Big Bro, Little Bro

by Rob Warr

Chapter 1

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living or dead is purely coincidental. This story is about teenage boys in love and all that that entails. If such is offensive to you then please look elsewhere. All others please enjoy and let me know how much you've enjoyed my story. Please click my name to reveal my email address for comments.

This story is the sole property of the author Rob Warr and should not be reproduced or reposted without his consent. Copyright © 2019 by Rob Warr. All rights reserved.


Zak Mason skidded to a halt on his skateboard and flipped it up neatly, then catching it expertly, he headed inside. He was 14, 5' 3", and 115 pounds of energetic teenage boy. He was cute by anyone's standards, with emerald green eyes and brown hair, perfect teeth, and a lithe muscular body from hours on the board and playing sports, especially baseball.

In fact baseball was pretty much Zak's only passion, and had been since he first picked up a bat as a skinny 5 year old. Back then it was T-ball, but T-ball led to coach pitch, and eventually boy pitch, and then little league, and Zak had never missed a season playing ball since that first day he fell in love with the sport.

It was September and school had started, ball season was over, but it had been a good one. He and his team, the Blackhawks, had taken first place in the regional tournament and the whole team had gotten their picture in the local paper. It was a big deal in their little town of just over 20,000 where sports were more important than just about anything else, and Zak and his teammates had become instant celebrities.

But not everyone was as fond of Zak as the rest of the town, in fact there was one person who acted as if he despised him, a 15 year old boy named Jake Richards. But it hadn't always been that way, once Zak and Jake were good friends, closer than brothers really, but all that ended when Zak turned 13.

Their houses backed up to each other and after many pairs of ripped pants, Zak's father had finally installed a gate between the two yards to make it easier for the boys to go back and forth. At one time they had even considered removing the fence completely to make one big back yard, but as things turned out it was good that they hadn't.

It had been over a year since Zak and Jake had their falling out, but it still hurt when Zak thought about it. The hardest part was when he saw Jake at school or in his backyard. Those times were the worst, and the look of hate in Jake's eyes hurt most of all.

As he made his way inside the small but neat two story house that was almost identical to the one behind it, the house that Jake lived in, Zak announced his arrival. His mother popped out from the kitchen and greeted him and as usual he went in to have his after school snack.

"Where's Carlos?" Zak asked as he sat down at the breakfast bar.

"He's working. He went straight to work from school."

Carlos was Zak's adopted brother and was Hispanic. His folks had found out about him from a mission group at church and had adopted him when he was seven and Zak was only 5. But as far as Zak was concerned Carlos was as much his brother as any blood brother would have been. And even though they'd had their disagreements over the years, they had always been close, and Zak idolized his older brother.

"That sucks, he was going to take me to the mall."

"His boss asked him to work, and you know how Carlos is? Always eager to make a few extra dollars."

"I don't suppose you could take me...?" Zak said hopefully.

"We'll see. Do you have any homework?" They were only in the first week of school and the homework assignments were light so far.

"Not much, a little. I'll do it as soon as I finish my snack."

"All right, I suppose I can drop you off and you can call me when you're ready to come home."

Zak finished his snack and went upstairs to change and do his homework. As he undressed he studied his sleek form in the mirror and posed this way and that before finally turning and craning his neck to look at his pert rear. Cupping it, he smiled and then gave it a smart slap.

Pulling out the waist band of his underwear he gazed down at his package before letting the elastic snap back. He was proud of his junk, his penis which rose to a full 5" when hard, his plum sized balls, and the little patch of wiry pubes above them, but it still made him sad to think that his reaching puberty had coincided with his breakup with Jake. Sometimes he tried to imagine what it would have been like if he and Jake were still friends, but that ship had sailed as they say, and as much as it hurt, Zak was trying to move forward.

He still had other friends. There was Bill and Mark, and Tommy, as well as Sarah and Carol, who he trusted more than any of his male friends, and had even shared his deepest darkest secret with them. He frowned when he thought about that secret, for that secret when revealed to his best friend Jake, had been the reason for their falling out. He sighed as he thought about that day, and even after all this time he still got a lump in his throat and a knot in his stomach when he did.

Quickly slipping on a pair of jogging shorts and a tee he grabbed his backpack and pulled out his homework. At his desk he fired up his laptop and pulled up Google in case he needed to look something up, but before too long he was checking out his FB page as he worked on his math.

He was a good student, an all around good athlete, and a decent kid that usually made friends easily, but there was a side of him that few people knew about. A side that had cost him his best friend just because he had let that secret slip out in a moment of weakness and passion.

He pulled up Jake's FB page and noticed he'd posted some new pictures. Even though Jake had un-friended him after their falling out, his page was still open to the public and Zak used it to keep track of Jake's life. His new pics were of him and a girl he'd seen hanging around with Jake at school. Her name was Rebecca and she was one of the cheerleaders. Leave it to Jake to hook up with a cheerleader, Zak thought bitterly. But why not? Jake was a starter on the High School Football team and very popular with girls and boys alike.

He touched the monitor, tracing the lines of Jake's face and sighing. He'd never known a boy as sweet or as handsome as Jake, but he'd seen his dark side too, and the thought of that gave him shivers. If he closed his eyes sometimes he could see the look of hatred and disgust that Jake had worn that day when everything went wrong, and the pain it caused was almost physical. But worse than that was the pain of ending five years of friendship and brotherhood. For Zak, that day, February 14, 2016, his birthday, had been the worst day of his life.

Zak was aware of tears forming in his eyes and he quickly closed his laptop and concentrated on his homework. When it was done he went downstairs and helped his mom prepare dinner. Around 5:30 his dad arrived from work and they talked about their day before he headed off to shower and get ready for dinner.

Zak was a big eater, always had been, but he never gained an ounce. He and Jake had both had voracious appetites and Zak's mom had always fixed enough for two extra when Jake ate with them. But since that day, just over a year ago, the day no one talked about, Jake was no longer a dinner guest, and eventually she went back to fixing regular meals.

"So, what are you buying at the mall, or are you just hanging out?" His mom asked as they sat down to dinner.

"Just hanging out, but I could use some new shoes," Zak hinted.

"Oh no, we just paid a hundred dollars for new Nikes, you're not due for more shoes till at least Christmas."

"Even if I buy them with my own money?"

"I hate for you to use all your savings for new shoes. Why do you think you need new shoes anyway?"

"I don't need need them, I just need them...if that makes sense."

"Translated as: I want them because it's a fashion statement," Zak's dad chuckled.

"Sort of, but it's not a big deal. I might buy a new game though...if it's okay."

"Well, it's your money Tiger," Mr. Mason said using the pet name he'd coined when Zak was five or six.

"Actually Carlos gave me some money for a new game so it's sort of for both of us."

Mrs. Mason smiled, "That boy, he'd give you his right arm if it wasn't attached."

"He's cool," Zak admitted, "but when I get a job I'll be the same way."

"Only Carlos will be 18 and probably thinking about college by then," Mr. Mason reminded him, "maybe we should adopt another kid before then," he teased.

"Only if he's my age," Zak laughed, "I always wanted a twin, but I guess that would do."

"Well, I was only kidding. Two unruly, smelly boys is plenty for one family."

"We do not smell," Zak said grinning.

When dinner was over Zak helped his mom clean up and load the dishwasher to speed things along and by six thirty she was dropping him off at the small but busy Oakwood Mall. There was a Best Buy on one end and a Target on the other and the usual stores in between, and the shops there made up most of the shopping choices in the town.

The food court was always packed, and the six screen cinema showed first run movies in big auditoriums with reclining seats, and pulled in people from nearby towns, especially on the weekends. Zak saw a couple of kids he knew from school but none of his close friends so he decided to go check out the video game store.

He'd been browsing for about ten minutes when he looked up and saw Jake and his new girlfriend Rebecca coming through the door. His first instinct was to hide or to run, but taking a deep breath he stood his ground and tried to ignore the two.

At first Jake was too busy flirting with Rebecca to notice Zak but when he finally did he gave him a scathing look and stayed as far away from him as possible. Zak felt that lump in his throat and that knot in his stomach again and he knew he had to escape before he threw up, or worse, passed out.

Grabbing the game he'd come to buy, he quickly took it to the counter and paid for it with the cash he and Carlos had pooled together. Grabbing up his purchase he practically ran to the door only to have the Sensormatic alarm go off bringing everyone's attention to him. The clerk apologized for not deactivating it, and after doing so Zak finally made his escape, but not before Jake and Rebecca had given him the stink eye.

He wandered out to the center aisle of the mall and plopped down on a bench long enough to regain his composure and let his heart slow down. He wished he'd just stayed home, but he knew he couldn't let Jake rule his life. Just because Jake was unreasonable and an a-hole didn't mean he had to quit living his life or going places. He sighed and closed his eyes and was just about to get up and go when someone sat down beside him.

His eyes jerked open and when he swung his head around he came face to face with one of the girls he called friend, Carol Gibson.

"You scared the crap out of me, I thought you were some pervert," Zak joked.

"Who says I'm not. Want some candy little boy?" she laughed.

"Sure, what kind?"

"You are so molested," she giggled.

"What are you doing here? Is Sarah here?"

"Nope, just me...well, and my mom," she said rolling her eyes, "but I've escaped her for now. We're supposed to meet in the food court at 8."

"Oh, well...wanna walk around with me?"

"Sure, what you got in the sack?"

"Oh, a new video game me and Carlos been wanting. He paid for most of it."

"Your brother is like so nice and so cool. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"Naw, he works all the time and plays sports. I guess he doesn't have time for a girlfriend yet."

"Too bad, does he like younger girls?"

"I don't know, we don't talk about that stuff," Zak said sounding annoyed.

"Okay, okay, but it wouldn't hurt for you to talk me up to him."

"I'm not hooking my big brother up with my best girlfriend." He said rolling his eyes.

"Why Zak Mason, that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. I'm your best girlfriend. Wait till Sarah hears about this."

They roamed the mall giggling and having fun, and to Zak's great relief they didn't bump into Jake or Rebecca. He supposed they might have been going to a movie or something and just stopped at the video store to kill time and that made him a little sad. He and Jake used to go to the movies a lot when they were friends, and the theater would always remind him of those happier times.

"What's wrong? What are you thinking about, is it Jake again?" Carol asked with concern.

Zak nodded, he knew there was no point trying to hide anything from Carol. "He came into the video store with that girl...Rebecca and was pretty uncomfortable."

"That butthole, I can't believe he did that to you, his best friend. Just because you came out to him. If I didn't know better I'd think he had some gay feelings of his own and he's just scared to admit it."

"I shouldn't have told him," Zak said softly.

"Why not? He was your best friend in the whole world. Look how Carlos took it, he thought it was cool. But not Jake, no...he acted like you were contagious. Well, all I can say is: if that's the kind of friend he is, then you're better off without him."

"I know, but I still miss him," Zak admitted.

Carol took Jake's hand and held it and looked him in the eye, "Zak Mason you're a sweet and cute boy and you have the right to love whoever you want. It's just too bad the one boy you loved is such an asshole."

At 8 o'clock Zak walked Carol to the food court to meet her mom and as soon as she saw them Carol's mom stood up and gave Zak a hug.

"How are you sweetie? Oh my, you've put on some muscle. Do you workout?" she giggled.

"Just play baseball mostly, and board," Zak said soaking up the compliment and the love.

"Well, whatever it's working. You're a real little stud. Have you found a boyfriend yet?"

"MOM!" Carol yelped, "don't say that in public. Someone might hear you?"

"Oh. What is it you kids say? MY BAD," she laughed, "I thought being out meant everyone already knew."

"Not everyone in the world mom, just the people he trusts."

And one that I thought I could trust, only I couldn't, Zak thought sadly.

"No ma'am, no one yet, but I do love Carol," he said grinning, "Like a little sister," he added giggling.

"Little sister, I'll little sister you," Carol said pounding him playfully.

"Are you ready to go sweetie? Do you need a ride Zak?"

"That would be great, just let me call my mom and tell her."

On the way to Zak's house he and Carol sat in the back seat of the car and talked quietly about school and TV and the things that interested them both. Even though they were boy and girl there was no sexual tension between them. At one time Carol had entertained such a notion, but over the years their friendship had grown and evolved until it was more like a brother/sister relationship.

When Zak finally came out to his best girlfriend, Carol had held him while he cried, and patted him softly, then turned his face up to her and kissed him gently.

"Do you feel better now? You know I've known for a long time that you liked boys, but I was waiting for you to tell me. I wanted you to trust me enough, and now that you have, well...I got your back Zak, and no one better mess with you," she said kissing his forehead and cheek.

Zak wiped at his eyes and smiled weakly, "I love you so much. If I was...if I wasn' know, I'd make you my girlfriend for real."

"Yuck," Carol teased, "I'm not interested in you that way."

Zak laughed and for once he thought things were going to be all right, but that was before the birthday party sleepover and what came next almost ruined him for life.

When they got to Zak's house he was happy to see Carlos' Ford Ranger was in the driveway. Excitedly he bounced in and rushed upstairs. Carlos' door was open and he was sitting on his bed pulling off his size 10 Nikes.

"Hola, mi hermano," Carlos said grinning.

"Uh, hola mi hermano...back at ya'," Zak said inviting himself in.

They had an agreement that if the door to their room was open the other was free to come in, but if it was closed they had to knock first. This had come about after Zak had accidentally walked in on a very naked Carlos stretched out on his bed masturbating, and it had taken a week for them to finally be able to face one another. That had been three years ago when Carlos was 13, and since then their relationship as brothers had grown and morphed until now they could actually look back and laugh at that event.

"What's in the bag, condoms?" Carlos teased in perfect English. Though bi-lingual he spoke perfect English most of the time.

"Yeah, for you, so you don't make such a mess when you jerk it," Zak teased back.

"I hope they're XL, those last ones squeezed my polla," he said reverting to Spanish.

"Good one, pencil dick," Zak laughed, "But seriously I got the game. Want to try it out?"

"First I gotta' shower," he said sniffing his hairy pits. Even though he was only 16 he had a fair amount of dark hair on his body, even though his chest was virtually hairless, and he had a soft dark pleasure trail leading down to his 6" uncut cock.

"Okay, I'll go set it up in my room. When you're done just come on in."

"Okay, see you in a minute."

"Eww, take longer than a minute," Zak teased, "you smell like onions."

Carlos worked at a burger place and often came home smelling of onions and chili and hamburgers. It really wasn't a bad scent, but strong, and Zak preferred Carlos' natural odor better. He loved his big brother a lot and actually idolized him. He'd actually learned a lot from him, including Spanish, and though he wasn't as fluent as Carlos, he'd learned enough to pull an A in Spanish class last year in school. He was inspired by Carlos' work ethic and his generosity, and he wanted to be just like him.

He set up the game and started playing, and eventually Carlos wandered in looking and smelling shower fresh. Dressed only in loose gym shorts and a tank top he looked like your typical teenager, but he was far from it. As he sat down, Zak glanced over at him and smiled.

"This is so cool, but I had some trouble when I went to the video store."

There had never been any doubt in Zak's mind that he would tell his older brother about his close encounter with Jake, for they were so close that they shared almost everything, and he knew Carlos would be supportive no matter what.

"Oh man, that sucks. I wish you two could work this out. I don't know why he's being so unreasonable."

"Well, it might have something to do with the fact that I kissed him and told him I loved him...oh, and the gay thing," Zak said trying to make a joke out of it.

"He should have been flattered that you loved him that much," Carlos said looking serious, "I would have been."

"I love you too you big dummy," Zak teased.

"I know, and I love you too, but this is different...and I would never treat you like he has. I don't care who you love brother, as long as you are happy, I'm happy."

Zak choked up a little and nodded to avoid speaking, then finding his voice he said, "Thanks, me too."

"As long as you're happy, you're happy?" Carlos joked.

"Yeah, no...I mean...I want you to be happy too. Which reminds me, Carol was asking about you tonight."

"Little Carol, your baby sister?" Carlos joked.

"Yes, I guess that answers one of her questions, whether you like younger girls," Zak said grinning.

"What was the other question?"

"If you had a girlfriend?"

"She sounds like dad. Why does everyone think I need a girlfriend?" he said rolling his dark eyes.

"I don't. I'm glad you don't have one, but I guess that's selfish, because you wouldn't have as much time for me."

"I'd make time, but I'm not in any hurry. I'm busy with school and my job, and besides I don't know any girls I'd want to go out with. They're all too...llenos de sí mismos."

"Huh, translate please...."

"Full of themselves, besides...most of them don't like Spanish boys," he said almost sadly.

"Then they're morons, cause I think you're awesome."

"Gracias, I think you're awesome too little brother."

Zak had never thought about how hard it might be for Carlos to be accepted by some of the kids at school. His brother had his share of friends, but all of them were boys his age, and he couldn't remember Carlos ever mentioning any girls he was interested in. He couldn't believe girls were that picky. Carlos was cute and funny and a really nice person, not to mention a real fox, but Zak supposed he might be a little prejudiced in that area.

"So, are there any girls that you like...I mean if they liked you back?"

"Why are you suddenly so interested in my love life?" Carlos chuckled, "What about you? Are there any boys you like?"

"No fair, I can't answer that," Zak said blushing.

"There is...isn't there?" Carlos laughed, glad to take the heat off himself.

"Maybe, but he doesn't even know I exist," Zak sighed, "besides....he's probably not really gay..."

"Oh, so rumor has it he's gay?"

"Well, I heard he transfered from California, and that he had a boyfriend there, and was out and stuff."

"Is he cute?" Carlos teased, "do you have a picture of him?"

"No...well...he's on FaceBook."

"Show me, I want to see him little brother."

"Okaaaay, pause the game." Zak said pretending to be annoyed.

Zak dug out his phone and pulled up FB and typed in Luke Griffin in the search ba,r and pulled up the boy's page. Scrolling through his pictures he found the one he liked best.

"Here, this is Luke."

"Oh, he is cute little brother. Do you have any classes with him?"

"Yeah, two....math and PE."

"Awww...too bad they don't make kids shower like when dad was in school," Carlos giggled.

"I'd die if I popped a boner in the shower," Zak said looking pale.

"Do you think you're the only boy in your school who pops boners? When I first hit puberty I was hard more than I was soft."

"What happened?" Zak teased, "did you wear it out," he giggled.

"Very funny. For your information my pollo works just fine. I just learned to control it, that's all."

"That must be hard....uh, I mean," he giggled, "I do you control it," he said looking serious for a moment, "I mean just having my underwear rub against it causes me to get hard."

"I was that way too, then I started channeling that sexual energy into school and finally my job. I still get boners sometimes, but I don't let them run my life."

" you know...jerk off?"

Carlos laughed, "What do you think?"

"Yeah, I knew that," Zak giggled, "I hear you sometimes going at it."

"What, when?" Carlos asked blushing.

"Sometimes when I'm in our bathroom I hear you through the door."

The bath they shared was located between their rooms and there was a door to both rooms, as well as a door leading into the hall. Like most interior doors they were hollow core and hardly deadened any sound at all.

"Were you eaves dropping?" Carlos asked looking serious and Zak's smile left his face.

"No, I swear I was just using the bathroom and brushing my teeth. Maybe it wasn't that I was hearing. I'm sorry bro, don't be mad."

Carlos broke out laughing, "Bro, I could never be mad at you...especially after that time when I was 13."

"You butt hole you had me worried. But seriously, you do it a lot?"

"What's a lot, once a day, twice, six times?"

"Six would be a lot, twice, maybe three times seems about right."

"Then I guess I'm about right," Carlos said grinning.

Zak hated to admit it, but talking about boners and jerking off had caused him to get hard, and sitting next to Carlos and feeling the heat of his body wasn't helping. He'd never thought about Carlos in a sexual way before, but it was still hard to ignore the fact that he was so sexy.

"I...I was wondering...have you know, done anything...with someone else?" Zak managed to croak out.

"Whoa, little brother this is getting very personal now, but since you're my little brother and growing up fast, I'm gonna answer your question. The answer is...yes."

"Uh...who with?"

"That's between me and them," Carlos said grinning.

" jerk, why can't you tell me?"

"Because what goes on between two people is very private, and if I told you I'd be violating a trust. Do you understand?"

"I guess, I mean if I did something with someone I guess I wouldn't want them telling just anyone."

"Exactly, but if it was a while ago and another guy."

"What, wait...a guy or a boy?"

"Okay, boy. Most boys, even straight ones mess around with their buddies. You know? Curiosity and stuff, and it's easier than trying to find a girl to mess with."

"Yeah, I guess I can see that. Carlos?"

"Yeah bro?"

"I wouldn't tell just anyone this, but...when Jake and I were know...before all this crap happened...we, uh...we did some stuff."

"I figured that. I mean as close as you guys were, and spending the night at each other's house all the time, and I know you slept in the same bed was sort of natural that it happened. Let me ask you this, back then when you were doing...whatever it was you did...did you know you liked him that way?"

Zak looked sad, "I sort of did. I mean I didn't understand what it meant, but I knew that I really liked him a lot and I just wanted to be around him as much as I could. And when we started messing was all I could think about for a while."

Carlos smiled sadly, "Poor boy, you loved him, but he didn't love you back, that must've been....must be awful."

"I just wish I'd kept my mouth shut. At least we'd have still been friends...."

"But eventually he would have figured it out, or you'd have told him. No, it was probably best this way. You can move on now and find someone who will love you back."

Zak sighed, "I just miss him so much Carlos. Will it ever stop hurting?"

"Not for a long time, but eventually it will get better, and then you'll find someone to love and who loves you."

"I guess. Do you mind if we don't finish the game, I think I'm gonna take a shower and go to bed."

"No bro, it's cool. I understand. Sadness makes me tired too. When my mama and papa died I slept all the time. It was the only time I wasn't sad."

"I'm sorry Carlos. I must sound like a real wuss...whining around about Jake, when you lost your whole family."

"No, you have a right to your feelings too and don't ever let anyone tell you different. Besides, you and mom and dad are my family now and I love all of you as much as I loved mama and papa."

Zak leaned in and gave his big brother a hug, "Thanks. I love you too. And thanks for talking to me know...this stuff. It helps a lot. I mean I really can't talk to mom and dad about it. I still don't know what they think about why Jake and I don't hang out anymore."

"Bro, they know more than you think. You should really talk to them sometime, I think it would help them, and you."

"I just can't...not yet anyway. I mean I think they know, but I just can't say it...they're my parents and I know I'm gonna be a big disappointment to them."

"No, no bro. You got it all wrong. They are so proud of you. Look at you, you're a star...and so smart. Bro, sometimes I wish I was half as talented as you."

"What? No..." Zak laughed, "it's me who wishes I was like you. You're so nice and so sure of yourself and you work so hard and still do good in school."

Carlos laughed, "We're a good team, me and you...I guess we both got some good points, but mom and dad love us both, and are proud of us, and no matter what, they got our backs. If you came out to them they would still love you and support you and never make you feel bad about it. I know that for a fact bro, because...because they talked to me about it."

"What. Oh man, how could they...they know? Oh man...what am I going to do? Next time I look at them I'm going to feel so weird."

"All the more reason to tell them. Bro, you told me and look how easy that was."

"But, that's different. You're like super cool and I knew you would be okay with it. I mean I sort of thought you knew anyway, and I was right. Hey, I was wondering...if I hadn't told you would you have asked me about it?"

"I thought about it, but I decided that it had to be on your terms. You had to feel comfortable enough with me to tell me. We've been really close ever since mom and dad adopted me. Bro, I can't tell you how special you made me feel. I mean a lot of kids would have resented an older boy coming into the family and taking time away from their mom and dad, but not gave me so much love and I felt like I was really your bro after a while."

"You are my bro, you big dummy. It doesn't matter who's sperm you came from," Zak joked, "you're ours now."

Carlos smiled and put his arm around his little brother, "Bro, trust me when I say...I could never have become the person I am if it wasn't for you. Oh sure, mom and dad too, but it was you who pulled me out of my sadness and made me want to live again, and I can never thank you enough."

"Man, you're getting way too mushy," Zak teased wiping a few tears from his eyes, "I better go before we both start bawling."

"Enjoy your shower baby bro, and don't wear it out," he joked.

"Why? It's mine. I can wear it out if I want," Zak said sticking out his tongue as he got to his feet, "I'll come say goodnight..okay."

"Yeah, I'm gonna' hop in bed and read for a little while. Just come on in, I promise I won't be spanking it," he laughed.

Zak laughed and rolled his eyes as he walked into the bathroom and then into his room. He quickly gathered up his sleep shorts and went back into the bathroom. Any other time he would have closed the door leading into his brother's room, but tonight for some reason he couldn't explain, he left it open.

He stripped off naked and stared at himself in the mirror as always, but this time he felt...sexier somehow. He knew from where Carlos' bed was located that he couldn't actually see into the bathroom, but it still seemed naughty to be naked with his big brother in the next room.

His cock was rock hard as usual when he was naked and a little wet on the end. Pre-cum was new to him, but he knew what it meant and he loved the feel, and smell, and yes, the taste of it. Dabbing his finger in the sticky goo he brought it to his lips and sucked his finger seductively.

His cock throbbed, and with the other hand he reached down and gave it a squeeze. Forgetting about the open door and his brother in the next room he moaned lowly.

"Hey, little brother if you're gonna do that stuff, close the door," Carlos laughed.

Blushing, Zak released his cock and started the shower, "Sorreee."

As Zak stepped into the shower his cock lost a little of it's hardness and he was able to concentrate on washing his sweaty teenage body. He paid special attention to his boy parts and it didn't take long for his erection to return. He considered jerking off, but after being overheard moaning he decided that was too risky. Instead he rinsed off and dried off quickly. When he was dressed in his soft cotton sleep shorts he pushed his cock to one side and went in to tell Carlos goodnight.

Carlos was in bed with the covers pulled up to his waist and was shirtless. Zak wondered if he was naked beneath the covers and that caused his erection to throb a little. What is happening to me? He wondered. Why am I suddenly so horned up over Carlos?

"Did you wash your pequeño culo?" Carlos teased.

Zak knew culo was ass, but wasn't sure what the other word meant, still he got the message. "Yeah, my ass is clean, want to sniff it?"

"I don't think so, but I'm sure it smells wonderful," Carlos said blushing.

"I just wanted to say goodnight...and thanks. Do you work tomorrow?"

"No, John and I are going to a movie, you want to come along?"

"Uh, naw....I don't what to take you away from your friends," Zak said hoping Carlos would protest and try to talk him into going anyway.

"Bro, John won't care, it will be fun. Think about it, okay? My treat."

Zak smiled, "Okay, I'll think about it. it all right if I give you a hug?" Zak was hoping he could determine if Carlos was naked beneath the covers.

"Bro when I turn down your hugs I'll be dead," he joked, "come here," he said holding out his arms.

They'd always been very affectionate with one another, but of course as they got older their physical displays of affection had tapered off. As Carlos wrapped him in his arms Zak noticed the covers had fallen down some and to his disappointment he could see the top of Carlos' boxers indicating that he wasn't naked after all.

"Goodnight bro, pleasant dreams and...don't beat off more than once or twice," Carlos teased as they broke the hug.

"You too," Zak countered, "and don't make a mess."

"Got my trusty sock, no problem there," Carlos said grinning.

"I use a towel, to each his own I guess," Zak said grinning back, "Well...goodnight, see ya in the morning."

"Buenos noches," Carlos said smiling warmly.

Zak wandered off to his room, this time closing the door to his bedroom after passing through the bathroom. A long slow jerk session was ahead and though he'd been bold earlier he wanted his privacy now. As he stretched out on his bed he pushed his shorts down and grabbed his "cum towel" and started stroking his fully erect cock. Since he was uncut he didn't need lube and at any rate his cock had begun to produce enough pre-cum to keep things nice and slick.

He knew Carlos was uncut as well, but since he'd only seen Carlos' cock hard that one time, when he'd caught him jerking at age 13, he had no idea how much it had grown since then. He had seen it soft a few times since, the latest occasion having been earlier that week when he went into the bathroom to pee and Carlos had just been getting out of the shower. Neither boy was shy around the other, but they certainly didn't go out of their way to be naked around each other.

As Zak began to work the foreskin of his 5" teen cock he moaned softly. He wondered if Carlos was jerking off too, and if so, how much bigger his cock was? How loose the skin was? How much pre he produced? Things like that, and it made his own jerking seem so much hotter.

"Ummmm...." Zak moaned softly as his thoughts turned from his brother to the boy at school, then against his will his thoughts turned to Jake. Jake, who's body was the most amazingly perfect thing Zak had ever seen.

Jake's body had always been a thing of beauty, even when he was younger, like nine or ten, when Zak had first began to notice it and to realize that he liked looking. He used to get a little flutter in his stomach when Jake was shirtless, and when they bathed together and were naked, he'd feel all hot and thumpy inside. And then when they'd first discovered sex play, his flutters and thumpiness went through the roof.

He remembered the first time as if it was only yesterday. They'd just had their bath and were drying off and both boys were sporting young wood. Back then Zak's cock was no more than 2.5 maybe 3 inches, but Jake's had been a full inch bigger and his balls were bigger too.

They'd begun to play grab ass and were slapping each other with wet towels when suddenly Jake lunged and grabbed Zak's penis before he could get away. Jake's touch was like an electric shock, a shock that caused Zak's little wanger to become fully hard almost instantly.

"Hey!" he'd gasped, then added, "I get to grab you too."

Jake had no problem with a little mutual grabbing, and even though they hadn't discovered the joys of masturbation to orgasm yet, they knew that touching each other's privates was fun and brought pleasure. That first awkward experimenting would lead to more detailed sessions, but that first time was still very special to Zak.

As he neared orgasm he thought about the night Jake had his first wet come. They'd been toying with their stiff boy cocks, occasionally helping each other out, when suddenly Jake pushed Zak's hand away, and making a series of guttural and almost humorous sounds he'd fired off his first two shots of thin watery cum.

Zak smiled when he thought about how proud Jake had been, but he'd never held it over Zak's head, and when a week later Zak had his own wet cum, he'd praised him and welcomed him to the 'big boys' cum club'."

But that had been before...before the big blowup, the end of the world for Jake and Zak's friendship, and now there were only memories of those first, wonderful, and awkward rites of passage.

As his orgasm approached, Zak's hand sped up along his shaft as his other hand massaged his small erect nipples. From his nipples he let his hand wonder down his smooth chest then to his flat stomach and finally between his legs as he grabbed his nuts and gave them a gentle squeeze. That was all it took to push Zak over the edge, and suddenly his cock began to squirt.

The first shot hit him squarely in the mouth and he licked his lips clean without thinking about it. He loved the taste of his own cum and was convinced that another boy's cum would be even better. At one time he'd hope his first taste of another boy's cum would be Jake's, but of course that was never going to happen now.

The orgasm hit him hard, starting at his curled toes and traveling up his body till it reached his brain. He tried to keep the moaning down, but he was sure if Carlos had been in the bathroom he could have heard him, but he really didn't care. In fact it only made it that much hotter to think that Carlos might hear his squeals of delight and know he was firing off a few rounds of cum.

When the last shot landed on his belly button and his cock began to ooze, Zak fell back exhausted and waited for his heart beat to slow and his brain to clear. When he'd first learned the joys of masturbation he had gone through the usual bouts of remorse and guilt after the edge wore off, but since then he'd learned that masturbating was natural and actually healthy. Once he'd discovered that most every boy did it he'd put those feelings behind him. But the single most important thing that happened to change his outlook on masturbation was catching Carlos in the act and then talking about it with him and finding out that it was no big deal. Only in a way it was a big deal, but in a good way. It had actually made them closer in some ways, and Zak never regretted for a moment that day he'd discovered that Carlos liked his dick as much as Zak liked his own.

"Uh, that was good," Zak sighed as he began to scoop up his cum with his fingers and lick them clean.

When he had scooped up as much as he could, he wiped the rest off with his towel and slipped his shorts back on. He considered going into the bathroom and washing up, but suddenly he was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open. Stuffing the dirty towel under his bed he pulled the covers up over him and fell asleep quickly.

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