Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 15

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

On Sunday Marco decided to call the parents of each of the boys in his den to tell them that they would meet Tuesday evening at the church that sponsored Brian's scout troop for the court of honor to celebrate Brian's Life Scout award. He talked to Leroy first who suggested that he wanted to attend and could take most of the boys in his van if they wanted to meet at Marco's house and go together. That seemed simple. When Marco called the other parents he suggested that and it was agreed to meet at six-thirty and let them all leave from Marco's house.

When they arrived they all piled in with Leroy and Marco to take the short ride to the church. Joyce said she was going to take Brian and would meet them there with Bobby. They were already there when Marco's den walked in together with grins on their faces. The seven Webelos sat together in their uniforms, looking very official. Brian saw them come in and came over to them. Marco, Marty, Leroy, Joyce and Lawrence's mother were all with them.

"Wow, you all made it," he said with a smile.

"We couldn't miss this Brian," Marco told him. "We are all very proud of you." Brian smiled and went back to where the other boy scouts were assembling.

Marco leaned over to Joyce and asked, "Do his mother or grandmother ever attend these things?"

Joyce shook her head. "No, never."

Promptly at seven, the ceremony started. Two boys marched in carrying the American and Troop flag, crossed to opposite sides when they reached the front and planted the flags in stands, then stepped back and one instructed. "Please rise." They raised three fingers in the Scout Sign to lead everyone in the pledge of allegiance, the scout promise and the scout law. Then he said. "Please be seated."

The scout master welcomed them and had a few words about the troop. He noticed that the Webelo den was present and recognized them. Then beginning with six Tenderfoot Scouts each boy was called forward and presented with his rank badge. They were followed by five Second Class Scouts, three First Class Scouts, and one Star Scout. For each boy, the Scout Master found a few words of praise for the work they had done, and someone came forward to pin the new badge to their shirt. Without exception they were mothers.

Finally it was time for Brian to receive his Life Scout award. When he came forward the scout master said, "Brian has been an outstanding scout. He has spent the last two years as a Den Chief and I believe the members of that den are present tonight." Turning to Brian he asked softly, "Who is presenting you with your badge?"

"In a firm voice Brian announced, "My Webelo Den leader and friend, Mr. Marco Montgomery."

Marco stood quickly and walked to where they were standing. The Scout Master handed him Brian's Life patch and Marco pinned it to his shirt. Marco stepped back smartly and shook his hand. "Congratulations, Brian." he said and found his eyes were moist.

"Thank you sir." Brian said firmly. "Thank you for everything." Then he stepped back with the other scouts and Marco took his seat.

There were some other things that were said and done but Marco was lost in his thoughts. His admiration for Brian was boundless. He reached over and took Marty's hand but said nothing.

After the meeting was over many family members were posing with their scouts for picture. Marco took Marty's arm and asked him. "Do you have your phone? We need some pictures."

"I'm never without it,"Marty replied. "Get them together." They stepped to the side of the church and posed themselves in front of a nice stained glass window. They arranged themselves with the boys in a row, Marco on one end and Brian on the other. Then Marty put Brian in the middle and took another. Next he had Leroy, Joyce and Lawrence's mom come in and stand next to their boys, Marco between the twins, and took one more.

Ben told Marty. "I want one of just us, Papa."

"Just you and Sam?" he asked.

"No, of our family – me and Sam, and Papa and you and Brian."

"Oh, right." Marty handed the camera to Leroy and asked if he would take the picture. They arranged themselves with Marco and Marty in back, and in front was Brian with Sam and Ben on each side of him. They all were smiling But Brian's eyes looked wet.

Later, Marty had copies made for each of the boys and an big 16X20 of Sam's 'family' picture. It was framed and added to the wall with the painting that Marco did for Marty and Marco's Indian. They made a nice arrangement. Brain would always admire it without comment when he came over.

And he started to come over more often. He never missed a den meeting but began to drop by at other times, always on his blue Shimano which he kept spotlessly clean. He talked with Sam and Ben about scouts, they played video games, and sometimes he tried to help them with their homework. He was always welcome and slipped into a role for the twins not unlike a real brother.

By the time summer was approaching, all the boys in Marco's den had completed their requirements for Webelo Scouts and at the final pack meet of the year were presented their badges by their parents. Each and every one also had completed their Arrow of Light award. The Cub Master reminded them that this was the only Cub Scout award that could be worn either as a patch or a ribbon on whatever scout uniform they were entitled to wear, even as an adult. He proudly pointed to a ribbon on his own shirt. Brian stood by and looked on with a smile.

The pack meeting was attended by representatives from several Boy Scout troops. Brand new Webelos were prime recruiting material for any scout troop. There was another Webelo den in the pack and they were up for grabs. The boys in Marco's den were committed to going wherever Brian was. They never considered any other troop.

They had a ceremony to recognize the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. They set up a sort of arched wooded bridge for the ceremony. The Webelos stood on one side with their Cub Master and Den Leaders. On the other side were several Scout Masters and some older scouts. Brian positioned himself on the Boy Scout side. After some remarks the Webelos were asked to walk over the bridge to be received as Boy Scouts. Brian grinned and shook all their hands.

They immediately made plans to start meeting with the Boy Scout Troop. Marco had mixed emotions about this. He was proud of all his boys. The Webelos in his den were 'his' boys now it seemed. It had been a lot of work although he had enjoyed it. He also felt a sense of relief that he would no longer have the responsibility that came with that role. Just as he was starting to relax he got a call from Brian's Scout Master inviting him to join the troop as an Assistant Scout Master. Marco sighed and agreed to think about it. He knew he was committed for life now, or rather for as long as it took for Sam and Ben to make Eagle Scout.

Within two weeks Sam and Ben as well as Tyron and Bobby were sewing Boy Scout patches on their uniform shirts and attending the troop meeting with Brian. Marco planned to be involved but decided that the boys would make a better transition if he were not hovering nearby. Besides, Brian would keep an eye on them. Marco decided to take the summer off.

When July rolled around it was time for Sam and Ben to celebrate another birthday. They would be ten and wanted to have a swimming party this year and invite the usual gang, Tyron, Bobby, and of course Brian. There was a nice public pool at McClure Park and the plan was to follow the swim with a picnic lunch and a sleepover later in the evening. When the big day rolled around Marco and Marty agreed that Leroy would drop Tyron off at the pool and Joyce would bring Bobby. Brian said he would just ride his bike over and go to the pool with the twins. To bring them all back to the house would require both cars so Marty drove the twins and Brian rode with Marco.

On the way to the pool, Marco had a quick chat with Brian. "It's good of you to come along Brian. I am always more comfortable about the boys when you are with them."

Brain shrugged. "You know I like to be with them. They claim me as their big brother and that's OK with me."

"You're very comfortable with us aren't you Brian."

Brian nodded. "You guys are like my family. I enjoy being with you."

Marco glanced over at him. "We feel the same way about you. How are things with you and your grandmother? You have been with her for what, three years?"

Brian looked out the window. "Yeah, about that. Ever since I left home."

"So how is that working out for you?"

"It's OK. She ignores me and I ignore her. She buys the groceries and I do some of the cooking. I clean her apartment and stay out of the way."

"I that it? I mean you guys don't talk or anything?"

"As little as possible. I try to be busy with baseball, or scouts, or just ride my bicycle around," he glanced back at Marty. "I really love that bike."

"It's a cool bike, I'll give you that." Marco looked over at Brian. He wondered how the boy could be so accepting of his situation, how he could show so little resentment.

"You are going to be sixteen before too long. Where do you see yourself being in a few years?"

Brian shrugged. "I don't know. When I am old enough to get a decent job I figure I'll move out to someplace."

"Where would you go?" Marco asked.

"It depends on how much money I can make. Maybe someplace of my own, maybe move in with some other guys. I don't know."

Marco thought back to when he was sixteen and how uncertain his future seemed. "You're a smart kid Brian. You plan to go on to college? Where are you going to be in five, ten years?"

Brian chuckled. "Beat's me Marco. It hard to look that far ahead."

"So, how are your grades? You do OK in school? You never talk about that."

Brian looked over at Marco. "My grades are good actually. School is a safe place for me. Why are you asking me about this stuff?"

" I think we have more in common than you realize. I was in about the same situation when I first met Marty. I was looking for a safe place and I thought maybe Marty was it."

"Really? Is that why you hooked up with him?"

Marco shrugged. "That was part of the reason. It turned out to be a lot more than that."

"Right. Well, maybe you were lucky."

"I was," Marco nodded. "I was really lucky. It could have worked out very differently, but Marty turns out to be a really nice guy. We hit it off and the rest is history I guess."

"Where is this conversation going?" Brian asked.

"I care about you Brian. I give a shit. You know that. Maybe I worry about you."

"Right, sorry. I'm still not used to that. I appreciate you and Marty. You guys have been really good to me."

"You've been good to us Brian. We both worry about you. I see so much of myself in you."

They pulled up to the swimming pool and sat in the car for a minute. "We need to go in and check on the boys. Think about what we were talking about and let's pick this up again later, OK?" Marco said.

"Yeah, OK Marco. Whatever you say." They got out and walked into the pool where the boys pounced on Brian.

"Hey Brian! Come get in the pool!" Ben yelled at him.

"Let me get a swim suit on first, OK?" Brian laughed and resumed his usual persona.

Brian checked in at the desk to find that his way had already been paid, ran in the dressing room, changed into a swim suit then ran back out. "Watch out you guys!" he yelled and jumped in the pool to be swamped by four excited ten year olds..

Marco walked over to a lounge chair and sat down next to Marty. "How's it going partner?" He asked.

"Well, nobody has killed anybody so far," Marty laughed. "I keep waiting for the lifeguard to throw them out, but they're OK so far I guess. They're having a good time."

"They know how to have fun, that's for sure."

All four boys pounced on Brian and tried to dunk him, but Brian was quick and evaded them until the lifeguard finally blew her whistle at them. "Settle down out there or I'll make you sit out for awhile," she yelled at them. They looked sheepish and settled.

"Come on guys, I'll race you," Brian told them. They moved to the edge of the pool and looked for a clear spot, then Brian yelled "Go!" and they took off for the opposite end. Brian left them behind, but Bobby was not far behind.

"Hey, Bobby is a pretty good swimmer," Marty said.

"He is," Marco said in surprise. "He must have had some swimming lessons."

Marty laughed. "Remember when we went swimming for the first time? I thought you were going to drown."

Marco grinned. "Yeah, you made me take swimming lessons."

"It worked as I recall."

Marco shrugged. "I learned how to swim. That was a long time ago."

"One of our many adventures," Marty chuckled.

Marco watched as Brian swam with the boys, taking time to try and show Tyron how to swim with his face down in the water. He was being very patient with him.

"I was talking to Brian on the way over here. He really has a shitty situation."

"He lives with his grandmother doesn't he?"

"Yes, but it's pretty tense I think. I wish we could do more for him sometimes," Marco frowned..

"He's over at our place a lot already. What are you thinking?" Marty asked.

"I don't know. The boys already claim him as a big brother."

"You want to move him in?"

"Would you really do that? I mean seriously?"

"I don't know. I guess we could." Marty shrugged.

Marco looked over at Marty. "I have thought about that, but I didn't figure you would want to."

"We have a spare room. Nobody ever uses it except my mother and she is pretty stuck to her place in Austin. She is getting kind of old to drive up here anymore. We aren't really using it."

Marco looked out at Brian and his little flock of boys. "I was talking to him. His situation with his grandmother is the best he can do right now. What he really wants is a safe place to stay."

Marty laughed. "Damn, that sound familiar, doesn't it?"

"Yes it does. I don't know, what do you think?"

Marty shrugged again. "We could ask him I guess. It doesn't sound like he would get much of an argument from his dear old grandmother."

Marco looked at Marty. "I guess I could ask him. I don't really think he would be any trouble."

Marty looked at Marco. "He would probably be a big help. He will be old enough to drive before long. I can see it."

"OK. Let me think about how to do this. I'll ask him," Marco smiled. "We are pretty close."

"Don't get too close. He is a beautiful kid."

"You noticed huh?"

Marty laughed. "Sure I noticed. I'm not that old and I'm not blind."

"Can I trust you?" Marco grinned.

"Can I trust you?"

"Hey Marty. You are the only guy for me, you know that."

"I know. If the kid is really gay we will have to be careful to draw some boundaries though."

Marco shook his head from side to side. "I think he is sharp enough to understand that. He is really a pretty good person. Being gay doesn't necessarily make you a slut, you know."

"Yeah, I've heard that," Marty laughed. "Let's think about it, OK? I think it might work."

Marco smiled and leaned back in the recliner. It was an interesting idea.

Two hours in the pool and the boys were beginning to turn into prunes. Despite a generous coating of sun screen, Bobby was beginning to turn a bright pink.

"OK guys, let's get out," Marco called to them. "Anybody ready for something to eat?"

That was all the encouragement they needed and began to make their way to the side of the pool.

They climbed out, wrapped themselves in their towels and flopped down next to Marco and Marty.

"What do you guys say to getting dressed and let's have our picnic, OK?" Marco suggested. They were agreeable and walked over to the dressing room.

Once in the dressing room Brian suggested that they take a shower to wash off the chlorine. They dropped their swim suits and headed for the shower. This was the first time any of them had seen Brian naked and they instinctively began to check him out. Brian probably didn't eat a lot, and between baseball and his bicycle he was very lean and muscular, chiseled was more like it. Add that to his blond hair and natural good looks, and he was nice to look at. In addition to that, he had a full bush of pubic hair and a four inch soft penis. He looked very impressive to the ten year old boys.

All of the boys were still on the light side of puberty, although Tyron was fairly well endowed for his age. He might be the first of them to mature. Bobby was taller than last year and lean and fit, but still had a pink mushroom between his legs. Sam and Ben were respectable for their ages. Their foreskins gave them a little more length, but they had a way to go yet. As for Brian, he carefully avoided looking at the younger boys and showered with his face to the wall. He was not excessively modest, just discreet. The last thing he wanted was to do anything inappropriate with these boys who he knew looked up to him.

They rinsed off and dressed and were out of the dressing room in a few minutes, ready for whatever lunch Marco had packed for them.

"Are you guys ready to eat?" Marco asked when they got out to the cars. They were. Brian helped to carry several boxes over to where the picnic tables were and they laid out their spread. Marco had fried a chicken which was as tasty cold as it was hot. He also had lunch meat, cheese and all the makings for some sandwiches. A jug of apple juice completed the menu. The boys fell to work and made short work of it all. By the time they finished their picnic it was late in the afternoon and they all loaded themselves into Marco and Marty's cars and returned to the house.

The boys camped in the living room to play video games on the TV, playing two at a time with the others watching and offering comments on the progress of the game. The sound was turned up loud and the house was filled with the sounds of explosions and laughter. Brian took his turn and seemed to be enjoying himself. By nine o'clock the boys began to yawn. It had been an active day.

Brian looked at the time and stood to leave. "I better be getting on. I guess I'll see you guys later," The boys protested.

"We are going to have a sleepover. Why don't you stay?" Ben asked him.

"No, that's OK. You guys have fun," Brian replied.

"You are welcome to stay. I don't think you have ever spent the night over here." Marco suggested.

"I don't know, that would be pretty crowded." Brian hesitated.

"We have a spare room, You can sleep in there if you like." Marty told him.

Brian was enjoying himself but felt unsure if it would be a good idea. "Are you sure?"

"You will be most welcome to stay if you like." Marco assured him.

Brian hesitated then nodded his head. "Well if you're sure it's OK. I need to make a call." He took out his cellphone and called his grandmother. It was a very short call. "She doesn't care." he said. "I guess I can stay, if it's really OK."

"Sure it's OK," Marco smiled. "The bed in the spare room is all made up. Make yourself at home."

Brian smiled. "Thanks."

Marco tossed a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven and provided a late snack for the always hungry boys. They feasted and then began to fade.

"It's after ten, are you guys ready to give it up?" Marco asked. They nodded with sleepy eyes.

Sam, Ben, Tyron and Bobby wandered into the twins bedroom and began to shed their clothes. Marco led Brian into the guest room and pulled the cover back on the queen sized bed. "This is a good bed Brian. I think you will be comfortable in here," Marco told him.

Brian sat down on the edge of the bed and smiled. "Gosh yes. At my grandmother's I just sleep on the sofa," he admitted. "I don't think I have ever sept in a bed this nice."

Marco took in this information and told Brian, "If you need anything, just holler. I think you know where everything is." Brian smiled and kicked off his shoes. Marco shut the door and left him alone.

In the twin's bedroom things were not as quiet. Tired as they were, they still had the energy for some horseplay.

"I had a great time today. This was the best birthday ever," Ben said.

"You say that every year," Sam laughed.

"It was a fun day," Bobby agreed.

"I'm glad Brian could come. He is so cool," Tyron commented. They all agreed.

"Brian comes over to my house sometimes," Bobby observed. "He talks about you guys a lot."

"I think he is our best friend," Ben suggested. "Next to you guys of course."

"Yeah, you guys are our blood brothers," Sam recalled.

"And Brian is kind of our big brother," Ben added.

"He is like that for me too," Bobby agreed.

"I wish he was sleeping in here with us. I like having him around," Sam said.

"Did you look at him in the shower this afternoon?" Ben asked. "Man, he is really built!"

"Yeah, all over," Tyron giggled.

"Well, you are looking pretty good yourself," Bobby remarked.

"Not like Brian. He is like, hairy down there," Tyron replied.

"That's because he has done puberty," Ben told them. "Our Daddy explained that to us. We will get big too before long. That's what he said."

"I wish I would hurry and get there," Bobby admitted. "All I have is a little mushroom."

They looked at Tyron. "You are getting kind of bigger. Are you getting any hairs yet?" Bobby asked.

Tyron grinned. "I don't know, maybe."

"Really? Let's see," Bobby requested.

As if by unspoken agreement the blood brothers pushed their undershorts down and checked each other out.

"Wow, you have a hair, a couple of them." Bobby said as he leaned forward to inspect Tyron's crotch.

"Can you make sperm yet?" Sam wondered.

Now Tyron was getting a little embarrassed. "I don't know, I don't do that stuff."

Ben grinned. "Daddy told us that everybody does that. I bet you do too."

Tyron smiled shyly, "Well, maybe sometimes."

"Does anything come out?" Sam wanted to know.

"Not yet," Tyron admitted.

"Brian talked to me about that one time," Bobby shared. "He said that when you start to make sperm it feels really good."

"Did Brian show you?" Ben asked, thinking of their friend Travis.

"No, I never saw Brian naked before today. He is too nice to do something like that. But I know he does because he told me about it feeling good."

"We can make ourselves feel good, but nothing ever comes out," Ben admitted.

Now Bobby was fingering his little mushroom which had started to grow.

"You are getting bigger," Tyron giggled.

"Well, it feels good to do that. We all do it, be honest" Bobby said defensively.

"Yeah, I guess you're right about that," Tyron's dark penis had started to stand and looked impressive to the others.

"Who is the biggest?" Bobby asked, and rubbed himself to encourage his small pink mushroom to stand up.

By now Sam and Ben had joined the game, and soon there were four modest erections to be mutually inspected.

"Oh, Tyron is the biggest," Bobby laughed. "And you twins are next. I'm still the smallest," he admitted.

"Have you ever done it with anybody else? Ben asked them.

Bobby shook his head no, but Tyron just smiled. "I bet you have Tyron," Bobby guessed.

Tyron shrugged and smiled. "Well my brother, I guess."

"I didn't know you had a brother," Bobby said.

"Yeah, he's sixteen." Tyron confessed.

"Wow, I bet he has a big one," Bobby guessed.

Tyron smiled and nodded.

"I bet you guys have done it together," Bobby said to the twins.

"We do everything together," Ben admitted.

"Really? What have you done/" Bobby wondered.

Ben smiled but shook his head, declining to go into detail. "Nothing really, just like what we are going now," he said.

"You are getting big Tyron. I bet you can get something to come out," Bobby hinted.

Now Tyron was beginning to feel embarrassed by all the attention that his young penis was getting.

"No, I don't think so," Tyron mumbled. "I think I'm about ready to get to sleep really."

The others took the hint and reluctantly drew up their underpants and gave up the play. The room light was switched off, Sam and Ben climbed into their bunks while Tyron and Bobby unzipped their sleeping bags and crawled inside.

It grew quiet, but Ben and Sam could not resist pulling on their puds until that nice feeling happened. Nothing came out.

On the floor in their sleeping bags, Tyron and Bobby succumbed to the same temptation and there was some movement in the bags. Unable to resist, Bobby pushed his hand down in Tyron's bag until his found the object he found so interesting. At first Tyron pushed his hand away, then decided that it felt better than his own and lay still while Bobby jerked him off.

After several minutes of this Tyron stiffened and held his breath as the pleasant sensation came over him. Bobby could feel the spasms in Tyron's dick and held it tightly while his friend orgasmed. He carefully ran his finger over the tip of his friend's cock and felt a small drop of something wet and slippery.

"Wow, you can do it," he whispered. Tyron pushed his hand away. "Do it to me," he asked in a whisper. Tyron turned away in his bag and Bobby withdrew his hand. Disappointed, Bobby worked on himself, finally getting that nice feeling but as usual, nothing came out. He sighed and fell asleep. Finally the room was very quiet.

In the spare room, Brian undressed to shorts and T-shirt and slipped into the large bed. This was a lot nicer than his grandmother's sofa. He thought over the day and realized that he felt more at home in this place than in any other. He was tired, but the body contact with the wet boys in the pool and seeing them naked in the shower had left him somewhat horny. He was not particularly attracted sexually to the younger boys, but still, it had been stimulating. He looked around in the dim light and spotted a box of tissues on the dresser. Considering his options for a moment, he crept over, pulled several tissues from the box and got back in bed.

Brian slipped off his undershorts and brought them up to his side for safekeeping. He began to run his hands over his torso, feeling the firm muscles in his chest and stomach. Soon he began to fondle his cock and balls. He was very erect. He took his five and a half inch dick in his hand and began to stroke it as his other hand cupped his balls. In his imagination he saw the naked boys in the shower. He wondered what Marco would look like naked, and Marty too. But it was Marco with his long hair and gentle eyes that drew his focus.

Shaking that idea out of his head, he imagined the young counselor at scout camp who had played with him at the swimming beach. He was smooth and lean and they had kissed in the moonlight and swum naked, holding each other close and rubbing themselves together in the warm water of the small lake. His penis was now very hard and he stroked himself gently. They had left the water and lay down together on a beach towel and made love, kissing and sucking on each other.

When the older boy slipped his finger in Brian's butt he had not objected, but raised his leg to make the entry easier. When the boy rolled him over on his side and pressed his erection into Brian's crack, Brian pulled up his knees and leaned back into the boy, inviting him to enter. After rubbing his saliva on himself he pushed his cock against Brian's hole and was soon inside him, wrapping his arms around Brian's chest and running his hands over his body.

They thrust against each other until the passion overtook them. The boy filled Brian with his cum and Brian shot off on the towel. As the memory of that event crystallized in Brian's mind, he ejaculated into the tissues, being careful not to stain the sheets of the nice bed. Sighing and stretching out, he carefully milked any remaining semen into the tissues and pulled his shorts back on. Now spent, he fell into a deep sleep.

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