Boys Do It Better

by Rob Warr

Chapter 4

Playing for the other team

At first, 7 days didn't sound that long, but by the time the week was up I was going nuts. I didn't realize how much I missed TV and video games, the internet, and most of all my freedom. I talked to Ronnie every day at school and we had lunch together almost every day. I was glad to have someone to eat lunch with, cause it was social suicide to be seen alone in the cafeteria. Not that I didn't have other friends I could've hung out with, but you know...I didn't really feel like facing them now that Tommy and I weren't friends anymore.

About that. I finally texted Tommy last Sunday and told him about my grounding and stuff, and I found out that my mom called Tommy's mom, and now both our rents know everything. Tommy said he got a good talking to, but no punishment. I wondered if his folks even thought he'd done anything wrong. Especially his dad. Heck, his dad might have thought it was cool for Tommy to have a girlfriend, even if he did have to kinda steal her.

But except for that text, and an occasional hey in PE, Tommy and I hadn't talked since that afternoon in the gym. It kinda hurt to see him, even when he was alone, but I guess I just wasn't ready to forgive and forget.

Once my grounding was done, I invited Ronnie to go with me to the Mall on Saturday. Yeah, the same mall where I saw Tommy and Beth. I still wanted that game I hadn't bought, and mom was still willing to buy it, so I thought this was a good time to kill two birds with one stone...or whatever. I could get to know Ronnie a little better and have some fun, and get the game for later. I was itching to play some video games and was hoping Ronnie could come home with me and we could try my new game out.

My mom dropped us off at the Mall just before noon, and the first thing we did was head to the food court. Since I didn't know if Ronnie had any money or not, and it was me who invited him, I paid for both of us. I couldn't help but think this was sorta like a date. Just like I'd gone on with Beth, but of course there wouldn't be any kissing or hand holding, or beejays...he he.

We settled on Mexican, ordered our food, and found a table away from the crowd and the noise so we could talk. Ronnie thanked me for inviting him and for buying him lunch, and said next time it was his time to pay. I said that was cool, and that I was just glad he could come with me, cause I really liked his company and that I'd missed him.

So he says, But we saw each other at school everyday and in PE.

And I was like, Yeah, but I like just talking to you when no one else is around and being able to talk about stuff. I was kinda blushing, because to tell the truth I guess I was a little embarrassed that I had just admitted that I liked this boy. Not that I'm gay or anything, I mean I liked Tommy and I wasn't gay then. Okay, maybe I liked him a little more than most friends like each other, but we're not gay, OKAY?

Me too, he said grinning, and I think I made that boy's day, but I couldn't keep from thinking that maybe he was reading more into that than there was. I mean I didn't want to lead him on and make him think I was boyfriend material or anything. Yuck, I'm not gay....right?

But you know what? We had a really good time that day, laughing and talking, and I felt like I really got to know Ronnie, and he turned out to be a really cool person. When he talked about his little brothers I could see that he loved them a lot, but that was just how Ronnie was. He cared about everyone, about me, about Tommy, even about Beth, and it was sad that people would pick on him just cause he was different.

I sort of vowed right then and there that if anyone messed with Ronnie again, they'd have to answer to me. I might not be quite as tough as Tommy, but I have a pretty good rep, and I figured most kids would respect that. Of course that was before Tommy and I had our falling out. There was the possibility that I might not have as much swag as I had when Tommy was at my side.

We talked about Ronnie's idea of helping me and Tommy work things out, and I agreed to call Tommy tonight and see if he was interested, and if so when we could get together. He seemed excited at the prospect, and I had to wonder why. I mean, wouldn't it be better for him if me and Tommy never made up? I mean, that would make him my number one friend, but that just shows what kind of kid Ronnie was, he was always thinking of other people and what was best for them.

After lunch, we strolled the mall, and we saw a few kids from school, but I was thankful Tommy and Beth weren't there that day. I did see a couple of Beth's girl friends, Gale, and Melody, and they even said hi to us, but I heard them giggling after they passed us and I wondered what they were saying about me. Or maybe it was what they were saying about us, maybe they knew about Ronnie, and OMG, maybe they think Ronnie and I are BF's. I've gotta squash that rumor, if there is one, that's for sure.

We hit the game store last and browsed all the games before I finally settled on the one I had originally wanted. I paid for it with Mom's credit card and I noticed Ronnie giving me weird looks the whole time.

When we were back in the mall, he finally told me what was on his mind. So, you have your own credit card? That's so cool.

I cracked up laughing, No goof, I said laughing harder now, it's my mom's, she just lets me borrow it sometimes to buy stuff when she's not with me.

Oh, yeah, he said sort of thinking that over. Then he says, So, you could like go buy anything you want?

No, no way. My mom would kill me. When she gives me the card she always tells me how much I can spend. This time she said no more than 70 dollars, but the game only cost 50 something.

Oh, so you still have 20 bucks to spend? he said grinning.

No, not really. She told me to buy a game and that was all I got to buy.

Okay, he said then, and I wondered what was so hard to figure out about this. Maybe his folks didn't have credit cards and maybe he was thinking we were rich or something. Maybe we were, compared to Ronnie and his family, and that got me to thinking about all the things I took for granted.

We hit the arcade before we left that afternoon, but Ronnie mostly watched me play or we played doubles on some games. I bought ten dollars worth of tokens and offered to share with him, but he was content to just mostly watch. I got the impression that he wasn't that good at video games, maybe cause he didn't have as much practice as I did.

I called my mom around 4 and we walked outside to wait by the North doors. There's a fountain there and a pool, and we sat on the edge of the pool and talked while we waited. Ronnie kept thanking me over and over for inviting him, and telling me how much fun he had and I'm like, Well, it doesn't have to end here. How about if you call your folks and see if you can sleepover? That way we can try out the new game and maybe watch a movie or something.

Really? he said, You mean it?

And I was like, Yeah, of course. Do you think your folks will let ya?

And he was like, I don't know, I've never slept over at anyone's house before, except my cousin Rick, and that was just cause my brothers were sick and mom and dad didn't want me to catch the flu.

Well, then it's about time you had a real sleepover, with video games, and movies, and pizza, and junk food. Come on, it'll be epic dude.

Mom finally shows up, and I ask her about Ronnie sleeping over, and of course she doesn't mind. I mean after all, Tommy used to stay over all the time, but I was trying not to think about that too much, cause it still made me sad to think about losing my best bud.

I made Ronnie call as soon as we got home, and I stood there while he talked to his mom, listening to his end of the conversation, and thinking why is this taking so long. It was touch and go for a while there, but his mom finally asked to talk to my mom, and I guess they worked things out. She wanted Ronnie to come home and get a change of clothes and stuff, but he finally convinced her he could just wear the same clothes he had on, and I told him to tell her I had an extra toothbrush he could use. So it took like twenty minutes on the phone, but finally it was all settled.

I took Ronnie up to my room and loaded the new game, then we sat on my bed while we tried it out. Ronnie might not have had that much play time, but he caught on quick, and he was having fun, which was the most important thing.

We got tired of the game after about an hour, so I suggested we go downstairs and get a drink and maybe toss the ball around or something in the backyard. Mom was in the Family Room watching some sappy girl movie, but she came in to see if we needed anything. I asked her if we could get pizza later, and she said that sounded fine, that she didn't want to cook anyway.

Dad had been gone when we got home, but I could hear him out in the garage doing something, and after grabbing a Power Ade, me and Ronnie went out to see what he was up to.

My dad like always makes my friends feel welcome, and since he and Ronnie had already met, Ronnie was pretty relaxed around him. Ronnie was the first to ask my dad what he was doing, and my dad took the time to explain that he was putting shelves up, and right now he was screwing the tracks to the wall. Then he showed us the brackets and explained how they fit into the uprights, and that he was going to use particle board for shelves. Ronnie seemed to be hanging on every word, but really...Dad, did we need to hear all that stuff? LOL

So I finally pulled Ronnie away and we went out back, but Ronnie kept talking about how cool my dad was, and how neat it was that he could do stuff like that. I got the impression that his own dad wasn't very handy around the house, or at least that he never talked to Ronnie about stuff like that.

We wound up in my treehouse that day, but we didn't stay up there long. We sat and talked and drank our Power Ade, and Ronnie kept telling me how cool it was that I invited him over and how much fun he was having, but he confessed that he missed his two brothers.

Aw, isn't that sweet...he he. Well, I guess I kind of understand. I miss Tommy sort of like that, and he's not even my real brother, or maybe he was actually closer. Sigh. So, I'm thinking this is as good a time as any to set up the meeting with Tommy, so I get this great idea to call him while we're in the treehouse.

Here's how that goes.

Me: Hey

Tommy: Hey, wazzup man, good to hear from ya

Me: I'm coo, how ya doin man?

Tommy: You know, same old same old.

Me: Yeah, me too. Um, I wanted to ask ya something. (kind of nervous here)

Tommy: Yeah, go ahead man. (he sounds sort of nervous or anxious or something)

Me: Well see, me and Ronnie been talking...(but he cuts me off before I can finish)

Tommy: Wait, Ronnie's there?

Me: Yeah, we're like in my treehouse. Okay, so anyway...(he had me all flustered now) we were talking...(but damn it, he interrupts me again).

Tommy: He's there, at your house, in your treehouse...right now?

Me: Uh, yeah. So like I was trying to say, we been talking about things and he wants to help.

Tommy: Help what?

Sometimes that boy is so dense.

Me: Us. He wants to help us work things out.

Tommy: Why do we need anyone to help us work things out? (he sounds weird, not exactly mad, but confused or something, maybe embarrassed, I don't know, just weird)

Me: Cause well, we haven't been doing a very good job of it so far. I mean, tripping and punching, and calling each other names isn't working out too well. I tell him, trying not to sound too much like a prick.

Tommy: You started it.

Oh no! He did not say that. Oh man, this isn't going like I'd planned at all.

Me: I started it? I said, raising my voice just enough to cause Ronnie's eyes to open a little wider. I started it. Oh, yeah, now I remember (and I'm being really sarcastic) it was me who snuck around behind your back and stole your girlfriend and didn't even have the guts to tell you. Oh wait! That was you, wasn't it?

Tommy: That's not what I mean and you know it. You're the one who wouldn't listen to me, and started shouting and calling us names and stuff, and you tripped me first just cause I was trying to play the game same as I would if it had been anyone else with the ball.

Me: (Not saying a word for a long time as I tried to cool down) Then I say, You're right, so see, that's why we need someone else to help us. Cause this shit ain't working.

Tommy: So, you told this kid everything huh? All our private stuff too, I guess? (What was he saying? Was he jealous of Ronnie?)

Me: What do you mean? Everyone knows what happened, the whole school, our rents, what's private about it? Man, there are no secrets anymore.

Tommy: I don't want to discuss this with some kid I don't even know.

Me: Fine, then we'll just leave things like they are, cause I can't deal with you one on one, you're too...too, much of a jackass. Goodbye. (And I hung up)

Josh, what did he say? Why did you hang up on him? Ronnie says looking really upset.

So, I told him what shit for brains said, pretty much word for word, and Ronnie just sighed.

I never thought of that, Ronnie says, looking like he's thinking about something.

What? I have to ask when he doesn't tell me after like a minute goes by.

He's jealous Josh. He thinks I'm trying to take his place.

That's silly, I say, but then I add, So, maybe you are, in a way, I mean, at least I know you're not gonna steal my girlfriend, I kinda chuckle at that, but he's not laughing.

This is worse than I thought, he says, Tommy's never gonna let me help now. He probably hates me right now.

Dude, he doesn't even know you that well, not like I do. Once he gets to know you, he'll see what I do, that you're a cool dude. Well, I had to say something, and ordinarily that might be true, but with Tommy being such a dope lately, who knows.

But, he'll never get to know me. He won't even try. As long as he thinks I'm competing with him, I'll be the enemy.

That's crazy, I laughed, It's not like we're dating or anything. We're just friends. I have other friends, and Tommy doesn't feel threatened or whatever by them.

That's cause you've always been close by, and he knew what was going on with you. Now, he only sees you from a distance, and you don't talk, and he's got this thing with Beth, and he probably feels like he's lost you forever.

Which is what we're trying to fix, right? So why is he being such an airhead?

It's complicated. I'll have to think about it some more.

Okay, forget him. Let's go throw the ball around a while, and when we're done we'll order the pizza and pig out, and just chill for the rest of the night.

The pizza arrived about 6 o'clock, and we joined my folks in the living room and watched a movie on Netflix. Ronnie didn't have Netflix at home, but he did have cable, though he said that he really didn't watch TV all that much. He said his bros did though, when they weren't playing soccer, or baseball, or riding bikes, or running all over the neighborhood. He said they had a hard time keeping still for more than a half hour, but that they always had fun.

Ronnie wasn't much of an eater, and after his second piece he said he was full. I stopped at three cause I didn't want to look like a pig, but I figured there would be left over pizza for later. We finished watching the movie with my folks, then I suggested we go to my room and play video games.

I knew my folks would probably watch another movie or something and snuggle on the couch, so I was giving them time to do some making out or whatever, lol. Plus, I wanted to talk to Ronnie again about this thing with Tommy. I didn't want him to feel bad about being my friend or anything, even if Tommy was being a jackass about it.

We played one of my old games this time and Ronnie was pretty good at it. We'd played this one when he was over before, and he seemed more relaxed than he had when we'd been playing the new one. We didn't really talk for a long time, then I decided to bring the subject of Tommy up again.

I'm like, Dude, don't let what Tommy said get to ya. He's just an insecure jerk sometimes. Trust me, I been dealing with him for a long time, and I know how he is. He'll get over it. I bet he'll call me or text me before the weekend is over.

It's okay, it doesn't bother me as long as you're okay with us, friends.

Heck yeah, I say, You're awesome, and I even like your bros. They're way cool.

He was smiling really big then, and I thought he was looking especially cute. Argghh...why do I keep thinking that? He's a boy for gosh sakes, and I'm not Gay. Let me write that one more time just so I'll remember it. I am NOT GAY! period, exclamation point.

Then his smile sort of faded and he dropped his eyes. He just sat there for a minute, then he looked up as if he'd been thinking about what to say, and had finally figured it out.

So, I was wondering? Where, um...will I be sleeping?

You serious? I said laughing, Where do you think? In my bed. That's how sleepovers work. Or if that's too weird for ya, we can make ya a pallet on the floor, but I promise dude, I won't try to molest you or anything. Then I gave him a little shove and he smiled.

No, that's fine, he said, but he was blushing really red. I just, I never slept over at a friend's house before, so I wasn't sure. But that's fine, that's just fine. Then with a devilish little grin, he said, I promise I won't try to get into your pants. Ha ha ha.

I laughed, You can't anyway, cause I won't be wearing any. I sleep naked.

You should have seen the look on his face then, and he was so red I wondered if there was enough blood in the rest of his body to keep him from passing out. So I decided to let him off the hook.

But when company is over, I wear my boxers. So don't worry, you won't have to worry about me turning over in bed and knocking you out with my huge schlong. We both started cracking up then, and Ronnie gave me a shove, and I shoved him back, then we threw down our controllers and started wrestling around on the floor.

I couldn't keep from thinking that Tommy and I used to wrestle around like this, and I remembered that most of the time we wound up with boners. And you know what? That's what happened with Ronnie too, so I guess that just shows that it's normal stuff when two friends wrestle, right? It doesn't mean anything, it's just hormones, and it doesn't mean you think the other boy is cute, or sexy, or that you want to hump him like a dog in heat. Okay, maybe that last part...he he, but only cause it feels good, not cause you like him in a gay way. No, it's just like jerking off with another boy, or like jerking off alone, except there's something sexy about knowing the other guy is doin' it too, and watching you, and you're watching them, and then when you shoot it's like you're sharing something really cool. Okay, maybe that's not the best example, but you get what I mean. NOT it?

So, I guess the boner thing and my stupid thoughts sort a freaked me out, so I finally roll off of Ronnie and excuse myself to the bathroom. Only I didn't jerk it, I swear. I just peed and waited for it to go down some and then came right back.

Ronnie was playing the game and I didn't see any tenting in his pants, so I guess if he had a boner, which I'm not saying he did, or didn't, it was gone now. We didn't say a word at first, then things got back to normal and we chatted about normal stuff till we got tired of playing.

My mom knocked on my door around 9 to remind us to take a shower before bedtime, and even suggested I loan Ronnie a pair of my boxers to sleep in. That was no big deal for me, cause Tommy and I shared our stuff all the time. In fact, we never took any clothes or anything to each others house when we slept over, we either wore what we had on before, or just borrowed from each other. We were so close in size that we could swap clothes, and our folks thought it was great that we shared. The only thing we couldn't share was our shoes. Old big foot, was already wearing a size 10 while I was still wearing size 8. You should've heard the shit Sasquatch gave me about that. Big feet big meat, he'd tease. You got itty bitty baby feet, and itty bitty baby meat. He actually sang that shit to me like it was gonna bother me, cause I knew better. We were both the same size down there and he knew it too. It's not like he hadn't seen it enough times. Yeah, good times. Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, shower time. So I tell Ronnie he can go first cause he's company, and I show him to my bathroom. (one perk of being an only child, I got my own bathroom right next to my bedroom and dad even made a door to my room) So I show him where the towels and stuff are, then I remember I forgot to get him a pair of boxers, and I'm like, Wait a minute, I'll go get you some boxers and I'll be right back.

So, I dash to my bedroom dresser and drag out a pair of almost new boxers and I sniff them, and they smell all like fabric softener and not butt...he he, and then I like notice that in the waist band written in black magic marker are the initials, T S. for Tommy Simmons, I think sadly. These were Tommy's at one time. The way we swapped clothes around it was only natural that some of our things would wind up at each others house. Call me weird, call me sentimental, but I kept that pair of boxers for myself and dug out another pair for Ronnie.

So I guess I was gone longer than I'd planned, you know? Cause of that thing with the boxers, and when I get back to the bathroom Ronnie is already stripped down to his underwear, tighty whities, like Fruit of the Loom or something, and I guess I wasn't expecting that, cause I kinda just froze and stared at him. I swear I wasn't checking him out or anything, but you know how guys are, we're curious about other guys, and we just wanna see how we compare and stuff, you know?

So, Ronnie like giggles, but he's blushing bright red again, and he says, Are those for me? And that like pulls me out of my trance, and I hand him the boxers and nod. So Ronnie says, Thanks, and he just stands there waiting for me to leave or say something, and then I realize that I'm keeping him from his shower.

Oh, sorry, I say, then I'm blushing as I finally get out of there and close the door behind me. I hear the water running a few minutes later and I sit down on the bed, and then I realize I'm shaking, and worst of all, I have a raging boner. OMG, what is wrong with me?

It's gotta be hormones. Yeah, that's it. I haven't jacked off all day, and I like usually do it two or three times a day. No, wait, I did it this morning when I first woke up, but only once, so yeah...that's it, just need to take care of that while I'm in the shower.

I tried to concentrate on other things, and suddenly my phone was buzzing and it damn near scared me out of my wits. I grabbed the damn thing and swiped it open and was shocked to see I had a text from Beth.

Beth: What did you say to Tommy? he's really upset now :(

I was mad as soon as I saw it was her, and even madder that she was butting into our business, so I wasn't gonna be very nice.

Me: So, he's getting his gf to fight his battles for him now? it's none of your business really, but just so you know, I was actually trying to work things out, but he's being his usual stubborn jackass self

Beth: Hey, don't get mad at me. I was only tryin to help. What happened exactly?

Me: You'll have to ask your boyfriend. I'm not talkin' bout it anymore. Go be with your bf, you two deserve each other. Oh, and don't text me or call me anymore

I expected a witty comeback, or at least some nasty comment, but she didn't have anything to say I guess, and gave up after a few minutes. I heard the water stop then, and I grabbed my boxers and waited for Ronnie to get done in the bathroom, but I was surprised when he finally came out. He was fully dressed in the clothes he'd been wearing, except I guess he was wearing the boxers I'd loaned him, cause he had his FOLs in his hand all balled up.

Um, you got dressed again? I said, trying not to laugh, You didn't have to, you know? It's just gonna be us two now.

Oh, well...I didn't know if we were gonna be going back, um, downstairs or anything...

Nah, well unless we need a drink or some snacks, but it's okay to run around in just our boxers, my folks don't mind. Me and Tommy used to do it all the time. That hurt a little to think about, and I sort of hugged those boxer shorts of Tommy's against me and sighed to myself.

Despite popping a boner earlier, I didn't jerk off while I was in the shower. My boner was gone by the time I got naked, and all I could think about was Tommy and Beth, and what butt heads they were being. Yeah, they made a good pair, Mr. and Mrs. Butt Head...he he.

Who needs him! I have lots of friends, and Ronnie is really cool, so why worry about stupid old Tommy anymore? Only, deep down inside I miss the jerk. I missed walking to school with him, taking turns going to each others house for our after school snack, messing around till it's time for dinner, and then texting or calling later while we're doing homework and stuff. Sigh, we were like...always together, even when we were apart. Does that make sense? It's almost like he's a part of me, and I miss that. Okay, I know that sounds a little gay, but I swear, I am NOT GAY. Sigh, I just love him, that's all. Why does that have to be gay, or wrong?

Ronnie was still dressed when I came back from my shower wearing just Tommy's boxers. He gave me one look, and suddenly his eyes were anywhere else but me. I kind of chuckled at his reaction. Sure, I'm smoking hot...he he, but he is just so shy. I guess he's worried I'll get upset if he starts perving on me, but really, it's kind of flattering to have someone, even another boy, think you're hot, so I decided to test him.

Hey, Ronnie, look at me. His eyes slowly drifted over my way, but he was trying hard to keep his eyes above the neck. It's okay to look dude, I did. It's no big deal. If we're gonna be friends, we're gonna see each other like this, maybe even naked...he he.

He looked absolutely terrified when I said the word naked, and I just shook my head and smiled. Ronnie, do you think I'm hot?

What!!?? he said, almost choking to death on the word. What do you mean? I wasn't staring...

It's okay, I just wanna know dude, if a cute gay boy like you finds me hot or not? It doesn't bother me if you do, but I might be hurt if you said no, I teased.

You think I'm, um...cute? he giggled.

Don't let it go to your head, but yeah...sorta. But this is about me, what do you think of my bod? I said, posing this way and that, showing off my guns, and then turning to shake my little rear at him. God, I hope I didn't give the poor kid a heart

When I turned back around after flashing my gorgeous rear, he had this look on his face that said he didn't know exactly how to answer. I mean, for all he knew this could be a trick. Maybe he was afraid I was testing him to see if I could be around him without worrying if he was gonna jump my bones or something. I felt kind of bad doing this, but seriously, I was just having fun with him. I was serious that his being gay was no big deal to me, and I actually found him interesting, yeah, that was it, interesting. I had a real to God honest gay boy here, and I wanted to know more about how he thought about things.

Well, he said, sort of letting his eyes drift downward a little. Was he checking out my package? He he. I haven't really seen that many boys, know, except in gym class, and you know you really can't look, cause guys like Doug will beat you up, but um, you look nice, yeah nice. Sort of muscular, and smooth, and um...handsome.

Handsome? I giggled, Is that better than cute?

Cute is like for girls and little kids, I think, he said looking serious, so I think of boys our age as handsome. You know? Teenagers.

I guess I see that, after all I'm almost 15, prolly be shaving soon, I said rubbing my chin.

I hope not, Ronnie said, then he blushed bright red again, I mean...I like how you look now.

Well, so far only hair is down below, I said pulling out the waist band of my boxers and staring at my little patch of pubes.

God Josh, that's what you did that day in PE and I almost died, he laughed.

Whoa, why? Cause you thought I was gonna flash you or something?

No, cause I felt scared for you. I was afraid Doug might want to pound you instead of me.

Nah, I sorta gotta rep, well, used to have anyway. Everyone knew if they messed with me or Tommy they had to fight both of us. Then I felt kinda sad, and I think Ronnie noticed it, cause he walked over and put his hand on my arm and looked me right in the eyes.

It's okay to miss him, and I swear no matter what it takes, I'll help you guys make up and be best buds again.

Thanks, but who needs that jerk anyway? So, wanna play video games or watch a movie?

Uh, you have movies up here?

Yeah, but first you gotta get undressed. It's only fair, I feel naked compared to you. So he reluctantly strips down to the boxers I loaned him, and they're a little baggy on him, cause I'm a little bigger in the waist then he is, but they look okay.

So I'm like, I have Netflix on my TV or I have some DVDs. Wanna see if there are any you like?

So I let Ronnie pick out a movie, a sci fi horror one, which was cool by me, and we laid on my bed on our stomach's and watched it. I'd turned the lights out and it was dark except for the glow of the TV, and I kept noticing Ronnie sneaking peeks at me when he thought I wasn't looking. Not of my bod, but of my face, like he was mesmerized or something.

Finally I rolled onto my side, threw my leg over him, and got him in a head lock, just playing around a little, but at first he acted like he was scared or something. I guess he finally figured out I was playing, and he started fighting back a little, giggling the whole time, and that's when it happened.

He had stayed on his stomach the whole time I was wrestling with him, but suddenly I got a good grip on him and rolled him onto his back. He squealed and his hands went straight to his crotch, and when I looked down I could see he was hiding a huge boner. Well, it looked huge anyway.

I gotta go pee, he squeaked as he rolled away from me and dropped to the floor. He was up and headed toward the bathroom door before I could react, so I just sat up and watched him retreat, then the door close behind him.

Suddenly, I realized he wasn't the only one tenting his boxers, and I pushed at it a few times, just enjoying the feel of it while I waited for Ronnie to get his little problem taken care of. I'm not gay, but I have to admit I was sorta thinking about what he might be doing in there, in my bathroom, and kinda wishing we had the kind of closeness that me and Tommy had where we could just do that stuff together and not think it was weird. Did Ronnie's being gay mean we could never be that close, or would that make it easier? If we did jerk off together would Ronnie think I was gay too, or that I was in love with him? I wasn't looking to make Ronnie my boyfriend, cause I'm NOT GAY, remember? But having fun with another boy is actually pretty cool. I mean I tried the girl thing, and it was cool...sometimes, but for now...I think I'd like to just be able to get my rocks off without having all this commitment junk that girls expect. That's what me and Tommy had, and now...I guess he's getting his rocks off with my ex-girlfriend Beth.

Ronnie was only gone about ten minutes, but the tent was gone, although he was still acting nervous and blushing. I had laid back down and was pretending to be interested in the movie, and I didn't say anything when he laid back down beside me. I didn't want to embarrass him any more than he was already, but I was trying to think of some way to tell him that it was okay to pop a boner and not to freak out. Then I thought about my own boner earlier, and I had done pretty much the same thing. I decided right then and there that from now on if I got wood, I was not gonna hide it.

The movie ended, and I took my turn in the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and came back to find Ronnie sitting up and looking sleepy.

I have a spare toothbrush if you want to brush your toofies, I teased.

Really, cool...I always brush my teeth before bed.

I took him to the bathroom and gave him a toothbrush that was still in the wrapper, and stayed while he brushed his teeth. He kept looking at me in the mirror while I was talking randomly about school, video games, the movie we'd just watched, and then I sprang the big stuff on him.

You know, sometimes when me and Tommy would wrestle around...we'd pop boners. I saw his eyes go wide and his cheeks got rosy, but he didn't try to say anything with a mouthful of toothpaste. It's no big deal really, I added casually, we sure weren't gay...he he, but we're boys for gosh sakes, and we're basically walking hardons sometimes, I laughed and he cracked a little foamy smile.

What did you do? he said after spitting.

Nothing. We didn't try to hide them or anything if that's what you're wondering. We grew up together, sleeping in each others bed, even took baths together when we were kids. We saw each other naked, or in just our underwear, so it was just no big deal.

I wish I had a friend like that, Ronnie said, then he blushed, I mean that I could be honest with and stuff.

You do, I said laying my arm on his shoulder, That's what I'm tryin' to tell ya. Don't worry about that stuff if it happens. When we wrestle it's gonna happen. Doesn't mean we're hot for each other, it's just hormones. We're just horny, and we can't possibly jack off that many times a day, he he.

Ronnie blushed again, but he managed to say, So, you're, mad cause you touching me, you know?

No, cause I had the same problem. It's just no big deal. Now if you'd started humping my leg without permission, it might've been a big deal, or a little deal, depending on how big it is...he he.

He laughed, rinsed, spit, and we went back to my room. I turned the covers down and crawled in on my side, the side I always slept on when Tommy was there, and Ronnie crawled in beside me, keeping as far away from me as he could without falling out of bed.

Dude, I laughed, you can scoot over some. I'm not gonna freak out if you get too close. It's a big bed, lots of room.

Sorry. He scooted over a bit, at least enough so I wouldn't have to worry about hearing this thump as he hit the floor, then he pulled the covers up to his neck and just lay there on his back staring at the ceiling. I turned off the bedside lamp and it got dark, but our eyes adjusted pretty quick, and I could see Ronnie's eyes shining in the dark as he rolled his head to look my way.

Comfy? I said, pushing his foot with mine. His foot felt hot and very soft. He had small feet, smaller than mine, but I'd seen the tent in his boxers and I didn't think he had the small meat to go with the small feet.

Uh huh, it's nice. Um, just so you know, I've never slept with anyone except my brothers.

Okay, good to know, I laughed, And what did you and your brothers do? I teased.

Not that! He said sounding horrified, It's just when they were younger, they used to get scared and come get in my bed with me. They were just little kids then.

That's cool, you protected them from the boogeyman...he he. Maybe you can protect me too. In case that old boogeyman comes out of the closet or out from under the bed.

I just wanted you to know that, just in case, rolled over and like...touched you or something. Not that I would if I was awake, but when I'm sleeping...

I chuckled, I see, so you're gonna molest me while I'm asleep and then claim you were sleep walking, or sleep molesting? I cracked up then, but I don't think Ronnie thought it was so funny.

No! he said sounding near tears, I didn't mean that. I just meant...oh, never mind...

Ronnie, dude...calm down. Haven't you figured me out yet? I am chill dude, you can't do anything that will freak me out. If you climb on me, I'll just peel you off and tuck you back in...he he.

You're different. Ronnie said, as if he'd just figured out the solution to a difficult puzzle.

Is that another word for weird? I giggled, Cause I am kinda weird, but you know what? I like who I am, well...I used to anyway, know (sigh) this thing with Beth and Tommy., I don't know who I am anymore. Is that weird?

No, not at all. You lost your best friend, and your girlfriend, and I can't imagine what that's like. I never had either, so I got nothing to lose, but had everything...still do in some ways.

Yeah, well...I guess it could be worse. I could be sleeping alone tonight instead of with a hottie like you, I teased as I rolled into him and tickled his ribs.

Stop it, or you might get molested after all, Ronnie giggled.

My eyes went wide and Ronnie looked scared, then I did something that I never dreamed I would ever do. I kissed a boy. Not on the mouth, but on the cheek, and I made it real noisy and smoochy and laughed, so I guess it was a joke, right?

Uh...that, unexpected, Ronnie mumbled.

Yeah, well...I'm an impulsive person, so you never know what I might do.

We lay there a while longer just staring at the ceiling while I thought about my feelings, and what that kiss meant. Was I just goofing, or was it just some impulsive bullshit caused by hormones? It didn't mean anything, right? It wasn't even a real kiss like those on the lips, now those kind of kisses were exciting. It's the one thing I can say that I enjoyed when I was with Beth. She really knew how to kiss, and sometimes I'd throw wood just from her shoving her tongue in my mouth. But now Tommy was getting those kisses, putting his tongue down her throat and getting a boner. Was she taking care of his boner for him too? God, who was I more jealous of, Tommy or Beth?

Suddenly I had this vision of me and Tommy in my bed, wrestling around, hard and pressing together, then Tommy pinning me and holding my arms down above my head, and then his face getting closer, and closer, and I just know he's gonna do the Eskimo kiss thing, but this time...this time, he turns his head and he crushes his lips against mine, and it's like the Fourth of July. Yeah, fireworks as our tongues battle it out in each others mouth, and he nibbles at my lips and I sort a whimper...Oh God...GAY Alert.

I am sweating when I finally break out of the fantasy. My dick is so hard it hurts, and my boxers are soaked in pre...or did I actually come? God, I'm a mess. I look over at Ronnie, and Thank God his eyes are closed and he seems to be sleeping, so I carefully slip out of bed and go to the bathroom to clean up.

Yep, I came...damn. I thought wet dreams only happened when you were asleep, and I thought they stopped when you got to be my age. Well, not this time buddy, my boxers (Tommy's boxers) were slimed, and knowing they were Tommy's only made the whole thing, dare I say it? Exciting. God, did I just admit that I want to kiss my best friend and grind against him till I shoot the goo? Man, I gotta get this under control or I'll be lookin' at Ronnie as boyfriend material, he he.

I was afraid I'd wake Ronnie if I went back to dig out another pair of boxers to sleep in, so I dug through my hamper till I found last night's boxers and sniffed them just to make sure they weren't rank. They had a cinnamony smell to them, and I liked that. I liked my own smell, and...yeah, I liked Tommy's too. I mean everyone has a unique odor, and Tommy's was just...nice. You know, some kids stink, but not Tommy, even before he showered he smelled good. Sort of spicy and musky, but not bad. Comforting, and sort, exciting. Oh man, I'm doing it again. Sigh.

So I stuffed the cummy boxers in the bottom of the hamper, and put on the semi-clean ones, and tiptoed back out to get in bed with Ronnie. He had rolled over onto his tummy, and I noticed that the covers had slipped off his upper body, or maybe he was hot and pulled them down, whatever. But I could see his back and neck and that little white fuzz that boys get on the back of their neck. His backbone was straight, and I could see the popple of his vertebrae, and I had this sudden urge to run my finger down his spine like I was playing a piano or something, weird huh?

I got in and rolled onto my side so I could look at Ronnie up close, and my foot just kinda crept over to his and sort of rubbed against it. I wasn't being pervy, I just needed to touch him. Yeah, weird, the cops. But you gotta understand, I missed Tommy so much, his smile, his cornball jokes, the maddening way he used to have to prove that he was right all the time, and...I missed having him in my bed. I loved how he used to throw a leg over me and snuggle up to my side, or lay his head on my chest, or best of all, when we'd spoon.

Oh, man...looking back at this, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm as straight as I claim to be. Oh,'s the place to get it all out and just let the cards fall where they may. Anyway, I craved that human touch, I missed it so much, maybe more than anything else, but if I couldn't have it with Tommy, what was wrong with having it with someone else?

But was it right to expect Ronnie to do those things and not give myself completely to him? Would he mistake my need for human companionship, and a gentle touch as love? I didn't want to hurt Ronnie. I liked him a lot, and that was crazy considering we'd basically just met, but there was something about him...something that I saw in myself. Not the gay thing...he he, but something else, maybe it was his heart. Yeah, that was kinda what it was like. I could tell he was a good person, and that he cared about people. He cared about his family, his little brothers, and he cared about me, enough to want to help me get back together with Tommy even if it put him on the outside again. Well, that wasn't gonna happen. Even if Tommy and I got back together, Ronnie was still gonna be my friend.

I hadn't noticed him turn his head my way, but suddenly I noticed his eyes were open and he was staring at me. He didn't look upset, just kind of dreamy, like he wasn't quite awake yet. I'd forgotten my foot was still sort of snuggled up against his, but I didn't move it. I don't know, somehow I just knew that he didn't mind, and that he maybe felt some of the same feelings I did.

Hey, he said so softly it cause goosebumps on my skin.

Hey, sorry if I woke ya. But I still didn't move my foot.

You didn't. I'm just a light sleeper.

I'm a hard sleeper, I giggled, remembering one of Tommy's jokes, I sleep with a hardon.

Ronnie giggled, but I could tell he was blushing a little.

Is that right? Do you have one now, or only when you go to sleep? he said, surprising the heck out of me.

Um,'ll just have to see for yourself, I said grabbing his hand and pretending I was gonna put it against my crotch. I figured he'd fight me and be giggling about it, but you know what? He was actually helping me move his arm in that direction. Whoa, was I really gonna let Ronnie feel my junk?

Who knows what I was thinking, what he was thinking? Sometimes things just happen. Sometimes something looks totally different in your head than what actually happens. It started out as a joke, but it turned into something really amazing.

When Ronnie's hand brushed the front of my boxers, I let out a little moan. Despite having come spontaneously (yeah I know big words) a short time ago, my dick was harder than it had ever been in my life. I could feel a little pre leaking out too, and the front of my boxers were a little damp, but nothing like earlier.

You weren't kidding, Ronnie giggled, but I guess light sleepers can do that too. Then he rolled onto his side facing me and directed our hands to his crotch. Wow, he was super hard too, and it felt so warm, but dry...and big...yeah, bigger than I'd first imagined.

Whoa, that thing is ginormous, I teased, Do you use that to play baseball with....he he.

Is it? he said sounding insecure. I never really compared it to anyone before so I don't know for sure.

Is that a hint? I giggled. We could compare em if you want to, or even measure em.

Compare? How do we do that?

This was easy, I knew how to do this because Tommy and I did it a lot, that's how I knew me and Tommy were about the same size. Okay, he was a little bigger, like a quarter inch, but just looking you couldn't tell.

Well, we um, have to get up on our knees and pull down our boxers and scoot together till the end of one of, dicks touches the other person's um...pubes. That's how you can tell.

Oh, okay, he said, but he still wasn't moving. In fact he still had my hand against his boner, and I realized I was, stroking it with the back of my hand. I pulled my hand away then, threw back the covers, and got on my knees, hoping Ronnie would get the hint. For some reason I just needed to see that piece of meat of his, and if he was longer, feel him poking me in the pubes.

Ronnie was slow to get up but he didn't seem nearly as embarrassed by this as he had been about his earlier boner. Maybe all he needed was the go ahead from me, and now he would be a wild man. Yeah, that would be cool. But not too wild...right?

As predicted, Ronnie was a good half inch longer than me and...uncut. Wow, now I knew some boys still had their foreskin, we learned about that in Health Class, but until that night I'd never seen one up close and personal, and it was way cool.

I wanted so badly to grab it and see how it worked, but I figured that wasn't polite, so I just admired it and told him how neat I thought it was. Then as if he'd been reading my mind he says, You can touch it if you want. I know it looks weird sometimes, but if you pull the skin back it looks just like yours.

Well...I didn't want to pass up my chance to see how this thing worked, so I reached out slowly and wrapped my fist around it, just like I do my own, and then pulled back the skin. OMG, it was like magic, now you see the head, now you don't. I worked the skin back and forth, mesmerized by the sight of his dick, but suddenly he groaned and pushed my hand away.

Sorry, did I hurt you. I said, worrying that I'd broken his dick.

Nah, but I was starting to feel that tingle, you know? he said blushing.

Oh, yeah...he he, you were gonna fire your cannon? Um, what's that like? I said more curious than ever. Do you like pull back the skin so the, um, spooge can get out?

Yeah, otherwise it goes under the skin, but that kinda feels good too. Sometimes I hold the skin closed at the top and just let the jizz fill my foreskin up, and if there's a lot it like blows up like a balloon.

No way, wow...I want one like that. I pouted, and he laughed.

Well, I'll share mine, he said, then looked really embarrassed.

I just smiled. We could share each others if that's not too weird.

Really? He said, but...what being gay and stuff?

Are you gonna freak out on me and declare your undying love for me, and offer to have my baby and stuff if we do this? I joked, Cause if you are, then I'll jack my own off.

No, course not. He said frowning, But are you sure about this?

I laughed, Dude we are sitting here, with our boxers around our knees holding our dicks in our hands, we're rock hard and need some release. I think I can stand a little mutual jerking if you can.

Okay, how shall we do it.

Well, me and... (I almost said Tommy) I mean, why don't we lay on our backs and scoot together and that way we can reach each other's missile? I joked.

Okay, but what about the mess?

Got it covered, I said digging a towel out from under my side of the bed. There's one on your side too, but I think one will be enough. I didn't stop to think what having two towels ready to go might look like, but I guess Ronnie didn't pick up on it.

Thankfully my dick was dripping pre like crazy and I didn't need any lube, and I found out that uncut boys don't ever need any. No fair, I got cheated. I am definitely talking to my rents about this injustice...NOT!

So we're laying there working over each others cock rocket, and Ronnie's hand is feeling really, really good, and I'm really loving the feel of his dick as I work the skin up and down, and I guess instinctively, I scoot a little closer and then sort of put my foot up under Ronnie's, and just sort of rub it with the top of mine as we continue.

I feel like I could come any minute, but Ronnie seems to sense that and he starts playing with my balls then, and I do it to him. Tommy and I used to do that, but not a lot, cause we were usually about getting our rocks off pretty quick.

Then Ronnie looks at me, and I look back and I see something in his eyes that says he wants to tell me something but he's afraid or something. So, I'm thinking well maybe I'm not doing it right or something, but turns out it wasn't that.

So,, she gave you a...I mean, sucked you? he said, so low I could hardly hear him.

Kinda, I confessed. I mean she started out doing that, then just got me off by hand and made a big mess, he he. And I don't think she really knew how to do it that well. I mean it felt good, but I guess she just didn't seem to be into it or something.

Yeah, girls don't know how to do that very well. He said softly.

Well, I couldn't let that just lay there like that. So I say, But boys do, right? He he.

Some do, especially gay boys, he said, grinning as he took his finger and dabbed up a drop of pre off my pecker head.

Uhhh, I said, that feels wicked. Then he did the strangest thing. Well, I guess maybe it's not strange for a gay boy, but he brought his finger to his mouth and licked it clean.

Mmmm...I knew you'd taste good. He says, causing me to go into a cold sweat.

What was he saying? Was he offering what I think he was offering?

I could totally do a better job than her, Ronnie said softly, I mean, if you wanted me to.

Did I? Did I want this cute gay boy to wrap those sweet lips around my aching boner and suck me till my balls imploded? Not just yes, but Hell Yes!

Um, are you sure about this? What a stupid question. He'd probably been dreaming about gobbling down my boner since the first day we met...he he.

Only if it won't make it too weird between us. I really want to be friends, and I don't want you to think I'm doing this to trick you, or try to make you my boyfriend, cause I know that's not gonna happen.

Yeah, not gonna happen, I'm thinking, But can I hear more about the beejay? My mind is like swirling with all the things that might go wrong, but you know what, my dick couldn't think of one good reason not to let Ronnie swallow it whole.

I'm cool with it if you are, I concede. I don't think it's that much weirder than jacking each other off, right?

Well, a little, intimate, but I get what you mean. And it's just me doing it to you, so you don't have to worry that I'd expect you, you it back.

Yeah, how do we do this? I said, anxious to get my first professional

Just lay back and spread your legs, I'll do the rest, Ronnie says like he's done this a million times. Maybe he has, who knows? A cute gay boy like him might have them beating down his door to get those luscious lips wrapped around their wanger.

So I'm shaking like mad, but I'm horny as heck, and ready for this. Only there is no way on earth that I expected it to feel so good. I mean what Beth did was hot, but what Ronnie was doing was off the scale. Maybe it was because Ronnie liked it so much more than Beth did. Maybe Beth saw it as a dirty little chore she had to do to keep her boyfriend happy, but Ronnie saw it as something completely different. To Ronnie pleasing me was the most important thing on his mind. I could tell he was loving what he was doing, and when he would look up at me with those big eyes of his, I could see that at this moment in time I was the most important thing in his world. He wasn't sucking my dick, he was making love to it, and it felt so good that I was sort of crying. And I sort of loved Ronnie right then. I mean not in a mushy, boyfriend way, but I really loved him as a person. A person that was giving me a gift that no one had ever given me before.

His mouth was like magic on my hard rod, and his tongue did things that I can't even describe. I remember wondering what that tongue would feel like in my mouth while we were kissing. And when he didn't have his lips wrapped around my aching rod, he was licking my balls or biting the inside of my thighs, and he was driving me absolutely mad.

I was squirming and moaning, trying not to be too loud, cause there was no way anyone hearing those moans wouldn't know what they were all about. And then he was kissing my belly and my chest and, OMG he was sucking and licking my nipples. He nuzzled my neck, and I thought for sure he was gonna come up and kiss me and I'd get to see what that was like, but instead he went back down the way he'd come, licking and kissing, and making me feel so loved. Like I'd never felt before, and I swear to God I was thinking, if this is how good it feels to be gay, then maybe I been playing for the wrong team all along. Ugh, it just felt sooo good.

But all good things must come to an end, right? And suddenly Ronnie swallowed me down, all the way this time, and I could like feel his throat muscles working my dick head, and OMG I blasted like a rocket. I came so hard that I actually blacked out for a second and my balls ached as that massive load of spooge came blasting out of my pee hole.

Unlike Beth however, Ronnie didn't leave me all messy. Dang, he swallowed every drop, then the dude licked my dick clean. Then with one last kiss on the head he crawled up and fell down beside me.

Was it okay? he asked shyly.

Okay? I moaned, Okay? That was epic. I never knew anything could feel that good. I have never come that hard, and there was a lot, right?

Yum, yeah...and you taste soooo good," he said smiling over at me.

You didn't mind, um...swallowing it?

No way, I wanted to. I love how you taste. It would just be such a waste to let that delicious, warm, gooey milk get away, he giggled.

Delicious warm gooey milk. I repeated. Boy this kid knows how to get to a guy.

So, I guess we should go to sleep now, Ronnie says giving me a hopeful look.

Well, no. Not till you get your rocks off too. But I, uh hope it's okay if I just jerk you.

Yeah, that would be awesome, he says smiling really big.

Well, he's still got the boner from Hell, and it feels so good in my hand, and even though I've already blown two loads that night, I start chubbing up again just from handling Ronnie's junk. And I gotta tell ya, I was really, really tempted to give that candy stick a lick just to see what all the fuss was about, but about that time Ronnie erupted like a volcano and it went up like three feet, then splashed down on his chest and stomach and finally onto his pubes.

I could tell he was really exhausted after sucking me off, then getting my awesome handjob, so I cleaned him up myself and helped him get his boxers back on. He looked at me with this really loving expression then that sorta scared me, cause he wasn't supposed to go falling for me, but I think it was just gratitude or something, and I let it go.

I slipped my boxers back on and piled down beside Ronnie, and this time he didn't worry about accidentally touching me. By the time we fell asleep we were as close as two pups in a litter, and God only knows what positions we wound up in that night.

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