The Five

by Rafael Henry

Chapter 1

The Other Story of Enid Blyton's Famous Five

Now here's an idea……..the adventures of four children and a dog, roaming free around the English landscape, with hardly a care in the world… fact no cares in the world. Lucky people. Needless to say our lovely characters are privately educated at Decent English Boarding Schools, so there's bit of cash in the background, which is let's face it, never a bad thing if you can get it of course. How blissfully happy they must all be……to be loved by all, and be loving in return. They are well fed, apart from term time when they live on bread and butter and jam with the occasional fish finger thrown in, but despite some deprivation for more than half the calendar year, they are brimming with good health, have lovely white teeth, and they all have a modicum of intelligence……..especially Georgina. Now she is very bright…….and interesting with it.

So who are these privileged individuals? Well, there's Julian…he's a boy, obviously. Dick……he's another boy, not so obviously due to his rather girly good-looks, and he is Julian's brother, aged eleven. I've already mentioned George…….she's in fact a girl [yuck!] but hates to be called by her proper name, hence the abbreviation to just George, and she's also eleven years old. Then there's Anne…, not a boy who would like to be by a girl's name, but another girl and the youngest of the four at just ten years old. George has a mongrel dog called Timmy [no relation]. He goes everywhere with the children, and George simply adores her little mutt who is probably more intelligent than any of the rather pretty youngsters, and that description can be applied to the boys as well as the girls. If you saw them all together as I have, you might as I did, go weak at the knees.

Let's get to know Julian a bit better. He's the oldest at thirteen, and the wisest of the four… a way. He also rather runs the show, displaying a sense of responsibility rare in a boy who is just beginning to explore the joys of puberty, and keeping quiet about what's going on in his mind as well as his body. He's just finished his first year at his posh boarding school in Greater London. Yes, it is an English Public School, expensive, and where his father went before him. Going up to 'Big School' was a shock in some ways for the sensible and sensitive Julian. Certain things, intimate things that boys do, had previously left guilt in his young mind. One year into boarding life at Big School, his guilt has turned into joyful fulfilment.

Julian was never going to be a scholarship boy, but the fact that his father had attended the school before him made a difference, and a word from an influential friend-of-the-school secured the well-meaning, wholesome, and really rather handsome young boy his place at that Venerable Institution. What you see is what you get with Julian. What certain older boys saw at bath time was what they got too. Poor Julian stood little chance against the devious devices and desires of Prendergast and Simmons. Play up, and play the game young man! A little 'growing up' was required by our sensitive not-so-little-now flower, neatly as it turned out, plucked by Prendergast, and then a little less neatly by Simmons, followed by tea and crumpets in the winter warmth of the older boys' study. Good old Julian……..such devotion to duty. A grateful Prendergast had this to say to our young hero……

'That was jolly brave of you Julian. We really do appreciate your efforts. And don't forget…'re one of us now.'

Was there a hint of a threat in that statement I wonder?

'Thank you Sir.' Julian replies, about to pull up his trousers, having had his bottom felt very thoroughly by both of Prendergast's palms. Observing with interest, Simmons is pleased with the result of his friend's ministrations, now plainly visible at the front. Not long now and young Julian will be more than ready for him.

'Not at all. Isn't that right Simmons? He's one of us now.'

'Perfectly right Prendergast.'

Such a pleasant inroad to lost innocence.

Julian attempts to restore his dignity by securing his short trousers over his nether regions, but it isn't quite over yet……..

'May I go now please?' asks Julian, turning towards his senior.

'No, not quite yet Julian. I think there's something you want isn't there?'

'Is there…….Sir?'

'Well dear boy, we can't let that go to waste can we? Now go and stand in front of Simmons.'

Julian dutifully obeys because he always does, because he's that sort of a boy. He's been brought up that way…….to respect authority and to please his elders and betters. But now Julian has sent an unintended but encouraging signal to the boys that command him.

Julian turns to face the seated Simmons, hands to his sides and head lowered. Prendergast has moved, unseen, behind Julian. Julian places his hands, as instructed, on the Simmons's shoulders. He feels things loosen around his waist and a moment later his short trousers, regulation mid-grey and charming on such a figure as his that cover less than half his thighs, are back around his knees, and that's not all.

'Keep your hands on my shoulders, close your eyes, and think of England.' demands Simmons, softly.

In the darkness he feels soft breath on the skin of his uncovered buttocks. It's something quite new and it feels good, but what on earth is Simmons going to do?

Now that is naughty.

There's a tickling sensation, swirling and swishing all around, up and over and round……all round now. Meanwhile, Prendergast has plans. Please……not there! No, not there.

Julian's unspoken protestations are fading away, to be superseded by mounting pleasure, and the appearance in his mind of another boy.……a boy he knows well……the boy who once lay naked beside him, the boy whose body he touched, and who touched his.

But now, in the here and now, it's like a kettle coming up to boil…..the milk boiling over. He thinks it just can't happen…….but it's going to. There's no way he can stop it, and poor Julian knows it.

A public display of what he kept as a bedtime secret pleasure, and all done in only three minutes? Surely not? Now I'd say that shows a definite aptitude. Three minutes? Crikey. Even Simmons wasn't expecting that particular result quite so easily.

Breathless, Julian's mind is a whirl of emotions, as he attempts to take stock of his cathartic experience. Simmons knows his stuff and it was in double quick time that Julian succumbed to the older boy's undoubted skills. Julian, light headed and disorientated, gently subsides in the arms of Simmons. Supported now, he feels Simmons' mouth upon his, as fluids mingle. Breathless still, after the initial shock has passed, a wave of exhilaration washes over him. He knows that all things are possible now. Sweet Julian……honest and true…….the rock on whom others will depend who is destined to be the giver and receiver of pleasure.

Fifteen minutes later, back in the dormitory for eight boys, his best friend happens by.

'Hello Julian. What are doing with your trousers down old boy?'

'Can you look at my bottom a moment please?'

Julian bends double and bares his hairless bottom to his friend. The boy holds the two cheeks uncomfortably wide apart to facilitate a thorough inspection.

'Can't see anything…..apart from the usual. What have you been doing old boy?'

'Prendergast and Simmons.'

'Oh bugger. The bastards didn't hurt you did they?'

'Not at all actually. Prenders was pretty careful. He's got a jolly tickly finger. Anyway they're going to make sure I'm in the rugger team next week.'

'Good egg! Did you enjoy it, you lucky boy?'

'Not at first….sort of got better as things went on.'

'And in?'

'More between really…….and then…….but I didn't cry.'

'Not the whole hog then? How disappointing. How did the old pecker like it when Prendergast was seeing to you?'

'Seemed to like it. He came up as soon as Prenders put his palms on me. Just couldn't help it.'

'Panties down?'

'Not at first. Nicer like that he said.'

'Yes, I tend to agree. What about Simmo? I suppose he just sat there and watched?'

'Yes, until Prenders got going, then he had a go at the front.'


'Panties had to come down for him. Had to, no other way if you see what I mean.'

'Lucky you! And did you?'

'What do you think? Thought I was going to pass out.' Julian replies with a shy smile.

'That good eh? Well that's an encouraging sign. Shows it's your cup of tea, old boy.'

Cup of tea? What an odd metaphor.

Now, enter Julian's brother Dick. Oh such a pretty little boy with straw blond hair, blue eyes and a litheness of body that is the envy of all the fourth formers…..and good at games too! Everybody likes Dick because he's so positive about everything, and that includes the masters……..especially the games master, a handsome young fellow rejoicing in the name of Bates, a name which caused him some discomfort as a lad……..get it? Master Bates? There was nothing more to his liking than to hold Dick's ankles while he practiced handstands [no underpants allowed] in the gym, or watch him running about on the games field in those fetching little white cotton shorts and no top. He's just run twice around the running track. Sir has been timing him with his stop watch as the boys practice for Sports Day.

'How did I do Sir? Dick enquires with that innocent expression of his, quite out of breath. 'Was that my best time so far Sir?'

'Yes it was Dick…….super effort! Now get along to the showers with you.' Sir commands him, smiling down at the little nipper and giving the boy an encouraging and lingering pat on the bottom whilst Dick's hauntingly blue eyes look back up at him.

'Thank you Sir. Are you supervising us Sir?'

Of course he is. That's the icing on the cake for both of them. Dick likes it when Mr Bates is supervising the showers because he knows Mr Bates likes to look at him in his state of undress, and Dick knows it. He'll have more questions for his favourite teacher as he stands before him, naked and alluring, as he dries his hair with his towel. And why not?

Now let's have a look-see at Georgina, the feisty little whipper-snapper.

She's an eleven-year-old girl, the same age as her cousin Dick. She who would far rather be a boy…….I mean, who would actually want to be a girl? She's got a temper on her, this little tyke, especially when someone calls her Georgina.

'It's George!' she would correct them sharply.

At school, she wears a summer dress [only in the summer] which she absolutely hates. When she's at home and free to hang out with the other three children when they come to visit, she wears boys' clothes. Some of her cousin Dick's cast offs fit her, just, like his old gym shorts and tee shirts…….that kind of thing. By now, of course, her mother has spoken to her about growing up, a concept that appals her, but she knows it's going to happen. In fact, in a couple of ways, or places, that particular process has begun, and quite noticeably too when she wears one of Dick's old tee shirts, but she won't listen to her mother who is concerned about her romping around the place in a tight-fitting tee shirt that does nothing to hide her emerging breasts and the resulting stimulation of her pert nipples. She has noticed that Julian looks at that aspect of her with a mixture of curiosity and disgust.

Wanting to be a boy inevitably means she's curious to know what boys are like in places normally hidden from view. She's seen Dick's 'willy' as he calls it, when he pulled the front of his shorts and under garment down sufficiently to hook out his penis to pee in the field recently and thought no one was looking. She didn't think much to it…….quite a pretty little tiddler but not what she imagined it would be like. She thought Julian would be different. She would be right.

You might think that from what I have said thus far about her, that in time, George would be attracted to her own sex. Although she has had certain thoughts about the diminutive Anne, always in a pretty summer dress that barely covers her bottom, Julian is definitely of interest. George thinks that telling lies is cowardly. When Julian asks her certain questions, the sort of questions that silly naïve boys might boldly ask a girl about girls' things, she answers them honestly.

'Is that really true George?'

'Yes! Don't you know anything about girls Julian?'

Answer? Not much.


She's just ten years old, but really very capable when it comes to cooking meals and keeping the place ship-shape…….especially tents. She loves sleeping in a tent and organising all the necessary clutter that goes with camping. She adores Julian, admires George for her courage and resourcefulness, and feels an intense loyalty to the whole group. From time to time, things do upset her, and when that happens, Dick is always there for her. She often thinks about the times she and Dick shared a tent, and what happened. She dreams of having her own children, and lots of them, to nurture in perpetuity.

Then there's Alf, the 'fisher boy'.

When the Five are down at 'Uncle' Quentin's place, Treboys Cottage on the north coast of Cornwall a bit above Padstow, Alf is always around and about helping out generally. So if you include the intelligent but thoroughgoing nuisance, Timmy the dog, they make Six. Alf is a popular boy with the others, especially Timmy. Although Alf is from a very different background than the others, he is totally accepted as an, albeit rather curious, equal. Sometimes he's even allowed to stay in their tent. He's twelve, tanned and rather handsome in a sort of 'country bumpkin' way. Some less kind folk might describe him as a little 'rough', but his manner is refreshingly direct. Complete with his strong Cornish accent, he's a very likeable young man….in several ways.

Treboys Cottage is the small country house belonging to Uncle Quentin, an eccentric scientist who likes to get away from it all. It has a garden, front and back, and is approached by an unmade road some quarter of a mile long making it exclusive to the general public, especially as there is a very off-putting notice at the top of the lane warning the locals and stray tourists in the season not to venture down it. The house, made of Cornish granite stone, faces west-north-west so it benefits from the spectacular summer sunsets that settle on the Cornish coast, when it's not actually raining cats and dogs, or shrouded in fog. The small front garden, where the children will pitch their rather tired family sized tent, is laid to grass.

From there, and as it happens, from Quentin's bedroom window, there is a view down a rocky path onto the tiny sandy cove protected either side by steep formations of black rocks. It's all frightfully idyllic, especially as the boys and girls have no need of bathing costumes when they take to the waters each morning, whatever the weather…….occasions that afford the kindly Uncle Quentin considerable satisfaction. Quentin agrees wholeheartedly with whoever it was that announced that children should be seen and not heard. Although his house has three bedrooms, in theory, only one was effectively in use, hence the need for the tent for visitors. The only person who had slept in the house was Julian. As I have mentioned, there was only one usable bedroom, and only one bed in it.

Julian had always been Quentin's favourite, as he observed the boy's progress from babyhood to boyhood, and especially now as this paragon of physical virtue has arrived on a new and exciting threshold. Generous Christmas presents had been sent each year, not to mention a new cricket bat each birthday. When Quentin suggested to Julian that he might prefer one night away from 'that lot' Julian readily agreed. Both man and boy entered the double bed that night, Uncle Quentin in his flannel pyjamas, likewise Julian, but reinforced with two pairs of heavy duty brief underpants underneath. Quentin's reputation had preceded him, and he wasn't taking any chances.

'You've been so kind to me Uncle.' whispers Julian, as Quentin strokes the boy's chestnut coloured hair.

'Not at all Julian. It's been my privilege and pleasure to see you develop into what you are. Perhaps I should say…..developing. You are not quite there yet are you?'

'No Uncle, but I am experiencing some changes.'

'Is that so?'

'Yes. It's quite exciting really. Mummy told me what to expect…….you know…….those things that start to happen when…….'

'When…..what Julian?'

'Would you mind if I told you Uncle. I don't want to offend you?'

'You won't offend me my darling.'

Julian likes being stroked, and he's feeling a rather special person at this moment. As he describes, leaving no stone unturned, the emotional and physical changes he has recently experienced, Quentin listens spellbound.

'Oh dear….how tiresome for you dear boy. It must be very difficult for you.'

'Not really Uncle. It's rather nice actually.'

'Is it?'

At six the next morning, Julian left Uncle Quentin's room, let himself out of the back door of the house and slipped back into the tent to join the others. The four foam mattresses were laid neatly out in a row, with no space between them. The three children had arranged themselves as they had agreed upon the previous evening……..Anne and Dick together, and then George and Julian. There was a space for Julian just to the right-hand side of George. At just past six o'clock in the morning, all three were still fast asleep. When Julian had slipped in next to George, the androgynous girl had not stirred. Julian lay back and began to wonder why he felt decidedly odd, as the faint memory of a very recent event was beginning to form in his mind. Perhaps it was one of those dream things that the Chaplain had talked to him about one evening after Confirmation Class? He would take one candidate at a time aside to deal with any questions that person might have that they would prefer not to draw attention to in the group sessions. Julian had concerns about the issue of self-abuse, a habit which was very prevalent at school it seemed, and whether it was sinful? This issue raised several questions that needed to be dealt with, one of which was the possibility, especially if Julian decided to abstain from this pleasurable pursuit, that he would experience regular losses of semen whilst asleep, probably just before waking, and that the physical consequences might be an embarrassment to him.

'What will happen Sir?' asks Julian, with a distinct sense of panic in his still treble voice. The Chaplain takes a deep breath, and leans forward in his chair, his face now uncomfortably close to Julian's.

'Your body, in this case your erect penis, will involuntarily stimulate itself using the mattress you sleep on. After a time, which can vary according to your stage of maturity, your body will expel the semen that has accumulated in your body through the male sexual organ. You will feel a heightened sense of well-being, and you will notice a damp or even a wet area on the sheet you are lying on. It may well wake you up. Has it ever happened to you Julian?'

Julian said it had never happened, and thought it all sounded rather horrid. He decided there and then that what the other boys in his dorm described as 'bloody good fun', especially if you did it with someone else, was the best way to deal with a very ugly issue. The 'someone else' should have been the boy in the next bed if Julian had had his way, but the individual was unwilling to participate. The whole thing became irrelevant after his summons to the study shared by Prendergast and Simmons. Relief became regular and complete.

Julian managed not to wake up the others as he clambered onto the foam mattress, and arranged the sheet and blanket that covered George, over him too. He decided he wanted to face towards George rather than stare at the blue wall of the tent.

In previous camping adventures, George had always slept next to the diminutive Anne, but with the onset of puberty, she wanted to know much more about what made boys tick, and not just what went through their minds. She already knew the answer to that question…..not much, if all boys were anything like her cousin Dick. Dick by name and dick by nature I'm afraid……..but lovely with it, mind you. No, what she was interested in was Julian's body. He had all the attributes that she yearned for. How wonderful to have a penis thing that you could stick in things. She wanted to know how it worked, this penis thingy. She thought that the best chance of finding out would be to swap places with Julian's brother. There would be a two-fold advantage to the plan, as it was high time Dick grew up a bit……and ditto Anne. They could have fun playing together at night after the candles or hurricane lamps were put out, like they did on the beach.

Julian's thoughts returned to the recent past, and what might have happened in Uncle Quentin's bedroom. Had he had one of those dreams the Chaplain talked to him about? Something had definitely happened. He squeezed his flaccid penis as he always did several times after masturbating, easing the pressure upwards to extract any residual solution the might cause a wet spot to be seen on his underpants when he got dressed with the other boys, who would be bound to comment on it and embarrass him. You know how it is. One boy notices something and then in seconds they are all chanting…….

'Julian's got a wet patch in his knickeeeeers…….Julian's got a wet patch in his knickeeeeeers'…….and on and on they go. Ghastly creatures!

The 'squeezing' had born fruit in the form of a tiny dribble of residual 'spunk' as the boys rather crudely referred to the stuff. Collecting it up with the tip of one finger he disposed of it in the traditional way.

About fifteen minutes later, and after more speculation in Julian's mind about the preceding night, George wakes up. George calls a spade a spade, and has the language to go with it.

'Where did you get to last night Julian?'

'Oh……I was chatting with Uncle Quentin. It sort of …….went on.'

'What, 'til midnight?'

'Yes….later than that probably. He showed me his lab in the cellar.'

'I bet that was interesting? Not.'

'Actually it was if you must know. Creep.'

'You're the biggest creep round here.'

'And you're not far behind. Did you know your tits are growing?' he remarks, trying to deflect George's train of thought.

'More than your thingy is, probably.'

'You shouldn't be looking at it, bumhole.' reposts Julian, faintly amused and, let's be honest, quite chuffed at the attention he's receiving from George.

I should point out that the children sleep naked, apart from a tee shirt in chilly conditions. It's a tradition. Right from the beginning their parents encouraged a 'back to nature' approach to the great outdoors…….naked sea bathing, naked sleeping, and clothed as minimally as is practical the rest of the time. Besides, up to this summer, none of the children had anything of a very personal nature any of the others would have reason to notice, let alone comment on. But things are a-changing. Julian continues to stare at George's chest.

'Do they hurt at all…you know…..when they get like that?' whispers Julian, his face now quite close to George's. He was referring to George's enlarged nipples which are pressing enticingly into the thin fabric of her shirt.

'Of course they don't, so long as you don't bash them on anything. Same as your willy and balls presumably. Do they hurt when you get big?'

'Same rule applies. They can get bashed playing rugger……or squeezed.'

'Do you like that….getting your balls squeezed?'

'It's ok if it's not too hard. Quite nice actually. What about your tits?'

'It's good when you rub them with a bit of spit, but you have to do it really gently. Then it's nice. It makes you tingle.'


'Down here.' She answers, as she takes her hand away from near her mouth, and places it under the sheet.

'Where's that….exactly?'

'Here, where my hand is.'

At this point Julian loses interest. The last thing he wants to know about are girls' bits. Now, a boy's bits are a completely different kettle of Cornish sardines. Even when Dick was on a steep learning curve on the subject of growing up, Julian got involved. That's what big brothers are for, are they not? Dick was such a cuddly creature, folded into his body just after he came in Julian's bed most mornings. Who else was going to tell him how things worked?

This bright morning, Dick wakes up to see Anne's bare back. He was used to seeing Julian's, but with new sleeping arrangements, things were obviously going to be different. The smooth skin of the girl's back is not uninteresting to Dick, and as he looks further down her body, he sees her pert little bottom, and below that, her legs bent forwards with just her calves and feet visible. Her sleeping position just seemed to emphasize the perfect roundness of her slim buttocks, as good as any boy he had ever seen, and he had seen plenty. With her narrow hips, the figure could easily be mistaken for a boy. He looks intently at the form as more blood flows into his penis. He looks down to watch the inevitable rise of the smooth pink organ, like a flower opening to welcome a new morning. He feels for the position of his balls, finds them, and begins his usual gentle massage of the small egg-like forms. Does Anne know anything about what boys like?

'Are you awake Anne?' whispers Dick, breathing quite deliberately on his cousin's neck, no doubt hoping his warm breath will wake her up.

'No I'm not!' Anne whispers back. 'And your breath feels really hot.'

'Sorry. Are you then?'


'I just thought…….that's all.'

'Thought what?' Anne asks with a hint of impatience as she turns onto her back.

'And what was that sticking into my bottom?'


'Yes it was. You're not going to do that are you?'

'Do what?'

'You know what, you silly boy.'

'Would you mind? I'm desperate.'

'Oh, go on then, but be quick. Can I watch?'

'You can help if you want?'


Anne is very fond of Dick, and getting to know him this way appealed to her innate and powerful sense of duty.

'You'll have to kiss me first.' demands Anne, quick to strike a bargain.

'Afterwards….then I will.' agrees Dick.

'Ok then. What do I do?'

No words are needed for this exercise. Dick guides Anne's hand onto his penis which is, to coin a phrase, up for it. He separates her fingers along the rigid shaft just where he wants them….thumb on top and index finger just below the crown, and then moves her hand up and down indicating the kind of speed required for success.

'Like that?' Anne whispers.

'Yes, but a bit quicker.'

'Like this?'

Dick doesn't answer. What Anne is doing is just perfect.

'How long will it take?'

Again, no answer, as the boy raises his hips, gripping his buttocks. Thirty seconds later he relaxes his body onto the foam support, trying to breathe as quietly as possible, and thinking how wonderful all this is. Only one other person in his young life had done this for him before, other than his dear brother.

Kissing his cousin on the lips is a distinct anti-climax, but she's enjoying it.

Meanwhile, George's curiosity is getting the better of her, inspired by the movement on the foam mattress next door to her. Dick is rapidly approaching something nice, and it looks like Anne is complicit in the activity. George knows exactly what's going on. Surely, if Anne can, so can she.

'What's it doing now Julian?'

'What's what doing?'

'Your willy wonka thing.'

'It's fine thanks. How's yours?'

'Tingling like mad. Are you going to do it?'

That question precipitated an extended chat between the couple, who just might find their way of being a couple. Next door, Anne has turned onto her side, pleased that Dick has now, at last, been duly pleased, and that she has done her duty by her delightful cousin. Satisfied and relaxed now, Dick snuggles into Anne's bare back, his hand around her tummy. She thinks about the kiss, by way of thanks, she had had from Dick……just a fleeting sensation full on her mouth, but it was the very first time a boy had graciously consented to offer such a gesture of affection. When she thought again about what had happened between them, her breath quickened. She knew what she would want from a young man, one day, but that would have to wait. There would be food to prepare, and other jobs she always did for the others. The boys' underpants and socks, tee shirt as well probably, had to be collected up on a daily basis and then hand washed and pegged out on the line behind the tent to dry all day in the soft Cornish breeze……if it's not pouring with rain.

'Do you think they can hear us?' asks Julian.

'No. They've gone back to sleep.' replies George.

'So we can talk?'

And talk they did, after all they had known each since they were babes in arms. There was no reason why they should keep anything back from each other.

'Do you think much about sex Julian?'

'No…….well, yes actually. How about you?'

'Now and then, when I'm in the mood.'

'How often is that?'

'Quite a lot of the time.' George quickly replies, with a stifled giggle, followed by a minute or so of silence while they both thought about how they could continue the thread. George had the next question…….

'So…at school. Do you have any special friends. Boys?'

'Yes, boys……that's all there is George. There's not a lot of choice.'

'That's nice. I always thought I should have been a boy.'

'That's why you've always dressed like one. Does it annoy you that you have to wear girly pants?'

'Yes. My mother makes me.'

And then, quite out of the blue, in a jokey tone of voice……

'You don't fancy swapping do you Julian?'

Julian, rather taken aback, thinks for a few moments about her distinctly in-manly suggestin, but it's an easily answered question for a good-looking boy who already knows that, for him, a boy in his arms who feels the same as he does, will be his particular future.

'Ok then……..if you really want to.'

Of course all the children have seen each other naked on countless occasions, or just clad in their pants as they ran around together in one garden or another. But with the onset of puberty for Julian and George, things are a little different now. Amongst themselves, evidence of pubic hair is fine…….just a necessary part of growing up, but with adults in attendance? Definitely not.

Dick had woken again now, and needed a pee. Holding his half erect penis, he and Anne scampered off to the outside loo at the back of Treboys Cottage, announcing that after abluting, they would be heading for the cove and a before-breakfast bathe. Julian and George were alone now, and knew that they would not be disturbed.

'Shall I find some for you Julian?'

Julian nods enthusiastically. The very thought of donning a pair of girl's knickers aroused him mightily.

George ferrets about in the small suitcase in the corner of the tent, giving Julian a rather disconcerting view of the girl's bottom. Given George's short dark hair, slim hips and firm thighs, she could easily be mistaken for a boy, bending over, and exposing herself like that. Gently squeezing his penis, and thinking about how it might feel in a pair of girl's panties, his erection is now complete.

'Do you like these Julian?' George asks, holding up a pretty white pair with blue edging. Julian, speechless, nods his approval.

'Look in my case George. Take your pick.'

What she chooses pleases Julian, who can imagine her as a boy now, perfectly complete in the neat white cotton garment.

'Come on then!' demands George, holding up the girly object of Julian's desire.

'I can't George. It's embarrassing.'

George, a determined cuss, isn't about to disappointed.

'Are you…….?'

'Yes I am, like mad.'

George returns to her position to the left of Julian in the makeshift bed, the sheet and blanket disarranged rather. Julian struggles to don the article of clothing George has handed to him, without her seeing his embarrassment. He manages, at last, to fit himself into the restricting space. He feels himself inside the silky material, and then outside. He turns his head to see George looking at him intently.

'When do think they'll be back Julian?'

'Not for ages.'

'How long will it take you.'

'Not very long. Do you know how?'

'Not really. You can show me can't you?'

'Yeah. Do I have to…afterwards……to you?'

'Don't you want to?'

'Not really, but……..'

'That's ok. What if I turned over?'

Julian thought about the boy called Peter that was next to him in the room at school, and when he had turned onto his tummy, quite innocently, on his bed one afternoon……and smiled at Julian. Julian had run his hand down the boy's back, and over his bottom. He'd kept his hand there, moving it from time to time which had amused and pleased Peter. Peter had moved his legs apart, inviting Julian to delve further into his privacy. Julian knew what some boys did with each other, and would dearly like to do that with Peter. Peter had no idea about all that, but Peter loved what Julian was doing to him. Julian wanted to kiss this beautiful boy, but knew Peter would be horrified if he made any attempt to do such a queer thing as that. What they did together was quite alright….perfectly normal because loads of boys did it, but kissing was a queer thing to do. But that's what Julian really wanted. With an older boy, he imagined himself subservient and prepared to take the weight of an older boy, but with a younger boy like Peter, he would want to feel the his back against his chest.

'Shall I then?' asks George.

She didn't wait for an answer and turned over onto her tummy, one arm to her side, the other under her pelvic bone.

Julian had never laid his hand on a girl's bottom in his life as he lay propped up on one elbow, his right hand free to stimulate George. When she widened the gap between her legs, Julian took the hint and climbed over her, and came to rest on her back with his groin parked nicely between the cheeks of George's bottom.

The two layers of material eliminated any possible uncomfortable friction, in fact the effect was surprisingly pleasant for both of them. After two or three minutes pushing at her, Julian was doubtful if anything at all would happen. After all, George was a girl, and thus far in his young life, girls hadn't had a look in when it came to his sexual fantasies. Then the image of Peter flooded his mind. Peter lying on his tummy in just his underpants, and his head turned towards him, smiling, as if to say 'Well? Come on then! I'm waiting'. He hadn't long to wait.

Now the prospect of pleasuring himself as Prendergast had done that afternoon, was now a reality. It would all be over very quickly, chances are. With Julian on the boy's bed, and Peter's bottom raised in acceptance, Julian took full advantage of the giggling boy. In the perfect position with one hand free, the way he simulated intercourse with the boy made him come so fast that he was faintly shocked.

And so it was with George that early morning, who unwittingly had become, for Julian at least, what she had always wanted to be, and what he had always wanted.

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