The Observer

by Rafael Henry

Chapter 16

I haven't run a car for some while, so now I have the Merc convertible, albeit rather aged, I'm sensing a new found freedom which is rather refreshing. This is the fourth summer holiday with the two boys. I never go anywhere in the long school summer break for obvious reasons. I enjoy being at home, and I make good use of our magnificent local sandy beach just a ten minute drive away. James stays with me on occasions still. His mother, Jane, is as busy as ever performing with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, but there is very little spare cash in their household. I would love to take him somewhere abroad in due course, but that might not go down too well with my wife Amy and the girls, or Mathew for that matter. How about India? James would love it. He'd fit in nicely there with his dark colouring. I've been twice so far, but not to Rajasthan. That's next on the list. In the meantime we have Camber Sands, and all that there is to observe there on a nice warm day. Beautiful!

The other event we eagerly await is the publication of exam results, due in two weeks' time. I will drive to Ashford so James can get his O Level results from the school at nine in the morning. Mathew's results are posted a week later, being his Lower Sixth year, with one more to go before university, or something else if things don't work out. I know for a fact that he's been under-performing this year and may get a shock. His education has cost a small fortune, but that doesn't change his attitude to work, the handsome devil that he is. If you could get an A level in charm and physical prowess, he'd be the star pupil. James has always been in awe of him, the silly boy, and far too accommodating. James will fit in with anything that Mathew decides. Mathew says this, and Mathew says that. Mathew wants this and Mathew wants that. James is frightened of losing him, so anything that Mathew wants, James will do his best to supply. One other thing…..Mathew's school takes girls in the sixth form. James is convinced that it's only a matter of time before Mathew succumbs to feminine charm. I wouldn't be surprised.

'Why do you think that James?'

'I don't know. He doesn't do it like he used to.'


'Yes it . You know……. it .'

But they are certainly still doing it . They make no effort to hide the fact, or be quiet while they carry on. James knows exactly what to expect when Mathew hoves into view. Away at school, he's gone without sex for a while in all probability, and James has been on his mind during the train journey home. Off they go to the bedroom for an hour and it's knickers down and on your back if you please. They're like two rabbits on heat, and it's driving me mad. One morning, out of Mathew's earshot, James asked me if I can hear them making love, realizing that they can be quite noisy on occasions.

'Yes, sometimes, but only you James. I only ever hear you. You make such beautiful sounds. I always know.'

'Know what?'

'When it happens.'

'When what happens?'

I smiled and told him.

'You know what.'

He looks down and smiles. Sweet boy. Then he asks…….

'Do you wish it was you?'

'You mean do I wish it was me with you and not Mathew?'


'No, because I want you to be happy James. I could never let my own selfishness come between you and any happiness that comes your way.'

'What if it's all over……between Mathew and I?'

'But it isn't is it.'

'No, but……..I think he's losing interest in me.'

That might just be true, but while we were on this particular topic, I wanted to ask James a very personal question. He has questioned me on the subject of sex many times, and I've given him honest and accurate answers, even when it concerned my own personal experience. I think he must have guessed, but he seemed to have an inkling about David the artist, and I. I told him the whole story…all the sordid details….which he rather enjoyed. I knew he would which is why I saved my story for when we were together on the sofa. You can imagine.

I wanted to know if he ever orgasmed during sex with Mathew. I knew he would quite enjoy answering that kind of question, otherwise I would not have asked it. He said he did come….sort of……..occasionally. I thought he had. He went on…..

'I think I do. I'm never absolutely sure, and if I do, it's when he comes. I always know when he's going to, and then if I'm going to, I do then….just as he does. It's a different feeling…..more all over you, sort of everywhere inside you, not like the other way. It comes so slowly and lasts for ages. It's a really weird feeling.'

I told him how wonderful that was……if indeed he could do that. I don't think so. James is quite good at embellishment. I think it's typical James invention, for my benefit. How kind of him.

I'm curious about James' friend Elliot. James at the time of their big row had admitted to Mathew that he had 'fooled around' with his younger friend. I had a question for James…….

'So what about Elliot? Do you just help him with his maths?'

'Yes! Maybe he wants to be silly sometimes.'

'What do you mean by silly, James?'

'You know, play around a bit…….but only when we've finished the work. He looks forward to it. It's ok with me if he wants to. I told Mathew about it. He didn't mind. He said he had done stuff too.'

I thought I would double check on something, while we are on the subject……

'He was very rough with you that day. I'm assuming that it was something you both wanted to do? He didn't make you do that did he?'

'No! No, we both wanted to do it. We had never done it like that before. We just didn't do it right that's all.'

They do now. Saliva isn't a sufficient lubricant. After that debacle, I made sure they are now properly aware, equipped with the necessary lubrication, and that they are both properly prepared, physically and mentally. James appears to be the receiver, and Mathew the giver. I think it's always that way round. Then James has a little more to say about Elliot……

'Have you seen him Otta?'

'If you're referring to Elliot, yes I have.'


'And….he looks very presentable.'

'He's bit younger than me.'

'That's not your fault. He was the one with the maths problem.'

'Can he come to the beach with us sometimes?'

I laughed. It took me at least half a second to think about it.

'Why not?'

'Can I go round and ask him please? Will you come with me? His mum knows about you…….that I stay with you. It's ok. She knows why I stay with you.'

Elliot's mother answers the door. She asks us in. She thinks it's a great idea, and two weeks into the holiday, neither his older brother Luke, nor his mother want him hanging around the house all day. Elliot is thrilled at the prospect. Mum asks me which beach we favour. I say Camber. She asks if we've ever tried Fairlight? That's an odd question because I know it's an adult beach. I went there a couple of times with Amy to swim and sunbathe nude just for fun, and to see exactly what happens there. If you're female, you're going to be in the minority, and it's a place for picking up men, so they say. I feign ignorance to Elliot's mother.

'Oh, do you know that beach?'

'Yes, we know it. You can be a bit freer there. You know…people don't mind?'

'Mind what?'

'No one worries if you take your clothes off…..if you want to of course. Quite a few people do.'

My mind is racing. James and Elliot playing on the beach naked? What's not to like about that? I continued…….

'Oh, that sounds like a place to try. Would you mind if I took Elliot there?'

'That's fine, but you will need to keep an eye on him.'

I doubt if that will be a problem.

It might seem that James is here at Watchbell Street too often these days. Not as far as I'm concerned. He's here when his mother is not at home. She doesn't want him looking after himself in the house alone. I like him here, in fact I want him here as much as possible. I love the boy. He's changed hugely from when I first met him on that train, but that doesn't matter. He's old enough now to decide if he wants some form of sex with someone. Mathew has had his way with James a few times now. I know he has because I can hear them in the bedroom.

If I asked James, he would consent I'm sure. He's sixteen, and a possibility…..not necessarily a good thing of course, but he's more or less told me he would. Maybe one day I will be persuaded, but certainly not yet, and probably never. I have had a little pleasure time thinking about him as he is now, and of course from memories of what he was four years ago, aroused in my presence, and just twelve years old, and I can listen to him and Mathew as he gives him the benefit of his youthful equipment.

This morning, Mathew has gone back to Kent to see friends. He'll be away again for two days or so. James is still here. His exam results are out on Thursday. He's understandably anxious.

Tonight he'll sleep in my bed. James is a persuasive boy when he tries. We will both read for a while, then I'll turn the light out. He'll take my hand and place it gently on his tummy. I know what he wants. Then he'll gradually ease my hand lower until it almost touches. I imagine that most boys love being 'assisted'. Things like that were on our unofficial school curriculum, with a little bit of the academic stuff thrown in for good measure, as time allowed.

My turn comes when James gives in to sleep. After holding James's 'hand' for five minutes, I will not require his assistance, although I'm sure he would gladly give it.

Tomorrow, Monday, we'll try Fairlight Cove with his friend Elliot in tow. That should be interesting. Elliot knows it's a nudist beach, so if he and James want to wander about with nothing on, they can. James said that Elliot wasn't even bringing his swimming pants, so there's every chance I'll see him nude, as will everyone else on the beach probably. By all accounts, that won't bother Elliot. Good lad.

I'm still very reticent to touch James. No, that's not quite correct….I do touch him. We sleep together every night that Mathew is away. Of course, like most boys, he needs to orgasm at least once at night, and sometimes two or even three times, and then again in the morning. I help him. I do that by gently stroking him in all the right places. Like all boys, and men too presumably, James loves being stimulated in all the interesting places. That, and a few kisses elsewhere, will make him come in double quick time. I do insist on dealing with the result. That's my privilege. I lie to his left, so I'm available for him if he needs me. Sometimes I can't resist asking him about his thought processes. He smiles, and tells me everything.

Afterwards is a good time to relax and talk about things in general. During one of our discussions, prompted by what he told me of Mr Sendall, I raised the question of sex between boys under sixteen, and an adult. That was interesting. There had never been anyone else in Mr Sendall's category which was a relief. I suppose I'm the nearest. I asked him if he found me sexually attractive……

'Yes of course I do!'

Actually, I don't think he does. I think he likes the comfort I can give him, and the security, and the way I can encourage him to feel about himself. It's not really me, but just someone there. I can understand that. He's a boy who can easily cope with more than one partner.

I know he finds Elliot attractive, and on this occasion he probably has had that boy in his mind's eye while he masturbated. Fair enough. That's a very acceptable fantasy. As a schoolboy, I was attracted to several individuals of different ages at the same time. There's nothing unusual in that I don't suppose. Mathew and Elliot. I can see how they can both work for James, but in different ways.

I'm right. I let James come down from the heights, before James clearly wants to talk about Elliot.

'What do you think of Elliot?' he asks.

'I don't know him James…….not really. You like him don't you?'

'Yes, he's nice.'

'In what way James?'

'You know……in lots of ways.'

I laugh.

'You'll see him at the beach tomorrow won't you.'

'Yes, I hope so. Are you both going to strip off for the assembled company?'

Silly question. There's more than a streak of the exhibitionist in James, and Elliot will do what James does no doubt.

The day dawned bright and warm, just as forecast. The boys sat on the back seat of the Merc with the hood down. That made a pleasant sight, both boys in tee shirts with the sleeves cut short, and the usual no nonsense shorts made from that silky material that many of the boys wear these days. I watched James get dressed this morning. I insisted that he wore something under his shorts. Of course I notice Elliot as he opens the back door of the car and hauls himself in. From the back, it looks like he's going without. From the front, it's more obvious that he is. He makes a very pleasing impression, the naughty boy, and if I'm not mistaken, he's circumcised. That's quite unusual I think, but nonetheless interesting. There's a curious nakedness about a cut penis, especially on a young boy, not that I approve of it. I guess sometimes it's a medical necessity.

It's a longish walk down to beach at Fairlight, but divided by three people, carrying a blanket for the boys, plus the other necessary supplies and equipment, it's perfectly manageable. The difficulty of getting to the beach does at least make it quite exclusive. It's not a place for families. At high water there's hardly any beach, but as the tide table tells us, we've got it right today. There are a few yards of sand already, and the tide is falling. The rocks at the back of the beach form good places to perch oneself, or give reasonable cover if you want privacy. I count a dozen or so figures amongst the rocks, several of which have noticed our arrival. We found a good spot on a small patch of dry sand between some rocks, but very close to the open beach, so if the boys want to dig, I'm only a few yards from them. I strongly suspect that the presence of two young boys on this beach is unusual.

Elliot and James at Fairlight

Elliot and James at Fairlight

I lay out the blanket for James and Elliot. I'll make do with a large beach towel. The damp sand in front of us is perfect. The boys grab their spades. I'm delighted that James is not too old to enjoy this traditional beach activity. The wind is off the land behind us, so we are nicely sheltered. It's good beach weather. About fifty yards away to our left, I see two figures standing, arms folded, in conversation. They're nude, males, in their thirties at a guess. One of them is facing our way, wearing sunglasses. He looks in good shape, and as it happens, rather well endowed. I try not to look but I'm finding it difficult not to. The other figure turns towards us now, also wearing sunglasses. They continue to look over towards us.

James has peeled off his tee shirt, and I watch as his shorts come down. He stands there looking interesting in his pretty white pants. He looks at Elliot who has already dispensed with his tee shirt.

'Are you going to Elliot?'

Elliot smiles, and off come his shorts. I'm right. No pants. I'm also right about the circumcision issue. The whole package, and by that I mean his entire figure, is a delight. He's thicker set than our 'slim Jim'…….in every way.

'Go on then James!'

James thinks about it for a second or two before his thumbs are in the waistband, and then they are off in a trice. That's my boy…….naked as nature, or the assembled company, intended. James' figure has filled out nicely as he has progressed through puberty. He's no competition for Mathew in any department yet, but he cuts a fine figure for his age, albeit barely five foot six, still beautifully lean and charmingly boyish in his movements. His prepuce, once dangling forlornly a half inch beyond the glans, now barely covers it, leaving a tantalising view of the meatus.

Any moment now……it widens, gaping open and pink. Oh my goodness! I hold his head. I can feel his heart beating faster now………and it's as good this time as that very first time.

The boys look at me. I know what they want. Surprisingly, it's Elliot who speaks first….

'Aren't you going to then?'

I tell them I'm keeping my pants on . They're navy blue, and brief so they look like swimming trunks, at least they do from more than five yards away. I don't think it's a good idea in front of Elliot. Besides, I hardly know the boy.

I hand James the sun protection. I always insist the boys use it. James puts some on Elliot's back, and then lower down, and then he places his hand on the middle part of Elliot's tummy while he applies the white liquid to Elliot's bottom. It makes Elliot smile, and me too. I know what James is trying to do, no doubt for my benefit. James steps in front of Elliot who is facing me just a few feet away. He starts to apply the lotion to Elliot's chest, then his arms. James drops to his knees to do the lower half of Elliot's legs. He saves the best until last. He stops short of touching Elliot's penis. Just as well.

'You'd better do that bit yourself Elliot.' James tells him, handing him the bottle. Elliot takes the bottle and with the tips of his fingers, anoints himself with great care. I imagine that there are few boys aged twelve who would not react to such sensitive ministrations which James might have inflicted upon such responsive flesh.

I have a distinct memory from when I was about ten, which embarrasses me still, of my mother doing likewise to me on the beach, and my body's reaction. I just carried on chewing on an apple while I stood there. Just as I thought nothing of it then, nor does Elliot show the slightest concern now. How refreshing. What a fine specimen. Elliot is careful to face away from any member of the public, the nearest being some way off.

Five minutes later, the boys are well into their castle building. He has his back to me, and being on all fours, he shows me another facet of his rather lovely body. Such wonderful inhibition.

It's a fine castle indeed…..four towers at the corners, turreted, and a nice wide moat. They stand back to admire their work.

James spreads out the blanket, and they settle down to rest after their work is done.

I'm on my towel with Elliot a couple of feet away to my right. James is lying on his side behind Elliot. I have a suspicion that James is up to no good. There's a little audible giggling, plus some tell-tale smiles from Elliot. I can't see what James is doing to his friend because Elliot is in the way. Whatever it is, Elliot appears to be enjoying it. Now might be a good time to elicit some information from him.

'So Elliot, have you been here before?'

'Yeah……two or three times. My mum likes it here. She likes sunbathing.'

'Right. It's quite good isn't it…….ok to go around with nothing on? Is that what you usually do when you come here?'

'Yes, unless it's too cold. It's quite funny looking at the others too. They walk past us to have a look at mum. That's what she says. She tells me not to go wandering off. Sometimes I go over that way….up that path to the top at the other end of the beach. That's quite fun. You can look down into the next bay. That's where they go to have sex. They don't know you're up there. You can see everything from there. Men have sex together there. They don't do it here because everyone could see them doing it, so they wait until the tide goes down a bit, then they can walk round the rocks and get onto the beach just around the corner. No one else goes there because they know what goes on. You can see them doing it.'

'Doing it?'

'Yes. You can do anything there. They do everything. All the sex things.'

'And you've seen all this going on?'


'While your mother was sitting down here reading a book?'

'Yes. My brother was with me once. He saw it too. I go up there on my own sometimes.'

'That's a bit naughty isn't it?'

He smiles…..

'Is it? I don't think so. It's funny.'

'You need to be good boy, like James.'

' He's naughty……sometimes.'

'When is he?'


Elliot is perfectly correct. James has been up to something behind Elliot's back. I could use my imagination. Elliot's body has reacted as a boy's body will under such circumstances. James can't see it, but I can.

Ten minutes pass, before I notice a shadow on the sand a short distance below my feet. I look up and see a tall figure. I recognize him as one of the two people we saw earlier when we arrived. The man, now wearing a kind of thong object to hide his modesty, speaks…..

'Hi there. Are these two young men yours?'

'Err… a manner of speaking, yes, they are my responsibility here…'

'Have you been here before?' the visitor goes on.

'Yes, once before.'

'There are some nice walks when the tide goes down.'

'Are there?'

'Oh yes. It's worth a little exploration……if you have the time?'

He points in the direction of 'Elliot's Cove'.

'Oh.' I reply, somewhat non-plussed.

'Can you leave these two for a while? I could take you round there and show you if you want?'

The boys have propped themselves up on their elbows to witness this conversation. The man has a long look at Elliot, whose expression does not change. The boys look at me. Elliot looks perplexed. There's not much doubt as to how I will respond to his question……

'Thank you, but I can't leave the boys. We'll have a look later maybe.'

I look at Elliot who is trying hard not to laugh. The man wanders off.

'What's so funny Elliot?''


Well, I agree with him. It was a bit clumsy, but why beat about the bush in those circumstances?

The man walks in the direction of 'Elliot's Cove'. I watch him and compare his body to David's, as I remember the lovely view of it from behind. The man's thong is rather indecently buried between his buttocks. Was that an invitation? I've possibly turned down the opportunity for sex with that individual. I suspect it's that casual in this place. That is not my scene at all, but I suddenly feel butterflies in my stomach. I look at James. His face is almost expressionless……his mouth slightly open. I noticed how he turned away from the visitor. He would not have approved. I smile at him because I'm aware of his feelings. He lays his head back on the towel. Elliot idly plays his fingers in the sand. He is aware too. I study James's back, from the dark hair that points downwards, and on to his slim legs, right down to his quite delicate feet. It's a beautiful sight to my eyes. Sex is implied in that compelling frame of his, but love is the real message.

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