Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 26

Joseph and I fell back into our routine of touching base at the flagpole after school, then spending a little time together at his house before I rode my bike on home. We had the time to talk and share some affection, but the prospect of his father coming home early kept us from doing anything serious. I had only spoken to Dr. Anderson at the picnic when Joseph and I first met. He had attended Joseph's second recital but I did not speak to him then. From what Joseph said his father was rather a distant figure in his life. Now that his mother was in rehab, Joseph was pretty much on his own with only their housekeeper Alice to look after him.

The bright spot was that he was to spend weekends with my family. Although we were rather crowded in our two bedroom apartment, my younger brother Kevin had volunteered to sleep on the sofa when Joseph was with us so the he could have Kevin's twin bed in our room. Alice would bring him to our place after school on Friday and we would drop him at his house after church on Sunday. It was a workable plan. We also had a chance to visit at choir practice on Thursday night.

"You look like an Eskimo," Joseph said when I came in to choir practice from the parking lot.

"Riding a bicycle is pretty breezy in December," I reminded him.

"Why don't you let Alice pick you up when she brings me? It is right on the way."

"Actually, that's not a bad idea," I agreed. "I'll take you up on that if you don't mind. Have you heard anything from your mother?"

He shook his head. "No, they keep them isolated, at least at first. After all, she has only been there since Monday."

"Have you talked to your father any more?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact. He has started coming up to see me when he comes home in the evening. Not that we spend a lot of time together but that is certainly something new. I think he is trying to be a father for maybe the first time."

"That's great," I agreed.

"It is," Joseph said. "It is a little awkward actually. It seems we barely know each other, but we are beginning to. I know that he really is a good man, and this has caused him to rethink a number of things I suppose. It is a bit awkward but we are trying to develop a relationship."

Then Mrs. Tailor came in and it was time to begin our rehearsal.

On Friday I came home straight from school, knowing that Alice would be bringing Joseph to our apartment rather than to his house. The first thing I noticed was that Mom was not in the kitchen.

When I arrived she told me, "After your father gets home we are going out to get a Christmas tree. We can get something to eat on the way home."

"That's right. We usually have one up by now," I recalled.

"Well we have been distracted this year because of Joseph's situation. I thought he might like to help us decorate the tree," she suggested.

"That's a great idea. It's always fun to decorate the tree together," I agreed.

Mom had pulled the box of decorations out from somewhere and after a few minutes Joseph arrived.

"Hey!" I greeted him. "We are going to get our Christmas tree tonight, and you can help us set it up and decorate it."

"Oh, how fun," he exclaimed. "For some reason we never seem to get around to doing that. Generally I just come home to find that Alice has put up a tree."

Kevin came in from the bedroom with a big smile. "Hi Joseph. Did you hear that we're getting a tree tonight?"

"Yes, Nicky just told me. That will be fun."

We sat on the sofa and talked until Dad came home, then all piled in the Buick and went out in search of a Christmas tree.

The Lion's Club had a big tree lot not far from the apartment and we started walking through the rows of trees trying to pick out just the right one. It seemed that the nice ones were too expensive and the affordable ones were kind of scraggly.

Finally Kevin called out. "Hey, here it is. This one is calling our name."

We went to look at his selection and agreed it looked good. It was small, but well shaped with no significant bald spots.

"This looks like it will work," Dad said. "Good eye, Kevin. Let me talk to the attendant"

Dad was the family horse trader and inquired about the cost, frowning at the initial price. He began pointing out the defects that we had not really noticed and eventually got the price down by 2 dollars. It was probably the price the man intended to sell it for in the first place, but they were both happy.

"Load it up," Dad said. The tree was tied on the roof of the car for the trip home, and we piled in the back seat.

Joseph seemed delighted. "That was fun. Your father is a good negotiator."

"He loves this kind of thing. It is sort of an annual tradition," I told him.

Kevin laughed and said quietly. "If it was a dollar Dad would get it for 50 cents."

On the way back we drove through a McDonald's and ordered burgers and fries all around with sodas on the side. We sat in the parking lot and ate while filling the car with the smell of french fries and onions.

Back at the apartment, Joseph and I carried the tree inside while Kevin ran ahead to open the door. Dad dug into the Christmas box, found the tree stand and filled it with water, while Mom started sorting out the ornaments.

"Lights first, then garlands, then ornaments," Dad instructed, as he laid out the string of lights and replaced the burned out bulbs. "There!" he shouted in triumph when they finally all lit.

First we had to rearrange the furniture a little to make room for the tree next to the TV. We worked together assembling the decorations as per Dad's instructions, getting in each other's way, laughing and joking. Joseph was obviously delighted with the whole process. The garlands and ornaments were old and kind of shabby but when they were on the tree and the lights were lit, it looked great.

We stood back and admired our work. "It looks like Christmas," Kevin announced. We all agreed.

Mom retrieved our little nativity scene from the box and put it on top of the TV. Some other Christmas knickknacks went around the living room, and a blue star went in the kitchen window to be seen from outside. We were ready for Christmas.

"It looks wonderful!" Joseph exclaimed. "I can't remember having more fun. Do you do this every year?"

"It's an annual tradition," I assured him. He just smiled. I wanted to hold his hand but satisfied myself with putting my hand on his shoulder and squeezing it a little.

Joseph seemed so happy. Kevin looked at him and said, "Merry Christmas Joseph. I'm glad you are with us this year."

"So am I," Joseph said with great sincerity. He turned to Kevin and embraced him with a big hug. "You are the best little brother ever," Kevin laughed and hugged him back.

Mom called us into the kitchen and revealed 5 mugs of hot chocolate and a plate of Oreos. "Here you go. They're not home made but you all like Oreos. It's a reward for a job well done. The tree looks very nice."

We turned on the TV, found an early Christmas special and drank the cocoa. The room smelled of pine needles and looked a lot like Christmas.

At bedtime Kevin washed up and got his blanket and pillow out. He sat next to me and said quietly, "I won't bug you guys tonight."

After the TV news Joseph and I said good night. We took turns doing our bathroom chores, then went in the bedroom and sat next to each other on my bed.

"It is very kind of Kevin to give up his bed," Joseph said.

"He doesn't mind," I assured him. "He really likes you."

Joseph looked thoughtful. "Does Kevin have any close friends? He seems to be satisfied to stay home and read. I wonder sometimes if he is lonely."

"I really don't know," I admitted. "I mean, he doesn't seem unhappy or anything. I guess he has friends at school but he never has anyone over here."

"It is none of my concern of course, but he is such a nice person. I wonder that he doesn't have some close friends, or a girlfriend maybe. He is getting to that age you know."

"I have wondered about that," I agreed. "He isn't like us, he isn't, you know, gay. He has never talked about any close friends either boys or girls. Maybe I should be concerned, but he seems content to just hang out here with the family."

"I just wondered. Kevin has been very kind to me and I wish good things for him. Maybe he is not old enough to think about such things."

"He is old enough," I said. "He is old enough to be jerking off anyway. We have talked about that. I don't know, he is sort of a private person."

"How do you know he is masturbating?" Joseph asked.

"Because I walked in and caught him doing it," I laughed. "That's why we started knocking on the door before we come into the bedroom."

"That must have been embarrassing for you both," he chuckled.

"It was, but later we talked about it and I told him it was no big deal," I said. "He is pretty well hung for a twelve year old."

"Really?" Joseph asked with interest.

"Yeah, he is. You perving on my little brother?" I laughed.

"No, not at all. I'm sorry. The idea of sharing a bedroom with a brother is quite foreign to me. I am just curious I suppose."

"That's OK, I understand," I told him. "Maybe I should talk to him about his friends. As younger brothers go, he is a great kid."

"Yes, Kevin is a very loving person. Perhaps I am projecting my own loneliness on him. I just want him to be happy."

I looked at Joseph. "Maybe. You have a lot going on right now. So how do you feel? Are you happy?"

He smiled. "Can't you tell? I am very happy to be here with you and your wonderful family. You are the luckiest boy in the world and I am lucky to be with you."

"I feel that way too," I said. "I wish we could be together forever."

"Forever is a long time Nicky. I feel the same way, but I am willing to just be content with right now, this moment," he put his arms around me and we kissed.

Our hands began to wander under our shirts and we began to kiss more passionately. Joseph paused and asked, "Is it safe?"

"I think so. Kevin won't bother us. He knows about us and he is OK with it."

Joseph looked a little surprised. "He does?"

"I know for sure he does, and just for the record, I think Mom knows too."

"Really? That is interesting to say the least. "What about your father?" he asked.

"I'm not sure what Dad knows. He has never asked me any questions. But my parents don't generally keep any secrets from each other. I would guess that whatever she knows, he knows too," I confided. "But to answer your question, I think we are quite safe. I suspect that as long as we don't rub their noses in it, they are all OK with us being together."

"Oh Nicky. Maybe we really are lucky," He began to undress. "I need you tonight."

After a moment we were both naked and pressed together in my bed. Just in case, I pulled my quilt over us. I laid on top of him and we explored each other's mouths with our tongues. His hands cupped my butt cheeks and pulled me closer. After a few minutes of this he wordlessly turned over on his stomach and pushed his ass into my groin.

I knew what he loved and pressed my face between his butt cheeks. He arched his back and opened up as much as he could. I stuck out my tongue and began to tickle his ass hole with the tip. He moaned a little and reached back with his hands to spread his cheeks further. I found that I could get the end of my tongue inside of him an inch or two, pulling it in and out. Then I stuck my tongue out flat and licked his ass from his perineum up to his tail bone, up and down, back and forth, washing his ass with my wet tongue. From the sound he made I could tell he was in heaven.

While I gave him a tongue bath, I ran my hands up over his back and down his sides, massaging the muscles from just under his armpits, then over the small of his back and down his hips to the bottom of his thighs. I pressed hard and moved my fingers in a circular motion to match the movement of my tongue. He responded with a low groan.

He brought his knees up to his sides to keep his ass spread and otherwise relaxed to enjoy my ministrations. We were in no hurry and I took my time to give him as much pleasure as I could.

When his ass was sloppy wet, I found my little jar of Vaseline and lubed myself up. Bending over to kiss the back of his neck, I eased myself into his hole and pushed in slowly. Joseph moaned but indicated no discomfort. He was well lubricated and I slid in very easily.

I began to push in and out, gripping his shoulders and kissing the nape of his neck. His butt came up to meet me when I pushed against him. We fit together perfectly, his ass against the inside of my hips, moving from side to side a little when we were pressed together. It felt so good to be deep inside him and I could tell that he was experiencing as much pleasure as I was.

After a few minutes of this I had an idea and stopped. "Trade places with me, I want to get on my back."

"Alright, but I prefer you to be inside me," he protested mildly.

"I know, I just want to try something."

I lay on my back and took his arm. "Now sit astraddle of me, sit on it, OK?"

He put his knees on each side of me and maneuvered his hole over the end of my penis. I helped guide it inside as he slowly sat down on me until he was resting on the inside of my hips with me deep inside him.

"How is that?" I asked.

"Oh, that's nice," he said. "This is very comfortable and it feels nice and deep."

"Yeah it is. This feels very good for me too, Ummm," I responded. "Do what feels right for you. Now you are in control. I'm going to relax and let you do the work, OK?"

He began to raise up and down, bringing me in and out of himself at his own pace. "Oh, I like this very much. Oh yes."

I reached down and took his hard cock in my hand and began to stroke him as he moved up and down on me. It was nice to be able to look up at him while we made love.

I smiled at him. "You know, you are really a very beautiful guy, Joseph. You are slender and firm, and when you move like that I can see your muscles moving. I love you very much, you know?"

His eyes were closed and he whispered. "Yes, I know, and I love you too. Oh, this is wonderful. I think this was a good idea."

He began to move up and down in a very deliberate way. He seemed to be enjoying the feeling of moving my cock to be at just the right place to please himself. He was squeezing his anus as he moved, almost like a hand or a mouth, caressing my penis in his rectum. Now that I was otherwise motionless, I could focus on the feeling of my penis inside him, enjoying the sensation of his tightening grip on my cock as he stroked me with his insides.

"I don't know about you," I said, "But that feels fantastic for me."

I put some Vaseline on my hand and stroked him with gentle pressure. I went slowly and twisted my hand around his cock as I went up and down, running my thumb over the head when I was at the top.

He put his hands on my chest and his head began to roll loosely on his shoulders, his breathing got faster and he was clearly about to climax. When he did, his ass tightened on my cock and I went over the edge at the same time. I filled his ass with my cum as he sprayed his load over my face and chest. His expression was ecstatic. I clamped my mouth shut to keep from crying out.

We collapsed together and held each other close. We blew out our hot wet breath in each other's ears. After a few minutes he raised up and looked down at me.

"Oh Nicky, that was wonderful. I think that was the best ever. I like your idea very much."

I took a deep breath and exhaled. "I do too. You said it was more comfortable for you, and I like that we can look at each other."

"I felt like I was pleasing myself. It let me put you in the place that felt the best for me. There seems to be a special spot inside me that needs to be rubbed. Was it really as good for you?" He wondered.

"Oh hell yes. You were moving and squeezing on me and I could feel myself moving inside you better than ever before. It was terrific. I think we should patent that."

Joseph laughed. "I suspect that in the history of the human race we are not the first to discover that. But I do think we should try it again."

"Definitely. That was a winner," Then I pulled him down, kissed him as tenderly as I knew how, and we held each other for some time.

"How did we get so lucky?" I wondered. "Do we have Jack to thank for getting us together?"

"I suppose so. He did introduce us."

"I would never have gone to your recital if he had not invited me. And then you came to my baseball game."

"And I met your parents who where there," Joseph agreed, "and Kevin. Jack saw to it that we sat together."

I thought about the last summer when I was going to the YMCA every day.

"Do you remember that last summer Jack was working as a lifeguard at the downtown Y?" I asked. "I was going there almost every day, but couldn't swim very well. He spent time working with me and he made a lot better swimmer out of me. That's how I got to know him. I think he figured out that I needed a good friend. Maybe that's why he introduced us."

"I remember that," Joseph said. "He is related to Mother in some way and he stayed with us when he first moved to Tulsa. No doubt he could see that I needed a friend too. How do you suppose he knew that we would fit together so well?"

"Maybe it was that thing you were talking about."

"What thing?"

"You know, that prayer thing," I wondered. "I mean, I had been wishing I had a really good friend, although I never thought it would be someone like you. You are a lot more than I could ever have hoped for."

Joseph looked thoughtful. "That's true. I was very lonely and isolated. The only friends I had were at school and the other members of our quintet. They were just acquaintances really. I had no real friends. Because of the way I am, I suppose I was afraid to allow myself to be open enough to make any close friends. I never expected to meet someone like you, a beautiful redheaded baseball player," he smiled, then looked more serious. "Maybe there is something to this prayer thing after all."

I kissed him on the cheek. "That works for me. I don't know, I'm just glad we're together," I laughed. "But it is enough to make a believer out of a guy."

We got up and wiped ourselves off and decided we would shower in the morning. Joseph climbed into Kevin's bed and we both quickly went to sleep.

Saturday morning I woke up about 8:30 with my bladder so full it was vibrating. I put on some sweatpants and slipped out of the bedroom so as not to wake Joseph. Hurrying into the bathroom I shivered as I relieved myself. As I passed through the hall I was overwhelmed by the smell of bacon frying. I peeked into the kitchen to see Mom lifting strips of bacon onto a layer of paper towels. Next to her on the counter was a large bowl of beaten eggs, a smaller bowl of shredded yellow cheese, and another of chopped peppers and onions.

"What's for breakfast?" I asked.

She looked at me and said. "I might fix you lazy boys some omelets if you can drag yourselves out of bed."

I went back in the bedroom and wiggled Joseph's foot through his blanket. "It might be worth your time to get up. Mom's cooking breakfast."

Joseph raised his head up from the covers and inhaled deeply. "Oh, I see what you mean, that smells wonderful. I will be right up."

I pulled on a T-shirt and went into the living room where Dad and Kevin were sitting on the sofa. I sat in the easy chair to leave room for Joseph on the sofa. He passed through the bathroom then came in to sit between Dad and Kevin who scooted over and made a place for him in the middle.

"Good morning," Kevin said with a grin. "Nothing says get out of bed quite like the smell of bacon."

Joseph took a deep breath and nodded, "It does seem to have that effect."

"If you play your cards right she will fix your omelet to order," Dad advised him.

"That sounds wonderful," Joseph agreed.

Mom asked Joseph, "Company first, what do you want in your omelet?"

Kevin explained. "We've got cheese, onions, and peppers."

"I would rather be part of the family than company, but if I'm first, I will have a little of everything," Joseph requested.

"Coming up," Mom called. "What about the rest of you?"

"Just cheese," Dad said.

"Hold the onions on mine," Kevin ordered.

"Everything on mine," I called. "If Joseph is eating onions, I will too."

Everybody laughed and it took me a minute to catch why. "I just didn't want him to be the only one," I tried to explain.

"That's OK Nicky. You can have them any way you want," Mom laughed.

We sat at the table where a platter of bacon was in the middle next to cartons of cold milk and orange juice. Another platter was piled with buttered toast, and jars of grape jelly and strawberry preserves were next to that. Glasses and silver were on the table, along with a stack of paper napkins. Plates with the omelet each had ordered were placed in front of us as they came off the skillet.

"Eat them while they're hot," Mom instructed.

Joseph started out eating very politely then realized that if he wanted any bacon he was going to have to be quicker before it was all gone.

"It's every man for himself here," Dad laughed.

The bacon quickly disappeared and the omelets were close behind. We slowed down a little on the toast only because we had to take turns with the jelly. Before long the table had only a few crumbs and 5 greasy plates.

"Great breakfast Mom," was the universal acclamation.

Dad had a pot of coffee made and we all had a cup.Joseph, Kevin and I with milk and sugar, Mom and Dad had theirs plain.

"We have become a whole family of coffee drinkers," Mom said. "I guess we have Jack to thank for that."

"Jack! We need to take coffee and toast up to Jack," I remembered.

"Well, wait a minute and I will make some more toast. We need more coffee anyway," Mom offered.

When it was ready I poured a mug of coffee and put 2 slices of toast on a plate with a gob of strawberry jam on the side.

"Let's take it up to him," I said to Joseph. "You coming Kevin?"

We all thumped up the stairs to Jack's apartment and pounded on the door. "Room service!" I yelled through the door.

In a minute Jack opened the door with a quizzical look on his face. "What the hell is going on out here?" he saw the three of us with our breakfast offering and laughed. "Come on in before you break the door down."

"We brought you breakfast," I announced.

"I see you did," Jack grinned. "Now that's more like it."

Jack sat down on his sofa and ceremoniously ate his toast and drank his coffee. Licking his fingers when he was finished.

"Good stuff," he said. "We should do this every day."

"There would be an extra charge for weekdays," I suggested.

"Well, I probably couldn't afford it anyway," he chuckled. So what brings all three of you up here. Kevin, I don't think you have been up to see me before."

"No, I am just tagging along I guess," Kevin said shyly.

"You need to come see me more often. Nick usually forgets my toast and coffee. You'll have to remind him."

Kevin just grinned. "I'll try to do that."

Jack looked at Joseph. "How are things with you? Is your mother enrolled in her new school?"

"Yes, she began her classes on Monday. We are hopeful she will graduate." Joseph informed him.

Jack nodded. "Good. That's going to be a very good thing I'm willing to bet."

"Joseph is going to spend every weekend with us until his mom comes home," I informed him. "Kevin and I have a new brother for awhile."

Joseph smiled and nodded. "I understand I have been adopted."

"You couldn't have a nicer foster family," Jack assured him.

I asked Jack. "Are you going to church in the morning?"

"I plan to," he said.

"Good, then can you give us a ride?" I asked.

"Hmm, that means I would need to go early for your choir practice, right?"

"Yes, but you would be on time for your Sunday School," I suggested hopefully.

Jack shook his head. "It looks like I am going to be a regular. Well, it won't hurt me. OK, what time do we need to leave?

"We need to be there by 10:00. Can we leave at a quarter of?" I requested.

"OK, I will bang on your door. You guys be ready, OK?"

"Great! Thanks Jack. You're the best."

We joked around for a little then excused ourselves and went back to the apartment.

When we got downstairs I looked out of the window and saw sunshine and blue skies. "What's the weather?" I asked Kevin.

"Forecast high of 55 and no rain in sight," said the source of all information.

"How about a bike ride?" I said to Joseph. "Wait, I guess we need to go get your bicycle."

"It's in your shed," he said.

"How did it get there?" I asked.

"I rode it over after school yesterday like you suggested."

"But the shed is locked."

"And I saw where you hide the key," Joseph explained.

"So much for security," Kevin laughed.

"Oh. Well how about a ride? Do you want to go Kevin?" I offered.

"Thanks for asking, but I can't keep up on that dirt bike," Kevin replied. "I'll pass."

"You will need a coat," Mom called. "and helmets!"

"I came prepared," Joseph said, and went into the bedroom to pull a jacket from his bag.

We went out back and retrieved our bikes from the shed, mounted up and rode off.

"Let's go to Sand Springs," I suggested and we rode over to Main then headed north to Elgin where the old railroad right of way had been converted to a bike trail.

The trail headed west and followed the Arkansas River as it curved west toward Sand Springs. The little encampment of Tulsa was originally established on that bend of the river back the 1840's when this was unsettled land. The old railroad path made a great bike trail. It was higher that the surrounding land and provided a good view as we rolled along. In about 20 minutes we were on the south side of the community of Sand Springs, west of Tulsa but still on the northeast side of the river.

There were some stores just off the trail. "Let's stop for something to drink," Joseph suggested, and we rolled down from the trail to a little convenience store. It was chilly but the exercise had warmed us up.

"That hot chocolate your mother made yesterday was nice," Joseph recalled. "I wonder if they have some?"

They did, we both got a cup, and split a small package of Oreos. There were a couple of little booths on one end of the store so we sat there to enjoy our snacks.

"Not that I'm glad your mother is having problems, but it is neat that you are going to be spending time with us," I said.

"I suppose there is a good side to every situation," Joseph philosophized.

"I wonder what your father is doing?" I wondered.

"Playing golf I imagine. That is usually what he does on the weekend."

"Life goes on," I guessed. "So how are you doing?"

"Feeling guilty because I am not practicing my piano," He confessed.

"Really? Actually I guess I was wondering if you were getting tired from riding your bike."

Joseph smiled. "Oh. No, I am fine. You have helped me get in better physical condition with all the bicycle riding. That is a good thing, really."

"All work and no play I guess. I like to ride." I said.

"Yes, so do I. I think I spend too much time feeling guilty about things."

"You are a lot more focused than I am. I sort of float along."

"That is how we are different Nicky. I am obsessive, you are a free spirit. That is why we compliment each other so well." He observed.

"Right. Well, you ready?"

Joseph drained his chocolate, crushed the cup in his hand and tossed it into the trash can. "I'm ready."

We got back on our bikes and walked them up the embankment to the trail. "This is about as far west as it goes. Lets start back," I suggested.

We rode back to downtown Tulsa and turned south toward the Rivertrail again. The sun was warmer now and we opened our jackets to get some air.

"How far do you want to ride?" I asked.

"How far does it go?" Joseph replied.

"From here, it angles about 10 miles south and a little east to 101st Street. You up for it?"

"Let's go," he said.

We rode steady down to 41st Street and stopped at the public toilet for a drink of water and a pee. There was a little kiddy play area there and we sat and watched the toddlers with their colorful coats and hovering mommies. There was an old guy camped out in the men's room who looked hopefully at us while we tried to ignore him. I knew what he wanted but hoped I would never be that desperate. I had what I wanted and felt a little sorry for him.

From there we pressed on down to 101st Street without stopping. Once there we took a short break.

"If we follow that 2 lane road ahead, we would end up in Haskell," I told Joseph. "But that is a long way. If we followed 101st Street east over that long hill we would be at Yale. The trail angles east quite a bit by the time we get down to here."

"I am doing OK," Joseph said. "But by the time we get back I will have had a sufficiency."

We turned around, started back north and rode steady until we got to 71st Street and jogged over to the QuikTrip where we had stopped before. We went in and got a soda and a bag of crunchy Cheetos, then found our usual spot against the wall outside and sat down.

"My bottom is getting a little sore," Joseph grinned.

"Yeah? That happens. If you ride a lot your butt will get broke in to the bike saddle. We should either ride more, or maybe less," I laughed. "To tell the truth I am getting kind of tender myself."

We finished our treats and resumed our ride. When we got to 41st Joseph announced that his bladder had refilled itself so we stopped at the toilets again to pee. The same old guy was still holding court in the stall. Sorry old man, no sale.

We stretched our legs a little then went on. When we got to Denver Avenue we turned up the steep hill that led past my apartment at 10th Street.

"Remember, this puppy is steep, gear down and stand up if you need to," I called to him. We charged up the hill and started to slow down, shifting down to gain more power. It was a challenge, especially for Joseph, but we cranked to the top without stopping.

I gave us a cheer. "We made it!"

"Just barely," Joseph groaned. A few blocks more and we were pulling around to the back of the apartment, and stashing our bikes in the shed.

Once in the apartment we flopped down on the sofa next to Kevin. "Whew! That was a pretty good ride," I exclaimed. Joseph leaned back and eased his butt onto the cushion.

"How far did you go?" Kevin wanted to know.

I traced our route for him and then calculated. "About 30 miles all together."

Kevin was impressed. "Wow, that was a pretty good ride. I'm glad I didn't try that on a dirt bike."

"I have never done that all at one time," I admitted. "How are you doing Joseph?"

"Fine, thank you. Do you suppose I could go lie down for a bit?"

"Sure. I'll go with you," I laughed, and we went into the bedroom where Joseph stretched out on Kevin's bed.

Joseph rubbed his crotch and looked concerned. "I'm numb. My genitals seem to have disappeared."

"They'll come back," I laughed. "When you sit on a bike saddle for that long you press on the pubic nerve and it makes your junk go numb. Want me to rub them for you?"

"It is rather disconcerting not to be able to feel myself. It is like I was feeling of someone else. My hand feels my penis but not the other way around."

"Massage your perineum, it will help the circulation," I advised him.

He took my advice and after a minute or so said. "Oh, that is strange, they are beginning to tingle like when your foot goes to sleep."

"That's exactly what happened, except it wasn't your foot," I grinned.

"Does that happen every time?" he asked.

"No, you learn to raise yourself up off the saddle every little bit to allow the circulation to come back," I explained. "You'll get used to it."

"Ah, I see now. Yes, my equipment is beginning to return to its rightful place," he said gratefully. "Things are beginning to return to normal."

I laughed again, "New experiences Joseph. It's all about new experiences."

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