Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 23

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

When the boys came home from their adventure at Camp Tom Hale they had to share all their accomplishments with Marty who had been left tending the home front.

"It was sure quiet around here this past week," he chuckled. "The peace and quiet was nice in a way, but I have to admit I missed you guys."

"We had a great time, but it's nice to be home," Ben said. "We missed you too, Papa."

"And I kind of missed baseball," Sam added. "We've been gone for almost two weeks. I hope we can still play for the rest of the season."

Marco took them to practice with their team and found that they had missed several games. Their coach Stan Morgan was not too happy with them.

"Hello boys. We thought you had quit us."

"It's been a busy summer for them," Marco explained. "We took a family vacation then last week Sam and Ben were at Boy Scout camp. I hope you didn't write them off."

"No, of course they are welcome back, but we have had to adjust the roster to move some other boys into their positions. They may have to spend some time on the bench for awhile. We lost Bobby and Tyron to scouts too. Scouting's a fine program, but it was tough on the team. We had to scramble to have enough boys to field a team and lost both games as a result."

Marco understood Stan's dilemma, but felt that what the boys got out of scouting was more important. "I know Stan. The boys want to do it all, but sometimes that's just not possible. Don't hold it against them. It was my decision that they go to camp. Where I screwed up was in not letting you know in advance they would be gone for two weeks. We just got busy and I forgot. That was my bad, Stan, I apologize."

Sam and Ben were a little discouraged by their cool reception but were glad to be back with the rest of their team.

Marco tried to explain what had gone wrong. "Your coach had every reason to be unhappy with us. We took off for two weeks and left him high and dry. We should have told him up front that we were going to be gone so he could make adjustments. I let that slide and that isn't the kind of example I want to set for you."

The twins nodded in understanding. "We should have thought about that," Sam reminded Marco. "We screwed up too."

Their teammates were glad to have them back however. In particular, Austin was pleased to see them.

"Hey, I missed you guys. I was afraid you weren't coming back."

"It's good to see you too, Austin. We haven't forgotten that you stood with us when that guy pushed us around at Brian's ball game," Ben reminded him.

Austin smiled. "That's OK, I want to be your friend."

Austin lived in the same neighborhood as Sam and Ben so they began to see more of him. When he learned that they were in scouts together he began to ask about what they did.

"We do lots of cool stuff," Ben told him. "We get to go camping and we're learning a lot. Bobby and Tyron are in scouts too, you should check it out."

And so it came to pass that the friendship developed during the last month of baseball season. Austin began to show up for the backyard games of workup and the four friends became five. When school started he joined the scout troop.

"I will never catch up with you guys. I wasn't even in Cubs and this is all new to me."

"That's OK," Sam told him. "We can help you catch up. Baseball is fun, but Scouts is even funner."

Austin was a good kid. Even smaller than the twins, he liked baseball but had not been exceptionally good at it. He was slender and quick, but not very strong. His blond hair and bright blue eyes made him a contrast to the Seminole brothers and he got on well with Bobby and Tyron. He was delighted to find that he fit in well with this group of friends.

Sam and Ben liked this small boy and asked Marco if he could stay over so they could help him catch up on his scout skills.

"He is a cool guy, and we can help him with his scout stuff like Brian helped us," Ben explained.

"Sure, I remember him from that shoving incident. I thought he showed a lot of courage," Marco agreed. "I don't see why not, ask him over."

On Friday after school, Austin came over with a small change of clothes to spend the night with the twins. He was delighted to find Brian was with them. "I know you from baseball," Brian told him. "Now you will be in Scouts with us."

Austin smiled shyly. "I'm kind of a runt and not that great at baseball. I don't know about Scouts."

"Size doesn't matter in scouts. You'll do fine," Brian assured him, and began making a list of things he would need. There were a few basic uniform things, a shirt and the necessary patches and a Scout Handbook. Austin enjoyed the attention of his new friends. By the end of the evening he had memorized the Scout Oath and the Laws and most of the simple things he needed for his Scout badge.

At ten o'clock Marco suggested that it was about time for bed and told them to get in the shower.

Brian went in and showered first, calling out when the bathroom was available. "I left you plenty of hot water. You're next."

Sam and Ben began to undress while Austin watched with interest. "Do you guys shower together?"

"Sure, we do everything together. We're twins, right?" Ben grinned.

"Do you have any brothers?" Sam asked him.

Austin shook his head, "No, I have two older sisters. I'm the only boy."

"I guess you don't shower with your sisters," Ben smiled.

Austin laughed. "No, I don't think so. They sort of pretend I don't exist. I wish I had a brother. You guys are lucky."

"You can shower with us if you like," Ben suggested.

They grabbed some clean underwear and skipped into the bathroom. Sam and Ben immediately got naked and Ben began to adjust the water temperature. Austin hesitated and looked at the twins.

"What's the matter?" Sam asked.

"Oh nothing. I guess I never saw you naked before."

Ben spread out his arms and wiggled his hips. "Here we are. You want to join us?"

Austin visibly blushed, then pushed his undershorts down and tried to cover himself with his hands.

"Don't be shy. Haven't you ever taken a shower with anybody before?" Sam asked.

"Um, not really."

"It's no big deal. We're all boys, we all have the same thing," Ben grinned.

Austin pulled his hands away and looked down at himself, then at the twins. "Not really. You look different.

Austin, like most boys in his part of the world was circumcised. Despite his small stature, he had at least an average penis for a boy his age, although attached to his small body made it look somewhat larger. Above and around it was a fine patch of wavy blond pubic hair.

"That's just because we still have our skin. Don't worry about it, most guys are just like you," Sam assured him.

Ben looked him over and grinned. "You don't have anything to be ashamed of."

Austin was not sure he had ever seen an uncircumcised penis before. "Really?"

"No, look," Ben said and retracted his foreskin, revealing a dark brown knob on the end. "We are the same."

Austin smiled and kept his eyes glued to Ben's appendage. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I just never saw one like that."

"How many other guys have you seen?" Ben asked with a smirk.

"Uh, not many – none actually," Austin admitted.

"Well, you can wait until we're through if you like," Ben smiled, "or you can shower with us."

The twins stepped into the shower, and after a moment Austin shrugged and joined them. Once inside Ben pulled the shower curtain closed, surrounding them with a steamy vapor.

Sam and Ben rotated through the falling spray of water as was their custom, then stepped back and motioned for Austin to get himself wet. Austin was very taken at the sight of the shiny brown bodies of the twins as they jockeyed for position. They passed the bar of soap back and forth as they washed each other's backs then their own fronts. Austin was fascinated when they retracted their foreskins first to wash themselves, then to rinse.

Ben stood with the bar of soap in his hands. "Want your back washed?" he asked the shy boy.

Austin nodded and presented his back to his friend. Ben ran the soap over his back and rubbed his hands over his shoulders, down his back and over his firm white buns. Austin popped a boner. It looked very respectable. He turned and took the bar of soap in one hand while trying to conceal himself with the other. Ben's reaction was to giggle.

"You like that?" Ben asked as Austin blushed.

"It's kind of nice," he admitted.

Austin turned his back and washed what Ben had not, enjoying the feeling of the slick soap on his erection but wishing it would go away. The twins giggled and didn't think that much about it. This was not a new experience for them and they had plumped up to a semi-erect state themselves. They had washed all parts of each other many times before.

When they were all soaped and rinsed Sam and Ben got out and grabbed a towel, leaving Austin in the shower for a moment. They dried each other off then pulled the shower curtain back and handed the towel to Austin. He gratefully covered himself with it and began to towel himself dry. He was excited by all this in a way that surprised him.

Ben turned off the water and tossed the damp towel over the edge of the tub. They pulled on clean underpants and darted back to their bedroom with Austin following. He had not realized that showering with a friend could be so much fun. He liked this.

The three boys sat on the floor next to the bunk beds and tried to think about something else besides the shower. They both liked Austin and had enjoyed seeing him shy and naked. Ben in particular had enjoyed what he saw and was trying to imagine what else they might do together.

For his part, Austin was still a little breathless and tried to adjust his white briefs to conceal his durable erection. He looked to see if Sam and Ben were in a similar state and saw that they were. This was all very interesting.

"Have you been camping before?" Ben asked Austin.

"Not really uh, never actually. What do the scouts do when they go camping?"

"It's really cool," Sam told him, "We build a fire and cook our meals. We pitch our tents and sleep in them. We go hiking and learn about all kinds of birds and animals."

"Right, and we did a lot of stuff at scout camp," Ben added. "We learned about First Aid, and Orienteering – that's how to use a map and compass – and how to build stuff out of poles and ropes. And we learned how to swim better."

"And it's just FUN! We had a great time." Both boys agreed on that.

Austin was convinced that he would like to do all those things, especially if it meant doing them with Sam and Ben.

Finally the boys started to yawn and Sam suggested they go to sleep. Austin unrolled his sleeping bag and looked longingly as Sam and Ben crawled into their bunks. He wouldn't mind crawling in with either one of them but this didn't look like the right time. He would think of a way.

Now that things were back to the usual routine, Brian was working full time at the bike shop with Noah. There was quite a bit of work stacked up and waiting for him.

Noah seemed pleased to have him back but in his typical way didn't say a lot. "We got kind of backed up while you were gone. How about you start on those new bikes that need to be set up. Wayne is anxious to get them out."

Brian started in at once and worked quickly but carefully. He grinned at Noah and asked, "So did you miss me?"

Noah glanced over at him with just a trace of a smile. "Well, I missed the help. This is a busy time."

After several days of steady work most of the backlog was caught up and Brian began to take care of the repair work which had been brought in. "You're getting us caught up," Noah observed.

"I was only gone a week. It shouldn't take that long to catch up. We have the rest of August before summer is over."

Noah nodded. "You might make a pretty good bike mechanic some day." That was the closest to an outright compliment that Noah had given him. Brian smiled and continued to work. He knew he was doing good work. The feedback he got from customers told him that.

On Friday Noah asked him what his plans were for the weekend.

"I don't know, the usual I guess – work on Saturday and church on Sunday. Why do you ask?"

"The weather is supposed to be decent, I was thinking about riding out to Keystone after work on Saturday and maybe fishing a little."

"Wouldn't that put you back kind of late on Saturday evening?"

"No, I'll just throw up a tent and crash," Noah shrugged. "Then fish some more on Sunday morning, or whatever." He glanced at Brian to see how he reacted to that.

Brian thought for a moment before he responded. He sensed that there might be more to this than a simple bike ride. "You looking for some company?"

Noah smiled without looking directly at Brian. "Yeah, maybe."

"What would I need to bring?" Brian asked.

"Sleeping bag, personal gear. Fishing stuff if you want to fish," Noah advised him. "You don't want to try and carry very much when you're biking."

"Right. So you want to leave after work tomorrow?"

Noah looked over at him and smiled. "Yeah, that would be OK."

"What about food?" Brian asked.

"There is a little cafe on the lake. We can get something there," Noah shrugged.

"Sure, keep it simple," Brian agreed. "Sounds like fun. I'm up for it."

Noah looked over at him and smiled as if he were a little surprised that Brian had accepted. "Yeah, it might be fun."

Brian shared his plan with the family. "Sorry, but I guess I'll miss church."

"That's OK. You need to do some things for fun," Marco told him. "If you work with Noah I guess you know him fairly well."

"Yeah, he's OK I think. He is kind of quiet but seems like a good guy. He knows his stuff and we get along OK. We have done some Sunday afternoon riding together," Brian chuckled. "He is hard to keep up with."

"Cool, Brian's going on a bike hike!" Ben grinned.

"Can we go?" Sam asked.

Marty laughed. "That might be a little more than you're ready for. Besides, this is Brian's chance for a little getaway."

"Great! See you Sunday afternoon. Have fun," Marco smiled.

Brian packed a small rucksack with his biking togs, clean socks and a few toiletries and decided he was ready to go. He tossed the sack over his shoulder, rolled a sleeping bag up tight, strapped it behind the bike saddle and rode his bike to the shop on Saturday morning. As usual, Noah was there ahead of him and smiled when he saw him ride up on his bike.

"We riding out to Keystone?" Noah asked.

"I'm ready if you are."

"It's not that far out there, maybe 25 miles. If we can get out a little early we should have plenty of time," Noah guessed. "Let's knock this stuff out so we can scoot."

With no further conversation the two set to work on what was in the shop and had things cleared out by four-thirty.

Noah looked around then stepped into the showroom to speak to Wayne and came out smiling, "Let's go. I told Wayne we were going to ride somewhere and he said we could take off."

"OK, Let me change out of these clothes into my bike shorts and I'll be ready," Brian told him.

"Right, me too," Noah picked up his bag and stepped into the employee restroom and held the door for Brian.

The restroom also served as the repository for cleaning supplies and was roomy enough for both of them. Brian hesitated because this would be the first time they would see each other in the nude, even if only for a moment. He thought about the 'three second rule' and went inside to change.

When he stepped in Noah was already naked and stepping into his bike shorts. He was tall and slender yet obviously strong, and his long dark penis swung from side to side as he stood on one foot and stepped into the bike shorts. He pulled the stretch shorts up snug then pushed his penis down the left leg and reached for the Lycra jersey. As he pulled it down around his waist he looked at Brian with the trace of a smile. The process had taken a bit more than three seconds. Brian quickly turned and pulled his bike togs out of his sack and began to change into them. The close fitting riding clothes accentuated his muscular body. When he turned back around Noah was still looking at him with the faint smile still on his lips.

"You ready?" Noah asked.

Brian stuffed his shorts and T-shirt into the rucksack and tossed it over his shoulder.s "After you."

Noah rode off with Brian following. The rode up into downtown Tulsa and got onto the old Katy railroad right-of-way which was a dedicated bicycle route as far west as San Springs. From the end of that they followed a combination of streets and easements until they had paralleled highway 412 all the way to Lake Keystone.

They pulled to a stop in front of the Pier 51 Cafe at just after six o'clock. "Little G's," the sign said.

"Let's get something to eat." Noah suggested.

"That's a great idea. All I had for lunch was a bag of chips and a Pepsi, I'm starved."

"Me too. I've been here before. Their burgers are OK but they have steaks too if you are really hungry." Noah advised.

"I might do a steak. Let's look at the menu."

The little restaurant sat out over the lake on a floating dock. There were more tables and chairs outside on a connecting dock. They decided to sit outside and looked around until a girl came out with two glasses of ice water and a pair of menus.

"What can I bring you to drink? We got beer and bar service if you like."

Noah looked at Brian. "Want a beer?"

Brian shrugged, "Nah, I'm underage and besides, I don't much like the stuff. I'll just drink ice tea."

Noah smiled, "Make that two teas."

They looked over the menu as their stomachs grumbled. "Have you had a steak here?" Brian asked.

"Yeah. It was OK, not Freddy's, but pretty good."

"I like steak if it's tender but I don't much like to have to gnaw on it. I think I might try the grilled chicken breast."

"Sounds good," Noah considered for a minute. "I am going to go for the rib-eye. Maybe I'll get lucky."

They ordered then sat back to wait.

"So you ride out here to eat before or what?" Brian wondered.

"Yeah. A couple of times with friends. Or by myself."

"You have some friends you ride with?"

"Sometimes," Noah shrugged. "Actually, I'm not all that sociable."

"Yeah? Like what do you do besides work for Wayne and ride your bike?"

"Not too much really. I train in the spring so I can do Freewheel. When I was in high school I played soccer some on a club team but really didn't socialize much." Noah spoke slowly and watched for Brian's reaction.

Brian chuckled. "Sounds like me. I love Scouts and liked to play baseball before I started working, but other than that I'm kind of a homebody."

The waitress brought them their food and they focused on eating.

"Steak's not bad," Noah observed. "Here try some," and he cut about a third of it off and scooted it onto Brian's plate.

"Thanks," Brian said, and responded with a generous part of his chicken breast. "It's nice to share I guess."

As the food disappeared the conversation dwindled along with the food.

They took a refill on ice tea then sat back to look around the lake. Just across from the restaurant was another floating dock with boat slips, and a few boats were making their way in and out as people returned from fishing or water skiing.

"It's nice out here," Brian said.

Noah nodded. "Yeah, it would be nice to have a boat go for a spin on the water I guess."

"You have much in the way of family?"

"Me? No, I got an older sister, that's about it. My folks split a long time ago and I quit school and went to work."

"Really? You live by yourself?"

Noah nodded. "Since I was 15."

Brian took this in but made no comment.

"I gather from Wayne that you live with two guys."

"Yes, Marco and Marty Montgomery, and their two boys."

"I have seen the twins in the shop. They look like Marco. Are they his boys?"

"No, they are adopted," Brian paused. "Marco and Marty are married actually."

"I see," Noah nodded but did not change expression. "I was going to guess that Marty was your dad, but I guess not."

"No, I just live with them. It's kind of complicated."

"Hey, I didn't mean to be nosy. Whatever works for you is cool with me."

"No, that's OK. It turns out to be a really good situation for me. I was not in a good place before and Marco and Marty have been nice to me. And the twins are a lot of fun. I really enjoy them. They are as much family as I have ever known."

Noah smiled and nodded, "That's really cool. Maybe we've both had a couple of bumps in the road, eh?"

Brian smiled. "Probably most people have if you get to know them."

Noah seemed to think about that, then asked, "You about ready to go?"

"Sure. Do we pay inside?"

"I think so. We didn't get a check."

They went inside and waved at their waitress who trotted over and pulled a check pad out of her apron. "Sorry, I hope everything was OK. Separate checks?"

"Yes please," Brian told her.

They paid up, adding a nice tip and walked back out to where they had chained their bikes together.

"Where to now?" Brian asked.

"There are some places for tents with picnic tables just around the cove. It shouldn't be too crowded."

There were several big cabin tents set up and a beat up camper occupied by an old guy who appeared to be a long term resident. On the far end were several empty spaces and they took the last one.

Noah had a small nylon tent in a bag under his seat. He popped it open and set it out on the grass next to the picnic table. He had a very tightly rolled sleeping bag that he tossed inside. Brian unrolled his and threw it in next to Noah's. They would be cozy.

They sat down side by side on the picnic table and looked out over the lake. There were a few boats pulling skiers but it was beginning to grow dark and was pretty quiet.

Noah looked out over the water. "I'm sweaty and stink like a pig," he said. "I'm going to get wet and rinse off."

With that he walked down to the edge of the lake and waded in pulling his jersey off as he walked in until he was waist deep. He sloshed his jersey around in the water, wrung it out, tossed it over his shoulder than bent over and pulled off his bike shorts, rinsing and squeezing them out like the jersey. When he had rinsed out his togs he turned back at Brian and smiled.

Brian considered the situation for a long moment. He mentally asked himself what Marco would think about this situation, then heard a small voice in his head telling him to go for it. It felt right somehow. He stood and waded out into the water to where Noah was standing. When he drew close enough he could look down into the water and see that Noah was erect although Noah made no comment.

Brian stripped off his jersey and then the bike shorts and began to rinse and rinse the sweat from them. He tossed them over his shoulder and looked down at himself in the water. Now they were both erect.

It had been a long time since Brian had done anything with anybody and he felt shy, hesitant, not wanting to do the wrong thing. Perhaps he was still unsure of what Noah's intention was. Then Noah looked around to see that no one was watching, smiled shyly and gently placed his hand on Brian's shoulder, passing it over his chest. Brian put his hand over Noah's and sighed. It was not clear who moved first, but suddenly they had drawn close enough that their bodies were touching and their arms were around each other. It was gentle and unhurried, an exploratory hug. The sides of their faces were pressed together as were their erections. They were still except for passing their hands over each other's back and shoulders.

Brian pressed his lips into the crook of Noah's neck, not really a kiss, but a gentle touching. He exhaled and gave out a quiet moan.

Noah leaned back and looked into Brian's eyes. "You OK?" he asked with concern.

Brian looked back at him and smiled. "Yeah, I'm OK. It's just really been a long time." Noah turned and took Brian's hand. "Let's go up," he said and pulled his wet bike togs off to cover himself as they walked up to the tent. Bending over they crawled inside and stretched out side by side on the sleeping bags. Brian lay on his back looking at the top of the tent while Noah lay on his side with his head propped up on his hand and looked at him.

"Do you have somebody?" Noah asked.

"You mean like a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, like that."

Brian chuckled. "No, nobody. I never have really. You?"

"I thought I did one time, but it turned out to be a bad idea."

Brian turned to focus on Noah. "What are we doing Noah? Is this just for fun or does it mean something?"

Noah inhaled. "That's kind of a serious question. I don't know, I think you're very attractive and I just thought... I don't know."

"Yeah, I know. I'm not saying I don't want to do something with you, I just wondered how casual this is. It would be nice if it meant something."

Noah frowned a little, "How long has it been since you did anything?'

"Summer before last."

"Really? So this would be like a big deal to you."

Brian nodded, "Pretty much."

"I guess you figure I do this all the time."

"I don't know that much about you at all. Today was the first time we ever talked about anything but bike repairs." Brian paused. "I like you though. I enjoy riding with you."

Noah smiled. "That's a start." He rubbed his hand over Brian's chest. "To tell you the truth, I haven't done that much either. I got really burned a couple of years ago and have kept my head down since then. I basically watch porn and make love to my fist."

Brian snorted, "Really?"

"Yeah, is that funny?"

"It seems like we have the same lover."

Noah's hand passed down over Brian's belly. "Maybe we could trade fists?"

Brian lifted his arm and let the back of his hand rest on Noah's pubes. "I could see that."

Without looking away from Brian's eyes, Noah ran his hand down to grip Brian's erection, causing him to sigh and shiver. "How's that?" he asked.

"Oh, that's nice," Brian whispered, and he took Noah in his hand and cupped his fingers under his balls.

Noah leaned close to Brian's face and whispered. "What would you do if I kissed you?"

Brian put his hand behind Noah's neck and kissed him as an answer. Their reserve fell away and they began to kiss each other deeply and press themselves together.

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