Lucas and the Secrets

by Sahypo

The following story is part fact, part fiction. Lucas and the events portrayed are fictional, but the rest is real.

It was the summer of my fifteenth year, and I had been friends with a boy named Lucas for four years before that. Lucas was somewhat shy, and while he got along well with everyone else, there was an essential loneliness to him, a guarded privacy one would notice if they cared to, but nothing out of the ordinary. I noticed he never discussed girls, and would leave the conversation when sex was a topic or girls were being ogled by the rest of the boys. He never dressed out for gymnasium, preferring to wear his shorts under his jeans so he did not have to undress in front of others. No big deal, a few other boys did that as well, mainly the obese kids, or ones far behind in puberty. Lucas was well along in development, and while not buff, he was in no way overweight or had any other thing to be ashamed of that I could tell. But I too had a secret side to me, one that I never thought I would ever reveal.

He would date a girl for a month or two, then the dates would stop and he would be depressed for a while until someone new came along and the cycle repeated itself. He never talked about this, and no one knew what the story was until one evening late in May when school was almost out. Lucas and I had decided to spend the weekend camping and fishing on my parents farm. On Friday he brought his gear with him to school, and that afternoon we climbed in my truck and headed out of town toward home. In those days kids drove without licenses and no one made a stink over it, because of the farm chores we all had. We spent the evening hours until dark setting up our camp and cutting some wood, and put out a few baited lines to see if the catfish would bite later that night.

We sat around the fire and talked about all sorts of things when he began asking me all kinds of questions about dates I had been on and what had happened, etc. Questions that had more to do with the person asking than the answers.

"Did you ever go all the way? Like, you know, do it?"

"Why do you want to know, have you?"

"No. I want to know what it is like."

"Me, neither", I said.

"Have you ever had the chance," he asked.

"Yeah, I could have a couple of times," I answered. "But I never let it go any farther than touching and messing around. Did you ever do much of anything more than that?"

He stared in to the fire for a long pause before he spoke, "Most of the time I don't even get touched. What did you mean by not letting it go beyond touching?"

"Well, I never let them put their hand in my pants, I always pull it out over the underwear and let them stroke just my dick", I said.

This confused him, and he asked me why; now I had to make a decision to finally tell him my dark secret, which I desperately wanted to do, or sit silent. I didn't want to do that either. I had always wanted someone to know, to take the terrible loneliness from me. I had always been curious about what other boys looked like, in a vain attempt to find another one like me. Finally I made my mind up that I would tell him... I looked at him and said, "Luke, I have to tell you something, something only my family and doctors know. If you ever tell this around, I am well and truly fucked."

He sighed and said, "You got my word, nothing said here leaves the two of us. Swear to God".

"Well, you know I always go in a stall to take a piss, so know one can see that my pee hole is in the wrong place."

"Now that you mention it, I never see you piss in the trough. Where is your hole?"

"About an inch back from the tip under the head." I would many years later learn a name for this condition, hypospadias, but at the tender age of 15 I was alone, confused and searching, wondering what God had done to me.

"I never heard of anything like that before," he said. "Do you know what caused that"?

"No," I said, "But it probably has something to do with my left nut being missing, too. Was born that way."

"You serious?" he asked. "I've never heard of a guy with one nut before, and that thing about your dick, too?"

"I wish I was pulling your leg, but it's true," I said.

"Jees, I don't know what to say. You're right, that is a lot to tell. You really do trust me, don't you"?

"Yeah, Lucas, I guess I do."

What bothered me before now felt like a relief and weight off my shoulders now that I person I liked and trusted knew about me, and had not run away screaming or laughed. I think I started to accept myself a little that evening by the fire, and the incident taught me that the boy with me wasn't at all shallow, or cruel. In later years I went on to learn that most people are sensitive and compassionate, and hiding from intimacy is a high price to pay for privacy.

We sat for a while, as I let him digest what he had just learned, and then asked him if he would tell me what he meant by sometimes never being touched. He sat staring at the fire and tears began welling up in his eyes, and he fought back the emotions. After another long pause when he composed himself again, he began to speak.

"I don't know what the hell it is. Everything goes fine until my zipper goes down, and as soon as it does, it's like I have herpes or some shit like that".

"Do You?" I asked with a smart-ass grin on my face.

"Fuck, no. You got to get it from someplace and that's the problem. I can't even get most girls to even jack me off, let alone try to fuck them."

I asked, "What is it you got, smegma, or some skin thing going on down there, what?"

"No. I'm not circumcised, but I keep it clean . Besides, that last bitch I broke up with used to date Randy, and he isn't snipped either, and I know she was fucking him. Her sister told me she was shitting a brick about being late a while back, and forgetting to take her pill sometimes".

I had known Luke for all this time and never once did it dawn on me that he was intact. I had assumed everyone I knew was cut, except for a few of the guys like Randy, that weren't circumcised.

"Well, I wish I could help you, but I can't think of what it may be about," I said.

For a long while neither of us spoke. Then he suddenly said, "You can help me. If you want to, that is." "Uh, sure, I guess," I said, not knowing what he was up to.

"Can I trust you to keep this between us?," he asked. After what I had told him, the whole idea sounded funny and I started laughing. He caught on and began laughing too, and said, "Okay, that was dumb!"

"No problem", I said, "What do you want me to do?"

"Would you look at me and tell me what is wrong with it?" he asked. "You mean look at your dick?" I said, some what surprised. I had never seen this kid with even a shirt off before.

He nodded and said, "It's Ok if you aren't cool with it, I'll understand".

I wasn't going to miss a chance to check this out, so I said, "No. I'll do it." With that out of the way, he stood up and took his shirt off, and unsnapped his pants. Inside he was wearing a pair of boxers, and I made a casual aside that I hated boxers and the dangling feeling. He replied that he couldn't fit in briefs, and while he was talking pulled the jeans down to his ankles. I noticed something was not quite "right" about the shape in the boxers and when he whisked them down, my jaw must have hit the ground with a loud crash. Luke was 5'5, around 140 pounds and trim but not buff. Here he was showing me a penis almost 7 inches long soft, about as big around as a half dollar. There was no body hair at all on him, except his bush, armpits and a little on his shins. His chest and belly were as bare as a ten year old.

I stared at it for a while before I could speak. "Is that soft?", I asked. He shook his hips side to side to answer, showing by the flopping member that it was indeed soft at this size. "Um, God damn, does it get much bigger than that? That's how long I get full hard, Luke."

"I don't know", he said with a smirk on his face. "Do you want to find out?"

I gulped and nodded that I did. "Do you want to touch it?", he asked. Again I nodded.

As he stood there and I sat in front of him, I reached out and touched his tool, and he gave a little jump. "I'm sorry, did I do something wrong"? I asked.

"No, it's just that you are the only other person who has touched it besides me", he said.

"Are you serious?," I asked. "What about the girls you went out with"?

"No. None of them would do it", he said. I think I have his "problem" figured out. Most of the plowboys around here were pretty average, at around five to six inches, and something like Luke's phallic monument probably frightened the hell out of the girls who had seen it. I had been told I was bigger than most of the boys in town by girls who would have known. Luke was almost twice as long and just as thick as mine.

I began stroking him along the underside, and gently pulling the foreskin back and forth until he was hard, standing there, eyes closed, breathing heavily, and I pushed my other hand between his legs to cup and feel his walnut sized testicles, and his small scrotum. I was fascinated by feeling the space between the two, and rolled both eggs between my fingers. "What does it feel like to have two balls in your sac?", I asked while working his penis slowly to keep it hard and fondling his balls with the other hand.

"I don't know that you can really tell there's two in there, unless you sit or something and they move around", he said. "When I get racked I hear from both of `em pretty loud". I giggled at that, and noticed how heavy his penis was, and that I was supporting its weight as well as stroking it. We decided he should lay down, and changed positions.

I turned my attention to his foreskin and tip, which by now was fully retracted and exposing a purple acorn. I flicked it with m finger and he recoiled, "Whoa! That's way too sensitive, dude."

"Sorry" I said.

"It's all right, you didn't know." I began to speed up the rhythm and really get into it, and he began to really get stiff, now that I was stroking the entire length of his penis, which at this point was about 11 inches long. "Damn, I have never seen a cock this size. Is your brother this big, too?," I asked referring to his 13 year old brother Lyle.

"He hangs down about like that", he said, spreading his fingers about 5 inches apart. "I have never seen him with a boner, though."

"Can you go a little faster," he said, and I sped up and he came off in three spurts, and a fourth and fifth dribble.

By this time my own cock was aroused, and I said, "Would you like to see me, now?", as I pulled and tugged at the tightness trying to get comfortable. "If I laid down by the fire you could see everything.".

"Sure, I want to see yours," he said.

I took off my shirt and shorts and stood there in my underwear. After taking my sneakers off, I got rid of the cutoffs and slid my briefs down, and stood there so he could get a first look. "Damn, that's a thick puppy", he said. Then I laid down with my legs open toward the fire, and Lucas got down on his knees and began to inspect me in the firelight. He gently lifted my penis and looked at the underside, and began to trace a fingertip along the groove under the head where my urethra exited, and I began to respond. "Does that hurt?" He asked.

"Hell no, it feels fucking fantastic", I said. "Keep doing it."

Soon I was at my full erectness, at just around seven inches, which is not shabby for a normal guy, but really unusual for a hypospadic, although I did not know that at the time. He began to caress my half scrotum, and the pecan sized nut inside, and asked "It seems so weird to me to see only one nut. How do you get used to it?"

I said, "Never known anything else, so it's easy, I guess."

"Where does it hurt when you get racked?", he asked, and I pointed to my right groin. "Interesting," he said, half to himself. He began to work my whole shaft, getting into a rhythm with the rise and fall of my hips, and his thumb kept sliding over my slitted urethra, which drove me absolutely insane.

"Oh shit, don't stop that forever," I begged. Seeing I was getting dry, he leaned over and dribbled some saliva on my mushroom as his hand continued to glide up and down and his thumb worked my piss groove. It seemed way too soon when I came like an electric shock through my whole body, and I collapsed panting, and partially unconscious, like someone who had held his breath too long and gotten very light headed. My cock pumped up two blobs of cum and went dry for the next four or five spasms. That is normal for me, as I have never been a big cum-pumper.

After that we went to sleep, and fished and enjoyed the rest of the weekend, and never spoke of that night again. Lucas went on to college a few years later and wound up shooting some adult picture albums and finally met a woman who wasn't afraid of the size of his organ. Last I heard, they were still together. I too found my way in life and eventually married and began a family. I still miss that farm and things that happened there, though it seems thousands of miles away and hundreds of years ago.

The End

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