Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 3

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

It was hard to get Sam and Ben out of bed Sunday morning and ready for church. They were tired boys after an exciting day at the big powwow. They sat around the table eating a bowl of cereal with dads Marco and Marty.

"Did you guys have a good time at the powwow?" Marco asked.

"Yes, and we met some cool guys from Owasso," Sam said.

They are brothers, and Travis said he could teach us to dance better," Ben gushed.

"Which one was he? Marty asked.

"Didn't you notice the boy with his face painted half white and half black?" Ben asked. "That was Travis and he was a really good dancer."

"I did notice him," Marco admitted. "He looked impressive and danced very well. I think your uncle Eugene knows his family. Maybe Eugene can arrange for you to see them again."

"Oh I hope so. I really liked him," Ben said.

"Well, that can wait. Right now we need to start for church or we will be late," Marco warned them. "Let's go."

After the service Sam and Ben cornered Father Hoover at the cookie table. "We danced at the powwow!" Ben told him.

"Oh, and did you wear your new clothes?" Hoover asked.

"Yes, and you should have seen all the cool stuff. Papa took a lot of pictures and we can show you next time," Sam said.

"I will look forward to that. Be sure and bring those next week,"Father Hoover requested.

Back home after church, Ben began to campaign to see his new friend from the powwow.

"Can you ask uncle Eugene about Travis and John?" Ben nagged. "I would really like to see them again."

"You just met them yesterday," Marco reminded him. "You don't want to make a pest out of yourselves."

"They were really cool and Travis promised he would teach us more about dancing. He was really good," Sam chimed in.

"Right, it's part of our heritage. That's what you told us," Ben said. "And school will start in another week and then we will be busy with school work, right?"

"OK, I will ask Eugene about them. But not today. Give it a rest, OK?" Marco sounded serious.

The boys liked to get their way but knew not to push too hard.

That night after the boys were in bed, Marco called his uncle to thank him for making the powwow such a fine experience for the boys.

"They had a great time Eugene and now they are all fired up to learn more about dancing," he said.

"I gathered that," Eugene laughed. "I spoke to Travis and John's Dad later yesterday and he said that his boys would like to see Sam and Ben again. At least Travis was eager. I think John is busy with other things. But if your boys have nothing else to do this week before school starts do you think they would like to visit the Wilson farm?"

"I'm sure they would, but is it OK? I mean they might be too busy to entertain a pair of eight year olds."

"Well, they are invited it's OK with you," Eugene assured him.

"No doubt they would love it. I guess that can't hurt. Let me know where and when and I will run them over," Marco agreed.

On Tuesday Eugene called back to say that Sam and Ben had been invited to visit the Wilson's on Wednesday morning. Travis would be home and Mr. Wilson said it would be fine with him. But he warned that they might have to help with the chores.

"That would probably be alright with them," Marco said. "I don't think they have ever been on a real farm before. Text me the location and I will have them out there about ten o'clock.

Marco hung up and turned to Marty. "Sam and Ben's prayers have been answered. They have been invited to visit their new friend Travis at his Dad's farm tomorrow."

"That is very nice of them," Marty said. "The boys will love that."

"I'm sure they will want to take their regalia out there tomorrow. I need to be sure they are laundered," Marco laughed. "It looks like uncle Eugene has created a couple of warriors."

"I think that's cool," Marty chuckled.

"So do I," Marco agreed. "And to think that I had no clue about any of this until recently. I think it's great. I'll surprise them with this in the morning."

The twins assumed that they could sleep in the next morning and were a little surprised when Marco got them out of bed at eight o'clock.

"Get up sleepyheads, you have things to do today."

"Why do we have to get up early? School doesn't start until next week," Ben complained.

"It seems you have been invited to visit your friend Travis Wilson at his farm today. Put on your grubby's and be prepared to help with the farm chores."

"Really? That is way cool!" Ben vaulted out of the top bunk.

"Can we take our regalia?" Sam wondered.

"They are clean and laid out on the washing machine. Pack your knapsacks and let's get you some breakfast."

They were dressed in record time and sitting at the table ,knapsacks at their sides. When can we go out there?" Ben wanted to know.

"Mr. Wilson said to be there at ten o'clock so you have plenty of time," Marco told them. "I will fix you a good breakfast so you will be ready to help with whatever they need for you to do."

While the twins tucked into their bacon and eggs Marco gave them their instructions. "Listen up guys. I don't know what kind of a farm this is, but farm boys have to do real work. I want you to be on your very best behavior and don't wimp out if you have do do something dirty. There is no telling what you might step in up there. And be very polite and remember to thank Mr. Wilson for inviting you, OK? If you play your cards right you might get invited back."

"We'll be good, they promised."

Marco plugged in the location on his smart phone and they arrived just on time to see Travis standing at the gate of a fenced in yard around a modest two story white house standing in front of a pasture with a barn just behind the house. He didn't recognize the dark skinned boy without his face paint but the boy certainly looked pleased to see them.

"Hey Sam, Ben, nice to see you guys," Travis called as they pulled in front. Marco shut of the engine to his Honda and followed the excited boys into the house to meet their father.

Marco shook hands with the tall man who stood just inside the front door. "Hi, I'm Marco Montgomery. It's very nice of you to invite Sam and Ben over. They are very excited to see their new friend Travis."

I'm Frank Wilson and we are glad to have them. Travis has been telling me about your boys. We might let them help with a few things but I promise not to work them too hard."

"That's OK. Make them earn their keep," Marco said. He instantly liked this tall man with the broad smile.

"My wife works at the bank in town," Frank told him, "But she will be along as soon as she gets off work. Can the boys stay for supper? I can run them home after we eat."

Marco smiled, "That will be fine if you're sure it's not too much trouble. I can come get them if I need to. You might fire them if they don't give you a good days work."

Frank laughed. "Don't worry about that. I know how to get work out of ornery boys. I got a couple of them myself you know."

"I'm sure you do. Sam and Ben have never been on a real farm before so they are very excited to be here. They were quite taken with your son Travis."

"Well, living out here in the country Travis doesn't exactly have a lot of neighborhood kids to pal around with so he is glad to have them. We'll take good care of them, I promise you."

"I'm sure you will. I wrote my cell number down for you so if you need anything, just give me a call," Marco handed him a slip of paper and shook his hand again.

The boys had disappeared into the house so Marco waved goodbye and started home.

Travis had hustled the twins upstairs to show them his room.

"This is my room. John's is down the hall," he told them.

It was a typical boys room with the look of a place that had been straightened up at the last minute. Folded clothes were piled on the dresser and the covers were pulled over an old four poster double bed. The walls were decorated with a mixture of soccer posters and photographs of a boy on horseback.

"Is that you?" Ben asked.

"Yep. I do some calf roping when it's rodeo time,"Travis said with pride.

"Wow!" Sam exclaimed with admiration. "Are you a real cowboy?"

"Well I would like to be. My brother John is really the rodeo guy. He even rides bulls. He has won some trophies," Travis admitted. "But I'm working at it."

"So what all do you have on your farm?" Ben wondered.

"We don't have a big place," Travis told him, "but it is pretty cool. Why don't I show you around, OK?"

They followed him out of the house as he called to his father, "We'll be back in a little bit."

Behind the house was a 4-strand barbed wire fence with a metal gate next to an old wooden barn. Travis opened a side door to the barn and took them inside. It was warm in the barn with the smell of straw, feed and the pungent odor of cow manure. On the opposite end were a pair of big sliding wooden doors that looked out to a green pasture. In the distance was a small pond with a stand of trees to one side shading a dozen big black and white cows.

"Those are Holsteins," Travis explained. Me and John milk them twice a day. He does half and I do half. It's not so bad unless one of us is away and then Dad helps out. It goes pretty quick once you are used to it. We feed them while we are milking so they'll hold still."

Beyond the pond were three horses with their heads down in the long grass. One was a brown and white Pinto and the other two were chestnut brown, one larger than the other.

"The black and white one is mine and her name is Pal. The Chestnut is Fleeta and the smaller one is her colt Buster. He is a fiesty one but he will settle down after we have him cut," he told them.

"Cut?" Ben was puzzled.

"Castrated," Travis told him. "Once you cut their nuts off they kind of settle right down."

Sam and Ben exchanged looks but didn't comment.

"Pal is a sweetheart," Travis went on. "If we have time this afternoon maybe you would like to ride her. Have you ever ridden a horse before?"

"Just one of those pony rides at the fair where they walk them around in a circle," Sam said.

"OK, well she is pretty gentle. Maybe you can ride double with me if you like."

On the other side of the barn was a big wire pen full of white chickens connected to a low shed.

"We got about 30 laying hens," Travis told them. "I usually get the eggs. We get about two dozen every day. Momma keeps a nice vegetable garden and we eat out of that a lot. We drink the milk and have plenty of eggs and what we don't use we sell. Daddy farms soybeans and corn on the other side of the hill and we market that. It's a lot of work, but it works out. With Mama working at the bank we make out pretty good."

"Do you like living on a farm?" Ben asked as they walked out to the pond.

"Yeah, I do like it," Travis said. The only bad part is there aren't many kids around here so the only friends I have are mostly at school. We have some powwow friends though and we get together with them sometimes."

"Our uncle Eugene lives in Owasso. Do you know Jacob and Joshua Cusco? " Ben asked. "They are our cousins."

"Oh yeah," Travis said with a smile. We know them. I go to school with Joshua. He is cool. They were at the powwow with you, right?"

"Right. Aunt Eunice made us the regalia you saw," Sam told him.

"Those were pretty cool. Did you bring them?" he asked.

"Yes. We left them in your room in our knapsacks," Ben said.

Travis smiled. "Right. Why don't we start back. We can look at those after I do some chores. It won't take long if you help."

"Sure. Just tell us what you want us to do."

They walked back by the pond. "We can fish in there," Travis told them. "It's mostly just perch and catfish but they are good eating. Maybe you can go fishing with me when we have time. I mean, if you want to come back another time."

"Oh, for sure. We have never really been fishing before," Sam said.

"Really?" Travis looked surprised. "We can have a lot of fun here if you like to fish."

"Cool. What can we help you with?" Sam asked.

"Well, it's too early to milk but we can do the chickens now. Follow me," and he started trotting toward the chicken shed, scattering chickens as they ran. "Here is a basket for the eggs. They lay them in the boxes in here. If an old hen is sitting on one you better let me get those. These old mama hens can get protective of their eggs if they are of a mind to try and hatch them."

While Sam and Ben went from box to box picking up eggs and laying them in the basket, Travis scooped up some feed and put it in some long trays on the side of the shed. Sure enough several of the boxes had hens sitting in them and Travis shooed them off and stole their eggs while the hens cackled in protest. "Give 'em up mama!" he shouted at the hens as he grabbed their treasures.

Travis took a little garden fork and raked the dirty straw out of each box then threw a handful of clean straw back in the box. "Here," he said handing a rake to Ben and pointing to a pile of straw in the corner. "Just rake that dirty straw up and put it on that pile over there."

They worked quickly and soon were finished, leaving a cloud of dust in the air. Travis led them back to the house where they entered the kitchen through the back door. He put the basket of eggs in a large cooler and went to look for his dad who was working on some papers on a desk in the living room.

"We got the eggs and fed the chickens Daddy. It is too early to milk. Can we fix a sandwich and maybe let these guys have a ride on Pal?" He asked.

"I don't know. You suppose you will be alright by yourselves? I don't really have time to go down there with you right now," Mr. Wilson asked.

"Yes sir, I think so. I will let them ride double and Pal is a good girl. We will be OK,"Travis assured him.

"I don't know fellas. I think I would rather be with you for their first time," he cautioned. "I thought you were going to do some powwow dancing.

"OK, I guess we can ride pal another time." Travis led them to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. "We got some ham and cheese in here for sandwiches. Will that do?" Without waiting for and answer he quickly threw together some sandwiches and poured out three glasses of cold milk from a pitcher. "Here you go. Fresh from the cow." They sat down at the kitchen table and went to work on their lunch.

"That's alright. We really want to learn more about the dancing anyway," Ben said. You were really good at it and we are sort of beginners at that sort of thing."

Travis smiled. "I like to dance. Did you like the face paint?"

"Yes. That was wicked," Ben told him. "You were the coolest dancer in the powwow."

"You really think so?" Travis grinned. "I don't know about that, but thanks for saying so."

They finished their lunch and rinsed the glasses in the sink. "Let's go up to my room."

Travis shut the door to his room. "Let's change clothes, OK?"

He pulled his regalia out of his closet while Sam and Ben dumped theirs out of their bags. In a moment there were three brown naked boys in the room. As boys will do, they checked each other out. Like Sam and Ben, Travis was intact. Unlike the twins however, he had found his way into puberty and had a bush of dark pubic hair over an uncut three inch penis and a pair of smooth low hanging balls. His arms and shoulders were round and full as was his chest. His belly was flat and modeled into a firm six-pack. Other than his bush and pits his body was smooth and hairless.

The twins said nothing but took a good look before everything was covered back up with their regalia. All three boys were fit and slim and felt no shame at their bodies. While Sam and Ben put on their long ribbon shirts Travis slipped his breastplate over his neck and tied it over his bare chest.

Ben found himself staring and commented. "You are really built. I mean, you have a lot of muscles."

Travis laughed. "You would be too if you milked a half dozen cows twice a day. You should see my brother John. He is ripped."

Ben surprised himself with the feeling he got from looking at Travis. He noticed the boy's larger penis, his pubic bush and the black hair under his arm pits. He wondered if he would look like that someday. Sam found himself admiring their new friend too. They had glanced at Marco and Marty as they were in the shower a few times, but that was different somehow. Travis looked good to them, really good,.

At the same time Travis admired the younger boys with their smaller uncut pricks and slim smooth bodies, brown as nuts and perfectly smooth. The thought that went through his mind was that they were so pretty. He didn't think he should feel that way but he did. He had seen his brother John in the nude a few times and thought John looked good, but the sight of these smooth young boys was something new to him. He liked what he saw.

This was over in an instant but the pictures remained in their heads as they dressed in their regalia and stood looking each other over.

Those are really nice," Travis said. "Your aunt Eunice did a good job. Did she do the beadwork on the belts and sashes too?"

"Yes, she did it all. Well our cousin Sarah helped too. They made the regalia for Jacob and Joshua too. I think she has made a lot of stuff," Benjamin explained. "But that thing on your chest is awesome. What is that called?

"It is a breastplate. The white tubes are made of turkey bones I think. It used to belong to John but it looks too small on him now so I got it. It's old. I don't really know where it came from. It's kind of a family thing that my daddy had. It's cool though. I love it. It makes me feel proud just to wear it." Travis told them what he knew about his treasure.

"At the powwow you had some more stuff on didn't you?" Samuel asked.

"Well yes. I had some rawhide thongs tied around my arms. If you tie them just above your bicep they make your arm muscles look good. And I had those feathers in my hair, and of course the face paint. That is what looks really cool - kind of ferocious," he laughed.

"I thought you looked terrific," Ben told him with a little more sincerity than he intended.

Travis liked the way Ben said that. It gave him a little shiver. "Thanks," he said. "You guys look good too. I like your turbans. Isn't that a Seminole thing?"

"Right, we are Seminole and so is our Daddy and Uncle Eugene," Sam explained. "But he isn't our birth father. We are adopted."

"OK, that's cool. So is your adopted mom Seminole too?" Travis asked innocently.

"Uh, actually we don't have a mom,"Sam said. "We kind of have two dads. Daddy is Seminole but Papa isn't Indian at all."

"Oh." Travis was not quite sure how to respond . "So your parents are both guys?"

"Right." Ben replied, his eyes narrowing a little.

"Hey, that's cool," Travis said gamely. "I guess some guys just like guys. Uh, you want to talk about the dancing?" Travis quickly changed the subject.

"Show us how you did that thing at the powwow," Sam suggested.

Travis stood and spread his arms out. "It's simple really. You get up on your toes a little and then step out and touch the floor with your toe then bring your foot down flat, like this see? Then you step forward and do the same thing with your other foot. So you are stepping toe-heel, toe-heel to the drum beat boom-bah, boom-bah. Got it?"

Sam and Ben were trying to imitate Travis' movements with some success. "That's not so hard," Ben said.

"No, like I said, the steps are really simple. What makes it look good is that you don't go in a straight line. You step from side to side and turn around a lot. Here, like this - watch me," Ben instructed.

They watched as Travis turned the simple steps into an elaborate dance. He turned and twisted, moving his arms in a soaring fashion. His body bent forward then back in a constant motion, never losing the rhythm of the toe-heel step. "See? Like this," he demonstrated.

The twins tried their best to imitate the movements but felt awkward and jerky and showed some frustration.

"Hey, you're getting it. Pretend you are flying. Spread your wings and soar around. Remember to keep the toe-heel rhythm going and just relax," Travis encouraged. "Wait a minute. We need a drum."

Travis dug in his closet for a moment then pulled out a round flat drum about 18 inches across. It was covered in rawhide stretched tightly over the frame and secured by a series of tendons to a padded handle on the back. He took a padded stick and began to strike the steady boom-bah rhythm they recalled from the powwow.

"This is a hoop drum," Travis told them. "Listen to the rhythm and close your eyes. Now get your feet going and pretend you're flying. OK, now rock your body up and down in step with your feet. Now you're getting it."

Listening to the beat of the drum, the boys began to relax and move themselves to the rhythm. It began to feel more natural to them.

"That's it. Now you are getting it" Travis said.

Sam and Ben had their eyes closed but were now grinning ear to ear as they found the rhythm, being careful to keep their feet going toe-heel to the beat of the drum. This was fun!

"Keep your arms out and move from side to side. Now you are flying. Good job," Travis encouraged them as their movements began to get smoother.

They kept this up until they began to perspire from the exertion.

"Let's take a break," Travis told them. "It's kind of hot in here. Why don't you take off your shirts before you get them all sweaty," he suggested.

The twins shed their long sleeved shirts and laughed. "This is fun. I think we are getting the hang of it," Sam said.

"You're doing great. You will be dancing with the best of them pretty soon," Travis said as he admired the boys, their slender brown bodies shiny with perspiration. "You just need more practice. You can do this at home you know."

"Oh we will," Ben assured him. "But we don't have a drum at home."

"That's OK. You can listen to the sound of your feet on the floor and imagine the drum. It is all in the way you feel the rhythm really."

"This feels good," Ben said. "I like the way this makes me feel."

"It does feel good," Travis agreed. Some of the old men say that they dance for hours until they almost go into a trance. It can be like a kind of magic."

"This is cool," Sam said. "Can we do it some more?"

"Sure," Travis began the drumming again and the twins started to dance, this time with more confidence.

After a few more minutes Travis laid his drum down and started dancing with them, slapping the floor with his feet as he did the toe-heel step. Sam and Ben got themselves into the same rhythm as Travis until they could hear the sound of their feet instead of the drum. Soon the bedroom was filled with smooth brown bodies moving and swaying in unison. The smell of boy sweat filled the warm air.

They went on with this for quite awhile until Mr. Wilson shouted up the stairs. "Hey Travis. It's about time to milk the cows. Are you boys ready to take a break?"

"Wow, it's almost five o'clock. I got to go bring the cows up. You coming with me?" Travis asked.

"Of course, but we need to change clothes first," Ben said.

The boys quickly shed their hot clothes and enjoyed the feeling of being naked. This time there was no hurry and Travis looked his friends over as they cooled off.

"You guys are pretty fit looking. You are going to get more muscles pretty soon," Travis told them.

"I hope so. We look kind of scrawny compared to you," Ben observed. "Especially in the wiener department."

Travis looked at the boys then down at himself. "Don't worry about that. A year ago I looked just like you guys. Then this magic thing called puberty happened."

"I'm not sure I understand about that." Sam admitted.

"Well it is some kind of a hormone thing that happens when you are about eleven or twelve. You start to grow, especially down there, and you get more muscular and some cool things happen," Travis explained.

"What kind of things?" Ben wondered.

"Well, your balls start to hang looser and your prick gets bigger, then you start getting some hair down there." Travis ran his fingers over his pubic hair. As he did so his cock began to swell.

"Ben took notice of the swelling. "You're wienie is getting bigger."

"Yeah, that happens. Don't you get bigger some times?"

"Well yeah, a little," Sam admitted. "But not like that."

The conversation was turning Travis on a little and his dick swelled to it's full six inches until his foreskin began to retract revealing the tip of his pink glans. He reached down and retracted himself all the way while the twins watched with fascination.

"You guys know how to make yourselves feel good, don't you?" he asked with a smile.

In truth, they really didn't know what he was talking about. "What do you mean?" Ben asked.

"Didn't you ever rub yourself and make your dick feel real good?" Travis asked as he began to stroke his hard dick.

"Uh, not really," Sam admitted, wondering what they were missing out on.

"It's really fun," Travis told them. "I could show you how to do it."

Just then Mr. Wilson's voice came up the stairs," Travis? Are you about ready? Those cows won't wait all day for you."

"Oh shit, I got to go," Travis said, grabbing for his clothes and shifting his attention to his chores. "Come on, we got to get dressed."

The lesson for the day was over as they quickly dressed and followed Travis down the stairs and out the back door. It was time to milk the cows.

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