Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 28

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

"Are we really going to that big powwow in Texas?" Ben asked Marco.

"I don't see why not. It sounds like a lot of fun."

"Can Brian go with us?" Sam asked.

"He would be welcome, but he has to work so I think it will just be us and Uncle Eugene," Marco told him.

Brian smiled. "You guys will have to get along without me. Marty and I will stay here and look after things on the home front."

"Eugene called yesterday," Marco said to the twins, "He will have Eunice and Sarah with him, and he said that Travis wanted to come with them. I think you remember him."

"Yes," Ben replied. "We haven't seen him for a long time."

"Are you OK with that?" Marco looked a little concerned. "I recall that you had something of a bad experience with Travis some time ago."

"Yeah, but you talked to us about that and I think we will be a little smarter this time," Sam replied. "Travis taught us a lot about dancing and he is really a pretty good guy."

"You guys are a lot older now and so is Travis. I'm OK with it if you are," Marco assured them.

Brian was not aware of their history with Travis. "You guys have fun. I think Noah and I might go to a movie."

"Right. How are you and Noah doing?" Marco asked him.

"We are fine. I think we understand each other," Brian said.

On Friday morning Marco, Sam and Ben packed up what regalia they had and waited for Eugene to come by their house. He pulled up in his pickup truck.

"Hello Uncle Eugene," The boys were glad to see him as the four of them crawled out of the crowded cab.

"Where is your old van?" Marco asked.

"I'm afraid it isn't dependable enough for this long a trip. Do you suppose there is enough room for Travis in your Sienna?"

"Sure, we have plenty of room. Are you ready to start out?"

"Well, I have some things to show your boys before we leave. May we come in?" Eunice asked.

They went inside where Aunt Eunice showed them some fine regalia that her boys had outgrown. "I think these will be nice for Samuel and Benjamin," she told them.

"Wow, look at this," Ben exclaimed.

"I think your turbans and sash will still be fine, but I thought you might like to use these leggings."

Eunice showed them some deerskin leggings that fastened just above the knee with beaded moccasins below. With them were long breach-cloths also beaded at the edge and turkey-bone breast plates. "I think these will be just right for you now."

"Oh, these are beautiful," Sam said with excitement. "They will be great!"

"I think your deerskin jacket and pants will still be nice for you Marco, and I made a new ribbon shirt for you too."

"You are too good to us Eunice. It was very kind of you to do this." Marco told her.

"Well, nothing is too good for my nephews," Eunice smiled.

Travis was rather quiet but looked fondly at Sam and Ben. "I haven't seen you guys for a long time. You've gotten a lot taller."

Ben grinned at him. "So have you. I guess it has been a long time. Will you help us with our dancing again?"

"Sure, that's one reason I wanted to come. You guys were really good," Travis said. "Maybe you'll win another prize."

They loaded the regalia into the back of the Sienna and Travis sat in front with Marco with Sam and Ben in the second row of seats and off they went. It was a long drive and they stopped just outside of Dallas for lunch, crowding into a booth with Marco and Travis on one side and the twins on the other.

"So what is going on with you Travis? You are a senior this year, right?" Marco asked.

"I am, and I plan to go to college next year. I want to go to OU and study architecture."

"That's ambitious," Marco said. "Why OU? Did Eugene tell me you had a girl friend?"

Travis smiled shyly, "Well a girl I know is going to OU to major in music. They have a good school of Architecture and it seemed like a good idea."

"I see," Marco smiled. "Is this a serious girlfriend?"

"Well, maybe. I mean we aren't engaged or anything but, you know."

"I know the girl, her name is Jennifer and she is a sweet thing," Eugene told them.

Travis blushed a little, "She is real nice, but we are really just friends, OK?"

They laughed and loaded back up for the drive down to San Marcos.

They arrived at the hotel where they had made reservations and checked into their rooms.

Eugene confided to Marco, "I didn't know Travis was coming until kind of the last minute. Do you suppose he could sleep in your room? I just reserved a double room and it might make Sarah a little more comfortable if she didn't have to share a room with a boy."

"I think we can manage that," Marco agreed. "We can get him a roll-away bed if that will work out for you."

"That would be great. He might enjoy visiting with Sam and Ben too."

"Is that OK with you guys?" Marco asked the twins.

They agreed and the decision was made. They put their bags in the rooms and laid out their regalia. Eunice and Sarah went into their room to get dressed and Sam, Ben and Travis went into the other while Marco and Eugene went back down to check them into the powwow.

"I'm not sure how these leggings work," Ben admitted.

"I do. I can help you with them," Travis volunteered. "They tie just above your knees. Get undressed and I will show you. Maybe you should put the breach-cloths on first."

Sam and Ben dropped their jeans then reluctantly took off their briefs to stand naked in front of Travis. Travis looked the boys over and saw that they had grown a lot since he had last seen them.

"You guys are bigger all over," he said.

Ben laughed, "Well sure. We are teens now."

Travis peeled his eyes away and showed them how to pull the breach-cloths up between their legs and fasten them around the waist with deerskin ties. "They hang down in front and back but they cover what's important," he grinned.

When the breach-cloths were in place Travis took out the leggings and handed them to the boys. "Pull these on just like high topped shoes," he said. When the tops are over your knees we can tie them with more deer skin.

Travis knelt in front of Samuel to help adjust them in place and tied the top firmly, brushing his crotch with the back of his hand. "There, that will get it to stay."

Sam laughed at the touch. "I thought you had a girlfriend?"

Travis blushed a little. "Well, I still like you guys – a lot."

"I guess," Sam giggled. "You taught us a lot when we visited you on your farm."

"I was just playing around with you. It was fun though wasn't it? Now can I help you with your leggings Ben?"

Ben sat on the bed while Travis pulled the leggings on and tied them in place, letting the back of his hand brush against Ben. "There, how's that?" Travis asked.

"Pretty nice," Ben admitted, rubbing his hand over his bulge and adjusting himself.

Travis stood back and admired the brown boys. "Gee, you guys sure look great. I can't believe how much bigger you are."

"I guess all of us are bigger now," Ben smiled.

Travis shook his head to refocus on the regalia. "You want to put on the breastplates now or just wear your sashes?"

"I like the breastplates. Don't you think they would look better?" Sam asked.

"Yes, I do. Here let me help you with them." Travis stepped behind Sam and tied the top around his neck then took the deerskin strings from the bottom of each side and tied them around his waist, passing his hands over Sam's tight brown body as he did. Sam stiffened up a little at the sensation of Travis' hands on his stomach. His bulge was becoming apparent.

Travis tied Ben's breastplate on next and helped himself to a feel of Ben's firm stomach. They were all getting into this game.

"What about you?" Ben asked. "Don't you have to get dressed too?"

"Sure, just a minute," Travis replied and began to pull his things out of his bag. He took out a longer breach-cloth and leggings for himself. Quickly removing his clothes he stood naked in front of his young friends. His cock stood up almost flat against his belly and his pubic bush was long and dark with hair circling around the sides of his penis. He was longer and thicker than they remembered.

Travis pulled the breach-cloth up around himself, bringing it up and over his erection. "Want to tie it for me?" he asked Benjamin.

Ben tied the cloth in place then tugged at the sides to bring it up snug. As he did so he let his hands pass over Travis' hard cock, giving it a small squeeze. "Like this?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's real good. Want to help me with my leggings now?"

He pulled them on and stood as Sam tied the top of one and Ben the other. Travis took a white turkey-bone breastplate from his bag and handed it to Ben to be put on. Ben stood behind his older friend and tied the top around his neck as Sam took the bottom ties and stepped behind him to fasten them around his waist.

Travis was older than when they had seen him last and had filled out quite a lot. His waist was slender and his chest and arms were more muscular. His nipples were dark against his brown skin and he had a light dusting of dark hair in the center of his chest. Travis was not as dark as the twins but his Indian heritage was apparent. He was a fine looking fellow, no longer a boy but a strong and handsome young man.

Just then there was a tap on the door and Marco came into the room.

"Hey, you guys look like you are ready to dance. Are you ready to get down to the powwow?"

"Yes," Ben said, "we just need to put on our turbans."

"Since you are all three wanting to compete for prizes, I registered you. Here are your numbers to wear whenever you are out on the floor. The judges will be watching you during the entry and group dances as well as the individual competition. You need to be aware that you are being watched at all times, so look sharp," Marco explained the rules.

"Do we just dance tonight?" Sam asked.

"No, this is a big powwow and there are a lot of dancers in each category. There will be several rounds for each age group and they select the best to go on to the next level tomorrow night," Marco told them. "If you make the cut you will dance again."

"Let's wait until you are ready for the competition to put on the face paint," Travis suggested. "You don't need that for the grand entrance."

Marco pulled out his buckskin outfit and stepped into the bathroom to change. He emerged with his long black hair laid out over his back, looking every inch the handsome Seminole man that he was.

"Gee, you look super, Daddy," Sam told him.

"It's my native garb," Marco laughed. "Let's go."

They took the elevator down to the big room which housed the powwow. They soon found Eugene, Eunice and Sarah looking very beautiful in a long rose colored dress decorated with little silver bells. Eunice wore a similar dress of pale blue and Eugene wore buckskin pants and a paisley ribbon shirt. They made a handsome group as they walked out to the throbbing beat of the big drum.

First came the Grand Entrance when all the participants strolled out in groups by age and gender. The old men and honored elders came first then younger people. Marco strolled out with the young men as did Travis and Uncle Eugene. Benjamin and Samuel were with the young teens and looked very handsome. They danced as they went around the big circle, aware that the judges might be watching them. Then followed the young boys and girls. This was an open activity and everyone could join in whether competing or not. This powwow brought in participants from all over the Southwest and tribes were represented from Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. The regalia was varied and very colorful. It was truly a grand procession.

After the entrance they went through the arts and crafts section to look at the items on display.

"Do you have some paintings for sale here?" Eugene asked Marco.

"No, I didn't have time to enter anything. We should have planned this sooner," Marco told him. "Maybe next year if we decide to come back. Powwows are not necessarily the best place to sell fine art. Most people here are looking for bargains."

"Your stuff is better than the stuff here," Ben told him loyally.

"Thanks, but these are pretty good. They have a lot of nice silver jewelry too."

"Let's get something to eat," Sam suggested.

They got a snack then sat down together. Eunice had her large satchel with her and began to take a few things out for them to look at. "I brought some porcupine roaches for you boys if you would like to wear them instead of your turbans. The porcupine guard hair makes a stiff fan that stands above your head and ties under your chin. They are very nice and will look very impressive for the competition."

"Wow, those are beautiful," Travis said. "Do you have three of them?"

"I do," Eunice smiled. "Do you know how to wear them and make them look right when you dance?"

"Yes, I think so. You jerk your head back and forth to make them jump around," Travis replied.

"That's right. I'll help you put them on and you can practice before you dance. While you are doing that, I want to work with Sarah on her jingle dance."

With the roaches affixed on their heads the three boys went to a corner to practice and soon felt that they had the hang of them. "These are really cool," Ben exclaimed.

They sat in the stands and watched as the various groups began to compete. When it was nearly time for them to dance Travis led them to the restroom to apply the face paint.

"Do you want the same thing that you did before or do you want to try something different?"

"We won first prize with the stuff you did last time. Maybe that will be lucky for us," Sam suggested.

"I always do the same thing for myself," Travis told him. "It is kind of my personal style and I stay with it." He pulled out his box of paints and began to do the twins. A thin line of black down the center of their faces with white on one side and yellow on the other. He reversed the colors on their faces so they were not exactly the same, then painted a thin red line on each side of the forehead, across their eyelids, and down halfway over their cheeks. This was their style now.

Then he stepped in front of the mirror and painted his face with white on the left and black on the right. It was simple and looked very striking. "I have been doing this since my first dance when I was eight years old," he told them.

"Now you are eighteen, right?" Ben recalled.

"That's right. It's my lucky face paint."

They tightened their porcupine roaches and looked at themselves in the mirror. They decided that they looked pretty good. "I think I want to pee while we are in here," Travis told them. "We might not have time before we start to dance," then he stepped over to the long trough urinal on one side of the toilet.

Sam and Ben started to go to a stall then shrugged and stepped to each side of Travis to relieve themselves. When they looked down at him they could see that he was straining to bend his erection down and start a stream. They giggled, emptied their bladders then rushed back out into the arena.

Travis was first to dance and joined the other young adults to wait for the drum to begin. He twirled and danced with smooth perfection. He had been doing this for the past ten years and was very skilled. Sam and Ben thought he was the best and told him so when he rejoined their group.

Sarah was next and joined the other young women to do the jingle dance. She stood very straight and did the stutter-steps with grace and dignity. The quiet girl was full of confidence when the dancing took place. Eunice looked at her with great pride and they all applauded when the dance was over.

After a few more groups it was time for Sam and Ben to perform. The normally wiggly twins became very serious as they took the arena floor. When the drums began they shifted from their quiet posture to begin a wild dance. They spread their arms and lifted their knees high just as Travis had taught them. They bobbed from side to side and appeared almost to fly as they whirled around and shook the roaches with a jerky motion. Their smooth muscular brown bodies glistened sweat from under the white turkey-bone breastplates and the breach-cloths flew from side to side as their legs pumped up and down. They looked very balanced and controlled although their movements were rapid, but always in time with the changing rhythm of the drums. When the drum sounded the final four beat closing they froze in position with both feet on the floor until resuming their upright posture, then strode off the floor with great dignity. The crowd applauded for all the dancers of course, but to Marco and the rest of the family they were without a doubt the very best.

"How did we do?" Ben asked as they joined them in the stands.

Marco beamed with pride, "You did fantastic. They might have to award you joint first prizes again. That was awesome." Eunice, Eugene and Travis agreed enthusiastically while Sarah smiled and nodded.

It had been a long day with the drive down from Tulsa and then the competition. Everyone was tired. They had stopped by their room to clean the off the face paint then joined Eugene for a quick supper in the coffee shop then all went up to their rooms and said good night

Sam and Ben took a shower followed by Travis. It was late and there was no opportunity for any play. The twins crawled into one bed and Marco in the other while Travis made do with his roll-away. Sleep came quickly.

The next day they returned to the powwow to see who would go on to dance again. They were excited to see all their names and numbers on the list. "We are still in the contest," Travis exclaimed.

There were a number of special events and presentations which took place the next day. Some of these were a little boring to the boys but Eugene reminded them that it would be rude to leave as some of these events were important to the cultural tradition. "If you pay attention I think you will understand some things better."

Part of the agenda was the presentation of gifts. It was a custom to honor certain people with special gifts of a traditional nature in appreciation for their service or just to recognize their friendship. While some of the gifts were of value, it was the honor of being recognized that was important.

Part way through this activity Eugene excused himself and left the arena. As the various individuals were called out to be recognized, Marco was surprised to hear his name called. He made his way down to the floor to see his Uncle Eugene waiting for him with a smile.

The Master of Ceremony held the microphone for Eugene to speak. "I wish to honor my nephew Marco Montgomery. You came into my life when I did not know I had a nephew and have blessed me and my family with your courage and honor. I am very proud to know that we share the same blood." With that he handed Marco a gold and blue Pendleton blanket and shook his hand.

Marco found it hard to speak but murmured "Thank you Uncle," and they walked side by side back up into the stands where the rest of the family was sitting. When they sat down Marco passed the blanket to Sam and Ben for them to admire.

"Gee, this is really nice," Sam said. "What will you do with this?"

"I'm not sure but I will find a very special place for it," Marco told him. "It will be put in a place of honor, that's for sure. I don't know what to say, Eugene."

Eugene smiled, "You said thank you and that's enough. I meant what I said. You and your family are a blessing to my family." Marco took the blanket, laid it across his lap and stroked it gently.

Later in the day Travis reapplied their face paint and the dancing began again. The dancers were those who had been selected as the best from the day before and now the competition was stiffer. Sarah looked lovely and floated through her jingle dance with grace and elegance. She swayed from side to side with all the little bells on her dress making a soft ringing sound.

Travis was determined to make a good impression on the judges and began to dance very vigorously. He jerked his head back and forth to make the porcupine roach fly, so much so that it flew off his head and fell to the floor. One of the rules was that if any item of regalia fell away the dancer was disqualified for that round. Travis was disappointed and had to leave the floor. His part of the competition was now over.

When he returned to sit with the rest of the family they all tried to console him. "Don't worry about it," Eugene told him. "These things happen. I remember when one of the boys doing the fancy dance had his bustle fall off. It was funny really."

"It wasn't funny to me," Travis pouted. "I thought I was doing good too."

"You were looking great," Ben assured him. "It could happen to anybody. I just hope it doesn't happen to us."

When it was time for Sam and Ben to dance Eunice checked their regalia to be sure that everything was tight and they took the floor and waited for the drums to begin. The circle of men sitting around the large drum began with a steady beat and the boys spread their arms and began to fly. After a minute the tempo increased and the dancing became more animated. They twirled and bobbed in time to the beat and gave it all they had. They stayed close to each other and made a striking pair. While each of them danced very well, the sight of the identical dancers made them look even more impressive and they drew nods of appreciation from those who watched. When the final four beats marked the close of the dance they were standing side by side.

When they came back to sit with the family Travis was impressed. "You guys were terrific," he told them. "Did you realize that you were dancing together a lot of the time? It was almost like you had planned to synchronize some things."

Sam grinned, "We really didn't, but I guess we just naturally do the same things sometimes. Twins do everything together, you know."

They went back through the vending area and admired the arts and crafts. A gentleman from Santa Fe had a number of beautiful silver rings and bracelets. Eugene stopped to admire them. "These heavy silver rings are by Joe Josetewa," he said. "He does beautiful work and is kind of famous."

"They are really nice," Marco observed. "They are solid Sterling silver with an oval top and a figure incised into it. Is this all hand work?"

"Yes, all by hand. Joe is Hopi and his carvings are almost always Kachina, mythical figures from their religion. Look, this one is an Owl Kachina. Owls have power over the clowns, you see. Clowns are fractious characters who can bring great favor but are rather mischievous and need some watching over," Eugene explained.

"Sort of like our twins, eh?" Marco laughed.

"Yes, exactly." Eugene tried on one of the rings and admired it.

"Oh, look at these necklaces," Eunice exclaimed. "These blue turquoise stones are so pretty. And the silver work is very delicate."

Eugene picked up the necklace and looked at the price tag. Eunice laughed and said. "Don't worry Eugene, I am just looking."

Eunice and Sarah walked on to look at some beaded shawls leaving Marco and Eugene behind.

"Eunice really like this," Eugene fingered the necklace. "She would never ask me for it but I know it would please her." He pulled out his wallet and glanced to see that his wife was not looking and purchased it, slipping it into his pocket.

Sam, Ben and Travis hurried up wanting them to come and look at some treasure they had found and Marco lingered behind.

"Which one of these rings was my friend admiring?" he asked the vendor.

"It was this one, the Owl Kachina by Josetewa."

"Did it fit him?"

"Yes, I think so. But the band is simple and could be resized very easily."

"Let me have that please. I want it to be a surprise." Marco gave him a credit card and put the ring in his pocket.

"This is a really nice piece by an excellent craftsman. Your friend will be pleased I think."

"He is my uncle as well as my friend," Marco explained. "I would very much like to give him something to honor him."

"Of course," the man nodded and smiled knowingly.

They went to the area where refreshments were sold and had a cold drink. The ever hungry boys grabbed some chips and they talked about what they had seen.

Sam was impressed with some nice Kachina dolls that several vendors had on display. "Those are so fancy. All carved and painted with nice costumes. They are really fantastic looking."

"Oh yes, Hopi mythology is very interesting," Eugene began to tell him about the various figures who had dominion over weather and events in their religion. "We were just looking at some rings that have these incorporated into them. Hopi culture is very complicated."

They went back to the arena and watched as the little boys and girls were dancing. What they lacked in skill the made up for in enthusiasm. They were fun to watch and some of the regalia was very nice. Little miniature warriors full of pride.

As the evening drew to a close there were more ceremonies and then the winners of the competitions were announced. Poor Travis had been disqualified because of his fallen roach but Sarah won third place in the women's jingle dance. They held their breath when it was time for the boys division to be revealed. Choosing between the twins was difficult because they were so close in skill and appearance but Sam was given second place and Ben was third.

"Hey, you are both winners," Marco complimented them.

"Way to be Sam. One of us has to be the best, I guess," Ben told his brother.

"You are just as good," Sam said. "I bet they just flipped a coin."

"We are very proud of all of you," Eugene told them. "You too Travis. You danced very well in spite of your accident. If it were not for that I think you would have won a prize as well."

Travis smiled and shrugged. "I guess. I did my best anyway."

Eugene hesitated a moment then said to his wife. "Eunice, I don't tell you this often enough, but I do love you. You admired this little necklace and I thought you might like to have it." He pulled a little box from his pocket and handed it to her."

"Oh, how sweet," she said, and took the necklace from the box and let Sarah put it around her neck. It looked lovely against the blue dress she wore. "Thank you husband," she said with a misty smile.

Marco cleared his throat. "And I have something for you Uncle. I don't know how to do a proper honor presentation like you did with the blanket, but I thought you might like to have something to remember from this day. You did not even know I existed but have opened your heart to me and my family and made us part of yours. You have accepted us and introduced us all to a heritage that is now a very important part of our lives. Thank you Uncle. Please accept this gift from me."

Marco took the ring from his pocket and handed it to Eugene with no more ceremony. His uncle took the ring and slipped it on his finger to admire and show to the others. He looked at Marco and said simply. "Thank you nephew. This is a good thing."

They watched as the final awards were announced, decided that it was time for supper and walked back to the elevators and up to their rooms. "I think Eugene and Eunice want to drive on down to San Antonio to a nice seafood place for dinner after we change," Marco told the boys. "How does that sound?"

Travis spoke up, "Really, I am kind of tired. I think I would rather just grab a hamburger in the coffee shop and rest for a little bit." He looked quickly at Sam and Ben to see how they would react.

They decided that a hamburger sounded better than fish and a two hour drive so nodded their agreement. "That sounds good to me," Ben said. "I think I'm good for a burger." Sam smiled and nodded and they flopped down on one of the beds.

"Our clothes are in here so we can just change and go to the coffee shop. We'll see you guys when you get back," Travis suggested. That sounded fine to Eugene and he, Eunice and Sarah went into their room next door.

Marco suspected that there was more involved than a preference in the menu but decided not to make an issue of it. "OK, you can put the tab on our room if you take the key-card with you. We should be back before it gets too late. Don't get into any mischief."

"Oh we won't, Ben told him. We know how to behave." Sam smiled and Travis sat quietly with a gleam in his eye.

Now the three boys were on their own for several hours and it wouldn't take very long to scarf down a burger and get back to the room. Marco changed into his street clothes in the bathroom and freshened up a little. He was wearing jeans and the new ribbon shirt that Eunice had made for him. He joined the rest of the family and the boys were left to their own devices.

"I think we need to clean up the face paint and shower before we eat," Travis suggested. "What do you think?"

"Yeah, we kind of stink after all that dancing, and I would feel weird going to the restaurant with my face still painted," Sam agreed. They removed their regalia and carefully hung them up to let the perspiration evaporate then wiped most of the face paint off with some tissues. Soon there were three naked boys jockeying for the shower.

"We can all shower together, don't you think?" Travis suggested. "There's room in there."

By now Sam and Ben were into the game and willingly agreed. They adjusted the water and all stepped in together. They got themselves wet and began to apply shampoo and soap. Travis was moving around in such a way that he was rubbing against both boys. "Would you guys like for me to wash your backs?" Travis offered and the twins grinned and agreed.

Travis leaned over and washed Ben's back first, rubbing the soapsuds over his brown shoulders and down his hips. Ben deliberately bent forward to spread his cheeks a little and Travis ran his soapy fingers up and down the crack of his ass. "Does that feel nice?" Travis asked lecherously.

"Sure. Me and Sam wash each other all the time," Ben replied and wiggled his butt from side to side.

"I can wash your front too if you like," Travis said with a little catch in his voice. Ben did not reply but turned to face Travis. The older boy ran the soap over Ben's chest and stomach then knelt in front and carefully washed his penis and loose balls. The nice crop of pubic hair was matted together under the soap suds. Travis washed his legs with special attention given to the inside of his firm brown thighs. As he leaned forward to wash Ben's calves and ankles his face passed over his penis making Ben shiver. While this was going on, Sam watched from the end of the shower and softly fondled himself while waiting for his turn.

Travis looked up at Ben and asked, "How's that?"

Ben gave him a smirk and said. "That's great Travis. You did a good job."

Now Ben rinsed himself off as Sam stepped forward. "Is it my turn?" he asked.

Travis stood, pulled at his growing cock and smiled. "You bet, you're next." Sam turned his back while Travis repeated his efforts on Sam's shoulders, back and butt cheeks. Sam leaned forward and spread his cheeks as he had seen his brother do, and thrilled at the feeling of soapy fingers rubbing impatiently at his asshole. When he turned around his erection was pointed up at Travis' chin while his front was gently washed. Travis knelt and washed his penis and soft scrotum, giving special care to retract his foreskin and rub the inside before dropping down to wash his legs and ankles. This time he brushed his lips over the firm penis and let the tip of his tongue lick at Sam's balls. Sam said nothing but inhaled sharply. Travis almost pulled the end of Sam's cock in his mouth but leaned back and asked again. "How did you like that?"

Sam smiled broadly and put his hands on the sides of Travis' head. "That was nice. I feel very clean, thank you."

Travis stood with his hard cock standing tall and asked in a shaky voice. "You guys want to wash me?"

"Sure," Ben replied. "I'll do your front and Sam can do your back. How's that?"

Travis smiled broadly, "That would be great."

The twin brothers took their places on both sides of their friend and passed the bar of soap back and forth between them. Travis was somewhat taller than the boys and they reached up to run their slippery hands over his body from opposite sides. Travis raised his arms and reveled in the feeling of their smooth hands rubbing his chest and back at the same time. Sam ran his fingers up the crack of the taller boy's ass and fingered his hole as Ben basically masturbated Travis with his soapy hand. They knelt down and worked on his legs as Travis sighed and shivered. When Ben leaned in to wash his ankles he rubbed his hair across the erect cock and hairy balls. He did not touch him with his face but rubbed with a motion that could not be misinterpreted as accidental.

When they stood to let Travis rinse himself off he gasped and whispered, "That was really hot."

Ben laughed, "Take it easy Travis. We still have time to play after supper if you like." Then they took clean white towels and dried themselves off leaving Travis to sigh and wipe at his dripping cock. The twins always had an unspoken communication between them and knew exactly what they were doing to Travis. It was a sort of sweet revenge for what liberties he had taken with them in the past. They liked Travis and appreciated his help with their dancing but could not pass up on the opportunity to torture him a little.

By the time Travis was out of the shower they had put on clean clothes and were ready to go. "Hurry up Travis, we're hungry," Ben scolded him with a grin. "We want to eat and have some free time before the family gets back"

"Right," nodded Travis and stuffed himself into briefs and jeans to go down for burgers.

They rode the elevator down to the coffee shop and wasted no time in eating their supper. Travis appeared impatient to return to the room.

"Want to watch some TV?" Sam asked a crestfallen Travis, then giggled. "Maybe we should get comfortable first." Sam and Ben quickly removed their clothes placing them so that they could be retrieved quickly. As they sat naked on the bed, Travis peeled off his clothes and moved to sit between them.

"You guys were messing with me," he smiled. "I thought maybe you didn't want to play."

"Well, you got the message over loud and clear while we were in the shower. I guess we are willing," Ben admitted. "What do you want to do?"

"Oh man, anything with you guys," Travis removed his clothes to sit between the boys and pulled them to him. "I have been wanting to get back together with you guys for a long, long time."

He pulled them back onto the bed then took each boys cock in his hands and started to fondle them both at the same time.

Sam and Ben were not absolutely sure about all this but they had been pumped up in the shower and Travis was not a stranger to them, so they sighed and let him go to work. After all, he was a friend and had been very kind to them in many ways. Besides this felt good and they had agreed that they might be ready for more adventure.

Travis stroked each boy until they were erect then leaned over Ben and took him in his mouth, pulling his foreskin back with his lips and rolling his tongue around the head of his dick. He moaned and rubbed Travis' shoulders while he sucked Ben deeply and rubbed his soft scrotum with his hand. Sam raised up on his elbow to watch and pulled at his cock.

When Ben was beginning to grow tense, Travis turned and took Sam into his mouth then began the same play with him. Now it was Ben's turn to watch his brother receive a blow job by their older friend. Without thinking about it, Ben ran his hand over Travis' back and down between his ass cheeks. The older boy was lean and muscular and Ben found him very sexy.

Sam held Travis' face in his hands and hunched into his face while being suckled. The action felt wonderful to him. The twins had sucked each other on numerous occasions but this was different. Travis was both eager and expert. His large cock was rubbing against Sam's leg and felt nice. When Sam began to pant, Travis let the cock drop from his mouth and rolled over on Sam to lie on top and kiss his neck. Ben rolled against them and put his arms around Travis so that he was between the twin boys.

Travis humped against Sam for a minute then rolled to his side and caught Ben into his embrace, kissing him first on the neck then on the lips. The boys had kissed each other while playing but this was different and gave Ben a thrill. Travis pulled away then turned to kiss Sam on the lips and slipped his tongue into his mouth. This was a new experience for Sam but he decided that he liked it and his tongue began to insert itself into Travis' mouth. Soon all three boys were clamped together and exchanging kisses. Ben's tongue found itself in first Travis' mouth and then his brother's. It occurred to them that this was something that they might try again with each other.

Travis reached around the boys and tried to slip a finger in their ass. At first they both resisted, then relaxed and decided to enjoy this. In the meantime Travis was leaking precum over both boys and breathing heavily. He hunched against first one then the other, and rolled Sam to his side and ran his dick up against his crack. When it began to press against Sam's hole he resisted. This was more than he was ready for and he pulled away. Undeterred, Travis tried the same thing with Ben and slid his cock up inside his crack to hunch at him. The precum had made the passage slippery and when the head of his cock pressed against Ben's hole it started to slip inside. Ben almost was tempted but then felt frightened by this new experience and murmured for him to stop.

"Oh please, let me fuck you," Travis pleaded. "You'll like it I promise. It'll feel really good. I have wanted to do this since the first time I met you."

"No, I don't really want to," Ben told him, recalling what Marco had told them about setting limits on what they found acceptable. "Besides, I thought you had a girlfriend."

"No, not really, she is just a friend, and I like both you guys so much. Please let me do it."

"But we have never done this before, and it's kind of scary." Sam explained. "Have you done it before? I mean do you like it?"

"Yes, I love it. I have this friend and we, well we have done some things. It feels really good."

"Well, if you like it so much, maybe we could do it to you. I'm curious about it but I'm not ready to get fucked." Ben slyly ran his finger up Travis' crack.

Travis realized what the ground rules were going to be and smiled. "OK, that would be hot too. Who wants to be first?"

Ben stuck his finger up Travis hole and said quietly, "I guess I could do that."

Travis quickly began to suck Ben again getting him wet with slobber. He pulled some precum out of himself then spit on his fingers and rubbed it on his asshole. Turning around on his side, he pushed his ass up against Ben and pulled his cheeks apart with his hands. "Go on, put it in me."

Ben hesitated a moment then eased up to Travis' ass and pushed his dick against the hole. Now the twins had grown considerably over the past year or so but neither was overly large. Ben's slender cock slipped into Travis well lubricated hole with little effort and Ben soon found himself inside his ass. He found the sensation to be fantastic and started to pump in and out. Instinct guided him and he began to fuck the boy's ass quite capably. Travis pushed back against him and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Truth be told, Travis enjoyed being fucked as much as he enjoyed fucking. Ben slipped out several times when Travis stopped him and turned onto his hands and knees.

"Do me this way," he said and thrust his ass into the air. Ben responded quickly and leaned over his back to fuck Travis doggy fashion as Sam looked on wide-eyed.

It only took a minute of vigorous stroking before Ben's orgasm overtook him and he cried out, "I'm going to cum!"

"Go ahead," Travis urged him, "I don't care. Stay in me." Ben obliged and emptied his balls up Travis' ass while he whimpered and sighed.

Travis was in full lust and now turned to Sam who was frozen with the sight of his brother fucking like a bunny. "Now you do me," Travis told him and turned his ass towards Sam.

Sam was sufficiently worked up to be inclined to follow in his brother's footsteps and climbed onto Travis' back to ease himself inside. The sensation was unlike any other he had experienced and he began to devote himself to his work, holding on to Travis' hips and pumping in and out. It only took a minute and he was adding his semen to his brother's while Travis cried with joy and spurted his load onto the bed.

All three boys fell into a pile and tried to catch their breath.

"Wow, that was different. Are you OK?" Ben asked Travis as Sam panted with exertion.

"Oh yeah, that was great," Travis assured them. "You should try that some time. You would love it."

They lay on the bed and recovered for several minutes then Sam suggested that they should get some clothes on before Marco returned. After putting on briefs and T-shirts the twins mopped up the spilled semen on their bed and got under the covers, agreeing that they might not want to tell Daddy about this adventure. Travis crawled into the roll-away and they quickly fell asleep.

That is the way Marco found them.

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