Tony's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 8

Tony was astonished to see his brothers Pablo and Juan.

"I didn't know where you guys are," he cried.

"I heard you and Carlos were sent to the Tulsa Boys Home after you got in trouble," Pablo said, looking around. "Where is Carlos?"

"Yes, we were both there. But Carlos said he was going to a foster home. I don't know where he is now."

"Me and Pablo are together," Juan said quickly. He was not sure if they would be allowed to continue to speak together.

After asking a few more questions the councilor was convinced of the situation. "I expect you guys would like a few minutes to get caught up," he said, and led them over to the snack bar. "You can talk here, but don't go off anywhere, OK?"

They thanked him and sat down together for the first time in many months. The councilor went back over to the group where Tony's friends were looking on with concern and reassured them that all was well. Jack had walked over with Pablo and was asked to join them.

"This is our brother Antonio," Pablo said to Jack.

"Nice to meet you. I understand your friends call you Tony."

"That's right. How do you know that?" Tony asked.

"I know Nick whom you met at the YMCA, and his brother Kevin from your school. I rent an apartment from their parents"

"How do you know my brothers?" Tony wondered.

"Pablo and I go to college together and Juan lives with Pablo."

"Oh, wow! You going to college?" he said to Pablo. "I didn't know that. And you guys are together? I never saw you guys much after you kind of ran away. You know, things got really bad after you left."

Pablo sighed. "They were bad before we left. I felt bad about leaving you and Carlos with Papa."

"Hey, I don't blame you. You are doing good, man, and Juan is with you, that's cool."

"We got to find Carlos," Juan insisted. "But I don't know how to find him."

"I might be able to help with that. At least I'll try," Jack suggested.

"Man, this is crazy meeting you like this. I can't believe it," Tony was shaking his head.

"So how are you doing at the boy's home? What kind of place is it? Is it like a jail?" Pablo asked.

"No, it's not so bad. We go to regular school, I am making friends there, and they treat me pretty good," Tony assured them. "I am trying real hard to do good. I am even making my grades at school. Some of it is hard for me but there are guys that help me, you know? I got to say it is a lot better than living with Papa."

"That's for sure," Pablo agreed. "I guess he expected you and Carlos to like, work, and bring in the money."

"All the time man, or he would beat the shit out of us."

Pablo looked down and shook his head. "I'm so sorry Tony. I feel so bad about leaving you with that bastard."

"No man, don't feel bad. You finished high school, now you are in college, You got a place for Juan, don't feel bad. You did good. Now me and Carlos are out of that and we are doing better too."

"We need to find Carlos," Juan repeated.

"We will find him. My friend will help us," Pablo looked towards Jack.

"I will if I can. I need to talk to some people," Jack assured him.

"I have no idea who to talk to about this kind of thing," Pablo said sadly. "You know we have problems with immigration."

"I will help any way I can. In the meantime I need to get back to the people we came with," Jack explained. "I don't know how much longer you guys will be able to talk, so I will leave you to it. See you guys when we start back." He said to Pablo and Juan.

Tony, Jermaine, Danny, Bobby, Thomas and the rest of the boys boarded the waiting bus and started back to the Tulsa Boys Home.

Bobby was a little upset with Tony. "Where were you? I was looking everywhere for you."

"I found my brothers and now I know where they live," he explained.

"Where are they?" Jermaine asked.

"My oldest brother Pablo is going to college here and Juan is living with him. But I still don't know where Carlos is, but he is here in Tulsa somewhere though."

"That must have been a surprise that they were in the museum at the same time we were," Danny said.

"Yeah, man. It was really good to see them. Maybe they can come visit me." Tony said hopefully.

"I don't know," Danny said. "You have to get permission for a visitor. They have to be approved."

"But they are my brothers. Why would they not be approved?"Tony asked.

Danny hesitated. "It's nothing against your brothers but not all family members are trustworthy. They might get approved, but somebody would have to check them out."

Bobby was listening and commented. "My mother isn't allowed to visit me, and I don't think my brother even cares."

Tony looked at Danny. "You got your grandmother but me and Bobby got nobody."

"Me neither," Jermaine said.

"It is OK for me to visit grandmother for a few days but I couldn't live with her, She is not in a good situation. I guess we have each other," Danny observed.

Jermaine frowned. "What happened to Justin? Did he come back from his Christmas leave? He should been here last night."

"I don't know," Danny said. "Our counselor asked if I had heard from him. Maybe he got back this afternoon after we left on the bus."

"If he has skipped out he will be in deep shit," Jermaine said. "He has gotten in trouble before."

"Hey Bobby," Tony said. "You are sure quiet. You OK?"

Bobby shrugged. "Yeah, I guess."

Thomas turned and said quietly. "Justin got in trouble for smoking last summer."

"There are always a few guys who sneak cigarettes," Tony observed.

"He wasn't smoking tobacco," Thomas confided.

"How did he get leave?" Jermaine wondered.

"I wondered about that," Danny said. "I heard that one of the counselors plead his case and got him a volunteer."

"Which one?" Jermaine asked.

"I heard it was Henderson," Danny told him.

"That doesn't sound right," Jermaine answered.

"Why not?"

Jermaine hesitated then said quietly. "Henderson has some special boys he does favors for."

"What makes them special?" Danny asked.

Jermaine made a circle with his thumb and forefinger and put it to his lips then made a sucking noise.

"No shit?" Danny responded. "I wondered about Henderson. He tried to get real friendly with me when I first came here."

Tony felt a little queasy. "But he is a counselor, man."

"We had a counselor who was fucking some of the little boys a couple of years ago," Danny recalled. "They kicked his ass out when they caught him."

"Did he get in trouble? I mean they could have got him arrested," Tony wondered.

Danny shook his head. "The Home didn't want the publicity I guess. He just disappeared one day."

Tony noticed that Bobby had hung his head down. When he looked closely he saw that Bobby had tears on his face. "What's the matter Bobby?"

Bobby shook his head and whispered. "Nothing."

"Hey man, somebody messing with you?" Tony asked.

Bobby would not answer, but when Tony put his arm around his shoulder, the young boy leaned against him and sniffed.

"Was it Henderson?" Jermaine wanted to know.

Bobby shrugged his shoulders and kept his face buried on Tony.

Tony rubbed his hand over Bobby's hair. "Just leave him alone guys."

The rest of the short ride was quiet in their section of the bus. When they arrived at the Boys Home they went up to Tony's room but Danny was pulled aside. When he joined the others he had some news.

"Hey guys, sit down. I got something to tell you," Danny told them.

Tony, Jermaine, Bobby and Thomas were all in the room with Danny. "I guess it is OK for you all to hear this. It will be all over the house by supper time."

"What's up?" Jermaine asked.

"It seems that we have lost a room mate. Justin got in trouble and won't be back. He was picked up by the police for doing something crazy and he was stoned out of his mind. I don't know where he is going but it won't be back here."

The room was very quiet.

"Henderson is gone too," Danny added.

"What happened?" Tony asked.

"That's all I know for sure," Danny said. "But we might be able to put two and two together."

"I don't understand," Tony complained.

Jermaine frowned. "My guess would be that Henderson was doing favors for Justin in exchange for sex with him. When Justin got busted that came out I bet. You saw that Henderson did the the roster and should have known that Justin was absent."

Danny nodded his head. "That's all I am supposed to say, but you might be right."

Bobby did not say anything but got up and went back to his room.

Tony asked to be excused and followed Bobby back toward his room. He caught up to him before he entered. "Hey Bobby. Let's walk around a little, OK?" Bobby shrugged and walked on with Tony.

"Did that guy Henderson mess with you?" he asked.

"I don't want to talk about it. Nothing happened," Bobby mumbled.

Tony put his hand on Bobby's shoulder. "Yeah, but did he try to mess with you?"

Bobby began to cry softly. "I'm scared, Tony. I can't even trust the counselors here."

"I think it was just Henderson, Bobby. The other counselors are OK I think." Tony assured him.

"I can't trust anybody. You are the only person in the world that I can trust," Bobby said with a shaking voice. "And today you disappeared, and I couldn't find you, and I got really scared."

"Hey, I told you man. I found my brothers. I had to talk to them."

"I know, but I was scared. That place was big and full of people I didn't know where you were," Bobby tried to explain.

"I'm sorry Bobby. I should have got you to come with me, but I got excited to see my brothers, you know?"

"I understand," Bobby kept his eyes on the floor in front of them.

"Maybe now you understand, but you still got scared. I'm sorry, man. I should have told you where I was going. But I thought you were OK with the other guys."

Bobby stopped walking and sat down next to the wall and put his head down on his knees. "I'm sorry Tony. I just got scared," he began to cry. "I am scared all the time."

Tony felt tears in his own eyes. He sat down next to Bobby and pulled his head over onto his chest and rubbed his dark red hair. "It's gonna be OK Bobby. Nobody needs to be sorry for nothing. I just need to look after you better. I love you Bobby," he whispered.

They sat there like that for a few minutes then looked up to see Danny. "I was looking for you guys. Is everything OK?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah man, Bobby is just tired. We are OK. Let's go, I'm ready for some supper, OK?"

Bobby nodded and the three boys walked slowly to the dining room. They stopped in the bathroom for a pee and Tony washed Bobby's face with cold water and dried him with some paper towels while Danny waited. Then they went to supper.

Bobby was quiet at supper but seemed to have recovered. They talked with each other about the things they saw at the museum and agreed that it was a cool place. After supper they went to the TV room and watched something mindless on the tube, then drifted to their room to play Monopoly or read or whatever.

At 9:30 Danny suggested gently to Bobby and Thomas that it was time for bed and they should return to their own rooms. Bobby said nothing but got up and left. After the excitement of the day they were all tired and climbed into bed.

Danny went to turn off the light and looked at Justin's empty bed. "And then there were three," he said to himself.

Tony was sound asleep when he heard the sound of loud voices and woke up.

He could hear Bobby screaming. "No, no, help me Tony! Tony, Tony!"

Tony jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to Bobby's room. Bobby was struggling and fighting with his room captain Peter who was attempting to restrain him. "No, stay away! Don't touch me. Help, Tony!"

Tony ran up and shouted at him. "Bobby! I'm here! You're OK Bobby!" He grabbed him and held him tight.

Bobby struggled for a minute then realized who had him and melted into Tony, hugging him and sobbing. "I was scared Tony. I had a really bad dream."

Tony pulled the younger boy down to the floor where they sat with their arms around each other, Bobby crying and Tony rubbing his back and whispering in his ear.

"It's OK Bobby, I got you baby. It's OK," After a few minutes the crying stopped and Bobby fell limp in Tony's arms.

By then the boys in both rooms were standing and watching with sympathy. When Tony tried to stand up Bobby held him tightly and would not let go.

"He gets scared," Tony said by way of explanation.

Danny squatted down next to the two boys and said quietly to Bobby. "We have an empty bed in our room. Would you like to sleep with us tonight?"

Bobby kept his face buried in Tony's neck but nodded his head. "Yes," He whispered.

Peter agreed so Tony pulled Bobby to his feet and led him back to their room. "Justin is gone so you can have his bed," Tony offered. "You can be right above me. I will look after you. You will be OK Bobby."

Danny and Jermaine boosted Bobby into the bunk above Tony and tucked him in. Bobby looked over at Tony to be sure he was there and then fell asleep, exhausted.

Danny sat down on the edge of Tony's bed. "How can you calm Bobby down like that?" he asked quietly.

"I don't know, man. He says I am the only person he trusts. I never knew anybody like that before."

"Bobby needs you close," Danny observed. "What do you think about asking if Bobby can move in here and take Justin's old bed?"

"Hey, that's cool with me. I really like Bobby. He is like a little brother to me. I never had a little brother."

"Well, I think maybe you two are good for each other," Danny said. "Let me see if we can do that. At least if he has another nightmare, you won't have as far to go."

Tony tried to go back to sleep but he found himself restless. The hugging with Bobby had given him an erection and now he was horny. He didn't like the way his body reacted but was not able to control it. He knew the affection that Bobby had for him was not sexual but it seemed that his body did not understand that.

He retrieved a sock from the floor next to his bed and pulled it over his stiff prick, using it to contain his fluid which soon spurted out and coated the inside of the sock. It was not quite satisfying but it allowed him to relax and fall back to sleep. His last thought was of Bobby's small body held tight in his arms.

Tony woke up about 7:30 when the other boys began to stir around and prepare for breakfast. The first thing he noticed was that a small boy was holding him from behind. It was no surprise to find that it was Bobby who had crawled down from the bunk above him sometime during the night. The next thing he noticed was that his dick was hard. He lay still for a time enjoying the warm body at his back and the warm air from Bobby's breath nuzzling the back of his neck. Reluctantly he extracted himself from the boy's grasp and moved away.

"Hey Bobby, it is time for breakfast, man," he said, gently shaking the boy awake.

Bobby looked a little confused then realized where he was, "I had another bad dream," he mumbled.

"Yeah, I know," Tony said. "But we got to go eat breakfast, I'm hungry, aren't you?"

"I guess. I'm sorry, I got scared again," Bobby apologized.

"That's OK, but you can't be sleeping with me. It don't look right," he explained. "Let's get up, OK?"

Bobby rolled out of bed and looked around, realizing that his clothes were in another room.

Danny pointed to a small bundle of clothing. "I brought your stuff after you went to bed," he explained gently.

"Thanks," Bobby pulled on jeans and t-shirt and stuck his feet into his shoes, then padded to the bathroom to pee and wash his face.

Danny, Jermaine, Tony and Bobby trudged down to the dining hall for breakfast. Thomas seemed to be looking for them and came to sit with Tony.

"Did Bobby have another bad night?" Thomas asked Tony quietly.

"Yeah, he had another bad dream," Tony told him, then said. "I kind of need to see you, OK?"

"Yeah, me too," Thomas agreed. "Maybe we can take a walk after breakfast."

During breakfast Danny told Bobby. "I'm going to talk to Wilson, our counselor about you changing rooms, I have to get permission."

"Do you think I can move to your room?" Bobby asked.

"I think so. Justin is gone now so there is an empty bed. But it has to be approved," Danny explained.

"But is it OK with you and Jermaine?"

"Yes, we agreed that you need to be close to Tony. But you can't be sleeping with him Bobby. That looks bad," Danny explained.

"I'm sorry," Bobby apologized. "But when I am with him I don't feel so scared."

"I understand, but that is kind of a rule, you know?" Danny reminded him. "I will go talk to our counselor to get it approved. I think I can explain about how you need to be close to Tony and it should be OK. Everybody knows about your bad dreams and how Tony is the only one that can calm you down. Why don't you go to your room and get your stuff together."

Bobby nodded and started back to his room to box up his belongings. Thomas and Tony made eye contact and picked up their coats for a walk outside.

"Man, I am so horny I can't stand it," Tony told Thomas as they started walking. "You want to do something?"

"Always, especially with you Tony."

"Where can we go?" Tony asked.

"I think the tool shed. It will be a little warmer in there and it's pretty safe," Thomas answered.

Thomas popped the lock and they slipped inside. "You are good at that," Tony observed.

"Yeah, maybe I could go straight and be a locksmith," Thomas chuckled.

"You got on the job training," Tony laughed.

They sat next to each other on a pile of quilted pads and snuggled together.

"I really like you," Thomas said.

"I like you too," Tony agreed. "We are like, the same, you know?"

"Yeah, I know. But it's more than just liking to have sex with you."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, in the first place I think you are sexy as hell. You are really nice looking, you know? A nice body and I like that you are brown."

"I got the permanent suntan, right?"

"Right. And I like that your dick has the skin on it, and you have beautiful brown eyes."

"Stop, you are embarrassing me," Tony laughed.

"You asked me and I am telling you. I think you are beautiful. I know that sounds queer, but that's what I think."

"Yeah, I guess we are queer, you and me. We like the same things. But it is different with you."

"How's that?" Thomas asked.

"I don't know, I like that you are have good muscles and a fat dick. You look real good to me. But it's not just that. I don't know how to say it."

"So what is it?"

Tony thought for a minute. "I been doing sex with guys my whole life. I think I told you about my papa and how we were supposed to do sex with men for money and bring it home to him. Some of that I hated, but some I liked. I guess I liked it with some of the younger men, really, even with some older men. What I liked was the ones who were nice to me."

"What do you mean, nice?"

"It is hard to talk about. But when I hooked up with some guy for money, some really treated me like shit. They fucked me rough and didn't care if they hurt me, they called me dirty names and shoved me around. It really sucked. But some guys were nice to me, and tried not to hurt me, hugged and kissed me while they did stuff with me. I liked that. Some old men just wanted to rub heir hands on my body and tell me nice things, then they'd suck my cock and make me feel real good. I guess it sounds crazy, but they would pay me for that."

"You had to do a lot of things to survive. That must have been tough," Thomas sympathized.

"A lot of it was really shitty, especially if I didn't bring home enough money. Then Papa would slap me around real bad. But some of it was OK," Tony shrugged.

Thomas looked thoughtful. "Do you think you would have liked to do sex with guys if things were different? I mean if you had not been forced to when you were little?"

Tony shrugged. "I don't know, man. To tell you the truth, I never think about pussy. Girls don't interest me much at all. I mean, I can see if a girl is pretty but I don't want to have sex with her. I guess I am supposed to like sex with guys. I sure like to do stuff with you."

Thomas smiled. "Am I special?"

"Yeah, you are. I said I think you look good and you do sex good, but mostly it is because you are so nice to me," Tony said sincerely.

"I'm nice to you because I really like you a lot. You are easy to be nice to. Actually, I kind of admire you."

"Me? You admire me? Nobody ever said that to me before," Tony said in surprise. "Why would you admire me?"

"Because you have had a really shitty life in many ways, but you are still a nice person. And I really respect the way you look after Bobby."

"Bobby, Bobby. I never know anybody like Bobby. He makes me crazy sometimes," Tony admitted.

"How's that?"

"I don't know why Bobby has latched on to me. He wants to be around me all the time, he hugs me and tells me he loves me. He wants to get in bed with me and hold me while he sleeps. Jesus man, he makes me so horny. But I know he doesn't mean it that way. He wants to be my little brother, not my lover. I think he would do anything I asked him to, but it wouldn't be right. I can't mess with him. It would hurt him."

"Maybe he wants you to mess with him."

"No, if he wanted to do sex stuff, I could tell. I mean like, I have plenty of experience, you know? But he is not like that. He's not like us, Thomas. If I hurt him I would hate myself," Tony sighed. "But he is so cute, man."

Thomas leaned into Tony and felt of his dick through his jeans. "You won't hurt my feelings. This conversation has given me a big boner."

"Yeah, me too. I am about to bust. I'm sorry man, I don't usually talk so much, but you are the only person I can talk to about stuff like this."

Thomas began to unbutton Tony's jeans and pushed them down revealing Tony's very hard brown penis. Cupping Tony's balls in his hand, he opened his mouth and went down on him, pushing his lips into Tony's pubic hair and sucking hard. Tony reacted with a violent thrust upward into his friend's mouth.

Taking a double handful of Thomas' hair, Tony lay back and spread his legs wide, giving Thomas full access to his cock and balls. "Oh my God," Tony moaned. "I am so horny."

Thomas began to suck Tony with passion. He took him deep in his mouth, as far as he could go, then pulled up to lick the head and swirl his tongue around it, then back down all the way. He bobbed his head up and down covering the length of Tony's hard cock as rapidly as he could. He paused at the top and gripped the end of Tony's foreskin with his lips and pulled it up and over the head, holding it in his lips and pushing down until the foreskin was stretched tight as far down as it would go.

Tony moaned loudly in response. "Oh my God, Thomas, you gonna kill me!"

Thomas paused long enough to ask. "Is that a complaint?"

"Nn, keep going man."

Thomas took just the head in his mouth and squeezed it with his lips and rubbed it all around with his tongue while jerking the shaft below with his hand, up and down very rapidly, then releasing his hand to plunge his mouth down the length of Tony's cock a few times them back up to lick the head.

Tony was gasping for breath. "Oh man, I'm gonna cum!"

Thomas stopped and gently stroked his friend. "Not yet, I'm not through with you yet."

Bending down he sucked first one of Tony's loose hairless testicles into his mouth and then the other. Grasping them with his lips he pulled down and out, stretching them away from his body while twisting the foreskin over the head of Tony's dick. He worked his tongue over the length of his cock, from under the balls up and over the shaft to the top, then turned his head and put his lips on the underside of his dick and ran his mouth up and down pushing Tony's rigid cock against his belly.

"Oh man," Tony cried. "I'm too horny, I can't hold it no more! I got to cum!"

Thomas let go of him and took the length of his cock into his mouth, the head against the back of his throat, and began to roll his tongue under the shaft while swallowing and sucking at the length of him. His nose and chin were pressed hard against Tony's belly and balls and he moved his head from side to side as Tony began to cum. He held on tight and swallowed every drop until Tony was exhausted and finally held still, gasping for breath.

Thomas sat up, releasing Tony from his mouth and looked down at him with a smile. "How was that?" he asked.

Tony looked up at him with a glazed look in his eyes. "That was the best, man. That was fantastic!"

"Yeah, I enjoyed it too. Maybe as much as you did." Thomas assured him.

"I don't think so," Tony replied. "Hey, you want to fuck me?"

"Hell yes," Thomas agreed. Both boys shucked their pants and Tony got on his hands and knees with is butt tipped up in the air.

Thomas moved behind him and spit in his hand, combining the saliva with the precum oozing from his cock and making himself slippery. "You ready?"

Tony reached back and helped Thomas align himself with his hole. "Come on and fuck me good." He said.

Thomas wiggled the end of his dick around on Tony's asshole then with a pop it slipped inside and he felt Tony jerk.

"Am I hurting you?" Thomas asked.

"No man. I'm OK, but you got a fat dick," Tony assured him.

Thomas pulled out a little then back in a little more until he was fully inserted in Tony's ass. "Yeah, that feels good," Tony said. "Go slow, OK?"

After several minutes of this Tony lay down flat on the floor and Thomas stretched out across his back, pressing his face between Tony's shoulder blades, and reaching under Tony's arms to pull him close. They were pressed tightly together as both grunted and moaned.

Thomas began to gasp. "I can't wait any longer, I'm gonna cum, Tony."

Tony responded. "Don't pull out man, cum in my ass and don't stop!"

Thomas grunted and panted hard, emptying himself in Tony's ass. "Keep going!" Tony cried. Thomas continued to pound, his cock suddenly lubricated by an ample supple of hot semen.

Tony gasped and shot another load of cum onto the quilted pad. Finally the boys lay still, panting from exhaustion.

Thomas slowly caught his breath and rested on Tony's back until his erection died and he fell out, dribbling cum on Tony's balls. "Wow. That was awesome," he said.

Thomas rolled off and Tony turned over, both resting on their backs and breathing hard.

"Damn, if we keep this up we might get good at it," Thomas laughed.

"No shit," Tony wheezed. "You busted my ass good. I never fucked like that before. That was the best, man."

Thomas rolled on his side and looked at Tony. "That is twice you have said that today."

"I really meant it, you are the best, man," Tony said, and for the first time initiated a long kiss.

After a few minutes they broke off the kiss and embraced. "I think I really love you," Thomas whispered into Tony's ear.

Tony got quiet. "Nobody ever loved me before. Now I got two boys who tell me they love me. You and Bobby. But Bobby loves me like a friend and a brother. I don't know how to think about you. I mean you are my friend but this is different."

"That's because we are more than friends," Thomas said. "We are lovers."

Tony's eyes began to form tears. "I have had sex with lots of guys, old men, young guys. But nobody ever made love to me. I guess I never had this before."

"So how does it feel?" Thomas asked.

"It feels good. I mean, like it feels right. Maybe this is what we are supposed to do," Tony said thoughtfully. "Except that one of us is supposed to be a girl."

Thomas laughed. "I don't feel like a girl, do you?"

"No man, I like being a boy," Tony said. "I like you being a boy too."

"Well that's convenient," Thomas laughed again.

"You ever do this before? I mean like we just did?"

"No, never. My father and his brother fucked me but there was nothing loving about that. They just shoved it in and hurt me. I never fucked anybody until I met you," Thomas admitted.

"No shit? You mean it?" Tony was surprised. "I am really the first one for you?"

In response Thomas leaned over and kissed Tony again, slowly and tenderly. "Yes. You are my first, my first lover. Nobody ever loved me either, Tony."

"Wow, this is really special. I am going to have to think about this. This is so new for me," Tony sat up. "You and Bobby. Two people who love me. A little brother and a boyfriend. Two different things. You are not jealous of Bobby?"

"No, not at all," Thomas shook his head. "Bobby is a real sweetheart. I like him too. Besides, that's a different relationship. How can I be jealous of my boyfriend's little brother?" he smiled.

"This is happening so fast," Tony shook his head and began to shiver. "Hey man, I'm freezing. What time is it? We been gone a long time. Somebody is gonna start looking for us."

"I don't have a watch but it seems like we have been gone a long time. We better get back."

They stood up and pulled their clothes on, easing the door open and looking around.

"Let's go on around the long way like we have been walking," Thomas suggested. They started back, walking slowly as if in no hurry, returning to Tony's room. It was only 10:30. They had lost track of time but no one seemed to have missed them.

Tony and Thomas walked back to the dormitory and went to Tony's room. When they entered the room, Bobby was there talking to Danny and Jermaine and waiting for Tony. "Where have you been?" Bobby asked.

"Me and Thomas took a walk around the yard. What are you doing in here anyway."

Bobby broke out in a big grin. "This is my room now. Wilson said it was OK."

"Hey, that's cool!" Tony exclaimed. "You gonna take Justin's bunk?"

"Yes, but I can't sleep with you," Bobby told him.

"I told you that. No more sneaking down in the middle of the night, OK?" Tony grinned.

"No. That was a condition." Bobby acknowledged.

"That's cool. I will be close. You can lean over to check on me," Tony suggested.

Bobby jumped up and gave Tony a big hug. "This is so cool!"

Jermaine grinned and looked away. "We boxed up Justin's stuff and Wilson took it somewhere. Then we put Bobby's stuff in here and you are all moved in, right Bobby?"

Bobby nodded vigorously. "I'm good!"

"So here we are, Danny, Jermaine, Bobby and me," Tony said. "The Four Companeros."

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