Frankie Fey

by Rigby Taylor

Chapter 33


After dinner they sat and watched Columbine's twenty-minute compilation of wrestling videos from the previous night, into which she had cleverly inserted the fight that afternoon, up to and including Massimo's finale.

After a two second silence she said, 'I'm going to make a longer version when I've edited the rest of Frankie's videos.'

'Most interesting, Columbine,' Prudence said thoughtfully. 'But I'm confused, while half the wrestling took place in that romantic forest scene, some seemed to be in this very room?'

'A trick of the trade, Prudence,' Columbine replied airily. 'It's amazing what you can do with digital images.'

'Yeah, amazing,' Harley sneered. 'How much did you pay my son to lose, Frankie?'

Frankie had no idea how to react, so didn't.

'You looked good, Frankie,' Empirika added. 'Made me realise what a runt my half-brother is.'

Frankie cringed. Where was this going?

'I prefer the setting in the first part, and the wrestlers in the second,' Prudence said calmly as if nothing untoward was happening and she'd been watching a documentary about butterflies.

'Thank you, Prudence,' Massimo grinned while Frankie looked around in confusion.

'Not much cum after all that wanking, half-brother,' Empirika taunted.

'Frankie's been sucking him dry,' Harley snarled.

'I find the sheer primal energy and strength exciting to watch,' Columbine stated as if defying disagreement. 'I was transfixed.'

'She should be,' Massimo whispered to Frankie, 'with a stake.'

'And the other wrestlers all seemed so gentlemanly,' she added.

'Ha!' Harley snorted. 'They're not typical males. Ok. Enough crap. Is naked wrestling pornography? If it is we won't continue with videos because I have decided porn is out. I took clips from fifty-eight Internet porn sites we trawled through recently, and they shocked me deeply. I'd like to know what you people think.' He put another DVD in the player.

Laughs, guffaws and exclamations of incredulity soon gave way to yawns and serious concern for the well being of the actors.

'That was not inspiring,' Prudence said sadly at the end.

'They're all the same.' Empirika shook her head contemptuously. 'Seen one seen 'em all.'

'Yeah, two or three people meet, take off their clothes and fuck with varying degrees of athleticism.'

'After first displaying all their sexy bits and pieces.'

'With an average of only four camera angles and ninety percent genital close-ups,' Massimo remarked. 'Top, sides and below, depending of which gives the best view. Not what you'd call inventive or artistic.'

'And not much scope for story-telling when you seldom see the rest of the body and the sole activity is full-on hard sex.'

'Like the video of Massimo and me just before?' Frankie asked innocently.

'Yes and no.' Prudence paused to organise her thoughts. 'It was explicit, but it was part of a logical sequence of events. A wrestling bout is sort of a story, and Massimo wasn't forced or in pain.'

'Yes. That's an important point,' Columbine agreed. 'Those girls' vaginas must get incredibly sore and probably torn. One had three erect penises in it and another up her rectum.'

'It's as bad for the boys,' Frankie said softly. 'That girl had her arm in that bloke's arse nearly up to the elbow. Her fingers must have been into his appendix. It's insane. I've read about anal fissures and splitting and infections and…yuk!'

'Why do they do it?'

'For the money, or they're homeless and lonely, or they're into drugs and the producer supplies them with whatever they need for turning tricks.'

'I've read the guys and girls doing the most dangerous and painful things are often stoned and don't realise what's happening. They can't feel anything down there. It's only afterwards that the pain gets to them, so they take more drugs and...'

'Not to mention the shame. It's not for nothing that so many porn actors suicide in their twenties.'

'They've probably got permanently damaged genitals. Vaginal and anal muscles can only be stretched so far without rupturing. They probably leak from front and rear after a few years. Who'd want to marry or have a relationship with someone who was incontinent before they were thirty?'

'I hope never to see another vagina or anus tortured by yet another gigantic cock ramming in and out. That girl with two penises in her mouth, two up her fanny and one in her backside couldn't have been more than fifteen.' Empirika shuddered. 'Would you have done anything like that, Frankie if you'd been poor and lonely?'

'You never know what you'd do if you were lonely, kept prisoner, tortured, starved, injected with drugs, promised a million bucks… I like to think I'd say no, but…' Frankie fell silent, unaware of the tears running down his cheeks. 'I just feel so sorry for the kids who've had a rotten childhood and evil parents. My father's boyfriend's a lawyer who spends most of his time in court trying to keep youths who've been abused, ill-treated, homeless, cheated… out of prison. It drains him sometimes. It's so hopeless. The courts don't care. The government doesn't care. Their parents and schoolteachers don't care. The kids are left to get into trouble by doing whatever they can to keep alive, and are then punished for it.'


'So, are we all agreed? No porn?'

'Depends on our definition of porn.'

'What we've just seen!'

'There'll be nothing like that in the video of Rika making the sculpture of Frankie, or the wrestling.'

'But there's nudity.'

'Naked's not porn and neither's an erection. It's natural. What those people were doing is the opposite of natural. It's evil. It's depraved. The people who make them do it should be shot.'

'Yet porn is the most popular thing on the Internet. What does that make most people?'

'Sick. Mentally sick.'

'More likely it's just that they lack enough imagination or empathy to understand the cost to the actors of what they're doing.'

'Hang on,' Prudence said irritably. 'Everyone keeps saying porn as if we all agree what it is. But do we? Was it porn when Frankie and I fucked in an abnormal way on stage?'

'No, because no one got hurt.'

'And it was artistic—part of a fun ballet.'

'And it was amusing.'

'And you were doing it for fun, not profit.'

'Actually, it started as a scientific experiment; I wanted to see if I was fertile.'

'And I wanted to know what it was like to fuck a female.'

'Then why do it in front of one and a half thousand people?'

'Because it was fun.'

'You're exhibitionists.'

'That's a word usually used for people who want to shock. We don't. We want to do what you said we did… amuse, entertain artistically, have fun.'

'So if the explicit depiction of strange sexual acts isn't porn, what is?'

'It's only porn if someone gets hurt, in the widest sense.'


'If it's against their will, or they are hurt emotionally or physically, even if they're doing it willingly, or there's violence, or all those things.'

'So, as we have no plans to do any of those things, Harley's label is the only problem. We do what we intended, but don't call it porn.'

'What do we call it?'


There was general agreement.

'Okay, we intend to make short, entertaining visual erotic stories,' Harley growled, 'but I'm damned if I can think of a single story-line. Suggestions please!'

They pondered.

Suddenly Empirika asked, 'Do you have loads of friends, Frankie?'

'What? No. No. I don't make friends easily. Don't meet enough people I suppose.'

'Have you tried the Internet?'

'I don't want a lot of friends, they'd make my life complicated. Anyway, few people tell the truth about themselves on the Internet.'

'You're right. And if you're brave enough to meet them you're as likely to be mugged or cheated as befriended.'

'You meet new friends through other friends,' Columbine stated.

'Like… I met you guys because I came to visit Prudence?'

'And you also saved Ian and made it possible for me to buy his property and watch a video of you wrestling with Massimo. Everything we do has unexpected consequences. Meeting new people is just one of them.' Prudence's tone was impatient, almost accusing as if there was a message in her words that he was to dumb to understand. She was gazing intently at Frankie as if willing him to respond. He gazed around. The others looked equally mystified.

'What do you mean, Prudence?' he asked gently.

'You implied that the Kwins and I are your friends. But how well do you know us?'

'I… I only know what I've seen over the last few days.'

'So you know nothing about us! Are we who we say we are?' Her voice was taunting. 'Before giving out your credit card details on line, what do you do?'

'I check if the site's a scam.'

'What questions have you asked us to determine our bona fides?'

'None… I just thought… but you're right. You and I never actually got to know each other more than superficially at university. Is it too late to discover if you're all raving maniacs about to slice me up for dinner?' He gazed around the room. No one was smiling.

'Yes it is. But I've an idea that might help us understand each other better.'

'Well, don't keep us in suspension,' Empirika's sneering tone nullified the attempted joke.

Prudence sighed patiently. 'I think we should each write a very short piece about one episode in our life that explains who we are, and read it out tomorrow night. A window to the real person. A secular confessional. Afterwards, Harley can turn them into videos if he wants. Well?

It was agreed that the idea had merit. They had nothing better to do. But it'd be hard to select one event. And how much should they write?

Prudence smiled bleakly. 'Just jot down the bare bones to keep you on track when entertaining us.'

'How long?'

'Three minutes.'

'Must they be completely true?'

'I read somewhere that only five percent of most autobiographies is true. The point is the point, not the veracity of the details.'

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