Marco in the Park

by Nick Brady

Part 5

I walked into the apartment at 5:30 hoping to smell dinner cooking. Marco had already spoiled me with his cooking skills. However the apartment was empty and the bicycle was missing. It occurred to me that he might be getting home later than I. Looking in the refrigerator was disappointing but I didn't want to go out before he returned. By 7:00 I was starting to be a bit concerned and was about to phone him when he came crashing through the door with his bicycle on his shoulder.

"I'm home!" He announced loudly. He was soaked with sweat but smiling broadly.

"Hey, I was about to get worried about you. How did it go?"

"It went great, but I'm starved. Is there anything to eat or do we need to go to the store?"

"I think we need to restock. Do you want to shower before we go out?"

"Just a minute." He was stripping off his riding togs as he plunged into the bathroom. A few minutes later he emerged dripping water from his still wet hair and grinning. "That feels better." He announced.

I paused a moment to admire him. He looked great with clothes on but even better naked. "Put something on and we'll go."

Marco darted into the bedroom and emerged wearing some jeans and pulling on a teeshirt. He sat down to put on his sneakers. "I got a lot done today."

"Tell me on the way. Did you see your mom?"

We clomped down the stairs as he began to chatter with the news of the day.

"I rode over to my mother's apartment first thing. I had to wake her up, but she was sober."

"Did she have your stuff?"

"Yes, she knew right where it was." He opened an envelope that he had clutched in his hand. "Here it is, my Social Security card and birth certificate. I couldn't believe it. I want you to take it and put it someplace safe, OK?"

"Was she cool with it?" I asked.

"Yeah, she even asked me what I was doing. I guess she wondered about the bike shorts. I told her I was staying with a friend and had a job as a courier and needed my paperwork."

"How did she react to that."

"She didn't say much, she just gave me my stuff. She wasn't negative or anything."

I thought it strange that she seemed indifferent, but was pleased that his trip had been successful. "This will save us a lot of trouble. Want to meet at the bank again tomorrow at noon?"

"Right, and I can take this stuff to Luigi's on Friday." He was pretty upbeat. "This is cool, Marty. I am going to be more independent now."

"You will be. You thinking of striking out on your own?"

He looked at me with concern. "No, I didn't mean that. I mean eventually I will need those papers for a lot of things, but I want to stay here with you. You trying to get rid of me?"

I looked over at him and grinned. "Not yet." I assured him. "What did you do for the courier service? Are you delivering already?"

"Yes. I spent some time talking with Mercer and filling out their paperwork." The smile was back. "I had the right numbers for them. Mercer went over a city map with me and gave me the addresses of three places that needed deliveries and where the things went. I figured out how to kind of make a circle so I didn't waste time."

"Could you find everything?

"It wasn't bad. Mercer gave me the map; I guess all the couriers are supposed to carry one. I found everything OK. The stuff was always in one of those yellow envelopes. I didn't know what was in it, but I got it where it was supposed to go. The last guy even tipped me five bucks." He grinned. "I'm going to figure out how to do this so they love me."

"It will be hard for them not to." I smiled at him.

When we got to the supermarket Marco grabbed a basket. "What do we need? I still have some cash."

"I don't have a list, but we need soda and milk, eggs and Bisquick, maybe some bacon. That's what my cook told me."

We started a tour of the store, putting things in the basket as we came to them. "How about some hamburger and hamburger helper? We can always use that. And some little pork steaks, they're cheap. These little red potatoes and some fresh green beans will cook up nice. And a cut up chicken, right? If we get some frozen mixed vegetables I know how to make a pot pie. We better get a big box of Bisquick." Marco was thinking this through, planning meals in his head. What am I doing with this kid?

"You don't have to do all the cooking." I reminded him. "I can boil water, you know."

He laughed. "I know that, but we need groceries and I kind of like to cook. I'm just thinking about what we'll need."

"Right now we are both hungry and it's getting late. How about a frozen pizza for super?" I suggested.

"Sure." He tossed two Supremes into the cart. We were getting a cart full.

We went to the checkout stand and got it all tallied up. I pulled out my wallet and started to pay when Marco stopped me. "I get to pay half." He said.

"That's OK." I assured him.

"No!" He said firmly. "I pay half. I really mean it."

"OK." I surrendered and held up my hands.

We divvied it up and a kid bagged it up and stuck it back in our cart. Marco pushed it out to the car and loaded it into the back seat. We started home.

Marco was quiet for a minute then said. "I want to pay rent. I am working and I can afford to help you with expenses. How much is it?"

"Are you sure? You just started working. Maybe we should wait and see how it goes."

"I want to pay my way." Marco insisted. "I don't want to be costing you money."

"I appreciate that. Let's get a bank account for you and let you get a few paydays under your belt first, then we can sit down and work out the details. We are fine for right now."

That seemed to satisfy him for the time being. He helped me carry everything inside and put it away. He turned on the oven and slid in a pizza.

"The microwave is quicker." I told him.

"But the oven makes the crust nice and crisp." He explained. "The microwave makes it soggy."

We poured two sodas over ice and enjoyed our pizza. He was right, it was better heated in the oven. I felt really happy. It was nice having Marco here. He was really a great kid and I wondered if this could last. We munched our pie.

"You didn't buy any cigarettes." Marco observed. "You really quitting?"

I shrugged. "I'm going to try. You suffering from withdrawal?"

"No, not really. I will smoke them if they are there, but it's not really a habit. Mostly I smoke OP's"


"Other People's." He grinned. Then he asked. "Is it hard for you to quit?"

"I miss it." I admitted. "But if I hold on for a week or so I think I'll be OK."

"I noticed you didn't buy any beer or wine either. What's with that?"

"Why do you ask? Were you hoping I was a drinker?"

"Not really, but you ordered wine at Luigi's."

"True, but that was sort of unusual for me. As you may recall, I only ordered a glass. It was the waiter who brought me a whole bottle." I reminded him. "I figured it was part of your plan to seduce me."

He grinned at me. "Well, it worked, didn't it?"

I leaned back and drained my glass of soda. "If you want to know, after I broke up with Phillip I sort of drowned my sorrows for awhile. It became a problem and I had a few bad experiences. Maybe like you did with your experiment with drugs." He nodded knowingly. "Anyway, I decided to give it up and I very rarely drink anything with alcohol."

Marco looked interested. "Did you have to go to a 12-step program or anything like that?"

"No. Probably I should have but I sort of white-knuckled it until I got passed it. I think if I started drinking again I would probably end up in AA. I wouldn't have a problem with doing that."

"Your father was a drinker, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah, he had it bad. I was afraid I was headed in the same direction. That's one reason I decided to quit altogether. I didn't want to become my father."

Marco looked like he understood what I was talking about. "I think you were smart." He said.

It was after ten o'clock and I was getting sleepy. "Aren't you tired?" I asked him.

He sighed. "I am. I'm not used to riding that hard. I really feel good about today though."

"Do you think you are cut out to be a bicycle courier?"

He smiled. "Oh yeah. I think this will be fun unless I can't make enough money at it. But I think I'm going to like doing it. Mercer was happy with me."

I had to smile at him. "Really Marco, I think you can do anything."

"Yep." he gave up a mighty yawn. "You ready for bed?"

"Sure. You going to keep me up again tonight?"

He shook his head with his eyes half closed. "Probably not. A belly full of pizza is all I needed."

We undressed, completely, and crawled into bed. He snuggled up, kissed me on the neck and fell asleep. I was right behind him.

In the morning I managed to beat Marco out of bed and cooked us a nice breakfast. I poured a good dash of salsa into the skillet and broke four eggs in to poach, covered them with shredded cheese and covered the lid, turned the heat down very low, then off completely. While they firmed up I buttered some bread and made toast in the toaster oven. This was about as close as I could come to a gourmet breakfast. It smelled good enough to rouse Marco who wandered in wearing his boxer shorts.

"Hey, you decided to dress up." I teased him.

He was too sleepy to answer but sat down at the table to wait. I dished it up and poured a couple of glasses of cold milk.

"How are you this morning?" I asked.

He dug into the eggs and said. "Sore. The eggs are good though."

"Did you find some muscles that you forgot you had?"

"I guess so, my thighs are kind of talking to me." He leaned back and stretched back in the chair and rubbed his lower back. "My back is kind of tender too."

"Riding today may work some of the kinks out." I suggested. "Maybe tonight I can give you a massage. I give good back rubs."

"Really?" He looked receptive

"So what is your schedule today?" I asked.

He drained his glass of milk and waved his coffee cup at the pot. I filled it and refreshed my own. "I did the orientation and map thing yesterday so I should have more to do today. I want them to like me."

"If you hustle I bet they will keep you busy. How did your bike work out?"

He gave me a big grin. "Awesome! That thing just flies. Once you get going you can make really good time. If you time things right you can flow though traffic and never stop. Well, unless you run up on a red light."

"Don't get yourself run over." I cautioned.

"No, I don't have a death wish or anything. Can you meet me at the bank today at noon?" He asked.

"Sure. Do you want me to bring your social security card?"

He nodded. "Yes, please. I will get it all wadded up if I try to carry it."

"No problem. I can meet you at noon."

We drank up the coffee and he went back in the bedroom and came out dressed in his bike togs. The same shorts, but a clean teeshirt.

"How are your bike shorts holding up?" I wondered.

"They are pretty comfortable, but they are going to get stinky. I will try to rinse them out tonight, but I may need to get a second pair. I can do that Friday before I go to Luigi's."

"You realize you are going to be working seven days a week." I reminded him.

He shrugged. "What else am I going to do with myself?"


"That's no fun." He grinned. "Mercer said he would cut me a check for my runs on Thursdays. It won't be much this first week."

"It's a start. You will make more as time goes by. You knew this was not going to be a big money maker."

"That's OK, it will be fun." He looked thoughtful. "We'll see."

He put on his helmet, hoisted his bike on his shoulder and I watched him hike down the stairs.

"Be careful!" I yelled at him as he started off.

Another day in paradise. I got myself ready and drove to work. We met at the bank during lunch and got him fixed up with an account. He had $150.00 in cash to seed the account and he walked out with a debit card. He looked proud.

That evening I beat him home, threw some hamburger meat in the skillet to brown and opened a box of hamburger helper. Nothing fancy but it would fill us up. I tossed some milk into a bowl of Bisquick and made some biscuits. They would go nicely with the hamburger stuff. It was smelling good by the time he walked in.

He propped his bike against the wall and took a long sniff tossing his helmet on the saddle. "Damn, that smells good. I'm starving!"

"What did you have for lunch?" I asked.

"A snickers bar, and three bottles of water." He copped a biscuit and tried not to burn himself on it. His long hair was tied behind his head and hanging down in a wet tangle.

"Go shower and it will be ready in a minute." I told him.

He came back in a few minutes, with wet hair and no clothes. "It's hot." He explained.

"Be brave. The landlord promises to have the A/C on tomorrow."

"That will help." He said and looked expectantly at the stove.

I dished it up and we ate with very little comment.

"I take it you were busy today?"

"I was." He answered between bites of biscuit. "I did 3 runs this morning and 5 this afternoon. I think I did good, even got a couple of small tips, like $5.00 each."

"Did you get paid?"

"Yep. It's in my seat bag." He pointed to his bike.

"So, how much was it?" I was curious.

He looked up at me and grinned. "I don't know, I didn't look."

He went to his bicycle and pulled an envelope from the bag behind the bike seat. He did his academy award routine again, waving the envelope around before he ripped it open. "Ta-da! It is --- $ 115.00 plus what I made in tips. That's $130.00, not too bad."

"Are you disappointed?" I wondered.

He shrugged. "Not for just two days, one and a half, really. It will get better."

"Right. It will get better every day. Did Mercer have anything to say about your work?"

"He said I was going to work out fine." Marco smiled.

He leaned back and stretched. "Were you serious about the massage?"

"Sure, are you ready?"

"Yep." He stood and sort of hobbled into the bedroom. "I am getting stiff now that I sat down. And my butt is sore."

He stretched out on his stomach while I went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of witch hazel.

"This will fix you up." I promised him.

I dribbled it over his back and made him holler. "Hey, that's cold!"

I pushed his hair to one side and spread the mild astringent over his back, down over his waist, and began to rub him with long smooth strokes, kneading his muscles as I moved up and down.

"Uhh, that feels good." He murmured.

I added some more liquid to my hands and included the backs of his arms in the exercise. He was muscular and I had to appreciate how strong he was. I pushed the heels of my hands up and down the long muscles on each side of his spine, applying enough pressure to go deep, but not enough to hurt him.

"Umm, you are pretty good at this." he sighed.

I poured some more into my hands and began to rub his butt and the tops of his thighs. His ass was round as a melon and very firm. I dug my hands into his ass cheeks and stroked up over his lower back, long slow strokes to make him hum.

Next I began to work down the backs of his legs, kneading the long muscles with my fingers held flat, then turning and stroking over his calves, pulling up with my hands to work into the tight muscles. He began to loosen up under my touch.

"Shiiit." He moaned.

I finished off his back, beginning at the base of his neck, over his shoulders, down his back, across his hips and down the backs of his legs – long steady smooth strokes, just deep enough to loosen his tight muscles. He was humming.

"OK, turn over." I instructed him.

He flipped over and threw his arms to his sides.

"Take me, I'm yours." He grinned happily.

I poured more witch hazel over his chest and stomach, over his biceps and lower arms, kneading and stroking, rolling his body under my hands. His pecs were well defined although not bulky. His stomach was flat with a nice six pack that revealed itself when he tightened up a little. I went over his hips and across his thighs, carefully avoiding his package. That would come later.

I kneaded him like a long lovely loaf of bread dough, first working him with my fingers, then stroking him with the heels of my hands. I massaged the inside of his thighs, noticing that there was no trace of fat anywhere on his supple young body. He was as firm as a drum head. Between my hands and the layers of firm muscle on his legs and torso was only a satin smooth layer of unblemished caramel brown skin. I continued to apply long even strokes, passing from his neck over his arms to his finger tips, over his chest and belly, around his waist, across his hips and down his muscular brown thighs and lower legs.

There was a light dusting of dark hair on his lower legs and a few on top of his feet. I thought it looked cute. He moaned softly and began to get erect. His pubic hair was long and fine. It curled around the base of his penis and ran over his scrotum, not thick, but shiny and black. As he started to rise, his penis stretched up and over his belly to lie flat against him, the foreskin pulling down and exposing the tip of his cock. It was almost pink compared to the skin on his dick. My cock began to rise in response to his. I could feel small prickles of sweat forming on the back of my neck.

He wiggled his hips and opened his eyes a little. "You are missing something." He called to my attention.

"Is that sore too?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, from the bike seat, you know." He whispered lustfully.

"Le me know if this helps." I pressed the heel of my hand against the underside of his cock, just above his scrotum and began to rock my hand from side to side, walking it up slowly over his dick and onto his belly. He shivered.

"That feels good." He sighed.

I repeated the movement, but this time with my other hand stroking his testicles, slowly rolling his balls around in the soft loose bag that was so lightly dusted with fine black hair. "How's that?"

"Ummmm. Niiice. Keep doing that.'

I dropped my hands to each side of his upper thigh, my thumbs pressed just under his scrotum. I began to press that tender area which was sore from bouncing on the bike saddle, rotating my thumbs and massaging that part of the penis just under and behind his testicles, between his balls and his ass hole. It was the root of his penis, the father cock which gives strength to that part which is generally more visible. An even pressure on the root gave greater rigidity to that part we most often notice and admire. Marco was responding nicely. His head was thrown back, his eyes were closed and his toes were beginning to curl. I figured he was ready.

I slowly retracted his foreskin until it was tight enough to appear that he might have been circumcised. Having fully exposed the shaft of his penis, I placed my tongue under his balls and began to run it up his shaft, licking the part that was generally hidden under his foreskin and therefore somewhat more sensitive. When my tongue ran out of penis I opened my mouth and took him inside. At this point he gave out rather a loud groan, clamped his hands to the sides of my head, and raised his knees to an upright position.

"Is that helping?" I asked slyly.

He replied with a soft strangling sound and tightened his grip on my ears. I took that as a "Yes." From there I lowered my head and slurped both his balls in my mouth and rolled them around with my tongue. He began to pant.

I sat up, poured some more witch hazel in my hands and began to wash his whole pubic area with it, paying special attention to that tender area behind his nuts. The result was a wet, cooling feeling. It stung a little but made him tingle.

"It that still sore?" I asked as I stroked him.

"Yes, uh, no, uh, keep doing that." He seemed anxious for me to continue.

I looked down at Marco and was reminded again that he was without a doubt the most beautiful human being I had ever seen in my life. I sat back and admired him, while he grew impatient for whatever the next part of our little game might be. I stretched out next to him and kissed him gently.

He responded by pulling my shirt up and easing it over my head. "Get naked." He requested.

I complied and we returned to kissing, this time with our chests pressed together. He felt so wonderfully smooth and tight against me. His hands found my erection and tugged at my cock.

After several minutes he whispered in my ear. "Do you want to fuck me?"

I bent over and licked his nipples, then kissed him on his eyes. "Would you like to return the favor and be on top this time?" I asked.

He smiled sweetly. "Sure, you OK with that?"

"Variety is the spice of life." I assured him. "How do you want me?"

He took my face in his hands and smiled. "I want to look at you."

I laid back and raised my knees. He started to get under me than stopped. "How about if I lie back and you ride me?"

I straddled his hard cock and sat down on it. I was a little too tight and it was uncomfortable for both of us. I fetched a tube of K-Y jelly from the night stand and lubed us both, then sat back down on him. This time he slipped in easily and his eyes got big.

"Is this your first time to do this?" I asked him.

He exhaled and said. "The first time in this direction. I guess it's not the first time for you though."

I sat down, embedding him full length up my ass. "Not for a long time."

"Does it hurt?" He asked with concern.

"No. I like it. I always did."

I started to rock from side to side and he closed his eyes. "Oh, I do too."

I remembered that Phillip used to fuck me hard. Sometimes he hurt me, but I wanted to please him and was afraid to protest. I needed to avoid that with Marco and went at it very gently with him. The advantage of our position was that I was in control and could please us both. I relaxed as he went in and clamped down on him when he pulled out. I could tell from his facial expression that he was enjoying this very much. If I was going to be his first real fuck, I wanted it to be a damn good one. The other advantage of this position was that he could fondle my dick while his cock was up my ass.

After a minute he used some of the lube on my cock and stroked me firmly. "Is that better?" He asked.

"Yes. That's really nice." I answered honestly and we got our movement in sync. What was really nice about this was that we were both intent on pleasing the other. It was really good sex, actually more than just sex.

Marco's eyes were half open and his eyebrows were knitted together a little. His expression was very intense, as if he were concentrating hard on something important. My hands were on his shoulders, his were rubbing across my chest, tweaking my nipples and touching the sparse growth of hair on my chest.

"His eyes closed and he tipped his head back and began to pant. "Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming!" I didn't care and let him cum in my ass. He cried out loudly and pounded my dick as fast as he could. I responded appropriately and sprayed my sperm on his face.

When I stopped I sat up and looked at him. His eyes were open very wide. "Damn!" He gasped. "That was awesome!"

"That was really your first time to pitch." I observed.

"Yes. I could get used to that."

I withdrew and went to the bathroom and returned with a damp hand towel. I wiped him down, then cleaned my rear and stretched out next to him.

He looked at me with a serene expression. "You are new to this." I stated.

He pressed his lips together but didn't say anything. "Was I your first time Marco?"

He hesitated. "I told you I had done some stuff when I was thirteen, but we didn't really know what we were doing. I think I told you that."

"You did, but you came on to me so aggressively that first night in the park that I assumed you had more experience."

Marco exhaled and nodded his head. "I guess that was really my first time." He admitted.

I shook my head. "You took a hell of a chance with me. What made you do that?"

He shrugged. "I had a good feeling about you. It just seemed like the right thing to do." He passed his hand over my face. "You were so nice to me."

I sighed. "Ah, you stupid kid." I held him close and pressed my face into his neck. "I'm glad you took a chance on me, I really am."

We held each other for several minutes until I felt a wetness dripping down from my butt. I got up and went in to the shower to clean myself. Marco followed.

I turned on the water and we began our shower dance, alternating under the spray, washing and rinsing. Marco had showered when he came home from work, but I had gotten him messy again. I washed his hair because I wanted to. I was still enamored by his long beautiful hair. He was a beautiful kid and maybe his hair was not his best feature, but it was really nice. I loved to put my face in his wet hair and let it drape back over my shoulders. When I did that, he hugged me and let his hands fall over my ass. It was sweet, sweet.

By now it was late and we were both tired. We dried off and went back to bed. There was a little bit of a mess but I decided to wait until the next day to change the sheets. Most of our mess had come off in the shower.

"You still sore?" I asked.

"Hmm? I guess I forgot about it. You give good massages." He smiled at me with that sweet smile of his.

"Are you going to try to ride for Mercer in the morning?"

"No. Maybe I should though. I could ride Friday and Saturday morning. I don't have to go to Luigi's until 4:00."

"I suppose you could. But you'll wear yourself out doing that. You want to be sharp when you are waiting tables. That's where the money is."

I waited for him to respond then noticed his eyes were closed and his breathing was steady. He was already asleep. I figured he had only two speeds, full blast and off.

The next morning was Friday and there was no reason for him to get out of bed. I got up quietly, dressed and made myself a bowl of cereal so as not to wake him. I managed to sneak out the door and drove myself to work. My cell phone chirped at 10:30.

"Where did you go this morning? I didn't get to see you." Marco complained.

"You will see me tonight." I reminded him.

"Yeah, but not until after I get off from Luigi's. It will be late."

"Sorry, but I thought you needed to sleep." I explained.

Silence. "OK, I guess I'll see you later then." He sounded a little grumpy.

We had talked about his getting to work. He wanted to ride his bike but I cautioned him against that. He would have to try to stash it in the restaurant or lock it outside, neither of which sounded practical. Besides, the restaurant was only a few blocks from our apartment. He had agreed to walk.

I got home about 5:30 as usual. I was hungry but didn't feel like fixing something just for myself. I recalled the previous Friday when I went over to Luigi's for dinner. I knew a cute waiter who worked there. I changed into jeans and polo shirt and got to Luigi's about 6:15.

I sat down by the big front window and looked around. Luigi saw me sitting there and nodded. He spoke to someone over his shoulder and here came Marco with a menu, black jeans, pressed white shirt, long apron and a bow tie. "Good evening sir. My name is Marco and I will be your server tonight. Could I bring you something to drink while you decide what to order." He was wearing a big cheesy grin.

"Good evening Marco. I would like a glass of unsweetened tea. What would you recommend?"

"Yes sir." He recited. "Our special tonight is...." Then he paused and winked. "Actually you should order the shrimp scampi. Luigi has some enormous shrimp and it looks really good."

"Umm. Sounds good to me, bring it on kiddo."

He grinned and disappeared, returning with a big glass of ice tea and some cutlery wrapped up in a cloth napkin. "Good to see you sir. Nice to have you back."

"Well I hear the food is good and the service is excellent."

Marco giggled. "I try."

I watched people walk by on the street and in a few minutes Marco showed up with my tea, a big Cesar salad and a basket of hard rolls with butter. "It is included with the scampi." He assured me.

By the time I finished the salad he reappeared with a plate of huge shrimp on a bed of angel hair pasta. "Damn, you weren't kidding. This looks terrific."

"I told you." He grinned and rushed off to another table.

I took my time with the scampi and watched him work. Besides me, he had a young couple an one table and a family of five at another. He was bustling around and keeping everybody happy.

He refilled my tea as he went by. "Let me top that up for you sir." He winked. The kid was doing a good job.

I dawdled over my dinner and was ready to leave an hour after I got there. By then he had two more customers. He brought the check, I paid and left him a nice tip. No monkey business tonight.

As I was walking out he caught me. "Nice to have you sir. I hope everything was satisfactory."

"It was great, Marco. You are doing a good job." I shook his hand politely. "Call me when you're ready to come home. I don't want you walking at night, OK?"

He nodded. "OK. I'll call you." He was gone back to the kitchen.

At about 10:30 he called. "Sorry I'm late, but we were busy tonight. Can you come get me?"

"Hey, busy is good. I'll be right over." I sat on the street in front of the restaurant. He was looking for me and ran right out.

"Thanks! I could have walked though."

"I know, but I wanted to come fetch you."

We started back to the apartment. "Want to run by the park?" He said with a grin.

I laughed out loud. "You looking for the comfort of a picnic table?" I teased.

"Not really." He grinned. "But I can't help remembering last week."

I looked over at him. "It's hard to believe all that's happened in just one week."

"Yep." He leaned his head back and smiled. "It's been a good first week."

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