Christmas Eve 1975

by Rob Warr

Part 1

The following is a work of fiction: Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story is about two boys coming of age and finding love. It contains some sexual situations between adolescent boys, and if reading such is offensive to you, or illegal where you reside, read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author Rob Warr and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission. ©2019 by Rob Warr.

My name is Bobby Williams and my dad died when I was 10, then shortly after that we moved in with my grandparents. I was too young to really understand just how hard it was for my mom to provide for me once she was alone, and at first I resented leaving our home in the city and moving to the small rural community where my grandparents had a small farm. My dad and I had never been close, he worked a lot and seemed to always be too busy to spend any time with his only son, but I was still devastated when he was suddenly taken from us, and moving just made things that much worse.

I guess you could say I was a rotten kid for a while. I took my anger and frustration out on my mom, but eventually I realized that she needed my love and support, and I came to grips with my sense of loss and began to help my mother heal.

My grandparents' farm was three miles outside the city limits of Crayton, a one horse town in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by miles and miles of farm land and forest, and except for Lake Crayton the area had no redeeming features.

Lake Crayton was one of the biggest man made lakes in the country, and several large cities piped their drinking water in from there. It was also a popular recreational spot for fishing and boating, and drew thousands of tourists there every year. From early April until September Crayton was a boom town, and there were always new faces there, but once the summer season was over it became the sleepy boring little town that I hated.

I was 12 the year all that changed for me, and this is the story of that Christmas so long ago that changed my life for the better...forever.

The one thing I did like about Crayton was, that being a small town, everyone knew everyone else and watched out for each other. Because of that I was allowed free rein when I was there. Sometimes I would ride my bike the three miles into town up gravel roads, avoiding the highway, and other times gramps would drop me off when he went into town to pick up groceries or things for the farm. Usually I would walk home or catch a ride with someone headed that way, and never gave a thought to being kidnapped or molested.

I knew all the shop keepers by name, and most of the towns people, and of course our neighbors. The closest farm to ours was the Hadley place, and Mr. and Mrs. Hadley had six kids, four boys and two girls. They looked like stair steps when they stood in order of age, the youngest being just 6 months old, and the oldest 10, with two years between each one.

My gramps said either they were the luckiest two people on the planet or the unluckiest, what with having six kids, and he always said that with a grin. I heard my mom and grams talking one day and my mom said she couldn't imagine having six kids, and that poor Mrs. Hadley must've been with child most of her life.

With child was what she called being pregnant, but I knew all about that stuff back then. See I had this best friend named Will, and though he didn't live close, we had met at school and hit it off right away. He lived in town and his dad worked at the bank, and they had a nice two story house over on Beckham street.

Sometimes when I'd go into town I'd swing by Will's house and his mom always had the best home baked treats for us. Then we'd go up to Will's room and read comics or play chess or something, but one day Will had something different for us to do.

We'd just gotten into his room, and as soon as the door was closed behind us he said he had something he wanted to show me. I asked him what, and he pulled this magazine out from between his mattress and box springs. I knew right away it was no comic book, but I had no idea what it was until he opened it and showed me what was inside.

That day I got to see my first nudie book, and let me tell you, it was a real eye opener. I had just turned 12 that week, and though I still didn't have a lot of hair down there or make much sperm, I had learned all about jacking off, and it was one of my favorite things to do, but I was in no way ready for what I learned that day.

"It's a dirty book. I found it in the trash over by the furniture store. I was looking for a box to store some stuff in, and there it was, just laying there begging me to pick it up," he laughed.

"Wow! These women are naked," I said eying each page as he slowly turned them, "and so are those men."

"Yeah, and look how big their dicks are. They're huge. Can you imagine? And hairy too."

"How could that fit in there?" I said looking at a picture showing a guy shoving his dick in a girl's pussy.

"It just does. It stretches I guess."

"Wow, she must like it, she's smiling and stuff."

"Oh yeah! You know that good feeling you get in your dick when you jack it? Well...that's what it feels like when you get fucked...I guess."

"Oh my God," I said as he turned the page to reveal a blond woman on her knees sucking on a guy's dick, "what is she doing?"

"It's called a blow job dufus," Will laughed, "you suck on it like a lollipop and it feels jacking off, only better. It's more like fucking....I guess."

"No way, isn't that dirty. What if he pees in her mouth?"

Will laughed and elbowed me, "Not piss, but sperm man...the guy will come in her mouth."

"No way!" I almost screeched, "That's disgusting."

Will laughed again, "How do you know? This is the real thing, and if men and women do it, it must be cool. Maybe it tastes good or something."

I didn't want to let on that I found it exciting, so I just let it go, and continued to look through the magazine as our dicks got harder and harder. Finally, Will turned to me looking sort of upset and said, "Man, my dick is so hard. I gotta beat off or it's gonna explode. Wanna do it too?"

"You mean together?" I asked, eying him to see if he was kidding. Up till then we'd never even seen each other naked, let alone seen each other's dick. Sure we'd slept over at each other's house a few times, but we always wore underwear or pajamas when we slept, and always took our baths separately.

"Well...sure...yeah, why not? We're both guys so what's the big deal?"

"But...but, we've never even seen each other's dick before," I stuttered.

"Well...we could turn out the light or something, but I just gotta jerk off or I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight."

"I guess we could do that...if you really want."

"Yeah, I really, really want to. Please, I promise it will be fun."

"How do you know? Have you done this with someone else?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well...sort of..." he mumbled and when he didn't explain I elbowed him, "With who?"

"My cousin Roger," he blurted out, "he showed me some really cool stuff," he added quickly, then blushed, "but all I want to do is jerk it...can we...please?"

"Well...I guess."

Will jumped up and turned off the room light and started stripping off his clothes. Even in the darkness I could see his outline and his white underwear seemed to glow. Then just like that, he dropped them too and I was in total shock for a moment. I guess I had figured he'd just pull it out of his fly and jerk it, but he was completely naked now.

I was terrified for a minute. What had I gotten myself into?

"Well...come on, get your clothes off and let's get in bed."

I swallowed hard and started undressing, but once I was down to my underwear I waited till I was in bed before I removed them.

Will giggled, "Why are you so shy? Haven't you ever been naked around another boy before?"

"Nope, have you?"

"Well....sure...lots of times. We both got the same stuff. I mean you do have a dick dontcha'?" he giggled.

"Of course you idiot, I'm a boy ain't I?"

"Okay, okay...I'm sorry."

He was quiet for a long time, then I felt the covers moving up and down and heard him breathing heavy.

"Are you uh...doin it now?"

"Uh huh, come on join feels good," he said in a husky voice that gave me goosebumps.

Suddenly I realized my dick was so hard it almost hurt. When did that happen? I wondered. Was it from the dirty magazine, or was it because I knew Will was naked and jerking off right there beside me? I reached down and felt my dick and it felt strange in my hand. I couldn't remember it being this hard before, and it seemed more sensitive than ever before.

I wrapped my hand around it and began working the foreskin up and down, and the feeling was incredible. I'd never had it feel this good before, and for a while I was lost in the feeling of it. I was barely aware of Will laying beside me until I felt his foot touch mine.

My first instinct was to pull my foot back, but for some reason I didn't, and as we lay there jerking our hard cocks together I wondered if this was sort of what sex was like. I knew it wasn't the real thing, but it was so much more intense than just jerking alone.

Will finished up first with a loud deep moan and that pushed me over the edge. I saw stars as I came, and it had never felt that good before. My heart was beating so fast I could feel the blood pumping in my ears, and I felt as if I'd ran a mile. I was exhausted, but somehow I managed to find my underwear and clean up what little bit of mess I'd made. I was too tired to attempt putting them back on though, and so I fell asleep naked for the first time in my life.

I woke up sometime later and it took me a minute to figure out where I was, and why I was naked. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, I realized Will had scooted against me and had one arm thrown over me and....I could feel his dick pressing against my hip.

I didn't know what to do. From previous sleepovers I knew Will was a pretty sound sleeper, so I decided to try to move him. I started by untangling his arm from me, and after a few tries I finally got it from around me, and it dropped down between us. As it dropped he sort of rolled onto his back which removed his dick from my hip, but then his arm dropped down further and suddenly it was right between my butt cheeks.

I was vaguely aware of my dick jutting out from beneath my legs and I realized that I was hard again. I didn't know if it was from Will's dick on me or his hand on my butt, but I was terrified of the feelings that his touching me caused.

I rolled away then, scooted out of bed, and found my underwear and slipped them on before climbing back into bed. I hugged the edge and stayed there the rest of the night, and fortunately my hardon went away, and Will didn't touch me anymore that night.

When morning came I woke up to find that Will was already up and dressed. He gave me a sly smile and told me breakfast was almost ready and that I should hurry. I threw back the covers before I realized I had a bad case of morning wood, then tried to hide it with my hand.

Will just laughed, and after a minute or so he left me alone. I slipped on my clothes, then scooted across the hall to the bathroom, peed and washed my face and hands. When I was done I joined Will and his family for breakfast, but all the time I was sitting there eating all I could think about was what happened the night before and Will's dick pressing against my hip when I woke up.

Neither of us brought up jerking off together the night before, but I think it was heavy on both our minds. At least I knew it was on mine. I'd never really thought about other boys stuff before that night, but suddenly it was as if my eyes had been opened to a whole new world.

After that night at Will's I didn't see him except at school for the next couple of weeks. It gave me time to think about things and try to figure out what all of it meant. I'd never really thought about that sort of thing before, and it was all so confusing. Until I'd learned to jerk off, I didn't really think about sex at all. After that, it was still limited to myself and my hand, and I never really thought about including anyone else. I mean, I guess I knew that someday I'd want to have sex with a girl, but that seemed a long way off and didn't really have much to do with my life at the time. Jerking off was sort of like scratching an itch, you did it and then you went about your business until the next time you had an itch.

But what Will and I had done got me thinking about things. Until then it had always been just me jerking off, but now that we'd done it together, I wondered what else two boys could do together. What would it be like to touch Will's dick, or have him touch mine? Stuff like that, and it always made me horny thinking about it. I must've jerked off a hundred times thinking about that night, but we still hadn't talked about it, and it had been two weeks since it happened.

Our next sleepover was at my grandparents house, and Will got to stay both Friday and Saturday night. Will always liked visiting the farm better than staying at his house, and he loved helping gramps with the chores. I wasn't quite as happy about that part of it, but I had to admit Will always seemed to make things fun, no matter what we were doing.

We had just finished cleaning out the barn and putting some hay up for the cows, and Will suggested we climb up in the hayloft and take a break. Gramps was out in the south pasture checking some fences and we figured we had plenty of time to goof off till he got back.

Will fell back in the hay and grabbed a piece of straw and started chewing on it. I'd never really looked at Will before that day. I mean, yeah I'd seen him a million times, but that day I really took a close look at him. He was a little taller than me, maybe 5 foot, and outweighed me by about five pounds.

He had brown hair that curled at the edges, and always seemed to be messy even when he combed it. His eyes were pale blue and his eyelashes were long and dark, just like his eyebrows. He had a small nose, and his lips were so red it looked like he was wearing lipstick.

I'd never really thought about it before, but I guess he was cute. I mean I knew he wasn't ugly or anything, but until then I never really thought about his looks before. I considered myself pretty cute, even though I wasn't stuck on myself or anything, but somehow I thought Will was cuter. Maybe it was his dimples, or the way he smiled. It was all so confusing.

Then there was his body. The extra weight he carried was all muscle, and it showed in his chest and arms and legs. I'd seen him shirtless many times, and in shorts or underwear, and I knew he had a well defined body, but until that day I never realized how pleasing it was to look at him.

"What are you staring at? Do I have manure on my face or something?" Will laughed.

"No...uh...sorry, just thinking about something...sorry."

"It's okay, hey...guess what I brought with me?"

"Uh...I don't know. What?"

"It's hidden in my gym bag...down under my clean clothes."

"Uh...your underwear?"

"No dufus, the dirty magazine. I brought it and we can look at it tonight when we go to your room."

"Oh...okay, yeah...that's cool," I said, completely unprepared for that bit of news.

"What's wrong?" he frowned, "Didn't ya' like looking at it?"

"Oh sure...a lot," I said. I didn't want him to think I was weird or anything, "I's not as private as it is at your place."

"No one will see it but us. We'll wait till your mom and grands are in bed and asleep. It'll be'll see."

"Yeah, okay."

We were interrupted by the sound of the tractor, and we climbed down and met gramps in front of the barn. He told us all the chores were done and we could run off and play now, and we didn't have to be told twice.

The farm had a nice sized pond on it, and gramps stocked it with catfish and bass, and though I wasn't much of a fisherman, it was always fun when Will was over. He loved fishing and could catch three fish to my one every time, but I didn't care cause he always kept me laughing and we had a great time.

That day we caught enough fish for supper, and gran cooked them up and served them with homemade hush puppies, and fried potatoes, and roasted corn. For dessert she served us peach/apple cobbler with a scoop of ice cream.

After supper we all went into the living room and watched TV on my grandparents' old black and white TV. It was sort of lame, but with Will there it was more fun than usual. After a while we decided to go out and sit on the back porch and enjoy the fresh air.

My grandparents went to bed first, then my mom, and eventually Will and I went inside. Since we'd worked all afternoon on the farm we needed a shower badly, and I let Will go first since he was company. I stayed in my room while he showered, and when he came back he was wearing only a towel, which really shocked me. Before that night he had always gotten dressed before coming to my room, and the shock of seeing him like that was almost too much.

I tried not to look at him as I gathered up my stuff, but suddenly he dropped his towel and I almost choked when his naked body came into view. He tried to pretend it was an accident, but the grin on his face told me it wasn't. For some reason he wanted me to see him naked, and for some reason I wanted to. I stood there talking to him, trying to pretend nothing was different, while I took in every square inch of his body. Like I said, I'd seen Will in just his undies before, but never naked, and it was as if I was looking at a different boy.

I think the first thing I noticed was how much hair he had above his dick. It was dark like the hair on his head, and maybe that made it look thicker or something, but I knew it was a lot more than I had. The next thing I noticed was how much bigger his dick was than mine. Up until then of course, I'd never had a chance to compare my dick to another boy's, and had always thought mine was average (which I found out later that it was), but after seeing Will's I felt puny.

Like me, Will was uncut, and soft his dick was at least three inches. I didn't know about showers and growers, so I just assumed that when he got hard his dick would double or triple in size like mine did. His balls were bigger than mine too and had dropped a bit and hung free at the moment, and though they were smooth, they looked more mature than mine.

I must've zoned out for a minute because suddenly I was aware of Will's soft laughter, and when I looked up he said, "Geeze it's okay to look. If I'd known you wanted to see I could have shown you a long time ago."

"I wasn't looking," I stammered, then realizing how stupid that sounded I added, "I mean...well..I was just curious, and after're the one who dropped his towel...on purpose."

He rolled his eyes and reached down and grabbed his dick and shook it. "I figured after what happened at my place last time you wouldn't mind."

I shrugged, "I guess it's okay, but don't be thinking I'm gonna show you mine..."

He frowned, "No fair man. That's like the worst thing you could say. I thought you were a better sport than that."

He spun around then and I held my breath as I saw his butt for the first time. Now mind you I was 12, and didn't know a blessed thing about sex, except that rubbing my dick felt good, and yet I knew that there was something sexy about Will's butt, and looking at it actually made my dick hard. It's hard to describe what I saw that day. Like I said, he was athletic and muscular, and some of that showed in his butt. But there was softness there too. Two perfect, soft looking pink globes of flesh, that seemed to beg to be pinched and squeezed.

While I'd been admiring his butt he was digging underwear out of his gym bag, and suddenly he spun back around and started putting them on. As he pulled them up over his dick and balls he reached down to adjust them, then looked at me and shook his head like a little kid.

"If I can't look...neither can you. Fair is fair."

I slumped off to the bathroom and locked the door behind me and quickly stripped off my clothes. My dick had gone down some, but was still sort of chubbed up, and I held it and thought about what I'd just seen. Why was looking at Will's naked body so exciting to me? Was it because I'd never seen anyone naked before? Well, except in Will's dirty book. Or...was it because I found Will's body pleasant and sexy?

As I showered I thought about Will's reaction to my not wanting to show him my naked body. Was he being serious? Was he really upset? There was a code between boys our age. Fair was fair, had real meaning for us, and in a way I was being a chicken shit by not letting Will see me too. Fair was fair, and I had a reputation to uphold even if this was between me and Will.

By the time I had finished my shower I'd made up my mind. Even if I wasn't as well built as Will, even if my dick was puny and my ass too skinny, I owed it to Will to let him see what I had. I was shaking as I dried off and wrapped a towel around my skinny waist just like Will had done.

If my towel accidentally fell off...well, that wasn't my fault was it? I chuckled to myself. Fair is fair. He had an accident with his towel and so would I.

I grabbed my clean undies and thought about how stupid it would look if I carried them back to my room, so I stuffed them in the hamper and went back to my room. As soon as I walked in, Will's eyes were on me, and he sort of smiled when he saw the towel.

"I forgot my underwear," I lied. He had to know I was lying. He'd seen me dig them out and carry them to the bathroom, but he didn't say a word.

I went over to my dresser as Will sat on the bed behind me and in the mirror I could see him watching my every move. I smiled with excitement as I realized that Will wanted to see me naked. I mean up until that moment I'd never thought about anyone desiring me in that way, and it was pretty much of an ego booster.

I fished out a pair of undies and checked the mirror to see if Will was still watching. Sure enough his eyes seemed to be right on my butt, so I took that moment to fish my finger into the knot of my towel and loosen it just enough so that when I did spin back around it fell loose.

I pretended to try to catch it, but I think Will knew what was up, and when it dropped to the floor I just kicked it off and shrugged.

"Damn towel," I said smiling as I fumbled with my undies, turning them inside out, then right side out, then rolling my eyes as if I'd messed up by mistake. I was stalling for time so Will could get a good look and he knew it.

I couldn't tell exactly what Will was thinking, but from the look on his face he must've liked what he was seeing. When I finally decided he'd seen enough of the front, I turned and did him one better by bending down to pick up the towel, flashing him with my brown eye.

I don't know where I got that idea, but suddenly I realized I wished he'd done the same. I'd never seen a butthole before, not even my own, and for some reason the idea excited me more than anything that I'd thought of before.

In the mirror I could see the look of surprise, and then wonder on his face, as he came face to face with my butt and the brown eye winking at him, and absent-mindedly he reached down and rubbed his dick through his undies. I turned back around after a few seconds and laid the towel on the dresser and fussed with my briefs, taking my good slow time putting them on.

Only when they were up all the way did I realize how much I had enjoyed putting on that little show for Will. Maybe there was something wrong with me, I thought, frowning in my head, but if there was, then Will seemed to be suffering from the same sickness.

I sat down by Will and he looked over at me and offered his fist to bump. I returned the bump and grinned at him.

"Why'd you change your mind?"

"What? I told ya, I forgot my undies and that damn towel just fell down...that's all."

He nodded, "Right. Okay, least we got that out of the way. Now maybe tonight when we jerk off we can do it on top of the covers."

I shrugged and smiled nervously, showing off my stuff while I was soft was one thing, but jerking in front of another boy...that was big stuff.

"Come on let's read comic books till everyone's asleep."

I grabbed my stack and threw it on the bed and grabbed a Mad Magazine and tried to read it, but my mind was on what Will had said, and what might be happening later. It wasn't that I didn't want to jerk off, my dick was hard and needed a good workout, but was I ready to do that with Will watching me? When I thought about how exciting it had been seeing Will naked, I got a funny feeling in my stomach. What would it be like to watch him jerk his hard dick right in front of me?

The time passed quickly, and eventually Will said he needed to pee and he left me alone with my thoughts. When he returned a few minutes later he was grinning.

"Everyone is asleep. I could hear your grandpa snoring like a buzz saw," he laughed.

"Uh...okay. I better go pee too," I said nervously. If we were gonna do this I didn't want to have to worry about peeing on myself.

When I returned, Will had the room lights off, and the only light was from the small bedside lamp. My gran had bought me that lamp at a thrift store. It was shaped like a baseball bat with baseballs printed on the lamp shade and I really liked that lamp.

He was laying on the bed on top of the covers, but at least he still had his underwear on, even though they were tented something fierce by his hard dick. I sort of swallowed hard and laid down beside him, and suddenly I realized my dick was as hard as his was, but of course it didn't tent my undies quite as much.

"Light on or off?" Will said in a soft husky voice filled with lust and excitement that caused goosebumps all over my flesh.

"Off...I guess," I said with relief.

"Okay," Will said, sounding as relieved as I was. Maybe he was nervous too.

It took my eyes a minute to adjust as darkness descended over us, but when they did I could just make out Will's form laying so close to me I could have reached out and touched him without moving one bit. There was a big light out by the barn and it shown in through my window, casting a pale glow in my room but not reaching the bed.

As my eyes adjusted further, I could see Will's eyes as he stared across at me, and his teeth seemed to glow as he spoke, "Ready? On the count of three let's take em' off." he said gripping the waist band of his undies.

"What about the book? I said panicky, "Weren't we gonna look at the dirty book first?"

"Oh yeah...that. you have a flashlight?"

I did, and it was by the bedside table. Gran had made sure every room in the house had one after the big blackout last winter, and sometimes I used it to make shadow puppets on the ceiling when I was bored. It was one of those two D-cell kind and didn't throw off a lot of light, but it was perfect for what we had in mind.

So with Will holding the book, and me holding the flashlight, we were able to look at the book one page at a time as Will thumbed through it. When we got to a really good page Will folded the book at the spine and held that page out while he wrapped his other hand around his dick and began to jerk it.

"Go ahead, do yours," he coaxed.

I was right handed so I moved the flashlight to the left hand, and even though it was a little awkward, I managed to get things going pretty quick.

"Oh man this feels good," Will said in a husky voice.

"Uh huh," I sort of moaned. It did feel good, maybe even better than the last time we'd done it together, but I was looking at Will's dick as much as I was the magazine. I mean the magazine was just black and white pictures, and Will was real and in living color.

"My hand is getting tired holding the magazine up..."

"Well...put it down I guess. I don't care if you don't."

"Okay, but let's keep the flashlight on, okay?"

I laid the flashlight down between us, and in the pale light I could see Will's body clearly. His chest was heaving and I could see a fine sheen of sweat on his skin. His hips were thrust up slightly and he kept flexing and unflexing his toes as he worked on his dick.

The sight of his naked body, his hand moving expertly along his hard shaft, and the look in his eyes as he watched me as closely as I was watching him, brought me to a new level of sexual excitement. I'd jerked my dick a hundred times, and once before with Will, but none of those times compared to the intensity and gut wrenching pleasure of this one.

"Good huh?" Will said in a soft husky voice that gave me goosebumps.

"Uh huh," I managed to squeak out.

"You wanna try something new, something fun?" Will said looking at me with this intense desperate look.

"I uh, yeah...okay."

"Okay," he said licking his lips nervously, "let me..." he said reaching his free hand over and pushing mine away from my hard dick.

I got the idea really quick, and took over for him even though I was almost too overwhelmed from the feelings his hand on my dick was giving me. I had never really thought about holding another boy's dick in my hand before, so I had no preconceived notions of what it would feel like, but the feeling was amazing. It was warm and smooth, yet hard as steel beneath, and it felt good in my hand. Not just good, it somehow felt right to be holding my best friend's most private part and bringing him pleasure. I was twelve, and had no idea what sex or love was, but at that moment I think I was experiencing both.

"That's good," Will grunted, "a little faster, and hold it tighter. Am I doing okay...on yours?"

"Perfect," I swooned. I had never felt anything so wonderful, and to think it was my best friend giving me that wonderful feeling was enough to make a boy cry. But fortunately I didn't...not then anyway.

When you're 12, you don't have a lot of staying power, and when you're getting your first hand job, it's even worse. I came first, and the feelings were so intense I shook like I was being electrocuted. My toes curled, my eyes closed, and my mouth flew open and worked like I was speaking in tongues, only the only sound that came out was a sort of low gurgling, grunting sound. What little spunk I made just bubbled up at the end, but I did notice Will got a little on his hand. He didn't seem to mind though and just kept holding my dick as I continued to jack him.

Will came right after that and had a similar reaction, except instead of a meager little cum like mine, his dick spewed sperm out like a fountain. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but he did managed to wet my hand, his tummy, and of course his pubic hair.

"Sorry," he said breathing so hard I thought he was gonna' pass out, "did I get it all over your hand?"

"It's okay," I said, trying not to let him see how much I enjoyed feeling his boy sperms on my hand.

He sighed deeply and pulled his hand back from my dick and I did the same, wondering what to do about the sperm coating it. Then Will grabbed a sock from the floor and handed it to me, and I cleaned up as best I could. We laid there naked for a few minutes not speaking, then Will rolled over to face me and laid his hand on my chest.

"That was bitchin' wudn't it?"

"Yeah, really bitchin'," I agreed, "Have you done that before?"

"Yeah, remember I told you about my cousin Roger? He taught me lots of stuff to do. Maybe next time I'll show you something else that's really cool."

"OH, okay," I said, not sure I could handle anything more intense than what we'd just experienced.

"I'm kind of tired now, how bout' you?" he said yawning.

"Yeah, really tired," I said yawning back. Why was yawning contagious?

"Night then," he said sounding half asleep already.

"Aren't ya' gonna put your underpants back on?"

"Naw, I like sleepin' nekkid," he giggled.

"Oh, okay...well, I guess I'll try it too," I said, still a little unsure about such behavior. But I knew as long as we were in my room we were relatively safe.

I think Will was already asleep by then, and I wasn't far behind him. The next thing I knew I woke up and felt something warm pressed up against my front. It only took me a minute to figure out it was Will, and that his butt was pressed right up against my crotch and my hard dick was laying in the crack.

I was terrified. What if he woke up and felt my dick between his butt cheeks? Would he be mad, or think I was some kind of sicko? Of course my thinking was crazy considering I'd woke up with him pretty much in the same position that night at his place, but when you're 12 and everything is happening so fast it's hard to think straight.

To make things worse I suddenly discovered that my arm was not only thrown over Will's hip, but it was resting in his lap...and he was hard. I could feel something wet and sticky on my fingers as I pulled them away and wondered if he'd come again somehow, adding to my horror. Had I made him come while I was...humping his butt or whatever?

I jerked my hand away then and disengaged my body from his, and suddenly he whispered, "It's okay, you can stay like that if you want to."

"I uh...I uh have to go pee," I lied. I found my underpants, slipped them on, tip-toed across the hall to the bathroom, and actually did manage to pee. I had a lot of thinking to do and not much time to do it in.

Why did Will want me to snuggle against his butt? Did he like the warm feeling of our flesh pressed together as much as I did? Did Will like me as much as I liked him, and what did that mean? I'd had a girlfriend back at my old school, but I was 8 or 9 then, and all we ever did was hold hands, and she kissed me on the cheek once, which caused me to run away in embarrassment. We broke up shortly after that. Could two boys be like that? I wondered. I'd heard about fags and homos and that sort of stuff, but I never knew anyone like that or thought much about it before. Was it really bad, was it a sin, was it even real? I was so confused, and besides Will I had no one to talk to about such things. Then it occurred to me that Will knew a lot more about this stuff than I did, and since he had started all this to begin with, I'd just let him lead the way and see what happened. I actually felt relieved after making that decision, and by the time I got back to my room I was okay with whatever happened.

Unfortunately, nothing else happened that night or the next. When I got back to bed, Will was sound asleep, and as far over on his side of the bed as he could be. He was laying on his side with one leg sort of sprawled out, and when I climbed into bed my foot did touch his, but that was all the body contact we had for the rest of the night.

The next day was Saturday and gramps took us all into town in his old Chrysler (which I suspected he'd bought new back in the 50's) and we ate at The Spot Cafe and went shopping downtown. See Crayton was a small town, and didn't have a mall or even a Walmart back then, and all the places to shop were located downtown or at least nearby. At the 5&10 we bought kites for 25¢ and granny bought a new skillet and some thread. Gramps was looking at the tools and the hunting stuff, but he said they were too durned expensive and probably made in China. Then he went on to tell us how dealing with China was killing our country and taking jobs away from hard working Americans. When gramps got like that it was best to just shake your head and agree, then get away as soon as possible.

When granny came up I asked her if me and Will could go over to the drugstore and get a cherry limeade and look at the comic books. Granny was a softy, and though my mom gave both of us a stern look, she didn't say anything when granny handed me 50¢ and sent us on our way.

Gatewoods Drug had a lunch counter and a couple of booths, and served some of the best ice cream and cherry limeades in the world, well in my opinion. They also had gifts and books, and racks and racks of comic books and magazines. Back then pictures were taken with cameras that used film, and most of the folks in the area brought their film to Gatewoods or the other drugstore in town to have it developed.

We browsed the comic book racks first, and I picked out a new Green Lantern, and Will chose a Richie Rich. Later after we'd read our chosen book we'd swap, so it was always good to get something serious and something funny. We climbed up on the swivel bar stools at the lunch counter and ordered large cherry limeades and looked at our comic books as we waited.

Like I said earlier, I knew just about everyone who lived in Crayton, and the lady at the lunch counter was named Jenny. She was a little older than my mom, and a little heavier, but not really fat. She was really nice, and I knew she had a girl my age named Cindy, who I knew from school. But since I didn't hang around with girls much, I really didn't know her or any girl very well, but of course that was typical of boys my age back then. Us boys hung out with other boys, and played our games, and had our fun, and only noticed girls in passing. Oh sure, there were some boys who seemed to be more interested in girls, and they talked about which ones they thought were cute, or which ones had nice tits, but most of the boys my age were still content to just hang out with other boys.

We'd finished about half of our cherry limeades when we decided to head up to the other 5&10 in town and see if they had any new toys or models. Technically we should have gone back and asked my mom or grams if it was okay, but like I said, Crayton was a small town, and we felt perfectly safe wandering around downtown alone. In fact we'd done it many times, just the two of us, on the occasions I'd stayed over at Will's or gramps had dropped me off there.

There was a cool '64 Nova model that I really liked, but it was a buck fifty and I only had a buck saved, so it would have to wait, or maybe I could put it on my Christmas list for Santa. Of course I knew Santa wasn't real, but I still made my list each year and gave it to my mom to 'mail'. Of course it never went any further than that, but I did see a number of the items on my list appear under the tree each year, so who was I to mess up a good deal?

Little did I know that Will was taking note of things I said I liked, and like Santa, he was making a list and checking it twice. Will was my best friend, and because his dad had lots more money than we did, I would often benefit from that fact. For instance, when Will got a brand new bike for his birthday, who do you think got his perfectly fine old bike? Yeah, it was me...big surprise, huh? I tell you I was so excited that I actually hugged Will, causing us both to blush, but looking back on that hug, I think that it made Will as happy as the bike had made me.

"Boys!" I heard my mom's voice cry out from the end of the aisle.

"Oh shit," I muttered, then covered my mouth quickly. I hoped I hadn't said it loud enough for her to hear.

"There you are, we've been looking all over..."

"Sorry mom, I guess we should have come told ya', but I figured we'd be back by the time you was done shopping."

"Well, come on. We need to stop by the Safeway and get a few things before we head back to the farm."

"Okay, we're done anyway," I said returning the Nova to the shelf and giving it one last longing look, which did not go unnoticed by my bestest friend.

At the Safeway we wandered the aisles by ourselves as my mom and granny shopped, and gramps sat in the Chrysler waiting. He hated going shopping, period, and really hated the grocery store. Not that they bought that much there. They raised most of the stuff we ate, including pigs, chickens (which provided eggs), and we had cows that gave us milk. Mostly the things granny bought at the store, were spices, and sugar, and flour, stuff like that, but occasionally she would splurge and get some store bought cookies or some such treat. Today it was ice cream.

When we joined them at the checkouts and noticed the two half gallons of ice cream in the basket we went crazy. One was neopolitan, the other rocky road (my favorite) and there were even some bananas to cut up in it.

"Are we having ice cream for dessert?" I said, practically drooling.

"Yes, dear," granny said smiling. "I baked a cake this mornin' and I thought we'd have some ice cream with it, sort of a treat since Willy was over."

"Thanks Mrs. Miller," Will said beaming. Granny always made him feel special, but Will never took advantage of her, well not much anyway.

Gramps was leaning against the car, talking to Mr. Elkins, the barber that gramps dragged me to occasionally for what he called "a good shearing" and I cringed, hoping it wasn't time for another hair cut.

I guess it wasn't, cause gramps said goodbye and then climbed into the car, and after me and Will loaded the groceries in the trunk we were off to the farm. On the way we thumbed through our comic books, but neither of us was ready to get down to some serious reading. By the time we arrived at the farm we were ready to stretch our legs and enjoy the rest of the day.

After helping carry the groceries inside, Will and I were dismissed, and we ran out to the barn to play in the hayloft. I fully expected, and hoped, that Will would bring up the stuff that had happened last night, but he seemed to be in his silly boy mood, and nothing exciting except a little wrestling occurred that afternoon. I had to admit though, wrestling with Will was fun, and I confess I let him pin me a few times that afternoon just to feel his warm strong body on top of me. And the funny thing was, I think he let me pin him a few times too, maybe for the same reason.

It was late November and the leaves were orange and brown, the greens of summer long gone, but in a way this was beautiful too, especially on the farm. Although I had hated being uprooted and brought here to live on the farm at first, now I was truly starting to love my new life, and I think Will had a lot to do with it.

"Want to go fishing?" Will asked as we walked the rows of dead corn stalks.

"If you do," I said easily.

"Naw, not really, but what can we do?"

"I dunno', we could ask gramps if he'll take us for a ride on the tractor."

"Yeah, that would be fun. Think he will?"

"Probably, he usually goes down to the far pasture anyway to check on things."

"Bobby?" Will said suddenly stopping dead in his tracks and grabbing my arm to stop my forward progress.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" I asked, thinking maybe he'd seen a snake or something, but looking around I didn't see anything wrong.

"We're best pals, right?"

"Well sure," I said, surprised by Will's question, then realizing something important was happening, I added, "I ain't never had a friend as good as you."

"Thanks, me neither," he said blushing, "So if I do somethin' that you don't like, or I make ya''ll forgive me for it, right?"

"Well, course I will, and you'll do the same, right?"

"Yeah, for sure," he said smiling, and then he started off again, grabbing me around the neck and attempting to give me a noogie as he laughed happily.

I didn't fight too hard, and soon we were tumbling onto the ground and wrestling around again. As usual, Will wound up on top, and suddenly he stopped moving. He had my arms pinned and his legs were pressed against mine keeping them pinned as well. Our faces were so close I could feel his breath on me, and I noted that it was warm and ragged at the moment.

Our eyes locked on each other, and we continued to stare as time froze, as we shared a special moment of intimacy. Then the moment passed and Will rolled off of me and just lay on his back staring up at the blue November sky.

We lay there in silence for a very long time, and then, in a very soft voice that sounded far away, Will began, "Someday I'm gonna leave this place and move to the big city where no one knows my name. Maybe I'll go to college or something. Get my own place and do what I want to do."

"I'd miss you," was all I could think to say at the moment, and I knew without a doubt that I would.

"I'd miss you too. Hey, you should come with me," he said rolling his head to one side and smiling at me.

God he was so cute when he smiled. Whoa, that was new. When had I decided Will was cute, and why was my heart beating so fast just from looking at him?

"I doubt I'll be able to go to college," I said, causing his smile to fade, then seeing the sadness in his eyes, I added, "But I might move anyway, get a job in the city or something, maybe even wherever you are."

"Yeah, that would be good. We could share an apartment or something," he said, then quickly added, "I mean if we're not married or something by then."

"Never really thought about that before, but I guess I might someday, get married I mean."

"Not me, I ain't never gonna get tied down to no danged woman," Will said frowning.

I laughed, "Danged woman? What's got you so agin' women?"

"I dunno, I guess I just don't want to wind up like my dad."

"Whatta you mean, I like your mom..." I said, defending her and her tasty baked treats.

"Yeah, she's okay I guess, but my dad ain't that happy," he said surprising me.

In all the times I'd visited Will, I'd never sensed that Will's mom and dad were anything but happily married.

"What do you mean? Don't he like your mom?"

"Course he does," he sighed, "loves her I guess, but sometimes he says things, and acts like he wishes he was somewhere else."

"Maybe it's just business stuff," I said, trying to comfort him some.

"Yeah, I hope so."

He was quiet again and that gave me time to think about what he'd said. Remembering how my own mom and dad acted around each other, I guess I'd never doubted that they loved each other and were happy being married. Of course I knew not all couples got along that well, and that sometimes they got divorced.

I sure hoped that wouldn't happen with Will's folks though, because I knew that would be hard on Will, not to mention the fact that Will could wind up moving, and that just wouldn't do. Suddenly I was as worried as Will, and I needed some reassurance that things would be okay.

"You don't think your folks will get a divorce do you?" I said, trying not to sound as worried as I felt.

"Naw, my mom would never agree to that. She thinks once married, always married. I guess that's the way she was raised or something. That's how the people at our church see it too."

As far as I knew Will only went to church on special occasions, but I guess his folks, or at least his mom, must've gone more often.

"That's good, I guess," I said, wondering if that really made any difference in the real world.

You heard about couples getting divorced all the time, and I was sure a good number of them must've been church going folks too.

"Anyway, I think my dad is getting some on the side," Will said causing me to wonder if I'd heard him right.

"What...what do you mean? You don't think your dad is cheatin' on your mom do you?"

"Dunno', he takes a lot of trips and there's this really pretty lady working at the bank that he talks about a lot."

"That doesn't mean he's cheating," I said, but I wasn't sure who I was trying to convince, him or me.

Will sighed, "Let's talk about something else, okay?"

"Yeah, lets go see if gramps will take us for a ride on the tractor."

Gramps was just coming out of the barn when we entered the barnyard, and when he saw us he gave us a wave. "What you boys been up to?"

"Not much, but we were wondering...if you're going out to the far pasture could we ride along on the tractor?"

"Sure you don't wanna' drive?" he chuckled.

"Yes sir, I'd like that," I joked.

"Well when I was your age I was driving a tractor and plowin' fields, so...if you don't tell your momma about it, I might take you boys out there and let you take turns driving the old Farmall."

"Really?" I squealed, then realizing that I sounded more like a girl than a boy, I quickly recovered, "That would be just fine grandpa, right Will?"

"Yes sir," he said grinning, "Thank you Mr. Miller, that would be just swell."

We were nervous but excited as we rode along with gramps on the tractor, and when we got to the far pasture I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with this or not. Will however, was raring to go and so, since he was company, I let him go first.

Gramps stood behind the seat on the back of the tractor while I stood to one side, and Will climbed into the seat like he'd done it a million times before. Gramps took a few minutes to explain all the levers and pedals to Willy and I paid close attention since I'd be going next. I didn't want to let Willy outdo me, after all, this was my farm, my tractor, my gramps. Well, anyway that's how I saw it.

Willy made a few false starts, and once the tractor died, but he finally got the hang of it, and before long we were going down the little dirt path at a good pace. The tractor might not have been the fastest vehicle, but it could pretty much go anywhere, no matter how rough the road. Of course that meant we were getting bounced around a little when the tractor hit a rut or something, but Will managed to keep the tractor on the path and I just hoped I could do as good when it was my turn.

My turn came quicker than I'd planned when we reached the fence line. Gramps had Willy pull up to a stop by the big water trough out there and then showed him how to put it in neutral and apply the brake. Next he hopped down to go check the water trough and make sure the automatic valve was keeping it full, and that it was relatively clean.

"That was the most fun I ever had," Will said excitedly as we waited, his hands still on the steering wheel as he bubbled over with joy.

"Yeah, it looks fun. Was it hard?" I asked trying not to sound as nervous and unsure as I was.

"It's easy once you get the hang of it," he said studying my face, then apparently seeing my concern he added, "You'll do just fine Bobby, you know more about this stuff than I do anyway."

"Yeah, I've rode on the tractor a lot, but I ain't never drove it."

"Don't worry, your gramps will teach you. He's a good teacher. Heck, I was nervous too, but look how good I done."

Gramps returned then, apparently satisfied with how things looked at the water trough, and my stomach did flip flops as I realized it was finally my turn. Will swapped places with me, and gramps went over everything again, just as he had for Will, only most of it I already knew from listening to him the first time.

"Okay son, it's all yours. Just take it slow Bobby boy and you'll do fine," Gramps said laying a reassuring hand on my shoulder, "Just don't let your momma know," he chuckled.

"I won't gramps," I assured him as I dropped the tractor into gear and let up off the clutch. Of course it wasn't as easy as it looks, and the tractor sputtered and almost died before I pushed the clutch back in.

"That's okay son," Gramps said giving me a pat, "it takes time to get it just right. Now, try again, but let it out slowly this time."

The second time I did better, but suddenly I was confronted with the problem of steering the massive tractor. Of course there was no power steering back then, well not on this old tractor, and it took all of my strength to wrestle that wheel and turn us around.

"You're doin' fine son," Gramps said sounding proud, and suddenly I was proud too.

I'd feared the unknown, but after seeing Will do so well, I was determined to do this, and it seemed I had, then all of a sudden Hell broke loose. A big rock suddenly loomed in front of me, and fearing what would happen if we ran into it, I jerked the steering wheel to the right and almost managed to loose both Will and gramps.

"Whoa son," gramps said grabbing my arm and guiding the tractor back into a straight line.

"Sorry gramps," I said near tears, "you better drive now...or let Will," I said, realizing I'd failed miserably at something my best friend had mastered within minutes.

"No son, the only way to learn is to learn from your mistakes. You know now not to do that again, right?"

"Yes sir," I said shakily, as I concentrated on the trail ahead. Suddenly I realized gramps had released his hold on the wheel and I was in charge again. I was panicky at first, but I could see the trail ahead was clear and fairly straight, and I figured I could redeem myself some if I just kept my head about it.

"You're doing fine," Will said patting my leg, "heck, you did better than I would have if I'd had a big ole' rock in my way," he said soothingly, and suddenly I loved him for being such a good friend and not making fun of me.

I drove the tractor almost all the way back to the barnyard, and only when we were in sight of the house did gramps have me stop it so we could swap places for the rest of the ride back to the barnyard. I felt a little bad about keeping this little secret from my mom, even though I was a little proud of myself for what I'd learned, but I counted on gramps telling her when the time was right.

That night as Will and I lay in bed, wearing our underwear this time, we talked about driving the tractor and how much fun we'd had that weekend at the farm. Nothing was said about what we'd done the night before and I'd begun to wonder if Will was having second thoughts about doing that stuff. I was a little disappointed, but I was so tired I fell asleep before I could think much about it.

The next morning I woke first and went off to pee, and when I came back Will did his business and we got dressed for breakfast. Granny's breakfasts were always wonderful, with homemade biscuits, gravy, fried potatoes, eggs and bacon or sausage, and we ate like little pigs.

We messed around in the barnyard till Will's dad came to pick him up, and I wondered if what Will had said about his dad was true. Was he getting some on the side? I couldn't imagine doing anything with a girl, but to be married and doing it with some other woman just seemed wrong. I hoped Will was wrong about his dad, and that things would be okay at his house, but that was not to be.

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