Boys Do It Better

by Rob Warr

Chapter 7

Three boys in a bed

I was looking back over what I wrote last time, and I'm like, was that really me? How did I change that much from the day I first met Ronnie to that night I spent with Tommy in my bed? I guess I need to explain a little, cause anyone reading this is prolly gonna say, well...what the heck happened? Did I miss something, or did aliens abduct Josh and do some anal probing and stuff, and make him gay? Hey, maybe that's why the aliens always do the anal probing thing, maybe their all butt-freaking gay

Anyway, let me explain. After that night with Ronnie I began to think about things. I thought it was so cool that he was gay and that he was comfortable with it, as long as he wasn't getting beat up over it, and I wondered if I could ever be that comfortable or brave in that situation. Then I started thinking about Tommy and my feelings for him, and I began to wonder if maybe Ronnie and I had more in common than I was willing to admit.

I thought about that night Ronnie had given me my first real beejay (I didn't really even count Beth's clumsy attempt), and how good that felt, but mostly, I thought about how much I'd wanted to give him back as good as he gave me. I mean, I'd been having some strange feelings lately, especially about Tommy and Beth and that whole deal. I mean, if I had to be honest about the whole thing, I didn't miss Beth that much, what really bothered me about the whole situation was thinking about what Tommy and my ex might be doing in the dark, alone.

Yeah, I know that's crazy. I mean, until Tommy took her away from me, it was me and Beth doing stuff in the dark, not that we did that much, and I didn't think about Tommy then, well not in that way. I guess what I'm trying to say is what I told Tommy when he slept over on Friday, that I wasn't upset that Tommy took Beth away from me, I was upset that Beth took Tommy away from me.

I used my anger at Tommy for back stabbing me to cover my real feelings, and as long as I had that anger I could push my hurt feelings to the back and just try to forget them. But Tommy and I had a history, and I should've known that we couldn't stay mad forever. And once we started talking again, I began to feel the pain again, and that led to more anger, and it was like a vicious cycle.

But I already wrote about all that. What I'm trying to get out here is how I got from point A to point B, point B being my admitting I was gay and that I loved Tommy, not like a friend, but well, like a lover or something.

So anyway, I guess you could say Ronnie helped me in some ways. Seeing him so open and honest with his feelings and thinking, man, I wish I was as sure of myself as he is, and that got me to thinking about the things that had been troubling me for a while. Things like, the feelings I had for Tommy, especially when we were naked and in my bed, helping each other get off, pretending it didn't mean anything, and it was just practice and not gay, stuff like that.

So I took a long hard look at myself. Now, you gotta understand, this didn't happen overnight. In fact, it had been coming a long time, but that week after Ronnie slept over and Tommy and I made up, was like...a turning point or something for me.

I can't say that I was planning on coming out to Tommy like I did, and God knows I was terrified, but at least I had come out to myself. Yeah, I'd accepted who I was, and you know what? As scary as it was, I felt a sense of peace that I hadn't felt in a long time. I wasn't sure what would happen if I came clean to Tommy, and I just planned on playing it by ear, but I was pretty sure that no matter what, I wouldn't completely lose him. We were too close for that, and I'd always suspected that maybe Tommy and I shared some of the same uncertainties about who we were sexually. I mean, we were too close to be just friends, there had to be more to it, even putting the messing around aside.

So, my first impulse was to tell Ronnie first and just see what he thought about things, but then I thought, what if Ronnie thinks I'm coming out to him cause I wanna get with him or something? Well, I didn't want that to happen, that was for sure. Not that Ronnie wasn't a cute boy, not to mention he gives great beejays, he he, but Ronnie wasn't the boy I was crazy for, that boy was Tommy. So, I decided to hold off on telling Ronnie and just see how things went with Tommy first. Then Tommy sort of complicates things by inviting Ronnie to sleep over with us Saturday night, and I'm totally confused as to what to do now. I mean, I guess I might've even entertained the notion that maybe Tommy thought Ronnie was cute and, since rumor had it that he was gay, that maybe Tommy was interested in finding out first hand.

I was confused, and I figured if I was going to come clean with Tommy about my own sexuality, it would have to be Friday, but like I said, I was just playing it by ear and I wasn't gonna rush into anything. Fortunately, it all worked out just fine, and now it looks like Tommy and me are boyfriends. Boyfriends! Man, that looks good as I write it here. I feel a little weak in the knees just thinking about that first kiss we shared Friday night, and wow, the sex was...just so amazing. Is this what it feels like to be in love? If it is, I highly recommend everyone.

So, now that Tommy and I are...a couple, that poses a new problem. What happens with Ronnie? I mean we've already invited him to spend the night Saturday, and we can't very well cancel now. I mean I can't just say, the way Ronnie, Tommy and I are a couple now, and we're going to be having wild passionate sex all night Saturday and we'll have to reschedule you. I think I have an opening the second Tuesday in May,

So, that's what I woke up thinking about Saturday morning, but Tommy soon got my mind on other things, and I put it on hold till later. It could wait, right now, there was something hard and wet poking at my hip and I needed to take care of it.

Needless to say, Tommy's second beejay of his life was something we both eagerly looked forward to, and I think I might have even outdone myself this time. I had Tommy moaning and thrusting, and finally he just grabbed my head and pounded my poor tonsils till he unloaded down my throat. I barely got any of his yummy juice this time, but I got enough to remind me just how good he tasted and leaving me wanting more.

I would have been satisfied wiht a handjob after we did some kissing and Tommy rested, but my baby insisted on practicing his skills on my hard leaking dick, and this time he really gave it his all. I mean he might not be at Ronnie's level, or even mine yet, but the boy was learning. I could tell he really loved pleasing me, and that alone was enough to make it the best experience of my far.

We showered together afterwards and we got hard again, but other than some deep tongue kissing nothing too steamy happened in there. We knew mom was expecting us for breakfast and the last thing we needed was for her or dad to come looking for How do you explain two naked boys with boners in the same shower?

Breakfast was waffles and sausage links, and I had milk, and Tommy had OJ as always. I couldn't help but look over at Tommy every few minutes and just grin, and he was doing it back. We both had this smug, goofy look on our faces, and it never occured to me that my rents might notice something had changed between us.

Can adults tell when kids have had sex? I wondered, 'cause my mom and dad sure were looking at us funny all of a sudden. Well, I decided, maybe they were just happy we were friends again, and figured we'd made up (boy did we ever), and were just happy about that.

What are you boys doing today? My dad finally asked.

Not much, Ronnie will be over around one and we thought we might go to the Mall for awhile.

I'm going to Home Depot later, I could drop you guys off, he said smiling.

Cool, thanks dad. That would save us a bus ride or begging mom to take us.

Hey, wanna see a movie while we're there? Tommy says, giving me a hopeful look. What is he up to?

Uh, yeah...sure, if Ronnie does, we can ask him when he gets here. If he doesn't have any money, I can pay for him I guess.

How about if I give you 20 dollars and if your friend Ronnie gives you any trouble about you paying, you just say it's on us? I think he'd feel better about it coming from us than you. You don't want to damage his pride.

Good old dad, he's really a pretty smart guy for an That was a perfect plan, even if 20 bucks wouldn't cover all of it, it would be close, and I'd cover the rest. I still had Christmas money and allowance money I hadn't spent. Since mom and dad usually just bought me whatever I wanted and let me keep my own money, it was beginning to pile up, lol. You know, thinking about that I felt kind of...I don't know, weird, maybe selfish. I mean there was Ronnie, who's folks barely seemed to scrape by, with three boys to feed and clothe, and I had so much stuff and I just took it all for granted. Well, that was about to change. From now on if I wanted something I'd save up for it and buy it with my own money, and anytime I could, I'd do nice things for Ronnie and his bros, even if I'd have to be careful not to hurt their pride, like dad said. Yeah, it felt good thinking about that, and the smile on my face must've showed, cause my dad smiled back and patted me on the shoulder.

I was just feeling so good after all that happened with Tommy, and the morning sex helped too...he he, so I insisted me and Tommy would clean up and do the dishes and stuff. You'd have thought I'd just solved the problem of world hunger or something from the way my mom Anyway, she said she had some grocery shopping to do, and she'd be gone for a couple of hours, and dad was still working on something in the garage, who knows what this time? but the shelves turned out to be super cool, so me and Tommy decided to go up in the treehouse.

It had been a long time since we were both up there, and it felt like old times. The last time we'd been up here together was the day Tommy had drawn that stupid heart and wrote J+B in the center of it. In fact, that was the first thing he noticed as we sat down on the floor side by side.

Huh, J+B, not anymore, he laughed.

Yeah, I guess it's T+B now? I said casually.

Nah, but it has changed. You still got that marker up here?

Yeah, I said digging it out of the shoebox in the corner and handing it to him.

At first I thought he was just gonna color it all in or mark through the letters, but instead he drew a smaller heart around the letters and then filled it in with the red magic marker. When he was done, he looked at his handiwork and smiled, then using the area between the smaller heart and the larger one, he wrote on both sides of it, a J on one side, and a T on the other side.

There, now it's right.

I had tears in my eyes as I looked at those letters, and I think that one simple declaration of his love for me said more than anything else could. Okay, so maybe this wasn't a public place where he was declaring his love and allegiance to me, but this was something special, he was telling me that we were together now. Not me and Beth, not him and Beth, but Me and HIM. OMG I was so touched and I just couldn't control myself. I was on him in an instant, kissing those sweet lips and running my hands through his hair and pawing that sexy body of his...sigh.

Well, we might've just had sex a few hours ago, but dammit, we were horny teens and we'd just discovered that jacking off wasn't the only way to relieve our tension. I had his pants around his ankles in minutes and was swallowing that sweet sticky pleasure stick of his before the ink was dry on that declaration of our love.

This time I jerked off as I sucked my baby, and we came at almost the same time, him into my eager hungry mouth and me on the dirty wooden floor of my treehouse. I'd jerked off up here more times than I could even count over the last couple of years, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that Tommy and I would be here having real sex and making out like two newlyweds. It was

Once we had our pants back up, we just sat there snuggled up, and I suddenly remembered what had been on my mind when I'd woke up this morning, namely Ronnie. I sat and thought a minute how best to approach the subject, then just decided to come right to the point.

I pulled away from Tommy just a little and looked him in the eyes, and he could tell right away I had something on my mind, so I just went for it and I say, I was wondering, now that we're a couple and all...what are we gonna tell Ronnie, and what about tonight? Are we all gonna sleep in my room or what? If we are it's gonna be awfully hard for you and me know?...have fun.

Well, I guess I hadn't thought about that till now. I mean, when I asked him to join us, we weren't boyfriends, and it was just three friends getting together, although...he said blushing, after you told me about Ronnie giving you a beejay, for one minute there I was wondering if I could convince him to give me one too. Then he quickly added, But of course that was before I found out I had a best friend who was willing to do that for me...he he.

So, you were gonna let Ronnie blow ya, huh? I said, pretending to be mad, And where was I gonna be while you two did this?

Right there, I wouldn't have done it if you weren't there, and fact I was picturing him...uh, doing you first while I watched, and that was so hot thinking about it. And then I thought it would be hot to have you watch him give me...umm, a beejay when you were done.

I had to admit I was hard just thinking about that. Was it still a possibility? What if we didn't tell Ronnie we were a couple, what if we just pretended to be two good friends like before, and just see where things went? Was that even possible without one of us or both of us getting jealous or hurt? And what about Ronnie, would that be using him for our pleasure and toying with his emotions? I had no answers, but I was willing to see what Tommy thought about it.

So, slowly at first, I began to outline my thoughts and feelings about the matter, and I could see Tommy was clearly open to what I was suggesting, but still sort of taking it all in and weighing the possibilities. Which is totally unlike Tommy, he's usually so impulsive and just goes with his feelings. I think that's why he hooked up with Beth like he did. I doubt he even thought of the consequences till he got caught.

Well, he said finally. You've, been naked with him, but of course that was before, became boyfriends, and I'm not jealous at all. I mean, I know you love me and all, and that if...if you did anything with Ronnie again, it would be just...uh, fun...yeah, fun, that's all.

I laughed, You're trying to figure out how to get a beejay from Ronnie without hurting my feelings or making me jealous, aren't you?

NO! he said too quickly as his face turned beet red, I meant if you wanted to...

Dude, I don't ever need anyone except you, but at the same time, I'm not against having some fun now and then. I mean, is it really fair to hold you back and not let you have a taste of what I already had? You know what? That thing you talked about, you watching Ronnie blow me, and then me watching you get blown, God, that made me so horny just thinking about it. So, I guess what I'm tryna say is, I don't think us messing around with Ronnie is gonna hurt what we have right now. But I wanna know how you feel, cause I don't want to mess things up for us if you feel like it's a problem.

What about how he feels? Tommy said, surprising me again. What if he thinks it's weird, or wrong to mess around with us cause we're boyfriends?

Well, what if he doesn't know that yet? Are we gonna announce it to him so soon? I mean, I've barely gotten used to the idea myself. I love it, but it's still almost too much to comprehend. It's like a fabulous wet dream or something...he he.

So, you're saying, just keep things cool between us and pretend we're just friends? Man, that might be hard, I want to grab you and kiss you right now. How am I gonna keep my hands off you when you're half naked and in bed beside me?

He he, who says you have to? Maybe we can just keep it confined to sex for one night. He'll understand that.

But, what about kissing? I love kissing you, he whined.

We can find time for that too. Or we can just tell him what's going on and see how he reacts.

I dunno, can I think about it some more?

We don't have much time, but I guess we can think about it while we're at the movies and find some time to discuss it before we get home.

Okay, let's do that. I'm sort of confused right now.

I nodded,'s 12:30, let's go see if Ronnie's early.

Ronnie's mom dropped him off around 12:45, and then took off like she was glad to get rid of him. I found out later that his bros were sleeping over at a friend's house, and that his folks were looking forward to having a night alone. I guess me and Tommy weren't the only couple with sexy time on their minds.

Ronnie was all for going to the movies, and he said his dad gave him 10 dollars, and that solved the money problem. Dad dropped us off at the Mall around 2, and we agreed to call him when the movie was over. We'd checked the listings on line and the movie we wanted to see started at 4:50, so we figured it would be over by 7:00.

At first we just strolled the mall and checked out a few of the stores as we talked, and Ronnie seemed to be in a good mood today. I was surprised that him and Tommy seemed to be getting along so well, but I swear I wasn't thinking any jealous thoughts. In fact, I was happy that my boyfriend and my new friend were bonding so quickly, especially if what Tommy and I had talked about was going to happen later in bed...he he.

We saw a few kids from school, but no one we really knew that well, you know? kids you know by name, or a familiar face, but no one we could really say we called friend. I was wondering where Beth was, but I was afraid to ask Tommy, and in fact I really didn't want to ever hear her name again. But...technically she was still Tommy's girlfriend, and eventually he was going to have that to deal with, and knowing Tommy he would avoid it as long as possible.

Suddenly, we're walking along and Ronnie just stops dead in his tracks and he's like staring in this window at some weird display, certainly not anything a 14 year old boy would be interested in, but he keeps sneaking little peeks behind him, and when my eyes follow his gaze I smiled. There's this boy that I recognize from school. I think his name is Scott...yeah, that's it Scott McCoy, he's in my first period class.

Now I have to admit, I've found myself staring at cute boys before, and up until the big reveal this week, I just always thought that I, curious or just comparing, but Scott was never one of those boys. In fact, just looking at him now, I thought he was a little plain looking. Not ugly mind you, but not Disney Channel cute, you know? Sort of boy next door cute. But you know, now that Ronnie had called my attention to him again, or maybe because now that I'm a card carrying gay boy, I actually thought, wow...he is cute.

He was our age, but a little shorter than me, and maybe a little heavier, not fat mind you, what he had was well distributed, and I knew for a fact that he was active cause I knew he played football and baseball at our school. His hair was brownish blond, and from where I stood his eyes looked hazel, but I found out later they were green. He had a few freckles, that much I remembered, but in a way they actually made him cuter.

He was with some lady, probably his mom, and a little girl, his sister I guess, and he was laughing at something, and that made him even cuter. I elbowed Tommy who seemed oblivious to what was going on, and he followed my gaze and gave me a questioning look.

I pulled him away a few feet and whispered, Ronnie is staring at that boy. I think he likes him.

Oh, OH!, he chuckled. That's Scott McElroy, I know him he's in three of my classes. He's a nice guy, but I don't think he's gay.

Yeah, McElroy, not So I say, well...until yesterday you didn't think I was either, ha ha.

So he just shrugs, Well, want me to introduce them?

That might be awkward, but if we just happened to go over and say hi, with Ronnie by our side, that couldn't hurt.

So, that's what we did, even though Ronnie looked like he was ready to duck and hide the whole time. He was blushing so hard that by the time we got to where Scott was standing, I thought he'd pass out from lack of blood to his heart.

His mom and sister had wandered off, and he was looking around like he was trying to figure out whether to follow them, or find something more interesting to do, so his back was to us when we approached him at last.

Hey Scott, Tommy said offering the kid a fist bump.

Hey Tommy, hey Josh, hey Ronnie, he said smiling. Was his smile a little bit brighter when he saw Ronnie, or was I imagining it?, Scott, Ronnie said ducking his head down as soon as he'd finished speaking.

Scott's smile faded a little, and I wondered what went wrong. It was like Scott was really happy to see Ronnie, but he felt like Ronnie was ignoring him or something. Hmm...interesting. Were these two crushing, and both too shy to make a move? Well, old Joshy could fix that problem..he he.

So, you two know each other then? I said, stating the obvious.

Yeah, Ronnie lives across the street from me, Scott said, his smile returning, but not as wide as before, and we kinda know each other, art class.

Great, so, what are you up to Scott? I say, trying to get him to loosen up a little.

Just hanging around, waiting for my mom and sister to get done shopping. What're you guys up to?

Here was the perfect opportunity to do some matchmaking, but dare I be so bold? he he.

Well, we were just goofing around, waiting for the movie to begin, you know? We're gonna go see that new Spiderman movie, I hear it's epic.

Oh man, I love Spidey. I want to see that sooo bad, but I like...I always hate going to the movies alone, he said kind of sad like. Wow, he was playing into my hands like this was Karma or something at work here.

Dude, you should totally come with us? I said, getting me a weird look from Tommy, and a horrified look from Ronnie.

Oh, man I wish I could, but...I don't know...he said, but I could tell he really wanted to.

Come on, ask your mom. What's the worst thing she can say, no? My dad is gonna pick us up afterwards and he can drop you off at your house.

Well...are you guys sure? he said, looking at Tommy and then Ronnie, since he already knew I was okay with it.

That's fine with me, Tommy said smiling. I think he finally picked up on what I was trying to do, and now he was ready to help.

Um, that's fine, Ronnie said, still not making direct eye contact with Scott.

Well, she'll be back in a minute, I could ask her I guess. I got money. I was gonna buy a new CD, but I'd rather go to the movies.

Cool, where is she, your mom?

In there, he said pointing at a ladies clothing store. She's looking for something for my aunt for her birthday. She'll probably take all day. I might just go ask her, um...if you can wait for me.

Heck yeah, we got lots of time, I said, We'll wait over there on that bench, okay? I said pointing toward a bench by a huge potted plant.

So, Scott hurried off and I led the way to the bench, and as soon as we sat down, Ronnie started whining.

Why did you do that? he said turning to look me in the eyes, the look of fear and embarrassment filling his face.

What, invite a friend? Hey the more the merrier, I said grinning.

Oh man, he sighed, what am I gonna do if he...if he sits by me?

Wait, um...did I mess up? Is this boy not someone you like? He's not someone, bullies you or anything is he? I said feeling like an idiot.

No, he's not like that. He's nice, Ronnie said, but...don't you see...I just can't be around him. I will totally make a fool out of myself.

It was Tommy's turn now, and he was chuckling as he began, So, you like this kid, and from the way his face lit up when he saw you, I'm guessing he likes you too. So what's the problem? Are you really that shy?

I don't even know if, if he likes me that way, Ronnie stammered, we've only talked a few times and I was nervous that I almost puked on him both times.

I was laughing now, God you have got it so bad Ronnie. But you're making it way harder than it has to be. All you have to do is be your usual cool self and Scott will like you, and if he's interested in more you'll figure it out as you go along. You don't have to declare your undying love for him, or offer to have his baby this soon in the relationship...he he. Baby steps. First see a movie together, share some popcorn, talk a little, and if he's into you, trust me you will know.

And maybe hold his hand and rub the inside of his thigh, Tommy joked, that always worked with Beth and me...he he.

I gave Tommy a go-to-Hell look and he wilted.

Sorry, sore subject, and I was only kidding Ronnie, just act naturally and you'll be fine. Just follow our lead.

So, that means no hand holding or making out? I teased.

Oh...geeeeee, you guys...I am shaking just thinking about being that close to him. He is so sexy and so cute, but way out of my league, he finished sadly.

What? No way, Ronnie, you are super cute and I guess, he he. Not that I know for sure, I said, pretending that Tommy didn't know that Ronnie had been naked together.

But, he's like so athletic and super popular with all the jocks and cheerleaders and stuff, Ronnie whined.

Yeah, but he can still like a cool dude like you. Even if you just become friends, that's something, right? Maybe someday you and Scott can be as close as me and Tommy, I said giving Tommy a wink when Ronnie wasn't looking.

Oh, God...I don't know if I could stand being that close to him and not rip off his clothes...he he. Then suddenly Ronnie looked sick or something, and tears filled his eyes. Oh God, he wailed, I just outed myself to Tommy, didn't I?

Tommy laughed, It's not much of a secret dude, and I'm cool with it. Don't stress over it, okay. I'm all for hooking you two up. Young love is awesome...he he.

I could see Ronnie visibly relax as he wiped at his eyes, I'm gonna be sooo nervous you guys. Maybe you guys can sit between us.

No way! You're gonna sit right next to him, and you are gonna talk to him, I insisted, or I'm gonna tell him you like him myself.

No, you can't! Ronnie said looking panicky, Okay, okay...I'll sit by him, but I'm not telling him I like him. I'll talk to him, but only about the movie or something.

That's a start, now relax and put a smile on your face, here comes lover boy now...he he.

I can go, Scott said grinning, but my mom wants to call and talk to your folks, is that cool?

Yeah, want their number? So, I give Scott my folks land line number, and he goes off again to give it to his mom. This time he's only gone like five minutes, and when he returns he's as excited as a puppy looking like he's trying to find a place to

So, I suggested we go to the food court and get a snack while we're waiting for time to go to the movie, and once we find a table I grab Tommy and tell him to come with me to help carry the stuff, which leaves Scott and Ronnie alone.

I can see them nervously staring at each other from where I'm standing at the counter waiting on our stuff, and then Scott says something and Ronnie kind of nods and covers his mouth with his hand. Then Scott says something else and Ronnie actually laughs this time.

Aww...look, I say to Tommy, they're sharing a moment.

Cool, maybe we can fix those two up and we can double date, he laughs, and the girl behind the counter is just sitting down our two orders of nachos and she gives us a smile. I guess we were being a little loud or something, but she seems cool with us and I smile back at her.

You guys have a nice time, she says when she hands me my change. Then she says, I think your friends make a cute couple, and so do you.

I blushed, but not as red as Tommy, who just muttered thanks, and slunk away with part of the food. I gave the girl a wink and I said, He's so shy...he he he.

Back at the table, Scott and Ronnie seemed to be carrying on a decent conversation about something, and I hated to disturb them, but our presence didn't seem to bother them too much. Tommy and I shared one of the orders of nachos, and Ronnie nervously ate a few of those between him and Scott, leaving most of it for his new

So, you play football,right? I said when the conversation started to lag a little. I noticed that up close Scott was solid and muscular, all his extra weight apparently muscle.

Yeah, but my favorite sport is baseball. I just play football to keep in shape. I play tennis too, but I don't really compete, mostly just for the exercise. I play at the park by the school sometimes. If I can't find a partner I just hit the ball against the wall.

Do you play tennis Ronnie? I said, trying to pull him back in.

I, um...I never have, but it looks cool, and stuff.

I could totally teach you, Scott said smiling, I have an extra racquet. I was gonna go play tomorrow afternoon if you'd like to come.

First date not even over yet, and Scott is sitting up the second, yeah...crushing... lol.

Well, I don't know...I'm gonna be at, um...Josh's house tonight and I don't know what time I'll be home...

Mom will probably take you home around 1 o'clock, I said to Ronnie, then to Scott, is that cool?

That's perfect. I was gonna go around 2. Wanna come Ronnie? Scott said, his eyes almost begging, it was sooo cute.

Ronnie looked at me sort of panicky and I gave him a wink. Well, if I'm home. You can, just stop by if you want, and if I am, well...I guess I could go...for a little while.

I smiled and poked Tommy in the side and he smiled back. This was turning out to be a piece of cake. Score one for Joshy the matchmaker...he he.

We sat in the food court till it was time to go to the movies, and Scott and Ronnie seemed to be a lot more comfortable with each other by then. Don't get me wrong, I could see that Ronnie was still super nervous, but at least he wasn't puking on

When we got up to the window, I paid for me and Tommy's tickets and when Scott took his turn, I was surprised to hear him ask for two tickets. When he handed one of the tickets to Ronnie, Ronnie tried to pay him for it, but Scott suggested that Ronnie buy the popcorn and drinks and they'd be square. I thought that was cute though, sharing that way.

We had plenty of time till the movie started, so we got in the concession line and got our popcorn and drinks so we wouldn't have to miss any of the movie. I had to pee really bad, and I told Tommy to hold my drink while I ran to the bathroom up front.

I had just got my dick out and was starting to let loose when Ronnie came in and took the urinal next to mine. He looked around to make sure we were alone, then locked eyes with me, Josh, he is so much cooler in person than I thought he would be. I know I was nervous and stuff at first, but thank you so much for forcing me to talk to him...he he.

Cool, that's what friends do. If you had any doubts about him being into you before, I think you can forget them. I mean after all, he asked you on a date tomorrow...he he.

It's not a date, he said blushing, Is it? Oh, it might be..he he.

Someone came in then, and we had to cool it, so we finished peeing and zipped up. At the sinks, Ronnie looked at me and giggled, then walked over to the hand dryer and started drying his hands.

What? I said once we were back in the lobby.

Nothing, I'm just happy, that's all.

Well, there's more to come. Maybe you can cop a feel of Scott's ball bat in the movie, I teased.

Oh gawd...he giggled. I don't even know if he', like that.

Trust me, he likes boys, or at least this boy, I said putting my arm around his shoulder. He may not be ready to drop his pants yet, but you'll get there eventually.

They were starting to let people into the theater now, so we hurried over to join our dates. Then we found our movie and managed to find good seats before it got too busy in there. That particular theater had tiered seating, and we took the top tier front row and moved to the middle. That way there was no one in front of us and we had lots of leg room. The only down side to that was that there wasn't much privacy, but the theater was pretty packed by the time the movie began, so there wouldn't have been much privacy anyway. It wasn't like the week day showings where sometimes you could have a whole row to yourself.

Anyway, Tommy was on my left, Ronnie on my right, and Scott next to him so I could keep an eye on Ronnie and be there for him in case he got a case of nerves or something. By the time the previews started, most of our row was full, but we had a few empty seats on either end. I was glad we came early, cause we definitely had the best seats.

I could hear Scott and Ronnie talking quietly about something, but I wasn't really listening that close. As long as they were talking that was all I cared about. Instead, I turned my attention to my brand new boyfriend, boy that word just sounds so good, and we were just kinda talking, you know? About nothing in particular.

Our seats shared an armrest and our arms were touching, and suddenly I hooked my finger into his and giggled. He took the hint right away and actually took my hand and I almost fainted. It was so romantic, and he was acting like he didn't care who saw him do it. Of course it was dark, and unless you just happened to be staring at us you couldn't really see what we were doing, but it was still cool.

The movie started and we quit talking, and except for a comment now and then and the munching of popcorn, it was quiet for the next 90 minutes or whatever. After a while I sort of leaned into Tommy and once or twice I even laid my head on his shoulder. If anyone had been paying close attention to us, I'm sure they would have noticed that we were getting a little closer together than two boys ought to...he he, but it wasn't some random stranger that noticed, it was Ronnie.

He gave me a funny look at one point, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was for. I guess I was just too caught up in the moment to think clearly.

When the movie ended, we waited till the theater cleared a little before heading out, and we sat and discussed the movie while we waited. Apparently Scott wasn't kidding when he said he loved Spiderman, in fact he knew more about Spidey than I cared to know, but Ronnie was hanging on every word, like it was some fricking religion he was preaching.

I wasn't sure if Ronnie was really that crazy about Spiderman, or if he was just trying to make Scott happy, but whatever, Scott loved the attention. We finally made our way out of the theater, but we all had to drain our 44oz sodas out first and we headed to the bathroom. Fortunately, most of the crowd had thinned out by then and there was room for all of us at the urinals. There were granite dividers between the urinals to stop people from peeking, I guess, but it was probably just as well, cause if Ronnie had caught site of Scott's dick he probably would have

Once we were back in the Mall, I called my dad and he said to meet him outfront in 20 minutes. We sat on the edge of the pool out there, and the sound of the fountain behind us was very soothing. Plus, it has these really cool lights that sort of make the water look like it's dancing. It was actually kind of romantic there, and I wished me and Tommy could kiss or something, but that would have to wait for later.

We dropped Scott off at his house, and I thought how weird it was that he and Ronnie lived so close together but had never connected till now. It was especially weird since Ronnie was crushing so hard on the boy, and from what I'd witnessed tonight, the crush was mutual.

On the way to our house, I noticed Ronnie was really quiet, and I wondered what he was thinking about. He kept giving me and Tommy little looks, and squinting his eyes, but I didn't think much about it at the time. I was kinda busy giving Tommy some little looks of my own, and pressing my leg against his as tight as I could.

At home, mom wanted to know how the movie was, and Ronnie was all too glad to tell her. He went into great detail, finally getting around to the fact that Scott knew everything there was to know about Spiderman, and how cool that was.

Tommy and I just smiled and let him do the talking, and mom kept giving us little looks, like what's this all about? but I couldn't exactly tell her, now could I? Eventually Ronnie wound down and I managed to get him to follow me and Tommy to my room.

We'd all showered earlier, so we skipped that tonight and went right to playing video games. Ronnie seemed content to watch at first, but we eventually got him to play and we took turns playing while the odd man out watched the other two.

We got bored of the game and decided to just watch Netflix, and Tommy found a show he liked and we piled down on my bed to watch it. I was the first to suggest we get ready for bed, and I jumped up and grabbed a pair of boxers to sleep in and headed to the bathroom. A few minutes later Tommy came in as I was brushing my teeth, and took a piss then started undressing.

I watched him in the mirror and my dick started to bone up just looking at his sexy body. When he dropped his undies to slip on his boxers, I almost lost it.

Oh man, you should warn a guy before you get naked, I teased, I might've choked on my toothpaste.

Sexy huh? he said shaking his butt at me.

Stop, or I can't be responsible for what happens, I warn.

Okay, for now, but later we're gonna get naked and have some fun, okay?

Mmm...yeah, once we figure out what to do with Ronnie, I whispered.

We finished up in the bathroom and told Ronnie it was all his, and he grabbed the gym bag he'd brought and pulled out a pair of what looked like gym shorts and headed off to the bathroom.

Hmm...gym shorts? Tommy said, is that what he wore the other night?

Nope, I loaned him some boxers, but of course they didn't stay on very long...he he.

Well, neither will those shorts, Tommy laughed, as soon as we can figure out how to tell him we wanna play.

Leave it to me, I said. I know just how to get things going.

Ronnie returned with his neatly folded clothes in his hand, and wearing a pair of faded blue gym shorts that were a size too big for him. He looked like a little kid trying to wear his big bros shorts and I almost laughed. His little nipples sure were cute though, and his cheeks were sort of flushed like he was embarrassed to be scene so underdressed.

I turned out the overhead light and turned down the covers on the bed, and suggested we prop our heads up on pillows against the headboard and finish watching TV. I positioned myself in the middle on purpose, so I could talk directly to both of them and see if I couldn't get this party

But before I could begin, Ronnie turned to me and said, Josh, Tommy, can I ask you guys a question?

Sure Ronnie, shoot. We got no secrets, I said grinning.

Well, um...don't get mad okay? you guys seem, uh...different.

Oh, in what way? I said, pretending to be ignorant.

Well, in the movie theater you were um...kinda holding hands and stuff.

Oh, that? I said grinning, Can I tell him Tommy? I said, knowing full well this was what we wanted, to get this out in the open.

Um, yeah...I trust Ronnie if you do.

Can we trust you to keep a secret Ronnie? I asked.

I swear, besides who would I tell? he chuckled, except for you guys I don't have any real friends.

And Scott, I said grinning, but you're so shy around him I'm sure you wouldn't tell him this particular secret.

I never would. I swear. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Okay, well...the thing is...Tommy and me are sort of boyfriends now.

OH MY GOD! Ronnie squealed, and I had to put my hand over his mouth to shut him up, otherwise my mom was liable to come running at any minute to see if one of us had cut a finger off or something.

Yeah, keep it down though. You're the first to know.

When did this happen? Why didn't I know this?

Because it only happened last night, I said beaming, but I guess we been feeling this way for a while now, right Tom Tom, I said grinning over at my boyfriend, then taking his hand in mine.

This is so, so cool. Oh my God, you guys are sooo lucky.

Well, looks like you might have a shot at being lucky too, with Scott.

Do you think so? I really hope so, cause he is so hot, and so sexy, and so nice.

Calm down boy...he he. You'll be humping my leg in a minute.

Ronnie blushed, then he said, Oh man, am I messing things up by being here? I mean, do you guys want me to sleep somewhere else so you can be alone?

Nah, in fact we're kinda looking forward to having you here with us, right Tommy?

Yeah, don't get embarrassed, but Josh sort of told me about the fun you two had last week.

Oh my God, Ronnie said turning bright red, I didn't know, don't be mad...please. I just...I was just...

Relax, Tommy broke in, I'm not mad, but I am sort of turned on. Now it was Tommy's turn to blush and I laughed.

You two are so cute when you're embarrassed. What Tommy is trying to say is...that even though we're boyfriends now, we wouldn't mind having some fun with you tonight. If that's not too weird.

Ronnie lay there for a moment, blushing and looking like he was thinking, and I couldn't help but look down at his crotch. He was rock hard, and the little head don't lie, he was definitely interested.

You mean...with both of you? he finally squeaked out.

Yeah, both of us, 'cause we decided that as long as we both did it together it would be okay. That way no one gets jealous or anything.

Are, sure about this? His voice was shaky, and he looked like he was ready to bust a nut without anyone touching him.

Yes, we both want it, but it has to be your choice. We won't beg or plead, you hafta want to do it, or it's no good.

Well, it sounds, sexy. You are both sooo hot, but you already know that, and you got each other so...uh, why do you need me?

'Cause you're sexy too, and I guess I want to find out if you give beejays as good as Joshy says, Tommy offers.

Ronnie blushed deeper red, then giggled, He said I give um, good beejays?

Yeah, and I wanted to see if they were as good as Joshy's...he he.

Well, if you're both sure...okay, um...when are we gonna do...stuff?

As soon as we can get naked, I answered. Then grabbing the remote, I turned off the TV and began skinning off my boxers. Tommy was next, and only when Tommy's rock hard, leaking dick popped into view did Ronnie begin to undress.

As predicted, Ronnie was rock hard, and his dick so sexy looking that my mouth was watering. Now that I'd sucked Tommy off and discovered I loved it, I was looking forward to showing Ronnie what I'd learned.

As soon as we were all naked and laying down, I reached over and grabbed a dick in each hand and began working them just to get things going. I felt two hands on my dick then, and for a while we just lay like that slowly stroking each other as the feeling built.

I loved how Ronnie's uncut cock felt in my hand, and loved watching the head appear and disappear as I skinned it back then brought the foreskin back up into a nozzle. I wondered if an uncut dick tasted different than a cut one, but I figured I would soon find out, and I couldn't wait.

I didn't want any of us to come quite yet, and certainly not in as boring a way as jerking off, so I let go of their dicks and I guess they got the hint. Then I started tongue kissing Tommy, causing Tommy to moan and Ronnie to giggle nervously.

Oh wow, oh guys kiss and everything, that's so sweet. I would love to have Scott kiss me that way, he swooned.

Maybe he will, but right now, I think there are some other things we should do with our mouths, I said grinning.

How about you show Tommy your beejay skills, and I'll show you mine? We managed to get ourselves in just the right position on the bed so that Ronnie could get between Tommy's legs and I could get at Ronnie's dick, and pretty soon we were both just sucking like we'd been born to do it. Maybe we were, I sure know I was enjoying myself, and yes...uncut dick does taste different, and it's delicious. I guess the skin kinda keeps the flavor of the pre-cum in or something, but it really had a strong taste and I loved it.

Tommy seemed to be enjoying his beejay as much as I was enjoying sucking Ronnie, and when Ronnie moved down and started licking and kissing Tommie's nuts, he moaned softly and grabbed Ronnie's head and just held him down there.

I decided to give that a try too, and I discovered that Ronnie's smooth little nut sack fit nicely in my mouth. I sucked it in, causing Ronnie to shiver a little, and I heard him moan around Tommy's dick, and that caused Tommie to moan too.

I was glad my folks' bedroom was way at the end of the hall and that they were sound sleepers, cause it was hard to keep quiet with all the sucking and moaning going on. I finally went back to Ronnie's dick, and I was learning new stuff as I went along. Like slipping my tongue in his foreskin and feeling the tightness as I ran it around the head.

Ronnie shivered and began thrusting against me and I hoped I wasn't distracting Ronnie from his job of making Tommy feel good. Maybe I should have waited till Tommy got off before I sucked Ronnie, but now it was too late, and there was no way I was giving this dick up until I got my reward, a mouthful of cum.

I guess I shouldn't have worried so much, 'cause Tommy seemed to be enjoying himself, and suddenly he grabbed Ronnie's head again and began pumping in and out of Ronnie's mouth like he had with me the night before.

I heard Ronnie gag once, then the only sound was Tommy's grunts and the wet slurpy noises as Tommy shoved in and out of Ronnie's mouth. Then I heard a final grunt, and Tommy tensed up, and his toes curled, and he froze deep in Ronnie's throat as he began to unload.

I don't know if it was Tommy coming that triggered Ronnie or not, but a few bobs of my head later Ronnie arched up into me and began to pump my mouth full of his tasty baby batter. And I do mean tasty. It was stronger than Tommy's, but just as spicy sweet, and I savored every drop of it as I slurped it down.

Oh man! Tommy said, releasing Ronnie's head, That was awesome....thanks.

Ronnie took a big gulp of air, and only then did we realize that Tommy had been cutting off his air for the last minute or so. Maybe that made Ronnie's orgasm so intense, or maybe I just did a really good job, but now both of them were panting like they'd run a race and looking all flushed and happy.

Well? I demanded after Tommy caught his breath, which one of us gives better beejays?

What? No, it's not a contest...huh uh, you're not doing that to me.

I laughed, relax...I know his beejays are epic, but I'm still learning. I've only been gay a week for gosh sakes. We all laughed at that, and we lay there and talked for awhile while those two rested up. I was still horny and in need of release, but I could wait a few minutes, and in the meantime me and Tommy did some kissing.

Well, when the two of them had recovered they sort of tag teamed me, and I had two hot boys taking care of me. While Tommy alternated between kissing me and sucking and licking my nipples and running his tongue down my chest from neck to tummy, Ronnie was busy giving me a slow wet, sloppy beejay.

Tommy finally pushed Ronnie off my cock and began sucking me, so Ronnie worked on my nuts, and even let his wet finger slide back to touch my butthole. Who knew that could be sexy? Apparently I had a lot to learn as a new gay boy, and I was looking forward to learning it all.

As you might expect, once those two got seriously going at it, I didn't last too long. They switched back again and suddenly Tommy was kissing me deeply and Ronnie was swallowing my dick whole and well...I just couldn't hold back any longer.

I think I was swearing as I began to unload, and I kinda saw stars out of the corner of my eye, and then I was aware that Tommy had moved down and he and Ronnie were sharing my cum between them. I thought that was so hot, and also kinda sweet for Tommy to want some of my love juice...he he.

I was exhausted after those two got done with me, and when Tommy laid down beside me I just sort of melted into him. On the other side of me I could feel Ronnie shifting around and I reached over and sort of pulled him in on that side of me.

We were all snuggled up together like that when we fell asleep a few minutes later, but we weren't done for the night quite yet.

I awoke first and needed to pee really bad. I untangled myself from those two and crawled down to the foot of the bed and stood up. I just stared at them for a moment, watching them sleep, and thinking how cute and sexy they both looked. I finally trotted off to the bathroom and managed to pee, and when I got back both of them were awake, and of course they needed to pee too.

When we were back in bed, I snuggled up to both of them and Tommy and I kissed while Ronnie ran a hand up and down my chest and stomach, but not quite going all the way down to my dick. I was rock hard just from his touch and Tommy's kisses, and horny as heck, and I was pretty sure they were too.

I didn't say anything at first, but after kissing Tommy for a long time I rolled over on top of him and began to press my naked body against his. I could feel his wet, sticky dick against me as mine pressed into him and it felt so good.

This is real sex, I thought, and I began to hump him faster as we kissed and ran our hands all over each others body. Suddenly, Tommy reached back and grabbed a handful of my ass in each of his hands and pulled me against him, and began humping like mad as we swapped tongue.

I looked over once or twice to see what Ronnie was doing, and saw he was watching us closely and jacking off. I didn't want him to feel left out, so I told him to hold off and me and Tommy would take care of him when we got done.

He seemed happy and excited to hear that, and he was content then to just lay there and watch us, and his dick stayed hard the whole time. I guess me and Tommy were like a live porno show, just for him...he he.

Anyway, I knew Tommy was getting close, cause he was breathing really hard and holding my butt so tight I was afraid he'd leave Then he grunted, and I felt his hot sticky cum shoot up between us, and that was all it took to get me off.

We really made a mess this time, and when we were finally done shooting, we were coated from neck to crotch with spooge. I felt different than I had earlier. This time I felt more connected as I came, and less like I was just getting a nut. I don't know if I'm explaining it just right, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, with Tommy it's like making love, and when Ronnnie's envolved it's just about sex. Both are okay, but sex with love is way better. Sigh.

Anyway, once I rolled off of Tommy, Ronnie insisted on cleaning us up, and he licked our cum up like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted. What he didn't lick off I cleaned up with my cum towel, and then we were ready to take care of Ronnie.

So I push Ronnie onto his back then, and I attack his cock again while Tommy works on his nipples and tummy and stuff. I'm glad he doesn't kiss him, cause I kinda want those kisses to be just mine for now, but there might come a day when I would share them, cause I think I would like to kiss Ronnie myself.

Anyway, I'm just taking my time, working on his nuts, and then licking his thighs and stuff, causing him to whimper a little. Then after like ten minutes of this, I start sucking him, and I can tell he isn't gonna last long this time.

So I tell Tommy to swap places with me, cause I want Tommy to taste his jizz this time, and I have a feeling it's gonna come shooting out pretty soon...he he. I'm tempted to kiss Ronnie on the lips when I get up there, but I chicken out and just kiss his neck and chest and suck his nipples, then place little kisses on his tummy, and finally I'm nuzzling his cute little patch of pubes and our faces are like so close together down there that we could've kissed if he didn't have Ronnie's dick in his

So I dart my tongue out and lick the base of Ronnie shaft and his balls while Tommy is sucking him, and I guess that was too much for poor Ronnie, and he like cries out and arches his back up and starts to come. He comes hard, I can tell by the way his body is shaking and the cute little whimpers coming out of him, and then he just falls back onto the bed and he looks like he's dead or something.

I think we killed him, I giggle, and I hear Ronnie giggle a little too, but Tommy's mouth is still full of Ronnie's dick and a bazillion swimmers...he he. I envy Tommy cause I know how good Ronnie's cum tastes, so I lean in and open my mouth and make like begging noises and Tommy lets me have a taste. Between us we managed to lick and suck up every drop of his spooge, none was wasted, and soon it was safely in our tummies. Yum, cum, the breakfast of gay boys...he he.

Okay, now we're really exhausted, and we pile down one more time and go to sleep. I actually have to physically move Ronnie, cause I think he's too weak from coming so hard, but he's smiling and looks happy, so I guess there was no permanent

I'd like to say that we woke up later and did it all again, but you know, I think all those stories I've read on Nifty were exaggerating about how many times a boy can come, or maybe it's just us, but twice was just fine thanks. Of course that wasn't counting the two times me and Tommy got off this morning, so maybe we're studs after all...he he.

So, we fell asleep all tangled up in each other, three boys who had just experienced something very special, and without a doubt it had brought us closer. There there were still a lot of changes coming for Tommy, and Ronnie, and me, and no way were we ready for all of them.

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