Kings Blue

by Rafael Henry

Chapter 3

One week later.

I've met Ties now, Per's older brother. He answered the door.

'Is Per in please?'

'No, he's out with Mother. They won't be back for……maybe not for two hours. Come in. We can talk, ok?'

He ushers me into the hallway and closes the front door. We stood there facing each other. Ties looks very much like his mother…….all blond hair and green eyes. I thought of my erstwhile friend Tim at school, forced by circumstances to reject me. He's about Tim's age……and somewhat better looking as it happens. Ties gives me a thorough visual examination which made me feel a little uncomfortable. I was expecting to find Per at home, but instead it's his older brother. He seems to be interested in the way I'm dressed. Then he apologizes……

'Sorry. I just need to make sure you are a suitable friend for my brother.'

'Is that the way you do it?'

'I said I'm sorry. Per has good taste.'


'You know why……don't you?'


'A very suitable love-bird for my brother……with beautiful chestnut hair. He adores you…….and thanks for being so kind to him. Is the feeling mutual?'

'My Grandmother was Portuguese. I think that's where I get it from.'

'You didn't answer my question Leo.'

'Yes, I suppose so.'

'Such English reserve. Why can't you just be happy. Per is only here for another four weeks. Then we go home. You haven't made him happy yet….as far as I can tell. He's waiting for you. Come on English boy, don't disappoint him.'

'I don't want to……you know…….disappoint him.'

'You want to make him happy then?'

'Yes. Yes I do.'

'Do you know how?'

'I'm not sure.'

'But you would like to find out perhaps?'

'Yes, I think so.'

'From me?'

'Yes, if you know how……if that's ok?'

'You're sure?'


I had an inkling of what Ties was going on about. That kind of thing had inevitably cropped up in dormitory chatter after lights out. I like Ties. He has an openness about him I found instantly endearing…..a sort of natural trustworthiness. Just before we went up to his bedroom, he put his hands on my shoulders. It was extraordinarily erotic. I am now completely in his hands' and perfectly content about that. That morning I had been thinking about Per, and had wanted to see him quite badly. I hadn't seen him for two days. But thinking was not doing . Listening to Ties was quite painful in a way, because I had not fully realised how Per was feeling about me. I am more than ready for Per, but Ties is my here and now. What's the term they use? Sexually excited. Yes, I am right now, both in mind and in body.

I'm dressed as usual, in shorts. Per likes the ones I'm wearing today. He found them in the trunk. Per looks at me in them, and I look at him in his. It excites us both. Time doing nothing passes quickly, and the being together feeling is all we need. Important things are left unsaid, but both of us know. It's time to let go……let go of everything.

I follow Ties upstairs. I'm impressed by him, and it's obvious that he's interested in me. Boys can't hide it. There wasn't any way I could.

Ties sits on the edge of the bed, and I stand before him. He smiles as he looks at me……that kind of inspecting look.

'Take your hands away, silly boy.'

I do as he asks. I'm looking straight into his eyes, and he's looking into mine.

'Well? Are you going to show me….or do I have to look for myself, little English boy? You don't have to do this Leo.'

It was quite instinctive. I take the plunge, as they say. Once it was done, everything seemed…….just normal and fun.

'That wasn't so difficult was it Leo?'

Actually, it wasn't…….not in the end.

Ties stands up. We both stand together. Then he leads me.

There are explanations, some technical details and how to deal with the consequences. Of course practice will make perfect. With Ties, there were consequences. He's seventeen, and has lots of hair around his penis. I ran my fingers through it, smelled it, and that noble bough to the threshold. He had pushed my head away, and I had watched, and learned well. He had told me that real sex was not for boys. It was for adults. I asked him what real sex was. He told me.

Ties made us both an open sandwich. We ate them sitting on chairs in the sunlit hard area just outside the kitchen. We were both in a jolly mood. I wanted to talk about his brother Per. Ties wanted to talk about himself…..and about his girlfriend in Holland. Just before I left, he asked me if I would be kind to his brother. I smiled, and said I would.

'Can I tell him that Leo?'

'Yes, please Ties.'

My mother leaves for work at the same time everyday around ten minutes to eight. It's a fair walk to the Library, but she says it's good exercise. Per's bedroom window is, as I said earlier, directly opposite mine. It's eight days since I first met Per, and I'm pretty much at the end of my tether. I know, and I'm sure Per feels the same, that we both have an important bridge to cross. I hinted at my 'aspirations', shall we say, yesterday afternoon when I saw him briefly. Per and his mother had been shopping, and Per needed to there apparently. At eight o'clock the next morning, he was to come to his bedroom window, and I would be there at mine. I would give the signal.

At one minute to eight he appeared in the window. Two minutes later I opened our front door to let him into the house. I recognized the white shorts he was wearing. He notices my downward glance……

'I found them in your trunk. Do you mind?'

'No, not at all. You can keep them. What else?'

'Nothing.' He says smiling broadly. Liar.

'We'll see about that shall we?'

Per shakes his head. Tease. I think we will.

Per runs up the stairs. I watch him with interest. I always make him go first. When I get to my bedroom, Per is already on the bed, and in the middle with his back propped up against the bedhead, and his hands either side of his hips, palms laid flat. His knees are raised and wide apart. I sit on the edge of the bed and look.

'Are those yours……..or mine?'



'Yes. We went into town……..remember?'

He's right of course. They are a perfect choice.

I can feel his skin now, and he mine. His mouth feels as silky and smooth as ever it has in the short time I have known it. His tongue against mine quickly hardens us both. For the very first time I hold him there . He holds my head in both hands. Our kissing is prolonged and almost painful now. We stop. Between raised knees I am now, my head directed by Per's sweet hands. He watches and waits, warm hands on warm shoulders. I hold him hard at his base, lesson from bigger brother learnt well I hope. Another hand is everywhere, smoothing, cupping, pressing and probing. Per sweeps me aside, and he's active now, desperate that our bridge shall be crossed sooner. The dawning of a new age of beauty shall commence. I have made the sun rise in him….the dawning…….a first coming……and now a touching and tangible warmth on flesh.

These were very pleasant consequences……not copious, but deeply satisfying to me……and to him too, thank goodness. The first time for me, an older boy, was a surprise, and not a pleasant one at that. I had no idea it was going to be like that . Ties didn't make me. With my darling Per, it was hard-earned, and even more exquisite than I had reason to expect.

We lay together, just being, on our sides, face to face. Per is in playful mood now. He smiles, teases, promising this and that. He turns on to his tummy and looks at me. I'm not going to play that game. Suddenly he's sitting on my tummy. He leans forward to kiss me, taking my head in both hands. My hands prevent any escape, as my fingers touch behind him. There is an erotic contact. Per is instantly responsive, which excites me even more. I had no idea he would like that. Now he is the passive body, mine the active…….mouth hard against mouth. It's too late for anything else. I push him aside, and grip myself. Per is on his back now, head raised and watching and waiting, as I release.

Although Per's English is extremely good, there are lots of words he doesn't know. 'Consequences' is one of them. My erstwhile friend at school, Tim, used the word a few times.

'We don't want any consequences Leo.' He says as we delve and rub at the cinema. Speak for yourself Tim. Consequences were exactly what I wanted! Anyway, that wasn't to be. Never mind.

'What do we do with it now Leo?' asks Per.

I dealt with it, with the distinct feeling that there is more. Neither of us felt like doing anything else but lie together, now partially dressed. Propped up on an elbow, looking down at Per's face, I need to ask him one or two things…….

'Are you a happy boy……or not so, Per?'

'I am. Are you?'

'Umm. Do you remember us talking about crossing a bridge together…….when I explained about English grammar? Are you glad we've crossed it?'

Per nods his head.

'Why? Can you tell me?'

'Because……of the consequences .'

'Really? Is that it then?'

'No…..just part of it.'

'Go on then.' I asked, as my stomach turns over once more.

'Because it makes me feel funny…everywhere. My whole body feels…excited.'

'And I have something to tell you Per.'

As my arms fold around him, he moves, tightly against my chest. I feel his hair, dampened by our mutual excitement. My heart beats faster as I contemplate what I'm about to say.

'Do you know what it is Per?'

His face is buried in my chest.

'I know you have to go in a few weeks, but I just wanted to tell you that I want you here always…with me….all the time. And there's a reason why. I'm going to tell you now, because I have to tell you…..even though…..'

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