Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 29

Sunday morning came early for us. We had been up later than usual enjoying the Harlem Globetrotters and socializing with the girls we met at the game. It transpired that we would be seeing them again that night at a party the girls had invited us to. While Joseph and I were not particularly excited about it, Kevin and our new friend Juan were looking forward to seeing the girls again.

Jack came by at 9:30 to give us a ride to Trinity for choir practice and services. "Are you boys all ready for the social event of the season?" he asked.

"Well Kevin is anyway," I replied.

Jack laughed. "I have never seen Kevin so pumped up about anything before."

"I believe Angie got his attention," Joseph commented.

"I think it is good for him to be enthusiastic about something," Jack said.

"It is," I agreed. "I think Joseph and I would rather not have gotten roped into this party, but Kevin couldn't very well go by himself."

"Actually, I plan to enjoy myself," Joseph said. "I am looking forward to seeing Nicky maintain his virginity."

"My what?" I asked.

"With a female at least," Joseph chuckled.

"I hope Kevin can do the same," I said. "That Angie was pretty aggressive."

"It will be an educational experience for all of you I imagine," Jack laughed. "I can tell you that Juan is ready to go."

We pulled into the parking lot and went our separate ways, Jack to the young adult class, Joseph and I to the choir room. There was a lot of special music for the Christmas season and the choir had been working hard.

The church was decorated for Christmas, big green pines on each side of the altar, red poinsettias across the front, and little votive candles with holly in every window. It smelled like Christmas.

There was a Christmas pageant in lieu of a sermon and most of the little kids in the congregation were dressed up as shepherds, angels, and a number of characters dressed in bathrobes. There was a real baby lamb on a leash and an assortment of stuffed animals of doubtful biblical authenticity. I could not recall a monkey or teddy bear being mentioned in the nativity story. The story was narrated by a sixth grader and the little ones walked through the scenes. It was moderately chaotic but fun.

We came back to the apartment where our parents were waiting to take us to the new Woodland Hills Mall for some Christmas shopping. Kevin and I were each given a twenty dollar bill to supplement our limited savings and were turned loose to procure gifts for the family. Kevin, Joseph and I went in one direction and our parents went in the other.

"I think we should go together and get something decent for Mom and Dad," I suggested to Kevin.

"I would like to contribute towards their gift," Joseph suggested.

"That's OK, they aren't your parents," I said.

"Actually, they have been a rather good substitute lately," Joseph objected.

"He has a point," Kevin pointed out.

"True. So what can we get them?"

"How about a new toaster?" Kevin suggested. "The old one makes sparks when you turn it on."

"Not a toaster. We should get them something nicer then that," I objected.

"Has your mother ever admired something pretty that you know of?" Joseph asked.

Kevin and I exchanged blank looks.

Joseph looked thoughtful. "Does your mother wear cologne?"

More blank looks. "Not that I have noticed," Kevin said.

"If she does, I guess we haven't noticed. But that doesn't mean she wouldn't like it," I guessed.

"Most women like things that smell nice," Joseph told us.

We could get Mom some nice cologne, and Dad too," Kevin suggested.

I Agreed. "That might work, but I wouldn't have a clue what to get."

"I might be able to suggest a few things," Joseph offered.

I looked at Kevin. "What do you think?"

"Sounds good to me. Let's get Joseph to pick it out," he agreed.

We looked at Joseph. "Where do we go?" I asked.

"Mother likes Sanger-Harris," Joseph suggested.

He led us to the cosmetics counter where an attractive lady wearing lots of make up was standing and looking bored, basically ignoring us.

Joseph stepped up to her and said in a rather commanding voice, "Pardon me Madame."

She looked a little surprised and said. "May I help you?"

"Yes, Galore for women and Infinity for men please," he said briskly.

"What size?" she asked.

"Large, and gift wrapped," he instructed.

"Yes sir, will that be cash or charge?" she asked.

"Cash," he handed her a large bill.

She blinked and said. "Just a moment sir while I get your change."

Joseph added. "I'm in rather a hurry. Could you facilitate the wrapping please?"

"Yes of course," she handed him the change and disappeared with the cologne.

"That went well," I exclaimed. Kevin was big-eyed.

"I rather hated to wake her," Joseph said with a grin.

In a few minutes she returned with two elegantly wrapped packages. "Here you are sir."

He thanked her, turned and winked at us and we followed him out. "Mother taught me how to shop," he said under his breath.

"What do we owe you for our share?" I asked.

"Actually, I rather enjoyed that," he said. "Why don't you let me get this and you can find them another gift."

"Are you sure?" I looked at Kevin. "Now we are back to not knowing what to get."

Joseph smiled. "Let's go to Brown-Dunkin. I might suggest a nice toaster oven. That will not only make toast but bake, and will be a little nicer than a regular pop up toaster."

We followed him down to another big department store and looked at a display of appliances. "This one is nice," he pointed to one that looked impressive. "And it is on sale."

It was in our price range so we picked up one that was in a box and took it to a counter.

"Be sure and ask them to wrap it for you," Joseph instructed.

Kevin and I fished out our share, paid for the toaster and within a few minutes were walking away with Mom and Dad fixed up for Christmas.

I told Joseph. "Kevin and I need to get something for each other. Should we split up?"

He suggested. "Before we do, let's look in Penney's. I think they are having a nice sale."

We entered through an area that had clothing for men and boys. They had lots of nice things but what caught our eye was a display of lamb's wool sweaters.

"Wow, look at these," Kevin exclaimed. "Feel them, they are really nice and soft."

"They are beautiful, and look, they are on sale for only ten dollars," I was surprised.

"They have been picked over," Kevin noticed. "There are some nice colors but there are none in our sizes."

"Just a moment," Joseph said, and waved at a young clerk who had just come from a back room.

"Could you help us please?" Joseph asked.

"Are you looking at the wool sweaters?" he asked.

"Yes," Joseph said. "But the sizes seem quite limited."

"Sorry," the young man said. "But at that price those have gone fast. I was just bringing the last of them out to put on the table. There is a range of sizes but only a few in each color."

He laid down a stack of soft lamb's wool sweaters. We looked and were impressed.

"Those are beautiful," I said. "Look, here is my size in Hunter Green. I like green."

"It will look nice with your red hair," Joseph suggested. "And the only one in my size is this Cardinal Red."

Kevin was sorting through the pile. "The one in my size is Lemon Yellow. I like it though."

"Hey Kevin," I said. "How about I buy you the yellow one, you buy me the green one, and we can split the cost of the red one for Joseph?"

"Sounds like a plan," Kevin agreed. "Don't look at your present or it won't be a surprise," we all laughed.

"Oh that's a wonderful idea," Joseph laughed. "I will be so thrilled and surprised to get a nice red sweater for Christmas."

"Wait, Santa!" I remembered that Santa's castle was down by Sears. "Lets go see Santa, we have time."

We trooped down to the other end of the mall carrying our bags. There was Santa's castle with the old man himself sitting in a gold chair.

"Hey look," Kevin pointed to him. "He has a real beard, do you suppose that's the REAL Santa?"

"I don't know, but he looks like the real deal. We could get our picture taken with him and give it to Mom and Dad."

"That's a cool idea, how much does it cost?"

I looked at the sign board by the counter. "It says, 5X7 is $5.00, 8X10 is $10.00. We can do that. We saved money on everything else."

"Let's do it," Kevin decided for us.

We got in line behind about a dozen little kids and their mommies. They had to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, and Santa had to ask them if they had been good. But the old guy was a pro. He did the talking while he was getting them in position for the photo then it was Smile, Click, Merry Christmas, Next! The kids were happy, Santa was happy, the photo people were happy, and the line moved pretty fast.

When we got up to Santa Joseph stepped to one side. "No! Get in here. We need to all be in the picture."

Joseph objected that Mom and Dad would not want him in the picture, just their boys. "You are one of their boys this Christmas. Get in here," I commanded.

He looked pleased and stepped into the castle. Kevin and I were on each of Santa's knees and Joseph was just behind me, leaning in. Santa was joking with us and making it all fun, then Click and we were done. Merry Christmas, Santa.

The photo turned out good, nobody's eyes closed, everybody smiling, Santa with a big cheesy grin. "Let's get two 8X10's, I want a copy," Joseph insisted.

Now we were good. We hiked back to the food court and found a table. Mom and Dad were not in sight.

"I think we did pretty good," I bragged. "We got everybody taken care of and we still have a little money left."

"Yeah, thanks to the super shopper here," Kevin pointed to Joseph.

Joseph laughed. "I see now that all that time Mother drug me around the mall with her was not wasted after all," then he said. "Don't you think it would be nice if we just said that all their presents are from all of us?"

"But you spent more money then we did," I pointed out.

"Does that matter?" Joseph asked.

I thought for a minute. "No, I guess it really doesn't. Dad told us one time, If someone wants to do something nice for you, don't rob him of the opportunity," I smiled at Joseph. "Thanks brother."

Kevin agreed. "Thank you Joseph. You are a big help and a good brother. I'm glad we adopted you."

"Yeah, me too," I said. "It is going to be neat having you with us through Christmas."

Joseph was smiling but he was serious too. "I anticipate this being my best Christmas ever. Thanks for adopting me."

Mom and Dad walked up dragging some big bags of packages. "Don't peek!" Mom warned us. "Did you get all your shopping done?

"Mine was done last week," Joseph said. "Except for a couple of last minute things today."

"Well good," Dad sounded out of breath. "I am ready to stop dragging all these bags of goodies around. It gives me a new respect for Santa. Let's get a bite to eat and go home."

"Just in time too," Mom reminded us. "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. You boys better be good. It's your last chance."

We ate then horsed our purchases out to the car, wedged them into the trunk then drove home. It was 6:00 and we had a little time before we needed to get ready for the party. Kevin paced around a little then sat down on the sofa to watch some TV. Joseph and I went in the bedroom to chat and kill the time.

"This party tonight may prove to be an interesting time," Joseph surmised.

"Maybe for Kevin," I predicted.

"From what you have hinted, you did a few interesting things before we met." Joseph recalled. "Not that I want to know the details."

"Not that I care to tell you," I agreed. "I guess you never did anything before we met. At least that's what you said."

Joseph hesitated. "I suppose I did have one interesting experience that I never mentioned."

"Really? So mention it," I encouraged him.

Joseph smiled. "In truth I was rather an innocent before you corrupted me, however the mall today did remind me of something."

"I am all ears."

Joseph settled back and told me about his one and only adventure before we met.

"Earlier last summer Mother had me accompany her to Woodland Hills, mostly to serve as pack mule for her purchases. I left her looking at undergarments while I went to the Men's room up on the second level to relieve myself. I went to a urinal and was about to go when a man stepped up next to me and opened his trousers. He was a decent looking guy in his early thirties I guessed."

"He looked over at me as I emptied my bladder and was obviously checking me out. I have to admit it gave me a thrill. He didn't pee, rather he began to shake his penis and give me a show. To be honest, I had seldom seen another penis other than my own and I felt compelled to watch. He quickly developed an impressive erection which caused me to respond in a similar way."

"That's hot," I said, "Then what?"

"I got very hard and was excited that he was admiring me. I knew I should leave but was fascinated by the view. He began to stroke himself and I watched with interest. I suppose the potential danger of being discovered made me even more excited."

I smiled. "The thought of it is giving me a rise right now."

"Me too," he admitted. "There is not much more to the story. He looked at me and told me that he was going to jack me off. Then he reached over and took hold of my penis and began to stroke me."

"Right there at the urinals?"

"Yes. It was terribly exciting. I had never been touched by another person. It only took a few strokes and I ejaculated into the porcelain bowl. I thought my knees were going to buckle. Then he zipped up and disappeared. It was over in a minute."

"Wow, did you touch him?"

"No, I was completely passive. No sooner had he left than another guy came in while I was attempting to stuff myself into my pants. From the way he looked over at me I wondered if he was interested in the same thing. I rushed out too soon for him to find out," Joseph admitted.

"Did you ever see him again?" I asked.

"Actually, Mother and I passed by the Men's room again on our way out and I saw him sitting on one of those little benches pretending to read a newspaper. I was sure he was waiting for another victim to enter the toilet."

"That is quite a story. I may have to go up and check that out," I joked.

"Oh, don't do that Nicky. The whole incident was rather sordid. Are you shocked by my behavior?"

"No. That was kind of kinky, but I would have done the same thing I'm sure. You didn't start it," I assured him. "But it makes a great story."

"It has served as the stimulus for a number of masturbations," he admitted. "I have to tell you that when we passed by that toilet today I looked around to see if he was there."

"Was he?" I asked with a grin.

"No, fortunately, or I might have had to excuse myself," he laughed. "Nicky, I have never told anyone about that except you just now. I certainly would not want for it to be repeated."

"No, of course not. But I'm glad to know that you're human."

"Oh, I am quite human. I expect that most of my former chastity was due to a lack of opportunity," he acknowledged.

We drove home and lugged our treasures into the apartment to be stacked under the Christmas tree, then retreated to the bedroom to get ready for the party.

"What are we going to wear?" Kevin asked. "School stuff or church clothes?"

"Wear whatever you think would impress Angie," Joseph suggested. "She is the one you are interested in."

"We should change," I suggested. "Let's pick out something."

Kevin turned to me. "You know what I've got Nick. What looks the best?"

Amused by Kevin's total change of focus, I told him. "Go ask Mom. She knows better than anyone."

"Mom! What should I wear?" Kevin yelled into the kitchen.

Mom yelled back. "Wear your khaki pants and that navy blue pullover shirt with the collar. That looks nice on you."

"OK!" he began looking through his side of the closet. "I found them."

"What are you wearing?" I asked Joseph.

"My wardrobe here is rather limited," he said. "I will wear what I have on from church."

I put on khakis and an orange Oklahoma State sweatshirt. "How about this?" I asked.

"It matches your hair," Joseph observed. "Are we ready?"

A few minutes after 7:00 there was a knock at the door. It was Pablo and Jack. "Where is Juan?" I wondered.

"He is in the car, he is anxious to be there," Pablo explained.

"The party is supposed to start at 7:00," Kevin reminded us impatiently.

Jack grinned. "You don't want to be the first one there. Are you guys ready?"

Kevin said. "Yes!" Joseph and I nodded.

The big red DeSoto was in the drive behind the apartment with Juan in the front seat. We piled in and Pablo took off.

In 20 minutes we pulled up in front of a nice yellow brick ranch house with several cars parked in the driveway. It was a long single story house in the 41st and Harvard area, with neat shrubs and big trees. Joseph, Kevin, Juan and I got out and walked to the front door while Pablo waited at the curb to be sure we had the right house. I rang the doorbell.

Linda opened the door and said. "Hi!" then she called over her shoulder. "They came!"

We sauntered in, trying to look cool and were immediately surrounded by the four girls we met at the basketball game. "Hi everybody. I hope we are not too late," Kevin apologized.

"That's fine, not everybody is here yet anyway," Linda assured us.

There were about a dozen other kids there, none of whom we knew. The girls looked twelve or thirteen, the boys maybe a little older. Linda introduced us quickly and we tried to catch the names. One of the girls was Mary, and the two older boys were Mark and Randy. We exchanged greetings.

Our 'dates' came up and started chatting with us; Linda with Joseph, Angie with Kevin, Juanita with Juan, and Katy with me. "Hi, we were afraid you weren't coming. Come fix yourselves something to drink."

The dining room table was set with chips, dips, and soft drinks. "Thanks," we said, and gravitated to the table.

Mark sauntered over and spoke to us. "How you doing guys?" he greeted us. "She has pop, or there is some better stuff in the ice chest," Mark directed our attention to a big blue cooler just behind the table. He opened it up and we saw that it was full of Falstaff beer on ice.

"Cool. Can we have some?" Juan asked with enthusiasm.

"Sure, help yourself," he said.

Juan looked around and saw no adults. "Thanks," he said and grabbed one.

Mark looked at the other three of us and said. "Have one."

Kevin looked a little surprised and said. "No thank you, not right now."

Joseph smiled and shook his head.

I admitted. "I have never even tasted a beer."

"Go ahead. You'll like it," Mark encouraged me, and took one for himself. He sucked a long drink from the can and let out a satisfied sigh. "Good stuff," he said.

Out of curiosity I took a can and opened it, and sniffed. It didn't smell bad, kind of yeasty, so I took a sip. "Well, that's different."

"You like it?" Mark asked.

"I don't know," I answered honestly, and took another sip.

"Well, it's not bad. I guess I was expecting it to be sweeter," I said. "I will work on it."

I ate some chips and sipped again. The salt made it taste a little better. "It's OK I guess."

The girls joined us and ushered us onto some sofas to sit with them.

Katy sat leaning against me. "Do you drink beer?" she asked.

"I guess I do now. It is an acquired taste," I supposed.

Katy got up and brought me back a little plate of crackers and peanuts. "Here you go. These go good with beer."

"Thanks. They make it taste better I guess," I munched and sipped while Katy prattled away about something boring.

Some other kids arrived and Linda put on some loud music. A couple of them started dancing and the lights got turned down until it was kind of dark. Before long my beer was gone and Katy brought me another. It began to taste better.

Juan sat down next to me. "Hey, this is going to be a good party. Juanita is kind of hot, don't you think?"

"Yeah, sure," I said without conviction. I looked around for Kevin but didn't see him. I kept eating chips and they made me thirsty. The can of beer went empty and another appeared in my hand. I wasn't sure how many this was.

Katy was getting cozy. Her hand was on my leg then I felt it on my crotch. She was rubbing me and it felt pretty good. I could tell I was getting an erection which kind of surprised me, but I though it might be rude to object.

After a little while I decided I needed to pee. "Excuse me," I said and stood up.

I was surprised to find that I was dizzy, but went off in search of a toilet. It was down the hall where I expected it and I passed a bedroom on the way. As I looked in I saw two people laid out on the bed kissing.

I went in the bathroom and steadied myself on the wall while I emptied my bladder. On the way back I took a closer look at the couple on the bed and saw that it was Kevin and Angie. They had all their clothes on but they were kissing and humping each other.

I saw that Katy was waiting for me but I decided I wanted to find Joseph. I found him in the kitchen talking to a girl I had not met. "Hey Joseph," I said.

"Are you having a good time?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. I don't feel so great," I admitted. The girl looked bored and left the room.

"You look a little green," he said.

"Katy has been feeding me chips and beer," I explained.

"You should go slowly Nicky. You aren't accustomed to drinking," he cautioned me.

"I found Kevin."

"Where is he?"

"He is in one of the bedrooms with Angie."

"Oh?" His eyebrows went up.

"Well, they have their clothes on but they seem to be enjoying themselves."

Joseph laughed. "I think Kevin was looking forward to this sort of thing."

"I am a little worried about him," I admitted.

"As long as they keep their clothes on I don't suppose they can get into too much trouble," Joseph suggested.

"Where is Juan? I haven't seen him for awhile," I wondered.

"Neither have I," Joseph said. "The last time I saw him he was necking with Juanita."

I felt the need to sit down and found a chair. "I don't feel so good."

Joseph looked concerned. "Do you think we might want to leave early?"

"I think you and I might, but I don't think Juan and Kevin are ready," I guessed.

"I don't recall seeing any adults here. Have you?" Joseph asked.

I let out a long belch. "No. I don't think there are any."

"Not to be prudish, but some of these girls are quite young," he observed.

"It is the girls that are putting the make on the boys."

"So I noticed. This is not my sort of party," he acknowledged.

"Me neither," I belched again. "Excuse me."

Joseph looked at me. "Are you alright?"

I took a deep breath. "Actually, I think I need to puke."

Joseph jumped up and ushered me out the kitchen door into the back yard. He walked me around for a minute until I began to hiccup, then he leaned me against a tree.

"Go ahead, you will feel better after you get rid of the beer."

I felt a little weak in the knees, bent over and began to hurl. Joseph gallantly hung onto me while I emptied my stomach on the lawn. I made awful noises.

"Oh shit. My head hurts something terrible," I moaned, then got on my hands and knees and puked some more. Finally I retched and strained but nothing more would come out.

Joseph helped me turn around and lean back against the tree. "Stay here Nicky. I will be right back."

He hurried into the house and was back in a minute with a cup of Sprite. "Sip this slowly," he instructed.

I did as he said. "This tastes pretty good. My mouth tastes like puke."

"Sip it slowly Nicky," Joseph sat down next to me. "Jack told you this would be an educational experience."

"Right," I groaned.

Joseph patted my shoulder. "You and Katy were looking cozy."

"That bitch," I mumbled. "She was rubbing on my dick and it gave me a hard on."

"That is a fairly normal physiological response."

"You aren't jealous?" I asked.

"No. I didn't notice you rubbing on her," he chuckled. "Keep sipping on the Sprite."

"OK, OK." I began to feel semi-normal.

After a few more minutes I said. "I think I am going to be alright now. Thanks for looking after the drunk."

"I have practice," he replied softly. "Lets go in and check on Kevin and Juan."

When we got back into the living room the music was still going but Juan and Kevin were sitting together on one of the sofas. Kevin looked subdued and Juan looked very pleased with himself. It was about 10:30.

Joseph bent down to speak to them. "We were thinking about leaving."

Juan shrugged and Kevin said. "I'm ready."

Joseph went into the kitchen and called Jack. "I believe we are ready to go."

"We will be right over. How did it go?" he asked.

"Somewhat mixed, depending on who you ask," Joseph replied.

Jack laughed. "We are on our way."

Twenty minutes later Pablo and Jack pulled up in the red spaceship. Joseph and I were sitting on the front porch. I went to the car and Joseph went inside to fetch Kevin and Juan.

We all got in and Pablo started home. "So how was the party?" Jack asked.

"Great!" Juan said. None of the rest of us answered.

"That good, eh?" Jack laughed. "Was it an educational experience?"

This time Kevin and I replied that it was. Joseph just leaned back and smiled.

Juan and Pablo began to chatter in Spanish, laughing between themselves. I leaned over to Joseph and said. "I think I'm glad I don't speak Spanish."

When we got to the apartment Kevin, Joseph and I thanked Pablo for the ride. Jack asked Juan. "So you had a good time?"

"Yeah man. I got what I came for," Juan boasted.

"Are you going to be a daddy?" Jack asked.

"No man. I use a rubber."

We laughed and waved goodbye. "Merry Christmas."

We let ourselves into the apartment and found to our surprise that Mom and Dad had gone to bed. "Shhh, don't wake them up. I don't need to talk about my evening," I said. We slipped into our bedroom for a postmortem.

"So what happened to you?" I asked Kevin. "The last time I saw you, you and Katy were making out on the bed."

"It was kind of fun and kind of embarrassing," Kevin admitted.

"How is that?" I wanted to know.

"Well, we were making out like crazy, which was fun. She started rubbing my dick, and well..." He raised his hands from his lap revealing a large wet spot in the front of his khakis.

"Oh, you creamed your jeans!" I laughed.

"Yes, that part was embarrassing," he said.

Joseph snorted with laughter. "At least you didn't need a condom."

"Very funny," Kevin cringed.

"Oh, you know it's funny," I told him.

"I know," Kevin grinned. "But that is not how I pictured my first sexual experience. So what happened to you? You and Joseph kind of disappeared."

I sighed. "Katy kept feeding me beer, I got sick and Joseph took me out in the back yard and held me up while I puked."

It was Kevin's turn to laugh. "Oh man, you are the party animal."

Joseph smiled. "It was my pleasure to be of service," he chuckled.

Kevin smiled. "What would we do without you Joseph?"

Joseph shrugged. "Well, your father told me to look after you guys."

Kevin went to his sofa and Joseph and I got ready for bed. I spent several minutes brushing my teeth, then we both got undressed and I laid back on my bed in only my briefs.

Joseph sat down next to me and gently rubbed my belly. "How are you feeling Nicky?"

"Better. Puking out the beer and replacing it with a Sprite was a good idea. I appreciate your looking out for me. I was not a lovely person tonight."

"Well, I love you," he said.

"It's mutual," I rubbed his leg.

"Can I do anything to make you feel better?" he asked as he ran his hand under my briefs.

"Hmm, do you think I am up to that?"

"You could let me do all the work while you lie still," he offered.

"I guess we could try. What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"As I recall, I owe you a blow job from last night."

"I thought we weren't keeping score."

"This will be a freebie just because I am hot for redheads," he explained.

"That sounds nice," I sighed.

Joseph pulled my briefs down and off, then began to run his hands over my chest, belly and around my rising penis. This felt a lot better than Katy's attempts at arousal. He stroked me until I got nice and hard, then took me in his mouth and began to work me with his tongue.

I relaxed and enjoyed his warm wet mouth. He was gentle, I was very tired, and in the midst of his best efforts, I went to sleep.

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