Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 18

Joseph and I slept late Saturday morning, only dragging ourselves out of bed about 9:30. We dressed and went down to the kitchen to see what we could find. Sure enough there was a box of nice doughnuts and oranges. We poured milk from the fridge and did some serious damage to the doughnuts.

We talked for a little while and agreed that the night before was special. I excused myself and said I had some things to do at home. I was thinking about Tony and wanted to talk to Jack. I sailed home on the 10-speed and stashed it in the shed, dashed up the stairs and knocked on Jack's door.

Jack opened the door and looked a little concerned. "What's up Nicky? I got your note. Come on in."

I stepped inside and gave Jack a hug. "I'm kind of scared."

"What's the matter?"

"Kevin said the police have Tony."

"Tony? Our Mexican friend from the YMCA? What for?"

"Kevin said that the rumor at school was that he got arrested for propositioning an undercover cop."

Jack looked very concerned. "I was afraid that would happen. Remember what I told you, that I was afraid he was a prostitute?"

"Yeah, I remember. I guess you were right. That's why I quit hanging out with him. I haven't seen him since we played around at the park that time. Kevin said he hasn't been at school all week. Maybe he's a bad guy but he was my friend and I hate it that he is in trouble."

Jack sat down on his sofa and I sat in his chair. "Tony is not really a bad guy Nick. There is more here than you know," he said.

"What? What do you know that you aren't telling me?" I wanted to know.

Jack looked away and then back to me. "I know more than I want to know. What exactly did Kevin tell you?"

"Kevin said that Tony offered to give the cop a blow job for money, and that he did that a lot. But Kevin said that was just a rumor, that he didn't know anything for sure."

"It is more than just a rumor Nicky. I didn't know for sure what was going on but I'm not surprised," Jack said thoughtfully. "I'm afraid Tony wasn't just looking for spending money."

I was really confused. "So what's the deal Jack? Please tell me what's going on."

"This is pretty heavy Nicky. Are you sure you really want to know?"

"Sure I do. Don't you trust me? What's up with Tony? And what about his brother Carlos"

Jack looked very serious. "OK Nicky, this is what I know. There are four brothers, Tony and Carlos have two older brothers; Juan is 16 and Pablo is 18. It is their father who is the bad guy."

"I remember them talking about their father, that he was very strict. Why is he the bad guy?"

"Because he was pimping his boys. He abused all the boys when they were young, really young, and then had them sell their services for money and give the money to him."

"Damn, that's bad! So how do you know all this?"

Jack got very quiet and looked down at the floor. "Because I am friends with Pablo. You have met him, kind of. He was the waiter at the Hideaway when we had your birthday pizza party."

"Friends? You and Pablo are friends? What kind of friends, like boyfriends? How do you know Pablo?"

Jack took a deep breath and then let it out. "Yes, you could say that. Pablo is a student at TU. I met him when classes started at the end of August. He is a nice guy and really nice looking. We hung out after classes a little, and, well one thing led to another and we hit it off."

I didn't say anything but just kept listening. Finally Jack went on. "As we got to know each other we started talking about our families. I told him my story, about when my family found out I was gay they threw me out, and how I came to TU on an academic scholarship."

"I didn't know about the scholarship. You must be really smart."

"Or I worked really hard. Anyway, he started telling me about his family. His father brought the four boys into this country about 5 years ago and left their mother behind. I guess she didn't want to stay with him. They used a Coyote to come here, they aren't here legally. I guess he was forcing the boys to have sex with him when they were about 8 or 9 and once they were here he started pimping them out."

I was shocked. "Really? All of them?"

Jack shook his head. "Yes, all of them from when they were maybe 10 years old. Pablo said they were to charge 50 dollars for a blow job and 100 to let the guy fuck them. They were all nice looking boys and I guess they had plenty of customers, some of them became regulars. If they didn't hustle or didn't bring home enough money their father beat the crap out of them."

"When Pablo was 15 he rebelled, and ran away to live with a friend. He was a good student and got a partial academic scholarship to TU when he graduated from high school. As soon as he found a cheap apartment his brother Juan moved in with him. I have met Juan and he is a good kid."

I couldn't believe it. "Jeez, that's awful. Why don't they report their father. That has to be illegal."

Jack shrugged. "They are illegal immigrants. If they bring attention to themselves they might be deported. They hate their father but figure eventually they will have a better life here than back in Mexico. They don't know where their mother is. They felt trapped."

"But your friend Pablo has started a new life. It sounds like he is doing OK."

"I think he will be able to make it but he carries some terrible emotional scars. It has been hard for him to trust me enough for us to have a relationship. But he has his brother Juan with him and they hope to be the road to freedom for Tony and Carlos. He has a lot of drive. He wants to be able to support his brothers."

I was trying to understand all this. "Do you love Pablo? I mean will you guys stay together from now on?" I wondered.

"I don't know Nicky," he scowled a little. "I have a lot of plans for my future and at this time I don't know how Pablo will fit into them. And it depends on what Pablo wants to do. He has been through a lot and has his own decisions to make. I do care for him a lot but I guess we are just trying to live in the present."

What he said made me think of what Joseph said about the past, the present, and the future. I guessed we were doing the same thing. "I think I understand. Joseph pretty much said the same thing about us."

Jack turned toward me, "Look, I do love Pablo, and I feel a lot of compassion for his situation and his courage. But I love you too Nick, maybe in a different way but I want us to stay friends. And I care a lot for Joseph too. It is like you guys are my younger brothers."

I smiled knowingly. "Yeah, I think I knew that. I love you too Jack. So what happens to Tony?"

Jack leaned back and shook his head. "I don't know Nick. That's a tough one. The police aren't dummies. They will probably dig out what is going on with Tony's father whether Tony tells them or not. Tony is too young to go to prison and so far as I know this is his first offense. The real danger is that the lot of them will be deported. I would hate to see Tony's father get his hands on Tony after this."

I felt ready to cry, "I wish I could do something. No matter what, Tony is my friend. Maybe what we did was wrong or dangerous, but I care what happens to him."

"Of course you do Nicky. You are a loyal friend and a very caring person," Jack pressed his lips together with a determined look. "I may know some people who might be able to help or at least find out what is going on. Joseph's mother is not the only relative I have in Tulsa. You keep Tony in your prayers and I will see what I can find out. OK?"

I went over to Jack and gave him a hug. "Thank you Jack. I didn't know who else to talk to."

Jack hugged me back. "No sweat Nicky. Thank you for trusting me enough to come and talk to me. You know that you can always talk to me about anything."

I had a few tears that had leaked out of my eyes and Jack wiped them away with the palms of his hands. "You are OK Nicky. You have a good heart. Don't worry about your friend. Things will work out for him," He pushed me away at arms length. "How are you and Joseph doing?"

"Oh, we are doing great!" I told Jack about riding my bike to school and the 10-speed Joseph gave me, about our visits after school, about the Halloween party and Joseph's costumes. I shyly told him that we had made love to each other and how much more confident and outgoing Joseph was becoming. I could have talked a lot more about the difference in our families and how much I appreciated my brother Kevin, but finally Jack stopped me and shooed me out the door saying he had things to do.

Sunday morning I rode my Bike up to the church and got there in time to find Joseph and for the choir warm up. When the choir got ready to go into the sanctuary Mrs. Tailor stopped me and handed me a blue choir robe.

I gulped and asked, "Are you sure I'm ready for this?"

"Oh Nick, you will be fine. Just do your best," She replied.

I put it on and saw Joseph giving me a big grin and a thumbs up. It even fit pretty good, a little long but that was what my mother would call growing room. I was pretty nervous, but did better than I thought I would. At least I had finally figured out when to stand, sit, and kneel – Episcopal aerobics as Joseph called it. I made a mental note to tell Dad that he would have to make good his promise and sit on the front row when I sang in the choir.

After the service we found Jack, and he Joseph and I chatted over punch and cookies in the Parish Hall.

"Where's your mother this morning?" Jack asked Joseph.

"Oh, she couldn't come this morning," he replied.

"Was she not feeling well?

Joseph smiled. "She was up too late last night I suppose. She doesn't always join me for church."

"So how do you get here?" I asked.

"Alice," Joseph shrugged.

Jack looked at Joseph with concern. "How is your mother?" and he pantomimed sipping from a glass.

"Still the oenophile," Joseph said with a wry smile.

"What's that?" I asked.

"She likes wine," Jack answered. "Is that still a problem?"

Joseph looked away and shrugged again. "I don't understand," I said.

Jack leaned over and whispered in my ear, "She drinks a lot. This isn't a good place to talk about it."

"Oh," I took another cookie.

Looking at Joseph he asked, "Can I spare Alice her duties as chauffeur and take you guys for some lunch on the way home?"

"I think we would both appreciate that," Joseph smiled. "I will call her from the kitchen phone," In a minute he rejoined us.

"Well, shall we?" Jack nodded towards the exit, and we went down the steps to the parking lot. I tossed my bike in the back of his truck.

We squeezed into Jack's pickup and took off down to Brookside. 'How about a good hamburger?" Jack proposed.

"How about Claud's? I hear they have good burgers," I suggested.

Jack added, "I like their coleslaw."

So we were off to Claud's on South Peoria. It was a little white building with not much space inside, but on Sunday afternoon it wasn't crowded. We parked, walked in to the counter and ordered cheeseburgers, fries, with a side of slaw, and 3 Cokes. We sat down and in just a few minutes a guy wearing a round white paper hat slid our food in front of us.

"Ah, a good old fashioned greasy hamburger," Jack said, reaching for the bottle of ketchup.

"It looks very good," Joseph said with enthusiasm. "This is an interesting place."

We dug in and quickly devoured our burgers. By the time we finished there was a line behind us waiting for a place to sit so we paid up and went back to the truck.

"Another first experience," Joseph said with a grin.

"Really? This place has been here forever," Jack rubbed his belly and burped.

"Well, You know I don't get out to these fancy places very often," Joseph explained.

I laughed. "Don't feel special, this is my first time to be here too."

"That makes me feel better," Joseph admitted.

"I hate to be a party pooper but I've got to get back. My paint roller is calling," Jack said.

Jack drove us back to Joseph's house and let us out. I stuck my bike in the garage, we thanked him and went in and up to the bedroom. Joseph sprawled out on his bed and I flopped down on his sofa.

"Where's your mom?" I asked.

"I imagine she is still in bed."

"So what's the deal with your mom, does she like, drink a lot?"

"It's not something we like to talk about."

I'm sorry," I apologized, "I thought we didn't have secrets."

"It is the elephant in the room. We see it but we don't talk about it." Joseph said reluctantly. "We pretend it isn't there."


"Father and I. He retreats into his work, I escape to the piano."

"So how does this work? I have never seen my parents drink anything that I can remember. What does she do?"

Joseph stared up at the ceiling. "She gets up around noon and has toast and Bloody Marys for breakfast. Then she gets dressed and goes shopping at Utica Square or somewhere where they offer her wine, then comes home and fixes herself cocktails of some sort. Usually she has more wine at dinner and more drinks after. By late in the evening she can barely stand. Sometimes Alice helps her and puts her to bed. Sometimes I have to help her undress and get ready for bed. I really hate that."

"The other night when I had dinner with you she didn't drink much," I recalled.

"Actually she was pretty well oiled before dinner started. You will recall she didn't have much to say. I think maybe she was being careful because you were here. She covers it up pretty well."

If she just gets tight and goes to bed than maybe that's not so bad," I said. "Maybe she's not hurting anything."

Joseph frowned. "You don't understand. She becomes very cross and complains about everything, she gets angry and curses. It is terrible what she says to my father. He takes it for awhile then he just leaves and I am left with her."

"That sucks," I sympathized. "Does she curse at you? Does she hit you or stuff like that?"

Joseph's voice got husky. "She hit me when I was younger but now I know to keep my distance when she gets like that. Now she throws things, dishes, glasses, whatever she can get her hands on. Sometimes I have to retreat to my room and lock the door where she can't get at me."

"Oh Joseph," I said. "That's awful. I can't imagine how bad that must be for you. I'm so sorry."

"The funny thing is, I think you make it better. She doesn't do that when you are here. Maybe she doesn't want any witnesses. I mean she still gets drunk but when we are in my room she leaves me alone. It's another nice thing you do for me," He chuckled grimly.

"Happy to be of service," I said. "I guess things are not always like they appear."

Joseph raised up on one elbow. "So now would you like to trade families?"

"No, I don't think so. I had no idea," I shook my head from side to side. "I wish I could do something."

Joseph gave me a wicked smile. "You could give me some consolation."

I kicked off my shoes and crawled up on the bed next to Joseph. Taking him in my arms I kissed him and hugged him as tight as I could. "I would do anything for you," I whispered.

"Just love me Nicky. I think that's all I need," He ran his long fingers down the front of my pants and wrapped them around my privates, squeezing me gently and causing an immediate reaction from my penis. He expertly unzipped me and I raised my hips to let him uncover me down to my knees. We kissed for several minutes while he rolled me around in his warm hand, palming my very hard cock against my belly.

"Mmmm, I thought I was supposed to be consoling you," I moaned.

"Shhh, let me have my fun," Joseph said and turned and bent over to take me into his mouth.

"Oh, the pleasure is all mine. But wouldn't you rather I was doing you?"

"No, I like sucking you. I think you feel good in my mouth. Just be quiet and let me enjoy myself."

I took his advice and kept my mouth shut except to make moans of pleasure. Joseph sucked me deep in his throat with his nose pushing into my balls. At just under 6 inches I was not a great challenge but he swallowed all of me and rocked his head from side to side as if he wanted more than I had to offer. He would pull off until only the tip of my foreskin was between his lips, stretching the skin out past my head then pushing it back down my shaft until the head was exposed to his hot throat. I felt like I was being devoured, consumed by a hungry mouth.

His hips were alongside my head with his chest on my stomach. I ran my hands up under his shirt and rubbed his back and shoulders, feeling the sinewy muscles in his back and sides, holding him as close to me as I could while he gave me great pleasure. His mouth was hot, wet, slippery and tight as he worked my cock in and out, his tongue wrapping and licking me all over and around. I could only last a few minutes of this. I warned him that I was about to cum and told him to slow down, but he wanted to taste me and I could not resist. I reached down and grabbed a double handful of his hair, bucked my hips up and exploded in his mouth. I filled him with spurt after spurt of my cum and I could feel him swallowing gulp after gulp until I was empty and dry.

I was spent and gasping while Joseph laid his face against my wet and shrinking penis and held my hips tightly.

"Oh man, you can let me console you like that any time you want," I gasped. "You sure you don't want something from me?"

Joseph just sighed. "I love you very much Nicky. I got what I wanted from you. It gives me pleasure to give you pleasure. Sometimes that is all I want."

Joseph turned so that we were face to face, he still clothed, me with my pants around my ankles. We kissed long and hard, our tongues in the others mouths, hands caressing, holding each other close. After a few minutes we lay still.

"Oh Joseph, I love you so much," I sighed. "For sure I am the luckiest guy in the world." Joseph said nothing, he just held me. I almost fell asleep until finally he spoke. "Its only 3:30 Nicky. Would you indulge me in a bike ride?"

"Yeah sure. If I can move," I laughed.

"You are an athlete. I have confidence in you."

I pulled up my pants and staggered to the bathroom where I took a long relaxing piss, putting my hand out and steadying myself against the wall to keep from wobbling and missing the pot. I shook the last few drops off and turned to see Joseph standing behind me.

"My turn," He said, and stepped into my place and emptied his bladder.

"OK, ready?" I rubbed my hands together faking a burst of energy.

"Yes, let's go," and he laughed with a big smile on his face. "You make me happy Nicky. What else can I say?"

We slipped down the stairs and out to the garage where we grabbed our bikes. As we rolled out the door he called up to Alice's apartment. "We're going for a bike ride!" and out we went.

"You lead and I'll follow," I called.

"Are you sure? I might get us lost," He called back. And off we went.

Joseph took us north along Madison through an old neighborhood of elegant 2 and 3 story brick houses, with beautifully landscaped lawns, huge old trees, and wrought iron fences. Some even made Joseph's house look modest. We turned on one side street then back on another, carefully crossed 21st street then zigzagged up to 18th and over a few streets then back south again. This part of Tulsa was on the edge of town back in the 1920's when the oil boom made a lot of people rich and they competed with each other building fine homes to show off their wealth. I knew this because Joseph told me as we rode along admiring the beautiful houses.

After an hour and a half of this tour we rolled to a stop back at Joseph's garage. "There must be stories to be told about those houses," he said. +++ "So who built your house?" I asked.

"My grandfather," he answered. "He was a doctor who moved here from Kansas City in the 1920s and had a successful practice. I don't remember him but remember my grandmother. My father inherited the house when he passed and they moved in with my grandmother before I was born. My sisters remember grandfather. They told me he was a stern man with a big gray mustache. There is a photograph of him in my parent's bedroom."

"So you're third generation to live here," I observed.

"Yes, that's true."

"Lucky for you I guess."

"I suppose. More of an accident on my part. Nothing I had a hand in."

We sat on his back steps and I said, "What I think is we are both very lucky. I know I am lucky to have you as a friend, and this has been as perfect a day as anybody could ask for."

"I certainly couldn't argue with that," Joseph put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze.

Just then Alice opened the back door and saw us sitting there. "Joseph, your mother is looking for you," she said with a look of concern.

Joseph got to his feet quickly and said to me. "Well Nick, I'm sure you will be wanting to get home now," then he followed Alice inside and closed the door.

I wasn't sure just what the deal was but got the message. I hopped on my bike and started home. As I pulled away I heard what sounded like a door slam from inside.

By the time I got home it was 5:30 and Mom was cooking supper. Kevin and Dad were sitting on the sofa watching a football game on TV. Kevin said Hey and Dad looked at his watch. Home sweet home. Kevin offered to scoot over to make room for me but I motioned to the bathroom and walked through. I peed and then went to our bedroom, kicked off my shoes, and stretched out on my bed to think.

What had started off as a very nice day had gone sour. I was worried for Joseph. Apparently his mother had a drinking problem which was beyond my experience. I was worried for Tony who had more problems than I could imagine. Outside of my secure little world my friends were in trouble and I didn't know what to do. All I could think of was that I wanted to talk to Jack.

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