Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 19

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

In Marco's mind, the really great thing about Brian was that he was willing to listen. Perhaps it was due to the level of trust that Brian had for Marco, and the degree of respect Marco had for him, but even when Marco spoke very frankly to Brian he took it if not positively, at least thoughtfully. As a result, Brian was turning a lot things around. It was working.

Sam and Ben were having a great summer. They would soon turn 11 and were enjoying baseball and Boy Scouts. They were finished with the requirements for Second Class scout and had even completed many of the requirements for First Class. They expected to reach that goal by the end of summer. But other important changes were taking place.

They had showered, returned to their room with damp towels around their waists and were getting ready for bed. Ben removed his towel and looked down at himself.

"Hey Sam. I think I'm getting some hairs!"

"Really? Let me see." Sam looked over, removed his towel and they carefully examined each other.

"Wow, you are! I see three little dark hairs," Sam admitted and then looked at himself. "I'm not -- not yet anyway."

"And my balls are getting bigger," Ben decided and then looked at his brother. "I think yours are too."

Sam lifted his scrotum, still loose from the warm shower. "Maybe. I think you're right," then he grinned, "Is your weenie getting longer too?"

The conversation had stimulated more than just their imaginations and both boys assisted themselves to mutual erections.

"Yeah, it is, and so is yours," Ben decided.

Sam looked back and forth between them. "I think yours is still a little bigger though."

Ben grinned. "I always have been, but just a little," he said quickly, not wanting Sam to feel bad.

They took hold of each other to test for size. They had never had any secrets between them and felt no embarrassment in this activity.

"Hmm, that feels nice," Ben said. "Do that some more, OK?"

This progressed to some serious mutual masturbation. It seemed to feel better than the last time they had engaged is such play.

"Bobby said that Tyron could make sperm," Ben confided.

"Really? How does he know that?" Sam wondered.

Ben shrugged, "I don't know, but he said that he could."

"Have Bobby and Tyron played with each other?"

"I don't know, maybe. But that's what Bobby said."

"Tyron kind of has a big one," Sam remarked as he pulled Ben's foreskin up and down.

"Yeah, he does," Ben had his eyes half closed and was enjoying Sam's attention while he closed his fist around his brother's stiffy.

"Um, I am about to get that nice feeling," Ben admitted. "Do it faster, OK?"

Sam obliged him, letting Ben release him while he lay back and enjoyed Sam's hand on his pud.

"Remember when Travis sucked on us?" Ben reminded his brother.

"Yeah, I do. That was weird."

"But it felt so good!" Ben recalled. "Do you want to do that?"

"Really? To you?" Sam asked.

"Who else?" Ben laughed. Then he said more earnestly. "I'll do it to you if you'll do it to me?"

"I don't know," Sam hesitated.

"Come on, you know you would like to"

Sam looked at his twin's hard little four inch penis, then bent over cautiously and took it in his mouth.

Ben twitched. "Oh yeah, that's nice!"

Sam began to suck harder and moved his head up and down, then stopped and sat up. "Now you do me, OK?" They were getting into this.

Without argument, Ben reversed himself and took Sam into his mouth. Sam moaned with pleasure. "Yeah! That feels really good."

"Um-hmm," Ben mumbled with his mouth full.

Suddenly Sam pushed his brother away and stroked himself vigorously. "I'm going to do it now," he cried and his penis began to twitch. "Oh, Oh! That was the best ever!"

Ben was getting excited. "Now you do me some more, OK?"

Fair was fair. Ben laid back and Sam began to suck him again. Ben put his hands on his brother's face and closed his eyes. "Keep doing it," he whispered. After a minute he tensed and felt that wonderful feeling come over him. "Ohhhh, yeaaah!"

Sam could feel Ben pulsing in his mouth and held still. Ben's foreskin was pushed back and Sam felt something a little slippery in his mouth. He pulled back and looked at his brother's dick. There was a small bead of clear fluid oozing out. "Did you do it?"

Ben looked down at himself and took the droplet between his fingers, feeling its slippery texture, "I think I did. I never did that before."

"Cool," Sam exclaimed. "How did it feel? Was it any different?"

"Yeah," Ben said. "That felt really good, Better than ever!"

Sam put his hand on Ben's stiff prick and held it. "I think you maybe made some sperm."

Ben looked at his fingers. "I don't know. It wasn't white like Travis' was."

"But it will be." Sam whispered. "I think we are going to do puberty like Daddy said we would."

"Yeah," Ben agreed. "This will be fun."

They retreated to their own bunks and considered the possibilities. This might be the start of some new experiences for them both.

July came and with it the twin's turned twelve. They had outgrown their old dirt bikes and wanted geared bikes like Brian's. Brian had an employee discount at the bike shop and arranged for Marco to buy them a pair of ten-speeds. Blue for Ben and red for Sam. They persuaded Brian to go riding with them around the neighborhood. They were clumsy shifting the new gears but Brian gave them some instruction and they caught on quickly.

Marco and Marty had to buy a pair of bike racks so they could all go over to Rivertrail and ride together. Soon that became a regular activity when the long summer days let Brian get home before dark. They were having fun as a family.

Brian was saving his money and by the end of summer had a tidy sum saved up. "How much do you have now?" Marco asked him.

Brian had opened a bank account as Marco suggested. He had used the cash in his shoebox for out of pocket expenses and had nearly depleted that, but the bank account was growing. He looked at his latest deposit slip and grinned. "$3,156.15, he reported."

"Really? That's more than I expected," Marco exclaimed.

"I haven't spent hardly any of it," Brian told him.

"Maybe you need to get a driver's license," Marco suggested.

"Oh, right, I guess I do," Brian said.

"Do the schools still offer Driver's Ed?"

"No, now they tell you to go to one of the driving schools," Brian told him.

"You need a license if you're going to be able to drive," Marco reminded him.

Brian nodded. "So where do I go?"

"I think I know a pretty good one," Marco said. "Let me check into that."

Knowing that Brian was anxious to get started, Marco made some phone calls the next day and sat down with Brian when he got home from school.

"The Tulsa Driving School is well recommended," Marco told him. "I called and if you have someone you can practice with, the cost is three hundred eighty dollars. It is ten hours of classroom, and six hours of behind the wheel instruction. It basically runs over two days of classroom and they will schedule the driving time with you individually. The days vary, but they have sessions that run every Saturday and Sunday. What do you think?"

Brian was excited. "That sounds good to me. What do I do?"

"Let me run you down there tomorrow and we'll get you enrolled. Bring your debit card."

Brian was pumped. "Alright!"

The first thing Brian did was to read the Oklahoma Driver's Manual from cover to cover. He was a quick study and thought he could remember it all. Brian made arrangements with Wayne at the bike shop and spent the next weekend learning how to drive, at least the classroom part. Over the next two weeks he scheduled actual driving time with the school and attempted to master the fine art of safe driving. The week after that he took his written test at the local Department of Transportation location and passed with flying colors. He had a permit although he was only to drive with another licensed driver until such time that he passed the driving test with a State Trooper.

As a precaution, Marco read the manual as well, just to brush up on the rules. It would not do for him to receive a lecture on the rules from a teenager. With Marco in the front seat, Brian spent several evenings driving through Tulsa and on the expressways for practice. Marco thought he handled the car quite well, and he had the rules down pat. When the big day came he passed his driving test with a ninety-five percent score.

"What did you do wrong?" Marco teased.

"I don't think he liked the way I parallel parked," Brian sighed. "It took me three tries."

Marco laughed. "Lots of people will drive out of their way to avoid parallel parking. Don't worry about it, you did fine. Congratulations."

As a sixteen-year-old he had some restrictions that limited his ability to chauffeur the twins but that period would soon pass. There is a sense of freedom and maturity that come with being able to drive, and his self-confidence rose.

Somehow, between school and work, Brian continued to work on his Eagle Scout. Unfortunately, there was no time for baseball. He hated to give that up, but it is not always possible to do everything. The prospect of earning enough money to buy a car took precedent. The Citizenship merit badges were a challenge and there was the matter of an Eagle Scout service project that was daunting, but he was determined to reach that goal. He kept plugging away.

When Brian's seventeenth birthday came in October he declined the offer for a birthday party.

"I don't know, I have to work every Saturday. Thanks for the offer, but I really don't have the time," Brian said.

"Well, what can we do for your birthday?" Marty asked. "What do you need?"

"Nothing really. I'm kind of focused on getting a car right now. Maybe something for the car if I ever get one."

"When do you plan to go car shopping?" Marco asked him.

Brian shrugged. "I don't think I'm really ready yet. I mean I probably need to save up more so that I can get something decent. And the driving course made me realize that I'll need insurance which will really be expensive for me."

"Marco and I have been talking about that actually," Marty told him. "My Camry is over ten years old and I have been thinking about getting something newer."

"Oh?" Brian thought this sounded interesting..

"I was looking at one of the new Toyota Siennas, you know the van? With baseball and scouts it would be nice to have something bigger. The one I was looking at holds eight passengers. It drives really nice and Marco could use it to haul kids around. In fact I talked to the dealer about trading in my Camry on a new Sienna."

"Those are nice,"Brian said. "You should get a good deal on your Camry. It's still in real good shape."

"Yes, it still drives pretty nice," Marty agreed. "I have maintained it well. That's the secret you know. Maintain a good car and drive it gently, and it will last a long time. The problem is it's too old to be worth all that much. The best I could do was to get him to offer me $2500 for it."

"Oh, it's worth more than that," Brian said.

"I think it is too," Marty said. "Do you think you would give me that same amount?"

"Really?" Brian asked in surprise. "Would you sell me your Camry for only $2500?"

"I would as soon sell it to you for that as the dealer," Marty told him.

Brian was excited. "I have more than that saved up. I guess I need to find out how much the insurance would cost though. Luke told me that his insurance costs more than his car."

"We've been talking about that too," Marco told him. "We can put you on our insurance policy for a lot less than it would cost you to get it on your own."

"Really? You would do that?"

"Why not? Don't you think you're worth it?" Marco asked him. "We do."

Brian looked rather stunned. "I, uh, I would pay you back."

"You might, or we could let you work it out by hauling the twins around sometimes. You're earning your keep," Marty smiled.

Brian shook his head. "I can't believe you would do that for me."

"Look, Brian. I went through much the same thing when Marty and I first got together. He convinced me that if I was serious about going on to college after high school, I needed to start saving real money. If we can help you with a car, then that will help you go on with school, and that's definitely something we want to see you do."

Brian nodded and smiled as his eyes got shiny. "Thank you," he said.

At the next pack meeting Sam and Ben were to receive their Second Class Scout awards and asked Brian to present it to them.

"Don't you want your Daddy or Papa to pin it on you?"

"No, Brian. We want you to do it. We would never had gotten Second Class without your help. Would you do it please?" Sam asked him.

"Are you sure?" Brian asked.

"We're sure," Ben told him. "You're the best scout ever and our big brother. You do it."

"You bet, little brother. I can do that," Brian smiled, and he did.

Just before Thanksgiving, Marty got a phone call with some bad news. "That was about Irene. Mom has had a stroke and is not doing well at all. I think I need to go down to see about her." Marty looked very serious. "I need to see her while I can."

"That doesn't sound good. Should I go with you?" Marco asked.

Marty nodded his head. "I might need you."

They went to Brian and gave him the news.

"I'm so sorry," Brian told them. "I think Sam, Ben and I will be OK if you trust us to look after ourselves."

"We trust you," Marco assured him. "You have both our phone numbers and if you have a problem you can call Wayne, or even Father Hoover. He is like family for us. We'll let him know you will be on your own for a few days."

"I really appreciate that," Brian said. "I'll take good care of things, I promise."

"We know you will. And you are getting to be a pretty good cook. Just don't set the back yard on fire with your Dutch oven," Marco smiled. Marty looked distracted.

"Is, is she like, dying?" Brian asked quietly.

Marty sighed. "I don't know. "She hasn't been in good health for some time and she's getting on. I hope she comes through this, but I need to see her. I'm sure you understand."

Brian nodded solemnly. "Just don't worry about us. We'll be fine."

Marco and Marty took Sam and Ben aside and sat down with them. Marty let out a deep breath and told them. "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your Grandma Irene is really sick and we need to go down to Austin to see about her."

Sam and Ben were not sure they really understood what he was saying. "Can we go with you?" Sam wondered.

"No. I'm sorry. She's in the hospital and it would you best if you guys stayed at home with Brian. He is a good guy and he'll look after things while we are gone."

"Will Grandma be OK?" Ben asked.

"To be honest, we don't really know guys. We are going to have to depend on you to be good and not give Brian any trouble. He is the boss while we are gone. Do you understand?" Marco asked with a serious face. "I hope we will only be a few days, but if she gets worse we might be longer."

Now the twins looked very sad. "We don't want anything bad to happen to Grandma," Sam whimpered.

"Neither do we, but we just don't know. Sometimes these things happen. We will let you know as soon as we can. You guys remember Grandma in your prayers." Marty tried to look reassuring but his voice betrayed his concern. "You guys be good for Brian, OK"

"OK." They nodded their heads solemnly.

After they told the boys, Marco called Father Hoover at home.

"I'm sorry to bother you so late, but I just wanted you to know that Marty's mother is in the hospital and we are going down to see about her. – Yes, I'm afraid it looks serious. – We don't really know, but Brian is going to be with Sam and Ben. – I think they will be OK. – We just don't know right now. We told Brian that he could call you. – Thank you sir. I think they will be fine, but we just wanted you to know what is going on to give you a head's up. – Yes sir, Irene, that's right. – Marty and I will appreciate your prayers, thank you."

Marco and Marty got up for the drive to Austin, Texas early the next morning. Marco tapped on Brian's door to let him know they were leaving. "I left some cash on the kitchen table. If we are going to be more than a few days I will get something more to you."

Brian asked, "How long do you think you will be gone?"

"I don't really know. Not long I hope. But if this goes downhill, Marty is going to want to stay with her. He is all she has, you know? If that happens I probably need to be with him."

"I understand. Please take care of Marty. I promise to take care of Ben and Sam."

"You'll be fine Brian. You get to be the man of the house for a little while." Marco smiled grimly and closed his door.

Brian tried to go back to sleep but that didn't happen. He waited until it was time for Sam and Ben to get up then tapped on their door. "You guys want some breakfast?" There was a muffled noise from inside. He went into the kitchen and looked around. He was on his own. He put the skillet on the stove and started frying bacon. That would get them up.

It worked. By the time the bacon was on a paper towel, Sam and Ben wandered in wearing underpants and T-shirts.

Brian looked at them. "Better get dressed and ready for school. I'll have some scrambled eggs and toast ready in a few minutes."

Ben looked sleepy. "Where's Daddy?"

"He and your Papa went to Austin, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Sam said. "They went to see about Grandma."

"That's right. Now you go get dressed and ready for school."

Sam and Ben looked at each other and disappeared into their bedroom. After a few minutes they came back in with their school clothes on and sat down at the kitchen table.

Brian sat three plates and glasses on the table and served up the bacon and eggs. A stack of toast was on a platter.

Ben sniffed. "That smells good."

"Help yourselves," Brian said and sat down with them to eat.

"Is Grandma going to die?" Sam asked very seriously.

Brian looked at both of them. "I don't know. I hope not."

"Are you going to take us to school?" Ben asked. "Daddy always takes us."

Brian realized this would make him late for his own classes. "Sure," he said. "I'll take you." He looked at the twins who were looking very solemn. "Look guys, everything will be alright. We can all do this, OK? You guys finish your breakfast and get your stuff for school – and put your dishes in the dishwasher." Brian quietly took charge.

Brian was 30 minutes late for class and went straight to the office. "I need to speak to Mr. Blankenship," he told the receptionist.

"You're late," she observed.

"Yes Ma'am. That's what I need to talk to him about."

She pushed a button and after a moment the Vice Principle came out.

"Hello Brian. I don't usually need to talk to you," he recalled.

"No sir. But I need to talk to you."

"Come in." The big man went into his office and Brian followed.

"Are you running late this morning?"

"Yes sir, and I might be doing that for a little while. That's why I need to talk to you."

"Remind me, what is your situation?"

"Well," Brian began. "I think you know Marco and Marty Montgomery. I have been living with them since the first of the summer."

"You don't say. I didn't know that. Yes, I know them. How is it that you are with them now? I thought you lived with your grandmother."

Brian hesitated. "I was, but that wasn't working out. I help Marco, Mr. Montgomery with the scout troop and he well, he asked me to stay with their boys."

Mr. Blankenship smiled, recalling when he had first become acquainted with Marco. "Well they are both Mr. Montgomery as I recall. Why don't we go with Marco and Marty?"

"Yes sir. Well, Marty's mother is real sick and they went down to Austin to stay with her and I'm sort of looking after the twins."

"I see, go on."

"Marco usually takes them to school but I'll have to do that until they get back," Brian explained.

Mr. Blankenship nodded. "And how do you know them?"

"Sam and Ben are in the same scout troop as me and Marco is an Assistant Scout Master. I'm the Senior Patrol Leader actually. But I used to help with their Cub Scout den. I've known them for about three years."

"And they left you in charge?"

"Yes sir. And I need to fix breakfast and get the boys off to school. And, uh, it's going to make me late."

"And how long will they be away?"

"I don't really know. They hope for just a few days, but if she, if she doesn't get better it might be longer." Brian was not sure how to explain this. "I guess it just depends on what happens."

The man leaned back in his chair and looked closely at Brian. "I don't recall ever having any problems with you. I do remember Marco quite well. For them to leave you in charge would tell me that they have a lot of confidence in you. They think the world of those boys."

"Yes sir." Brian was not sure what else to say.

"Well, I suppose I'll have to have confidence in you too. You do the best you can with that situation young man, and let me know if I can do anything to help out." He smiled and asked. "Anything else?"

Brian felt a great sense of relief. "No sir. Thank you sir."

"Alright then. You go on to class and I'll let your first period teacher know what your situation is." He stood to indicate that the conversation was over and Brian walked on to his class. He suddenly felt very grown up. It felt pretty good.

Brian had to ask Wayne to let him off work for a few days. When he explained the situation Wayne told him not to worry about it. Come back when he could. That was a relief. Three days later Marco called.

"Hey, how's it going?" Marco asked.

"We're doing fine. How is Marty's mother?"

"She is not doing very well," Marco told him in a solemn voice. "She knows us and was glad to see Marty, but she keeps fading in and out. I don't think it will be too long."

"What should I tell the boys?"

Marco hesitated. "Just tell them that Grandma loves them. I'll be in touch."

Brian went in to the living room to see Sam and Ben. "Your Daddy called."

"Did he say how Grandma is?" Ben asked.

"Well, he said she was not doing so great, but to tell you that your Grandma loves you."

The boys looked at each other with big eyes. "That doesn't sound so good."

"I don't know," Brian searched for words. "Are you saying your prayers for Grandma like your Papa told you to?"

"We aren't so good with that. That's kind of hard," Sam admitted.

Brian looked at the two sad eyed boys. "I'm not so good with that either. Just remember all the fun you had with her I guess." Brian had never actually met Marty's mother and felt no real sorrow that she was ill, other than that he was concerned for Sam and Ben.

Sam and Ben nodded. "OK."

Ben thought for a moment. "Maybe we should call Father Hoover. What do you think?"

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "He always knows what to do."

Brian had started going to church with the family after he moved in with them, but the whole idea of God and religion was still very strange to him. Father Hoover was always nice but he had not talked to him very much. Still, Marco told him that he could call. He opened his wallet and took out the number that Marco had given him. He called it and found himself trembling as he heard it ringing.

"Hello? This is Brian? I live with Marco and Marty Montgomery? – Well sir, not so good really. Marco called and, um.... – you just spoke with him? – Yes sir. That would be great if you came over. Sam and Ben are kind of upset. – Thank you."

"Father Hoover is coming right over," he told the boys. "Your Daddy called him."

Sam and Ben looked relieved. That had no doubt that Father Hoover would make things better somehow.

Within twenty minutes the doorbell rang and the boys opened it to find their old friend smiling at them. They took his hands and pulled him inside.

"Well hello boys. It is so nice to see you!" he said in the kindest voice Brian had ever heard. They went into the kitchen and sat around the table. Brian sat across from Father Hoover and Sam and Ben sat between them

"Well well, Samuel and Benjamin. And how are you two? I understand that Brian is looking after things while your parents are away."

"Brian is the boss of us until Daddy and Papa get back. Our Grandma is sick," Sam explained.

"Yes, I know. I spoke to your Daddy earlier today and he told me that she is not well."

Ben looked very serious. "Father Hoover, is our Grandma going to die?"

Father Hoover looked at both boys. "I can't say. That is not in my hands. But I know you are very worried about her."

"Yes, and we don't know what to do," Sam told him. "We want to see her again."

"Of course you do. You love her very much, don't you?" They both nodded.

"We wanted to go see her, but Daddy and Papa wouldn't let us come with them," Ben complained.

"When people are very sick, sometimes it is best that they are allowed to rest and let the doctors help them," Father Hoover explained gently.

"But maybe she'll die and we won't get to say goodbye to her," Sam told him, his lips quivering.

Ben nodded and both boys looked on the verge of tears.

The priest looked at Sam and Ben, and wondered if they were mature enough to have some understanding about death.

He began to speak in his deep and gentle voice. "Dear ones, how can I explain such things to you? We all are born, and we will all die someday. We are like flowers that bloom and grow and wither in time, and that time is not of our choosing. We can do all we can for someone we love who is old and sick, but the time may come when it can be a blessing to be released from her pain and suffering. I know that is very difficult to understand when we are young and strong like you boys are."

Sam and Ben partly understood but were not consoled. "But we don't want her to die," Ben insisted, and tears welled up in his eyes.

"No, of course you don't, because you love her. It is very hard to say goodbye to someone we love. It is one of the most difficult things in the world in fact," Father Hoover admitted.

The old man had tried to comfort families of the dying hundreds of times, and it never got easier. It was even more difficult when he felt so close to these lovely boys. He had counseled their parents, married them and encouraged them to adopt these very children. He had baptized these boys and loved them as if they were his own grandchildren. How could he console them when their grandmother lay dying far away?

He spoke softly. "Sometimes when we have no words, when we don't know what else to do, the only thing we can do, is ask the Lord to help us." He held out his hands. "Could we pray together?"

Sam and Ben took his hands without question. Brian had not spoken since the priest arrived and felt uneasy. To his knowledge he had never prayed before, other than to recite the little grace at meals that the boys had taught him. He didn't think he believed in God, and he knew he didn't believe in prayer. It just made no sense to him. They had talked about such things in scouts, but that was simply to meet a requirement and this was foreign to him. But he glanced at Sam and Ben and could not refuse. He bent his head and took their hands. Now they were joined around the table.

"Dear Lord," the old priest began, "We are very sad today because our dear grandmother Irene is very ill. We love her and miss her, and fear that we will not see her again in this life. We ask you to be with her and comfort her, and do what is best for her. And we ask you to comfort and console us. Help us to remember her love for us, and assure us of your love for us all. I ask you to bless your dear children Samuel and Benjamin and Brian, that we may be united in your love, and give comfort to each other. There are many things we do not understand dear Lord, but we are certain of your love. In Christ's name we pray, Amen."

Samuel and Benjamin solemnly said Amen as they had been taught. Brian could not speak. His eyes had filled with tears and he softly began to weep. He had never heard anyone pray for him before, and it filled him with an emotion that surprised him. He began to shake with sobs, not of grief, not of sadness, but with a sense of relief, as if a great weight had been lifted from him. He had no choice but to give himself over to it.

Sam and Ben looked up at him in surprise. They had no idea why Brian was crying like this but they loved him, and could only see that he was sad, and without thinking, they turned and embraced him, hugging him between them in an attempt to somehow make him feel better.

Father Hoover knew something of Brian's story because Marco had shared his concern for the boy. He knew that this boy had been denied the love of his father and mother and shown only a perversion of true love. Rather than interrupt, he let the tears flow. Brian had been touched by Father Hoover's simple prayer and it had started the tears flowing.

Now, embraced by these two innocents, he felt their unconditional love and compassion and was completely overcome by it. He tried to regain his composure but could not, and abandoned himself to his tears. So much pent up fear and sorrow and anger began to pour out of him, and he was powerless to stop it. They sat for a long time that way, Brian weeping and the boys gently holding him.

They didn't understand why he was crying, but they knew they loved him, and he knew he was loved.

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