by Rigby Taylor

Chapter 14

Fun & Games

Con pulled his car up close to the rear school entrance, checked no one was around, then led Sebastian to their lair under the stairs.

'Don't close the door, it'll be cooler. Might even catch a draught.'

They straightened the mat and faced each other. After a few minutes of desultory sparring both men sighed, lowered their arms and frowned.

'You don't really want to wrestle, do you?' Constantine stated softly.

'I thought I did. I thought it would wipe away all the…' Sebastian's head drooped and tears splashed onto the mat.

Con wrapped his arms around the shuddering young man. When the tremors ceased he lowered them both to the floor, lay on his side with his arm under Sebastian's head and gently stroked him, saying nothing.

'I was terrified, Con,' Sebastian whispered. 'It was the worst day of my life! I didn't know where Reggie was, and when they told me I'd be sliced up for body parts I freaked out.'

'They told you?'

'Yeah. Farzdbuk and Jack. They called me a black faggot slut and reckoned I'd helped Guapo to escape so I'd have to replace him, and Reggie would be donating his heart to someone who needed a new one. I screamed so much they shoved something so far into my mouth I began to choke. Luckily they wanted me alive so they loosened it. My throat still hurts. But… I thought Jack liked me!'

'You didn't tell us any of this back at Rex's.'

'I didn't want anyone to think I was a wimp. But now I can't get it out of my head. I'm going mad! I thought a good wrestle would clear things... but…'

'No, at times like this we have to talk. To share things. That's the only way.'

'I already feel better having told you, but there's still one problem.'

'Go on.'

'Reggie. I love him so much. He's so noble and pure. Don't laugh, he is. I'm frightened I'll contaminate him. They were right; I'm a black faggot. A whore. Totally worthless!'

'You're not a faggot and you're not black, you're a beautiful golden brown. And you're certainly not a whore. You were an innocent young man doing what they asked of you because you felt sorry for the guys. And that's to your eternal credit! You're the opposite of worthless. You're a precious jewel worth more than everyone put together at that hospital!'

'I've an evil mother who's been selling me as a sex object since I was twelve, and this morning sold me for body parts. I've inherited half her genes, so I'll end up like her and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Also, I'm a social misfit. Yes, I know we've been through this before and you tried to convince me I wasn't, but let's face it, I'm a crappy exhibitionist with no talent and it would be better for the world if you hadn't rescued me. You say you like me, and Rex and Fee too. But none of you really know me. They just feel obliged now that I've dumped myself on their doorstep. I shouldn't have told Rex he's my father. I love Reggie, but I'm a gnawed off bone! Spiritually dirty. That's what I feel, worthless and dirty! Not good enough to lick Reggie's feet. The best thing I can do is go away and stop annoying everyone.'

'Do you think Rex and Fee are perfect? Reginald doesn't think he's perfect, I'm not perfect, no one is—not even Adam Noall! Why should you be?


'Let's take the genetic inheritance line. Who do you resemble physically? Which one of your parents is thoughtful and kind like you? Which one is liked by just about everyone they meet, as you are? Which parent can't wait to take his clothes off and seldom wears clothes at home—just like you? Which one is intelligent, good at school, independent of spirit?'

'Yeah, but…'

'Okay, tell me one way in which you resemble your mother.'


'I know,' Con continued softly. 'It doesn't help, does it, that sort of rational argument? You feel depressed and worthless and words can't penetrate the black shroud of misery.'

Sebastian nodded.

'Okay, one more try.' Con paused, looked into Sebastian's eyes, frowned and asked seriously, 'Do you like me?'


'And I like you, so I guess that makes me worthless too.'

Sebastian smiled sadly and a surge of relief washed over Con.

'I also feel worthless because I've wasted my youth searching for a woman to share my life instead of a man. I can never experience the joy of making love to a young man and sometimes that makes me depressed.'

'Twenty-seven isn't old.'

'It isn't young.'

'You're one of the most worthwhile men I'll ever meet. You saved Reginald and me. You are the sort of person I would most like to be.'

'And you are exactly the sort of young man I wish I had known and fallen in love with when I was your age. Rex and Fee told me you are exactly the son they'd have ordered if they'd been asked. They're over the moon that you're going to live with them.'


'Really. Everyone chases after rainbows. The trick is to accept the hand you've been dealt and make the most of it.'

Sebastian reached across and stroked Con's neatly trimmed chest. 'You've been keeping up with the body image. You look great. Would you really have wanted to have sex with me?'

'Are you serious? If I was Reggie you'd not be safe near me.'

'Is it too late?'

'What for?'

'To shove a memory into your brain.'

When the meaning sank in Con smiled uncertainly. 'Are you sure? What about Reginald?'

'Reggie and I love each other. We'll end up living together—no doubt about that. But we're only seventeen. Twenty-five's early enough to settle down to monogamy. Religions have it all wrong. We're sexual animals and unless we experience sexuality when we're young we're going to be frustrated, nasty old men when we realise we're too old and have wasted our youth. I don't mean fucking everything that moves, but we have to know what sex is all about before we can make a rational choice about our future. I reckon if a good friend turns me on and he's up for it, we should just do it. It's no big deal and doesn't make us lovers.'

'I repeat. What about Reginald?'

'He's the one I love. With him sex is serious. With you it'd be no different from wrestling. Also, I've a feeling that…'


'This will sound weird, but I've a feeling that… somehow it would purge me of my sense of being dirty. If someone as honest and good as you wants to be fucked by me, then perhaps I'm not so bad after all…' Sebastian's voice trailed away and he blushed, certain he'd simply confirmed his status as a worthless slut.

'Makes sense. And it might stop me constantly wondering what it would have been like to have sex with a teenager. Get rid of my self-pitying demons.'


'I don't know. Introspection's never been my strong point. But we could give it a go if you really want to... for yourself, though! Not as a reward for me saving you. That'd be really gross!'

Sebastian gazed at Con seriously for five long seconds. 'It'd be a reward for me.'

Con frowned, got to his feet and went out to the car, returning with a bottle that he placed on the mat between them.

'This is extra virgin olive oil I use to massage aching muscles after wrestling with you. It might come in useful if you're serious.' He lay back beside Sebastian and relaxed, determined to cast every foolish thought from his head and enjoy the moment.

Sebastian resumed his stroking of Con's chest, working his way down the firm belly to the groin, admiring the engorging penis as it peeked out of its foreskin then suddenly erupted—a deep reddish brown mushroom atop a thick stalk that Sebastian stroked, then kissed.

'Tastes sort of sexy.'

'Does it?'

'Want to taste?'

'My tongue's not long enough.'

Sebastian slid up and kissed Con's slightly parted lips.

'Mmm. And what does yours taste like?'

They kissed and fondled until Sebastian was certain he'd ejaculate. Pushing Con onto his back, he lifted his legs onto his shoulders, splashed a little oil where it mattered most, then pushed gently. To his astonishment he slid in easily and Con responded as if they'd been partners for years—which in a way they had. The experience was in another realm altogether from the awkward couplings he'd struggled through in the past with the young men to whom he'd played host. This was the first time he'd experienced such exquisite pleasure from penetration, and judging by Con's grunts of delight he felt something similar. Their almost simultaneous orgasms left them sweaty and exhilarated. They recovered their breath lying side by side on the mat, Con's arm under Sebastian's neck, Sebastian impatient to initiate Reggie into these new delights.

'I feel clean and pure, as if all my wickedness has been expelled into your bum.' Sebastian laughed happily. '

'Such romantic imagery. Sure you aren't a poet?'

They laughed and cuddled.

'And you? Are your demons exorcised?'

Con grinned self-consciously. 'While you were stroking me I had a realistic vision of myself when I was your age. A total mess of insecurities; much worse than you. I remembered all the fears that plagued me. What would I do? Would I fail? What did the future hold? Would I ever get a decent body? So many fears for the future that I hated the present. I discovered this afternoon that I'm very pleased I'm not young any more and don't give a stuff that I didn't know I was gay until recently. I wouldn't have been able to do anything about it anyway. The up side is I learned what it is to be with a woman, and that makes my conviction I'm now on the right track all the stronger.'

'Guapo's a lucky guy.'

'We're four lucky men.'

They freshened up in the tiny basin, turned out the light and stepped into the corridor.

'Ah. There you are. Feeling better?' Mr. Noall was standing by the door to the quadrangle.

'Oh hi, Adam. Yes, we've both decided we're able to live with our pasts. Were you waiting for us?'

'No, no. Vera saw you arrive and suggested I make sure you were both bearing up after the terrible day, and offer any assistance you might need.'

Con gave a wry smile. 'You've been here all the time, haven't you?'

Mr. Noall nodded sheepishly.

'And you've been watching.'

'Not intentionally, but you left the door wide open and when I realised you were discussing personal things I decided not to interrupt. But as you know, other teachers sometimes come into school and as you were clearly visible from the doors here, I stayed to ensure you were undisturbed.'

'And you heard and saw everything from less than three metres away.'



Mr. Noall had dropped his eyes as if penitent. Reaching out he took Sebastian's left hand and Con's right and brought them to his lips for a brief kiss. When he looked up his eyes were moist.

'And I have been in the presence of great beauty.' The elderly man let the young men's hands fall, turned, and disappeared into his study.

Con and Sebastian let themselves out and drove away.

'Well, well. How interesting. It seems that dear old Adam is what I'd have been like in thirty years if I hadn't met you and Guapo.'

'You mean?'

'It explains why they have no children; why he's in love with you; why he told Sprague and Charles to get into bed together; why he virtually encouraged us to wrestle naked and fully approves of you and Reginald.'

'The poor man!'

'Not necessarily. He loves Vera and she loves him enough to let him do what he wants. He's an excellent Principal and well respected, if not always understood. I reckon he's one of those rare people who make the most of their lives, doesn't waste energy or happiness thinking about what might have been, and doesn't resent the good fortune of others.

'He's a great guy.'

They pulled into Rex and Fee's driveway.

'I need a swim.'

'Me too.'

After letting themselves into the house they made straight for the pool. Sebastian stopped at the doors leading out to the enclosure and signalled Con to be silent. A few paces to the left, Rex and Fee were so engrossed in an athletic coupling on the edge of the pool they failed to notice two naked men sidle in and squat just inside the door.

Sebastian was entranced. Placing his lips close to Con's ear he whispered, 'Now I understand what Mr. Noall meant when he said he'd been in the presence of beauty. They're beautiful! Dad looks like a sleek brown seal and Fee like a lithe black cat.'

'Take a look at those cojones!' Con whispered.

Sebastian suppressed a giggle. With every thrust, what looked like a pair of large, smooth kiwifruit swung out behind Rex, then slammed back against Fee's pudendum with an audible thwack. She was on her knees facing the pool, back arched, mouth glued to Rex's, which accounted for their muted groans of pleasure. Rex was grasping her breasts in his hands, thumbs caressing swollen nipples.

As the thrusts increased in speed and force he withdrew too far and his cock sprang skywards. Releasing his grip on Fee's breast he pressed his erection down, shoved it unceremoniously back into place and resumed thrusting with such force it seemed he was trying to propel them both into the water.

A continuous soft wail of pleasure from Fee signalled the onset of orgasm, to be followed a short minute later by Rex's guttural growls of release. Apparently exhausted, they remained locked together whispering endearments. Eventually, Rex withdrew, still semi erect.

The men silently watched Rex tickle his wife's swollen clitoris, making her laugh, then they both slithered into the water, surfacing on the other side of the pool to gaze in surprise at their audience.

'An excellent show.' Con said affably.

'Yeah! That was beautiful. Someone should make a sculpture of you two in orgasm.'

Rex and Fee looked at each other and laughed.

'I suppose I should feel embarrassed.' Rex said cheerfully.

'No way! You're both great! Makes me proud to be your son. You're sexy.'

Con and Sebastian joined the others in the pool until they heard a car turn into the driveway.

'That'll be Reggie!' Unable to suppress his excitement, Sebastian raced out and clasped Reggie in a hug. Mr. Blackthorn tooted, waved, backed out and drove away.

'Reggie! Thank goodness you're back, are you Okay?'

'Never better. It's astonishing what a sane father who genuinely cares about me does for the spirit. And you? Did you two have fun? Have you sorted… everything?'

'Yes, and yes. We're both officially sane and well, according to Mr. Noall.'

'Did he come and watch you wrestle?'

'We didn't see him till we were leaving.'

After a brief swim they ate a light meal and sprawled in the lounge while Rex and Fee outlined the next stage in the saga.

'We want to ensure that Farzdbuk and his nasty schemes are shut down forever. Those two surgeons won't be practising again, but he can easily find others. His sole motive is money, so money is his Achilles heel.' Fee grinned at Con. 'As you know, Rex took the credit cards and drivers licences and all other personal information from everyone at the hospital, and I've been investigating their finances this afternoon. It'll take me a few days to find all the accounts, passwords etc, but when I do I'll be able to shift the bulk of the money into a series of accounts here and there until it becomes untraceable, and then it'll be yours, Sebastian. I also want to make sure your mother doesn't profit. The house you've been living in belongs to Farzdbuk, as does her business, the ranch you went to with Guapo, a few apartments in Cairns, the hotel and his own house.

'Transferring ownership and disposing of them will be tricky, but before too long you should be benefitting from the proceeds of those sales.'

'But the money was gained by abusing and killing young men! I don't want it.'

'If Fee manages to get hold of it, and that's a big if, then you can do with it whatever you like,' Rex said quietly. 'Give it to the government so they can waste it on self-advertising and bureaucracy. Start a charity for homeless youth. Throw it in the sea… Never rush into things.'

'What about Desolé,' Con asked.'

'I think we should visit her this evening so Fee can check out the contents of her computer and remove all those videos of Sebastian and the others, before she realises her circumstances have seriously changed.' Rex laughed and glanced at his son.

Sebastian read his father's face correctly. 'You've been watching them.' He sounded amused, not accusatory.

'Only one or two. You and Reggie are sexy; turned us on, didn't it Fee.'

She smiled sweetly. 'Yes dear, especially when they tied themselves together with the red ribbon. But you're embarrassing the boys.'

'Am I?'

'Not me,' Sebastian declared with a laugh, 'I'm beyond embarrassing.' He turned to Reginald.. 'Reggie? Are you embarrassed?'

'Can I see it? Then I'll tell you.'


'How long is it? Is there time?'

'It's only seven thirty. Con?'

'Sure, you've made me curious.'

'Are you sure, Reginald?' Fee was worried.


'Be it on your own head.'

The quality was good, the picture clear and the lovemaking sweet and sexy. When it was over Con gazed down at his groin and chuckled. 'Look what you two did to me!'

Rex whistled. 'Fuck, Con! No wonder your girlfriend ran away!'

'Frighteningly impressive,' Fee giggled.

'It's even more impressive when you grab hold of it; it's so thick my fingers don't touch my thumb. Try it, Reggie.'

In the ensuing silence Sebastian realised what he'd said. 'Oops, sorry Con. Sort of let the cat out of the bag there.'

Con reclined back in his chair and grinned, not in the least perturbed. All his life he'd been shy of exposing himself; felt self-conscious undressing in public, thought his body was either too large or too short, his face not manly enough, his cock too fat. But Sebastian and Guapo had begun the liberation, completed by living for the last few days with Rex and Fee. Naked all day, he'd discovered the joy of liberation. He understood that a spontaneous erection is a normal and wondrous thing, not to be dismissed as exhibitionism. Freed of childhood religious constraints he felt as if released from chains. Like Lady Chatterley's Gamekeeper who, when his naked body and erection were admired and fondled by his lover, experienced such a rush of liberation and exultation that he gambolled naked in the rain and discovered the ecstasy of sex in the raw.

'Well, Reginald?' Rex asked. 'Are you embarrassed at seeing yourself in flagrante delicto?'

Reginald grinned. 'I'm certainly not embarrassed! I look much better than I realised. All this time I've been thinking I was a scrawny stick insect, now I fancy myself.'

'You great lug, I've been telling you for ages that you're sexy!' Sebastian grabbed Reginald threw him on the floor, landed on top and plonked a noisy kiss on his lips. 'Now, see if your hand can wrap right around Con's monster.'

Reginald looked up to Con. 'May I?'

'Be my guest.'

He grasped his Mathematics teacher's erection firmly. 'You must have small hands, Seb. My fingers meet. Hang on, it's getting thicker!' He took another grip but had to admit that now even his larger hand was too small.

'Can I try?' Fee asked sweetly.

Con laughed.

The glans was stretched so tight it glistened. The shaft looked solid enough for the foundation of a house. Fee wrapped both her hands round it and slid them up and down.

'It feels silky, hard and hot. It'd be like giving birth to have that inside me. Most interesting, Thanks. Come on Rex, your turn.'

Rex blushed, leaned forward and lightly tapped the monumental piece of flesh.

'Wimp! Grasp the nettle!'

Smiling slightly, Rex wrapped his hand around it, nodded knowingly, then wrapped his hand around his own arm. 'It's not especially long, but it's as thick as my forearm. So impressive I feel awed as if in the presence of a god. How does one make obeisance to such a natural wonder?'

'You have to kiss it, Papa.'

'I gather you already have?'

Sebastian grinned evilly. 'Come on, prove you're a man.'

Rex knelt in front of Con and kissed the shining knob before rising and giving man's most sensitive piece of flesh a sharp flick with his index finger.

Con yelped and sat forward, staring in disbelief as his magnificence shrank and retreated into the protecting sheath of its foreskin.

Rex shook his head sadly. 'I guess it wasn't a god after all. And here I was ready to start a cult.'

Fee put her arms impulsively round his neck. 'Darling! Now I love you more than ever!'

'And why is that, my treasure?'

'Because you've shown you're a complete man.'


'You understand that sexuality is something to enjoy, laugh about and have fun with. Labels such as heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, exhibitionist...are meaningless and only inhibit freedom and pleasure. You're truly liberated and if we had more time I'd.... But, unfortunately it's time to go.'

'Do we have to dress?'

'We'll have to cross the road at Sebastian's place, Con.'

'No we won't,' Sebastian said excitedly. 'We can park in the garage driveway and cut the engine. I'll open the doors with my palm print and we'll let the car coast down silently. That way the car will be off the road and won't be noticed. It's a quiet area riddled with prowling security services because all the oldies live in fear someone's going to rape them and steal their ill-gotten gains. Once in the garage we can enter the house by the internal stairs. 'If she hears us Mum will just think we're Farzdbuk.'

Twenty minutes later, Rex's Holden drifted silently into the basement garage of Desolé's house, and stopped beside her Audi. They crept up the stairs and breezed into the lounge, standing in a half circle between the television and their surprised hostess who took one look and began to scream, whether at the sight of four large and fit naked men and one nude black woman, or the apparent resurrection of her son, was unclear. Whatever the reason, she screamed and remained screaming until Con grabbed her from behind and shoved his hand over her mouth, holding her until the others had switched the TV off and arranged themselves decoratively over the armchairs.

'What's the matter, Mum? I thought you'd be pleased to see me. I've brought four friends to meet you. You already know Reggie, my boyfriend, and Rex, my father. This is Phoebe, his spouse and my step-mother, and this is Con, my wrestling and maths teacher.

Desolé's mouth was hanging wide in shock. Sebastian stepped forward and slapped her hard.

'Close your mouth, Mum, you look demented as well as old and ugly.'

Eyes wide she stuttered but you're…'

'Dead? No, sorry. Things went a bit belly up for poor old Farzdbuk and he ended up where I was supposed to be. Before that, however, he took the trouble to tell me that as it was my fault Guapo escaped, he was going chuck you onto the streets and find someone else to take over this place. To save your skin and comfortable life, you offered me, your beloved son, and Reggie, in exchange. Was he telling the truth?'

'No! No! I thought he was simply going to use you both as…' her voice trailed off as she realised she was only digging a bigger hole for herself.

'As what, mother dear? Prostitutes? Slaves? Come on, speak up.'

Strange animal-like noises were issuing from Desolé 's throat.

'What's that? You though he wouldn't cut out our kidneys and hearts until after we'd been fucked to death in his brothel?'

Desolé was muttering incoherently.

'Mrs. Sanspere,' Fee cut in sweetly, 'would you mind if I had a look around your house? Sebastian's told me so much about it, and as we'll be moving in when we've got rid of you, I want to work out where all our stuff will go.'

'No! No!' was all Desolé managed to whimper before Con slammed his hand over her mouth again.

'Come on, I'll take you on a tour,' Sebastian said cheerfully, then turned back to Con. 'The old hag might try to escape so you'd better strip her. That was the method she used to keep our guests prisoner, wasn't it, Mother dear?'

Sebastian led the others to Desolé's quarters and secret room where they packed up everything that could possibly have any bearing on their investigations, then carried it all back to the lounge where a naked and distinctly unappetising old woman sat shivering in fear of Con who was standing with his legs apart directly in front of her, groin at her eye level.

'What do you mean you don't want me to fuck you? You wanted Rex seventeen years ago. You must be pretty desperate by now. Come on, just a quick blow-job then.'

Tears were streaming down Desolé's face and she stared in wide-eyed supplication at her son. 'Sebastian, please stop this. I don't know what I've done wrong, I've always loved you, I…'

'You've always treated me as a commodity, mother. Conniving with Jack, who, by the way, is dead, to set up the cameras and sell videos of me and the guys to porn merchants. Actually, I didn't mind that. In fact I enjoyed some things, but getting me to act as a prison therapist for young men who'd been kidnapped so their organs could be used in transplants was a bit rich. However, that doesn't compare to donating my kidneys to Farzdbuk so you can stay on here.' Sebastian shook his head. 'Can't forgive that, sorry.'

He leaned forward as if to give her a kiss, but spat in her face instead.

Rex took his place. 'I forgive you for raping me because I've inherited a wonderful son, so you didn't do too badly there. But I can never forgive you for selling his body to save your wrinkled skin. For that I curse you!' One by one the other three filed past and spat.

Rigid with shock, Desolé was gagged, then led downstairs and bundled unceremoniously into the rear of the wagon. Sebastian opened the garage doors and they drove in silence to Farzdbuk's Hospital, turned into the gateway and stopped. Con dragged the protesting woman out and pushed her along the rough track towards the main building. The others followed. Rounding a corner they saw lights.

'I guess by now Farzdbuk is beginning to comprehend the scale of his fall from grace,' Rex said quietly.

'Yes. The nurses will be long gone, but the surgeons will be there nursing their wounds and keeping Farzdbuk alive for the next few days.' Con slapped Desolé roughly on he bum. 'Fuck you're bony! Well, old witch, up those steps and through those doors is your only hope of survival. Your dear friend Farzdbuk is in there recovering from the removal of his kidney, so you'd better be nice to him. Off you go!' impelled by a shove that set her staggering, Desolé limped along the stony drive, moonlight reflecting off pale flesh. Her whimpering could be heard all the way up the steps to the front door where she knocked. The sound was loud in the still night air.

'Mission accomplished, I reckon,' Rex said cheerfully, let's go in case they come out with six-shooters looking for us.'

They made their way back to the car and drove sedately home.

'Staying the night, Con?'

'Love to, but Sebastian and Reginald have the spare bed.'

'It's a King-size, plenty of room for three,' Fee said as if surprised he thought it a problem.

'Reggie?' Sebastian asked.

'Suits me,' Reginald replied. 'But my turn first.'

Con looked from one to the other. 'Hey! I'm not a commodity.'

Reginald took his hand. 'Sorry, Mr. Achilles, but tonight you are.'

Rex roared with laughter. 'Wait till I tell them about this in the staff room!'

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