never cum like that in my life! Ever. Not even close! It was... just imagine your first orgasm and your best orgasm, and put them together into one. Then multiply it by two or three. I mean, I felt my semen with my fingers, pushing up through my urethra like it was thick, hot oatmeal! I could feel it! Inside of my tube, rushing up! Oh, wow! And it went right into him! Fucking amazing!

I couldn't breathe. Only gasp and groan into his mouth. We both shuddered and held on to each other as we blew our wads. His onto my belly, mine deep inside of him. Pulse after pulse. Grunt after grunt. Sweaty bodes pressed together.

Then we gasped and grunted and relaxed. And breathed. And kissed.

And he didn't move, keeping my dick inside of him as it went soft. I felt his dick going soft in my hand and I didn't let go of it. We kept kissing and started giggling.

"Oh, man! Fucking amazing!"

"Oh, man! You are!" I sighed.

I felt so drained! And happy. And fulfilled. And just... amazing!

He scooted upward, pulling off of me. That tickled insanely! I laughed and held onto him until I came out of him with a wet popping noise that made both of us laugh. Then he fell onto his side next to me and scooped me up in his arms. I flung my arms around him. We kissed and giggled until we ended up nuzzling up together and sighing our way into sleep.

The phone rang. I picked it up without thinking anything, but knowing that it was the wake-up call.


"This is your wake-up call, sir."


I hung up and rolled over to cuddle up with him.

He was gone.

I looked and saw that my clothes were neatly folded on top of my suitcase, and that his were gone.

It was like being slapped.

It hurt. And I felt empty and alone. I cried a little. I wondered why he had left without saying good bye. Or even talking any. Or anything.

My dick was sore and puffy, and I doubted I could have done it again, but it would have been nice to try. Or to at least see him naked one more time. To hug once more. Kiss once more.

I sighed, nearly crying, then sat up. I took a shower and dressed, feeling like I had lost my best friend. I put my clothes in the suitcase.

I sat on the bed, running my hands over the blanket. I even smelled it. It smelled like sweat and cum. And of him. I wanted to take it home with me, but I was afraid the hotel would call home and ask why, and I didn't want to have to deny taking it to my parents. That would be awkward beyond belief! So I laid down on it and inhaled and nearly cried.

A knock on my door made me jump. I got up and ran to answer it, expecting him. Mom and Dad were standing there.

"Ready?" Dad asked.

I hid how my smile wanted to end, maintaining it, and nodded. I turned and picked up my suitcase, and walked out of the room with one last, long look back. I wanted to cry, but I put on the best flat expression that I could and followed them. I looked for him but didn't see him. We got to the car. It was insanely hot. I looked around for him. Everywhere. But I didn't see him. That hurt all over again. I had to force myself not to cry.

It was a long drive toward home. We got as far as near St. Louis that day. The hotel we stayed at was a major chain, and boring, and there were no cute guys giving me any looks, or ones to give looks to, or even any to look at. Not this time. I wondered if I would have tried even if there were. I doubted it, not yet anyway. But someday. Soon, I hoped.

It had been so hot all day that I needed a shower before I went to bed. As I was getting clean clothes for after the shower, I found a pair of underwear that I recognized and that weren't mine. They smelled wonderful! In them was an envelope. And I noticed that a pair of mine were missing. The ones I had been wearing that he had taken off of me.

I was instantly hard, and nervous, and I started sweating. And my mouth went dry. My hands were shaking as I tore open the envelope.

I am sorry to leave like this but it is easier. No long goodbyes and awful shit like that.
I want to say that I had the best time of my life with you tonight. I have never had so
much fun with anyone before. It was amazing!
And I want to say that you are the cutest guy I've seen in a long time. Really.
But we both know we will never see each other again. I know you will go home and
that will that. We could call and talk or write, but it would suck. This way is better.
I wish we could be friends and spend a lot of time together like last night. I really do.
But life isn't like that. Not often anyway. Go home and find someone to be with.
I wish you the best of luck. Someone will be so lucky to be yours. Treat him
good and make sure he treats you good. If he breaks your heart, I'll beat the fuck out
of him for you someday.
Remember how we found each other. It works. Just glance and smile every so often.
Your cute blush will tell them all they need to know and theirs will tell you.
If you ever come back through Elko, find me. I'll probably always live here. I'll keep
an ear to the ground for you to come back. But we know you won't very soon.
But we can dream. And I'll be dreaming of you for a long time! It was awesome!
You're awesome! Go home and show the cute guys there how awesome you are!
Your friend in Elko, forever.

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