Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 8

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

By now the twins were feeling tired from their busy day and they followed Travis up to his bedroom without any argument. Let's go take a bath," Travis suggested.

There was no shower in the bathroom. Rather, there was a very large old footed tub that Travis began to fill with hot water.

"Dang, that tub is huge. You could swim in the thing," Sam exclaimed.

Travis grinned. "It's big enough for all three of us," Travis grinned.

"Really?" Ben looked at the tub. "Do you and John get in there together?"

"We used to when we were younger," Travis admitted, "But he says he is too big for that now."

"That works for me," Ben said and started to take off his clothes. Travis was quickly naked and stepped into the old tub, his penis beginning to expand.

"Come on in boys, the water is fine," Travis invited them as he sat down on one end of the tub.

Sam and Ben exchanged grins and joined him, sitting at the other end. Now that three boys were in the tub the warm water came over their waists and felt good on their tired bodies.

"This is nice," Ben said. "Kind of like a hot tub."

Sam giggled, "It is a hot tub, silly."

Travis had his legs down each side of the big tub with the twins between them. Their feet were dangerously close to Travis' privates. He slid a little lower so that their feet were touching him. Sam and Ben bent their knees and pulled their legs up so as not to make contact with his genitals. Travis smiled and began to run his feet over their hips.

They began to get the idea that Travis was interested in more than washing. He started to pull on his dick and ran his feet up their sides. Sam and Ben were not sure they were comfortable with this.

Travis took a bar of soap from the edge of the tub and began to rub it over himself. "Me and John used to soap each other up. You ever do that?"

"Yeah, we usually wash each other's back in the shower," Ben admitted.

Will you wash my back?" Travis asked.

"OK," Ben agreed.

Travis turned so that he was sitting with his back to the boys and Ben took the soap and rubbed it over Travis' back, stopping at his hips.

"I'll soap you up if you like," Travis suggested.

Sam and Ben glanced at each other and then rose up to turn around, with their knees bent and sat back on their feet. Travis turned back around to take the soap and started rubbing it over their backs. He slid his hands under their hips and rubbed soap down their cracks, using both hands and passing his fingers over their butt holes. "Feel good?" he asked.

They nodded and giggled at the soapy sensation. Travis tried to slip a finger into their holes. At this they quickly turned back around, unsure of what he was doing.

"We usually wash the rest of ourselves," Sam told him, taking the bar of soap and lathering up his head and chest, then handing it to Ben.

"Let me wash you, OK?" Travis pleaded.

Ben hesitated then handed the soap to him and waited while Travis leaned forward and began to rub soap over first one and then the other boy, running his hands down their thighs and over their now erect dicks. He fondled their balls and tried to stroke them.

Sam pulled back and said, "That's OK, I can do it."

"Yeah, we can take it from here," Ben told him.

Both boys were somewhat turned on by this but felt things were going too quickly for their comfort level. Sam used his hands to splash water over himself and rinse off, then stood and stepped out of the tub. Ben followed suit, leaving Travis frustrated in the tub by himself.

"Hey, I was just playing," Travis assured them. "Me and John used to do this all the time."

Sam and Ben each took a towel from a stack next to the tub and quickly dried themselves off.

Travis shrugged and rinsed himself then got out, took another towel and started to dry himself with it. His penis was very erect and he spent some time drying it, all the time looking at the two naked boys. "You guys look really good, you know?"

Sam and Ben wrapped towels around themselves and trotted back to Travis' bedroom. Travis reluctantly followed them.

Still wearing only the towels, Sam and Ben looked at the sleeping bags Mrs. Wilson left on the bed.

"We can lay these out on the rug," Sam suggested.

"There is plenty of room for us on the bed," Travis assured them. "It is a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. Why don't you stretch out with me for a few minutes and we can talk."

Somewhat reluctantly, Sam and Ben lay down on the bed on each side of Travis. The soft bed did feel pretty good. They all three still were covered with the damp towels.

"John used to come in here and sleep with me all the time?" Travis informed them. "We used to play around and have fun together. Do you guys ever sleep with each other?"

"Well, yeah, sometimes," Ben shyly admitted. "I guess twins do about everything together."

Travis grinned. "I bet you guys have played with each other too, right?"

"We play soccer together," Sam admitted, trying to play a little dumb.

"No, you know what I mean. Haven't you guys played with your dicks together? Me and John used to do that," Travis was determined to push his agenda.

Travis opened his towel to let it fall to his side. His penis was very hard and the twins could not help but look at him. His bush of pubic hair was fluffed up and his balls hung loose after the warm bath.

He pulled his foreskin back and began to stroke himself slowly. "Man, that really feels good. Don't you guys do that sometimes?" He ran his fingers through his pubes."Are you starting to get any hair down there?" he asked, knowing that they had not.

"No, I don't think so," Sam replied.

"When if first starts growing it's real fine. You have to look real close." With that he sat up and pulled Sam's towel aside. "Let me look."

By now, Sam was becoming a little curious to know if perhaps he had begun to sprout some hair. He lay still while Travis examined him at close range. He could feel the older boy's breath on his stomach.

Travis looked closely and gently ran a finger over Sam's stomach just above his penis. This caused Sam's penis to get very hard and stand to its full three inches.

"You might be getting a little fuzz, but not much. You got a nice one though," Travis grasped Sam's little weenie between his thumb and first two fingers and pulled the skin down to expose his glans. "Does that feel good?

Sam was unsure if he should be doing this but nodded his head. "Yeah, it does feel kind of good."

Travis leaned in closer and breathed on the boy's penis as he gently stroked it up and down. "I'll show you something cool," he said, and without further warning put his mouth over Sam's dick and sucked on it.

"Oh!" Sam exclaimed. He wanted to push Travis away but the sensation was so nice that he just held still.

Travis pulled the skin back from the head and sucked on it, running his tongue around and around. Sam gasped with pleasure.

Ben was watching all this and becoming very interested. He sat up so that he could see better, his dick had become very hard.

Travis pulled away and asked Sam. "Do you like that? John liked that a lot when I did it to him."

"It feels awesome," Sam admitted, now wishing that it had lasted longer.

Travis turned and looked at Ben. "Can I see if you have started to grow some hair?"

Ben had pushed his towel aside and just nodded. "I guess."

Travis bent closely to put his face near Ben's cock and with no further delay took it into his mouth.

Ben leaned back and gasped, "Wow!"

Travis sucked on Ben's little penis and fingered his balls at the same time. Ben felt like he shouldn't be doing this but it felt too good to do anything but lean back and enjoy it.

After a few minutes Travis pulled away and showed them his very hard six inch dick. "Feel of it, OK?" he suggested. Unable to resist the temptation, Ben's curiosity overcame his shyness and he put his hand around Travis' erection and gripped it. It seemed huge in his small hand.

"That's big," Ben admitted shyly.

"Man, that feels good. Jack me off Ben," Travis moaned.

Ben griped the big dick and stroked it up and down several times, watching as the purple head disappeared under the foreskin on the upstroke and reappeared when he pulled down. After a few strokes he took his hand away.

"Suck it," Travis gasped. "Suck my dick … please."

Ben scowled and shook his head. "I don't want to."

"That's OK, I'll do you anyway," Travis told him and motioned for the two boys to move closer together.

With the twins now pressed together side by side, Travis began to suck them both, first one and then the other. He put his hands on their balls and alternated sucking them.

Sam and Ben watched as the naked teen moved between them, he would suck one and masturbate the other, then switch. They felt a mixture of fear and fascination but could not bring themselves to ask him to stop.

This went on for several minutes when Travis sat up and began to stroke himself furiously.

"Oh! Watch this," and he began to send long white streams of cum onto one of the towels.

"Oh man, that feels so good!" he exclaimed.

Resting back on his haunches he scooped up the semen and to their surprise put it in his mouth. "That tastes so good. Try it!" he commanded.

They were fascinated but shook their heads to decline the invitation. Travis rubbed the warm cum on their dicks and began to stroke them both at the same time. Now completely turned on it did not take much time before first Ben and then Sam began to feel that tickle that indicated that their own dry cums were on the way. They gasped and shivered as the sensation passed.

Travis laughed, "Don't that feel good?" Then he took the towel and wiped his cum off of their twitching dicks.

Sam and Ben were breathless. They nodded in agreement then were overcome with shyness and pulled towels over themselves to cover up.

Travis seemed to relax now. He squirmed in between the boys and pulled the bed sheet over the three of them. "You guys can do that with each other," he suggested, then lay on his back and put his arms under their shoulders, pulling them close to himself.

The twins felt confused and a little frightened, but the experience had been both exciting and very pleasurable. They relaxed and let Travis hold them closely, wrapping their arms around him and sharing the moment. In minutes all three were fast asleep.

They were awakened in the morning by Travis's mother shouting up the stairs. "You boys need to get up for breakfast. Your father will be here to pick you up pretty soon."

Ben rolled out of bed and found his underpants, pulled them on and went across to the bathroom to relieve his full bladder. He was joined quickly by Travis and Sam. They splashed water on their faces and went back to the bedroom to dress.

"That was fun last night," Travis said in a whisper. "You guys need to come back out here again soon. When it gets a little warmer we can go skinny dipping in the pond,"

The twins did not reply but went downstairs for breakfast with Travis behind them. Mrs. Wilson had scrambled eggs and a big stack of pancakes waiting for them.

"I hope you boys are hungry," she said. They were very hungry and devoured everything in sight.

"Your father and John are out milking. We decided to let you guys sleep late," she told them. "I reckon you boys didn't go to sleep real soon. Travis was excited to have some friends for a sleepover. He don't have that many visitors. I hope you boys had a good time out here," she rattled on.

"Yes ma'am, we had a nice time," Ben assured her as Sam nodded in agreement. "Thank you for everything."

"And your pancakes were awesome," Sam added.

"Mrs Wilson laughed. "Anytime boys, anytime."

Marco and Marty pulled up to the farmhouse just at nine, and the twins ran out to get in the car. Travis followed them out.

"That was fun," he said. "I hope you can come again real soon."

"Thanks for everything. Especially for the fishing," Ben said sincerely.

"Yeah thanks Travis," Sam concurred.

As they drove back to Tulsa Marty asked them, "Did you have a good time? What all did you do?"

They told about riding the horse, admitting that they had to ride double with Travis. They told about riding the four-wheeler. They talked in detail about catching the fish that they ate for supper. They left out the bedtime activities. They were still processing that experience.

They had changed into the clean clothes they had brought with them in their rucksacks so were able to go directly to church. This was familiar territory.

They liked their church. St. Jerome's was a safe place where everyone was friendly and accepting. Father Hoover greeted them after the service. He was more like a grandfather than just their priest and always made them feel loved. They sat through the familiar service reflecting on the events of the last two days. They had crossed some boundaries last night and wondered if what they had done was wrong. It was confusing.

That evening they showered together as usual, and washed each other's backs as usual, drying off quickly and returning to their bedroom. They pulled on clean underwear and sat together on the bottom bunk before getting into their beds.

"I keep thinking about last night," Sam acknowledged.

"Yeah, me too," Ben agreed.

"Does it bother you that we did that stuff with Travis?"

"Yeah, a little. I mean it was fun and exciting, but it does kind of bother me."

"We have played around like that a little," Sam recalled

"Yeah, but not like that. I mean it really wasn't our idea. Travis just did that stuff without asking permission," Ben said.

Sam nodded his head. "I got to admit it was exciting and felt awesome, but I'm not sure I was ready for all that."

"I know what you mean," Ben agreed. "It was kind of scary. Then we went to church and I kept wondering if we did something bad."

"Well, I guess that Daddy and Papa do sex stuff together, and they aren't bad."

"Yes, but that's different somehow. Like, they are married and stuff."

"It was fun though. I got to admit it was fun, and it was private. I mean the door was closed and all," Sam recalled.

"But it bothers me that Travis didn't ask for permission before he..., well you know."

"Yeah, I know. We go to church and try to be good boys and then we let Travis do that stuff."

Ben sighed. "We could have told him to stop so I guess we kind of agreed to let him do it."

"It is so confusing. I wish we could ask Daddy about it. He understands everything," Sam considered.

"It would be scary to talk about that. I mean do we really want to tell Daddy and Papa what we did with Travis?"

"I don't know," Sam admitted. "We are supposed to be able to tell them anything, but I don't know about this."

"For sure they wouldn't let us go back out to Travis' farm if they knew what he did … what we did."

Ben sighed and shrugged. "I don't know. We'll have to think about it."

With that Ben crawled into the top bunk and they went to sleep.

Monday came and the familiar routine of school, scouts and church resumed. The events of the weekend were not forgotten but were pushed to the side. They showered together as always, but began to look at each other in a slightly different way. Sex had reared it's ugly head and they felt a certain shyness that was not there before. What was different was that they had never done anything before that made them feel guilty. Guilt is a powerful burden to bear, even for an eight year old.

The next evening at scouts one of the boys asked Brian their Den Chief a question that made him pause. They didn't really hear what the boy asked, but they heard Brian's response. "Well, you will understand that when you go into puberty," Brian said.

"What exactly is puberty? Ben asked.

Brian looked a little uncomfortable. "Well it is when your body starts to change," he replied. "You should ask your parents about that."

After scouts the boys were sitting in the living room with Marco and Marty. Ben was thinking. "Daddy, what exactly is puberty?"

Marco put down the newspaper he had been reading and looked at Ben. "Well, it is part of growing up. It's a time when your body starts to change."

"But what happens exactly? I guess I am sort of confused about what that is," Ben pressed for details. Sam sat up and paid attention.

Marty looked at Marco and Marco looked at the boys. "I see. Well, why don't we talk about it. You boys will be experiencing that yourselves soon enough."

Marty sat back to listen with a trace of a smile. The ball was in Marco's court and he was grateful to let him explain the facts of life to their boys.

"Have you learned anything in your Health class at school about puberty?" Marco asked.

"We saw a little film about sperms and eggs and talked about how flowers make seeds and stuff, but the teacher didn't encourage questions," Ben explained. "It's kind of confusing. What will happen when we go into puberty? I mean, what really happens?"

"Well, that is an honest question and you deserve an honest answer," Marco took a deep breath and let it out.

"When you go though puberty that means that you start becoming sexually mature. It has to do with your hormones. Those are the chemicals that your body produces to control these things. You go through a growth spurt and get taller and more muscular. Usually girls go into puberty earlier than boys. Have you noticed that some of the girls in your school are taller than the boys their age?"

"Yeah, a few of the third grade girls are getting tall, and starting to have boobs," Sam observed.

"Right, they have started puberty already. Kids go into puberty at different ages, some as early as eight or nine, some as late as fourteen or fifteen. Girls start to develop breasts and maybe are mature enough to have babies. Boys develop in different ways. Your genitals will mature, that is your penis and testicles get larger and you develop body hair around your penis and under your arms. You start to grow facial hair too. When boys mature they begin to produce sperm that can make a baby."

Ben's curiosity overcame his shyness and he said. "When we were out at Travis' farm we took a bath together. Travis is a lot bigger than we are, like down there, and he has hair and stuff."

"OK, then it would seem that Travis has gone through puberty, or at least started to. He will grow more and get facial hair and maybe be able to produce sperm," Marco explained.

"Right, he can do that," Ben said without thinking.

Marco picked up on Ben's remark. "Can Travis make sperm?" he asked as casually as he could.

Sam and Ben both looked uncomfortable. "Uh, well, I think so," Ben admitted.

"Did he show you that he could?" Marco asked gently.

Ben looked very embarrassed. "Uh, yes sir."

"Is this something you would like to talk about?"

"Uh, no..., well it's kind of embarrassing," Ben admitted. Sam nodded his head, his eyes wide.

The boys seemed not to know what to say, so Marco spoke. "One of the things that happens when a boy starts to mature sexually is that the body is ready for sexual activity long before emotional maturity catches up. All boys masturbate, that is a fact regardless of what some people will tell you. The urge for sexual activity is very strong and few of us, I would say none of us is able to resist it."

Sam and Ben looked at each other nervously but neither could think of what to say.

"I would guess that Travis demonstrated that he is able to produce sperm, shoot cum is the common way to say it. Can you tell me what happened?" Marco smiled. "I can assure you that I will understand and you will not be in trouble no matter what happened. Trust me, nothing you can say or do is new to me, or to your Papa." Marty smiled gently and nodded.

Finally, it was Sam who spoke up. "Well, when we were out there the first time, Travis showed us his thing, his penis. It was really big, like a grownup. I guess we have seen you and Papa in the bathroom but his was real big and all hard with hair on it. And uh,..."

"OK, go on," Marco encouraged him. His face was calm and his voice gentle. "You can tell us what happened."

"Well, he showed us how to jerk off and then he shot some white stuff against the side of the barn. It was weird looking but he said it felt really good," Sam's voice was trembling. "Was that bad?"

Marco chuckled, 'Well it was a little rude. I'm not surprised that he masturbates - jerks off, but it is sort of a private thing. You didn't do anything wrong by watching but he really should not have done it with you watching. He was showing off for you I suppose. I assume you found that pretty interesting."

"Well yes, it was kind of impressive to tell you the truth," Ben admitted.

Marco could not suppress a smile. "I imagine it was. What else did he do?"

Ben found his voice. "He told us that was jerking off, and if we did it it would feel real good."

Marco nodded, "And did you try it?"

Sam and Ben looked at each other again, taking some courage with the way the conversation was progressing.

"We did try it and it felt funny, kind of weird, but good. But nothing came out," Ben admitted.

"No, because you are not sexually mature enough to produce sperm," then he smiled, "It still feels pretty good though, doesn't it?"

Both boys looked very relieved. "yeah, it does. So it's OK to do that?" Ben wondered.

"Every boy learns to do that. You might be a little young but you would have figured that out eventually without your friend Travis," Marco assured them.

Sam and Ben nodded but did not appear ready to conclude the conversation.

Marco looked thoughtful. "That happened when you were out there the first time. So what happened this time?"

Sam and Ben hesitated.

"I assume that you slept in Travis' room. You want to tell us what happened?" Marco asked gently.

Sam looked nervous, "You promise you won't be mad at us?"

Marco and Marty exchanged smiles. Marty spoke up. "Look guys. Even if you did do something bad, talking about it will help you understand what really happened and you will know what to do if something like that happens again. If you can't trust us, you can't trust anybody. Just be honest and we will understand. That's a promise."

"Well, it was kind of confusing really," Sam acknowledged.

Marco chuckled. "Sex is often very confusing. So what happened guys?"

"Once you talk about it you will feel a lot better," Marty added.

Sam took a deep breath, "Well, when we took a bath together in this big bathtub, we all got in the tub together and Travis wanted to wash us," he hesitated, "He sort of felt of us all over, like, you know."

"And he rubbed his thing and it got real hard, and ours did too," Ben confessed.

"He wanted us to rub his but we didn't want to, so we got out of the tub and dried off," Sam continued. "Then when we went into his bedroom his mom had left some sleeping bags for us, but he told us to get into his bed with him for a little while, and we did."

"We still had our towels on," Ben explained. "But then he took his off and did the jerking off thing again. It, uh, it was kind of exciting to watch."

"Then," Sam continued nervously, "then he put his mouth on our things, on our weenies and sucked them. Both of us."

Marco looked more serious but nodded encouragingly. "And then?"

Ben sighed, "Then he did the sperm thing again, and uh, then he tried to get us to taste it but we wouldn't do it."

"Then he took some of the white stuff, the sperm stuff, and he rubbed it on our things and jerked us off," Sam told them.

"Both of us, at the same time," Ben confessed shyly, "and it felt really good and we got that feeling, you know, that twitchy feeling."

"So he jerked you off," Marco said plainly.

"Yeah, he did," Sam acknowledged and they both nodded in agreement.

Marco asked gently. "How did you feel about that?"

"Well, it was kind of confusing," Ben said.

"We talked about it after church the next day and felt like maybe we had done something really bad," Sam said.

Ben nodded, "He didn't ask for permission, he just did it."

"It just kind of happened," Sam added.

Marco and Marty exchanged glances.

"So what do you think about all this?" Marco asked.

"I guess it kind of scared us" Ben stated.

"I mean it wasn't our idea, but we didn't tell him to stop, because, well, uh,..." Sam stuttered.

"Did we do something bad? Are you mad at us?" Ben sounded afraid.

Marco smiled. "No, we are very proud of you for telling us what happened. You were afraid but you still stepped up and talked to us about what happened. That took a lot of courage." Marty nodded in agreement.

"Let me ask you a question. If you were to find yourself in that situation again, what would you do?" Marco asked."

"We should have told him to stop?" Ben suggested.

"What would have happened if you had done that?

"I think he would have stopped, I don't know, Ben said.

"What if he had not stopped, even after you asked him to?"

Sam thought a moment, "Then we should have gotten up and gone to his father?"

"Do you think that would have solved the problem?'' Marco asked.

Sam and Ben exchanged glances, "I don't think he would have wanted us to do that. Yeah, I think that would have made him stop."

"But the problem is, that at the time we kind of liked it," Sam admitted.

Marco shook his head. "Boys, sex is powerful magic. It can trick us into doing things that we know we shouldn't do. You boys know the Lord's Prayer don't you?"

"Well sure we do. We say that every Sunday," Sam agreed.

"Do you remember the part about 'lead us not into temptation'?" Marco smiled.

"Right, is that what that means?" Ben asked.

"I think so," Marco told him. "Look, you guys are too young and inexperienced to see that kind of thing coming and you let yourselves get into a situation you couldn't control. If something like that were to happen again, you might bail out before things got out of control, right?"

"So we aren't in trouble?" Sam wanted assurance.

"No, you aren't in trouble. I'm not very happy with Travis, but we aren't upset with you," Marco assured him.

Marty smiled at the twins who were sitting nervously on the sofa. "I am very proud of you guys. I can tell you from personal experience that it is tough to admit some of our difficult situations, but once you have talked it out you will feel a lot better. How do you feel now that we have had this conversation?"

Sam and Ben looked at each other and smiled. "Better, a lot better,"Sam said.

"I don't feel scared anymore," Ben added.

"I guess this means we can't see Travis any more,"Ben guessed.

"Well, I don't know, how do you feel about that?" Marco asked.

Ben thought a moment. "I don't think I want to spend the night with him again. But he has been a pretty good friend to us. He let us ride his horse and taught us how to fish, and he for sure taught us a lot about powwow dancing."

"So Travis is not all bad?" Marco asked.

They shook their heads.

"Very few people are all bad or all good," Marco suggested. "We have to take people for the good that is in them and avoid the bad. If you have learned anything from this it is how to sense that something bad is coming up and decide what you can do to avoid it. What do you think?"

Sam and Ben exchanged broad smiles. "I think we have the best parents in the whole world," Sam said.

"The very best parents in the whole wide world. I love you Daddy and Papa. I think we are two lucky boys," Ben agreed.

"We love you too," Marty said. "We have to trust each other to get through whatever happens, no matter what."

Some very heartfelt hugs were exchanged all around then the twins went up to bed and slept with the freedom of a clear conscience.

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