Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 3

Jack's shift at the pool ended at 5:00 PM so I played around in the pool until he got off. When the guy arrived who was to replace him, Jack yelled at me and I swam over to the edge of the pool where he was squatting with his arms resting on his knees.

"You still want to have that talk?" Jack asked.

"Sure" I replied. "Can we go some place?"

"OK. When do you have to be home?" "My folks won't be home until about 6:30, but if I call and tell my brother where I am, I won't have to be home until dark" I said, "That is kind of the deal in the summer time".

"Get dressed and call your brother" Jack said, "I'll meet you in the lobby in about 15 minutes".

From my position in the water I was a little lower than Jack's feet and when I looked up at him squatting on his haunches I could see up the leg of his swim suit. Inside the left leg was his smooth scrotum and some long dark hairs. I tried to be cool about it but Jack caught me looking. He didn't say anything but grinned at me and then stood and walked out through the office to the staff dressing room.

I vaulted out of the pool and walked dripping to the boys locker room. I toweled off and pulled on my briefs, cutoff jeans and T-shirt, then sat to put on my socks and sneakers.

As I was dressing, Carlos came in with a smaller Hispanic boy who looked so much like Carlos that I knew it had to be his little brother. Carlos said hi and introduced the younger boy as his brother Anthony. The younger boy looked about 11, the same age as my little brother Kevin. As they got undressed, Carlos put his clothes into his locker and just wrapped a towel around himself, intending to swim nude. Anthony shyly pulled on a swim suit but not before I got a look at him.

He had the same nice all over tan as Carlos, and like Carlos was uncut, but with a smaller more slender dick about the size of my thumb, and no trace of hair anywhere on his body. He was a pretty kid with the same large dark eyes and long lashes as his older brother. I wondered if he jerked off and wondered if he had ever done it with Carlos. Probably. like Kevin, he was not into that yet. I quickly pictured the Latino brothers together then thought of Kevin and myself together. I wasn't ready to think about that yet.

When I got to the lobby Jack was already there, lounging back in a cushioned chair like he was in no hurry at all. He waited while I called home and told Kevin that I was with a friend and would be back before dark. When I hung up the pay phone Jack stood up and walked out the door with me, resting his hand on my shoulder in a friendly gesture as we went through the door. I leaned into Jack, sliding my shoulder under his armpit and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a little hug, then just as quickly released me. I was a lot shorter than Jack so I fit in under his arm very nicely.

We walked East on 6th to the parking lot behind the building. Jack pointed to an old blue Ford pickup truck and I opened the passenger side door and jumped in. Jack slid in under the wheel and fired it up. He looked over at me and smiled but we didn't say much. I really didn't care where we went as long as I was with him.

He drove West past Sand Springs towards Lake Keystone. We were out in the country now and driving through low rolling hills and pastures dotted with black cattle. It was early July and getting hot. Some of the cows were wading in small farm ponds while others were standing under clumps of trees.

Passing the cutoff to the dam he turned onto a side road that took us down towards the lake. We came to a barbed wire fence with a gate that I opened for the truck to pass through, closing it behind him while he waited for me, then across a pasture to access a small cove. We pulled in under some oak trees and looked down at the water lapping up on a sandy bank. It formed a crescent shaped beach about 75 yards long "This is neat. I didn't know this was here", I said

"It belongs to the family of a friend of mine," Jack said, "They don't care if I come out here".

It was about 6:00 in the afternoon and hot, but cooler under the trees. We each opened our door to let some air move through the cab of the truck, and leaned back to look at the water. I kicked my sneakers off and put my feet up on the dash.

We had come out here to continue the conversation from the pool but I was in no hurry to do anything but just be with Jack. I watched Jack out of the corner of my eye. He was wearing a pair of button front Levi's that fit him closely, emphasizing his narrow hips and strong thighs. He had on a clean white T-shirt that was loose around the waist but tighter across his full chest. I could see his round pecs fill the front of his shirt, and the points of his nipples sticking out. He had thick dark brown hair cropped fairly short and parted loosely on the right. His face was handsome with dark eyes and a light stubble of whiskers. His left arm was resting on the window sill with his hand on the wheel, and his right arm was stretched out across the seat back behind me. He looked very thoughtful.

It was nice by the lake and a warm breeze was flowing through the cab of the truck. The air was filled with the smell of the woods and the water in front of us. I leaned my head back and it came to rest on Jack's arm. Jack moved his arm so that his hand was on my head and ran his fingers through my hair, taking a handful of the thick red curls and shaking them gently from side to side. I closed my eyes and leaned towards him, hoping that he would pull me to him, and he did.

I slid over next to him, almost under the steering wheel. Jack wrapped his arm around my shoulder and rubbed the palm of his hand over my chest. I laid my head into the crook of his neck and put my left hand on the inside of his right thigh and pressed it against mine, while I rubbed his forearm lying over my chest. His arm was tan and covered with long soft dark hair and felt very strong under my smaller hand and smooth white arm. I had a sprinkling of freckles over my arms but it would be later in the summer before they spread out to give me some color.

My concern and confusion over my sexuality was still there, but didn't seem so important with Jack's arm around me. I felt very safe and secure and was filled with a sense that I was exactly where I belonged.

"Are you ready to have that talk?" Jack asked softly.

"I guess so, but sitting here with you is really neat". I thought for a minute and then asked, "Do you like me?".

"No, I just brought you out here for the hell of it -- what do you think?" "I don't know what I think", I said. "Why DID you bring me out here? Help me understand what is going on".

Jack hugged me close and nuzzled his face into my hair. "I like you a lot, Nick."

I didn't understand why this was happening but I didn't care. When Jack held me and told me I was special, every hair on my body stood on end and my heart began to pound. I turned towards Jack and wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face into his chest and hugged him as hard as I could. I could feel his hard muscular body under my cheek and I could hear his heart beating inside. When I opened my eyes I could see a nice bulge in the crotch of his Levi's and I reached down and cupped it in my hand, causing Jack to jump.

"Whoa!" Jack pulled my hand away. "Don't do that!"

"I'm sorry. I thought that's what you wanted. It's what I want." I felt very confused.

Jack frowned a little, "I'd like that too but we just can't do that".

"I just touched you a little. What did I do wrong?" I whimpered.

"I guess I gave you the wrong idea coming out here. I didn't bring you here to have sex with you, I just wanted a quiet place where we could talk." Jack explained.

"But I thought you liked me. You said you liked me a lot."

Jack sighed. "Look, I have a thing for you Nick. Every time I look at you I feel a little buzz, you know? I think you are beautiful. I love your orange mop of hair and your smooth white skin. I like the way you move. You're graceful, did you know that? If you wanted you could do gymnastics, you could be a dancer. And what drives me crazy is that you aren't even aware of yourself.

"And it's not just the way you look, but the kind of person I see in you. When I talk to you, you look straight into my eyes like you are plugged into me. I don't know if you do that with everybody, but it gets to me.

"If I suggest something to improve your swimming, I see you trying your damnedest to do that. I don't know why, because you want to improve, because you want to please me, because – you trust me?

"And when you aren't working out yourself, you are helping some younger kid. I know you are a horny little bastard and maybe you're playing around a little, but mostly you are trying to be junior coach, and when the kid gets it right you are laughing and telling him how cool he is. You're a good person Nick."

That was a lot for me to take in. "I don't think about myself that way. I like you too Jack, I like you a whole lot. I think about you all the time. I would do anything for you. I just wish you would hold me and let me, you know, play with you."

"Yes, I know Nick, I would like the same thing. I watch you in the pool and I think about doing all kinds of things with you." Jack admitted. "But that is just not going to happen."

"But why not?"

Jack leaned back in the seat and looked out at the lake for several minutes. "I don't feel right about it Nick. There is too much difference in our ages."

"But I want to do things with you. It would be OK, I won't tell anybody. You said you wanted to"

Jack shook his head. "Nick, I do care for you. I care too much to hurt you. You are just so horny right now, but I should be old enough to know better." Jack looked at me and then back to the water. "Besides, I have other friends."

I had to think about that for a minute. "You mean you have a boyfriend?"

"I mean I can't just think about myself." Jack said. "Right now, you are a quivering mass of hormones and you want to get off with whoever is available. I am no saint, but I feel like I would be taking advantage of you. You aren't in love with me, you are just horny. I'm not saying there is anything terribly wrong with that but you need to play with someone closer to your age."

I thought about that carefully. "Maybe you're right." I said quietly, I am still not sure if I am gay or just horny. I know that I like you a lot and want to do sex with you but I don't guess I really know what love is right now. But do I have to be in love with someone to do sex things with them?"

Jack laughed at that. "No, at least not when you are 13 and good looking. I was very promiscuous when I was your age. Maybe it is a stage you have to go through. But I am finding it better to settle in on someone special for a number of reasons. Just be careful. Sex is powerful magic; it can burn you sometimes. Pick your partner carefully."

"Is that what you brought me out here to say?" I asked.

"Pretty much. And to ask how you feel about my advice." Jack replied.

"I'll have to think about that." I said. "This is all pretty new to me, I don't know how I feel about all this. I mean, like, am I a bad person?"

"No Nick, I told you, you are a good person. You have a good heart, maybe a little impetuous but there is nothing mean about you. Just be careful. I would hate to see you get hurt." "You really do care about me then? I guess if you didn't we would have just done sex and gone home." I said. "That is a new idea for me. I will have to think about that."

Jack nodded his head. "Yes, I do care about you. All I am asking is for you to think about what I said and please be careful."

We sat and talked for another hour. I shared my concern about the way I was seeing my friends in a new way and was reassured that was part of the deal and not to worry about it. We talked about baseball and what boys were playing what positions. Jack knew more about baseball than I realized and had some good advice. He seemed to know a lot about almost everything. I decided that he really was my friend, and was a very good friend to have.

We drove back to Tulsa without much more conversation. It was like we had said everything we needed to say. Certainly I had a lot to think about. Jack was my friend for sure, a better friend than I had guessed, but in a different way.

I told him where my apartment house was just South of the Y and he pulled around to the parking lot in the back. I sat up and started picking up my stuff.

"Damn", Jack said, "This is close to the Y all right. Is this where you live?"

"Yeah, my father and mother manage it in exchange for our apartment. Sometimes my brother and I help paint and stuff. They are pretty nice apartments mostly". Then I remembered Jack saying that he lived with a relative. "Are you looking for a place?" I asked .

"Well yes, but it would have to be pretty cheap. Starving students don't have a lot of money for cool downtown apartments."

I thought for a moment and said "We might have something that would work for you. Let me talk to my dad."

"OK, sure" Jack said and sat there for a minute looking out the front window of the truck at nothing in particular.

"Are you mad?" I asked. "No, of course not. Why"

"Well, I don't know. You seemed kind of quiet when we were driving in".

"I'm sorry" Jack said, "Not mad, certainly not pissed at you. I'm just thinking, you know? " Jack turned to look at me. "I don't want to hurt you Nick".

I had no words but leaned over and hugged Jack as hard as I could. I kind of understood what he was trying to tell me but only knew for sure that being with him felt like the safest place in the world.

The next morning I got up early to catch Dad before he left for work. He was in a hurry as usual but remarked that I was up early. I had told him about this cool guy down at the Y so when I told him that Jack was looking for an apartment Dad knew who I was talking about.

"Well, we're full right now" he said.

"What about 33?" I asked. Apartment 33 was a small efficiency on the top floor that had been pretty trashed out by the last renter. She was an attractive young woman with long dark hair who seemed very nice but had a constant string of visitors who liked to get high and stub their smokes out on the carpet. When dad asked her to leave her friends took it personally and decorated the walls and appliances with spray paint.

Dad looked disgusted and grumbled, "That place is going to take a lot of work to be ready to rent".

"Jack is going to school and doesn't have much money. I bet he would do a lot of work on the place if he could get it cheap." I said. "He is really a nice guy. Why don't you talk to him?"

"OK", dad nodded his head. "That might be a good solution. I don't have time to do much with it right now and some rent would be better than none. Send him around".

"Great", "I'll tell him when I see him at the Y today". Dad grabbed his toast and the rest of his cup of coffee and hurried off to work. I was anxious to see Jack and give him the news.

I arrived at the Y about 9 AM Which was earlier than usual for me. There was a beginner's class in the shallow end of the pool so I took my time in the dressing room. I sat down on the changing bench, took off my shoes and noticed that they were really grubby. I was not exactly a neat freak but they had mud on them so I took a wet towel that someone had left behind and rubbed a little hand soap on one corner and began to clean them up.

I heard someone walk in and saw Antonio looking for a locker. I recognized Carlos' little brother and motioned him to a locker opposite mine.

"Where's Carlos?" I asked.

"He is helping our father mow a yard" Antonio replied. Then he shrugged, "We do that for extra money, you know?" I noticed that he spoke English correctly but with a little Mexican accent that gave his speech a musical sound. "That's cool", I said with a smile and was rewarded with a flash of the same beautiful teeth that Carlos had.

He undressed watching me. I finished with my shoes and threw them into the bottom of the locker, stripped off my T-shirt and shorts and wrapped a towel around my bare waist. Carlos swam nude and apparently Anthony had overcome his initial shyness as he also stripped naked and covered himself with a towel.

He was a nice looking boy with straight shiny black hair and large dark eyes. He was totally hairless but with a slim straight uncut cock and a satiny smooth pair of well filled low hanging balls. He was a little shorter than me, maybe 5' 2". I guessed him about 11 with flawless skin like coffee with milk. He was solidly built but very slender so that every muscle was visible under his skin. He was nicely rounded out and had lovely proportions.

All the time I was checking him out I could see him eyeballing my curly red hair, white skin and my dick with its developing fringe of fine red hair. I recalled my conversation with Jack the day before. For the first time I was aware of myself and wondered if I looked graceful to Antonio.

I walked from the dressing room to the pool and Antonio followed me. When we got to the pool I looked for Jack but saw that another attendant was on duty. I dropped my towel in the corner and stepped to the edge of the water. Antonio pulled his towel from around his waist and looked at me as he tossed his towel on top of mine. He smiled a little as if he had just said something although he had not spoken, then stepped up next to me at the pool. As I glanced over at him it looked like his long slender dick was a little thicker than in the dressing room.

"Race you down and back." I said as I hooked my toes over the edge of the long pool.

"OK. You count to three" he said.

On' three' we both stretched out over the water and skimmed over the smooth surface for a few yards, settling in as we stroked and kicked with all our strength. I kept my face down and cranked as hard as I could until I was just past mid pool, then began to roll from side to side, grabbing a breath whenever I threw my right arm forward.

When I first rolled up and looked for Antonio I didn't see him and assumed that he was behind me but on my next breath I saw him shoot past me on the return lap. I touched the wall and tucked under getting a good push off the end of the pool and gave it everything I had. I was dead even with his calves as he touched the end of the pool and jumped up with a shout.

"You little shit!" I gasped when I caught up with him. "Where did you learn to swim like that?"

"I'm a pretty good swimmer, don't you think so?" He laughed like he had just played a big joke on me and covered his mouth with his hand as he enjoyed my surprise and frustration.

He was a very good swimmer and kind of fun to be around after I got to know him. Once over his initial shyness he was more talkative than Carlos, and more playful. We swam some more, Inventing different events to compete with each other. Antonio was a superb sprinter and could always walk away from me over a short distance. But if we swim much more than 100 meters he began to fade and I could beat him over a longer distance. We were well matched enough physically to make the games interesting.

In between we would hang on the edge of the pool and talk. Our arms would touch sometimes and our legs and feet would rub together. He was quick to laugh and looked like a younger and more vivacious version of his brother Carlos. I wondered if he was old enough to be jerking off. I wondered if he knew I had jerked off with his brother Carlos. I especially wondered if they had ever done anything together.

Thinking about this began to cause my dick to rise up and I was even more aware that Antonio's feet were around my calf and that the movement of the water was rubbing our legs together. It was so great to be naked in the water. The water was cool but not cold, and moved all around us, reaching all the most intimate spots under our arms, between our legs, up our cracks, connecting us all over in a slippery embrace. I let go of the edge of the pool and allowed myself to float more freely, my legs sliding up between Antonio's thighs above his knees. He let go at the same time and leaned back so that his legs floated up between mine and in a moment we both had a leg resting under the loose balls of the other.

Antonio grinned widely and raised his leg so that the sole of his foot was pressed flat against the bottom of my dick and balls. He held himself in place by paddling with his hands and rolled his bare foot back and forth across my now very hard dick. I tried to do the same to him but the combined foot pressure pushed us apart. I did manage to stroke the bottom of my foot over his cock and balls long enough to tell that he had a stiff one, and that it was bigger hard than it looked like it would be when it was soft. We drifted slowly apart and Antonio never stopped smiling.

Easing back over to the edge of the pool we faced each other and began to examine each other's dick and balls with our free hands. I rubbed my hand around over his cock and belly and smooth chest. No trace of hair was found and his skin felt like satin. When I took his dick in my hand I was surprised that it was nearly as big as mine and rock hard under the smooth loose layer of skin. He was uncut like his brother Carlos but his dick stuck at about a 45 degree angle where Carlos' stood up flat against his belly. It was hot comparing the dicks of the two brothers. I wondered again if they played with each other.

All this time he was feeling of me in the same way, tugging at my red fringe of pubic hair and sliding his fingers back under my balls. I wrapped my legs around his hips and gave him better access to my balls. He rubbed them and squeezed them and started stroking up behind my balls with his fingers. He reached up and slid his fingers over the crack of my ass, touching my ass hole and sending little electric shocks up my body. I ran my hands behind him and slipped my fingers into his crack at the same time and our dicks pressed against each other. I moved from side to side slowly and the base of our dicks under our balls rolled back and forth sliding under the loose skin.

Antonio was still smiling but his eyes were about half closed as he slipped his finger up my ass hole. It felt strange but good so I stuck my finger up his ass at the same time. This seemed to be what he wanted as he began to slide his finger in and out of my butt and hump against me. I put both my middle finger up his ass and shoved it in all the way and he moaned something soft I couldn't hear. We kept this up for a minute and then some kids splashed into the pool not far away and we broke apart as they approached.

Moving to the other side of the big pool we resumed our play. We began to take turns diving down and swimming through the other's legs, running our fingers over dick and balls and ass as we floated through. I remembered Carlo's shyness about having my face close to his dick and wondered how Antonio would react. When I dove between his legs I rolled over on my back and let his balls rub across my face. Of course he could look down and see what I was doing as well as feel my face against him. On his turn he did the same and pushed his face against my dick and balls as he passed under me.

After several passes like this I was getting pretty excited and Antonio was so hard his foreskin had pulled back behind the head. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to do more so I took a deep breath, sank to my knees and put my open mouth over his dick and exhaled a lung full of air into his crotch. He jerked back and yelped with a combination of pleasure and ticklishness.

Antonio laughed when my head bobbed back up and his dark eyes were dancing with anticipation. This time I sank down and held myself in place by grabbing his knees. Then I did what I had wanted to do for some time, I opened my mouth and took all of his smooth dick inside, sucking with my mouth and flicking my tongue all around him. After a minute I came up for breath and he had almost a dazed look in his eyes. I really liked feeling a smooth cock in my mouth and I know he liked it too.

When I pressed down on his shoulders he sank immediately and took my dick in his mouth, expertly imitating what I had done to him. Antonio was certainly more ready to play than his brother. His efforts were energetic and felt very nice. This was my first time to do oral sex and found it very exciting. I guessed that Antonio had done this before. He seemed pretty cool with it.

By this time it was almost noon and the pool was filling up with men who came to the Y to swim on their lunch hour. I would like to have done a lot more with Antonio but there were too many people in the pool, and more changing in the dressing rooms. Besides, he told me he had to leave at 12 to help with something at home. I moved around behind him and pressed my cock against the crack of his ass and rubbed his cock with my hands.

"Let's play some more tomorrow", I said in his ear.

"Yes! If my father lets me come" he whispered back", then pulled away and jumped up on the edge of the pool, his hand only partially covering his erection. He ran over and grabbed his towel. "See you later" he called and trotted to the dressing room with his boner bouncing under the front of his towel.

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