Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 34

This was the last weekend of the Christmas holiday and Joseph was to return home after church the next day. Jack was right, after the sledding the day before, we were all suffering from sore muscles. Hanging onto the old car hood had been strenuous. We were sitting on the sofa recovering.

"There is still snow on the ground," Kevin reminded them.

"What's your point?" I groaned.

"Well, I was just saying," Kevin replied.

Joseph sighed. "I have had all the excitement I can manage for awhile. Despite Nicky's back rub I am still very sore."

"Do you have to go back home tomorrow?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, after tonight you get your bed back," Joseph answered.

Kevin shrugged. "I will be sorry to see you go."

"That is very gracious of you," Joseph said. "I have enjoyed your hospitality, and your bed."

"You were welcome to it. It's been nice having you around," Kevin said sincerely.

"Day after tomorrow is New Year's Eve," I observed. "Do we have any plans?"

"I think there is a watch party at Trinity, if you can stand the excitement," Joseph smiled.

"Probably too much for me," I joked. "I may celebrate by going to bed early."

"Actually, I may have a date," Kevin said with a smug grin.

"Oh? Who with?" I wondered.

"If Juan can borrow Pablo's chariot we may go out with Angie and Juanita."

"Really? Have you run that past Mom and Dad?"

"Not yet," Kevin admitted. "I'm waiting to catch them in a good mood."

Joseph gave out a guffaw. "What?" Kevin asked. \ "Oh nothing," Joseph demurred.

"What's so funny?" Kevin insisted.

"I recall that the last time you spent some time with Angie you came back with soiled underwear," he chuckled.

"Oh man!" Kevin got up and huffed into the bedroom.

"That was mean," I laughed.

"It was, but it was funny," Joseph admitted. "I would apologize but that would only make it worse."

"You didn't need to remind him that she made him cream in his jeans," I laughed. "He will never forget that."

"No, probably not. Maybe he will have better luck this time," Joseph chuckled.

"Do you suppose he will lose his virginity?" I wondered.

"Why should his brother have all the fun?" Joseph teased.

"Whoa, you are in rare form," I remarked.

"I'm sorry, but it strikes me as funny," Joseph laughed.

"Actually, I would be surprised if our parents will let him go out on New Year's Eve. Dad always refers to that as 'amateur night'."

"How so?"

"All the drinking and driving by people who don't usually drink much," I explained.

"Which reminds me that my father may go over to see about Mother on Sunday afternoon. I may be with you for a little longer. I will need to check with him," He said.

"I hope she is doing OK."

"I do too," Joseph said sincerely. "She is a mess, but she is my mother. Before she started drinking so much, she was really a nice lady. Well, I mean, she was a lot easier to live with at any rate."

"I understand. As Jack reminds us, she is not a bad person, she is a sick person. Alcoholism is a disease."

"I think that is true. Since I understand that it can be inherited, I doubt that I will ever take up drinking. I am afraid of it."

"My one experience with it was not very positive," I recalled. "I may join you in not drinking."

Joseph smiled. "I doubt we would be any worse for the lack of alcohol in our lives."

The apartment door opened and Mom and Dad came in with some bags from the Safeway. "Good morning gentlemen," Dad called out. "We come bearing food."

"That reminds me, we haven't eaten anything today," I said,

"There is cereal and milk in the kitchen," Mom reminded me. "You don't remember how to fix yourself some breakfast?"

"We just got up," I admitted.

"Where is your brother?" she asked.

"He is in the bedroom, I think we may have hurt his feelings," I told her.

She took the news without much comment. "I plan to fry a chicken for dinner. If you are starving there are sandwich makings in the 'fridge, or your old standby, cereal and milk."

We waited until she had the groceries put away then went in and made up some sandwiches. I put a ham sandwich and some chips on a plate and poured a glass of milk for Kevin.

I took it to him in the bedroom. "Hey brother. Hungry?"

At the sight of food, all seemed to be forgiven. "Thanks," he said.

"Hey, Joseph was just teasing you," I told him.

"Oh I know," he admitted. "I shouldn't be so touchy. I just didn't like to be reminded of something embarrassing."

"You know that Joseph really likes you. He didn't mean to offend you."

"And I like Joseph. He is always so courteous, I guess it surprised me that he was teasing me about something like that."

"Well, it was funny at the time."

"I guess," Kevin shrugged, tucking into his sandwich. "I think you and Joseph are pretty lucky."

"How is that?"

"Because you have each other. Not many guys are friends like you and Joseph. I don't really have any close friends like that. Nobody like with you and Joseph." Kevin lamented.

"That was what I was trying to say to you a couple of weeks ago, before that crazy party," I reminded him. "You are smart, and nice looking. You could make plenty of friends."

"Not like you and Joseph. You guys are tight as the bark on a tree. You do everything with each other. Either he is here or you are there. And you never fight," Kevin went on. "I just wish I had a friend like that."

"Do you really?" I asked. "Maybe what Joseph and I have is unusual. But it is partly because we have a few important things in common. I don't think you really want that kind of a friendship. I mean, the last time we talked about this kind of thing you told me you were straight."

"I guess. Sometimes I don't know what I am. I don't think I am gay. I don't have the hots for another guy, but I prefer guys as friends. Angie made me horny but she ended up making a fool out of me."

"You may need to look at a sample size of more than one. How many other girls have you spent more than five minutes with?" I pointed out. "If you hadn't been buzzed up on beer that might have turned out better."

"Maybe, I don't know. Even at school, the only people who I can call friends at all are other guys. I don't really feel comfortable around girls," Kevin admitted.

"Jeez Kevin. You are twelve. How many twelve year old guys do you know who are lady killers. Give yourself some time. The right girl will come along and you will know when it is right," I tried to encourage him. "Don't you have any feelings towards anybody?"

Kevin got quiet. "I don't know, maybe, but it's confusing."

"Try me," I said. "We agreed before that we wouldn't keep secrets from each other. Who do you have feelings for? Angie? Some girl at school?"

"No, I will make you mad."

"Who? Trust me Kevin. I promise I won't laugh at you."

There was a long pause. "Joseph, actually."

"Joseph? Really? Talk about that," I urged him.

"No, man, it's crazy."

"Not if it is real to you. You are attracted to Joseph?" I was surprised but determined to hear him out.

"Well I like him a lot, admire him really," Kevin struggled to find words. "He is brilliant and talented, and yes, I think he is handsome."

"When did you decide that?" "Are you sure you want to know?" he asked.

"Yes, I do. I can't deny that I am surprised, but I guess I understand, since I see him the same way. So when did you first decide you were actually attracted to him?"

"Well, when we went sledding yesterday and I had to sit on his lap in Jack's truck. He had his arms around me and it gave me a boner," Kevin was blushing.

"Really?" I asked.

Kevin looked away. "I don't think I should be having this conversation."

"Hey, I'm not mad. I am a little surprised, but I'm listening, Kevin. Talk to me."

"I am trying to, but I shouldn't feel this way. Joseph is your, er, boyfriend."

"Yeah, he is, but you feel the way you feel."

"You aren't mad?"

"Do you think Joseph feels the same way about you?"

"I doubt it. Joseph loves you, not me. And I don't want to mess with that, but to be honest, I guess he turns me on."

I thought for a minute. "I asked you one time what you thought about when you jerked off, remember? And you told me you thought about titties. What are you thinking about now?"

Kevin got quiet, then he admitted. "Maybe Joseph, at least last night I did. When I was sitting on his lap I got a boner, and I think he did too. I could feel it."

"I don't know, Kevin. Everybody gets boners. Did he say anything? Did he touch you or anything like that?"

"No, not like that. Shit Nick, maybe I am just horny and imagining things, but last night when I jerked off I was thinking about Joseph."

"Do you want me to talk to Joseph, ask him how he feels about you? I know he likes you, he has told me that. But I think it's just a friendship thing."

"Oh God no, don't do that. He would think I was really stupid."

I shook my head. "I don't think so. He might think you were mistaken, but he knows you aren't stupid."

"I'm sorry Nicky. I guess that is why it really bothered me when he teased me about shooting my wad in my pants with Angie. I thought he was making fun of me."

"I think it was just you bouncing around on his lap in the truck and it gave you both a boner. Stuff like that just happens sometimes."

"I can understand that," Kevin said. "But why did I imagine playing with him when I jacked off last night? Where did that come from?"

"We can imagine anything. I got off thinking about fucking a chicken one time. But I don't really have the hots for chickens."

"A chicken? Really?" Kevin laughed for the first time.

"Yeah, there was this old movie on TV and some guy in an insane asylum would get real restless and they would give him a chicken to fuck and it calmed him down. That stuck in my head and I imagined fucking a chicken. What I am saying is that we can imagine anything."

Kevin shook his head in disbelief. "A chicken. Wow."

Now I was embarrassed. "You don't need to be telling that to anybody."

"No, of course not. But a chicken?" Kevin laughed again. "How was it?"

"Well, I got off on it," Now I was laughing.

Kevin shook his head again, but looked kind of relieved. "Well you old chicken fucker, you," and he laughed again. "I think I would rather imagine Joseph than a chicken."

"You understand, that was before I met Joseph," I explained lamely.

Kevin was still smiling. "You are making me feel better about all this." Kevin paused. "Now that this conversation has already crossed the line, I guess there is something I want to know. When you and Joseph, like 'do it', what do you do?"

"Use your imagination," I advised him.

"No, really. Inquiring minds want to know," Kevin persisted.

I gave out a long sigh. "You have the same anatomy that we do. You have two hands, a mouth and an asshole. Your partner has the same thing. You both have a dick that gets hard. Now use your imagination."

"So do you use everything?" he was beginning to get the idea.

"Yes, and in all possible combinations," I assured him.

"OK, I guess I got that. One more question, does it hurt?"

"Mostly it feels really good."

"I mean, when he puts his dick in your, uh, up your butt."

I had promised to answer his questions honestly, "The first time it hurts a little, but after awhile it starts to feel good,"

"OK, I guess my imagination can work with that," Kevin nodded his head.

"You feel any better?" I wondered.

"I think so."

"I hope so. I trust Joseph. If bouncing around on Joseph's lap gave you both erections, I don't think that means he is love with you, and it darn sure doesn't mean you are gay. Don't worry about it, OK?"

"OK," Kevin sighed. "Actually, I'm glad we had this conversation. And thanks for the sandwich."

"You are a good brother and I mean it," Kevin said. "Now why don't you go back in the living room with Joseph. This conversation has given me a terrific boner, and I think I want to make it go away. In private."

I left him alone in our bedroom and closed the door behind me.

"How is Kevin?" Joseph asked, looking concerned.

"He is fine," I said. "I guess we hurt his feelings when we teased him."

Joseph admitted. "That was mostly my doing, I'm afraid."

"We were both giving him a hard time. He really likes you a lot and felt like you were making fun of him."

"I will apologize later. Right now might make things worse," Joseph acknowledged.

"He might appreciate that, but he's OK. We talked about it," I didn't want to say any more.

I sat down next to Joseph. "Did you ever talk to that family lawyer about Tony and his brothers?"

"Oh, yes I did. I have a tentative appointment with him next Friday after school. I need to check with Jack and get back to them on the time. I'm sorry I didn't mention that before."

"When did you call?" I wondered.

"It was while we were waiting for Jack yesterday. I phoned while you were in the bathroom, I think. In all the excitement of the sledding I neglected to tell you."

"Did you tell him what it is about?"

"No, I only spoke to his secretary to make an appointment. I will speak with him next week. I really hope Jack can join us." "We depend on Jack a lot," I admitted.

"We do indeed," Joseph replied.

No sooner had we spoken, when Jack knocked at the door and I let him in.

"Well, speak of the devil," I greeted him.

Jack laughed. "Should my ears be burning?"

"Only in a good way," Joseph replied. "Actually, we were talking about Tony and his brothers. Would you be able to meet with our attorney next Friday afternoon?"

Jack thought a moment. "It would have to be after four o'clock. I have classes earlier than that."

"That would be perfect. I can have Alice drop me off at his office after school and you can give me a ride home afterwards, if that is agreeable with you."

"Sure," Jack said. "Where is he?"

"He is in the Philtower building just downtown from here. I don't know the suite number, but his name is John Clark. He will be on the directory in the lobby," Joseph told him.

"Sounds good," Jack agreed. "What time?"

"I will call for a time and get back to you," Joseph said.

Mom was puttering around and had been listening to the conversation. "You boys sound very businesslike in there. What are you up to?"

"We are attempting to advise Pablo and his brothers on a legal matter," Joseph said in such a professional tone that she didn't ask any more questions.

"Let me know what time," Jack said. "Is your father alright with this?"

"Actually, I haven't mentioned this to Father. But don't worry about that. I will take care of that detail when I need to," Joseph assured us. I thought of Joseph as fifteen going on forty. He constantly amazed me with what he could do.

Jack excused himself and left. In the meantime, Kevin had wandered in from the bedroom and was taking this all in.

"I take it you are working on something for Tony and his brothers?" he observed.

"Yes, wish us luck. Jack and I will talk to the attorney next Friday to try and get something started," Joseph told him. "By the way, I am sorry I teased you. You know I would not intentionally offend you for anything in the world. If I did so, I sincerely apologize."

"That's OK," Kevin shrugged. "I don't need to be so sensitive. No harm, no foul."

"Thank you," Joseph said simply.

We scooted over to make room for Kevin on the sofa. I was in the middle and now my leg was pressed up against Joseph's. My conversation with Kevin had left me with an erection which I tried to adjust so that it didn't show. Since my dick tended to lie up flat when I was hard, it was not too obvious unless I was wearing jeans that were tight. Joseph noticed however, and he made some subtle movements which told me that he found this interesting.

"I wonder if I might work on some music this afternoon before that nice dinner is prepared," he said.

"The streets are fairly clear now. We might be able to ride our bikes over to your house," I suggested.

"A little exercise might be just the thing for my sore muscles," Joseph agreed.

"Go ahead if you want, but I think I am going to veg out today," Kevin told us.

I looked at Joseph. "Want to?"

Joseph smiled. "It might be just the thing."

Joseph and I found our coats, caps and gloves and excused ourselves to go pull our bicycles out of the shed. The temperature was just at freezing and although there was still a lot of snow left over from the day before, it was soft and traffic had left the streets clear enough to ride. We rolled out of the parking area and rode east, then south through the old residential area towards Joseph's house near 31st and Peoria. When it snows in Tulsa it seldom stays for very long. It felt good to be riding and we rode quickly to loosen up our sore muscles.

Once at Joseph's house we leaned the bikes against the side of the garage and tried the door. "It is locked," Joseph noticed. "I have a key, of course, but that suggests that Alice is out and we have the place to ourselves," he said with a smile.

"Jeez, Alice is always here," I recalled.

"Even Alice needs some time for herself. Mother is away and Father is probably at his clinic. I am with you and she does not expect me back until tomorrow sometime. There is no reason for her to be here," Joseph explained.

We went inside and shucked our warm coats and caps in the kitchen. There were raisin bran muffins in a plastic container, and cold milk in the refrigerator. We took the edge from our appetites before moving into the piano room.

Joseph sat down at his Steinway and unfolded a manuscript of music. Rather than take my usual place in the wing back chair, I stepped behind him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, kissing him softly on the back of his neck.

"Hmmm, that is something of a distraction," he said.

"I know," I agreed as I nuzzled the nape of his neck.

He leaned back a little and turned his head to kiss my lips. My response was to run my hands down his torso to rub his expanding erection.

"How much time do we have before Alice gets back?" I wondered.

"Probably until later this afternoon," he said. "She doesn't expect to prepare dinner for anyone but herself."

I continued to rub his crotch and nibble at his ear. "Turn around," I instructed him.

He turned and sat facing me as I began to open his trousers and extract his now very hard penis. I licked it, making him jump.

"Oh Nicky, not here!" he exclaimed.

"Why not? We have the house to ourselves," I reminded him.

"Yes, but here at my piano? Oh, that is so decadent!"

"Right," I laughed and took the length of him in my mouth. After a minute I pulled off and suggested. "Don't you think it might be nice to have some association with your piano that doesn't involve fingering the keys?"

Joseph seemed to get my point and raised up from the piano bench long enough to push his pants down around his ankles. "You are evil Nicky. Oh, that's wonderful!"

With careful practice I had learned to take Joseph deep in my throat without choking. When we had first begun to play these games his length was too much for me. Now I was able to suck down on him until my nose was pressed into his pubic hair and his balls were against my chin. He could do the same for me of course, but I had five inches for him to work with as opposed to his more than seven. I moved back and forth, sucking him deep, then pulling off to lick the head. He liked it and moaned loudly.

"Nicky, Nicky. You have talents I could never have dreamed of."

I stopped long enough to grin up at him. "Practice makes perfect. You practice your piano and I have my own favorite instrument. Do you hear the music?"

Joseph let out a long sigh. "Yes, beautiful music."

Not knowing how much time we had, I worked him swiftly, sucking, licking, and biting with my lips. In just a few minutes he began to pant loudly. "Oh, I am going to cum, Nicky. I will soil the carpet!"

I shook my head from side to side and took him into my throat. "Umm-um." I hummed loudly, sending vibrations into his dick and bringing him over the edge. He shot so far back in my throat that I scarcely tasted his cum, but swallowed it totally.

Joseph stretched his arms over my shoulders and collapsed over me, breathing hard. I left him in my mouth, making gentle motions with my tongue until he began to wilt, then let him fall from my lips.

"I didn't spill a drop," I announced to him.

Joseph looked at me with glazed eyes. "If there is a God, he sent you to me," he muttered.

I leaned back and he straightened up while he caught his breath. I stood and dropped my pants.

"My turn," I said.

Without moving from his seat he took my mostly flaccid cock in his mouth and began to suck me. My foreskin was puckered over the end as I began to get hard. He pulled at it with his lips and toyed with it until I was so hard that it was mostly pulled back.

"I like to play with your foreskin," he admitted. "I don't know that I particularly wish I was uncircumcised, but I like to play with yours."

"I am glad I have it," I acknowledged. If I want it out of the way I can just pull it back, but it lets me jerk off without needing lube. I think of it as my little turtleneck sweater."

"That's funny," he laughed. "You are funny, Nicky. I do love you so much. I would be such a boring person without you."

"Pay attention to business," I reminded him, poking my cock at his mouth.

"Sorry," he chuckled, and went back to work on me.

He bobbed his head up and down taking me fully and pulling my foreskin down as he pushed down, then pulling it up over the head when he came back up. It felt really nice. As I came to the place of orgasm I took the base of my cock in my hand and held the skin back so that his hot mouth was even more intense.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed and began to spurt my semen into his mouth. He took me deep and swallowed my cum without spilling a drop.

My knees buckled and I dropped down and put my head in his lap, pressing my face against his now soft cock. "Oh Joseph. I think we are getting good at this. Was it good for you, baby?" I teased.

He laughed and said. " I will never sit on this piano bench without thinking of you."

"I like that idea."

Joseph leaned over and held me in his lap, kissing my neck. "I do love you Nicky. I hope you don't get tired of my saying that."

I turned my head up and kissed him passionately. "Never," I said. "I will never get tired of you. This has to last forever."

"I hope so," he replied. "But they say nothing is forever."

I sat back on my heels. "Why do you always say that? Do you know something that I don't?"

"No, of course not. I suppose I am mentally preparing myself in case something pulls us apart."

"Damn. We are so young and have so much in front of us. Who knows what will happen to either of us. But I know how I feel right now, and maybe that is all we have, you know?"

"As usual you are right, Nicky. You are always the practical one. Why borrow trouble, right?"

"Right," I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then another on his soft penis. "I love you too, Joseph. Right now is forever," then I smiled. "Do you suppose we should pull up our pants before Alice catches us?"

"Oh yes!" Joseph exclaimed, suddenly recalling our vulnerable situation and standing to cover himself.

He sat back down on the piano bench and reminded me. "Now, I really do need to practice," smiling, he added. "Practice the piano, that is."

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