Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 21

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

They all woke up fairly early the next morning, Marty being the first with Marco behind him. Marco tapped on Brian's door and heard him say, "I'm up."

He got essentially the same response from Sam and Ben. It was different sleeping in a strange bed. Besides, this was the day of Irene's funeral and that was on everybody's mind. Marco went into the kitchen to find something to eat. There was most of a cake and a peach cobbler on the counter, and the refrigerator was half filled with casseroles and some sliced ham. The idea had been to provision them for several days. There was plenty.

Marco told the boys to go ahead and dress in their nice clothes as they might not be back before the funeral. They selected from amongst what was available and other than using the microwave decided there was no point in trying to cook breakfast.

Sam and Ben were sort of clinging to Marty who understood that they were trying to console him but didn't know any other way.

"How did you sleep?" Marco asked him.

"Oh, pretty well I guess," Marty told him. "I tossed around a little. I hope I didn't keep you awake."

"How are you doing?"

"I don't know, I feel pretty guilty. She was down here all by herself. You know."

"She never wanted you to be a mama's boy Marty."

"I know. I'm fine," Marco reached over and patted his hand.

"The funeral home asked if we could come over at about nine," Marty told them. "They want to give us some private time before the viewing starts at ten."

Sam and Ben exchanged glances. This was starting to get very real. They picked at their food.

"What can I do to help?" Brian asked, looking at Marty.

"Just be here for Sam and Ben," Marty smiled at him. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for us this week. You've been great."

Brian shrugged and looked pleased, but did not reply.

Marco tidied up the kitchen and they all got in Marty's new Sienna. There was room to spare. Marty drove without comment. It was very quiet.

The funeral home was a low brick building with a white portico in front. On the side street was a black hearse and long black limo. Inside they were greeted by an officious woman in a plain black dress. A heavyset man was sitting in a lobby chair. There was soft organ music playing in the background.

"Hello Marty, it's nice to see you today," she stuck out her hand and shook with him in a professional way. "Marco." she offered her hand then looked at Sam, Ben and Brian. "And these are your boys?" she smiled again but did not offer her hand.

"I believe everything is ready. Can I get something for you, coffee?" she offered.

"No thank you. We have had breakfast," Marty told her.

"Well," she waved her hand at a small room in which was a casket and a lot of flowers. There were soft lights, comfortable chairs and several boxes of tissues in obvious locations. Marco put his hand on Ben's shoulder and Marty put his on Sam's, and they walked solemnly into the room with Brian following.

Sam and Ben recognized their Grandma, but she looked different somehow. She had on more makeup than usual, and her skin was not quite the right color. She looked nice but her expression was stiff. When they saw her she always seemed to be smiling. They stared down at her but had nothing to say. This didn't seem like their Grandma.

Brian stepped cautiously next to them and looked at the older lady. This was the first time he had seen her and her appearance meant little to him. This was Marty's mother, Sam and Ben's grandmother, but she was a stranger to him. He glanced at the boys and stepped back to sit in one of the chairs. Marty and Marco kept their arms around the boy's shoulders as they stood quietly. The soft music played in the background.

"Do you want to say anything to Grandma?" Marty asked them.

The twins looked at him and then at each other. "She looks nice," Sam said very quietly. Ben nodded.

"She loved you boys very much," Marty told them. They nodded solemnly but had no words.

The lady in the black dress had remained standing at the door. Now she approached them quietly and looked at Marty as if asking for his approval. He turned and nodded to her. "She looks nice," he said.

The lady handed half a dozen long stemmed red roses to Marty, smiled and stepped back.

Marty stood for a moment then realized what they were for. He offered them to Sam and Ben. "Would you like to give these to Grandma?" he asked.

They looked at the roses, then at Marty. Understanding, they each took one and hesitantly laid them across her folded hands. Now the tears began to flow.

"Goodbye Grandma," Sam said in a choked voice. Ben didn't say anything but put his arm around his brother as they stood close together. Marty put his arms around both of them and held them close. Marco stepped back and went to sit next to Brian.

Marty whispered something to the boys and they stood together for several minutes, then turned away and sat together on a small settee, making use of the tissues.

Marco looked over at Marty. "We are never ready for this sort of thing," he stated the obvious. Marty nodded his head and blew his nose.

People began to arrive and offer condolences. Brian looked at Marco for approval, Marco nodded and Brian led the boys outside and into the yard for some air.

"Let's take a walk," Brian suggested.

They walked aimlessly around the block and down the street. Sam and Ben stayed close to Brian but couldn't think of anything to say. Brian let them walk quietly. Ben kicked a rock that lay in the street.

"She looked funny," Ben said finally.

"She had on a lot of makeup," Sam observed.

After a minute Ben added, "But she looked nice."

"Yeah," Sam agreed. They walked a few more blocks then turned and started back. Sam and Ben walked on each side of Brian and he took their hands.

Brian felt sad. Not because of Irene as he had not really known her, but because Sam and Ben were so sad. He thought of several things he might say, but none of them felt right, so he said nothing, just walking along holding their hands until they got back to the funeral parlor. They didn't go back inside but sat on a small bench in front and watched people go in and out.

After some time, Marco came out and asked them, "You ready to go?" They nodded and followed him to the big black limousine.

The fat man drove and the lady sat in the front seat. Marco and Marty sat in the back with Brian between them while Sam and Ben sat facing them on a pair of jump seats. The lady turned as if she was going to say something, looked at Marty's wet face and turned back around. They drove to the church with the black hearse following.

The fat man opened the door of the limo and shepherded them inside the little Methodist church. A lot of people were already inside. Irene's friend Ronald was at the door waiting for them and joined them as they walked inside. The minister said something and everyone stood as they were led to the front pew and seated. When they sat down so did everyone else. After a minute the fat man supervised as a group of men in dark suits walked in next to the casket which was perched on top of a folding gurney and positioned it at the front, then they sat behind the family. The organist was playing some hymns and when everyone was seated she stopped, and the minister began the service.

It was probably a nice service but to Sam, Ben and Brian it was something of a blur. When the service concluded the casket was wheeled to the back of the church and the lid was raised so everyone could have a last look at Irene. Everyone stood as the family was ushered out and past the casket. Sam and Ben glanced at their grandmother but did not stop. Marty and Marco stood near the door but Brian led Sam and Ben outside to wait as the people passed by and paid their condolences to Marty.

Ronald paused and said to Marty, "I'm sorry Marty. Irene was a dear lady." Then he went out with the rest.

Marty knew some of them and had composed himself, thanking them and greeting them graciously. She had a lot of friends.

When everyone had left, the minister walked them to the limo and they got back inside to drive to the cemetery. They pulled up to an open canvas tent which covered a mound of dirt with a rectangular hole in the center. It was covered loosely with a carpet of cheap artificial grass with two rows of folding chairs on one side. The family was seated then the men who had sat behind them went to the hearse to help bring the casket to the grave site to be positioned in a frame over the hole in the ground. Sam and Ben watched with big eyes.

A smaller group of people arrived and the minister took his position near the head of the casket and began to say some things. It was shorter than the service at the church. They all said the Lord's Prayer, and some other things, then the minister took a handful of dirt from under the carpet and tossed it on top of the casket. "Dust to dust, ashes to ashes...," he recited, then they were through.

They all stepped away from the grave and the boys retreated to the limo as Marty and Marco spoke to some of the people. Through the window of the limousine they watched as some workmen pulled the carpet back and turned a crank on the frame to lower the casket into the hole.

To Sam and Ben, this became all too real and they turned to Brian and leaned into him to cry. He put his arms around their shoulders and patted them softly. It was all over now. Marco and Marty came back to the limo, looked at the three boys in the back seat and sat on the jump seats for the ride back to the church then drove back to Irene's house.

Back at the house, the boys were sent to change out of their good clothes and they all sat down in Irene's living room. Marty looked over at his boys and told them, "You guys did great. I was really proud of you. I know this was tough." To Brian he said, "Thanks, Brian. I don't know what we would have done without you."

After an awkward moment, Marco stood up and rubbed his hands together. "I'm hungry. Anyone want something to eat?" Without waiting for an answer, he went to the kitchen and began to get out some food. Things were returning to normal.

The next day they drove back to Tulsa in Marty's new car. Someone from the church would come to dispose of the leftover food. Marco drove and Brian sat in the back with the twins. After they stopped for gas and a snack, Sam and Ben decided to try out the third row seat and Brian sat alone in the center, ignoring the giggling from behind him. It was good to be going home.

Church on Sunday was a relief. No sad faces, no solemn ceremony, just the familiar faces of friends that they knew. David and Wayne asked how it was going and Marty told them he was fine. That was all that was said.

School was also a relief. Brian was back at the bike shop after school and Tuesday night was scouts, Brian driving them to the meeting in Marty's old Camry. It was Brian's now and he kept it as clean as he did his blue Shimano, which he still rode but now spent more time in the garage.

Brian liked his job at Wayne's bicycle shop. He was learning quickly and Wayne was happy with him. Occasionally he tried to help a customer when Wayne was busy, but he spent most of his time in the back with Noah. They were getting along very well.

Noah was about five years older than Brian and had worked for Wayne for several years. Basically he took care of the repairs and Wayne left him alone. As a result, Noah was as much Brian's boss as Wayne was. He was a tall lanky young man with a shock of curly black hair and round horn-rimmed glasses that perpetually slid down his long nose. He was an attractive enough guy, although not exactly ordinary looking. Noah was on the quiet side, preferring to keep busy rather than make small talk, and they got along well together. He was always in the shop when Brian got there, and often stayed after Brian left for home.

"Were you ever in scouts?" Brian asked him one time.

Noah looked up from a bike, peering over the top of his glasses. "No, I never did scouts. I guess I liked to play soccer." He returned his attention to the bicycle.

Brian took the hint and focused on his repair. Not to say that they weren't congenial. Brian was a hard worker and when Noah tried to show him how to do something, he spoke in a soft but friendly voice.

He stood back and watched as Brian was bent over installing a twenty-one speed dérailleur on a new bike. "You're doing a good job with that," he said.

Brian looked up. "Thanks." He thought for a moment then asked, "Do you ride a lot?"

"Oh yeah," Noah answered. "If I'm not here, I'm riding my bike."

"Where do you like to ride?" Brian asked, keeping his eyes on the dérailleur.

"I ride to and from the shop, and I like to run up to Chandler Park sometimes. That's a good workout." Noah stood and wiped his greasy hands on a rag and looked at Brian. "You ride much?"

"I rode more before I got my car, but I love that Shimano. I ride on Rivertrail sometimes."

Noah looked at him and nodded. "You should do Chandler Park with me. You would like that."

Brian glanced up. "Yeah? I might do that." They went back to work but Brian thought that was an interesting idea.

On Saturday they stopped for a coke break and Noah looked at Brian again. "What do you do on Sundays?" he asked.

"I usually go to church with my family, but I'm not doing much after church, why?"

Noah shrugged. "I think I'm going to ride up to Chandler Park."

"Yeah?" Brian looked up at him.

Noah nodded. "Want to come?"

"Sure, I guess so. Can we do it after one o'clock?'

"You know where it is?"

"Yeah, I think so. You want to meet there?"

"Let's meet here and ride over." Noah suggested.

It was a deal. Brian rode his bike over to the shop to find Noah waiting for him. Noah was wearing black Lycra bike shorts and a tight jersey. He looked very different from his usual baggy shop clothes. He looked pretty good, actually. Brian's eyes involuntarily looked at the long bulge that ran down the left leg of Noah's shorts. Brian had on gym shorts and a T-shirt.

"You like the riding togs?" Brian asked.

Noah nodded and smiled. "They're comfortable and keep you from getting chaffed. You ready?"

"Right." Noah took off and Brian followed.

Brian was used to riding and was in good shape, but Noah set a fast pace, rolling up to 21 st Street then west over the river and onto Avery Drive. Brian kept up but felt pushed. When they curved through the five miles to Chandler Park, Noah wheeled left and started up the long hill. He glanced back at Brian and called, "You OK?"

Brian nodded, stood up and cranked. The hill to Chandler Park was well known, or infamous as some would call it. It was long and very steep. A lot of serious bikers used it as a challenging training ride. Noah pushed up the hill in one of his higher gears and it was hard for Brian to keep up. He dropped a gear and did the best he could, gasping for breath when they reached the top with Brian somewhat back.

Noah let off and rolled forward, looking back at Brian with an amused smile on his face. He had established who was the stronger rider. He pulled over and waited.

Brian panted, "You're hard to keep up with!"

Noah smiled and seemed only moderately out of breath. "I thought you rode?"

"Not like that!" Brian laughed.

Noah grinned and pushed off. "Come on."

They rode around the big park overlooking the city of Tulsa. It ran past a swimming pool, a playground and several picnic areas. There was a long disc golf setup that crisscrossed the road. The slower pace gave Brian a chance to get his breathing back to normal.

Noah circled around the far end of the park then part way back, and down a side road to stop at a rugged rock ledge. "I know what this is," Brian told him. "I have come out here rappelling with the scouts."

"Right. You like that?"

"Sure, that's fun. It scared the crap out of me the first time I tried it, then I couldn't get enough of it," Brian chuckled.

Noah smiled. "You ever go to one of those big scout places? Like Philmont, you know?"

"No, no. I would like to, but I've never done it."

"But you like to camp, right?"

"Oh sure. I have gone camping with the scouts a lot of times."

Noah nodded. "You should do Freewheel."

"Freewheel?" Brian didn't know what that was.

"Right. That's a big across the state bike ride every June. Basically you start in Texas near the border and ride to Kansas in a week."

"Really? That sounds like fun."

"It is," Noah told him. "You should do that. I go every year."

"OK, I will think about that."

"You ready?" and without waiting for an answer took off back towards Tulsa.

The long hill was a lot more fun going down than going up, and they flew down and sailed around onto Avery again and pumped around the curves. Brian looked ahead at Noah as he cranked his bike and admired the muscles in his friend's long back and legs. There was more to this guy than met the eye.

They rolled into the parking lot of the bike shop and stopped. "I have a key. You want to come in for a soda?" Noah asked.

"Sure." Brian was ready for a cold drink.

Noah let them in the back door and pulled two cokes out of the shop refrigerator, handing one to Brian. They sat down on a small bench and drank deeply.

"Hey, this was fun. Thanks for asking," Brian said.

"If you are serious about doing Freewheel, you probably want to do some training. Get in better shape, you know?"

"Right. It's hard to find the time though."

"We could ride together," Noah suggested.

After they pitched the empty cans in the trash, Noah got up and walked into the front of the shop. "Come here and look at something," he said.

Brian followed him and found him sorting through a rack of bike shorts. Noah held one up to him.

"These are pretty good and they aren't that expensive."

Brian looked at them and held them up to himself. "You think so?"

Noah nodded. "You can try them on."

For some reason Brian suddenly felt uncomfortable. He realized that he found Noah attractive and the idea of changing into the bike shorts with him watching rang an alarm bell in his head. He thought about the three second rule and hesitated.

"I'm all sweaty right now. Maybe later. They do look pretty good though." He looked at the price tag and mentally deducted his employee discount. "I'll check them out on Monday."

He put the shorts back on the rack and looked ready to go. They walked out and Noah locked the door behind them. "See you tomorrow," he said and rode away.

Brian rode home thinking about spending a week riding and tenting with Noah. It was an interesting idea.

In July the twins turned twelve and wanted to go to Silver Dollar City for their birthday. "I don't know, that's quite a trip," Marco told them.

"Please!" We can take Tyron and Bobby and it will be really fun.

Marco and Marty exchanged looks. They could use a fun trip.

"Well, you need to see if it's OK with their parents."

It was. The prospect of someone else taking their kids to the park was appealing. The plan was to leave early on Saturday and return late on Sunday. That would give them most of two days at the big amusement park. They loaded themselves into the Sienna and picked up Tyron and Bobby. Brian of course was welcome, but working.

It was about a two hour drive but an easy one, and they arrived at the park before noon. They bought two day passes and walked in for a day of adventure. Marty had been there when he was in high school but it was a first for Marco. They considered trying to stay with the boys but realized that would probably be futile.

"Listen, can we trust you guys to be on your own?"

"Yes, we are almost First Class Scouts and scouts are trustworthy. Besides, we have cell phones and you can check on us, right?" They made it all sound so easy.

Marco sighed and agreed. They were to meet them for supper at five and scampered off together. "Will we ever see them again?" he asked Marty, who shrugged and smiled. They had the day to themselves, and the boys had proven to be fairly trustworthy. They hoped for the best.

The four friends did stay together and had a great time riding everything they could find the time for. It was a big park and there was a lot to do.

Marco and Marty wandered around and were more interested in the artisan crafts than the rides. They were all doing what they wanted to do.

At five o'clock the happy scouts ran up to find their footsore parents waiting for them. They ate their fill while the boys related their adventures. There had been no mishaps. They took their time walking through the park on the way to where the car was parked and drove to their hotel. The rooms had been reserved earlier and they rode the elevator up to where a pair of adjoining rooms were waiting.

"Cool, we get our own room," Ben exclaimed.

"Now once you go in the room, you can't wander off," Marco told them sternly. "We don't want to lose anybody. There are a pair of double beds and a big TV, so you should be all set. We are on the other side of that door, and we will be listening, so hold it down, OK?" Marty smiled.

Solemn oaths were taken and Marco stuck a cooler full of soda and snacks in the room, then closed the door. He and Marty entered the room next door which was equipped with a king size bed. "This might be alright," Marty smiled again.

In their room, Marco and Marty sat and talked for awhile then decided to take a shower.

"This is kind of like old times," Marco said. "Remember our trip to Eureka Springs?"

"Oh yes. We did have a nice time on our honeymoon. No kids, plenty of time on our hands. Those were the days," Marty recalled.

Marco gave Marty an affectionate kiss. "I think we remember how to Mambo, hmm?"

Marty rubbed his partner's crotch. "Let's shower first, OK?"

They went into the bathroom and undressed each other, stepped in the shower and played with each other like in the good old days. First a nice wash, then some inspired oral sex. They dried each other off using the same towel and slid into the big bed to snuggle close. They were careful not to make any loud noises and were pleased to note that their horizontal Mambo was as satisfying as ever.

They still enjoyed sex together on a regular basis, but this was somehow much nicer. The boys were safely next door and the door was latched. There was an unspoken agreement that they would not disturb each other unless it was necessary. They suspected that they would not be disturbed.

After they filled each other with warm sperm, they snuggled together and drifted off to sleep. As parents, their ears were unconsciously alert for the sound of violence next door, but all was quiet.

Next door the four friends flopped down on the bed and started looking for something interesting on the TV. Sam and Ben really didn't watch much TV at home. They were allowed to watch cartoons on Saturday morning and the family sat down to watch a movie together sometimes, but the strict parental controls that Marty had installed prevented them from watching anything too interesting. Besides, they were busy with other things and mostly used the TV for video games.

They flipped through the channels and quickly were bored with the offerings then resorted to more interesting activities. They thought of the shower and wondered if they all four would fit inside. As luck would have it they had been assigned a room with a walk in shower and it looked to them like a veritable playground. They crowded into the bathroom and shushed themselves. They didn't want to attract any unwanted attention.

They undressed and tossed their clothes into a pile, dancing around looking at themselves naked in the full sized mirror while Ben adjusted the temperature of the water. They spent some time wiggling their asses and shaking their dicks at their reflections and snickering. There had been some changes since they had last engaged in a mutual inspection.

Sam and Ben had sprouted a significant amount of pubic hair in the last year and their pricks had grown considerably longer. Tyron was now sporting a very sizable penis and a crotch full of curly black hair. Even Bobby now had a light crop of straight red pubes and his mushroom was significantly longer. Things were looking up.

Sam and Ben had frequently checked on their own progress and were now able to produce a respectable amount of pale slippery stuff. Bobby and Tyron had not been able to check their mutual progress but the memory of a previous sleepover was clear in Bobby's mind. They all stepped in the shower ready to play.

First they took turns getting wet, shoving and rubbing against themselves as they traded positions. The four had known each other in scouts and baseball since they were eight and felt no shyness together. The resulting contact brought them quickly to an erect state which they found most amusing. They passed the bar of soap from one to another and washed everything that might be washed. Tyron still displayed some degree of modesty but the size of his penis made him the center of attention and he soon decided that he was willing to be washed and examined by the others.

As the play continued, washing progressed to some mutual rubbing of front to back as their wet slippery skin felt very nice. Fingers rubbed soap over slender backs and dropped to run through cracks as they stifled giggles. The unlimited hot water encouraged a lengthy and enthusiastic shower until Bobby slipped on the slick floor with a loud thump. Fearing the attention of the grownups in the adjacent room, they decided to curtail the activity and pulled off big towels from the bathroom shelf and began to giggle and dry each other off.

They had all brought a change of clothes and considered dressing in underwear, then decided to dare each other to remain naked. They sat down together on the floor and tried once more to watch TV but by now were distracted.

"Let's go to bed naked," Bobby suggested.

"We're already naked," Ben pointed out.

Bobby looked around. "I know, but it would be fun to sleep this way."

"That's no big deal," Sam said. "We do that all the time."

"Yeah, but you guys sleep in bunk beds. We are sleeping together," Bobby reminded him.

"OK," Ben yawned and climbed into one of the double beds. Sam looked at the other two and crawled in with his brother.

"You ready?" Bobby grinned at Tyron.

Tyron grinned and shrugged. "I guess." Bobby switched off the room light and got into the other bed with Tyron.

By now all four of the recently pubescent boys were feeling more than a little horny. Clearly, Bobby wanted to play, and he had been fascinated by Tyron's long black dick. Once before he had stuck his hand in Tyron's sleeping bag and he wanted to feel that thing again. When Bobby looked at Tyron naked in the shower, he had felt a funny tingle down below his stomach.

Sam and Ben had no strong objections to a little sex play, but what they were willing to do with each other was different from what they were comfortable doing with someone else. Other than Travis, they had never done anything with another person, and what Travis did was not their idea. So when the twins got in the bed, they almost automatically snuggled up close and began to fondle each other. This progressed to hugging and rubbing themselves and then to a very satisfying mutual masturbation. They had learned that it was a good idea to bring a dirty sock into the bed to contain the evidence. If they only had one sock, they shared it. At other times if they were in the mood for sucking, the sock wasn't necessary. Tonight they were a little shy about doing too much when their friends might be watching, so they limited themselves to a nice mutual hand job.

In the next bed, Bobby lay still for a minute, then turned on his side facing Tyron and lightly ran his fingers down his side.

"That tickles," Tyron whispered.

Bobby tried another approach and laid his hand on Tyron's stomach. When Tyron did not object, he scooted a little closer, leaned his forehead against Tyron's shoulder and began to gently rub his hand over Tyron's abs, circling between his navel and just above his bush of black pubic hair. He could feel the wiry hair on the heel of his hand when he circled past it and the sensation thrilled him, and caused his little dick to stand.

Tyron thought about what Bobby was doing and decided that he liked it. Probably he would not initiate such play, but if Bobby wanted to give him these nice feelings then why should he stop his red headed friend? Besides, truth be told, Tyron had taken a long look at Bobby's orange-red hair, his snow white skin and four inch purple-headed prick that stood flat against Bobby's stomach. He had watched as his black hand rubbed soap over Bobby's back. They contrasted well together.

Tyron took in a deep breath, let it out then raised his arms to put his hands behind his head and see what Bobby had in mind. Bobby took this as encouragement and moved his face under the bedcovers. The circle made by his hand went wider and passed over the patch of bushy hair. As he did so he felt Tyron's stiff cock touch the back of his hand. This excited him no end.

Bobby scooted closer and let his face lie lower on his friend's stomach and wrapped his fingers around Tyron's cock. He guessed it was six inches long and almost too thick for Bobby's fingers to close around it. He squeezed it for a moment then sent his hand under Tyron's scrotum, testing the round balls in their loose sack. At this point Tyron dropped his arm around Bobby's shoulder and pulled him just a bit closer. He was ready to play, and Bobby began to slowly stroke him.

When the four had briefly inspected each other at the twin's birthday sleepover, Tyron shyly admitted that his older brother was able to make sperm. What he did not reveal was that his brother had taught him several other things. He had mixed feelings about that sort of thing but remembered, and did not discourage Bobby from moving his face farther down his stomach until Bobby's nose was in his pubes.

Bobby liked the way Tyron's nice cock felt in his hand. Bobby sniffed at Tyron's pubes. They smelled mostly of soap, but contained another interesting smell. He gently stuck out his tongue until it touched something hard. Tyron inhaled and pushed on Bobby's shoulder. Having received permission, he pressed his lips against the hard shaft and licked it with his tongue, moved his lips up until he found the ridge of Tyron's cock head, and took it in his mouth. He had never done this before but found it to be very exciting. So did Tyron, who moved his hand down on Bobby's face and softly moaned. With this small encouragement Bobby raised up a little and tried to see how much of this long hard thing he could fit in his mouth.

Now Tyron spread his legs and looked down. He could faintly see the back of his friend's red hair against his dark belly. Bobby took most of Tyron in his mouth, then coughed and withdrew to catch his breath. Bobby discovered that he liked having this big thing in his mouth and sucked at it while his tongue explored the length of it. Bobby was committed and wondered what the slippery substance might taste like.

Tyron put both hands on Bobby's head and assisted him in moving up and down on his dick, thrusting up a little to see if it might go in deeper. Bobby coughed again, but persisted in his efforts as his friend breathed deeply, spread his legs wide and brought his heels up closer to his body. Both boys were enjoying this very much.

Bobby cupped his hand around the loose balls and rolled them around with his fingers as he felt the long hard penis in his mouth. He liked this and so did Tyron, who began to vigorously thrust himself inside the warm wet mouth. He glanced over at the other bed to see that the twins looked fast asleep, then pushed the covers down so he had a better view of Bobby on his cock.

When Bobby felt the covers being pulled away he stopped and looked up at Tyron who smiled and nodded his encouragement. Bobby glanced at the sleeping twins and went back to his work, bringing his free hand over Tyron's chest while the other held the soft bag of balls. Bobby discovered that he liked this play probably as much as did his friend. He liked the feeling of the hard cock in his mouth, the way the rigid cockhead felt as it passed under his lips. He liked the feeling of the stiff hair tickling his nose when he pushed his face against it. He liked the smell, he liked the taste. He liked this very much.

When Tyron had been introduced to this sort of thing by his older brother he had not much liked it. His brother had been rough and forced Tyron to suck him as they stood out in a shed behind their house. At the time felt a little frightened and his brother choked him with his heavy thrusts. The taste of semen was not pleasant and made him gag. Later he had jerked off and wondered how it would feel to be the one receiving pleasure. Now he knew. He could understand his brother's desire although not his roughness. This was very nice and he did not want to hurt his red haired friend. He held Bobby's face and stroked his cheek.

He felt his spunk rising and knew he was close to orgasm. He leaned down over Bobby's ear and whispered, "I'm gonna shoot."

Bobby understood and felt a little frightened but really wanted to know about the taste. He held the cockhead in his mouth and ran his tongue around it as the hot thick liquid filled his mouth. It was strange, salty and sweet at the same time. He rather liked it although he could only swallow part of it, the majority running out of his mouth and onto Tyron's belly.

When he shot, Tyron arched his back and pushed his head back on the pillows. He could feel the rush of semen as it erupted from his dick. There was no other feeling in the world so fine. Bobby pulled the excess from the hard cock and watched in fascination as it oozed out and dripped in Tyron's pubic hair. He looked up at his friend who raised his eyebrows and smiled back down at him. Bobby quickly decided that they had shared something very exciting and knew that he would like to do this again sometime, hopefully soon. He leaned over the end of the bed to retrieve a damp towel lying there and used it to wipe his friend clean.

Tyron's initial reluctance had mostly been from the bad experience he had at his brother's hands. This was very different. Bobby was his long time friend and had only tried to please him. Tyron was not convinced that this was to be his steady preference, but knew that this was nice, and he suffered no regrets.

Bobby had enjoyed the experience very much but still was unfulfilled himself. He lifted himself up and embraced his friend, hoping that Tyron would do the same for him. Bobby had never known what sucking felt like for himself, and hugged Tyron, burying his face into his neck. Tyron held him tight and ran his hands over Bobby's back and ass. He felt affection for his friend who had given him so much pleasure. Now he needed some himself.

Tyron kissed Bobby on the ear and pushed him over to his back. With another glance at the sleeping twins he leaned over and took Bobby in his mouth. This was easy. Bobby was much smaller than his brother and he fit nicely in his mouth. Recalling how nice it felt when Bobby ran his tongue around his cock, Tyron tried his best to make this nice for Bobby, who made quick gasping noises and held Tyron's head against him.

This was not so bad, Tyron thought. He opened his eyes and looked at the tight pink scrotum and sparse orange hair that were just outside his mouth. He almost laughed at Bobby's quivering body. It seemed amusing to see his young friend twitch beneath his face. He moved his head up and down, feeling the slender cock pass inside his lips and licked it with his tongue.

Bobby had been highly charged when this game began and it did not take much time before he was at the point of climax. He gave no warning other than a series of gasps, and shot his modest load in Tyron's mouth. The taste was not strong and the volume modest. Tyron kept it in his mouth and sucked his friend dry. When he pulled away he looked for a place to spit then simply swallowed. There really wasn't all that much. He looked at Bobby laying limp before him, his eyes closed, his mouth gaping open, a kind of weary smile was on his face. Tyron looked at him and smiled.

He pulled the covers over himself and his exhausted friend. They lay side to side and fell asleep.

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