by Rigby Taylor

Chapter 7

From the Frying Pan into the Honey Pot

In bed the following morning, Sebastian impressed again on Guapo the need for extreme caution; he shouldn't do or say anything that might upset anyone. Jack would be spending part of the day with him, and he seemed a good bloke, but you never really know about people, so Guapo should treat everyone as an enemy until proven otherwise.

After breakfast, Desolé was unnaturally bright and cheerful. Sebastian prepared for school, but was unprepared for his mother to walk out to the street with him and wave goodbye and watch as he cycled away. If he'd been less preoccupied with thoughts of his father, he'd have been suspicious.

Since overhearing Rex Trovert at the pool, Sebastian had been determined to confide in him; but when and how? He had practiced the words, imagined how he would feel, was prepared to act very cool and matter of fact, and put no pressure on the guy in case Trovert rejected him. He wasn't asking anything of him, he just needed to know that Rex really was his father and wasn't upset at knowing Sebastian was his son. The trouble was, the more he thought about it, the more complicated it all seemed. Perhaps he should just let sleeping dogs lie.

As soon as the bell rang for lunch he headed for the library, interrupting his quarry in his office as he was opening his sandwiches.

'Excuse me for barging in on your lunch, Sir, but have you time to talk?'

'At your service, Sebastian.'

'I want to apologise for taking your clothes last Thursday.'

Rex's eyebrows shot up in surprise. 'It was you! We guessed it was that fellow Jason had… but I never imagined you'd be in on it.'

'I wasn't really. I was with Rodney when he saw you both heading for the pool. It was a spur of the moment thing for him and I just tagged along; nothing planned. Rodney was still angry at Boieluv's reaction when he spoke to him, but he holds no grudges and has no intention of bringing it all up again.'

'That's generous of him.'

Sebastian laughed. 'Not really. He feels sorry for Boieluv because he's got so fat and ugly and is in a dead end job. In retrospect he did Rodney a good turn, encouraging him to leave school where he was doomed to failure, and by leaving town he got shot of his ultra religious parents and is now doing very nicely—drives a Mercedes Sports! But that's not what I want to talk about. I overheard you talking about that woman who was sitting next to the Principal that afternoon. How she'd forced you to have sex with her.'

'Well, you certainly lead with your chin, young man!' Mr. Trovert's lips thinned and his eyes became mere slits of anger. 'What on earth has it to do with you?'

'A lot, I think. I've worked out it was just on seventeen years ago, is that right?'

'Damn you, Sebastian! This is too bad! You have no right to probe me on this. Get out!'

Sebastian turned at the door and the pleading in his eyes made Rex relent.

'Okay,' he admitted. 'It was about seventeen years ago. Why?'

'And the woman's name was Desolé?'

'Yes, I don't remember her surname. How do you know?'

'She's my mother. I was conceived seventeen years ago, and my skin's the same colour as yours and…' Sebastian turned away to hide tears that were streaming.

Rex Trovert was silent for several long minutes.

'That means…'


'If it were true,' the teacher said slowly, 'how would you feel about it?'

'So, so, so relieved. I can't tell you how I've wanted to know who my father was, but dreaded knowing. Mum always said she'd been raped by a masked man. I haven't believed her for years, but still I… I imagined a brute. Instead... it seems I might have you, and honestly I can't think of anyone I'd sooner have as a father.' He swallowed back his tears and asked nervously, 'How about you?'

'I don't want to offend you, Sebastian, but I must say I cannot imagine how an ugly, evil old witch like Desolé could have produced and raised the most pleasant and interesting young man it's been my good fortune to know.'

'So... you don't mind?'

'Mind? I'm over the moon. Can't wait to tell Fee, my partner.'


'Short for Phoebe.'

'Partner. Does that mean you're not married?'

'We can't see any reason to, and it's better for her business if she keeps her own name.'

'Which is?'


'Fee Lyne. I like it.'

'You'll like her too.'

'Won't she mind about me?'

'We decided not to have kids because of the state of the planet and all that doom and gloom stuff, but it's been difficult living with that decision, especially for her, she's a born mother. She'll love you! When can you come and meet her?'

'As soon as I'm invited. So you're sure I'm your son?'

'Jason mentioned our matching balls, and the boss once said we looked like brothers. And even if you aren't I still want you to be. Okay?'

Sebastian's tears gushed, accompanied by wracking silent sobs that shook his frame. Rex came round from behind his desk, wrapped his arms around his son and rocked him gently as if he were a baby. When the tears stopped, he handed Sebastian a handkerchief, supervised the blowing of nose and wiping away of the tearful evidence, then suggested they go for a swim.

'Is it Okay if I join Sebastian's club in the pool?' Rex asked Mr. Sprague, who laughed, nodded, placed a finger beside his nose and winked obscenely.

'He thinks we're on together, like he is with Charles,' Rex confided as they stripped, leaving their clothes outside the office.

'Are they?'

'So the gossip goes. Who cares? They're both boring farts and deserve each other.'

'You're not homophobic, then?' Sebastian asked nervously.

'Hardly! Not with a gay son.'

'How did you know?'

'I've a seventh sense.'

Loud cheers greeted them as they walked to the edge.

Rex was clearly nervous, wondering if he'd just destroyed his reputation, but needn't have worried; if possible he ended up even more popular than before. At least half the swimmers were also naked and crowded round them in the water telling jokes, doing honey-pots to try to drown him, and before long he even dared the diving board where he showed good form.

'Do we tell people?' Sebastian asked as they were dressing.

'Do you want to?'

'Not their business.'

'Agreed. Except for Mr. Noall; after all he's your friend.'

'How do you know? I'm beginning to have doubts about a father who knows more about me than I do.'

'I've seen you two talking. Only friends are so easy together, just as the way Reginald looks at you is broadcasting to everyone who cares that he's in love. Is it reciprocated?'

'Yes! But you're dangerous! I'm going to have to be careful near you. And what'll I call you? Daddy? Pops? Father?'

'You dare and I'll disown you. Sir or Mr. Trovert at school, Rex everywhere else. No point in setting tongues wagging.'

They swapped mobile phone numbers, shook hands and parted with great fat grins plastered over their faces.

Reginald was as pleased as Sebastian when he heard the news, and the afternoon passed in a glow of happiness.

With a light heart Sebastian unlocked the door under the stairs and prepared the mats for wrestling practise. Con Achilles arrived a few minutes later. They stripped and Sebastian whistled appreciatively.

'You look great! All your muscles are visible now. You look a hundred times better and years younger! What did you use? Number one?'

'If that's what it's called. I bought some electric hair clippers, put on the shortest spacer and ran them over everything. Feels much better I have to admit; and no hairs in the shower.'

Sebastian ran his left hand over Con's chest. 'Mmm, bristles, they feel sexy. I can see your nipples now.'

Con's smile was a little forced and very nervous; should he object? He decided to go with the flow as Sebastian's hand slid down his belly to his groin and ruffled the bristles that the previous week had been a bush.

'No hairs to grab! Spoilsport. I'll have to grab here instead,' he laughed, taking a firm hold of his teacher's rapidly firming manhood.

Con held his breath, making a determined effort to remain open minded and not leap to conclusions. No man had ever touched his penis, let alone grabbed hold of it! It was so bloody intimate! He forced himself to relax and discovered to his surprise that it wasn't unpleasant.

'Your cock's gigantic!' Sebastian said in admiration. 'Not longer than mine but at least twice as thick. Do you use two hands to wank? I'll bet your fiancé loves it.'

Con gazed down at his erection, wondered if he ought to be embarrassed, but decided to accept the fact that he wasn't. 'My fiancé's never mentioned it. I don't think she's very impressed.'

'What? Is she blind to beauty? Immune to magnificence?' Sebastian reached round with his other hand and stroked Con's buttocks. 'More sexy bristles! Did you do your ring too? Bend over!'

Blushing to the roots of his bristles, Con bent over.

'Yep,' his cheeky pupil announced, 'neat and clean. No dags.'

At that moment Con farted and Sebastian leaped back laughing wildly.

'It spoke to me! Your arse spoke to me! I saw the lips move. Got really foul breath though!' He rolled on the ground laughing hysterically.

Collapsing onto the mat and laughing in relief, Con wondered why he didn't feel embarrassed; why everything Sebastian did seemed normal. Why was it that with everyone else he knew he felt he had to be on his guard? Why had none of the women he'd had sex with praised his hard-earned muscles? Why had no woman ever wanted to stroke his chest, belly, cock and bum like Sebastian had just done in fun? Why hadn't any of his girlfriends wanted to look at his arse and watch him fart? He was expected to admire them, ply them with endless compliments, tell them how sexy they were, get down and lick their cunts that usually smelled like arseholes. Why did he always feel he hadn't quite come up to scratch with any of the women he dated, including his fiancé? Why was he always feeling that he should be apologising for something and buying them flowers in expatiation of some nameless failing? Why was he engaged to someone who clearly appreciated him less than one of his pupils did?

He stopped laughing abruptly. That was a very good question and demanded an answer!

Unaware of the effect he was having, Sebastian straightened the mats.

'Okay, Teach, time to wrestle. Let's get down and dirty.'

'There's something I want to discuss with you first.'

'Sounds serious.'

'Could be. I've been debating whether to tell you, but I think it's too important to ignore. Take a look at these.' He opened his briefcase and took out two magazines, each open to a page of coloured photographs.

'Where'd you get them?'

'My cousin the pool guard collects gay porn from all over the world, he showed me these that were published in India because I'd told him I knew the guy in the yellow pouch.'

Sebastian studied a photo of two adolescents kissing while playing with each other's erections. 'It's me and… I forget his name, one of the first guys who stayed with us. Jan, I think. But how did it get in this magazine?'

'And this?'

A different young man was performing fellatio on Sebastian, whose head was thrust back in apparent ecstasy.

'Mmm... That's me again. Can't recognise the other bloke with his head down, but that's my bed.'

Con took out his laptop, opened it and turned it on. 'Ari emailed me this internet link today.'

The video started and Sebastian was astonished to see himself performing one of his dances, culminating in the pose where he ejaculated.

'That's the dance I told you about in our lounge. I guess one of the guests put it on the web.'

'Aren't you worried?'

Sebastian thought for a bit. 'Could be a problem if any unsympathetic people see it. But what interests me is how they got photos of me in my bed!'

'I've one more video.'

The scene was Sebastian's patio. He and Guapo were horsing around at the edge of the pool. They did nothing sexual, but it was a sexy scene. Con paused it on a still of Guapo.

Sebastian was utterly confused. 'That was last Friday! The day Guapo arrived! He's staying with us for a week.'

'He's a very beautiful young man.'

'Not so young, twenty-four.'

'He looks like a really nice guy.'

'He is. We hiked through bush for two days and although he wasn't fully recovered from being bashed up and imprisoned and was covered in cuts and bruises, he never complained. Always cheerful even with a dozen leeches sucking on his scrotum. The best guest we've had.'

'I'd like to meet him.'

'And you shall.' Sebastian looked at Con and laughed. 'Mr. Achilles, you're looking at that photo like a soppy puppy. Are you in love with Guapo?'

Con snapped to attention, shook his head and said far too violently, 'Of course not! I don't know the guy. He just looks…'


'Yes…No! Nice.'

'He is. But back to these photos and videos; who the heck took them?'

'Whoever did isn't worried you'll find out.'

'There must be hidden cameras everywhere! Mum must know about it. I'll bet Jack set it up. He's always there when I'm not.' Sebastian was silent while Con put the magazines and laptop away. 'What's the time?'

'Four o'clock, why?'

'I told Guapo I'd be back at five and I don't want to be late. I've a bad feeling about this. He had a run in with Farzdbuk yesterday.'

'What about?'

'Farzdbuk wanted him to be fucked by a Chinese bloke as payment for his rescue and stay in hospital. Guapo refused and that pissed Farzdbuk off big time.'

Con couldn't contain his outrage. 'If this Farzdbuk fellow is trying to force Guapo into prostitution he has to be stopped! Call the police!'

Sebastian looked at Con in astonishment. 'The cops? This is Queensland, Con, where the police murder Aborigines with impunity, beat up innocent tourists and kill suspects with Tasers for fun. They're probably behind it all. Get real! No cops!'

'Okay, but I'm surprised you seem so unconcerned about having your intimate encounters and private bits exposed for all the world to admire.'

'I'm bloody not unconcerned! I'm furious and really worried for Guapo, but we've got time for a couple of bouts. Come on let's wrestle. It'll settle my mind and put me in the mood to do something.'

They faced each other, hands on knees. The timer rang and the thud as they crashed into each other must have been heard out in the hallway. Sebastian's concentration paid off and he easily floored a distracted and worried Con.

In the next bout, heavy breathing and grunting prevented them from hearing a key turning in the lock and the door opening. Standing in the shadows under the stairs, Mr. Noall and Guapo, loins inexpertly wrapped in a beach towel, stared in astonishment at two naked bodies straining audibly in the pool of light created by a 60 watt lamp.

Con was behind Sebastian, arms wrapped round his waist having just heaved him into the air. Sebastian's arms and legs whirred wildly until the pair fell forward, Con on top of Sebastian who prevented his opponent from rolling him by planting himself firmly on hands and knees. Con reached between his opponent's legs and lifted with all his strength, flipping Sebastian onto his back with a thump as the timer rang and they collapsed, laughing.

'Thought you were going to grab my cods, Con.'

'I would have if my hand had slipped. You were lucky not to be emasculated.'

'Lucky indeed,' the Principal said quietly.

The two wrestlers sat up in surprise.

'I had no idea wrestling was so rough! Are you all right, Sebastian? That fall looked painful.'

'Looks worse than it is. I didn't feel a thing. What're you doing here? And Guapo!'

'I apologise for interrupting your practice, but this young man is desperate to see you.'

Guapo seemed much more in need of sympathy than Sebastian. He was pale and shaking.

Sebastian shot to his feet. 'Guapo, what is it? Why are you here? Where's Jack?'

After many assurances that he was safe, the story emerged.

Shortly after Sebastian's mother had left for work, Guapo heard a vehicle enter the garage. Curious, he spied from the pump housing and watched an unmarked, windowless van pull into the garage. From the back doors emerged the same two thugs who had attacked him on the esplanade and imprisoned and tortured him for two weeks. When Farzdbuk climbed out of the passenger seat, Guapo's utter panic and dread of recapture spurred him to make the superhuman leap to the top of the three metre high rear wall where he hung by his fingers, then hauled himself over, dropping five metres to the neighbour's lawn and straining his ankle. Oblivious to the pain he grabbed a towel off the clothesline, crawled under their windows so they wouldn't see him, and on reaching the street girded his loins and raced away.

Imagining Sebastian was part of the plot, he headed for the backpacker hostel he'd been staying at, then remembered he owed them money, had no identification, no cash, nothing. What to do?

Fearing the police as much as Farzdbuk, he hid all day under bushes in a park, drinking water from the public fountain and nursing his ankle. As the afternoon ground on he accepted that his only hope was to trust his instincts and find Sebastian.

His towel attracted little attention in a city that lived on tourism; people imagined he was walking back from the Esplanade Lagoon. Unfortunately, though, everyone he asked for directions seemed to be a tourist, so it was late before he finally found the school, which was closed. Luckily, Mrs. Noall had seen him from her house and dispatched her husband.

His tale told, Guapo swayed on his feet and it was Con who caught him, lowered him to the ground and cradled him in his arms. Guapo buried his face in Con's chest and tried not to cry.

Mr. Noall turned to Sebastian.

'This sounds dangerous, Sebastian. The young man seems honest, so I'll leave you and Con to decide what to do. If you need my help, ask for it. But the fewer people who know your plans, the better. Should I phone your mother?'

'Fuck no! Sorry sir, but I'm pretty sure she's part of this. I can always go to my father for help.'

'Your father?'

'Rex Trovert.'

Mr. Noall's face split in a grin. 'I always thought so! Oh what excellent news. I gather its a secret?'

'Yes, for now at least.'

'Excellent news. Excellent news,' the Principal muttered as he let himself out and the lock clicked into place.

Con and Guapo were whispering. Con telling him not to worry, he'd take care of him. He looked up with a bemused smile. 'So, you're Rex Trovert's son?'


'Figures. Why is it a secret?'

'We've only just discovered it ourselves. I'll tell you about it when this is all solved.'

Con nodded, looked down and smiled goofily. Guapo smiled back, then reached up and touched Con lightly on the cheek.

'I believe Guapo,' Con announced seriously, 'and have decided to take him home with me. He'll be safe there. No one knows I know him and…'

'And you've discovered he's even better in the flesh than in the video.'

Con shook his head as if to clear it and smiled down at the young man in his arms. 'No, no. It's just that I want to make sure he's safe and…'

'Conias Achilles, You're in love! Have you forgotten you're an almost married man?'

'No. But it's your fault if I've changed my mind.'


'By making me think about my relationship with women in general and my fiancé in particular.'

'Ha! You're going to replace her with Guapo. An excellent decision, old man. Guapo, do you take Con as your friend and possible lover?'

Guapo looked up with a nervous grin. 'Well, I wasn't really looking for an older man, but I guess he'll do.'

'Cheeky bastard! I'm only a bit older than you.'

'But so sexy and much more mature.'

Con bent and kissed him on the forehead. 'Well, are you coming home with me or not?'

'Yes, please.'

Con looked at Sebastian with a grin. 'That's settled. Now what about you?'

'I'll go home as usual and be surprised that Guapo's not there. Then when the place is empty I'll find those cameras and smash them. After that I'll take whatever I want and call Rex to come and collect me. It's his turn to take care of the unfortunate youth he sired.'

'Not a good idea, oh hot-headed youth.'

'Why not?'

'Do we want to discover what's behind all this cloak and dagger life you've been living for the last seventeen years?'

'I guess.'

'Then after discovering the hidden cameras and anything else that might be useful, act exactly the same as normal; as if you know nothing, otherwise they'll cover their tracks and disappear.'

'Extra good advice. So... after I've discovered useful things I'll find a way to destroy these bastards.'

'With the help of your friends, Sebastian Sanspere. No mad plans to single-handedly take on the criminal fraternity.'

'Okay. By the way, I've changed my surname to Trovert.'

'Trovert it is, and together we'll solve the riddle. Meanwhile, take care.'

'You too. And you, Guapo.'

'Thanks, Sebastian.

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